Friday, April 28, 2017

Before Obama Left The Building

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Three years later, Obama wrote somewhat elusively to his first intimate girlfriend that he had thought about and considered gayness, but ultimately had decided that a same-sex relationship would be less challenging and demanding than developing one with the opposite sex,” Garrow wrote. “But there is no doubting that Goldyn gave eighteen-year-old Barry a vastly more positive and uplifting image of gay identity and self-confidence than he had known in Honolulu.”

I would have rather never covered this again, but the facts have to be repeated as the new propaganda of America's First Birther Fag President in Barack Obama has always been a faggot and did not make a choice to be straight.

We know in Indonesia that his half sibling sister was frequently overpowered by him, as he sought a semblance of validation in  the beginning of the Obama sexuality.

Obama's sex is well defined in the recorded history.

Frank Marshall Davis was Obama's mentor, that Obama wrote a poem about which dealt with drinking whiskey as a child and Uncle Frank's urine stained underwear.
We know frank was a Chicago Pansy, a black man who performed cock sucking on slumming white men and that he married as a communist a slumming white slut, and in Davis' sex machine books there are references to his raping little girls and there are  indications that Gram Dunham was a sex partner of Uncle Frank, as Frank's other drinking buddy was Stan Dunham.

Stan Dunham had a fetish for wrestling teenage boys on a bed in his furniture store job.

Young Barry Soetoro was surrounded with sex pervert effeminate males.

Now comes evidence in his gravitating toward a sodomite professor, and somehow knew open sex with a man would complicate his life, so he chose to hide as a gay male in a straight culture.

Hence came Obama's Muslim sex partner at Columbia.

In Chicago we know he was a party girl, as he had contact with Lawrence Sinclair.

We know from Mr. Sinclair that a black choir director at Jeremiah's Wright's church, named Donald Young was intimate with Barack Hussein Obama. Mr. Young was afterward murdered in which a gun was emptied into his body, as his back was turned in his apartment, meaning Mr. Young knew his attacker and trusted them.

Then there was the Charles Gibson open shirt interview which was clearly a homosexual signal.

Obama would later joke that he was in bed with Brian Williams as this was normal to Obama being in bed with men.

So there is not any doubt in any of this, that Barack Obama was homosexual, and his latest rolling around in a boat with Richard Branson is more of what Obama is, a smouldering fag.

For this to be resurfacing again in a book, is but another step to the future in which one day messiah Obama will be portrayed as a "mentor" of young boys and this has been his taste for partners since before the White House, as the Obama double is just a theatrical work to progress what the cartel has been pushing all along, and that is the legalization of pedophilia.

As people have probably forgotten, this is the reminder of what Obama was before he left the building.