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Coup Plotter Creepers

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Craig Deare is typical of the 'penis head' hirings which are sorted through in the psychological and security forms which are designed to sort out Americans like you, and produce this Obama zombie which thinks it is Charlie Rose brilliant and contends itself as no one wants who they are, they will lurk around and usurp power from the President and "rule the world".
Those forms are designed to cull independent thinkers, and to mould pack mentality who follow orders in the belief they are superior to the mob in the streets, as part of the police state profile.
The Lame Cherry again advocates that the Trump Administration revisit this Tavistock problem as the President is under attack from the very zombie who are gleaned from this psychological sifting and we can all agree what a threat it is to National Security.

With that opening, Craig Deare opened a salvo against President Donald Trump at the communist Wilson school, complaining that no one listened to him, and that Latin American policy was all being formulated by President Trump, Steve Bannon and Jared Kurschner.
Perhaps if the intellectual Mr. Deare had actually supported Donald Trump during the campaign, instead of knowing that Hillary Clinton was his president who he would serve to the genocide of America, then the President might be listening to Craig Deare now.

It was not enough though that Craig Deare was part of this Obama coup against President Trump, but that Craig Deare went off on his foreign policy lecture about how attractive Ivanka Trump Kurschner is. It was described as awkward, but stalking is never awkward it is simply creepy, because if some pervert in a suit is lusting after the daughter of the President in public, then satan knows what a creepy old male is doing at this desk in sticky keyboards or has a blow up doll with Ivanka's face on it at home.

So it is right that Craig Deare was escorted from employment at the NSC, as the crime of subversion is perpetual in the Obama, Clinton, Bush, Pence group, as satan only knows what Deare has in his office of pictures of himself and Ivanka on display.

Would someone arriving at his home have pictures on display of Craig and Ivanka with the children, with love notes attached?

It is all simply creepy and perverted. Worse yet is Craig Deare thought he was among like minded perverts at Wilson, and was.........because only ONE PERSON reported what this pervert said and did. That means Wilson is overflowing with the same type of pasted faces on pictures with Ivanka and lust notes attached.

What is most troubling in all of this is we did not get rid of this pervert in his being removed from the NSC. No, this lurker moved back to the National Defense University, so Americans are still paying the salary of this creepy perv as he is still on the payroll, and still melding little minds to hate Donald Trump and creep on Ivanka Trump.

It is time that Maj. Gen. Padilla of the USMC fire Craig Deare and the courts order a psychological evaluation of this pervert, who is a candidate to be blackmailed by the Russian FSB, because arrogance melded with the sexual objectifation of women is what a Bill Clinton is, a Teddy Kennedy is, and why Joe Biden was forever sniffing women and children.

For the record, President Trump was elected by the People. The People rejected Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and these experts who have done nothing but make war and bring about the American genocide as they vacation on pedo and virgin islands.
So President Trump decides who are his staff and counselors, and if it is Jared Kurschner and Steve Bannon, then they had the brains to figure out how to be Donald Trump supporters or marry the daughter. For the rest of the elite, you had your opportunity to serve America, and all you did was serve the ugliness of Obama, and that does not get you a pass to weird out over the pretty in the President's daughter.

It is mandatory that Craig Deare be removed from the National Defense University, his security clearance removed, his file be flagged and be monitored by Homeland Security as a threat to the President and his family.

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The Awe Inspiring First Lady, Melania Trump

First Lady Melania Trump said The Lord's Prayer to kick off the rally. President Trump said this surprised him

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I personally am deeply moved by the genuine Christian nature of First Lady Melania Trump. From her exceptional creation in raising her son Baron as a Mother, to opening the Melbourne Florida rally with reciting the Lord's Prayer,  America has not experienced a Lady of this caliber of virtue equally matching Martha Washington in all of our memories.

The Prayer surprised the President and is a testament to the covenant Mrs. Trump has with her American People, as much as her Slavic Peoples in uniting us first in our Christian heritage.

To have a First Lady whose heart is virtuous as Joan of Arc in the humbleness of heart to lead her American nation before our Lord is awe inspiring.

Melania Trump is awesome in how strong this Lady is.

May God bless Melania Trump, the First Lady of the United States of America. Thank God the Slovenia People have shared her with Americans.

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At 5.43pm ET Trump stepped off of Air Force One in Melbourne where 'Proud to be an American' blared over the loudspeakers


В качестве еще одного Хромой Cherry в эксклюзивном материи анти материи.

Я лично глубоко тронут подлинной христианской природы первой леди Мелания Трамп. От ее исключительного создания в воспитании своего сына барона, как мать, открытия ралли Мельбурн Флорида с произнося Молитву Господню, Америка не испытала леди такого калибра добродетели одинаково сопрягая Марта Вашингтон во всех наших воспоминаний.

Молитва удивил президента и является свидетельством завета миссис Трамп с ее американским народом, так же, как ее славянских народов объединить нас сначала в нашем христианском наследии.

Для того, чтобы иметь первую леди, чье сердце добродетельно, как Жанна д'Арк в смирении сердца, чтобы привести ее американскую нацию перед тем наш Господь внушающих благоговение.

Мелания Трамп является удивительным в том, как сильна эта дама.

Пусть Бог благословит Мелания Трамп, первая леди Соединенных Штатов Америки. Слава Богу, Словения Люди делилась с американцами.


Kot drugo Lame Cherry izključno v snovi anti snovi.

Osebno sem ganjen s pristno krščansko naravo prva dama Melania Trump. Iz njenega izjemnega ustvarjanja v vzdignila sina Baron kot mati, za odpiranje Melbourne Florida reliju z recitiranjem Gospodovo molitev, je Amerika ni doživela Lady tega kalibra kreposti enako ustreza Martha Washington v vseh naših spominov.

Molitvi presenetil predsednika in je dokaz, da zaveze gospa Trump je s svojimi ameriškimi ljudi, kolikor je njenih slovanskih narodov v nas prvič združuje naše krščanske dediščine.

Da ima prva dama, katerega srce je uspešen kot Joan of Arc v ponižnost srca, da vodi svoj ameriški narod pred naš Gospod je strah navdihujoča.

Melania Trump je super, kako močna je ta dama je.

Naj Bog blagoslovi Melania Trump, prva dama Združenih držav Amerike. Hvala bogu, da so v Sloveniji ljudje so jo delili z Američani.

Dovolj povedano

Comme une autre cerise Lame exclusive en matière anti-matière.

Personnellement, je suis profondément ému par la nature authentiquement chrétienne de Première Dame Melania Trump. De sa création exceptionnelle en élevant son fils Baron en tant que Mère, en ouvrant le rassemblement de Melbourne en Floride avec réciter le Prière du Seigneur, l'Amérique n'a pas connu une Dame de ce calibre de vertu égalant Martha Washington dans tous nos souvenirs.

La prière a surpris le président et est un témoignage de l'alliance que Mme Trump a avec son peuple américain, autant que ses peuples slaves en nous unissant d'abord dans notre héritage chrétien.

Avoir une Première Dame dont le cœur est vertueux comme Jeanne d'Arc dans l'humilité du cœur pour conduire sa nation américaine devant notre Seigneur est inspirant.

Melania Trump est impressionnant dans la force de cette Dame.

Que Dieu bénisse Melania Trump, la première dame des États-Unis d'Amérique. Dieu merci, les Slovènes les ont partagés avec les Américains.

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Als weitere Lame Cherry exklusiv in Materie Anti-Materie.

Ich persönlich bin tief bewegt von der echten christlichen Natur der First Lady Melania Trump. Von ihrer außergewöhnlichen Schaffung bei der Anhebung ihres Sohnes Baron als Mutter, zur Eröffnung der Melbourne-Florida-Rallye mit der Rezitation des Vaterunseres, hat Amerika nicht eine Dame von diesem Kaliber der Tugend erlebt, die Martha Washington in allen unseren Erinnerungen gleichermaßen entspricht.

Das Gebet überraschte den Präsidenten und ist ein Beweis für den Bund, den Mrs. Trump mit ihrem amerikanischen Volk hat, ebenso wie ihre slawischen Völker, indem sie uns zuerst in unserem christlichen Erbe vereinten.

Eine Erste Dame zu haben, deren Herz tugendhaft ist als Joan von Arc in der Demut des Herzens, um ihre amerikanische Nation zu führen, bevor unser Herr ehrfürchtig ist.

Melania Trump ist genial, wie stark diese Lady ist.

Möge Gott segnen Melania Trump, die erste Dame der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika. Gott sei Dank haben die Slowenen das Volk mit den Amerikanern geteilt.

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Americans do appreciate the New York Times, in their criminal and treasonous smears of Director Mike Flynn, because in creating this propaganda, the Times posted this:

Obama officials asked the FBI if a quid pro quo had been discussed on the call, and the answer came back no, according to one of the officials, who like others asked not to be named discussing delicate communications. The topic of sanctions came up, they were told, but there was no deal.

Do you now appreciate the New York Times? They have just confirmed that not only the Editor but reporter engaged in the criminal act of receiving classified information, as discussed by SEVERAL BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA OFFICIALS IN THE EXECUTIVE.

We know for certain one of the Obama political officers or Zampolit, was acting Attorney General Sally Yates was involved in this, because these Obama officials who are the Times criminal sources, required cover to set up President Donald Trump with this crisis to incriminate the President, in forming this in the ridiculous finding that the Russians could blackmail Mike Flynn.

When Sally Yates unleashed the FBI in politicizing it, then it was those Obama officials in the FBI National Security Branch, who deal with a wide array of issues. It would appear it was this branch which sent some very well trained Homeland agents to waste their day in interviewing a popular girl.

This from the National Review and GOPliter Andrew McCarthey.

Turns out the FBI’s house has a whole other wing, separate and apart from its criminal-investigation division. Back in pre-9/11 days, this side of the house was called the foreign counter-intelligence division. Now, it is the national-security branch.

The National Review which is CIA sourced goes on to report that all of this is a criminal act in what the Times and these Obama officials were engaged in, and that by revealing what measures were employed the Obama Political Officers have revealed US security measures and the Russians have now created counter measures.

Asked not to be named discussing delicate communications. That’s a good one. Let me translate: The officials don’t want you to know who they are because they are corrupt — (a) FISA intercepts are classified, so disclosing them to the press is a crime; (b) by revealing the Flynn–Kislyak conversation to the press, the “officials” inform the Russians that whatever countermeasures they are taking against U.S. surveillance have failed, assuring that the Russians will alter their tactics, making the job of our honorable intelligence agents more difficult; and (c) the FBI’s investigative powers are not supposed to be put in in the service of a political party’s effort to advance a partisan storyline, like “Putin hacked the election.”

There is a hint in this as we know the CIA was dirty as hell in the Obama minders there at the top as much as the minders at State that Secretary Rex Tillerson fired this past week, that the remaining CIA loyalists are displeased at who it was in the remaining Obama regime who engaged in this criminal activity, as it harms all federal agents ability to do their jobs.
That points to that while Director Clapper was smearing President Trump, it was not CIA career officers, and it is why this National Review report is of interest in the CIA is exposing exactly who the Obama regime operative group was, and that the FBI National Security Branch went political, and violated protocols in interrogating Director Mike Flynn.

We know from media reports that Ben Rhodes is being thrown as chum in the water as the antagonist who ran this smear against Mike Flynn out of the White House, which was coordinated with Sally Yates as acting AG. There are those inside who are trying to save themselves and those who are fed up with the violation of the law, and are indicating in their own legitimate leaks, who are behind this coup against Mike Flynn with full intention to impeach President Trump.

So in the end if Justice is accomplished, Americans should expect what appears to be at least six Obama political officers who will be indicted on felonies. Depending on what type of over reach the FBI engaged in, in interrogating Mike Flynn, those agents careers are finished in they will be flagged. There is a high probability their superior will be indicted as part of this conspiracy.

That superior is someone who remembers the Hillary Clinton crimes non investigation in Andrew McCabe, whose wife was receiving money from Clinton operatives for his wife's political future.

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's involvement in the Hillary Clinton investigation is being questioned by the chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Oversight committee.
"News accounts have raised questions about a potential conflict of interest related to donations from the political action committee of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a longtime fundraiser for the Clintons, to the state Senate campaign of your wife, Dr. Jill McCabe," Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, wrote Thursday to McCabe.

The fact of this is Director James Comey was mismanaging the FBI and running a dirty agency. What the National Review is pointing to is Obama political appointees, used corrupt Justice Department officials in Sally Yates to smear Mike Flynn and then in Andrew McCabe misused the FBI to attempt to intimidate Mike Flynn, with full intention of incriminating President Trump.

This is a conspiracy, and it has misused classified information and leaked it. Those are all accomplices or principles and all are felonies.

This is very serious, because what these conspirators were engaged in could very well have started or still may start nuclear war with Russia.

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Pence Promised Democrats to KEEP Obamacare

Pence & the Puppets

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the criminal influence pedaling of Vice President Mike Pence in offering a quid pro quo to Democratic Senator Manchin of West Virginia, there are the revelations of the Lame Cherry in Mike Pence threw the Republicans of West Virginia under the bus for the re election of Senator Manchin, in exchange for Senator Manchin voting for Trump Administration cabinet and judicial appointments in the Pence quid pro quo, but something else has been revealed in Pence was selling his office and a West Virginia Senate Seat before Pence was even Vice President, and we now know why the repeal of Obamacare has not happened immediately as President Trump mandated, and the reason is collusion between Mike Pence and Paul Ryan with democrats, for the protection of this rationed death to Americans for the trillions in profits the cartel is raping from Americans.


Manchin touts 'productive' meeting with Pence | TheHill

Skip to main content. Home ... Manchin's meeting with Pence comes after ... "West Virginians have emphatically rejected the failed policies of the Obama era, yet ...

 With a headline like that in January before Mike Pence was even Vice President makes one wonder just what on earth Mike Pence was promising democrats, and the reality is we can now piece together what exactly took place by what Paul Ryan has stated and what Senator Manchin revealed right away.

In this, remember that Mike Pence was touted as the best friend of Speaker Paul Ryan, and President Trump accepted Pence on the ticket (after Pence leaked the story so Mr. Trump had to take this schemer) was that Pence was a House member, a Governor, the great healer of the GOP, who could get the House and Senate to pass ALL of President Trump's promises to the American People.

The problem is the democrat who Mike Pence cut the deal with made this public statement in he had absolutely NO intentions of repealing Obamacare or replacing Obamacare. Instead Senator Manchin for his votes which Mike Pence agreed to, AGREED TO KEEP OBAMACARE AND "FIX" RATIONED DEATH.
In a preview of what's to come heading into 2018, the National Republican Senatorial Committee blasted Manchin on Wednesday saying he is "still on the ObamaCare bandwagon." 
“West Virginians have emphatically rejected the failed policies of the Obama era, yet Joe Manchin is still defending Obamacare, which is sending health care costs through the roof for Mountain State families,” said Bob Salera, a spokesman for the group. 
Manchin said on Wednesday that ObamaCare needs to be fixed, but also that anyone who took Republicans at their word that they would be able to find a replacement is living in "fantasyland." 
"I'm willing to look at replacing, repairing, doing anything that we can to make it better

Each of you have to understand the betrayal of Mike Pence to Americans and to President Trump, but it explains absolutely the deceptions of Speaker Ryan who has been lying to Americans saying, "We will wait 100 days for budget issues, and then we will move in 200 days to deal with Obamacare".
Other stories pushed this back to "next year", to which the deceptive Ryan denies, but the situation which each of you have to understand is, this Obamacare is worth over 1 trillion dollars in profits. It does not make any difference if it is the Bush family or Barack Obama, as both of these political conduits of the elite are in position to protect this money supply being stolen from American's pockets and ensuring Americans die, as there is not any profit if sick people live and suck up treatment dollars.

Top Senate Republicans such as Lamar Alexander, chairman of the health committee, have hesitated to support an aggressive repeal.
On Monday, Alexander said Congress would vote to repeal and replace the ACA this year, but echoed Trump’s claims that it would be a slow process.
“While we will vote to repeal Obamacare this year, the repeal will take effect when concrete, practical alternatives are in place,” Alexander wrote in a blogpost.
He did not reference Trump’s comments to Fox News in the post. Last week he said: “It is more accurate to say ‘repair Obamacare’.”

That is what is behind all of this, and there is absolutely no doubt that Mike Pence agreed to betray every American, as the deal he cut with Senator Manchin, has had Manchin voting for key Trump appointments, because Manchin knows that Pence, Ryan and McConnell are going to wait around as these combined traitors weaken President Trump in scandals, divert the Trump Party support, and then force President Trump or better yet when Mr. Trump is impeached in the first year, to have Pencecare appear which is the same goddamned rationed death and IRS penalties bankrupting and murdering Americans.

Manchin said he and Pence exchanged phone numbers after they spoke, and agreed to discuss Obamacare further, because if Republicans can get 51 votes, the healthcare law will be repealed.
"We have to start fixing it immediately," said Manchin. "I wish they wouldn't repeal.

Yes while you and President Trump believed Obamacare is to be destroyed, Mike Pence colluded to keep it alive as he rationed you death.

The worst of this is Mike Pence's meeting was sanctioned by Senate democrat minority leader Chuck Schumer as the fix is in. Pence and Manchin are "working across the aisle", lying to every Trump voter that Obamacare's rationed death was neutralized, but these whores of the cartel performing genocide on Americans and replacing Americans with Mexicans and Muslims, are going to put a new name on it, and give you the same damned death, and it will all be single payer regime as most of you exist long enough to see that before you die.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told Manchin he had no problem with his choosing to meet with Pence, as "we have to find out if we can find the pathway forward."
"Chuck knows me well enough," said Manchin. "We've been very good friends, and he knows I work across the aisle and, yes, he has absolutely said I want you to build that rapport from the President-elect Trump and his administration, all through with [House Speaker] Paul Ryan and his leadership and with [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell.

This all took place before the Inauguration and climaxed in a meeting on CBS News, where even Newt Gingrich signed off on all of this. The same CBS headed by Ben Rhodes' CIA brother.

Face the Nation transcript January 15, 2017: Pence, Manchin ...

Guests included Mike Pence, Joe Manchin, Newt Gingrich, David Ignatius, Ruth Marcus, Ben Domenech, John Heilemann and Ed O'Keefe.

This is the certainty that Mike Pence betrayed all Americans in agreeing to "fixing" Obamacare to install Pence picks on the courts and the Administration for when Pence will be president. This is a criminal act of influence pedaling and a betrayal which requires a criminal indictment.

As Mike Pence leaked himself onto the Presidential Ticket, we as Americans are now stuck with him until his impeachment by the House and Senate, even with his criminal arrest. It then falls to the year 2019, when President Trump in standing for re election can name another candidate for Vice President, whereby the Republican electors can then state by state nominate President Trump at the convention and an honest and trustworthy Vice President.

To save America from the rationed death in Pence crimes it is time for the criminal indictment of Mike Pence for influence pedaling. In this solution, Mike Pence would be found guilty of a charge of multiple counts of felonies bringing 20 years to life in prison. Faced with that humiliation and reality, Mike Pence could be forced to resign immediately as Spiro Agnew was forced to resign by President Richard Nixon.

I could think of no better person than Governor Chris Christie to deliver this message to Mike Pence, as Mike Pence was in Trump Trans behind removing Chris Christie from heading the transition.

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Who knew Xerxes was a bad lay

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is not a secret that I am in poverty and so I collect Bibles as the junk store gives them away free, and I like looking at different translations and ponder why people throw away Bibles at the moment they are reminded, "Uncle Joe is at the Pearly Gates", so their first thought is plunder the silver coins, but throw out the Bibles.

It is our good fortune though that I came upon the America Bible Society, paperback 1974 version, which should be a sin as the paper in this was so cheap it tears and the owner had put marker tabs on each page and they were ripping I used a great deal of tape fixing this thing which I will probably never read again as it is Good News Bible of that Vatican nonsense.

Fortunate for you though, I read things that you will not, and have the modern translation of Esther in the Greek version, which holds the prayer of Esther that she prayed to God to save the Benjaminites, Levites and Judahites from Haman's plan to genocide them or holocaust them all.
Now I would think a prayer about saving a nation would be something like Daniel's prayer, but this is what the Benjaminite Esther prayed, and we know it is true, because the Greeks translated it being smart and the Vatican says it is true blue.

Anyway this is part of the prayer.

You know everything, Lord. You know that I hate the honor I received from these Gentiles. I detest the thought of having sex with any of these uncircumsized heathen.
But you know I have no choice. I hate the crown I have to wear as queen on official occasions. I never wear it unless I have to; it's as disgusting as last month's tampon (rag).

Who would have known that bad sex and dirty tampons were in the Bible, and that this all seems to boil down to Xerxes (the Persian, therefore he was Semite not Gentile) was a bad lay in bed and that being queen of Persia was like wearing an old tampon.

It sort of explains why Esther was on the outs with Xerxes, in not wanting her around for a month, as being with Queen Esther apparently was about as cuddly as mounting a cactus crossed with a cat.

Of course there is a sound reason why Christian Churches do not have this nonsense in the real Bible is because the Vatican did not want their Jezebels going off and getting laid by foreigners or trying to be uppity and be Queen or Popette.
Protestant Christians have great sex according to all the research data.

It simply was amusing to me in this passage and I thought I would share it, as the rest of the translation is close to the Book of Esther, but then again the Bible translation did not come out of two world empires at odds with the Mideast Persians and Parthians.

I guess though the closing of the prayer in worshiping God was the only thing that brought her pleasure, was a sort of message that Roman and Greek women were all married to bad lays,so they had better content themselves with praying to God to get off on.

Always a moral to a story in the story when an empire writes books, and a wonderful religious undertone in when the sex is bad, sing a few songs to the Vatican and that will make it all better.

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Helping the Affleck

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is disappointed, in all the work the Lame Cherry has engaged in to help Ben Affleck, having things yet to be published on the subject which are monumentally important, and in all of this, the man whore gambling drunk, Ben Affleck is nothing but fat and old like Al Gore and a quitter like Jimmy Carter,  as Affleck wants to quit Batman after he ruined the franchise.

A few more weeks passed and all seemed calm on the Affleck front — until a bombshell revelation this week: the “Batman” star wants to hang up the suit.
Insiders at Warner Bros. told Collider Movie Talk that Affleck “doesn’t want to be Batman anymore” and that he had been “talking with Warner Bros. in an attempt to get out of” playing the part.
On Friday, it was reported that Garner was getting ready to finally file for divorce from Affleck. The couple split after 10 years of marriage amid reports that Ben had been cheating on the “Juno” actress with their nanny.

Obviously as Mr. Jennifer Garner has a drunk nurse on duty to monitor him, it is time for an Affleck Intevention, and it begins with an intervention.

The first thing that needs to be considered is the Affleck children  must be saved from their sperm donor, and that requires a real man. Granted I do not know of any man who would want to be cast as a father in having to bed Jennifer Garner  as part of the deal, but in that, I say, let us cast Tim Allen to be father to the Affleck children to give them a semblance of manilness and Americanness, which Mr. Allen will provide.

For a man in the Jen's life, I cast Robert Davi as his hangnails have more cock and balls, than Ben Affleck's soy milk grown scrotum. That is the kind of man Jennifer Garner needs to fetch a beer for, wear lingerie and be told she is not as horridly stupid and non talented as she is.
It is a sad thing that the only thing the Jen ever did right was divorcing the Ben.

Now for the movie, well I have solved  that. I can not go into details as I am certain that Warner Brothers will call, and I have already mentioned Uwe Boll or whatever his name is to direct this, wrote the script and I also have a star who will save the Batman franchise that Ben  Affleck destroyed like Obama destroyed Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Ukraine.........America to utter ruin.

You do know that all Ben Affleck needs is for Ivanna Trump to get out her leather belt and beat his ass raw, tell Ben to get his lazy liberal ass off the couch and quit pouting, as you know Ivanna had the leather strapping around Ivanka, Don jr. and Eric often enough,  so those children grew up to be not Ben Affleck.

Ok for those who think Affleck has to be a perv in he would enjoy the punishment as BDSM, rest assured that Ivanna Trump would make sure that old Ben would not have any erection during his ass beating as Slavic women will beat a man so hard that they look like they have two anus, when they are done with them.

So that is how we all reach out and help Ben Affleck. Just replace him with men, and have a Slavic woman beat his ass to make a sort of man out of his debaucherous drunken failure.

Oh and a warning to Ivanna, please do not beat Ryan Reynolds as that loser is often mistaken for Affleck......on second thought, he could use a good Slavic whoopin' too as he made a career impersonating that prick Chevy Chase, and no one should allow themselves to get lusted over by little Obama girls in the White House, as we do not want to create Affleck II in another Batman reincarnation of a faggy Batman ruining the franchise as Ryan Reynolds.
You did see what Reynolds did to the Green Lantern right? I mean he should have been called the Green Tampon.

Jennifer Garner finally ready to file for divorce from Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck won't be directing ‘The Batman’
Ben Affleck's 'Live by Night' flop results in $75 million loss
Ben Affleck: I look like 'a sick polar bear' in sex scenes

See what happens when you hang around with Jimmy Carter, Al Gore and Matt Damon.

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John McCain Quotes German Nazi To Attack President Trump In Munich

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is an amazing situation when an American traitor and collaborator with the Vietnamese Communists, John McCain, in that war between North Vietnam and America, goes to Munich, and asks "What would General Ewald von Kleist do in the world today?"

This question was real, half a century ago, for Ewald von Kleist and the founders of this conference. Indeed, it is why they first started coming to Munich.

John McCain vouched for by CIA Washington Post in attacks on President Trump.

John Mccain Traitor- By Vietnam Vets And Pow's - YouTube

... John Mccain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow's John McCain: ... for Radio Hanoi during the ... john mccain songbird of Hanoi zero ...

von Kleist was a German Nazi in World War II, who commanded forces in the East, was captured by the Americans, and extradicted to the Soviet Union where he was convicted on war crimes and died in Vladimir Central Prison.

It is a disgusting day in this world when Senator John McCain goes to Munich Germany, spews fake propaganda, creates fake news while attacking the President of the United States, American, and all other Nationalist leaders starting with Marine Le Penn of France, in not favor of Christians, but defends Muslim terrorists.

There is something absolutely impeachable in Senator John McCain, in his last Nazi Venture, under the Obama regime, was backing Nazi's in the Ukraine in an attempt to destroy the Russian Government, led by Vladimir Putin, and begin nuclear World War IV in Europe.

Svoboda Party Nazism in Ukraine Supported by John McCain & U ...

Svoboda Party Nazism in Ukraine Supported by John McCain ... and by others as a WWII Nazi collaborator. Ousted Ukraine President ... Svoboda Party Nazism in Ukraine ...

All of this is beyond bizarre, as John McCain went to Munich and lied completely about President Trump, Nationalists and the Russians. The McCain world order of "his west" is one of Muslim and Mexican slave labor, backed by Asian technocrat slave labor, all funded by ISIS type oil and dope money laundering, as Nationalist leaders of Muslim lands as Mubarak, Khadaffi and Assad are removed to genocide in their nations, for the money flowing to the Obama McCain political extensions of the financiers like George Soros.

There is absolutely nothing American, Patriotic or Peaceful about this proven collaborator with Americans enemies, which cost American lives, and has brought about a stage where all of Europe is auditioning by NATO to become scorched earth in a Russian European War, which America will be dragged into.

Let us be clear in this, all this anti Russian propaganda is about, is the cartel wanting to partition Russia in the oligarchs to exploit her resources for the socialists of central Europe.

The fact is there are people who are speaking clearly in this in President Trump, Marine Le Penn, Gert Willders and the Russian Foreign Minister.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov laid out a diametrically opposed global vision and offered "pragmatic" ties with the United States, just hours after Pence vowed to stand with Europe to rein in a resurgent Moscow.
"I hope that (the world) will choose a democratic world order -- a post-West one -- in which each country is defined by its sovereignty," said Lavrov.
The time when the West called the shots was over while NATO was a relic of the Cold War, he said.
In its place, Moscow wanted a relationship with Washington that is "pragmatic with mutual respect and acknowledgement of our common responsibility for global stability".

So before the world is Minister Lavrov, who is calling for Ronald Reagan's TRUST BUT VERIFY with Ronald Reagan's respect for Russia, and John McCain' Rockefeller Rothschild world order which hires Nazi's to start wars for the purpose of Russian genocide to steal Russian resources.

Any sane person would choose the Reagan Gorbachev Doctrine which President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump are advocating.

Yes President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin quote President Ronald Reagan, and Senator John McCain quotes a Nazi General in that 1000 year theory of peace under a hobnail boot.

Senator John McCain must be censured by the United States Senate, investigated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and indicted for his crimes against humanity, and his attempts to start a nuclear global war in Munich.

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Als weitere Lame Cherry exklusiv in Materie Anti-Materie.

Es ist eine erstaunliche Situation, wenn ein amerikanischer Verräter und Mitarbeiter des vietnamesischen Kommunismus, John McCain, in diesem Krieg zwischen Nordvietnam und Amerika nach München geht und fragt: "Was würde Ewald von Kleist heute in der Welt tun?"

Diese Frage war vor einem halben Jahrhundert echt, für Ewald von Kleist und die Gründer dieser Konferenz. Tatsächlich begannen sie erst nach München zu kommen.

Codename: "Songbird", McCain hat 32 Propagandavideos für ...
... "Songbird", machte McCain 32 Propaganda-Videos für Hanoi denunzieren die USA für besondere ... Ich habe im Laufe der Jahre gesprochen, dass John McCain ist ein liegendes Stinktier ...
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John Mccain Verräter-durch Vietnam Tierärzte und Pow's - YouTube
... John Mccain ausgesetzt von Vietnam Tierärzte und Pow John McCain: ... für Radio Hanoi während der ... john mccain Singvogel von Hanoi null ...

Von Kleist war ein deutscher Nazi im Zweiten Weltkrieg, der Kräfte im Osten befehligte, wurde von den Amerikanern gefangen genommen und in die Sowjetunion ausgeliefert, wo er wegen Kriegsverbrechen verurteilt und im Zentralgefängnis von Wladimir gestorben war.

Es ist ein ekelhafter Tag auf dieser Welt, wenn Senator John McCain nach München fährt, spiegelt gefälschte Propaganda, schafft gefälschte Nachrichten, während er den Präsidenten der Vereinigten Staaten, Amerikaner und alle anderen nationalistischen Führer angegriffen hat, die mit Marine Le Penn von Frankreich beginnen Gunst der Christen, sondern verteidigt muslimische Terroristen.

In seinem letzten Nazi-Wagen unter dem Obama-Regime gab es in Senator John McCain etwas Unerlaubtes, das die Nazis in der Ukraine unterstützte, um die russische Regierung unter Vladimir Putin zu zerstören und den nuklearen Weltkrieg in Europa zu beginnen.

Svoboda Partei Nazismus in der Ukraine Unterstützt von John McCain & U ...
Svoboda Partei Nazismus in der Ukraine Unterstützt von John McCain ... und von anderen als ein WWII Nazi-Kollaborateur. Ausgestoßen Ukraine Präsident ... Svoboda Partei Nazismus in der Ukraine ...
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Das alles ist bizarr, denn John McCain ging nach München und lügte ganz von Präsident Trump, Nationalisten und Russen. Die McCain-Weltordnung von "seinem Westen" ist eine der muslimischen und mexikanischen Sklavenarbeit, die von asiatischer Technokrat-Sklavenarbeit gefördert wird, die alle von ISIS-Öl- und Doping-Geldwäsche finanziert werden, da nationalistische Führer muslimischer Länder wie Mubarak, Khadaffi und Assad entfernt werden Zu Völkermord in ihren Nationen, für das Geld fließt die Obama McCain politischen Erweiterungen der Finanziers wie George Soros.

Es gibt absolut nichts American, Patriotic oder Peaceful über diesen bewährten Mitarbeiter mit Amerikanern Feinde, die das amerikanische Leben kosteten und hat eine Bühne, in der ganz Europa von der NATO vorgespielt wird, um verbrannte Erde in einem russischen europäischen Krieg, die Amerika sein wird, gebracht zu haben Hineingezogen

Lassen Sie uns klar sein, dass all diese antirussische Propaganda geht, ist das Kartell, das Russland in den Oligarchen trennen will, um ihre Ressourcen für die Sozialisten Mitteleuropas zu nutzen.

Tatsache ist, dass es Menschen gibt, die hier klar und deutlich in Präsident Trump, Marine Le Penn, Gert Willders und dem russischen Außenminister sprechen.

Der russische Außenminister Sergej Lawrow legte eine diametral entgegengesetzte globale Vision auf und bot pragmatische Beziehungen zu den Vereinigten Staaten an, nur wenige Stunden nachdem Pence sich dazu entschlossen hatte, mit Europa in einem wiederauflebenden Moskau zu stehen.

"Ich hoffe, dass (die Welt) eine demokratische Weltordnung wählen wird - eine post-westliche -, in der jedes Land durch seine Souveränität definiert wird", sagte Lawrow.

Die Zeit, als der Westen die Schüsse anrief, war vorbei, während die NATO ein Relikt des Kalten Krieges war, sagte er.

An ihrer Stelle wollte Moskau eine Beziehung zu Washington, die "pragmatisch mit gegenseitigem Respekt und der Anerkennung unserer gemeinsamen Verantwortung für die globale Stabilität" ist.

Vor der Welt ist Minister Lavrov, der für Ronald Reagans VERTRAUEN, aber mit Ronald Reagans Respekt für Rußland, und John McCain 'Rockefeller Rothschild Weltordnung, die Nazis zu Beginn Kriege für den Zweck des russischen Völkermordes zu stehlen russischen Ressourcen zu rufen fordert.

Jede vernünftige Person würde die Reagan-Gorbatschow-Doktrin wählen, die Präsident Wladimir Putin und Präsident Donald Trump befürworten.

Ja Präsident Donald Trump und Präsident Wladimir Putin zitieren Präsident Ronald Reagan, und Senator John McCain zitiert einen Nazi-General in der 1000 Jahre Theorie des Friedens unter einem Hobnail-Boot.

Senator John McCain muss vom Senat der Vereinigten Staaten, von Attorney General Jeff Sessions untersucht und angeklagt für seine Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit, und seine Versuche, einen nuklearen globalen Krieg in München zu starten, zensiert werden.

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Comme une autre cerise Lame exclusive en matière anti matière.

C'est une situation étonnante où un traître américain et collaborateur avec les communistes vietnamiens, John McCain, dans cette guerre entre le Vietnam du Nord et l'Amérique, se rend à Munich et demande: «Que ferait le général Ewald von Kleist dans le monde d'aujourd'hui?

Cette question était réelle, il y a un demi-siècle, pour Ewald von Kleist et les fondateurs de cette conférence. En effet, c'est la raison pour laquelle ils ont d'abord commencé à venir à Munich.

Code-name: "Songbird", McCain a fait 32 vidéos de propagande pour ...
... "Songbird", McCain a fait 32 vidéos de propagande pour Hanoi dénonçant les Etats-Unis pour les ... J'ai parlé avec les années disent que John McCain est une mouffette menteuse ...
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John Mccain Traitor - Par Vietnam Vets And Pow's - YouTube
... John Mccain exposé par le Vietnam Vétérinaires et Pow John McCain: ... pour Radio Hanoi pendant le ... john mccain oiseau chanteur de Hanoi zéro ...

Von Kleist était un nazi allemand dans la Seconde Guerre mondiale, qui commandait des forces dans l'Est, a été capturé par les Américains, et extradé vers l'Union soviétique où il a été condamné pour des crimes de guerre et est mort dans la prison centrale de Vladimir.

C'est une journée dégoûtante dans ce monde où le sénateur John McCain se rend à Munich en Allemagne, répand une fausse propagande, crée de fausses nouvelles tout en attaquant le président des États-Unis, les Américains et tous les autres chefs nationalistes en commençant par Marine Le Penn de France. Faveur des chrétiens, mais défend les terroristes musulmans.

Il y a quelque chose d'absolument impeachable dans le sénat John McCain, dans sa dernière aventure nazie, sous le régime d'Obama, soutenait les nazis en Ukraine dans une tentative de détruire le gouvernement russe, mené par Vladimir Poutine.

Svoboda Parti nazisme en Ukraine Soutenu par John McCain & U ...
Parti Svoboda nazisme en Ukraine Soutenu par John McCain ... et par d'autres comme un collaborateur nazi de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Ukraine, Parti, Svoboda, Parti, nazisme ...
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Tout cela est au-delà bizarre, comme John McCain est allé à Munich et a menti complètement sur le président Trump, les nationalistes et les Russes. L'ordre mondial McCain de «son ouest» est celui de la main-d'œuvre musulmane et mexicaine, soutenue par la main-d'œuvre technocrate asiatique, tous financés par le pétrole de type ISIS et le blanchiment de dope, car les dirigeants nationalistes de Mubarak, Khadaffi et Assad sont enlevés Au génocide dans leurs nations, pour l'argent coulant aux extensions politiques d'Obama McCain des financiers comme George Soros.

Il n'y a absolument rien d'américain, de patriotique ou de pacifique sur ce collaborateur éprouvé avec des ennemis américains, qui a coûté des vies américaines, et a provoqué une étape où toute l'Europe auditionne par l'OTAN pour devenir la terre brûlée dans une guerre européenne russe, Traîné dans

Soyons clairs, toute cette propagande anti-russe, c'est le cartel qui veut diviser la Russie dans les oligarques pour exploiter ses ressources pour les socialistes d'Europe centrale.

Le fait est qu'il ya des gens qui parlent clairement dans ce dans le président Trump, Marine Le Penn, Gert Willders et le ministre russe des Affaires étrangères.

Le ministre russe des Affaires étrangères Sergueï Lavrov a présenté une vision mondiale diamétralement opposée et a offert des liens "pragmatiques" avec les Etats-Unis, quelques heures seulement après que Pence ait juré de se tenir avec l'Europe pour résister à une résurgence de Moscou.

"J'espère que (le monde) choisira un ordre mondial démocratique - un post-Ouest - dans lequel chaque pays est défini par sa souveraineté", a déclaré M. Lavrov.

L'époque où l'Occident appelait les tirs était terminée alors que l'OTAN était une relique de la guerre froide, at-il dit.

À sa place, Moscou voulait une relation avec Washington qui soit «pragmatique avec le respect mutuel et la reconnaissance de notre responsabilité commune pour la stabilité globale».

Donc, avant le monde, le ministre Lavrov, qui appelle Ronald Reagan à TRUST BUT VERIFY avec le respect de Ronald Reagan pour la Russie et l'ordre mondial John McCain Rockefeller Rothschild qui engage les nazis à lancer des guerres pour voler des ressources russes.

Toute personne saine choisirait la doctrine de Reagan Gorbatchev que préconisent le président Vladimir Poutine et le président Donald Trump.

Oui Le président Donald Trump et le président Vladimir Poutine citent le président Ronald Reagan, et le sénateur John McCain cite un général nazi dans cette théorie de la paix de 1000 ans sous un bottillon.

Le sénateur John McCain doit être censuré par le Sénat américain, enquêté par le procureur général Jeff Sessions et inculpé pour ses crimes contre l'humanité, et ses tentatives de déclencher une guerre nucléaire mondiale à Munich.

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В качестве еще одного Хромой Cherry в эксклюзивном материи анти материи.

Это удивительная ситуация, когда американский предатель и соратник с вьетнамскими коммунистами, Джон Маккейн, в этой войне между Северным Вьетнамом и Америкой, едет в Мюнхен, и спрашивает: "Что бы генерал Эвальд фон Клейст делать сегодня в мире?"

Этот вопрос был реальным, полвека назад, для Эвальда фон Клейста и основателей этой конференции. В самом деле, именно поэтому они впервые начали приходить в Мюнхен.

Код-имя: "Songbird", Маккейн сделал 32 пропагандистские видео для ...
... "Songbird", Маккейн сделал 32 пропагандистские видео для Hanoi осудив на США для специальных ... Я говорил на протяжении многих лет говорят, что Джон Маккейн является лежал Скунс ...
[Поиск домена]
Джон МакКейн Traitor- Вьетнам ветеринаров и Pow - YouTube
... Джон МакКейн вскрытых Вьетнам ветеринаров и военнопленные Джон Маккейн: ... для радио Ханое во время ... Джона Маккейна Songbird Ханоя нулевой ...

фон Клейст был немецким нацистом во время Второй мировой войны, командовавший силами на Востоке, был захвачен американцами, и к выдан СССР, где он был осужден по военным преступлениям и умер во Владимирской центральной тюрьме.

Это отвратительный день в этом мире, когда сенатор Джон Маккейн едет в Мюнхен Германия, извергает поддельные пропаганды, создает поддельные новости, атакуя президента Соединенных Штатов, американских и все другие националистические лидеры, начиная с Марин Ле Пенн Франции, в не в пользу христиан, но защищает мусульманских террористов.

Существует что-то абсолютно спорный в сенатора Джона Маккейна, в своем последнем нацистском Venture, в соответствии с режимом Обамы, поддерживал нацистов на Украине в попытке уничтожить российское правительство во главе с Владимиром Путиным, и начать ядерный IV мировой войны в Европе.

Svoboda партия Нацизм в Украине при поддержке Джона Маккейна и U ...
Svoboda партия Нацизм в Украине при поддержке Джона Маккейна ... и другими как второй мировой войны сотрудничал с нацистами. Свергнутый президент Украины ... Svoboda партия Нацизм в Украине ...
[Поиск домена] ...

Все это выходит странно, так как Джон Маккейн отправился в Мюнхен и полностью лгал о президенте Трампом, националистами и русских. Мировой порядок Маккейн из "его запад" является одним из мусульманских и мексиканской рабского труда, поддержанный Азиатским технократ рабского труда, все финансируется за счет отмывания типа нефти и прядильный денег Исида, как националистические лидеры мусульманских земель, как Мубарак, Khadaffi и Асада будут удалены геноциду в народах их, за деньги, протекающего в политических расширений Обама Маккейн финансистов, как Джордж Сорос.

Там нет абсолютно ничего американского, Патриотический или Мирное об этом доказанным соавтора с американцами врагов, которые стоят жизни американцев, и привело к той стадии, когда вся Европа прослушиваться НАТО, чтобы стать выжженная земля в русской европейской войны, которая будет Америка втянута.

Внесем ясность в этом, все это анти русская пропаганда идет речь, является картель хочет разделить Россию на олигархов использовать свои ресурсы для социалистов Центральной Европы.

Дело в том, что есть люди, которые явно говорящие на это президент Трампа, Марин Ле Пенна, Герт Willders и Министерства иностранных дел России.

Министр иностранных дел России Сергей Лавров изложил диаметрально противоположны глобальное видение и предложил "прагматичных" отношений с Соединенными Штатами, всего через несколько часов после того, как Пенс поклялся стоять с Европой, чтобы обуздать возрождающейся Москвы.

"Я надеюсь, что (мир) выберет демократический мировой порядок - пост-Запад - один, в котором каждая страна определяется ее суверенитета", сказал Лавров.

Время, когда Запад называют выстрелы была закончена в то время как НАТО пережитком холодной войны, сказал он.

На его месте, Москва хотела отношения с Вашингтоном, который является "прагматичным с взаимным уважением и признанием нашей общей ответственности за глобальную стабильность".

Так что перед миром министр Лавров, который призывает к TRUST Рональда Рейгана, но проверяй в отношении Рональда Рейгана для России и мирового порядка Джона Маккейна Рокфеллер Ротшильд, который нанимает нацистов, чтобы начать войну с целью российского геноцида воровать российские ресурсы.

Любой здравомыслящий человек выбрал бы Рейган Горбачеву доктрину, которую президент Владимир Путин и президент Дональд Трамп защищаете.

Да президент Дональд Трамп и президент России Владимир Путин цитируя президента Рональда Рейгана, и сенатор Джон Маккейн цитирует нацистский генерал в том, что 1000 год теории мира под ботинком Хобнейл.

Сенатор Джон Маккейн должен быть осуждено Сенат Соединенных Штатов, расследуется генеральным прокурором Джеф Sessions и обвиненного за свои преступления против человечности, и его попытки начать ядерную глобальную войну в Мюнхене.