Thursday, July 14, 2011


The trouble with Yanks is they are so all fired American centric.

You can't bugger them without a mob standing up thinking they are the anti Christ of Babylon, when in reality God's loved Joseph so much that He gave his children two powerful nations all for the purpose of keeping Jesus Throne alive to come back to and the other to be the conduit to spread the message of Redemption around the world..................and satan hates God's creation and has done it's worst to exterminate the Plan and the people.

If you children were not so American centric, you would have been like baby sister. She could read between the lines just like the lords and priests could. Of course, they were privy to the story all along and saw things you did not, but by Inspiration, this blog is going to have some exclusives again for you to get the thinking cap on straight.

So stop being American oriented for a moment, and be some rejected of God and manifestation of satan looking at all you Western Peoples and think like those assassins do.
They hate you. They are jealous of you. They want you dead a million ways from cancer to atomic bombs..........and once you start your morning with that, you can figure out that their ain't no peace with these folks as they are striving 24 hours a day to end your existence.

Am pondering where to begin, but maybe we should just jump right in and see what crocs are about eh?

You do know that Stanley Ann Dunham was a little tramp right? It is not Joe I mean David Remnick's THE BRIDGE propaganda defining Obama, but it is the reality of things Remnick deliberately erased from Obama's life.
Things like Stan Ann running off they say with a boy to California a year before she reached the knock up shop.

Things like you Yanks paint yourself into corners like................Frank Marshall Davis writes he was molesting little girls with his white wife, at their age of 13 years, and you immediately discount Davis in thinking he was banging this Anne, as in Stanley Ann only after she moved to Hawaii for the Obama go round.
Why could not the Dunhams have ventured to Hawaii in 1955 or 1956 for a scouting mission and met up with the old pervert communist and entrusting their daughter to this couple after a jungle fever romp of their own...........had quite the little nymphomaniac on their hands?

Stop blocking the doors children, and keep an open mind on things.

Ok so we know Stan Ann is a tramp. She comes to Hawaii and as the old man sits there apparently servicing his kid out, as if you can't keep the dick out of the bush, you might as well make some community organized advancement about it at Lederers Bar in the red light district of town.

You know all of this, and you know how the world turns in...........say where did Barck jr. hear that being president of some nation from, but the Mama Obama.

Remember that mindset as you are going to learn things you never considered in a few always here.

So Stan Ann is whoring around the honeypot communist club of Hawaii. The place which communist celebrity, black, Paul Robeson, was in 1948 assisting the longshoreman's union in overthrowing the capitalists of Dole and company to turn Hawaii into the invasion point of the USA in years to come.
Robeson convinced Frank Marshall Davis to go to Hawaii in the revolution days to guide that revolution by a communist hand.

You can recall that photo of Barack sr. and Stanley Dunham, the old man, on Obama's arrival into Hawaii. Dunham is centered with Obama in the welcoming committee........or organized community.
You have a photo of the 5th column of Hawaii welcoming the stud bull.

Barack sr. was not in any way involved in that black educational thing, but has been proven to be a seperate entity. Obama jr. lied about this like most things he has fabricated in his fictional creation, as............

Ok, step back, and recall now Immigration and the Hawaiian University, both alarmed about how many white girls Obama sr. was banging.............and was said to have had one knocked up already in Stan Ann.
They were going to deport this walking cock as they knew he was going to have an entire tribe about the isles.

I will say this slow.

Barack Obama sr. was sent here as a breeder. He was the Soviet militant raping it's way with FDR's, Truman and Eisenhower's full ascension to breed the German out of Germans to end that race and make them Russian mongrels as Russians obey better in their brutish ill manners.

Listen carefully here, as this blog posted the expose' on Zbigniew Brzezinski in the early planning years he took of "educating the 3rd world mob in America" and sending these liberals back to Eurasia and Africa, all so the order would control those nations from within.
There was an experiment in this, a breeder program, which was Sugarland as has never been explained anywhere and only hinted at here in the work Jerome Corsi is shining illumes on in this abyss, and what was conceived was these colored oversexed herd bulls, would come to the west, and by (the lords conclusion) putting some white blood into them wogs would make them more manageable and all..........and then these mongrels would be sent home to rule for what some Americans thought America, but in reality was Brzezinski's central European cartel.

Ponder on that a wee bit, and I will put it into synopsis. The globalists in all their planning, thought it would be bright when making Manchurian candidates to have them knock up local communist whores in the west, as these honeypots were already on the same page of hating the west.
No there was not a sign outside Niarobi saying, "Free education and all the white whores you can bang, just knock them up for allah, country and cause".
The cartels just knew human nature in you put these males into white women culture, there is always a jungle fever segment and either rapes or belt notching will occur.

The end products would be as this blog exclusively stated, Barack Hussein Obama is not the only Manchurian jr. running around in the west. There are thousands of these little bastards groomed for being puppets.

I will state something here which no one else has. It is just something I noticed mucking about the place and nothing first hand, but you have noticed that Barack sr. was a manwhore, who did not even want this little bastard Barry and was going to dump him off for adoption.
When Immigration was trying to boot his ass out of America, you recall that white mother who was hysterical in complaining she knew Barack sr. was trying to marry her daughter to stay in America.
The correct term was, Barack sr. was trying to knock her up, for anchor baby sake.

Go back now children, and some of you would say, "Well he had Barry already, why would he need another kid to anchor himself in America?"

There is the rub children in you get it now. Obama sr. was ploughing a furrow in hosts of little white whores hot with Peggy Noonan lust...........and he was pumping dust.
There might be a definite reason all his black kids in Africa look not alike, and it ain't from being different wombs. This stud bull might have been sterile and all these women were running around anchoring their hold on power by being serviced off the farm.

Once you start observing this not from an American viewpoint and outside, you are in the box of observation which things start appearing which are glaring red rocker flares of all is not quite right here.

There is a definite possibility that this idiot Barack sr. in coming to America, was looked upon by Stanley the pops as a ticket to power.
OK let us let David Remnick provide the quote from Stan Ann herself.

She was excited about going to Africa ----- and how in love she was, how her husband was going to take a serious role in government.

This was the entire focus of Barack sr. He was being groomed for leadership, but his main concern was he was going to be cut out of the emerging rivalries for power..........and by gin and tonic he was.
Shut out he died by natural causes in alcohol poisoning in wrapping his car around a tree.

When Barack sr. already had an anchor baby, why was he out trying for a new baby?

It is because Barry jr. was not his kid.

When this blog exclusively reported on the day Barack Obama was born in the Kenyan version, you recall it was repressively hot and humid. So hot and humid that Stan Ann went to the ocean and start swimming.
THERE WAS AS THIS BLOG NOTED, medical advice to all women that they were not even to be floating in baths, because being pregnant it could induce labor in some women.

That is a well known warning of the period, and here was Stan Ann violating it.


Everyone is running around following the logical bait that Bararck knocked up Stan Ann in November of 1960. What if it was not November as he was pumping dust?

What if the Dunham fairytale of using their Stan Ann with her full complicity of delusion, figured out in their communist red light bar, that if she got knocked up by an up and coming dictator, then they would have it on easy street in controlling the whole Kenyan nation...........basicially all of central Africa.
It was with full knowledge that the little bastard involved was going to be heir apparent as the cartels were initiating this for in what Stanley Ann Dunham was lecturing at little Barry Soetoro from his early days in what he picked up on in conditioning THAT HE WOULD BE PRESIDENT OF SOME COUNTRY SOME DAY.

Obama was not intended to be President of these United States, but as a breeder project from Sugarland, he was supposed to be President of Kenya like cousin Odinga is for the cartel.

Obama sr. had no idea about this, but ran for his life from the trap he knew had been sprung on him. This is why Stan Ann was in the ocean, in she was inducing labor at 8 month Barry to convince Kenyan Barack this was his kid at 9 months.

From the evidence of all the doors which opened for Barack Obama, that his parentage is either Frank Marshall Davis, an outside chance Malcolm Little, or it was his world communist benefactor, Paul Robeson.
It is certain that it was Robeson who adopted Barry Dunham in overseeing his development. It is why the Russian communists knew of Barack Obama, as this breeding project was about not setting up an American asset in Kenya, but a Soviet asset.

It honestly could have been all three hammering Stan Ann, but logic points to Frank Davis was the pinch hitter, with an outside chance it was Robeson as he was in the midst of finishing his Australasian tour.
Robeson knowing the situation would have obliged to putting his genes on the throne and the very least he would for his comrade Frank Davis make certain this communist protege in Barry Dunham would one day be President of Kenya.

This is why all those doors opened for the Dunhams and Barack Obama. He was a breeder project and shepherded through the system. That is why he was dumped by Stan Ann and an adoption replacement tried in a black Korean.
There are numerous things going on here from Mockingbird, to the story that Madelyn Dunham had a miscarriage and a hysterectomy............there are so many lies in this, that story might have been concocted to hide as was speculated here that she is Barry's real mother by Davis or Obama.

For this case though, it now progresses the international exposure Barry Soetoro would receive. It was not the international prima dona stage of a Malcolm X which opened the doors in Pakistan, but communist Paul Robeson's anointed one.

Somewhere in this that Rockefeller bastard Bill Clinton pissed off the European cartel in that Asian uranium swindle, and his wife, like Stan Ann, who married into a protege greatness of the boy who would be president, had the cartel create a designer negro joke in this.

If the powerful Yanks want breeders for ruling the world from their whores, then why not stick a Kenyan bastard into their White House so we can rule America by their own mongrel creation.

See how things start focusing more clearly when you begin looking at this from Berlin, Nairobi, Moscow and Tehran?

Now you know more than you were ever supposed to know. Now you are in on the joke the Europeans and the rest of the elite are laughing themselves over in this little breeder Obama being installed into their White House, where he is daily raping the American Virgin and turning her into the international whore she lusts to be.

You knew all of this by looking at it, but you just were not perverted enough to think of this as a soap opera, even if you had all the hints for the past two years in this blog exclusively, and guiding you through this in your deductions in what fit and did not in Stanley Ann Dunham's revenge.

By Inspiration more to come..............

Glad you stuck around now?

agtG 244


I went to the animal fair
The birds and the bees were there
The girl she got bred
By where she was led
For a Kenyan throne in Kilimanjaro's clouds.............oh
I went to the animal fair..............

The Sarah Palin We Know

The Daily Caller was chirping about Sarah Palin's die hard supporters organizing for her, and she has not announced..........yes it was their consternation in not understanding Sarah Palin and what by God's Grace she has been up to.

I know this blog published far too much of the inside strategy, but in doing so it throws a panic into the Obamites and Rovians like Indians howling like wolves in the darkness and flame arrows into the they keep trying to tell themselves nothing is out there, and all those noises are just the Reagan Blue State critters acting up with a fire show...........but they know Sarah Palin is coming and it terrifies them in she whose times she masters now by God's Grace.

What I'm going to address here is something which no one else has, and that is Barack Hussein Obama and Mitt Romney would give all they have for just 1000 Sarah Palin Rough Riders as those Americans are not die hards..........they are the Western Hard Sells, and one of them is worth more than a million dollars Romney donation or a terrorist donation to Obama in a billion.

There is a vast difference in this Bruce Willis Bi Con type talking from the coast about die hards and the Westerner Hard Sell.
A die hard is someone who is committed to death and dying hard. A Hard Sell is thee most dangerous person in the world, as they have committed to live or die on the ground they occupy and will take as many of the enemy with them before they go.

This is a Western thing, and something pansies from the coasts have no comprehension of, as that is why they stoop to political rape, as they are character assassins of the lowest order.

Sarah Palin's people are Reagan's People. These are Americans from the right, middle and left. They have a belief in America and do not need Sarah Palin in any race to get up every day to give their 100% to America as they live to a standard which is inside them from God.

They are in many ways like Gov. Palin in they like counter punching and never are having fun unless the mob is after them, the odds are a million to one, and they enjoy getting hit, because it means they get to strike back with all they have.

Valley Forge, New Orleans, Little Round Top, Alamo, Little Big Horn, San Juan Hill, The Bulge, Falujah.........these are the people who are Sarah Palin supporters. They like against all odds and they thrive in the brier patch.

See Sarah Palin's people love this stuff while the Rovians and Obamites are terrified of this danger and uncertainty.

That is what these patricians know. It is why Limbaugh keeps trying to crawl up the Tea Party's ass. It is why Ed Schultz tries to come out of the conservative closet. It is why Mark Levin gets his fangs pulled and starts talking about "loving the back benchers".
They know the caliber of people who Sarah Palin has loyally standing with her and it scares every one of them.

YOU, the American Citizen, scare the bajesus out of these folks as they know your capabilities when unleashed.

It is like Joseph Farah blundered about in lamenting the Tea Party was not pressuring Congress and had disappeared. No Mr. Farah, you miscalculate in the Tea Party is not the potatoe peelers. The Tea Party are the la homme buisson, the American Rangers of olde from the foundation of America when she was still fighting the French and Indians with the English masters as allies.

Sarah Palin's followers keep their powder dry. They do not gun play nor put on ostentatious displays as they have nothing to prove. They are Ladies and Gentlemen who like the Kentuckians, Ohioans and Tennesseans when told at 3 AM to get up for the Revolution, an Indian War or Andy Jackson, they had their parched corn, bed roll, horse and gun........and were rolling to destroy the enemy.

Sarah Palin's voters are the 3 AM call and they answer it every day of their lives without angst, interpretation or fear.

There have always only been about 30% of America filled with these Americans. Washington had them in the Revolution as the Rovians were weaving blankets in town with the British and the Obamites were turning tricks for a few shillings with the enemy.

Sarah Palin's supporters are those 30% of Americans who founded America. That is all it will require to elect her and a majority of Conservative Americans into Congress for this bits and pieces of America which Barack Obama has left in this abyss.

I don't concern myself with what Sarah Palin is conducting herself with now, as God has myself and all the Americans conducting themselves on His terms. When the time comes for a 2012 election, that Paul Revere ringing bell will have us up in boots and saddles, and we will be ready to ride in putting out full effort for God's America.

Until then..............hell let Mitt Romney feed his followers to the savages beyond the fire and let Obama feed his followers to the quicksand of his abyss. Let them burn themselves and their resources up as they have too, in shooting wildly at the shadows in the dark.

Sarah Palin knows what is in the dark like her supporters and it does not scare them. It scares all the other politicians though what is out there as they are scared of the dark.........and they are terrified of Gov. Sarah Palin.

Even phrasing this in Second Amendment terms of gun analogies frightens those folks.......they are scared of their own shadows they produce from their own dark fears in their own dark souls.


The sigh in tomorrow's Good bye

Painted in the sky in woodland why
The sun streaked feathered
She knew it hauntingly familiar
The color there weathered
There in the sigh of tomorrow's good bye

A leap to live into her destiny
A dream not dreamt yet true
I knew you when you were much older
Like singing a song now she never knew
The tanager in the bush to see where it should not be

She lives today on this branching way
The prose on lips future distant shelves
The ghost bird of color in sunset orange
Words one day which write themselves
There to play in leaf chattered say

To know you after then where you have not been
There in that place to give
When I contended with Angels
That place where you have yet to live
The tanager bush to begin in that place when

Just like a painted past in shadows cast
The one you never knew
Whispers while at the edge of
In deja vu
There memories passed known at last

And the days go by with wondering why
There is something there more
The symbolic messenger
I knew you there before
There in the sigh of tomorrow's good bye