Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy Trump Year

I made America Trump again.
It is just like making America Great Again.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


 I want to say Happy Trump Year to everyone and
 stop asking me if Ivanka's kid is brain damaged......


They just look like Jared....


All my kids are geniuses like me
and only marry hot spouses like me....


Eric's wife drops a kid and could be Miss America now


I sent Don jr. down with a crew to build the Trump Wall....

See kids, little Mexicans just like ants behind the wall......


Happy New Year America
Where Americans who are poor are on the other side 
of the Mar Largo wall.


Wag the Donald

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As no one else is pointing this out, there is a definitive link between the Las Vegas Massacre of October and the American and Jewish funded unrest in Iran. The points of this are:

  • Donald Trump in reverse speech by David John Oates stated Las Vegas was the start of world war.
  • The matrix upon inquiry was pointing to Iran and Hezbollah, with Latin contractors.
  • It is evident the FBI was tracking weapon's sales which were CIA generated to trace weapons flow  into America to terrorists.

David John Oates in reverse speech has been finding the same Desert Wind, or Storm.

Now behind the scenes the United States military has just come under the direction of Tel Aviv for the enforcement of Greater Judea.

For the Piece of Jerusalem

 The decision has already been made that Americans are going to die for this policy, which is a nuclear policy of thermonuclear Iran, and a policy which will erupt terror Jihad all across Europe and the United States.

What is damning about all of this, is that Iran has been using nuclear blackmail far worse than Pyongyang for years. The communists of Iran were installed by British MI6, supplied with nuclear technology by the KGB to counter Saudi Arabia, which currently has the Pakistani bomb, has American nuclear bomb making materials, and Donald Trump just cut off all military aid to nuclear Pakistan, creating another Muslim nuclear enemy who will use nuclear weapons upon America.

The worst condemnation is Barack Obama set up the Iranian resistance in that revolution so Tehran could murder the opposition as Obama blew up the Mideast. Now by the drop of a hat, Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu have erupted violence in Tehran again. So you understand this, this all could have been accomplished years  ago, before Iran went nuclear, so why did not Bush fam free Iran, as the same funded opposition that is there now was there then.

This is more of the way the real world operates in Americans get slaughtered and robbed, while the conglomerates make fortunes, and America does nothing but bleed.

The Lame Cherry will not be led into this Mr. President Rah Rah for the betrayed Persians as none of this is United States policy. It is all cartel policy.

The Lame Cherry gives you a scenario which the seers spoke of and it would make sense.

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu cause civil war in Iran, and almost win. Iran under treaty with Russia, pleads for Russian intervention, which storms across the Caspian basin and rolls into Iran, slaughtering the Iranian opposition.
The Americans to save face for their soon to be defeated allies with Saudi Arabia, become involved militarily. Russia does a sweeping movement to clear out the American bases from Kuwait to Saudi Arabia.
The Jews hide behind their wailing wall as they are not going to die for their policy, nor Americans or Arabs. The Jews do though in the chaos blow the bajesus out of Damascus, Lebanon and Gaza to deal with their problems.

The United States is humiliated and Russia establishes an alliance with Iran expand to civil unrest in Europe. In the meantime, Trump inflation skyrockets, as Mr. President has sold the oil and gas to Europe, Americans are raped financially, the stock market plunges and as Mr. President wasted all of 2017, except for removing Christian Roy Moore, has no recovery, has only more debt, more rationed Obamacare debt, and no tax relief for any Americans.

This is what Wag the Donald looks like and is. In order to engage in what Donald Trump has been led into by Robert Mueller's witch hunt, he needed a stable economy, that means falling energy prices and increased national supply and AMERICANS employed, not pouring in more foreigners to replace Americans. The simple odds in this, is that this Wag the Donald is not going to bode well for Americans. There is less than 1 out of 10 chances that this will work. That means 9 out of 10 chances for more Vegas strikes, nuclear terrorism, nuclear war, war in the Mideast, more refugee displacement, civil war in Europe and a humiliated America hiding behind her ocean walls.

America need a Russian ally to pull this off, not a Russian antagonist which Donald Trump is responsible for. Welcome to Trump Year 2018 AD in the year of our Lord, as nothing goes right for the United States when it comes to Muslims, Jews and nukes.

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What kind of Leper are you for the New Year?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Holy Ghost provided me with the following Bible reading and it is especially for Christians, because it is about a most devout and good man, in King Hezekiah of Judah, and reveals in his life just how bad things can become, even with good intentions.

The story of Hezekiah is he was a Godly man, but he soon noticed that God was answering his prayers. Hezekiah chose the wrong path in this, in not being humble as Martin Luther in stating he deserved nothing but wrath and death, but Hezekiah began stating that God answered his prayers, and he took pride in that.

God was very good to Hezekiah. When his nation was invaded, he called out to God with Isaiah the Prophet, and God destroyed the invading army. When Hezekiah was sick and near death, he called again, and this time God gave a sign of the sundial moving backwards 10 degrees.
Hezekiah did not want to die, because he did not have as son.  This is the verse which followed.

But Hezekiah rendered not again according to the benefit done unto him; for his heart was lifted up: therefore there was wrath upon him, and upon Judah and Jerusalem.
II Chronicles 32:25

NOTICE the verbiage in this, that the King did not render, which means a process of returning the same good to others as God had shown him. Instead Hezekiah thought he was 'the apple of God's eye" like so many Ashkenaz wail around with as an excuse for their Kushnerisms. and as result of this pride, God's wrath came upon not only the leader, but the entire nation.

25But Hezekiah gave no return for the benefit he received, because his heart was proud; therefore wrath came on him and on Judah and Jerusalem.

The preceding verse began with this death verse, and this is where the problems really multiplied as God spared this good man, gave him what he asked for, and in return a son was born named Mannaseh, who was thee most reprobate leader in all Judah. He literally murdered Isaiah the Prophet, by having him sawed alive in two in the Temple.
This son was pure evil and for this Judah was divorced by God and went into captivity in Babylon.

In those days Hezekiah was sick to the death, and prayed unto the LORD: and he spake unto him, and he gave him a sign.
II Chronicles 32:24

The lesson in this and the witness is what kind of Christian are you? Do you think like Cain that God owes you things, because you are so special? Are you grateful when God does things for you for the rest of your life or is their a limitation on God's miracles of a few years, a few months or a few days.
I once by God's Grace saved a woman's marriage by literally praying over him and his things, so that when he left he yearned for her, and when he was home, he did not want to be apart from her. That marriage is still together after around ten years, but the thankfulness ran about year 3 and I never have heard from this woman again.

So what kind of leper are you? Are you the 9 who left Jesus unthanked or are you the 1 who returned? When you returned, were you thankful for the day, or only thankful when you were being told the things you wanted to hear, and not the things which had to be said? Just how musts goodness are you doling out the world? You expect God to save your life at all costs, but how much cost is their really in the time you devote in prayer or other's needs, compared to what you expect?

How many tears are shed for others in prayer or are the tears only for you? How lavish are you in not sparing expenses on yourself, but you always find the cheap route with others of God's children?

I do not believe Martin Luther the Protestant was completely correct in his you deserve temporal death and eternal punishment, as the only thing that resonates with is people who are contrite and already beating  themselves up already. They need Grace, Kindness and Gentleness, not the fire and brimstone, but those that deserve a soulful whipping always are like Hezekiah preening about how much God loves them and appreciates them over all of those others sinners.

Just remember you high minded vipers, that in Hezekiah's life, he was a good man, but with pride, and he brought the wrath of God down on him and his nation. There is no pile of money big enough to bribe God, no army strong enough to stop God, and none of you have enough connections to turn back God's wrath once He judges you ungrateful for all He did for you.
It does not matter what miracles God performed for you yesterday. Today is the new day and if you are a spiritual son of a bitch today, that is the filth you are. No one gains Mercy or Grace from God for yesterday's goodness bartering on today's sin.

So what kind of leper are you entering the New Year? Of course the rich and powerful are already listing how good they are, while the humble are crying in their heart, convicted that they are never going to be worthy and it all depends on Jesus having paid for their sins.
Yes, Jesus never appears in the proud heart, but is always in the contrite heart in the first thought of all they owe to God.

So what kind of debtor are you? Are you the kind that thinks God owes you everything or are you the humble and contrite person who knows you owe everything to God?

It is a new year, so are you hauling your old self righteous self into that day, or are you being carried by Christ in knowing you can not do it without Him ever?

You sinners will be lying to yourselves and having forgotten all of this a few moments from now, as you are running to the hell you have chosen. You are of your father the devil and you are the spawn of lies. It all comes down to are you doing unto others in the kind of help God has given you when you were scared or dying.

Your actions will bring acknowledgment by God  in your giving Him all the glory for the actions or your actions will bring your condemnation and be ordered by Christ to depart as all you did was mirror the devil, instead of mirror the goodness of God.

What kind of leper are you for the New Year? Before you answer again with another lie, you should be aware that God is listening, that it is all being recorded and what you say will be used against you in Christ's Court of Judgment.

For the ungrateful and the grateful, let this be your prayer.

Almighty Father, everything that I am in any goodness is because of you. Help me to be the child You require me to be, being like Christ's example in helping others as You have helped me. Help me to repay Your Goodness to others as You have been Generous and Good to me. I  have failed, but Christ has succeeded. Wash me of all sin, renew a clean heart in me our God and restore a right Spirit within me, that I will be seared to self righteousness and never be that lost soul again, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen


For the Piece of Jerusalem

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a most troubling development from the Trump White House in regards that 1600 Penn Avenue's new address is 1600 Tel Aviv Avenue, which brings with it the reality of the question "Do you want more of your children to die for Jews?"

This is a legitimate question as the Trump White House is now coordinating with the Jewish state in mutual policy in the chronic cauldron of the Mideast. The Bible teaches that there will never be a real peace without Christ, and that there will only be a false peace which erupts Armageddon. Reason and logic from a Christian America, where Jews ban Christians from living as Citizens in the Israeli state, concludes that America spending trillions more in these wars for a greater Jewish hegemony is not pro American policy.

Since the United States became involved in this region as the factional leader, John Kennedy was assassinated because he would not give the Jews the atomic bomb. A United States ship was blown up by Jews in the USS Liberty for gaining intelligence on the Jews. 200 Marines murdered under Ronald Reagan in Lebanon, Carter handing Iran over to the communists and 2 gulf Bush wars, are the lowlights of this rape of Americans  and America gets absolutely nothing out of this arrangement, but billions in more financial aid to welfare state the socialist enclave of Israel.
Seriously it has waxed tired as Americans are out of work to hear the reason America is exposing itself because the Jewish state is our best ally. Our best ally danced and celebrated when 9 11 happened, as they knew Americans would be doing the fighting and not the Jews for Israeli policy.

The Lame Cherry preferred Jews dying for their own wars in 1948, 1967 and 1972 and those Sharon fiascos into Lebanon. Jews should die for Jewish policy, not Americans. The same goes for Saudi's dying for Iranian Shia policy and not Christian Americans.

If one reviews the Trump Jew policy, it looks like Ivanka wrote it as it is a wailing wall prayer come true for Jews.

  1. Covert and diplomatic action to block Iran's path to nuclear weapons – according to the U.S. official this working group will deal with diplomatic steps that can be taken as part of the Iran nuclear deal to further monitor and verify that Iran is not violating the deal. It also includes diplomatic steps outside of the nuclear deal to put more pressure on Iran. The working group will deal with possible covert steps against the Iranian nuclear program.
  2. Countering Iranian activity in the region, especially the Iranian entrenchment efforts in Syria and the Iranian support for Hezbollah and other terror groups. This working group will also deal with drafting U.S.-Israeli policy regarding the "day after" in the Syrian civil war.
  3. Countering Iranian ballistic missiles development and the Iranian "precision project" aimed at manufacturing precision guided missiles in Syria and Lebanon for Hezbollah to be used against Israel in a future war.
  4. Joint U.S.-Israeli preparation for different escalation scenarios in the region concerning Iran, Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza.
Senior Israeli officials confirmed that the U.S. and Israel have arrived at strategic understandings regarding Iran that would strengthen the cooperation in countering regional challenges.

This is what Jared Kushner and Dina Powell peace in our time looks like. The Lame Cherry will translate the above.
The United States is at war with Iran. America tried this covert hindering of Iran and Iran still got the advanced thermo nuclear weapons.
Countering Iran's power in the region which is backed by Russia means America is at war with Iran and war with Russia.
If you remember the inquiry the Lame Cherry did, the matrix pointed to Iran and Hezbollah were behind the Las Vegas Massacre. America is already in future war with Iran and her Islamic proxies.
And finally, this WILL escalate as that is what Tel Aviv wants. America fighting the Jewish war, and the Jews ruling from the Muslim ashes.

This is all about Iran, and each of you reading this, has no longer a decision about whether you want to die for Tel Aviv, because the Kushners and Donald Trump just forfeited your life for that caustic shit hole of the Mideast.

There is absolutely NOTHING in the Mideast that is in the United States interest. America has enough oil, gas and coal for Americans to be sustained for hundreds of years. The Mideast eats every empire that sojourns there from Assyria, Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Ottoman, British and now American. It will eat Russia and China if left to their own devices. There is not one American National Interest in a nation which bans Christians from living as Citizens in the state of Israel.

I will predict by the visions of seers what will be the result of the above. There will be war and as America is bankrupt, America does not have the resources to hold that ground. That is why Obama and McCain are dumping tanks into Poland, to attempt to keep Russia from going Caspian and driving into the Mideast, seizing American stockpiles and driving America out.
That is why Ukraine is heating up again, to hold Russia in place. A great deal of nuclear sword play is at work for a bunch of burned up sand, because of bad resource management for thousands of years.

America is now fighting the Couscous War, just like the Cold War was nuclear madness, this is about nuclear Iran which has propositioned thermonuclear bombs no doubt as their fail safe to keep America from gaining a victory. America is in a sand nigger death trap and it is now staked in place by the Trump White House.

This ridiculous policy is one where the United States is being led around by a few million Jews who are driving American foreign policy in an entire region. This is not healthy nor proper for the United States and is the antithesis of what George Washington ordered IN NO FOREIGN INTRIGUE.

You are witnessing the results of the herding of Donald Trump in Russiagate. It was Soros, it was Russian Jewish mafia, and it was all designed to put the US on the Tel Aviv leash, and it has been an absolute success.

Do you remember Mr. President's Beautiful Chocolate Cake Deal the Kushner's set up with Peking which was a disaster? This one is worse.

US 'strongly condemns the arrest of peaceful protesters' in Iran

Remember Obama triggered these CIA assets and got them all rounded up, jailed and murdered, and now after the Las Vegas Massacre, here they are again by miracle, along with the Trump Jew policy of coordinated response.

This is war.

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An Apple For Next Year

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 The other day there were these ugly ass apples in the grocery which were marked for 1.79 a pound. As that is about as low price as you get things in Trumpflation. Fruit for us being poor is whatever is on sale, and our favorite variety is this weeks special.

These apples have a dirty look to them, like they were grown in a coal electric plant smokestack, but as Mr. President is selling all the American coal to China and electric prices are still going up, that was the illusion as these are not pretty apples.

TL showed them to me and I said, "We might as well try them" as they couldn't be any worse than the Honeycrisp culls which were marked down tasted.

We tried them today and I was absolutely delighted with these Michigan apples named EverCrisp. I was so impressed that I looked them up as I love apples and discovered they are Fuji and Honeycrisp offspring.

The thing is Fuji to me taste like earthy dirt, a step above Northern Spy in some flavor, but absolutely no other merits.
As for Minnesota Honeycrisp, that apple never was a Fireside. It was as brittle hard to grow tree, that produced an apple which was sweet, but too much tart. It never was a Fireside in all of it's hype which earned the U of Minnesota a fortune.

That is what is so nice about EverCrisp in it surpasses both of it's parents. EverCrisp is a juicy, crisp, sweet apple. It does not have an apple flavor, but what it does have is something very unique, in it is sweet and it has a sweet aftertaste. I have never eaten anything that the sweetness did not fade. I would add in this, in EverCrisp has a sort dual sweetness in a prominent sweetness and a light sweetness.

The group that bred, trialed and released this apple do not have this apple described correctly as this apple does not taste like Fuji. EverCrisp is really the 21st century apple. It is 100 time the apple of Honeycrisp.

MAIA desrcribes EverCrisp as a sweet, crispy apple that’s grower-friendly with long storability.  Mitch Lynd, a grower from Ohio and one of MAIA’s co-founders, states that EverCrisp looks and tastes a lot like Fuji, but it’s a bit crispier.

I am pleased that for some reason no one in the metro was purchasing these sooty looking apples that remind me of Olde English apples from long ago in looks, in this apple actually was tested for flavor instead of looks, and it is a wonderful surprise.

Like Honeycrisp? Check out next generation EverCrisp apple ...

Check out next generation EverCrisp apple. ... In all, 600,000 EverCrisp trees can be found on the planet. And they're still in the introductory stage.

I am going to save the seeds from these apples and I hope they will grow as this is something which would fit perfectly with my seed grown apples and the Haralsons we will have on our property.
The thing is this apple reminds me most of Esopus Spitzenberg which was Thomas Jefferson's favorite apple. It has the same coloration and a very close flavor, although the EverCrisp is juicier and sweeter, but it is a like apple. That pleases me as Spitzenberg trees are very disease prone while EverCrisp is orchard friendly.

So if you see these ugly apples, please be brave and give them a try if they are not expensive. So many of the new fruits coming in have such high prices that I just look at them and move on. It was ridiculous in Honeycrisps were like 4 dollars a pound, but as no one bought the things, they are now marked down to get rid of them.

The more people buy these apples, the sooner  the orchards plant new trees, cut down those horrid Delicious, Honeycrisp, Fuji and Pink Lady apples for EverCrisp apples. I remember when I was young my beloved Uncle introduced me to Granny Smith apples, but those were huge apples, and select in a little market and absolutely fabulous. They are not like the apples you see now which are sour as lemons.

I hope to have these growing this spring from seed, but then that means a place to plant them. It is the stuff that dreams are made of. Things work out in sprouting seeds, we will have apples in 5 years and see how the offspring of EverCrisp work out.

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Saturday, December 30, 2017

When did Amnesty become Trump Policy?

You want to speak to the President?
I'll get Mitch McConnell on the phone as he rules Washington DC


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am going to reiterate this as citizens seem to forget things like there are ebola jets still pouring into the United States under Donald Trump.
Donald Trump has been pouring in green card workers, which is open ended, meaning they never have to leave.
Donald Trump has replaced Obama illegals with Trump legals.

So nothing in 2017 changed from Obama 2016, except Donald Trump made it impossible to get foreigners out of American jobs.

I will repeat again the big headline of Bank of America and ATT were handing out bonuses of 1000 dollars this year. What that means is YOU PAID for those bonuses, in those are tax deductible, and if have ever  phoned up those conglomerates you will not be speaking to an American, but some Asian or Latino who took a job from hundreds of thousands of Americans.

That is why the Lame Cherry is pointing  out, that Donald Trump has once again moved the goal posts. Remember on taxes it was 50,000 dollars and no one paid taxes, and now it is down to a penny and you pay taxes, just like the estate tax is still in place.
This time Mr. President has stated he will sign DACA into law, providing he gets funding for his border wall, which none of his hirelings will obtain money for and Ryan and McConnell are against.

President Trump retiterated Friday that there will be no new legislation for children brought to the U.S. illegally without funding for a border wall.
“The Democrats have been told, and fully understand, that there can be no DACA without the desperately needed WALL at the Southern Border and an END to the horrible Chain Migration & ridiculous Lottery System of Immigration etc. We must protect our Country at all cost!” Mr. Trumptweeted.
Mr. Trump reversed the Obama-era policy allowing DACA recipients — Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — to remain in the U.S. earlier this year. He urged Congress to present him with a bill addressing the situation so those who benefit can remain in the U.S. The deadline is March 1.
The policy faced scrutiny since it was an immigration plan that critics said was not constitutional.
Democrats reportedly tried to tie DACA legislation to the Republican tax plan, but were unsuccessful. Both parties have agreed that the immigration policy will be a top priority in the new year.

To translate the above, John Kelly, the Clinton voter, has worked out that amnesty for illegals will be conducted in 2018 AD in the year of our Lord. Meaning instead of elections being American, there will be tens of millions of Muslims and Mexican rape cocks voting. Do not be snookered in this, that this is children, as these 'children' are all rapists and murderers, but it is as in London where "children" were bald men with beards. That is what DACA is, and that is what Donald Trump just signed off on. Donald Trump gets that worthless wall, which has absolutely no purpose as Donald Trump is handing out green cards and visas like a crack whore to foreigners, so the wall no longer matters as why get smuggled in, when Lutheran and Catholic Social Services give you a nice ride, a government home, 10,000 bucks in welfare and you can watch dish television every day on your fat foreign ass.

Trump has sold out American voters who trusted him. What should have been military deportation of millions of this welfare trash, has now been embedded in America, and Donald Trump brought in more vermin, and on top of that, Donald Trump for a piece of concrete just sold your American birthright.

What 2018 will be is Mitch McConnell not dealing with entitlements, which are necessary to get this fake Trump recovery going, as that is where the money is. McConnell will not repeal Obamacare, as Lindsey Graham wants. McConnell will not deal with Paul Ryan's focus on those same entitlements, but McConnell wants to spend more money on "infrastructure" which Obama spent a billion dollars on and not one things was built or fixed, but his green bankrupt industries did loot the money and funnel it back to Obama.
So that leaves DACA which Mitch McConnell will be producing with democrats and it will be complete amnesty. This is what John Kelly desires with a passion as he is the author of this as at Homeland he wanted to make all the illegals legal by Congress passing a law, so Kelly would not have to deport anyone or enforce the law. His blonde skirt replacement is the same corporatist, and that is what it will be.

You know it is going to be some fake funding, stealing some rancher's lands in Texas on the border, where some facade of a wall will appear, along with some manufacturing plant using the wall as their southern wall, and there will be big doors in it to employ Mexicans, and Americans will be screwed over again, as Donald Trump goes down for a photo op, and praises the Trump Wall being built as he DACA labor.

So in review, in 2017 Americans got absolutely nothing again. Conglomerates got everything. 2018 will be the same exact Nazi state being funded and expanding further. Simply do not expect a thing, as there can not be a recovery on this tax bill and there simply can not be a recovery with entitlements not cut to foreigners, and with more debt spending on money funneling into projects for political campaign donations.

For those who think Donald Trump is President, get a clue as John Kelly runs the Christian hater White House in going after Roy Moore and it is Mitch McConnell who is ruling Washington DC, as Donald Trump is the weakest Oval Office occupant since Jimmy Carter.

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Nancy Reagan for the Death Penalty

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

First Lady Nancy Reagan was a different mix of politics, but in her politics was always the driving force of her family. She was her step father's daughter in being Conservative, and yet when her husband Ron was almost assassinated, Nancy  Reagan immediately went left and advocated for some gun control.
Likewise when she desired a legacy for her husband, out went the hardliners in Bud McFarland and in came George Schultz with detente with the Soviets which almost got rid of all nuclear weapons.

Politics are a matter of always what is happening in the home, and it might surprise you that Nancy Reagan was an advocate of the death penalty as found in her memoirs, My Turn.

On pages 143 and 144 Nancy Reagan records the sound reasoning for the death penalty. The reason this matters is that conservatives like Fred Barnes always stated that the death penalty did not deter crime, when in fact the reality is the executed never committed another crime from the grave.

The basis of this is Ronald Reagan as Governor in his first term, had an execution come up of an Aaron Mitchell who was a cop killer. Governor Reagan could not find a reason to stop the execution so it proceeded with the doo gooders in silent protest outside the Governor's home and little 8 year old Ron Reagan jr. wondering what those people were doing outside his house frightening him.
As Nancy Reagan stated, would it not have been better to pray for the souls of the murdered, than the murderers, as no one was praying for the dead police officer or his family.

This is where the punchline appears in this quote:

It was shortly after this that Ronnie received a letter from an elderly man in San Francisco who ran a little mom and pop store with his wife. He had been robbed a few days after the execution of Aaron Mitchell, which had been widely covered in the press.
When one of the robbers tried to stab him, he had shouted out in desperation, "If you kill me you'll get the gas chamber!". When his assailant heard that, he hesitated for a moment and then ran off.It isn't always that simple, but this letter did reinforce  our feeling that the death penalty really is a deterrent to crime.

The Reagan's were no strangers to violent people. Once a man was arrested in Tahoe after his wife turned him in, as he was on his way to murder the President and the Governor of California.
Another instance a criminal threatened to decapitate Nancy Reagan unless another criminal was released.

This is why the death penalty matters and should be a matter  of sentence, a timely 7 day review, no appeals, and then execution of sentence. Some always whine that innocent people are put to death. Sometimes this happens, but the innocent have nothing to fear from God, and innocent people get killed with guns, knives and cars, and none of them should be banned either.

This blog has advocated for the expansion of the death penalty to pedophiles and rapists. Assaulting children is something which can never be reformed, and when one has a serial rapist or a rapist who uses a weapon or battery is involved, that violence must be answered with the death penalty.

Ronald and Nancy Reagan were firm believers in the death penalty with reason. It is the most effective deterrent in society. The worst promotion of violence in society is the violation of a not speedy execution of sentence and leaving everyone think that they can get away with murder with a life sentence or endless appeals.

Speedy trials, swift judgment and timely executions are the necessary reform of the US Justice system to return it to it's purpose in protecting the Citizen from the criminal.

Nancy Reagan's own words and her husband's agreement for the death penalty, because it did save a life and it saves lives when readily enforced and promoted.

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The Comet Camp Kitchen

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 I have no idea why people are so utterly stupid in this generation, but I am blessed for it.

This bit of knowledge is about the Comet brand, 5 inch aluminum kettle with 4 inch handle.

I have I think 8 of these things now, made about 50 or 60 years ago by the Comet company of America. They sold apparently like hot cakes back in the day, because for the past several years as geezers die around here, their worthless children throw all of these little kettles into the thrift store, and I pick them up for 40 to 80 cents.

They are absolutely perfect for one can of soup for one person, or anything else one person would choose to heat up as America went Campbell's soup after World War II. For widowers, pilgrims or whatever this was their entire kitchen and they had measuring marks on the side for boiling water for tea or coffee.
See when people are poor and did not have all day to heat up large volumes of things on wood stoves, these little things were just what the population needed.

I started picking them up because they were cute, and started using them to boil water for tea before I met TL. Now I pick them up as why should I let something go to scrap or whatever because the population is tard.

The backpackers are all titanium cups and chit, but this thing is the cheap and more durable alternative. I can use this to drink from, I can use this to dump water over my head to wash my hair, I can use it to cook in, and I can use it to eat out of.
Give me a fork or spoon and I have done General Crook's pointed stick one better. Two of these and I have my cup too.

That is why I just do not understand people now. They will buy GayScout chit with plastic cups that melt, but will walk by this entire kitchen set in scorn. That is what I mean by poor people used to have some sense in small things took less wood to chop and less time to heat up, but now people walk by all of this irreplaceable aluminum ware for non stick stuff that will burn up in real heat.

That is the simple lesson in camp kitchens. This is your entire kitchen on the go from any heat source and it will last longer than 10 generations, although this one someone about has the Comet stamp wore off the bottom. Must have been a robust cooker.

So if you happen upon these, perhaps you should pick them up. Of course once the tards figure this out, then they will be 50 to 100 dollars as the "perfect" thing they discovered.

I just by God's Grace got there 8 times sooner than they did. This one though the metal handle is rusted. Why people do not take better care of things when they empty the parentals house and dump things in the garage.

As an addendum to this, I was looking through or I found one not "lost" by Mom of these small kettles and it was a Mirro. The Mirro is built of a much heavier gauge of aluminum, in a test of hitting myself on the head, the Mirro hurt worse in Newtonian sciences, while the Comet did not put a dent in.
The point being for mountain trekking, the Mirro might be whined at, but the nice part is they are both the same size in content, but in design the Mirro is smaller in diameter and higher, so it nests inside of the Comet, making a very compact set.

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Friday, December 29, 2017

Donald Trump's Beauiful Chocolate Cake and Oil to Pyongyang Party

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you remember those April Fools Days of Jared Kushner bringing dictator Xi of China to Marlargo for a billion dollars from the Peking communists for his 666 bad real estate deal, where Donald Trump over beautiful chocolate cake told Xi he was tomahawking Syrian innocent for Ivanka, as Ivanka's child serenaded the Chinese is commie songs?

Remember how Donald Trump stuck it to the Russians after this, and bent over for dictator Xi on North Korean policy as Trump vouched that Xi was such a great guy?

Trump, Xi talked Syria strike over 'beautiful' chocolate cake

Apr 12, 2017 · Trump said he informed Chinese President Xi Jinping about air strikes he authorized in Syria over the "most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you've ...

Remember how the Lame Cherry exposed first that North Korea was the front line against America, to tie up resources and score a propaganda win if Donald Trump was stupid enough to follow Herbert McMaster's nuclear war in Asia option?
Remember how this blog said to make peace with Russia and to never trust China?

Well look at who just got caught shipping crude oil, which amusingly is probably from American oil wells as China has access to South America and Donald Trump is shipping your crude overseas and bragging about it all, to North Korea?

Yes the beautiful chocolate cake policy of Donald Trump, who just told the Chicoms everything America was going to do against Kim Jong Un, has China aiding their communist ally and being exposed in playing Donald Trump for an absolute fool!!!

After a report claimed China bypassed sanctions on North Korea, President Donald Trump warned that type of behavior would block a “friendly solution to the North Korea problem”:

So you comprehend this, Donald Trump pissed away the 6 months America did not have, in wasting the entire year of 2017 AD in the year of our Lord on fake Obamacare repeals, fake tax breaks for real nuclear and pardoning Jewish slave traders, as John Kelly helped rig the election against Roy Moore out of the White House, that Mr. Trump's foundation policy of placing everything on China was at the best misguided. What is worse in this is Mr. Trump is now trying to blame China for a nuclear strike on North Korea from America.

Do not buy that bullshit of Trump happy days, in Bank of America and ATT handed out tax deductible 1000 dollar bonuses, as you know foreigners work for those conglomerates if you ever called their customer service, so that is not for Americans, this is Americans being screwed over as Trumpflation is robbing every American.

So you get this, China is dumping American oil into North Korea, and that means everything North Korea is not supposed to be exporting is flowing into China, and ending up being purchased by Americans. Nothing has changed, except you are being screwed by China in higher prices for contraband rare earth minerals.

As China was caught red handed, who was it that was caught with Egg Fu Yung on their face? That would be Donald Trump in this is his responsibility, his disaster and his failed policy.

But it's ok as Trump's Ukraine is about to explode in a larger war, a nuclear war when the time comes.

I will repeat this, as it means absolutely nothing now as the time was squandered by Mr. President and there is not any turning back, that this blog created a time line where Russia and America would cooperate, which would solve 90% of America's foreign policy problems, and contain the other 10% problems by marginalizing China. It all could have and should have been peacefully easy, with minds like Stephen Cohen guiding the Russia policy. Now America has a Russian adversary and Chinese enemy that knows all of American foreign policy as Donald Trump shared that with the commies.

But who is Mr. Trump's problems? Christians like Roy Moore and Paul Nehlen.


The Trolling of Paul Nehlen

Keep watching the girl.......
as even breasts these large are not comforting


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is something very revealing which is coming directly from Steve Bannon, Breitbart, Mike Cernovich and Donald Trump in trolling Paul Nehlen who is in the process of booting Paul Ryan's treacherous self out of the United States House. The essence of this is someone is coordinating these attacks on Paul Nehlen, which means Nehlen is going to take that seat in 2018 AD in the year of our Lord.

Now would not all of the above welcome a rabid Trump supporter for the Trump agenda? One would think that, but someone has ordered the slow bleed on Nehlen.

The most damning of this surfaced and it began with Earl Blum posting on Paul Nehlen's Twitter account, ranting all the smears against Nehlen, including that he had traveled to Wisconsin to work for Nehlen and donated money to the Nehlen campaign which Paul Nehlen researched and discovered was an absolute lie.


If one looks at Earl Blum, he is a confirmed troll, in fact an award winning troll, so named by Tim Miller. And who is Tim Miller? That would be the fag who is paid by Paul Singer, and worked for Jeb!, as in this is Bush fam trolling Paul Nehlen, this is the #NeverTrump group and the #SmearRoyMoore group of the fagsexuals.

This Blum posted bald face lies, the same kind of lies which Roy Moore had spread by others about him. That is what is taking place in American politics in thee targeting of Christian America by these criminal trolls, and the money all traces back to the fag billionaires and the political operation is Bush fam.

Now ask yourself what is it from the Christian hating Matt Drudge, to the evolving Mike Cernovich politically, to the same  Katie Walsh names appearing in the shadows. For those who need a refresher course, this same Bush fam under W. Bush, obliterated EVERY Conservative from George Allen in accused racism to Larry Craig in sex deviant toe tapping. Every contender to Jeb! was removed. Now we have the same process weeding out Christians again as marked Citizens.

Steve Bannon is stating he is the champion of the Right, they used the Alt Right to get Donald Trump elected and yet Bannon has submarined the innocent Judge Roy Moore and is now calling "dead" the candidate Paul Nehlen.
The group funding the writers and trolls who have been getting dodgy with Paul Nehlen as they got tepid with Roy Moore,  from Hillary Clinton's Newsmax, which is again telling everyone they are the Conservative outlet, just like that little cuck Ben Shapiro tagged in for two seconds to get in a cheap shot against Paul Nehlen.
This is coordinated as one day it is Shapiro, then it is this Blum popping up. They are all getting their marching orders from those paying the bills, and it is all coordinated.
Eric Blum the New York Jew at war for Steve Bannon targeting another Jew in Bernie Bernstein.  Aaron Klein was used as cover for all of this as Blum was "dripping" for Moore, but we all know how Bannon and Breitbart threw Roy Moore over the side in agreeing with the liars.


Look, the Lame Cherry is not going to take a cheap shot at Mike Cernovich, because that is the way it works. It is as Jackie Gleason said of CBS. They gave him things. They gave him things he asked for. Gleason had a personal  train, he was  taping in Florida, he had women, he had connections and then as he said, "Once they had me hooked, they put the screws to me, as they knew I was addicted to the life".
Mike Cernovich is not gorilla. He is now Mike the husband and Mike the father. He might have the money, but what makes Mike Cernovich tick, is his wife and kid, and he will post things as that is what is important to him, as that is what the understanding is.

The Bannon boy in Eric Blum is going after Cuckservitude Treehose in Sunprancer, because that is Kushner's media base, and Bannon's troll, who is bending over for the fagsexual funding, which all started with Karl Rove laundering money to that group for political finance, is sent out to post likes about Paul Nehlen.

What are the odds that Steve Bannon is going to submarine every Christian Conservative and all you are going to be left with is those faux Trumptonia polices, like tax breaks for the rich, and the Gay Guy Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, which are the antithesis of Ronald Reagan doctrines and are the essence of George H. W. Bush's read my lips.

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Uncle Murray

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In everything from the start of Jared and Jael Kushner maneuvering  Jew State influence in hijacking the campaign of Donald Trump, it is more than bad advice or George Soros the Ashkenaz duping Jared Kushner, it is more the deliberate sabotage of Jared Kushner against Christian America for Tel Aviv's man in the White House.

Kushner was the one against moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? Why is that? It is because that move subverts the power in Jerusalem from Vatican and Muslim trillions for control of Jerusalem by the Ashkenaz financiers.

Is Jared Kushner some grande Svengali? No he is not that bright, but he is a convenient dupe for the elders to protect the same deep state that murdered John F. Kennedy. Yes it was Jews in the Israeli state who murdered JFK and connected all the major American players, all so the Jewish state would be give American uranium for the Jewish atomic bomb, which John Kennedy refused to allow, and Lyndon Johnson immediately agreed to on attaining the White House.

Since December 2016 there has been a little secret involving the Kushner connection to the Kennedy Assassination, as Jared Kushner's Uncle Murray was one of the Warren Commission Attorneys who created that fictional document blaming patsy Lee Harvey Oswald.

Of all the survivingformer Warren Commission lawyers, none will be more influential in the new administration than Murray Laulicht, a New Jersey attorney whose wife, Linda Kushner, is the sister of Charles Kushner, the father of Jared Kushner, Donald Trump's son-in-law.
Jared Kushner is a sometimes hatchet man for Trump who got Chris Christie removed from the Trump transition team for jailing his father Charles Kushner when Christie was the Attorney General of New Jersey.

You have no idea of the depths of the Jewish mafia which the Kushner slum lords have been involved in for years.

It is this mafia which was running Mexican slaves in Iowa, which Donald Trump pardoned, while Christians and Mormons rot in federal prison.

You are looking at Jew State, the running and ruining of America, and it all comes from Jared Kushner's father's sister who married a Kennedy Conspirator. 
John Kennedy was dead barely a year in his grave, when Jared Kushner's aunt tied the knot with the lawyer who managed one of the greatest crimes in history to keep the criminals from being caught.

One would think that Jared Kushner would be bragging about his influential uncle, but he never poses with him and never mentions Uncle Murray. That is the way it is in the mafia. They destroy all those who prosecute them like Chris Christie and make it an objective to destroy every Christian as innocent Roy Moore, as Matt Drudge involved himself with along with Ivanka Kushner, as the competitors must all be vanquished with extreme prejudice.

Odd the skeletons in the Kushner closet, what not eh?

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The acting Godfather of Joaquin Phoenix

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is no secret that the Lame Cherry appreciates the greatest actor of all time in the phenomenal Joaquin Phoenix and the equally impressive television ability of Jan Michael Vincent, but that is not to overlook the spiritual acting godfather of Joaquin Phoenix, in the rare form of acting legend, Wings Hauser.


The movie in this review is Living to Die, and like all things Wings Hauser, Wings Hauser makes the movie an experience to relish.

In Living to Die, Wings Hauser in a Wings Hauser movie, directs a masterpiece of his creative soul. This is what makes this movie an experience. This a real man and woman flesh and blood experience.

Wings stars as he rides horses, sings, rides harley hogs, dances with naked women in pearl necklace bondage of truth, shoots guns, smokes cigarettes, plays pool, women in red fox fur coats, wears suede boots,  puts all the naked chics on film that his sponsors are banging and he dies like a man on the Vegas streets, and gets  blowed off his hog with a load of 12 gauge the chest, skin paving the strip and gas the coffin for Wings Hauser.


We learn something in Wings Hauser as he knows brunette women are the finest prime. Wings is as non blonde zone.

Sex for Wings Hauser is an experience. Of course his best performance is when he was raped by Lynda Blair, but who would not perform at your best in being ravaged by Lynda Blair.

Wings Hauser is in sex parting the boob sea, the fire sierra mountain of snow sex and the man who lets the woman ride him out of the gait while crosses her finish line.

I do not want to leave the impression that Wings Hauser is bad porn, as Wing Hauser is the Rembrandt of painting the portrait of the female canvas and whether it is riding horses or Harleys, it is all the cinema electric as he paints the form.

Mr. Hauser is a phenom talent, starting on the Young and the Restless as the replacement for the character Greg Foster. From there he became the most watchable actor ever bridging the gap between the interlude of JMV and JP.  From there he carried every picture he was in in making it an artistic impression for the ages.

Yes the godfather of all great acting of this age is Wings Hauser. Every scene and every actor you though you enjoyed, it is all the foundation of Wings Hauser. Yes we all agree in how spectacular Joaquin Phoenix is and we think in every cinema extravaganza  in what would Joaquin do, but the revelation is what did Wings Hauser do. for he did it all.

I'm from California, not New York. California actors are more geared to entertain. There's nothing worse than boring the audience. The New York actors I've worked with are very realistic, but reality can be boring. I like to put a little turbo power into my performance.
- Wings Hauser

Robert DiNiro, Woody Allen, Al Pacino, they have bored audiences to death and made Hollywood terminal. Thank God Wings Hauser is still breathing life into what was one Hollywood.


Thursday, December 28, 2017

Melania Trump orders execution of Andrew Jackson's Memorial Magnolia Tree

Yes, cutting down the tree of Andrew Jackson, the President,
my husband branded his Presidency after, is a great idea....


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

News has come out that the Magnolia Tree which President Andrew Jackson planted as a memorial for his wife, has been ordered cut down by First Lady Melania Trump as no one wants to allow it to die of old age, but instead everyone wants it terminated.


The First Lady has ordered the wood saved, and this soft wood can be attractive, but that is not the point in this, as who will have access to this wood? I advocate Roy Underhill be given custody of this wood, and Colonial Williamsburg craft two tables to memorialize this tree and the Jackson's, unless of course we are not saving Nigger wood and burning down the Hermitage over that Confederate issue destroying American icons?


There are replacement cuttings of this Magnolia which are supposed to be replacing this tree, but this is not what should be done. The Jackson Magnolia, should be replaced with a Slovenia Linden which is a beautiful tree, and as this comes from Melania Trump's homeland, it would be a wonderful addition to the White House. What could be more fitting than the President, First Lady, Barron and his grandparents planting a tree procured from Slovenia?


Nothing of course and that is why I advocate this. The Jackson Magnolia cuttings could be moved to the entrance, where their flowering beauty can be enjoyed by all.

That is the solution in this, but of course it will not be carried out as why should a tree not be allowed to come crashing down and die on it's own........and perhaps being left there, a shoot appears from the original tree, and that way the Jackson Magnolia would be perpetual.

What does the popular girl know though about trees, unlike all these park service asstards telling the First Lady to terminate the most historic tree in America, which is one hell of a bad omen.



Another Christian Hater

Holocaust Christians roasting on a nuclear fire
And the police state criminalizing Americans
Jewtide carols in the fires all aglow.........

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that Rose Marie is dead, Carl Reiner had to chime in, which revealed  that his presence on Twitter is just as Christian hating as his son Rob Meathead Reiner is.
I you notice in the below that Reiner CHOSE to blaspheme Christians on the Christian Holy Day of Christmas to attack Donald Trump.

Carl Reiner is a multi millionaire. He doesn't waste his money that America enriched him with to help Christians. He lives in luxury, but all he can do is bitch and tear down America.

Think of it after Marxist Obama ruined America, and Reiner had absolutely no problem with that. Carl Reiner has never had one problem with Christians being destroyed inside or outside of America. But Carl Reiner's problem is with Donald Trump.......and not one word of praise for this President in supporting the Jewish State, bombing Syria for Ivanka, moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Yet there is this leftist Jew, who never served in the IDF nor sacrificed for the Jewish state, wearing the symbol of America in the cowboy hat of all American right wing good. Yes that is Carl Reiner, bastardizing America, daring to speak of Christmas as he spews the venom at Christian America.

  1. When Trump boasted that, in his 1st 100 days, he passed more legislation than any Pres, did he not know FDR passed 98 Truman 55 Eisenhower 23, Clinton 22, Obama 15 & others as many as he had?....Or was it his congenital lying gene at work?
  2. And was I ever pleased and excited seeing Norman Lear being honored for the myriad of smash shows he fostered and I also derived such 'nachus' seeing my son Rob eloquently singing Norman's praises.
  3. Since the Kennedy Center Honors were initiated, this is the very first time that a sitting US President, by not attending or being asked to attend, made the joyful event joyfuller.

  4. There is little doubt that Trump will go down in history as the President who has spent more time playing golf on private golf courses at public expense than any President since John Quincy Adams.

  5. After watching the news tonight, I'd like to reiterate what I tweeted last night only louder and in spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs into an electronic megaphone that reaches the ears of all concerned, caring citizens.
  6. Many feel that Trump, who has the urge to say, tweet or telecast his every thought, if encouraged, would voice everything that swirls around in his fertile, febrile, feverish brain, and thus hasten The Impeachment That Made America Great Again!"
  7. I am heartened to learn that every time I tweet about Trump there more and more of us are voicing their fear that the man is hell bent on strlpping the greatness from our great nation and "won't take it anymore!"
  8. Trump is proud that no President before him, has, in their first months in office, managed to fire more staff members or inspired them to resign or have , on their own, chose to leave what they foresaw as a sinking, stinking ship.

  9. In our nation's history, do you know which President had more, fallible, indictable, house-arrestable, jailable, unstable undeniably untrustable sons, a daughter, a son-in-law all working on his staff? If you didn't guess Donald J,Trump, you are 100% wrong.

What an absolute ingrate is Carl Reiner. Irving Berlin enhanced Christian America in wonderful music. All Carl Reiner did was enrich himself off of Christian America dying for his lucre and being the face of Christophobia.

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