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We will Register no Jew before their Time

We are a modern people with humane means of producing meat.
We must register those who cling to their ancient practices of slitting animal's throats.

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The Leader of Europe in Sebastian Kurz, has a true Reich progresive leader for all humanity in Lower Saxony Austria in Gottfried Waldhäusl's historic call to end the slitting of throats of innocent animals, and more to the point, advocating the registry of Jews and Muslims, according to Austrian Courts, which state that only religious reasons can only be asserted by specific people in the killing of animals. In protection of animals Waldhäusl legally is stating that Jews and Muslims must register in order to consumer kosher and halal meats.

The Lame Cherry could not agree more with this in humane treatment of all animals based upon my relative, Julia Wedgwood's campaign to end vivisection, the experimentation to death on living animals in the 19th century was stopped.

I agree with you Heir Waldhäusl as Europe is a civilized Christian land

A plan to force Jews to obtain permits in order to buy kosher meat has been proposed by a local government department in Austria.
The draft decree in Lower Austria, one of nine states that makes up the central European country, would effectively ban kosher sales other than to Jews who could prove they regularly ate the ritually slaughtered meat.
It was put forward by the state’s department of animal welfare, which is headed by Gottfried Waldhäusl, a local cabinet minister from the populist Freedom Party

I won't let them eat you little Schatzi!!!

The good people of South Korea have joined in the civilized advancement in Austria in registering Jews that slit animal's throats and purchase the meat, in making it illegal to kill dogs for domestic meat source.

The Koreans are liberating themselves from traditions of inhumane slaughter...

In Landmark Case, South Korean Court Rules That it is Illegal ...

Register for an account. your email ... Court Rules That it is Illegal to Kill Dogs ... that it is the first court decision that killing dogs for dog meat is illegal ...

The Jew for profit commerce has attempted to twist this into Nazi terms, but if one reads the exact wording of this, Austria has moved from being a throat slitting nation for profit. Meaning, the Austrian Government is ascertaining if there actually is a domestic meat market in Austria for all the throat slitting taking place there. Meaning, Austria is looking at if Jews have set up kosher slaughter houses in Austria and then exporting that meat to Jews for immense profits. That is what the reality is here. If Jews want to slit throats of animals in ancient slaughter, they were provided a religious nation for that in the state of Israel. Let them do their killing there and leave  the Christian Peoples to their civilized methods of meat production.

Austria was not meant to be a slaughter house for profit.

Judaism and Islam require that believers only eat meat from animals whose throats are cut while they are conscious. The slaughtered animal should also bleed completely. This is considered cruel by animal rights activists, who have criticized these religious laws. In Austria, such slaughtering methods may only take place in specially approved slaughterhouses, in the presence of a veterinarian. In neighboring Germany this is generally forbidden, although exceptional permissions can be issued.

Our children deserve a land where our money is not
soaked in the profits of Jewry and Islam.

Mr Waldhäusl, who is also a farmer, added Lower Austria was “not there to provide meat to the Viennese”; the Austrian state where most of the country’s 8,000 Jews live.

Let us advance in civilization as Germany has in ending ritual slaughter.

Heir Waldhäusl is a farmer, a man of the land, whose intimate understanding of nature, is his basis in understanding the kinship that people of the land have for their produce and crops. No true human ever would allow the exploitation of the fruits of their farms as blessed by God. Ritual Slaughter for profit is a violation of that as old as Abel in the Bible, where even Christ threw out the moneychangers in trading the sacrifice  of animals in the Temple for profit.

A toast to Civilized Austria, no longer bathed in ritual slaughter blood for profit.

Many animal rights activists say kosher methods of slaughter, as well as halal, is cruel and causes the animal being slaughtered to be put through unnecessary pain.

Austrians for Humane Protection of Animals


Muslims Brutally Mass Slaughter Animals During ... - Breitbart

The streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh were turned into rivers of blood and 79 sheep were brutally butchered in Austria as Muslims celebrate Eid.

The Beauty of Austria is her People

If the Jew or the Muslim are driven to ritual slaughter, then the West has provided them with their Mecca and their Wailing Wall. Let them slaughter there in their religions, but let the Christian nations of Europe be free of this ghastly export for profit, because the last Lamb the Christians had slaughtered for them was Jesus the Christ, Who proclaimed that His Sacrifice for sin did away with all ritual killings forever in only a payment He could make.

The Austrian Federal Government rejects any form of personal registration in connection with the purchase of kosher meat, such idea is out of question and will certainly not take place in . 1/4

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