Friday, February 12, 2016

The Muslims of their Labor

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Well another machete to the American body and Donald Trump proven right again, as Americans lying bleeding and in critical condition in hospitals as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Muslims, being imported to America in mass, with the help of Ohio Governor John Kasich, most of your apostate religions, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush, all promoting the importation of these terrorists, caused a major attack in Ohio, which is a dumping ground of Muslims.


Muslim refugee inflicts 'carnage' inside Ohio restaurant

Police refuse to ID machete-wielding assailant in 'systematic attack'

Do not though be concerned for the blonde pussy at this Arab Christian American Restaurant as the weapon this time was not Islamic Cock, but instead a Muslim Machete, chopping on Americans, as is the mass rape assaults all across Europe.

So Americans Machete Menstruate while Europeans Vaginally and Anally Menstruate from Muslim Rape Cock.

None of you forget that Ted Cruz said Donald Trump went to far in stopping this Muslim invasion. None of you forget that Marco Rubio is for mass across the board Amnesty. None of you forget that John Kasich let these terrorists into Ohio for millions in Obama regime funds, and none of you forget that Jeb Bush for Big Commerce is driving for Amnesty like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Feel the Bern? Feel the Blade as this your policy.

Jeb Bush: I Can 'Persuade' Conservatives On Amnesty ...

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush believes he can "persuade" conservatives to support comprehensive amnesty legislation during a potential 2016 presidential campaign.

Donald Trump Proven Right Again.