Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Prophet HAARP

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Again by the Grace of God, what this blog warned of in predicting record floods in the American interior have now come to pass.

While the focus is on Nebraska and Iowa, as the majority of Nebraska is having flooding 100 times worse than 2011, and there are literally millions of bushels of corn and soybeans lost due to flooding grain bins in Iowa, as the Governor there in flying over the region likened it to an inland sea. the reality is this is just the start.

So you understand this, the Missouri River which is already flooding from Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri due to the last two HAARP Weather Mod storms, that river comes out of the Rocky Mountains, along with the Yellowstone. The Rocky snow pack has not yet melted and will not melt for some time. What will fill in will be the melt from Wyoming, Montana, North and South Dakota. Next to this, will be the snow pack melt of Minnesota and Wisconsin. It simply was a record year due to massive HAARP storms which began in October and have not let up. From January to this date, it has been a non stop avalanche of snows, and that snow all has to melt and it is still coming south.

The only region which snow melt will not impact the south is Fargo North Dakota. The Red River of the North flows to Hudson Bay, otherwise all the snow in this region has to melt yet, and it is going to melt fast as of this weekend as temperatures are moving to 40 to 60 degrees, because HAARP has been keeping it so cold in this region, to sell Saudi Arabian held American oil and gas to sell it to Americans out of the fracking flats of America.

I have been to Hamburg Iowa and it has been wiped out. It was creepy as Obama seemed be following me around a few years ago, as one of my favorite spots was Missouri Valley in Iowa. It is a pretty area of nice people, and I have been to the Sinclair gas station there a number of times, which sits by a massive regional auto dealership.
My favorite times are coming out of Iowa, and into the Missouri highlands by Squaw Creek. TL and I have fed the horses there at a truck stop on the top of the hill there. Otherwise Missouri looks like a burned off cedar tree branch. So I do know how flat that country is as it stretches to the Platte River Valley. Nebraska has the greatest amount of river miles in America. It is  though all overflowing and this is just the start of the flooding.

Who needs national defense in an Air Force Base under water
as we are making money selling Americans their oil and gas!


I am getting reports that 15 days out the rains or snows are coming back. Remember in this, that water coming out of the snow pack of Montana is not just gone in a day. That water takes weeks and months, depending on the release rate of the dams in the Dakotas. Those were the dams which Obama opened and flooded out the Republican lowlands in a crime against humanity in massive deliberate spring flooding when that Birther took office, and these floods are going to be worse and if  this region has a wet April, or June goes gonzo, you have not seen the end of this.
So when Sean Homo Hannity's guests talk about getting the Missouri and Platte River sands off the Iowa fields worth 30,000 dollars an acre. It is a bit hard to dry a field out, when billions of gallons of water are still coming and billions more might be on the way.

The choke points in this region are historical in St. Louis and St. Joseph. Kansas City is the western fringe of this, but all of this water is moving south and there is not going to be any stopping it. It could be a worse summer than 1989 when the massive floods swept through the region in a 500 year flood, which happened two years in a row.

A fast melt is better for the still frozen regions, because the water sitting around houses causes basement flooding. It is not so good for rich people who build mansions in flood plains, but that is the price of vanity. It will be a fast melt and I predict that the snow will be off the fields and forests from Montana to Wisconsin by Wednesday next week.
On that 15 day  forecast HAARP is not gearing for heavy precipitation as of yet, but I have noted that in this region the Weather predictions bots, have not caught up to the surface temperature realities. They were trending in the 30's, but it is spiking into the 40's. That means the bots are running on old trends, and the sun has so much energy now that even HAARP can not keep it cold. The point being, I suspect that this region into Fargo is going to see 60 degree temperatures, and that would trend to April not being a horrid snowstorm as HAARP unleashed last winter. If it comes to moisture, it should be a rain, but I have not seen any long term evidence of that. It will take to the end of April if the moisture stops to just get the roads and fields back to working.

That is the point in these rural areas is all that damn big heavy machinery for farming is going to be ploughing down these roads destroying them as rich farmers do not give a damn about anything, like most rich people. The costs of this are just beginning and there are going to be bridges not put in with roads closed into next year for Nebraska.

So I was right again by God's Grace in predicting this, and no one said a word about HAARP and this deadly and costly Weather Modification. This is what killed the mother and it is what killed over 100, 000 old and sick people in this region now flooding, along with that many livestock in baby lambs and calves. It was a bitch of a winter even into Canada.

When I see all of that water, one thing comes to mind is those damned mosquitoes. This is an encephalitis summer and if it stays wet to fall, West Nile should explode over this region too. This can get really nasty and as HAARP has been nothing but genocide for the past two years against Americans, I can not see why there would be any let up in this, as they have two gambits in they will either drought the region out in long term soy and corn crops which will have to go in late, or they will deluge them out. As I said this is just nasty shit, as all that water sitting over Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa is ripe for June massive tornadoes tracking east into the Ohio Valley. It is all connected and cause and effect, but where were the rich donors supporting this blog?


Nuclear fruit is better than carbonated beverages like Coke to make you tingle.


Yeah and do not forget with all this water that Nebraska has a nuclear power plant on the shores of all of this and that nuke pit by St. Louis did not go anywhere, is still there and all that nuclear sewage could create an American Fukoshima.

Oh my maybe the rich people can't run and hide from things, because whether it is atomic waste or Monstano chemical waste or those pesky biological mosquitoes hitching rides out of this region, this is a national emergency, which has only been warned of here.

So glad Mike Pence is on the scene looking Pence statuesque.

 Wouldn't it be better if we just washed all the Whites into the river
 and brought in 5 million more Mexicans?

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Austria's Magic Carpet Ride


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is truly remarkable leader who is destined to not only change times and seasons, but has changed prejudices and bias like the world has never experienced. It seems there is nothing he can not mix, as oil and water in his presence are bonded like long chain chemistry, moth to flame, bees to honey,Jews to pounds of flesh.

One day the Chancellor is breaking bread with the Shia of Iran. The next he is breaking bread with the Jew of Tel Aviv. The next he is breaking bread with the Sunni of Mecca. They all love him, they all smile and it is a stark contrast with Donald Trump, who has Saudi love from allowing them to sell Americans their own oil, he has Jew love for the Kushner reasons, but there is no love in Iran for the President no matter how high he lifts Ivanka's skirt.

The Chancellor a week ago held the first European Arab Summit. Everyone came and everyone was pleased. The week before Donald Trump hosted a "HATE IRAN" Summit in Poland and few came and no one was happy.
The thing is the Chancellor after  having a most enjoyable meeting with the Arabs, immediately went home and torched the Muslims  in Austria and no one said a word.

See the Saudi's dislike the diospora as they are pilgrims. Iran has no time for Muslims not burning down Paris, and everyone in this detests the Turks which is what most of this crackdown in being pro Jewish is about.
Yes everyone was treated like a cum dump by the Ottomans and no one wants to see them return to power or anyone protecting their vermin which run over the land. A Turk just has that way about them in knifing everyone they meet. Germans, Persians, Saudis and Jews are all alike. It is as if the human carcass was built for a Turkish long blade to be put into that sheath.

So Sebastian Kurz is not going to psis around like President Donald Trump in keeping his rapists and murderers around, as the Chancellor knows that political refugees are the shit that the Koran flushed from Islam.
I mean Islam is a religion which beats the hell out of people to make them mind. Do you realize what the hell kind of wildcat you got on your magic carpet ride if Islam can not grab them by their ovarian balls and make them mind?

Look at them mothers who suicide bomb their own children because that is how you abort your miserable children. Mecca, Tehran, Tel  Aviv, they don't want that shit in their countries as they are just trouble, so they get rid of them as there is only so much jail space and sword action to lob off heads. Sebastian Kurz does not want that shit in his Europe so it is just the best thing to dump them into the United States and Canada, as that makes everyone happy, especially the Jews, as this is always couched in racism anti Semitism and how short Ivanka  Kushner's skirt is.

Make the Jew happy and you have achieved the impossible and that is the miracle of all of this in American oil made the Sunni happy as they genocide Americans, atomic bombs made the Iranians less  unhappy like being constipated by the Obama laxative, and Sebastian Kurz now has it all, in he can tell Jared Kushner his peace plan sucks shit while eating out Ivanka and soon it will be Kurz Pax across the the Mideast to the joy of every Jew boy and girl.........until the occupation comes.

Government plans documentation center for political Islam

Published March 3, 2019 at 7.29 am

The ÖVP-FPÖ government has announced an initiative against political Islam. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) is called upon to "protect our free society from political Islam and its excesses such as anti-Semitism" and announces the creation of a Documentation Center for Political Islam, modeled on the Documentation Archive of Austrian Resistance (DÖW).

"Enlightenment work necessary"

The results of the most recent anti-Semitism study have shown that there is a need for action. "The strong migratory movement of recent years has brought new cultural currents and ideologies to our country. The increased violence, the rising tendency to anti-Semitism and the widespread rejection of social achievements of our democracy in individual population groups makes it necessary here to intensify investigations and to engage in educational work, " is stated in a position paper of the government.

The planned documentation center - corresponding plans had already leaked in January - should be similar to the cult center or the DÖW and observe ideologies "that undermine democracy and the rule of law by rejecting our legal and value system or motivate even to violence and terror". It is to be created as an independent institution in cooperation with various ministries (Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs), perform preventive and educational work as well as basic work, and recognize concrete threats.

Scientific Advisory Board

The work should be accompanied by a scientific advisory board, scientific studies and the publication of an annual report. Islamist associations and organizations, Islamist ideologies in social networks, segregation in education through Islamist currents, as well as the spread of patriarchal courts of honor and contents that are hostile to integration and undermine the rule of law are to be observed.

By the summer, a concrete law will be presented. From the beginning of 2020, the institution should start operating, according to the government's plan.

"Can not look away"

"We must not look the other way when our core values, such as democracy or equality between men and women, are openly rejected and replaced by a different social model. Rather, it takes a determined approach at all levels to counter these massive aberrations, be it in education, in mosques and Islamic associations, or in social media. Among other things, that is the reason why this federal government was elected," Kurz explained the project of his government.

Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ) described "Islamism" as the "greatest threat to our free society". "Establishing an observatory against political Islam is the right step at the right time. You have to fight the beginnings."

Yes Chancellor Kurz is running on all cylinders like a Mercedes Benz. Those headlines say it all in only the Austrians are enlightened to produce the Solomon solution, based on the scientific evidence that Muslims in Europe are like hydrogen and atomic bombs put together and the high morals of the right legger Catholics of the historic Nazi now reformed and loving the Jew, can not look away and let a holocaust happen again.

I tell you I can see Chancellor Sebastian Kurz doing all sorts of great things from building peace Temples to making Jerusalem his footstool. He is so loved by everyone what else could happen, but all of this transforming the world for the price of Turkey being buried as she should be for sins of the Ottoman.

That about wraps this up as one can only adore the Chancellor so much as there is little room with everyone adoring him. I do not suppose he could spare a few cup fulls for Donald Trump, but that is just the way it is in everyone wants to be on Austria's Magic Carpet Ride.

Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride 1968 HQ - YouTube

On a magic carpet ride Well, you don't know what we can see ... Mix - Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride 1968 HQ YouTube; Golden Earring ~ Radar Love (extended) 1973 - Duration:

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The Touching of Past, Present and Future

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I enjoy listening to Remote Viewers, because I have found them to be as a group  to have character traits which are quite pleasant. They have to make livings, but for the most part are willing to share their experiences and enough of their methods to assist anyone in the field, compared to the Ed Dames founder with Art Bell who was more story than method.

Coast to Coast AM featured recently Paul Smith who seemed again to be another RV type who was pleasant, but it is in his methods and terminology which this post is about, as this group simply had not made the breakthrough as to what they are dealing with.

Mr. Smith couches his understanding in quantum mechanics. In his Youtube recordings you will hear the neo physics words of entanglements, which is an extension of string theory and that is where this is all going wrong and I will attempt again with my verbiage to explain this remote viewing, sensing, dowsing or scrying for what it is, as this group wants a physical explanation for this method and while it housed in a material dimension, it is nothing to do with physical expression.

Paul Smith



When I use the term MATRIX, it is utilized for the moveable collective thought which is recorded in the "river of life". Christ would call it the Judgment Books, Einstein if he understood what he was speaking of would term it Combined Theory, but in reality the Matix is this pulsing nerve which is "living" and it has everything recorded in it, past, present and future. Christians would call this predestination, but for minds think of this as a wall of encyclopedia books,  recording all, and where these light books or DVD's are on the shelf in sequence, that you can plug in a player and watch what is happening no matter where it is.

I enjoy listening to Dick Algire and his group on Rense, because Mr. Algire is a sensitive of wonderful ability. It was pleasing to listen to him relate standing on a street in Dallas  Texas in the Kennedy assassination in Lee Harvey Oswald walked by and  looked at Algire standing on the street. That involves the things that Tim Rifat has written about in psychic "beam me up Scottie" energies and reveals the expansive nature of remote viewing in the assembly and projection of matter inside the matrix, and yet it is a  point that the matrix is energy and the pools stay within the matrix unless someone pulls the matter to this dimension.
In short in not meaning to expand there, it is possible in a Dick Algire interaction to take the energy of Lee Harvey Oswald from December 1963 in that mattered state and bring him through to the 21st century dimension by a skilled remote viewer.

That though is not the lesson in this lesson.

The matrix is an entity of energy. Self contained, pulsing and moving, with pools and currents. That is why I made mention of Algire previously as he is such an imprint that he wears a grove into the matrix in creating an Algire channel, that weaker abilities fall into the  groove or current so they reach the same conclusion. He is a trail blazer that is the problem in this, in all follow the trail of least resistance. Get enough people engaged in certain research and it can create false reads, as much as a million people believing something they are told will create that scenario in the matrix recording it, and that is how false reads begin.
With experience one can push through the curbs to the real reading, but I have observed that liquid flow of resistance in which I had to move through the incorrect data to find the focal point.

There are never any intanglements or webs in this matrix. What she is, is the same God Light which is at base of all matter. Shamans call it the manitou, the living energy, which does not make rocks alive, but rocks do call out as much as anything does, including psychic signatures left by the deceased. It is  all energy and it is all communicating, and the matrix is the Wifi, and when the remote viewer activates their hot spot inside of them, they tap into the energy flow of the matrix and all the information recorded here. Go in further and one can move into the physical realm of today a continent away or Dallas 1963 AD in the year of our Lord.

The energy is a reflection of God. It is recorded thought and as God is Love, it is recorded emotion. As much as sight, sound, scent, the matrix assembles a flow of emotions which add to the viewing or is back engineered to understand what the emotions are experiencing.

It is impossible to get tangled up in the matrix. You can get swept away though as it is always moving in surge like an electric current. That is not to day there are not webs in this, but the webs connect like a nervous system in 3 dimensional sort. I term  this spiders, but there is not an electric spider, as it is more womb oriented in a child in the first weeks growing a nervous system. Any new event grows a new fluid nerve light there in who visited and their experiences, which if you can comprehend it, before Dick Algire visited Dallas in Remote Viewing, there was a focal point there showing before 1963 that Algire was there, and yet coming, just as it recorded he was there. It is the focal point of time and energy, in past, present and future all in the same pool, but it changes from vantage point.

So the essence of all this light energy is it is connected, and that is how God knows everything taking place as it is an extension of Him, and it all records things and transmits information.

Take for example people who find gold treasure by the method. The gold has God's Light in it. People have touched  that gold, formed that gold and in their psychic energies imprinted on that gold. A gold coin is going to record all of this and it is in the matrix, so there is not any secret hiding place or lost location, as the gold always knows where it is and will inform anyone who views it.

She is a beautiful pulsing current of light in all her connections, there and not there, all at the same  time.  You are communicating with her and everything there every moment. Most have natural shields up as this creature is living energy and once immersed in her, you are imprinted in all you touch and all that touches you. It is like  having a trillion ant orbs talking to you and touching you all over inside and out, which one has  to  by will remain apart, yet part in order to communicate. This is nothing to take not seriously. Most Remote Viewers never touch all of this, as they are focused on a mission, but all of this is there in colony of energy and you can get overcome in this as much as the infinite nature of the Kabballah has not any reference point and drives people  insane.

Being poor and distractions of parental death by HAARP weather, I am not able to infuse myself in the experiences of this matrix and all that is there as it requires energy and when my energy is about trying to keep warm and things alive, then  there is not any play time to teach the world of what is there.

My good intentions are to progress to the antennae of the matrix and achieve that skill which had eluded me.  That part in not having time or money is frustrating as so much of this has come "easy" in the sense of the psychic association, but that association was brought on in part by my enhanced death in burning out my inner structure to operate at a higher level of frequency.

I am off as Baby Moo and the girls require milk and water and in that having an attempt at a working nap in focusing on the matrix to make a breakthrough which just occurred to me by the Holy Ghost highest answers.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Photos God's Retribution

 So that is what stuck in the snow means....

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A few weeks ago the Cherry family may remember seeing some photos of the Brier Patch snow concrete. In the meantime, TL and I had gotten stuck in our driveway and I had to scoop the pick up out and a path to get home for the neighbor who helps with chores to blow snow.

While I had the pickup there, the kids of another neighbor decided to drive on our road which was plugged to pick up their kids as the grandparents watch them. Those assholes made me move the pick up, never offered to help and just drove on. Needless to say those Two by Two's were on my shit list as they are like all modern twats, shit for brains as they got it all.

Well this morning while doing chores, I noticed a pick up, a Chevy, 4 door, 3/4 ton, new, sitting in the road where the deep drifts are. I thought maybe the road crew was checking things, but then in watching the dufus, I figured he was stuck, even if he didn't look like he was stuck. The clue was he got out of the pickup and looked forlorn as if help was coming.

Well someone came and picked him up from the other direction, so I walked down to see what was up, and he had some church bulletin on the  dashboard, was a veteran, cell phone plugged in and the pick up was still running.....engine sounded like some dumb ass was hitting too many hard snow banks driving around with their new 4 x 4 pickup.

So TL and I ate breakfast and did things and I went out to check what the circus was up to, as I honestly wanted to call the Sheriff and report an abandoned vehicle, which would have lit things up and made things interesting for them, but I didn't want to make the Deputy drive 50 miles out here for that bullshit.

This is the gay parade I found.

Being a Trapper and reading sign, I knew what had happened in the above as 4 wheel drive tractor had appeared, along with the original rescue 4 x 4. I hope you notice how nicely framed the above is, with corn stalk bales and trees with pile of snow. I did not want to really piss them off in taking pictures out in the open and rubbing in what had just happened.

So this all started about 9 o'clock when dimwit though he could drive down our road. See everyone thinks they are screwing me over by not opening up this road, but in the end it is them, as they simply will not stay off what is mine. See there is a cleared road a mile over, but NO, the geniuses will not stay off of this one, and today the Chevy driver, drove on top of 2 and 3 foot high snow drifts and simply broke through and sank in.

Rescue came about 10:30 and as the morons apparently did not have shovel, chain or tow rope to snap the Chevy out, they went to get one, which took another hour, and up arriving, backed into the deep banks and promptly hung up the rescue 4 x 4 too, which they could not dig out, with their hands, as they are not intelligent enough to have a shovel.

This is where the original dimwit was bottomed out, and I am going to explain something. You CAN NOT GET STUCK WITH A FOUR WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLE. It is impossible. All you can do is get hung up on the snow by the frame, and your wheels just spin then.
I know about this as being adventurous a few times, I got my dad's Ford 4 x 4 hung up in this shit snow, and I learned my lesson. How you get out is break the snow, shovel the frame out, the tires out and then you start rocking the hell out of it.
Ford's are built for that or were. I can not speak to Dodge Rams, but the stuff I put my Jimmy through makes me believe they can  take some hammering too without sounding like shit or breaking. As I am still waiting for the generous donations from the rich, I will tell you how a new pick up in 4 x 4 holds up in my testing when we get one.

As for Chevy pickups and this is a WARNING,  do not ever buy one. I have been watching our mailman blade snow with his, and I do mean blade, as those damn things are so low they are like a car. They are worthless as shit.
Furthermore if you look at the Chevies hung up, they are on the frame, and both of them left gas tank marks in the drifts where those pickups were hung up on the frame like snow shoes by that gas tank. That kind of shit is worthless in the real world and you are asking for trouble with a Chevy pick up in the newer models of the last 5 years.

So in review of my story, two assholes left TL and I in the snow, never bothered to offer help, like the Samaritan story, just like the rich donors pass on by here, expecting others to do the job as they are not going to stoop to things like helping an orphan girl.

God watches, and in return, I not only had a reckoning on my enemies, of they got stuck in the snow, their pickup sounded funky, their rescue got stuck, and then they had to call a farmer to rescue them. That was 3 hours of their rich lives shot in the ass, and I am still praising God for that, as the same things are waiting for the people not donating here. God is going to avenge me and keep avenging me.

See this has just started, as they have refused to clean off my road. In knowing things, I know this snow is going to melt in the next week, turn the roads into the Russian Rasputitsa, and then all of these rich people with their big pickups and big farm equipment will be gay parading down the roads at high speeds, and flip themselves into the hospital or morgue. Then the county will get into trouble and then all that money they thought they saved in sticking it to me, is going to be spent 20 times more in fixing the roads.....and the cherry on top is I do not drive on that road in that direction most times I go out, so as before when this road bottomed out from big machinery, it will be destroyed again.
And this all comes from these big rich farmers, going clean field to keep snow off of them, which then blows on my road and into our place in high banks, so they can get into the fields quickly in the spring.....and I will have the last laugh as they will be paying for their chewed up roads and end up in hell for screwing me over........just like the rich people not donating here as they should be generously.

Yes let's not drive around on the open road, but drive on that Cherry road as it makes us feel superior, but in the end it wastes 3 hours of their lives, tears up their new vehicles and the mud is coming in a week. This has just started and I will enjoy the coming retributions from God as no one gets by with screwing me over.

Do you think we should have bladed  the roads last winter.


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Take me to the other Side

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is from a Mossad case officer by the name of Victor Ostrovsky who believed the Mossad was out of control already in the 1980's in the Israeli deep state. As the information has been available for 30 years and you have never heard of it, it reveals how even in a free society information is censored to never appear in your popular leftist or rightist publications.

This is the story of Mossad.

Mossad - 35  Case officers - 1200 satellite specialists to janitors

AMAN - Judea Military Intelligence

Bodel - Courier

Operation Chief

Tsomet - Recruitment officer

Katsa - Case Officer

Dip - Diplomatic Pouch

*Israeli Embassies are hardened bunkers from which the Mosaad station chiefs operare from under the main facility.

Sayanim - Jewish diaspora. The entire Jewish people in every nation who are the extended fellow travelers of Mossad, some hard, the majority soft, but who actively report back to the Embassy staff on developments or are activated for specific operations.

Operational Apartments - Safe Houses. London for example has 100 flat which are owned by Mossad and another 50 rented for specific purposes.

IDF codex - Transmissions are based on the phonetics of a word. Ivanka for example would transmit E VAHN KA. Each phonetic sound would assign a number, in something like 3 47 18.
Each number then has a regular code representing the original number, which is either a numeral or letter. This is termed sleeve coding and it is changed once a week.
In transmissions, entire dossiers are never produced in one unit, but are broken up into separate transmissions, and then reassembled in Tel Aviv. In this protocol, if the message is intercepted, it only contains certain data which requires the  other transmissions to make sense of it.

CLAMPER- This was the original spy camera for photographing documents. It was a tripod oriented system into which documents were fed for copying. It was portable and self contained.
The advent of cell phones and flashdrives has streamlined the clamper system to a camo state of everyone has a cell phone and no one will notice the hybrid.

Hit It At Convenience - Mossad speak for moving on the most available target with the greatest speed.


YARID - Security lead team in making first contact in surveillance and setting up apartments or locations to begin gathering intelligence. Yarid is counter intelligence to sweep for any other nation's intelligence who may be on station observing the target.
3 Teams - 7 to 9 operatives each - 2 working "in county" and 1 in reserve in the Jewish state.
If a 3rd team is dispatched, conflicts arise due to jurisdictional control.

NEVIOT - The second story crews who are in charge of break ins, "wiring" and re creation of the target's personal effects to be replaced with manufactured items in order to place bugs in home, office or vehicles.
3 Teams - Experts in burgluary, electronics, blending in of surveillance and the protocol of passive assessments. Operational teams do not "tail" targets. They set up station, observe to the point of losing sight of the target and then the next day setting up at that location to observe the movements in order to create an established pattern of the target to exploit. This is termed MOTIONLESS FOLLOWING.
The Nevoit have in their possession not only the "holy grails" of master keys to hotels, but locks, vehicles and have moved into computer passwords.

Contact is is always passive and thorough. In Victor Ostrovsky's expose on Mossad, he provides two examples of typical Mossad psychological operations.

A target is known to frequent a bus stop. For days an attractive woman appears, waits, and then is picked up in a sport's car. This sets pattern and familiarity.
The operation then mutates to Mossad causing an accident to a bus, so the target is stranded. The woman appears, but does not engage the target, but instead gets on another bus, and then the sport's car appears.
The target is then allowed to be the one to make contact with the driver in being helpful in explaining the girl got on a bus and did not wait. An offer is then made to drive the target to their location as "they are going that way too".

Sequence 2 in the same target, revealed that a college girl was sent to sell perfume to the target's wife and others in the building complex.  The wife opened up about her problems, was sold items very cheaps so she would purchase them, and in order to get the wife out of the apartment a service was provided for a hairdresser. The wife out of the apartment, a Nevoit team enters, photographs and leaves. On second entry, the Nevoit replace objects in the home with bugs installed.
The door is jammed in case anyone returns. The door lock is thought by the owner to be broken, and when they go for assistance, the team  then extracts themselves from the building.
Problems in this are cell phones in people call and wait now outside their doors.

Once bugging is complete, for foreigners of different languages, an expert is located in Tel Aviv who understands the dialect, and then is dispatched to the Shicklut or listening station for active assessments on location.

SHICKLUT - Listening stations or apartments set up to gain intelligence.

The most infamous Nevoit team in history, revealing a station house in New Jersey, an entire team operating in surveillance of a known developing situation, and therefore prior knowledge of the event as the entire team was assembled.

This Nevoit was arrested, detained and then returned by President George W. Bush to the Israeli state, without questions asked, any more than who was short selling airline stocks before this event, was all swept away from investigation.

In reality, every one of you reading this has come into contact with a Mossad operation if you have been online or have watched their props on television projecting their narratives in psychological operations. Tel  Aviv Trolls are infamous for their commentaries steering and silencing Americans on various websites.


Cabelas has more regulatoins than Democrats for Voting

 Hello I'm Kourtney Kardashian and I can tell you that after a long
hard day, my day of being with black men is much easier when 
I put on my Cabela's insulated hunting boots
from Bass Pro Shops.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A few weeks ago, in the thrift shop I came across this ancient pair of Cabelas insulated leather hunting boots for 6 dollars. These dudes were really old as they had copper eyelets and the shoestrings were leather. They were well used with Vibram soles and they were so old that my brother who clerks at Cabelas had never seen a pair like this.

In thinking of a pair of Rocky boots which exploded and they resoled and how good Sportsman's Guide was in their warranty on goods they sell, I wrote to Cabelas to ask about their warranty policy and got a typical corporate, "FOLLOW THE LINK" answer, which basically says, you are screwed once you go out the door of Cabelas.

As I was reading this, I started smiling in noting that Cabelas return policy requires more identification and evidence  than democrats want for voters in elections. This is another one of the amazing political cancers of America, in if America were a business, no one could vote unless they were America or be President if they were natural born, but if Cabelas was a democratic voting booth, I could  return dog turds to the counter for hunting boots and get a new pair without one question asked.

- Use the shipper of your choice. For your protection, insure the package for the full value and send to:
Cabela's Customer Returns
400 East Avenue A
Oshkosh, NE 69190

- Return items with your packing list to any Cabela's retail store. Present a valid photo ID which will be used in a manner consistent with State and Federal laws for the purpose of authorizing returns. (Valid ID's include Drivers License, State-issued ID, U.S. Military ID and Passport.)

Take your items to any Cabela's Retail Store and present a valid photo ID which will be used in a manner consistent with State and Federal laws for the purpose of authorizing returns. (Valid ID's include Drivers License, State-issued ID, U.S. Military ID and Passport.)

The Cabelas of Nebraska  is  gone.  I never liked Cabelas from their crappy lures they used to sell for a quarter in the back of magazines which built their empire, to the time they only catered to rich people in having merchandise too damn expensive. I really do not like them after Bass Pro took over as Bass Pro quit producing porn calendars in ending their redneck traditions as they got corporate respectable and that means employer unfriendly.

These store fronts have one purpose now and that is to employ double dipping former military employees who can not make it on their big retirements and to work the other people who need a job into the ground, as their management is all stick and head up the ass.

That concludes this filler analysis of Cabelas, a place I went into once and I will never go again as someone who loves the outdoors, I have zero in common with the tards that shop there.|
Except of course the Kardashian girls.


Hello I am Kim Kardashian West and let me tell you
that nothing pleases my man, Kayne more, than for me
to bundle him up in a Cabela's camo coveralls before our crackling hearth.

Nuff Said


Monday, March 18, 2019

When even Obama can't save You

 Every Negroid Revolutionary needs a Jew to Cook the Books

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have no idea who Alan Krueger was, but hanging around people like Barack Obama, Bill  Clinton, Cass Sunstein still caused this man to murder himself.

We all have triggers which can push us over the edge. In someone who had nothing, I always thought that having money, a family and connections would fulfill a life, and yet Krueger had all that and found it was not the answer, or losing it, and for that he murdered himself.

What bothers me most is the fraud of Birther Hussein's image is the same Obama appears in pretending to care as long as the attention is on this Designer Negro. What kind of eulogy is it, when all the liberals can lament about for you, is that you crunched some numbers and proved raising the minimum wage did not kill jobs. For the record, of course up to a point it does not cause businesses to quit hiring, but in the Trump Obama Visa Vermin jobs of America, the fact is that like China the job pool all starts to pay less to all workers, evening the field, and in that, the manufacturers on the plantation pass all the inflated job costs to the consumer so your prices go up......or they start Walmart shoppers having robots doing jobs the Niggers did.

In the real world for example, the Niggers used to butcher chickens, but they were not efficient, so they brought in the Beaners, who spread disease, so as I just learned from some Canadian chicken "breasts" I got on sale, the Canadians have a machine that goes postal in shredding breasts.

All Alan Krueger did with his troubled soul attempting to prove he cared about the lower classes displacing the White crackers is doom them all to genocide as the chicken butchering machines are quicker.

Back to the Obama Eulogy though in how wonderful Krueger is, as his greatest accomplishment was not bringing the condemned the Gospel  of Christ, but was instead trying to stop up the hole in his empty heart by proving he cared about the poor vermin by paying them more, which doomed them to an expedient genocide.
Obviously it did not fill the hole.

His path-breaking work on minimum wage was only one of many ways he used his genius for the good of all.'
In his statement, Obama said of Krueger: 'He had a perpetual smile and a gentle spirit - even when he was correcting you. That's what made him Alan a fundamentally good and decent man.'

The favorite in this, and this is another genius thing for which Krueger was celebrated and remembered for in Obama communist circles is this gem:

It showed that high economic inequality corresponds with low economic mobility on a generation-to-generation basis. 
In short, it meant that when economic disparities between the rich and everyone else are wide, people's ability to improve their financial health depends even more heavily on their parents' economic status.

Yes he took credit for the reality that poor people stay poor and rich people stay rich. This stuff is news to leftists as they are the ones spending working peoples money to "fix" things and the ones hiring the goddamn foreign vermin, enter the poster boys of Bernie Sanders and Mark Zuckerberg from Jew Street.

I have no idea if it bothers Krueger's family that he offed himself, as snowflakes tend to worry about how it makes them look, instead of the old man is in hell, but I hope they ponder the message that everything Krueger dedicated his life to, was not the answer.

....and as it was nothing but Jews lamenting him, being a Jew was not the answer nor more than an image of Obama trying to get all the attention from a corpse.