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her national sins

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was moved to reach Common Sense by American Patriot, Thomas Paine, and was surprised in his Common Sense so very much Inspired Wisdom from God. It is a comfort to find the foundations of life written there, in separating us several centuries, and yet all in the same, we are speaking from the same Holy Ghost.

Thomas Paine in lecturing the King of England and his military leader, Lord Howe scolds them both in reminding them that their is good and evil, and that more to the point, there is Personal Sin and National Sin.
Mr. Paine makes a definition in the eternal and the temporal retribution from God, in correctly teaching that personal sins are when not paid for by the blood of Christ's Sacrifice are a matter of eternal condemnation, but that national sins, are a matter which can not be placed into a Sheol or a Gehenna, for one can not throw a nation into hell, but that recompense for national sins takes place in this world, by the hand of God from the tempest of storm to the fury of invasion.

In Jeremiah chapter 3, this morning TL and I were reading what the Holy Ghost opened to, and the teaching was God was informing His children gone to sin, that if they would just confess their sins and stop sinning, He would accept them back and care for them.
It is an easy thing, but Americans and those in the west are so equalized sodom now, that their minds are all doped by a spiritual narcotic from satan as Christ has been cast off for a caste of messiah Obama.

The answers for America's Salvation are in the Bible and are simple. The rules are to do justice in the courts. To wipe out all the debt servitude the people are enslaved under. To only have the True Christian Faith and removing all other religions and to call upon the Name of the Lord in fasting and repentance in a national action.
It simply is being moral and acting moral after publically confessing the nation is evil.

There is an ignorance in all of this "i am more right than God" cult which is in America now. They are confused in thinking they can pass laws for "equality" for sodomites to "women's rights" for aborticiders to "loving relationships" for child rapists, and conclude in that "tolerance" and "promotion" they have somehow advanced to a place beyond God.
The problem in this, for those who deny and dismiss God, is there is a God, and His Words in Deuteronomy 28 of blessings and cursings are being inflicted on America as much as they have been on every nation since they were recorded. If one violates the human interaction, it leads to the exact debt structure, family self destruction and no matter what that people do, it has no fix and continues to degrade.

There is an interesting observation by Major Ted Roosevelt in 1918 at the end of World War I which he records and in ignorance has no idea what he is witnessing. If the Americans had not been sent illegally into that butcher war, then Thomas Paine's prediction for Great Britain and all evil nations would have come true then. America though put off the reality by her morality cloaking immoral England and France.

What Ted Roosevelt recorded was he noticed in France that it "seemed a nation of old people" while in Germany he noted that the nation was alive with happy boisterous mob of children who were all over the American Soldiers.
France was then a socialist nation which had killed off her French Lutherans and driven them out. Germany was a martial nation, but the Fatherland was Christian Protestant Lutheran through the land. That was the reason Germany was winning across the board of Europe and was only checked because of a Blessing God had made upon the sons of Joseph.
England was one of those sons, but her blessing was running out, and America had just begun her blessed cycle, so God gave America the victory.

America's victories have nothing to do with her being better than other peoples. It had to do with God's Promises to the Patriarchs as America is of Israelite seed in Joseph. That Promise has been fulfilled and America has been moved past the chastisement phase and is now in the Judgment phase, as she put into power an image of Barack Hussein Obama as messiah in rejecting the Messiah in the Lord Jesus the Christ as thee only begotten Son of God.

America until the last years of the 20th century were a moral people in the majority in a moral nation, which was led immorally at times in Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy and Bill Clinton. America in the 21st century had a moral man in George W. Bush in the balance of a moral and immoral people. America in the Age of Obama is a nation led by a blasphemous image of Obama and is a nation of an immoral majority.
God is not going to bless the workings of such a people as it is contrary to His purpose of Salvation, and, it is impossible in sodom lust, ripping children from the womb, destroying marriage, enslaving peoples in debt, immoral wars and the blasphemy of removing God from this government founded by Him and made so in Covenant by the words of George Washington, SO HELP ME GOD, for such a self destructive mob to regenerate when it is all degenerate.

Yes there are righteous Lots in this sodom whose consciences are so soiled by this perversion in the midsts of America, but that kind of filth is not going to save America from Judgment, no more than Jeremiah thrown into a dungeon was going to stop God from cutting off Judah.

God does important Work here on this blog. It is fascinating in pondering that Work through me in how I am mistreated like the Prophets. The most important warning and direction a people can have, and the entire elite censor this work, even if it influences them across the board. Most have given up on viewing the material as it condemns them and that is not what they desire in their righteous delusions.
The people with money refuse to become a William Randolph Hearst in sponsoring Billy Graham as a message to the nation. The few poor in their homes surrounded by the eclipse get the message and shine as True Lights of Christ.
Israel has always persecuted and murdered those God sent to reprove and warn her. America is no different.

My greatest emptiness and sadness is as I observe and behold these western peoples of the Lost 10 Tribes is I appear to be the only one God is narrowcasting through. I do not say that with arrogance nor judging others, but in reality and remorse, that there is such a complete drought of the Word of God in society, culture and clergy, that all that is taking place is the grooming of a religous cult worshipping a false religion of "how good we all are".

I can feel the immovable weight of this out there and it is an irresistable evil. No human hand nor command is going to obliterate it. This evil is squatter iniquity and will only be obliterated by the Rock of Christ smashing it to dust.
I lament for those Christian nations in all they built for centuries in God's blessings, who are terminal and do not know their death is imminant as they fiddle while the scent of fire of Rome is in the air. The work of Christian hands now prostituted by the genitals of societal satans.
I feel the death which is coming. It is like the moments after a lightning discharge, in the tension in the air of scorched earth and smoldering flesh. There is that shriek in the air of so many ended in as they are ripped in their souls to the reality they are disgusting filth and their goodness which is evil did not deliver them.
It feels calm afterwards. The imprints of their wills are like a fading sound. Just those skin covered skeletons in tattered clothes and those white skulls like loaves of bread with a halo of weathered hair rendered to the ground and glued there for a time from fat and maggot excrement as their token manifestation of all the good they are.
Some of you will see this and then you will recall these words and then you will know you have seen what I have beheld as that sour earthen scent blessed by a fresh breeze and a buzz of fly fills your nostril and comes to your ear on a cool day.

Enough of being in the future where I live, for you have enough of the present and you will be where I am soon enough.

You should labor as a nation in effort to remove your sins as in repentance your national sins are cleansed by Christ for a lessening of your recompense. Confess as a people and do right by God's Prophets.

"Oh that I had wings to fly away, but even upon them I would stay, for my place is in the land of the soul cannibals who devour themselves and and each other. Their worm dieth not upon the earth."

- Lame Cherry

agtG 270

Traitors in the Midst

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

American Patriot Thomas Paine in his first article in Common Sense, or the Crisis, reveals the certainty of why war was waged where it was in America from the beginning.

"Why is it that the enemy have left the New England provinces, and made these middle ones the seat of war? The answer is easy: New England is not infested with Tories, and we are. I have been tender in raising the cry against these men, and used numberless arguments to show them their danger, but it will not do to sacrifice a world either to their folly or their baseness.
The period is now arrived, in which either they or we must change our sentiments, or one or both must fall. And what is a Tory? Good God! what is he? I should not be afraid to go with a hundred Whigs against a thousand Tories, were they to attempt to get into arms. Every Tory is a coward."

The British took up the war effort where they had natural spies and traitors to the American cause. People forget entirely that like 21st century America, only 30% of the Americans were American Patriots. 30% were Tories and 30% were indifferent.

The South in the Carolinas was nothing but Tories loyal to the King of England, and it is why no effort was even made until the last end of the war after Burgoyne was defeated at Saratoga, for England to claim that prize.
It was in that same period that the English engaged in scorched earth genocide in Connecticut and areas of New Jersey and Virginia, which included gang rape and burning down villages.

It is the same in 21st century regime America with Homeland's "See something say something" in Americans are not told to speak of terrorists, but to inform on each other.

Who is the greatest target for the Obama regime? Is it Dr. Zawahiri who now rules in comfort after Sheik bin Laden's corpse and actor were offered up? Is it some nameless Muslim?  Not in the least, the person which NSA publishes accounts of desiring to murder is Edward Snowden, for the great crime of revealing to the American people what BY LAW the NSA is required to inform Congress of so Americans would be protected from this assault.
Can anything be more glaring than Attorney General Eric  Holder acidically threatening a Texas House member for daring to bring up Holder's contempt charges with, "Don't go there buddy!!!!"

These despots in federal and state regimes are as heinous as they were in 1776.  The same abuse of power and the same threatening of Citizens. Thomas Paine was a terrorists hunted by the British government for publishing the crimes of King George and Edward Snowden is hunted as the same terrorist  by NSA for publishing the crimes of Despot Obama.

The minders are everywhere in America in these treacherous stooges who set up Hutatree Americans, to infiltrating the Tea Party to destroy it, to spying on Sarah Palin at FOX and getting her to become one of the Tories of the 21st century.
This Obama regime does nothing but salt every event with stooges to parrot some political manipulation they are engaged in at present.

Thomas Paine provides a lesson in the terror masters always go to their treacherous minders in the midst of the people as they make war on the people.

Consider the lesson.

"Should the Tories give him (Lord Howe) encouragement to come, or assistance if he come, I as sincerely wish that our next year's arms may expel them from the continent, and the Congress appropriate their possessions to the relief of those who have suffered in well-doing."

Thomas Paine


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Congratulations to Chelsea Hubble

The Lame Cherry speaks to congratulate Chelsea Hubble on the eruption of fetus cells in her placenta material and withholding her women's rights in removing the intruder, although there is still time in the womb, and perhaps like Andrew Breitbart in his post Obama birth aborticide, the fetus can still be terminated on a Los Angeles street.

Congratulations also go out to the grandmother, the semen depository AKA Hillary Hamrod Clinton, now buys raising her own Huma and Tony Wiener production, for the next democratic man in the White House in 2016, Hamrod I.

If only Vince Foster had pumped a bit harder, instead of had his head pumped into and body dumped at Fort Marcy Park, then Bill Clinton would not have to be concerned about Grampa Day at the Pre  School or who Chelsea will be expecting to hand the scissors to, to cut the umbilical cord.

As the tissue when assembled will be sucking on soy milk, turning into another Barack Obama fagssexual, we can rest assured it will be some thing like the Obamas in Manchulle or a Priss Barry.

Congratulations now though to Chelsea Hubble, for the moment as being a liberal tissue, one never knows in Darwin Natural Selection when the return to the dark hole out of which he spawned will ye return to.


The Putin Protocols

As everyone is distracted by the drama, do not be distracted by the reactions.

Action 1: Repeated underrated response to Vladimir Putin.

Action 2: Spiking of Nevada showdown and backdown by the police state.

When one cared to make a response to Mr. Putin over Crimea and Ukraine, one would park 2 nuclear aircraft carriers off the Baltic States as a message. Not put them into dry dock.

When one cares to make a point, one arrests Rancher Bundy, puts him into federal detention, and then removes the cattle with court order settlement for back BLM payments.

One does not send in the BLM and ATF Gestapo, as in the Branch Davidians as a publicity stunt.

You must comprehend exactly what is taking place here, as only this blog has exposed in Lame Cherry matter anti matter. The cartel with the regime is engaging to get the public to react. The police state has now emboldened the mob by backing down.........for a next step which the cartel is moving the mobs in the maze to take, for a future event.

Gas prices have been spiking with record reserves. Someone is keeping the pressure up. Someone expects the rats in the maze to start reacting, just like the Western states seeking to wrest control of those lands in a fragmentation of the states.

Conclusions in progressing this out point to, someone desires an at war America with herself for the advancement of the police state and an advancement of a better offensive power than NATO America for eastern Europe.
You do get this right that the Neo Roman Empire wants the Slavic lands for exploitation as much as Russian energy and diamonds, so...........figure it out children in the cartel can not take control of Europe from Putin if America's big footprint is there.
Little Obama footie prints of 150 troops is not exactly something other than to embolden the Kremlin and more effectively to force Europeans to effect a goosestepping force occupying eastern Europe.

Yes it is factored in the games what Mr. Putin will act and react with too, just like you Americans. Someone is staging and spiking the situations for purpose. That large American retirement and dollar seizure coming in the revalue of the dollar on the heels of Obamacare and Obamatax is the crux of this operation..........just like Rush Limbaugh is conditioning all of you listeners on the right with his Himmler chants of late for the Koch boys in  "the weak are takers in America" and due to their eating all the time, should be ended.

All of this points to connect the dots. This is for purpose and all of you are being led into the abyss by reactions so you do not think and end up in poverty, war and genocide.

That should keep you ungrateful rich out of the abyss at least until nightfall as you keep walking the edge, but there is only so much I can do in trying to save a caste from their own ignorance.

They are coming for you and you have not a clue.


America over a Century of War

As a caveat in this, except for a few occupational years of "peace" in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines after the Spanish American War of 1898 which by Gentleman's Agreement with European powers of England and France as those territories were a bribe to America to join in the Genocide of Germans in two wars, which were the terms of GOP Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft, the United States of America has been at perpetual war, except for a brief period at the end of the Cold War in 1990 during the Bill Clinton tenure, at which he started a war again in Kosovo for Isalmists in Europe, by taking Christian Serbian lands.

There is no peace in America. America is in a constant state of war to profit the same European cartel and finance who assassinated Abraham Lincoln with their same traitors in America who profit and power off of this and installed that foreign agent Barack Hussein Obama into 1600 Penn Avenue.

Just look at that over century of war in which Americans have been robbed and bled except for a moment of time.

Spanish American War 1898 - to present

World War I 1917 - 1918

Sino Japanese War 1939 - 1941

World War II 1941 - 1945

Cold War 1945 - 1990

Korean War 1945 - 1990

Vietnam War 1954 - 1975

Panama War 1989

Iraq War I 1991 - 2002

Kosovo War 1999 - to present

Iraq War II 2002 - 2008

Afghanistan War 2001 - to present

Yemen War 2010 - to present

Libyan War 2010

Syrian War 2010 - to present

nuff said


Hitler at 50

I place here an insight into Adolf Hitler and the Reich, which is fascinating, because it is in contrast to what has witnessed in the Obama birther daze.

Notice the intimacy of this photo in all of these people leaning toward Adolf Hitler and the serene expression on his face. These people truly like this leader. I do not make this as a condemnation of Germans, but a reality that Adolf Hitler restored pride with joy in being a German.

The Nazi's were masterful choreographers in Euclidean 47th, in what was beautiful and pleasing to the eye and stirred the heart and soul. This beauty came from Adolf Hitler and his followers. 

The gorgeous birthday gift of a golden palace inlaid with precious stones. The entire setting was artistic in even the documentation is scripted beautifully.

These Germans even stacked their instruments with military precision on this day. This is the kind of detail of a completely orderly nation and society, not by force by a people who were extremely proud of their heritage and their present.

This photo from a forensic psychological revelation is a study, for it shows the leader of Germany in humble pose. His subject is bowing lower, but Hitler is bowing into the man in gratitude and welcoming warmth. Everyone in that room knows who is in charge, but der Feurher is at ease with power and is showing himself in humility before his people.

The last photo is Germany in all German are. An orderly people, highly organized, observant and resolute. They really are the children of Goethe and Wagner, as much as the Austrian Ashkenaz Adolf Hitler was by choice.

It is a simple thing in propaganda to smear Heir Hitler as a madman or other epitaphs, but the reality is so much more stunning as this group of leftists were artistic, ordered, grande, humble and focused. The German left was absolutely nothing like what the Obama left is in debauchery or shallowness.
They were creative and thrilled with being German.

My question is in all of this, when the image of Obama reveals itself as the catalyst for starting Armageddon and worldwide slaughter, and his crowd of socialists are remembered in photographs, you do know that there will not be anything Euclidean in it as nothing of Obama was ornate of a first world order.

Adolf Hitler would be 124 years old this year.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Replacing Letterman

Editor's Note: I wrote this before Steven Colbert was added to the minder roster, but it is interesting in my prediction was on track, and I think the guy I chose would have been better.

I was monitoring the fagsexuals who are on the Kansas City fagship radio station which Rush Limbaugh is featured on, and their screeching and monotone mic heads were talking about who should replace Letterman on CBS.

I hate local talk radio, as it is a feature everywhere cloned of a screeching woman with a monotone male, of people screaming into the mic and laughing at nothing, as they attack everything American as "conservatives".

Their list of Letterman replacements was typical. It was sodomite Neil Patrick Harris, sodomite Ellen DeGeneris, Jew Jerry Seinfeld, black Michael Strahan, and the token old white guy, they all hated in Jay Leno, with the foreigner Craig Fergeson.

The winner of course was Ellen against Doogie Hoser.

None of these Kansas fagsexuals assessed what Letterman is, in he is a political minder utilized to manipulate American minds by attacking all things American while promoting something like Barack Hussein Obama.

Les Moonves is the control of this Mockingbird sector at CBS. People can talk about the fluff players, but the minder chosen for this, is going to have a scripted staff in which they have absolutely no leeway with.

Jimmy Kimmel at ABC has taken like a decade to polish and you still have a stupid, brain dead Italian liberal. Jimmy Fallon is a fagsexual as is Arsenio Hall. Craig Fergeson has those horse teeth and talks Island as he sticks his face in the camera and to Les Moonves that is supposed to be funny.

Talk Shows used to be about talk. They were interviews of celebrities which were boring and somehow Jack Parr at NBC blundered into some people who made audiences laugh by surprise, and that is what Johnny Carson did, he surprised people by making them laugh while being drunkenly sleepy.

The thing is the Talk Show format which Johnny Carson was broken and that is why none of it works, from George Lopez, although Pat Sajak at CBS did attempt it before being canned.
Frankly, I liked Pat Sajak better when the icons of entertainment abandoned that show as the guests were a great deal more interesting in the old stars than this new trash.

Mr. Carson had a simple format. He had a few standard skits. Then there was the three mandatory guests which always revolved around simple facts. One guest was the star. One guest was the interesting person or the person to make you laugh, like a comedian or that southerner who made jewelry out of quail poop,  and one guest was always a female with either her boobs hanging out or some mini skirt on who was  not trying to pull it down nor looking uncomfortable. No bare legs, but hose always presented themselves.

Rush Limbaugh tried replacing Pat Sajak, and when trying to be best friends with Letterman until Letterman castrated him with a cheap shot on air, in Limbaugh at the time was trying to say "the guests get in the way on Letterman from the real show", as that is the Letterman delusion that he is the show.
See David Letterman is funny when he tries to be funny. He though in not measuring up to Johnny Carson and being a whore for Mockingbird in selling his soul, jacked it all away by raping his young staff.
That Letterman was not fun nor funny. He was hateful and cruel and in his not having on guests who were interesting, the show was destroyed.

Johnny Carson gave people what they wanted in America, in not to feel bad about things, to say some smart remark about some idiot politician equally, to hear some personal story from a star, to smile at something stupid and to look up a woman's skirt.

The KC fagsexuals laid out their ignorance in saying there is no market for an old white guy staying 30 years at some show, as that just was not going to happen. The reality is the market is so famished of American entertainment that if a normal person was on television that person would be there for life.

That though is not the market as CBS is about feudal control in what will degrade America. The top of the list is of course what the fagsexuals are attracted to in Doogie, Ellen and another token Obama.

I honestly do not watch television any more. It has been so long since I have seen anything late night, that what I remember is maybe Carson something being lewd with Summer Glau when she was on Terminator in a most uncomfortable conversation about cyborg sex he was hoping to see.
So it has been awhile.

You will notice in redneck Kansas that a Jeff Foxworthy was not even brought to mind in this list, because he is American, accomplished and knows how to give CBS a huge untapped audience group.

As Pat Sajak proved, and as Joan Rivers discovered, being a host or a novelty wears out fast in ratings.

Doug Davidson who plays "Paul" on the Young and the Restless tried hosting a porn version of the Price is Right and it failed. People are not interchangeable in careers.

No one on any talk show is capable of interviewing and most are not capable of comedy. It is all torture in hostages of the mind just hoping something will be on which entertains them.

You will notice in this that Asians are never discussed, as of course we know that Asians are never gay like Sulu, nor are comedian like Margret Cho or capable of doing interviews like Connie Chung......

Who will replace David Letterman has nothing to do with revenues, ratings or audiences. It will have to do with who will promote an image of hating America in the smarmy image of Barack Hussein Obama.
The perfect candidate is Jay Carney of the Obama regime, as George Stephanopolous went into ABC having no news experience, and Carney having no comedy experience does a stage show daily for the regime of Obama which is amusing.

I hope that my outing Jay Carney does not cause jitters in Les Moonves Asian married homehold, so Jay does not get the job. It is a point though if I had my place with TL, I would be off and never watching television again. I do not miss it in the least.

I do not have the money, but I have worked it out that at 60 dollars a month for dish, that is 720 dollars a year, which there are a mayriad of programs from Gilligans Island to Gunsmoke which can be fill in watchable.......and all without sodomy, foul language and hating America.

Probably the best late night would be having Johnny Carson on DVD as at least you would know what you were getting.

nuff said