Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Trump Landslide

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Ask yourself a question, as none of your geniuses have bothered to be Inspired or are so attached to the cuck that they are lying to you, in making you focus on Paul Ryan's betrayal of all Republicans, with all the other GOPliters in Congress betraying Donald Trump, in we must vote the down ticket so we have the Republican Congress if Donald Trump loses this, to stop Hillary Clinton.......that you are missing something, because you are believing the lie.

I will preface this with asking you to remember a few things about the Republicans.

You reminder child raper, Speaker Dennis Hastert in not being able to do anything in Republican majorities against Bill Clinton.

You do remember the Gang of 8, in how the Republicans could not do anything, because a few Senators stopped the entire Senate led by John McCain......and yet there was no gang of 8 to stop Obama under the same terms.

You do remember Rep. Issa telling you that if you gave them the majority that they would impeach Obama.....nothing happened.

You do remember when they just had the House, that they lied to you and told you, that they needed the Senate too.

You do remember when you gave them the Senate, then it was, "Well we need the White House too".

That is what lying looks like as Paul Ryan signed over the country to Obama cronies.

Now as your mind has been refreshed, examine now what Paul Ryan has been up to in sabotaging Donald Trump, meaning your being betrayed.

Does the press lie to you? Yes

Do they rig polls against Donald Trump? Yes

Does the GOP elite with Democrats lie to you? Yes

Now with all of these proofs, why are you believing that Donald Trump is behind in the polls, when all these elite do is lie to you?

So let the Lame Cherry open your eyes to something, do you think on November 9th, if the Republicans have control of both houses and Donald Trump wins in a landslide, will Paul Ryan and John Thune be celebrating with that much power?

Think about that for a bit, will the GOPliters be celebrating for being in control of the entire Government?

I will answer this in the oligarchs will be furious at this, because then the people will be stirred up EXPECTING Trump Reforms to be passed which will undo all of this Obama Clinton Bush Ryan Thune rapine of America.

So what would be the solution to this, as the oligarchs own the leadership in both parties?

Do you think Big Koch which has been behind the sabotage of Donald Trump for Hillary Clinton with Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus from Day One out of Wisconsin, might have  concluded that the only way they can save their crooked asses, is by sinking the Republican party, blaming Donald Trump for it. Hand control over to crooked democrats whose job it will be to then stop Donald Trump with investigations and then impeach him?

Remember the history of this in how the GOP never does Conservative things for you. They lie to you in every excuse, and now you have Paul Ryan and John Thune deliberately coordinating with the Clinton campaign to sink Donald Trump, and as the real polling his showing that the pussy trap scheme did not work, but actually Hillary Clinton is sinking faster........all Ryan has to do now is to offer up as does Thune, key Republicans to lose this election deliberately to protect themselves, as it is a fact as Kellyanne Conway stated, "These people are all hypocrites in attacking Donald Trump, because their dirty laundry has them all a bunch of perverts".

You need to wrap your mind around this and not forget this. Donald Trump is leading by a landslide margin in the real polls. The oligarchs are going to try to keep sabotaging Donald Trump, but the fail safe in this is to hand the Senate over to the democrats in order to check the epic surge of President Trump.

Examine all of this the fury is settling out. Think about how all these frauds like Thune appeared with the same scripted message for Trump to step down and to install Mike Pence, a Big Koch boy.

Ask yourself and I mean ASK YOURSELF, why would the GOPliters like Thune be blowing the ticket up for their demise in the polls as this would infuriate Trump voters?

Think about it as the answer is simple. The reason is those online polls which are running 80 to 90 percent for Donald Trump ARE REAL. I am not stating that is all pro Trump, but it is ANTI HILLARY. The nation hates this woman, and the GOPliters know that hatred is so profound in even with a fury of a Trump split ticket, anyone the GOP installs would still win the Presidency.

All of this should begin to make sense if you start remembering how you have been lied to for a generation by these frauds. Then when you understand the polling and you comprehend the actions in what is behind them in what Ryan and  Thune are up to, you can understand completely how Donald Trump does have landslide leads in this election.

Nothing is affecting Donald Trump, because no one wants Hillary Clinton. You have the fraud numbers that these crooks want to run this election at, but the problem for the crooks is, that Donald Trump with you is overcoming the fractional casino voting so this election can not be stolen from him.
What is being staged now is flipping enough votes against the GOP, to sacrifice these frauds for Big Koch jobs to feed you a "Trump destroyed the GOP" and "Democrats control Congress to Check Trump".

You have to be aware of this, and make this your mindset. There are two vote fraud situations now being generated due to Trump landslide poll numbers. If Hillary can steal this in her criminal collusion with the media and the GOPliters, then the GOP control part of Congress to keep Obama dictates alive. When Donald Trump's landslide numbers appear, even with their being suppressed, the election will have Paul Ryan and John Thune overseeing the wipe out of the Republican party, blame Donald Trump for it, and bring in the whispers of Rush Limbaugh, "stalemate is what we want folks".

This is a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, and it is time this fiction of the polls which we know are lies, the politicians and media which we know are liars, and how we are all being lied to, so that when it happens in either form, you will be prepared for the bullshit they are always shoveling.

That is what is behind all of this Paul Ryan intrigue colluding with Hillary Clinton for the oligarchs. It is about two  things:

Keeping these criminals from being prosecuted

Keeping Obama rapine in place to maintain the theft and criminalization of Americans.

Donald Trump is ahead in a landslide. It is now over 15% because that is their operational margin to apparently steal elections yet. What Paul Ryan is up to, is operating the US corporation for Big Koch and the oligarchs, and the shell game is trying to focus on the soap opera the Clinton Podesta team coordinated with the GOP elite.
The only tragedy in this is that the Wikileaks happened too early, and have not garnered the evidence to expose what has been taking place since the 100 Days strategy was being coordinated.

I remind you that Ted Cruz was involved with Big Mormon on the smear of Melania Trump. I will remind you that as exposed by the Lame Cherry, beside Cruz's people, there were Clinton crooks involved. If Ted Cruz was legitimate he would be exposing all of this, because he knows the connections in the source names of who they are and what communication links are involved.

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