Monday, May 9, 2016

Alas Has Lame Cherry Been Banned From World Net Daily

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In following the rats down into the hole, I started following links back to these traitors against America and some of those leads went over to World Net Daily. So I posted a few times, and then found another diatribe by David Limbaugh against Donald I posted this, and waited an hour to be confirmed..........yes Lame Cherry is on a list there.

In any event, let us post here so more will read the comment concerning this fraud David Limbaugh, and know what World Net Daily is up Facebook in banning comment from select sources.

The reality of the Constitutional Conservative:

As no one is reading this article, it appears a waste of E Trees in posting this, but it appears that the racism of the Limbaugh brothers on the "Cruz Litmus" test of what a Conservative is, is now like the Jack n Jill brown paper bag definition of "who is black enough" compared to a brown paper bag.
We have now entered a Cruz speak of "constitutional conservative", as the epitome of all other Conservatives, as they are the only people in America who are not just obsessed with Donald Trump, but installing Hillary for a 2020 Jeb Bush Ted Cruz ticket.
All of this seems best summed up by the definition of these liberal frauds in the right who are hiding as "constitutional conservatives".
Constitutional Conservative: A political dogma where Ted Cruz, a dual citizen of Canada, can not run for the Presidency under Constitutional Law, but according to Cruz supporters like the Limbaugh boys, the Constitution does not matter when it comes to Ted Cruz or Birther Obama.
*Note to Joseph Farah, why do you not find someone to post on WND who actually will draw in readers, and not be mocked and laughed at as David Limbaugh is.

It is tough being the popular girl............banned by all the insiders who seem to dislike being pricked by the Truth.

Oh and as an alert to Joseph Farah, David Limbaugh is renaming articles he posts on World Net Daily under Constitutional Conservatives to TRUMP MIGHT WANT TO RETHINK SNUBBING THE BASE on Right Wing News.....and it is the same article and it as nothing to do with Mr. Trump snubbing the base he courted and won.
This should be a career ender for David Limbaugh.

Trump Might Want to Rethink Snubbing the Base

David Limbaugh
10 May, 2016 by

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Are any of Trump's positions non-negotiable?

David Limbaugh: 'Constitutional conservatives are not about to go down without a fight'

THIS WAS THE SAME ARTICLE. This David Limbaugh is a complete fraud!!!

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