Monday, September 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Gold Standard

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am watching the Trump Debate and I could not let Mrs. Clinton let this whopper go, as she disavowed TPP and said that Mr. Trump was not correct in stating Hillary called it the Gold Standard.

Hillary Clinton lied to Americans about TPP:

Hillary Clinton Praises TPP As "Gold Standard In Free Trade ...

Hillary Clinton Praises TPP As "Gold Standard In Free Trade Agreements" (11/15/12)

Hillary Clinton really needs to FACT CHECK.


Glue Factory Hillary

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Back in the day, if you saw an old nag with a big olde green horse blanket on it, with a gimp hip, you just naturally knew that the old girl was being loaded on her last ride to the glue factory.

In the spirit of that, I thought I would submit some questions that the Debate Moderator Mr. Holt would ask Hillary Clinton tonight:

1. Mrs. Clinton, when you die, do you believe that Tim Kaine was really a good choice as your replacement as President?

2. Mrs. Clinton, do you have your will made out?

3. Mrs. Clinton, are you looking for a new physician as your doctor keeps sending out dispatches you are well, when everyone can see you are sick?

4. Mrs. Clinton, did FBI Director James Comey throw your investigation, because no one wanted to see you die in jail in prison orange?

5. Mrs. Clinton, when did you know you were sick, how long did you know you were sick, and when did you initiate your Watergate style coverup concerning your sickness? 

6. Mrs. Clinton, in every breath you take and every move you make, do you think it will be your last?

7. Mrs. Clinton, you have good hours and bad weeks, but do you ever have a good day when you are not falling, fainting, coughing or things flying out of your or off of you which are not medical?

8. Mrs. Clinton, have you discussed resigning your position for the good of the country?

9. Mrs. Clinton, when was the last time you had a "spell".

10. Mrs. Clinton, if you were on an African safari, and your twin was leading the hunt for a man eating lion, would you consider yourself safe in the event of a charge, and you froze, had a fit or fainted?

Those are the questions I would like to hear Moderator Holt ask Hillary Clinton about. Guarantee he would be a star for week.


The Clinton Faces Say It All

This photo appeared as of yesterday in Hillary Clinton wearing a heavy green overcoat and again having problems negotiating stairs.

For the record, it was 70 degrees in the New York asphalt canons which trap heat like a bake oven, so Mrs. Clinton was inside a heated building, coming out to a heat hamarium and she is bundled up like she is going to an oil rig in the North Sea.

New York September Weather 2016 - AccuWeather Forecast for NY ...

New York September Weather in partnership with. ... Sun 9/25. 67 ° /50° Sunny and not ... © 2016 AccuWeather, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What you need to focus on with the Bobcat gravedigger payloader in the background are the faces of Mrs. Clinton's young staff. You know those looks, because you have had them in having to hold the door for nattering olde Auntie Nellie who trudges down the hall talking to cats which are there and not there, and then it takes her 5 minutes to go down 10 stairs, as your body is screaming in agony from the fatigue.

The looks on these Clinton faces says it all. It says they have no confidence in this woman. They are sickened this is their nominee for President as they know she is not up to the job. It is not that Hillary Clinton is sick. It is Hillary Clinton is OLD BEYOND HER YEARS. This woman is about as spry as a 90 year old home bound geezer.
The faces say it all in the youth in the picture in they are being paid to be around a sick person, and Hillary is sucking life force from them, and they can hardly wait to get the hell away from her, to take a bath and spray themselves down with Lysol, as the look on their faces say, "F*ck I hope I do not catch leprosy off this old hag."

Those faces are from Hillary Clinton's inner circle. They reveal what they see and know, in this woman is precarious and is having about 2 good hours of out a 30 day month. They are thinking she is dying, and hope their association with her at least gets them a better job on the ladder, so they will not have to suck Roger Ahles dick.

When Huma Abedin was cartaking Mrs. Clinton, there was genuine concern for her. Her honest outburst about "why are Obama pseudo emails to Mrs. Clinton not classified" to the FBI shows she has an honest somewhere in her. Her face was one of concern for a sick old woman, but what Hillary Clinton has around her now are "suits and skirts" who are there for the paycheck and position, and you can tell by their faces they are not happy, know this is going to end bad and know that they would be any other place on the planet than around sick old Hillary.

This again is John Podesta's work or failing the Clinton campaign. You NEVER put youthful people near old people, as it makes them look sicker and older, and reminds everyone how sick and old Hillary Clinton is.
.......and for Hillary's sake, what the hell is up with them wearing funeral attire, and her wearing Grannie green in not having sense to wear normal clothes any more which most 80 year olds suffer from.

Podesta might as well put a toe tag on Hillary Clinton as his management is doing that in every outing.

Nuff Said


Some Americans Have All The Fun

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I hope this is ok to share, because sometimes I hold back on things like gorilla dancing dreams, and other times like this, I am just excited, because this is the coolest thing ever and I want not only one, but a half dozen, as this activity would delight me to no end.

See Captain Kirk lives in Texas, but he does not just live there, because he had dangerous water moccasins, chasing his women folk home, as there is this pool of snakes and catfish by his house, and he has to go down and blast the snakes.

I mean this is 8 year old child heaven!!!! All I had were squirrels on our corn bin and a 410. Captain Kirk has fricking dangerous snakes and they apparently are as numerous as Mexicans crawling across the border. He does this all the time, while all I get to do is go for a walk. Imagine going for a walk, having guns and getting to shoot dangerous beasts. Even Mark Twain would not turn down anything like that.

I share his letter as I was completely impressed, as there was human blood involved, and what is a good snake shoot if your own blood is not involved. I suspect if this was me telling the story, that by the end of it I had been knocked out, the snakes were closing in from every side and I was having to grab them by the tail, and that I have a cottonmouth computer cover at home if you care to see it.

Oh all I had was a snapping turtle on the road and me being henny penny telling TL to not be kicking at this tortoise size snapper as TL would get at toe bit off.

We have this large named creek on the front half of our property, It has water year round, but certain sections dry up in the summer, leaving deep pools in other sections. One area, the creek makes a 90 degree bend, the banks are steep and about six feet high, and 25 feet across. There is a deep pool there where fish (mostly catfish) get trapped in the summer. Of course, this is a perfect place for water mocassins. I really hatepoisonous snakes, so I go down there every time with my shotgun to thin them out. My wife and daughter noticed a particularly aggressive one at their last visit. So, I'm standing on the bank, about halfway down (with snake guards on my calfs!!). Trying to be quiet to see if anything moves. About 5 minutes in, a moc starts swimming from the bank, 3 feet directly below me. In less than a second I take a snap shot from the hip just behing it's head in the water. BAM! It shot water up in the air that rained down on me for what seemed like a really long time. I stood there watching the area to see if he came back up. a few seconds later I spotted him swimming towards the opposite bank. I thought to myself"Well crap, I'd better line this shot up right!". I pulled the pistol grip uo close to my chin, put the bead right on him and BLAMMO!. Oops. Houston, we have a problem. I was shooting a Winchester model 1300 Defender. I removed the standard stock and replaced it with a scorpion stock, which was folded up. The back of the shotgun punched me in the lip, splitting it. The blast literally blew the moc out of the water onto the opposite bank about 3 feet up. I deployed the stock and fired 4 rapid blasts into  him for the coup de grace (I was pissed about my lip :-)). A few seconds later another moc was swimming toward the opposite bank, so I blasted him too. Now I'm out of ammo, except for the 5 rounds of double 00 buck in the shell saddle on the scorpion stock. I loaded a round of buckshot and waited. He popped up about 6 feet away swimming for the exit from thecreek turn. I shot him with the buckshot and waited. Stood there for a good 30 minutes and he never showed again, no more movement in the creek. I reckon the buckshot did the  trick. Maybe a lesson here? Buckshot for water shots and not 6 shot? By this time, I'm bleeding like a stuck pig,and the swelling had begun. For the rest of the day, I sported the duck lip look you see sometimes on facebook. My daughter told me to tellpeople I took the "Kyla Jenner shot glass challenge", whatever that is.
Swelling is gone today, but I think I will get a scar under my moustache as a reminder. I need to get me a shotgun shell bandolier, and find the old fixed stock and put it back on, lol.

A scar too and a moustache. This is all too much fun! I think I would put some Mercurochrome on it and nurse it along for a week, taking the scar out and explaining to people I was attacked by roving poison snakes and I was forced to bite the head off of  the last one, as I was out of ammo.

If one is not prone to biting heads off poisonous snakes, I was thinking that lead BB shot or 2's would reach out and touch them too, better pattern, and I always had very good fortune with 2's in a handload my brother made in an ounce and sixteenth shot moving at 1400 fps.......really killed pheasants and I called it a catwacker load as Lord it did justice to snarling feral critters.

Thank you for sharing.


ALERT: Debate Shenanigans

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following appeared on 4chan today in more asinine stupidity of tards thinking this is all a game and in the process might upset this for Donald Trump.

It does not matter if this is Stein, Johnson, Trump or Clinton idiot. It is a reality that it is illegal to disrupt a debate. It is a felony to hit people with strobe-lights or anything else intended to cause a medical reaction in them.

Every tard who thinks this is funny, had better realize that the Secret Service is armed, and when idiots start pointing things at Presidential candidates, the Secret Service starts firing their weapons.

This auditorium should be on lock down, and I post this here in the event some idiot pulls something, to note that this is not the Trump Campaign nor their supporters but another quarterwit who should be in the zoo with the other primates picking turds off their posteriors.


Obama's gift of World War Hillary

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad © SANA  

US airstrikes on Syrian troops were ‘intentional,’ lasted nearly 1 hour – Assad to AP

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For some reason, I seem to recall in past American wars initiated by the cartel, that it was all so much better done. I mean the Germans bombing a ship started World War I, Japan blew up Pearl Harbor, and you pretty much could not find Woodrow Wilson or Franklin Roosevelt's fingerprints on the initiating of the war. With Obama Wars, all of that has changed, like in Syria.

Like Obama imported terrorists to Syria, murdered like 400,000 people, set off chemical weapons.......and with a straight face at the New York Times blame Assad.

It is like the last Cease Fire by Obama Kerry, in the Russians and Syrians obeyed the rules, and just like that, the Americans blew the hell out of a Syrian army post and then had their ISIS blow up a convoy and loot it, and blame the Russians........and it is the Russians or Syrians fault again.

It gets worse in after reigniting this Syrian genocide for the 3rd time, now America, Britain and France are before the Security Council at the UN, blaming Russia, Syria and Iran, for the Syrians now attacking terrorists in Aleppo Syria in driving them out.

There is the old call of "bombing hospitals" which have been dug underground...........

I can translate that part in, these are terror headquarters, named as hospitals to protect them, and instead these terror headquarters and ammo dumps are being bombed as they should be.

That is what I mean in this, wars used to have lies in them, so when you dragged a country to war, at least the people thought they were innocent, but in this Syria thing, it was either Hillary Clinton with bloody palms, Obama with blood on his hands or now Kerry with the bloody footprints in the sand.
America's image has been wiped out under the Obama regime. They literally lie, break cease fires and are the ones protecting the terrorists.

I never thought I would see the image of America so blatantly smeared on purpose. I guess that is what you get when the spokesman for America is Kayne West and Bruce Springsteen, instead of Irving Berlin and John Ford.

Just for a review in this, Syria is not part of America, Russia or England. Aleppo is part of Syria, so whatever President Assad, the elected leader by Syrians, and his chosen allies attack and blow up, for attacking and blowing up Syria.
Somehow that is lost in this Obama Clinton propaganda in a nation has the right to protect itself within it's borders from foreign terrorists and it also has the right to attack other nations trying to genocide them.

I know the Truth no longer matters, but at least hiding the murderous lies, used to matter.

I also know there is nothing in Syria I want to fight for, die for, or have my  taxes spent for.

It all goes back to the Pentagon lying about murdering Syrians and Russian advisers as a mistake. A mistake is dropping a few bombs in a sortie, not waves of bombers for an hour blowing up people with GPS locators showing all that expensive American equipment that no mistakes can be made.

I seem to recall the Clinton's bombing the Chinese in Kosovo by mistake too. Seems to be lots of mistakes with these people and it is never their fault, but Americans end up dying for it again.


Moscow says peace almost impossible...

In the above links, England accusing Putin of war crimes is like, satan accusing St. Peter of being the worst sinner in the room, and Moscow is telling the Truth in peace is not possible, so they might as well surround the terrorists and blow them all up........which is what the Syrians are doing, thanks to image Obama blowing up Syria for like the 100th time.

As this comes to a close, I believe a Trump White Paper should be released by President Elect Donald Trump with something like one sentence of:

America is not going to participate in World War III or IV, or go to war with Russia.


When a French Woman goes Crazy

 Je préfère le vin rouge avec ma machette

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Spirit of Joan of Arc is alive and well it appears, and who can not be attracted to French women even more after they learn the story of Dona Liz, the 60 something Grandmother of France who had this Muslim experience.

It seems that a Muslim invader approached her, and her granddaughter at market, and started professing numbers of things the Muslim was going to Sharia with his penis the virginal French girl.
The Gram told him to bugger the hell off, and then the Muslim got abusive in threatening to kill them both as is the case all across Europe.

Things changed though in the next nights as the Muslim appeared at the Grandmother's doorstep, and broke into the house. The girl started yelling as the Muslim was in her bedroom and awoke the Gram, who in the meantime not having a firearm to protect herself, her home and her family, turned to a machete. So Gram and the Machete appeared, flicked on the light, saw the naked Muslim in the room, and after that blood splatter apparently blocked a great deal of what happened, for when Police arrived, the Gram answered that she did not know how the Muslim's rape cock, somehow was sliced off and ended up in the Muslim's mouth.

“When I saw that desperate expression on the face of my girl and this naked Muslim, I went crazy and started to attack until I finished him, I really do not remember when I cut his penis” 

The Muslim rapist also received also 50 machete wounds in his body.

Appearing before the Judge, the Judge ruled she was acting in self defense and released the Grandmother.

It was never ascertained if the Muslim had cut off his own rape penis to keep it safe in his mouth or if the Grandmother had cut off the rape penis to save her Granddaughter.

Is a strange psychology where Swedish women dye their hair brown to protect themselves and French Grandmothers just hack Muslim rapists to death.


Je préfère le vin rouge avec ma machette

Comme autre cerise Lame exclusive dans la matière anti-matière.

L'Esprit de Jeanne d'Arc est bien vivant, il semble, et qui ne peut être attiré par les femmes françaises encore plus après avoir appris l'histoire de Dona Liz, 60 quelque chose de grand-mère de la France qui avait cette expérience musulmane.

Il semble qu'un envahisseur musulman elle, et sa petite-fille approché au marché, et a commencé à professer nombre de choses que le musulman allait Sharia avec son pénis virginal fille française.
Le Gram lui a dit de foutre le camp hors tension, puis le musulman a abusif dans les menaçant de les tuer tous les deux comme cela est le cas dans toute l'Europe.

Les choses ont changé mais dans les prochaines nuits que le musulman est apparu à la porte de la grand-mère, et ont fait irruption dans la maison. La jeune fille a commencé à crier que le musulman était dans sa chambre et réveilla le Gram, qui, dans l'intervalle, de ne pas avoir une arme à feu elle-même, sa maison et sa famille protéger, se tourna vers une machette. Donc, Gram et Machete sont apparus, alluma la lumière, a vu le musulman nu dans la chambre, et après que les éclaboussures de sang apparemment bloqué une grande partie de ce qui est arrivé, lorsque La police est arrivée, le Gram répondu qu'elle ne savait pas comment le musulman de le viol coq, en quelque sorte a été tranché au large et a fini dans la bouche du musulman.

«Quand je l'ai vu que l'expression désespérée sur le visage de ma fille et ce nu musulman, je suis devenu fou et a commencé à attaquer jusqu'à ce que je lui fini, je ne me souviens pas vraiment quand je coupe son pénis"

Le violeur musulman a également reçu aussi 50 coups de machette dans son corps.

Comparaissant devant le juge, le juge a statué qu'elle avait agi en état de légitime défense et a publié la grand-mère.

Il n'a jamais été vérifié si le musulman avait coupé son propre pénis de viol pour garder en sécurité dans sa bouche ou si la grand-mère avait coupé le viol pénis pour sauver sa petite-fille.

Est-ce une psychologie étrange où les femmes suédoises teignent les cheveux bruns pour se protéger et Grandmothers français seulement pirater les violeurs musulmans à mort.


Je préfère le vin rouge avec ma machette

Als eine andere Lame Kirsche exklusiv in der Materie Antimaterie.

Der Geist von Jeanne d'Arc ist lebendig und gut wie es scheint, und die sich nicht auf Französisch Frauen noch mehr angezogen werden, nachdem sie die Geschichte von Dona Liz, die 60 etwas Großmutter von Frankreich lernen, die diese muslimischen Erfahrung hatte.

Es scheint, dass ein Muslim Eindringling näherte sich ihr, und ihre Enkelin am Markt, und begann Zahlen der Dinge bekennenden der Muslim wurde die jungfräuliche Französisch Mädchen auf die Scharia mit seinem Penis gehen.
Die Gram sagte ihm die Hölle abhauen, und dann bekam die muslimische missbräuchlich drohte, sie zu töten, sowohl als der Fall in ganz Europa ist.

obwohl in den nächsten Nächte Die Dinge änderten sich, wie die Muslim bei der Großmutter Haustür erschien, und brach in das Haus. Das Mädchen schreien begann als die Muslim in ihrem Schlafzimmer war und weckten das Gram, der in der Zwischenzeit nicht eine Waffe mit sich, ihr Zuhause und ihre Familie zu schützen, wandte sich an einer Machete. So Gram und die Machete erschien, schaltete das Licht an, sah den nackten Muslim in den Raum, und danach Blut Splatter offenbar viel blockiert, was passiert ist, denn als die Polizei eintraf, das Gram antwortete, dass sie nicht wusste, wie die Muslims Vergewaltigung Hahn, war irgendwie abgeschnitten und endete in den Mund des Muslim auf.

"Als ich sah, dass die verzweifelten Ausdruck auf dem Gesicht meines Mädchen und dieser nackt Muslim, ging ich verrückt und fing an zu attackieren, bis ich ihn fertig, ich weiß nicht wirklich erinnern, als ich seinen Penis abgeschnitten"

Die muslimische Vergewaltiger erhielt auch auch 50 Machete Wunden in seinem Körper.

Erscheinend vor dem Richter entschied der Richter, sie in Notwehr gehandelt hat und die Großmutter freigegeben.

Es war nie seine eigene Vergewaltigung Penis abgeschnitten, wenn der Muslim festgestellt hatte es sicher zu halten in den Mund oder die Großmutter hatte die Vergewaltigung Penis abgeschnitten, ihre Enkelin zu retten.

Ist eine merkwürdige Psychologie, wo schwedische Frauen ihre Haare braun färben, sich zu schützen und Französisch Mütter nur muslimische Vergewaltiger zu Tode hacken.


Je Prefere ле Vin румяна ауес ма machette

В качестве еще одного Хромой Cherry в эксклюзивном материи анти материи.

Дух Жанны д'Арк жив и здоров оказывается, и которые не могут быть привлечены к французским женщинам еще больше после того, как они узнают историю Dona Лиз, 60 что-то бабка Франции, который имел этот мусульманский опыт.

Кажется, что мусульманский завоеватель подошел к ней, и ее внучку на рынке, и начал исповедующих число вещей мусульманин собирался с шариатом его пенис девственная французская девочка.
Грам сказал ему, чтобы убраться к черту прочь, а затем мусульмане получили оскорбительное в угрожая убить их обоих, как это происходит во всей Европе.

Все изменилось, хотя в последующие ночи, как появился мусульманский на пороге бабушкиной, и ворвались в дом. Девушка начала кричать, как мусульманин в своей спальне и разбудил Gram, который в то же время не имея огнестрельное оружие, чтобы защитить себя, свой дом и свою семью, повернулась к мачете. Так грамотрицательных и Мачете появился, включил свет, увидел голую мусульманина в комнате, и после того, что брызги крови, по-видимому заблокировали много того, что произошло, когда полиция прибыла, Грама ответила, что она не знала, как мусульманина рапс петух, как-то был отрезан и попал в рот мусульманина.

"Когда я увидел, что отчаянное выражение на лице моей девушки, и этот голый мусульманин, я сошел с ума и начал атаковать, пока я не закончил его, я действительно не помню, когда я вырезал его пенис"

Мусульманская насильник также получил также 50 мачете раны в его теле.

Появившись перед судьей, судья постановил, что она действовала в целях самообороны и выпустила бабушку.

Он никогда не был установлено, если мусульманин отрубил свой пенис изнасилование, чтобы держать его в безопасности во рту или если бабушка отрезали пенис изнасилование, чтобы спасти свою внучку.

Странная психология, где шведские женщины красят волосы каштановые, чтобы защитить себя и французские Бабушки просто взломать мусульманские насильники до смерти.