Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Rydin' the Ryder Toronto Style

 Incel Alek Minassian

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry takes most of you by the hand to educate you on the mysteries of what the world is permeated by when the cartel removes the Christian foundation from society, does not make America great again, elects faggots into power, and produces children which are daycare dropouts with zero boundaries, while poisoning them with chemicals.

The featured performer in this are  the Incel. That would be short for Involuntary Celibate.  In Canada, the cure of this used to be to go out and hunt, fish and trap, or Go West Young Man, and then trade for a nice Indian girl who was as unshaven as you were, and after that sex, you never wanted to have sex again.

In these times though, there is not a cure for that "Look at that Mama, stickin' it in the camera, man I would like to have some". So the Incel, which are mostly foreigners rent a Ryder Truck and drive over people on sidewalks.
It is an amazing thing about terrorists in they have an affinity for finding the most robust vehicles. They always drive Toyotas and always rent Ryder trucks, and Alek Minassian certainly proved that Ryder trucks get the job done as he killed off like 10 Canadians in Toronto, a city which one needs an interpreter now as no one speaks English there, as a victory lap for the Incel Movement in praise of Saint Elliot,  or Supreme Gentleman, Elliot Rodger, the original California swarthy who shot numbers of Californians, before shooting himself, because Stacey did not want to have sex with him


Supreme Gentleman
Isla Vista Saint

At this point most of you probably think I am trying to Onion you, but this is all in the mainstream press, the Daily Mail.UK. This is how the great mindfukt has created a race of Soy Boys and Shemana's.

Read on and learn something of how this all works. 

See this all centers on Chad. So let me introduce you to Alek's assailants in Chad and Stacey, also known at times as Chad Thundercock and Stacey Rottencrotch.
See Stacy's only have sex with attractive men who have them abort their children and will not have sex with an Incel who would agree to work themselves to death for sex with a woman in marriage. Stacey is the predatory female who only has sex with predatory males.

This would be Chad  Thundercock as a meme prototype with a typical large protrusion from his spandex.

 This would be the prototype of Stacy Rottencrotch, always open for fun for Chad, but uses pathetic males as ornaments to adorn her, and mocks them for being so Robbie Mook, deflated and not erect.

Into this we now have the gentle Canadians assuring the world that Alek had psychological problems in being autistic and Asperger. Having known people who suffer from this, I have always discovered that they never mouth off to large and dangerous people who will turn them into a grease spot, but only have bullying tendencies with small people or in groups where no one will swat them.
Sort of like Alec chose a Toronto street where no one would have a handgun to shoot him as he used a truck, and sort of like the Canadian law enforcement being quite pleased with itself when Alek pointed a finger firearm at them, that the Canadian police proudly did not shoot as they too are taught to be non violent.

Canadians who are jailed for saying rude things.
Canadians who are cowed from slapping bullies.
Canadian cops who brag they are non violent.
No wonder Alek drove over people in Toronto as he absolutely was going to succeed munificently.

There is one person to blame for the carnage in Toronto though and that is Justin Trudeau.  Trudeau has been busy girling up Canada, but has ignored completely his immigrant communities and offspring who do not have hairy women to have sex with. A progressive Canadian liberal would have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in Sex Providers, along with PSD, Personal Sex Devices, so that Alek would have never gone Ryder.

As Prime Minister I have not taken responsibility for not
providing prostitutes and plastic vagina 
for our INCEL males.......

Should not Canada be mandated to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on SPD and SP's for the health of Canadian males.  That is not a question but a reality in Justin Trudeau was all smile with Ivanka Kushner in promoting women's careers, well what about the oldest profession of all in setting up a Prostitution Academy, with free passes for Incel's who can take the edge off, in the comfort of an academic institution, where the Canadian people would pay these working women a profitable wage while they are learning their trade.

Is it not a criminal act by Justin Trudeau in favoring homosexuals in Canada, and neglecting the Incel's who have now  taken to the streets in protest over Trudeau's lack of understanding and provision for this group of Canadian males?

Canada's Justin Trudeau dubbed 'Prime Minister of Homosexuals ...

Right-wingers have given Canadian PM Justin Trudeau a new job title for backing LGBT equality - but it's actually pretty great.

Fittingly, there needs to be a sex summit in Canada, where Justin Trudeau, flies in Ivanka Kushner to lay out her education fundamentals for females seeking careers. Ivanka could provide the monetary framework and Justin Trudeau could start handing out Plastic Pussies immediately as every Canadian institution of higher learning ads a Sex Provider BS, Masters and PHD to deal with this problem which liberals have ignored to the great peril of all Canada.

Justin Trudeau has let the people of Canada down with his bigotry against Incels while favoring homosexuals. It is obvious that Trudeau needs sensitivity training as with his Chad looks, and Ivanka giving the Stacy gaze, he  has never had to deal with the human tragedy of the Incels, and worse yet has never stooped to even giving this issue lip service.

These are the perils of living in Canada, where an uncaring Prime Minister has refused to acknowledge the needs of his Incel community, which has made Ryder trucks in Toronto more dangerous than handguns which have all been confiscated.

Private (Recruit) Minassian Infantry 00010, wishing to speak to Sgt. 4chan please. C23249161. The Incel Rebellion has already begun! We will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys! All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!

In conclusion, there have again been fingers pointing to Sam Hyde was the Toronto Cruiser, but we have it on good authority that Mr. Meme was otherwise engaged in  other trivial pursuits instead of Rydin' the Ryder.

Can we not all  now agree though that this has gone far enough. That the father of Alek Minassian has suffered enough, crying in court, not being able to speak to his son. Should not the full blame be on Justin Trudeau rejecting the necessary cries of his constituents. Is not the SORRY from Alek's father enough and we can put this all behind us and Alek Minassian belongs not in prison, but in a brothel  as Trudeau has many brothels in his Ottawa Canada.

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Alek Minassian and his family have been abused enough by Canadian liberals. He was treated for Austism, Asperger, so  why should he not be treated for sex as that is what was the cause of the rampage.

When will Canadian Parliament demand answers from Prime Minister Trudeau for his not protecting the Incel Canadians from Rydin' Rider in Toronto Style!

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