Thursday, November 3, 2016

Bill and Hill, a bell tolling to the same dong

Just call me Daddy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In ancient Greece, it was public policy for powerful people to sexually exploit those younger than them, in grooming them for advancement in the public sector. The only situation which was frowned upon, was the using of those youngsters and casting them aside with nothing.

- Lame Cherry
History of Greek Tyranny

What do you see in the above photo? Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin, or Hillary and her protege spy, as sexual nymphs, dressing the same, as Hillary's daughter, Chelsea was relegated to Nigger status in walking with the intelligence MOG, Cheryl Mills, as Mama goes on gay parade.
You probably missed the Chelsea in back part.

In Africa, when the old bulls have had enough of the cows and the calves, they form mutual admiration societies of association, like sweat clubs. Some men in power reach a time in life that having a male liaison, is simply the Greek tradition to uphold, when their wife has chosen a nubile, swarthy Muslim to uphold that molesting traditional religion.

Inquiry is interesting in what it says about Bill and Hillary Clinton. They both enjoy the luxury of same sex associations, as Birther Obama frequented when in this sphere.

Did you know that for all the Caribbean junkets that the Clintons took separately and together, that there is absolutely only one recorded incident in all of the Pedophile Express the Clintons were associated with.

It is this exclusive resort, where Ian Flemming created James Bond, and the only other people there were Doug Band and Huma Abedin.

Abedin and Band were put into a 3 bedroom villa, the staff was ordered to not disturb anyone. Odd how it was only Doug Band and Bill, and Huma Abedin and Hillary.
Band is the chief assistant to Bill Clinton as was Huma Abedin. Band though was with Teneo, the very interesting investment company. Band was the man who was fag slapping Bill Clinton.
Did Band have power, or was it the Sugar Daddy and the imp, in getting away with bitch slapping daddy around.
Band is interesting as the now family man, in marrying a much younger Asian girl, and popping out numbers of children in the passing of each year. 

Just something no one has considered in this strange Clinton world where young males are browbeating Bill Clinton without concern, and Hillary Clinton dresses up mini me, as she puts her daughter in the rear, in maybe people have not considered something about Bill Clinton the womanizer and rapist, that like his wife, like Obama, like Muchelle, there might be relationships which make more sense if one thinks about them in Mediterranean history of homosexuality and pedophilia by state sanction, instead of in your being disgusted by those things which would never cross a normal person's mind.

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