Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The Pending Operational Date


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I arose to a morning which was 5 degrees today, and in surfing the headlines, certain patters started appearing which in forensic psychology of how Mockingbird prepares the public, there were movements afoot.

I read headlines of the FBI tracking 400 Americans from the US Capitol.

 I read a headline of a person begging to be deprogrammed from Donald Trump.

I read a headline from Homeland Security, which again warned, as the FBI warned of "insurrection events over January 20th",  which was an outright fabrication at the Capitol and other State Capitols, which never transpired as the Richmond Virginia gun rights rally in which the FBI warned of violence there, that there were these extremists who were going to attack again.

By afternoon on the 27th, the satirist Ricky Vaughn, was arrested by the FBI from a 2016 meme. This was political speech and free speech, and it is now something an American is being charged with as a crime, unlike Kathy Griffith cutting of Donald Trump's head and posing with it, or Elvis Costello kicking a George W Bush doll on Jimmy Kimmel.

Douglass Mackey, aka Ricky Vaughn, 31, of West Palm Beach, was charged by criminal complaint in the Eastern District of New York. He was taken into custody this morning in West Palm Beach and made his initial appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce E. Reinhart of the Southern District of Florida.

“There is no place in public discourse for lies and misinformation to defraud citizens of their right to vote,” said Seth D. DuCharme, Acting U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. “With Mackey’s arrest, we serve notice that those who would subvert the democratic process in this manner cannot rely on the cloak of Internet anonymity to evade responsibility for their crimes. They will be investigated, caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

The red light in this is from a Populist Press post which reiterates what Homeland Security is focusing on, in Republicans, all 100 million of them, and that means ALL of them. I will put in BOLD the part to  focus on.

-DHS is concerned these same drivers to violence will remain through early 2021 and some DVEs may be emboldened by the January 6, 2021 breach of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. to target elected officials and government facilities.

-DHS remains concerned that Homegrown Violent Extremists (HVEs) inspired by foreign terrorist groups, who committed three attacks targeting government officials in 2020, remain a threat.

As near as I can discern, DVE stands or Domestic Violent Extremists. Is not Violent Extremist an oxymoron, like "black night" or "violent storm", as you really can not have one without the other?

This is the part of this analysis which I was pondering before the Ricky Vaughn and the secondary release of the alert by Homeland which had the Lame Cherry already concluding hours earlier that there was going to events or a major event which would have a several prong reasoning behind it, like 9 11 or Pearl Harbor.

First I looked at the calendar. Fridays are usually days chosen for releases of information or arresting Roget Stone. I doubt it would be the 29th, because I think I remember that Donald Trump is going to be impeached a second time on February 8th, a Monday. The projection is there will be a violent event or events before that date. A likely day would be Friday, February 5th to allow the news cycle time to pressure those 40 GOP Senators to vote to impeach Donald Trump. It would be easy to shave off 10 more to join Mitt Romney and John Thune.

Homeland warned that events were there as well as bad actors. They did not pick this up off of cell phones, but this is like the Proud Boys leader who was reporting on Americans to the FBI, actual wetware reports filed. As Homeland focused on elected officials, not on Judges, but elected officials, and on buildings, the reasonable projection is there will be a series of events which will target specific elected people and specific prominent buildings before the Trump impeachment.

Alex Jones has a fine report on the Rense link below which provides data for all of this in Bidencon is going to use NGO's to produce names of people who will go on the FBI and Homeland terror watch lists. This would be the ADL and Southern Poverty.

The Clintons already placed people who believed in Jesus second coming as terrorists decades ago and it is worth the historical review of the foundation of what is about to be unleashed, in the words of Clinton confidant Linda Thompson in how two of the worst tragedies in America were set up by NGO's.
It is of note that Bidencon's choice for Attorney General, Merrick Garland, prosecuted OKC and covered up a host of data, that Terry Nichols who is still in prison for life over this terror event, was supplied bomb making material by the BATFE.

To Direct Military, CIA & FBI In Purge Of Conservatives

Communist Police State Coming For 'Religious
Extremists', 'Evangelical Christians', 'Pro-Life'
Activists And 'Libertarians'

Late Linda Thompson Talks About The ADL Set-Up Of
Waco And The OKC Bombing - Start Listening At 11:57

What you are viewing in the Mockingbird is the propaganda conditioning. This blog had warned all of you to behave, not act out, to pay your taxes and obey the laws, because as Obama's Eric Holder set up Hutatree Patriots and attempted to set up North Korea for the Boston blow job, there are already people set up for what is coming.

400 people to be arrested by the FBI, with Paul Manafort breaking down doors in the night would generate a percentage of armed resistance in people thinking their house was being house invaded, and will be shot down as armed terrorists, to provide a further narrative as in the farce of the militia movement which stet off alarms, and this time it appears a Steve Scalise will be perhaps one or many, not shot by Bernie Sanders supporters, but prominent officials, to drive forward:

Trump Impeachment.

Domestic Terrorism Act

AR 15 Confiscation

.........and it may even move to those deprogramming camps which are the Katie Couric buzz, as children are going to be seized and taken form their parents like Indian children were in the old west.

When they arrested Paul Manafort to neutralize Donald Trump in a decade old case which had been set aside, and Ricky Vaughn is in the memory banks of New York prosecutors, in they waited until one of their's was in the White House to unleash what is coming, then the well scripted dogma of "no evidence of election theft" and "MAGA is like al Qaeda", then this narrative has been worked on for years, so have the emotional triggers and so have the people who will be scapegoated.

The United States is literally entered the period when communists installed power, after the Nazi's were pushed out, and the litmus tests of loyalty and the mandates of what was correct thought, were purged through the Slavic peoples.

If you do not think like Birther Hussein, John Brennan, of those scowling people on the White House front porch in January 2017 after Donald Trump arrived, you will be placed on a list to be watched and if you disagree, Tweet things that only the 100 million laughed at, you will be elevated and if you say, "Something should be done about this" that is an act of terrorism as no one can tell what you mean.

These are the times of Christian Protestant Faith. Always remember that Holy Angels were in prison with St. Peter and the Scripture, "Fear not those that are able to kill the body, but rather fear Him Who can destroy both the body and soul in Hell."

There is nothing to fear in any of this for the Christian. It is a matter of Faith.

History has proven time and again, that repression like this, will erode the entire state system, as there are too many people to deal with. This will pass so do not be upset about these things.

Look at the Homeland dispatch. This expires on April 30th at 1 PM. That is relevant as they are informing you that this operation will be completed by then.

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Kill The GOP and Save The Republican Party




Republican Congressman Steve Stivers argued that the third round of stimulus checks should only be distributed to Americans who take the COVID-19 vaccine.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My children and my brats, I'm so very pleased that each of you were not baited in your disappointment over that 45th President, and you did not gather in mobs and instead stayed home to assess what is the proper response next.

I'm going to keep promoting the ideas for you keep yourself fed and in fuel, to form Co Ops in your Churches as a starting platform, and that you start voicing the necessity of your Governor's turning to a Florida and Texas led Compaq of disenfranchised states to the 2020 election steal. That purpose is to create a majority of States to hold a Constitutional Convention, to amend the Constitution to no longer protect the corruption which caused 2020.

For each of you though, you have a task, to start in your peaceful groups, organizing in your wards, towns, cities, townships and counties, to be the block in the Republican Party which dominates, so you put your friends and people you trust into your local offices of Commissioners, Councilmen, Sheriff's, Mayors and Judges.

You break down the votes in your areas, and your district and find out how many you need to win, and you will start appointing your State Representatives too. You are not going to have any more John Thune or Steve Stivers surprises in betraying you.

I am going to tell you a story in our Gestapo High had a Student Government Day, where we all went out to the local system, after a week of campaigning, and elections., I was elected States Attorney, and most of our party was elected, but here is the story on that.

You know the big shot kids, the sports jocks and cheerleaders, the brainiacs all thought they were going to order us around and get what they wanted. Instead, it was the FFA kids and Auto mech kids, with my inroads into the girl groups in charming them, which suddenly when nominations were put forward, had us voting in block and putting our people on the ticket. The cool kids were stunned in they were not winning in a dictatorship. They whined and some were let in, and they lost, but the point is, we had performed politics at it's base and that is all politics is.

Each of you has friends and family, who are pissed off about what happened. That is what you build your local movement on, in what matters to you. As Bidencon keeps moving forward, pissing everyone off, you will gain voters.
I share my thoughts on this in progression.


So pleased the children stayed home and did not make this easier for what is coming.  I am going to push the co ops, compaq and for people to go Reagan Blue, meaning to stop looking to the national or state, but start a collective group locally on basics. Only hand counted ballots, in stop the steal, cops who won't be allowed to fine you for what they rob you for, and lowering property taxes A city, township, county base like that, would seize the sheriffs, mayor, council, commissioners and judges into a Reagan Blue fiefdom. That would break the GOP and turn it into a Republican Party again.

I view the credit card shutdown of political contributions a plus too, as it would provide a national avenue for a way to dry up the GOP, at least all they would get are the moneyed interests and like Jeb would be wasting their money dumps.

Sorry for going on about that, as this has been on my mind the past few days in formulating this. I just see strategic opportunity in this the way Howard Hughes did when RFK was toast and he bought up both parties. "They" dismantled this as Tarpley said they would, now in the flux, what can be created from the grass roots in 100 million, is what Bill Casey did for Reagan in the Moral Majority..


 So I will repeat the above in parts so you get this. Your local platform is things you want stopped and for personal liberty. Once you get a Mayor elected, you control the police force. Control the council and you control everything. Forget the city planners and that UN garbage, just make your area Reagan Blue. Get enough Reagan Blue areas, and you control your State and then the nation.

You will accomplish what Ronald Reagan did. Reagan killed the Rockefeller Bush GOP and resurrected the Calvin Coolidge and Teddy Roosevelt Republican Party. Do not forget that TR was at political war with the GOP in his day, and ran on the Bull Moose. You do not want to split this party, just take control of it as what #45 did was meld in a host of new voters which is what Republicanism is, ending the ghettos for Blacks, Whites and Browns, in their no longer being the poverty slaves in those corrupt city states.

Joe Biden and the democrats are their own worst enemies. The federal is imploding as it eats itself and these GOPliters are the dead weight of Bidencon.

Is this easy? Yes it is as all of you are going in the same direction already. It will require work and it will require you policing yourselves in only donating money to your new Reagan Blue coffers. It means you are going to have be diplomats in selling this liberty, and not the HOO HA of going to a rally and making yourself feel good and not accomplishing anything. This is quiet work which the smarmy like Karl Rove suckle from as they get off on it. I hate the stuff, but I hate having to do my taxes too and I do it, so being an adult has it's price, but the benefits are there.

Lot's of MAGA peole are unemployed and the fact is next year, there are tens of thousands of high paying jobs coming up in your communities, called Mayors, police officers, city employees, councilmen and whatever. All you need to do is just talk to people, have them talk to others to make our lives better and then tally up the vote, house by house, as that is all campaign managers do.

Maybe you are the next Mayor or Sheriff. Maybe you are the next elected Judge.

Just remember what history reveals. After the disaster of the 1856 elections in the GOP losing, the Western Americans rose to prominence and created the Republican Party with the finest of leaders in William McKinley, Calvin Coolidge, Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan only arose, because of the coup against Richard Nixon in a shattered party, which is what has taken place now, to make the Republican Party a 3rd level party, while the communists and socialists rule.

It does not have to be that way. No one wants these cheap thrills of Bush family, the whores like Nikki Haley, the traitors like Mike Pence who now have the Rona Romney control over the GOP.  The GOP does not control your local politics, and from local politics comes the groups who rule the Republican Party.

You must understand that Ronald Reagan had frauds like Orin Hatch, but Reagan had the organization and people behind him, so the frauds had to pretend they were real. You do not have to defeat all of the trolls in your local politics. You just have to gain a majority and they will shut up and come along as they are addicted to power.

What the Lame Cherry is warning you of, is do not get sucked into this bullshit ride of amnesty by Biden and fighting that out. Sure you do not want it, but that is an energy diverting diversion to keep you from focusing on organizing. Do not follow the leaders who are stooges that just betrayed you and will betray you once they lead you out to electing them. You pick your own local leaders, and build on that, as what is more important to you, having a police force not hunting you for speeding tickets and instead taxing the businesses who are hiring foreigners, so you stop that hiring, or what Lindsey Graham is lying about today or what John Thune is compromising with Biden on that you have no control over?

You can create your own little America in your townships and counties. You do it by organizing. Granted some shit holes in the metro you are never going to overcome, but if you look at the map, most of America is voting Reagan Blue already. That is already a voting base voting for you. You just need to run on simple issues.....PAPER BALLOTS AND ID VOTING ONLY, police that we support in protecting and serving, instead of robbing us in fines to fund worthless projects, and lowering property taxes.

Do not go this alone. Go as a group so that you are joined in alliance as I did with others. Engage the voters, smile, joke, be happy, listen and make sure the people vote. And when you are trusted to win, then you move fast in keeping your promises to those voters, and then you start the local MAGA in dismantling what is causing the expensive budgets and start taxing that which is destroying America.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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Sex drove Hitler to Madness

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter

I was reading a horrid book, co authored by Bill O'Reilly on the death of General George Patton, and the ghost writer for O'Reilly, makes a passing point which has been published for some time that Adolf Hitler had advanced stages of syphilis, from tremors to lesions on his legs.

The point in all of this propaganda is to make Adolf Hitler into a pervert and insane, but upon examination of this reality, there is a glaring question for modern examination of this issue, in can someone who is mentally ill, be maligned if their sense of reasoning is impaired?

The story of Adolf Hitler is one of a young German Soldier, a true hero in war, terribly injured in battle, on the streets of Vienna, engaged in sex with a Jewish prostitute. As all crime is ethnic associated, there is a reality that a Jewish pimp managed this Jewish prostitute, who had venereal disease and was knowingly infecting German Soldiers on leave.

This is now an added new dimension to Adolf Hitler in, "How much did it affect him in this period of political psychological formation, that his view of Jewry was one which infected him with a life threatening disease. This was a period when antibiotics did not exist. Al Capone, the American gangster, was infected with a sexual disease and it incapacitated him, as it did many people in the world.

The unrelenting "Dirty Jew" which appears in the Nazi talking points, was a first hand experience with Adolf Hitler. Jewish organized crime brought ruin to his life with the "Jew Disease" as he referred to syphilis, and Mein Kampf was devoted 13 pages to the immense problem of sexual disease.

For almost 50 years before Adolf Hitler was infected, Europe was experiencing a vast problem of insurrection, and it was arising from the Jewish communities. It became a common political reality that Jews were the anarchists and were murdering the royals of Europe. The purges which took place in Europe, and an American Jewess wrote in America, "give us your poor", was designed to bring all of these left wing Jews into America, who were joining the Jewish agents of Meyer Rothschild in taking control of key parts of the United States economy.

In Russia, this devolved to the Marxists who were Jewish created, overthrew the Russian Government and murdered the royal family.

In the same period, Jewish propaganda began scripting not for the overthrow of Germany, but the genocide of Germans and an end to Germany.

With the notable exception of Lenin (Vladimir Ulyanov), most of the leading Communists who took control of Russia in 1917-20 were Jews. Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) headed the Red Army and, for a time, was chief of Soviet foreign affairs. Yakov Sverdlov (Solomon) was both the Bolshevik party's executive secretary and -- as chairman of the Central Executive Committee -- head of the Soviet government. Grigori Zinoviev (Radomyslsky) headed the Communist International (Comintern), the central agency for spreading revolution in foreign countries. Other prominent Jews included press commissar Karl Radek (Sobelsohn), foreign affairs commissar Maxim Litvinov (Wallach), Lev Kamenev (Rosenfeld) and Moisei Uritsky.6
Lenin himself was of mostly Russian and Kalmuck ancestry, but he was also one-quarter Jewish. His maternal grandfather, Israel (Alexander) Blank, was a Ukrainian Jew

In this political tempest of  capitalist exploitation and dominance by America in the West, British Imperialism based on colonial slavery, meeting Jewish communism in the East, Adolf Hitler formed an ideology which was leftist in socialism. That is what Nazism is, National Socialism. Socialism was the absolute monarchy state control of business, directing to conglomerates tax revenues collected from the people, in order to employ the masses to the best possible life the state could produce.

In Russia the workers paradise had poverty. In America the workers dream had poverty. In England the workers had crumbs, but in Germany, the workers had organized labor and an improving state of life.

The following is the reality though of what was taking place in Germany. Germans were land base aristocrats who were wealthy. In Germany though another minority class had arisen in the Jews. They dominated a number of vocations and they were shaping what was becoming Germany.
What literally lost World War I for Germany was Jewish led workers riots which shut down Germany. The military was poised for victory, and suddenly Germany capitulated and removed the Kaiser, and what became the regime was the old aristocrats and leftist Jews in communism.

This is the world which Adolf Hitler was being formed by. A patriotic German, who was experiencing his homeland being overthrown by communists, whose leadership was Jewish, and the call for the annihilation of Germans, and in this midst, Adolf Hitler had an incurable disease which was infected into him, from a Jewish prostitute, part of this Jewish organized crime overthrowing Germany.

Jews numbered at most
about one per cent of the German population between 1871 and 1933, and this
percentage had been steadily declining [GORDON, p. 8] but by the end of the
eighteenth century, “a high proportion of the landed and liquid wealth in Prussia
was in the hands of either nobles or Jews.” [HERTZ, p. 36] By 1908, 12 of the
20 richest Berliners were of Jewish ancestry, as were 11 of the 25 richest people
in Prussia. [MOSSE, W., 1987, p. 208] Of the top 200 Prussian millionaires, 55
were Jewish. Of the top 800, 190 were of Jewish extraction. [MOSSE, p. 30] 41%
of Prussian iron and scrap iron firms, and 57% of other metal businesses were
owned by Jews. [GORDON, p. 11] Although Jews in 1903 were only 0.74% of
the labor force in Prussia, 27% of all Prussian lawyers were Jews, as were 10%
of apprenticed lawyers, 47% of magistrates, and 30% of all higher ranks of the
judiciary. [GORDON, p. 13]

By the 1930s, 46% of German Jews were self-employed. [KOTKIN, p. 43] In
1932, six million Germans were unemployed. [RUBENSTEIN, R.L., p. 117] In
the town of Sonderburg, in the Rhineland area of Germany, “of the five largest
employers, two were Jewish firms; in one case, the Jewish-owned mill employed
hundreds of Gentile workers – as many as 20 percent of the working adult labor
force. In a very real sense, the Gentile community depended on Jews for
employment and for retail goods.” [HENRY, F., p. 52]

Gentile fortunes in Germany and its environs were based in landownership
and agriculture; Jewish fortunes were founded upon banking and finance.
[MOSSE p. 206] In Berlin, by the eighteenth century,

In 1923, 150 of the 161 privately-owned banks in Berlin were Jewish; [GORDON,
p. 11] “In Berlin alone,” notes Jewish author Edwin Black, “about 75% of
the attorneys, and nearly as many doctors, were Jewish.” [BLACK, p. 58] “All the
major Berlin department stores – Wertheim, Herman Tietz, N. Israel,
KaDeWe,” says Jewish author Peter Wyden, “were the properties of Jews. All the
principal newspaper publishers and thirteen of the drama critics were Jews.
Garment manufacturing, a major industry, was generally known to be in Jewish
hands.” [WYDEN, p. 21]

There are questions now which are legitimate in the point in "Did Jewish organized crime create the holocaust by preying on a young Hitler and so prejudicing him, that an entire leftist movement was based on the social and political reality the Jewish reality in wealthy Jewry, profiting from exploiting poor Jews as workers and prostitutes, who really were ghetto disease carriers of sexual plagues and lice plagues of typhus, the factual basis for Nazi propaganda?"

The facts are yes as the Jews dominated banking, academia, media, manufacturing and clothing in Germany. The Bolsheviks who are Jews in Russia had just murdered the government and established as Soviet which was the military solution to wiping the German, Austrian, Hungarian, French, Spanish and English regimes from the map of Europe.

Francisco Franco was the answer to this in Spain, but for most of Europe the answer was to dump their Jews into the United States .For Germany, with the Jewish control of the nation, the political answer was Adolf Hitler in re establishing a Germany for Germans.

If one considers the myriad of propaganda against Hitler and Germans, how the holocaust industry is in fact a money making industry still today in creating an incomplete history of what this period really was, it becomes for each person to begin asking the question within themselves, if someone infected them with a life ending disease, would you embrace those peoples or would you resent them?
If that disease began clouding your judgment, after policies were formed, and as Bill O'Reilly and his ghost writer note that Adolf Hitler was being injected daily with narcotics by his physicians, is Hitler the most evil person ever or is he a mentally impaired drug addict due to health issues?

In a leftist humanitarian world, humanitarian, because this policy means groups receive billions of dollars in tax money to be "humanitarians", the public is informed they must have absolute compassion in not judging drug addicts, those with sexual diseases, and those with mental instability, as these people are all victims.
Why is it that Adolf Hitler is never a victim when he meets all three criteria? The answer is, there is a vast money monopoly in flailing the dead Hitler around.

The point is being reached where a complete picture is finally being reviewed of this period in world history. The relevant facts are that powerful Jews in finance, funded academia to create a political system called Marxism, in which the few could control the masses they employed for the greatest profit margin.
In the disease infested Jewish ghettos and brothels which the elders managed, the contraband economy made fortunes off of prostitution which infected young men, who then went to Jewish doctors for ineffective cures.

Adolf Hilter has been blamed for his part in the global upheaval. It was was called madness, and now it appears it was syphilis madness in the latter stages. It is time to examine now the group who drove Hitler to madness by giving him a disease and examine what policies this group was engaged in, which moved Adolf Hitler to construct a political firewall to that community organized exploitation.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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The Fragile Gamestonk US Economy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

While most of you today have been terrified of being dragged out at 3 AM by the FBI for  things you laughed at with Donald Trump, there was another story which was showing up on Bidencon radar that they said they were going to look into it.


As I honestly knew nothing about this phase of the gamer culture, the following is the short version, in there is an outlet called Game Stop, think of it as an old movie resale place, but for games, which is what I was told.
Yes a nowhere stock that started picking up momentum in the stock markets yesterday, and then Elon Musk doing what Musk does in pranking things, tweeted simply GAMESTONKS and instantly the stock went through the roof at over 100% value.

The way I understand this, this was such an event that the major trading houses would not put money into GameStop for their clients on  buy orders.

Let us get to the moral of the story after the links confirm the above.





Ok now follow this, a subreddit thread was screwing around in what was the typical Ricky Vaughn practical jokes, like that Sam Hyde the comedian was being blamed for all the terror events from Donald Trump and the media picked up on it, and something happened which should not have happened, in Microsoft tanked, as have the tech stocks, and this worthless gamer stock went through the roof.

So you get this, if you, or a thousand of your rich friends, decided to buy some obscure stock, it would not even cause a blip in the market in trying to manipulate it. Do you realize how much money has to flow into a buy option, before the trade ware picks up on it, and does auto notices on buy options? I have no idea as the system is supposed to have built in safety pauses so things like this should not happen.

Now just pause a moment in this, in gamer Elon Musk, a genius and billionaire, just secured direct US Treasury investment in creating his own internet in space. He has been sniping at Silicon Valley, and their stocks are falling flat.

Couple this with Bank of America's alert.


BofA Warns 'Take Profits' Ahead Of Coming Correction

Yes that Black Friday event of the Stock Market collapsing has arrived and BoA is warning people to get the hell out of the stock market ASAP.

Do you maybe get a hint of what Gamestonk exposed and why Bidencon and the traders are focused on it? Let me explain a reality, that Obama was direct infusing money dumps for the NSA Silicon Valley social media spy networks. They are being deplatformed of millions of Americans or sources of 2/3rds of their revenue, because leftists generate nothing online, it is the right wing which is having a good time and posting non stop.

How could GameStop taking capital and raising 100% in value cause a problem for Microsoft to lose 8% of it's value as the numbers do not seem to add up, unless the Treasury fail safes have been removed for an approaching free fall in the markets. The reverse would be true in this heightened AI environment of trading stocks that without the stabilizing influence of the Treasury, "buy options" would increase in the AI environment, because everyone is selling the tech company's over priced stocks. Everyone is selling the techs and other stocks, so when a stock is spiking and really spiked when Musk punked it, it started self generating in drawing automatic buy options.

The short conclusion of this is, confirmed by BoA is that the US stock market is so a house of cards now, that a minor stock could convulse thee entire system to "run for the safe haven of a worthless stock".

Bidencon cared to talk about it. The traders put stops on buying this worthless stock. That all points to market vulnerability and volatility.

Remember what the leaked Liberal Canadian documents said about a collapse there based on Covid drama, and then switching to digital currency to control it? What happened with Gamestonk looks like some Edward Snowden insiders know what has taken place and will be initiated, and they set off this "trade bomb" to make people look at it, and start asking how this could possibly happen with all the checks in place, and the conclusion is something behind the scenes which has the big investment, meaning Treasury, has moved the checks, probably so it does not collapse trying to cover this massive collapse to bring in Gunther Schwabs International Socialist State out of Davos.

As something which could not happen, did happen, it means something is gone to check this, and for this to be gamed online, means people who know what is on the inside, were warning those on the outside something is amiss.

Gamers are geeks. They started all of this Ricky Vaughn pranking and now they are at it again spoofing the system, and the richest man in the world, Spaceman Musk, helped out as he knows something is up.

I can only examine and project the information and trends, as I am not touching this with inquiry in these crackdown times. The actions tell that something is there, and the patterns point to a direction by logical deduction. The rest is what the future will reveal.

Maybe that faction which stole the 2020 elections and is now readying to crackdown on Americans are not as secure as they believe they are, as someone was in Control enough to punk the system to alert to the planned market collapse with a gamer stock.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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A Patriot is not Violent nor Stupid


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


 As it turns out the Proud Boys Leader was a government informant in a headline I just read. In stating that, the FBI and all the agencies have thousands of paid assets and millions of agents, across America and the world. They have a job because if they report people are peaceful, they lose their jobs. Remember Stefan Halper framing Carter Page. Halper was paid by the government to bring in dirt, and he brought in dirt on Page which was fake.

The Department of Homeland Security is now apparently active in taking over the FBI warnings of the impending uprisings in America which did not happen. This round though is probably a Hutatree type set up as Eric Holder conducted for Obama, including the Boston Bombing. 

That means this, when Homelands is issuing a warning, it means it has more information than someones Stingray FBI grabbed phone call. This would link to what Jeff Rense featured in a report on Patriots who had lines in the sand, if military and law enforcement had not resigned by January 20th, they were considered an enemy.

The Lame Cherry is stating the case to not act out in violence or illegal ways as a Patriot is not Violent nor Stupid.

Wednesday January 27, 2021 11:26 AM

Let us examine this logically in two recent federal events. In Malheur, the feds stampeded and shot LaVoy Finnicum. In Capitol Hill, the feds stampeded and shot Ashli Babbitt.

Be in a group, and you end up being manipulated and then tracked down and arrested. Be in your Hutatree groups and you get arrested as a publicity stunt or like Randy Weaver, your wife gets murdered while holding your child.

Acting out feels empowering, but being strip searched or dead with trolls laughing at you in threads.

Break down the actions of violence. You blow something up, and we all end up paying for repairing the police state, while we all get flagged and hunted, while you end up dead and information is posted about you, which your Mother would not recognize as you are a scapegoat.

Harm a federal officer, and there are millions of federal officers who will execute you. You must comprehend that this massive system was built to protect itself. It is too big to take down, and it is ridiculous to harm public officials who are just following orders, because you stupidly tripped established wires, to make yourself a target.

As there is a Domestic Terrorism law coming, already written, and AR 15 confiscations, anyone acting out are going to become poster boys for pushing these unConstitutional measures through, again, just like 9 11.

There are positive and legal ways to deal with this election steal. It involves though your not picking up firearms or destroying things and making life harder on all of us. The solution is taking care of yourself first, and that means you form a co op with your like minded friends and neighbors to begin purchasing  food, fuel and ammo. Whether it is a Church basement, or whether it is a construction site building, you make this your Cosco, and by saving money, you make money and money is how this system works.

So you organize, and you start electing every official in your county. That means you get to pass the laws, like making it mandatory for federal agents to report to all local law enforcement, commissioners and mayors to enter your area, or they are violating the law. That means you reduce your taxes, while inflating the taxes on chamber of commerce businesses giving your jobs to foreigners. The system that is working against you, and stealing your elections, is the same system you can legally use to promote you and protect you.

Now the question is, do you want to be in prison or dead, and no one remembers you in 5 years, or do you want to be the person who is making a fortune in a coop, providing for your community, protecting your community, and the one the Governor calls up for favors to get things done, as a Compaq of Governors is having a Constitutional Convention to fix 2020.

Benjamin Franklin was a Patriot. He could have picked up a Brown Bess and shot the Red Coats, but he would have been caught and hung. Instead he tended his printing business, and published articles about American Rights, was sent to Congress, and by organizing helped found a nation.

The time is running out on making a decision as Homeland has been triggered and is moving. Those choosing violence will fail as the system is designed to make them fail.  You are of no value dead or in prison. Your value as an American is to organize in commerce and politics. Yes money and politics rules

I repeat as was posted here, YOU AIM FOR GOD NOT A GUN.

The fact is Joe Biden and his globalist system can not stand on no oil production, mask mandates and these other crackdowns, as the economy will implode, and that is global, and Eurasians vying to replace America, the same nations who helped the steal, will make war on this group, and their military and police state. It is logical to have the police state fighting foreigners, than for you to be fighting it.

So logically, you work and you do not fight, as working you can win at, but fighting you will lose.

Stop being led around by Hollywood Mockingbird propaganda, and start implementing Biblical commerce and politics, in loving your neighbors and looking out for them.

You do not want to be dead in others writing your epitaph. You want to be alive writing your own glowing propaganda. Think logically and let the attrition of the liberal cancer destroy itself.

Nuff Said



Joe Biden's Pedo Girls - Cindy and Meghan


 Cins puts on a Catholic school girl uniform, tells me she is 8,
we turn on the View to watch Megs, and I sniff them both.


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 I remember Cindy McCain in 2008, and trying hard to spin her with positive propaganda, because John the hero McCain's democrats who he chose to lose his campaign to Obama, who still needed Bush fam to steal 10 million GOP voters, was a disaster and the glaring problem was John the Songbird was a traitor and a cripple and Cindy McCain was something out of the Stepford Wives. I mean this woman was a walking zombie. She looked like she was on meds or doped up, or like she was a fricking zombie.

That is why her treachery with other Arizonans against Americans in disenfranchising votes,  as Cindy's payoff for supporting Pedo Joe is some ambassadorship, is priceless as this woman whose fortune came from getting kids drunk on Bud beer, so homosexuals could rape straight kids at underage parties, walks around like she made her money honestly, instead of preying on misery.


 A high honor to be included with traitors, in your own state, and that zombie Martha McSally who was installed, had as much voter appeal as Cindy the zombie.

The thing is fat Megs has weighed in on this.

Meghan McCain Blasts Katie Couric For Saying Republicans Need To Be ‘Deprogrammed’ – ‘Go To Hell’


No, it was not about being traitors, but Megs thinks she is a Republican and Katie Couric wants to deprogram her. Megs probably thinks it is some weight loss program and she is not going to be deprived of donuts.

What Megs does not understand is she is one of Joe Biden's Pedo Girls like Cindy. Pedo Girls are Biden with benefits as you keep your job at ABC and you get an ambassadorship. Real Republicans get the FBI building cases against you for walking through the Capitol. It is ironic how much John the Hero walked through Congress, and being a traitor from Vietnam, the FBI never arrrested him. Never arrested him either for taking ISIS kickbacks from Obama running terrorists in Syria and Iraq to steal oil for black ops.


So we are in a world where Cindy McCain is honored by being a traitor and Megs is upset thinking being deprived of donuts makes you a Republican on the FBI wanted list.



Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Why Donald Trump Got His Ass Booted Out of Office




As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 Like most of you in dealing with 5 years of Trump drama, I have had enough. I you listened to this blog, you have been behaving, paying your taxes and not making yourself an FBI target. In trying to recover from biological weapons and the fatigue of too long in producing this blog for God's Glory, I simply did not want to deal with the Great Reset as another alarm to to get worked up about.

I was on Rense's site and if I have wifi, I will see what Dick Allgire as Krypto King has to say about things, as he is a journalist, intelligent and remote views. He assesses thing correctly and he had on Davos recording of Klaus Schwab who is the brains behind George Soros and dictator Xi.

Allgire featured 3 words to listen for, and Schwab the German and Xi the Chinaman both seasoned their speeches with these terms. What they were saying was America should not lead, but that it should be a community of nations all having an equal say. China would like that, as they can Tibet all other smaller nations and Germany would adore a greater Liebenstraum to control the world.

I honestly was not paying attention to what the globalists were up to, but Allgire termed them Neo Feudalists which reflects the Feudal Few which have been featured here for years.




There are a few more terms to put into this to figure out what is going on, and the Durdan Bros have a  term for Great Reset as the Great Reflation. 

You know that deflation is prices falling. You know that inflation is prices rising. So reflation is like a blow up doll, in she is flat so you reflate her. In other words, those who were behind building China's biological weapon's lab (Obama Biden) and those who made the plague (China) and those who spread it for their future hedge of forcing the world to it's new order (1%), are after killing the global economy in a term which has appeared in Coronavirus Deglobalized the World Economy, which was accomplished for what we are being reset to, based out of the cover of the United short they killed the economy and the ability to pay bills, so they can control the currency, the economies and therefore all the people, with some system. I will tell you what that is, after ZeroHedge.

by Tyler Durden
Monday, Jan 25, 2021 - 8:37

By Michael Every of Rabobank

Today kicks off the annual World Economic Forum, which this time round is online and so can’t charge anyone $43 for a hotdog. Expect various iterations along the theme of  “Builders’ Bums Better” from the talking heads as the Great Reset’ slash ‘Great Reflation’ is dangled before markets


The guy running this is German, Klaus Schwab, who is promoting Stakeholder Capitalism. He is also with Xi pushing something called,  Reorienting Corporate Boards for the Long Term. Remember those two terms as what you are going to have inflicted upon you, as John Kerry, the Comrade Klimate, will attend Davos for Pedo Joe Biden, which means Biden shutting down US oil production and for 100 days shutting down the economy in mask mandates, is re establishing all of Barack Obama's Super Depression in the United States.

Reorienting Boards for the Long Term

Companies are being pressed to deliver financially in ways that are more socially and environmentally responsible, and focused on long-term health. This session explored steps corporate leaders can take to build a more stakeholder-focused business environment.

The speakers were: Kurt Bjorklund, Co-Managing Partner, Permira Advisers LLP, Alan Jope, Chief Executive Officer, Unilever, Sarah Keohane Williamson, Chief Executive Officer, FCLTGlobal (Focusing Capital on the Long Term), Mark Machin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Amy Weaver, President and Chief Legal Officer, Salesforce, and Adam Robbins, Head of Future of Investing Initiatives, World Economic Forum.


As I was reading Schwab's manifesto, I was puzzled by it, until the Holy Ghost Inspired me to understand what Schwab was hiding as I knew these definitions under other ideology.

Schwab sums up his manifesto in an economy which works for progress, LEFTISM, first and people, "slave labor" and planet (environmentalism)

You have not linked this yet in what it is, but you will when I add the pieces.

 Klaus Schwab discusses its history and relevance in this excerpt from the book Stakeholder Capitalism: A Global Economy that Works for Progress, People and Planet.



Schwab has 61 conglomerates, that is the world work force control and production. He has implemented via these conglomerates, NOT NATIONS, a legal enforcement for one environmental set of mandates, one mandate for social (peodphilia and homosexual) and governance or RULING everyone with these mandates, as you can not buy or sell or work if you do not submit.

I will tell you first, this is not communism. That may surprise you as Xi is a communist, Ask yourself though what system, and it is not capitalism as Schwab is clever in not alarming the markets or the populations, has corporations joined together under a governing system, which then rewards those corporations with taxpayer infused money for absolute profits, oriented in a force labor group?

If you still do not have a clue, I will give you the hint, in a certain leader seized power, and he started joining massive conglomerates like Bayer, IG Farben to his vision of a progressive and long term government, with massive spending in war build up, and he paid for this debt and economic expansion with peoples taken into custody, in the Poles, Slavs, French and Jews.

Yes what Klaus Schwab is implementing across the world is National Socialism or Nazism, which was very successful for Germany and Austria.


Implementing Stakeholder Capitalism

The World Economic Forum’s International Business Council has proposed a set of universal environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics to allow companies in all industries and geographies to measure and report performance. This session looked at how companies should go about measuring and disclosing this information, and how investors and governments can come together to allow stakeholder capitalism to take root.

Mutual interdependence

Klaus Schwab believes that 2021 will be a historical year in changing the philosophy of business. Accelerated by COVID-19, businesses will increasingly recognize the need for stakeholder capitalism.

Although the new metrics are just the first step, it will move stakeholder capitalism on from being just a concept - we can now "walk the talk", he said. 61 companies have already signed up.



 What Davos is promoting by Klaus Schwab, dictator Xi and John Kerry for Pedo Joe Biden is bigger than nationalism is though, as the Germans were one people in the master race. What this is, is not NAZI, but GOSS, the Global Oriented Socialist State. This is a one world regime overthrowing governments by corporate control of work and finance, money generation, and directly sucking from government treasuries the money and the military power to promote and project this ideology.

We have been experiencing this betrayal of America for years, in conglomerates have only alliance to this interconnected commerce, than Americans, and in the election overthrow, their puppet politicians have zero allegiance to the Constitution and instead vote for what promotes the GOSS.

This is what they were planning in putting Trump into the White House, to make Nationalism a crime in the staged riots, and then to promote the "individuality" (breaking nations down to isolate them and make them submit) while implementing a manifesto where people become corporate commodities, until robots replace them.......they need people for the reason of not humanitarianism, but you get your digital allowance, are forced to spend it to the corporations, and this produces a ruling management of all humans. Think of it as a global concentration camp of forced labor and mandated buying.

The projection of this is, the 1% will have to have more of this virus bullshit to keep the lid on, more of Biden's war on Americans in Domestic Terrorism.....which is a source of free slave labor, and with a collapse to impoverish the competitor slightly rich, (known here as the richtard who do not donate to save their lives.) to implement digital currency control, what will follow not alone for the reason for looting Russia, China and the Mideast to balance the debt books, but population control and the first phase to shock peoples into accepting this global nazism, to save themselves.

None of this has to do with economics. This is a global financial system which will implement production quotas, living standards and consumption to benefit the system. This really is communism in managed poverty and stagnation, but it is hybridized nazism, or the SOCIO CONGLOMERATE as this blog has posted on for the past few years, who are now censoring you and keeping you from flying and taking your credit cards as you do not spend money as the order demands.

This is a huge story, but I doubt most tards will comprehend what has been revealed here. It was though why Donald Trump got his ass booted out of office as he would not have managed this for the 1% alone.

Thee Americans are not leading at Davos. It is Germans, Chicoms, French and Europa. The Americans under Joe Biden are following and Kerry is there to announce the US economy will not profit, in favor of equality of debt in all systems to promote GOSS.

This is once again anther Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Nuff Said