Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Nehlen Trends to Defeating Ryan soundly on August 9th

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The current polling have Paul Nehlen defeated Paul Ryan the traitor, beyond the margin of error. Remember though with Ryan Koch cheating in the elections, that they put Ted Cruz as the winner in Wisconsin. District 1 though is "safe" Republican, meaning it is a GOP district, even if Rock is Democratic.

Bear with me in this in Ryan behind his Wall lives in his mansion in Rock County. This is important, because Democrats win that county over Ryan. Ryan can only bring in 18,000 votes in his county.

Paul Nehlen lives in Walworth which is solid GOP, and Ryan pulled 28,000 votes and those will fall to Nehlen as his home ground. It is vital to note in this that Nehlen almost doubles Ryan on a county to county basis.

As this projects out, it falls to the high unemployment rates in Wisconsin in the larger population counties.

District 1 will have GOP and Democrat elections. The Democrats are not that important, but it may be the Trump Democrats may crossover and vote for Nehlen to be rid of Ryan. All factors point to Nehlen has the trends from the Obama unemployment, Ryan being an Obama stooge, Trump Pence campaigning for Nehlen and Nehlen is running a superb campaign, and Ryan from fleeing from the mothers of murdered children by Obama Ryan invaders and appearing at the much hated Koch conference.

Ryan has made serious mistakes and he needed to trend upward, but his actions in being with Koch and running from women, hiding behind walls, all infuriates Wisconsinites.  This is a White district and predominantly these people are German Scandinavian. They will vote for the devil once put in office, but if the devil betrays them, they will turn on them in fury.
Ryan is tapping that fury, it is why Nehlen has risen in the polls almost 40 points, as Ryan prissing around against Donald Trump has infuriated Cheeseheads.

The race is as follows. Ignore the "Trump" conservative. He has a career of being a flake running for any office from Nebraska to Wisconsin and the Libertarians are the bong crowd. Nehlen is trending and the voters are moving toward him. Momentum is what one wants in the last week, and Nehlen has it.

This is why lesbian Ann Coulter was stating that Nehlen will defeat Ryan, as it is trending a sure thing that Ryan can not steal this without problems.

Primary candidates:

Tom Breu[3]
Ryan Solen[4]



Paul Ryan - Incumbent[5]
Paul Nehlen[6]


Third Party
Jason Lebeck (Libertarian)[7]
Spencer Zimmerman (Trump Conservative)[5]

Ryan         41%
Nehlen     48%

Latest August 2nd:

Will Vote Paul Ryan: 41%
Will Vote Paul Nehlen: 46%
Undecided: 13%

Undecideds will break for Nehlen

Wisconsin county results

Paul Ryan should get knee pads, as he will be sucking Big Koch, for his 5 million dollar a year job in betrayal of Americans.......until of course Attorney General Chris Christie with hearings from Representative Paul Ryan will indict Paul Ryan and put him behind the walls of Leavenworth Kansas.