Monday, December 22, 2014

Cop Scratch Fever

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is of interest after this blog stated precisely that Obama and Holder were offering up blacks as election fodder to be shot by cops to gain votes and in satire stated that blacks should be armed, that on cue blacks were organized to start shooting white cops in the media hub center.

None of this drama interests me, but what does call for examination is the plus minus of all of this.

Tensions between police and mayor boil over...
De Blasio lashes out at officers...
Sharpton scrambles after cops killed...
Giuliani: Obama 'propaganda' pushed people to 'hate the police'...
Civil rights leaders fear backlash...
Officers warned to 'avoid people looking for confrontations'...
'President should declare national day of Support for Police'...
Vandals Knock Down, Deface Sign Honoring Slain In CA...
Officer shot, killed in FL...
Warnings Issued To Cops: Be on guard...


See the plus minus in this is how does this hurt or help you?

Does it hurt you as a white, Asian, Indian for cops to be shot by Afroids being sent out? Not really as while it puts all cops on edge, cops will focus upon the Afroid in this Helter Skelter.

Next, it will be good for you, as the state police will like your local cop, think, "Well I can be a fuck nuts to  that driver to get her pretty name or to gain some revenue in fines, or I might get my ass shot............hmmmm, I think I will go eat a donut and take a nap as that big pension is worth more to me than being a prick to the public who pays my salary."

If one looks at America in being invade, in the record crimes, and the reality that stupid people who commit acts of defending themselves, their property or others and phone the police..........that the cops show up and make criminals of them. The police state has no purpose other than making criminals of Americans, and the wise American sees nothing, says nothing and never phones the cops. The last thing anyone ever wants is the police camped out in your neighborhood, as they are going to be harassing you and not the criminals as you are the easy prey.

So in the system of the Obama police state checks and balances of American mob rule, one can see that when one has over burdening police, that Afroids blasting said police who are white, that this checks all police activity in balancing the scales for white and Asian Citizens who are minding their own business. The reality is when Sharpton the FBI stooge ramps all of this up, and then someone in intel sends out Afroids to blast cops, that Al starts saying for the Nig to behave which is what he is paid for in the first place.

This has all been good for image Obama as Spike Lee wanted hoodie Obama, and now the Afroids are blasting cops in capping them, as his fake poll numbers have now risen with race shooting of people and Obama doing nothing.
This is what left wing Americans like........the scary Nigger outside peeking in as you got the Nigger on the leash named image Obama peeking up your panties for your sodden thrills.


So in Charlie Manson, fringe MK ULTRA operations, what we are witnessing is the Helter Skelter in small scale. The Nigger rising up against the police state, and white cops being shot, which checks them in their terrorism of all Americans.

I will sympathize with the police, as it gets old in having people say things like, "Fuck you and your wife liked me raping her up the ass", as cops drive by eating donuts. I do not though sympathize in the metro where I soon found all the spots the cops were parked in hunting Citizens to extort money and how one beaner cop kept glaring at me......that beaner did not last long, as that psycho was removed in government workers are of two types......psychotic and delusional. The enforcer and the mind on a leash which will follow all orders given to terrorize the public.
I have written of my travels in Iowa, and how that entire state police force is designed to prey on vacationers, and brings in several million dollars a year. That is criminal extortion by the police state and it is carried out in far too many states with a robotic police force designed to shoot to kill first.

To put it plainly in this, the thin blue line is no safety factor at all. Police for the most part can not shoot that well, and time and again when the cops come up against Vets on a mission, the Vet takes out piles of them. Cops when riots come, run home to protect their property and leave the Citizens to burn. The police state only works when the mob is intimidated. When a few in the mob like these Afroids start firing first, then you have Claude Lafayette Dallas loading the game wardens on mules to dispose of them.

If the Obama regime had brought about low fuel prices, lowered taxes, provided business opportunities so all of these blacks who would work or the Asians or whites who would start businesses would hire them, then these blacks would not be so frustrated now, and taking it to armed police, and degrading this to shooting cops for sport.
All of this lays at the feet of image Obama. IF there was not a guided Super Depression out of the White House for two terms, with bribing Wall Street with trillions and Welfare Street with trillions, there would not be black fury and cops would not be out stalking people, as there would be enough money in budgets so they would not have to hand out tickets.

Yes you know there is a source guiding this black capping of cops, just like Eric Holder and his black panthers were imported into Ferguson Missouri.

OK scratch the deep scab of this, and this is a cartel operation, which the Holder NSA cell was aware of. This was run by BATF minder, who were conditioning these Afroids again to action, all for the purpose of herding the blacks to suckle from the saggy teats of white Mama Hillary Clinton, as the power base of this shifts.

Enough of this Lame Cherry exclusive as you were fed one meal on election dynamics today and Thomas Jefferson the great democrat would have assessed this as this is what the out of control police state erupts into, when King George rouses the black slaves in Virginia as a terror weapon against the American people.

The public likes the police when the police are keeping the peace and not a group of terrorists that every person checks themselves in thinking they are going to get a ticket for being an American. When that shifts to the public being afraid of the cops as what has taken place in "shoot to kill Americans first America", then you have Afroids capping cops and all the other people thinking this is some public vengeance for all those cops glaring at the public every day.

This is the face of the image Obama regime on America. The thugocracy facing a conspiracy from within to feed new stories by design all to advance another agenda.

The question in this that every one of you has to ask and then answer is this, and this is the crux of it all:

"Are you afraid of blacks shooting white cops, not shooting you, or are you more afraid of cops stalking and shooting you at this moment?"

The answer is the latter and that is the problem in this.

Ah the white folks probably will not be too fearful either when the Afroids are by design shooting Designer Whites in Latin and Chinese police officers.
Just saying..........


Cop scratch fever
Well he made the cop pull with a stroke of his hand
You know they're doin' it to me
You know they need a finger stroke cause they are the man
And I'll do it for free
Cop scratch fever..........

Making the Rounds

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This  blog has made a point of examining South Dakota, the state of Mutard Dennis Daugaard, the Obamite ruler of that GOP franchise state, as the dynamics of it have been the key to the control America since the era of leftist George McGovern.

The key to South Dakota is the Mockingbird protocol is KELO LAND, a Nazi syndicated broadcast system which mind warps the cow chips of that state. What took place in 2014 AD in the year of our Lord was most unusual and is noted exclusively here, as it revealed how to stop electronic vote fraud and how after this blog noted Mike Rounds was the candidate to win, how the entire power elite came into play in that nowhere state.

Mike Rounds is the trump card in the United States Senate, who will become the destiny of America. This might sound bizarre as most will wonder who this former Governor is, but when you become aware of the intrigue which came about in all of this, you will wonder just what the mystique of this state of power.

Rounds won the GOP nomination for Senate to replace bubble brain Tim Johnson, who sold South Dakota to Obama for Obamacare in a scheme where his son was made US Attorney to let pedophile Indians free in exchange in high crimes.
Rounds upon moving to the front, was attacked by former Tom Daschle protege in the democrats in Rick Weiland, in addition to this bizarre scheme came "Tea Party" conservative Gordon Howie attacking pro life, no tax, pro gun Rounds as "not a Conservative".
It got worse as former GOP Senator Larry Pressler got into the race at geezer age to try and syphon votes off from Mike Rounds, all so Weiland would get that seat in the Senate.
Pressler actually donated money and support to Birther Hussein. Remember what I tell you in how Chuck Schumer is more of a Conservative than most of the people in the GOP. It is a fact.

The worst of this drama was this puke fat Minnesotan, anchor lard Steve Hemmingsen, who ran KELO actually came out in support of Larry Pressler against Rounds. The amusing part of this was, back in the day, this puke ran part of national campaign to oust Pressler for Daschle which called Pressler thee most stupid politician in the world.

As this scheme of Senate seat theft unfolded in 2014 AD in the year of our Lord, a new scam was unleashed in South Dakota's biggest county of Minnehaha which takes in Sioux Falls. That precinct early in April started testing new vote machines, which the sodomites of Minnesota came to view in their operations for Minnesotan elections.
Something odd took place in this as two forces appeared in South Dakota helping Mike Rounds in Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. You have to understand the dynamics of this to get all of this as it is vital.

John Thune the Senior GOP Senator of South Dakota appeared as a protege of George H. W. Bush and Karl Rove, all to wipe from the map that dickhead Tom Daschle as leader of the Senate. This was still when Rush Limbaugh was of that Bush insider group, before he became a Big Koch groupie.
Thune had his election stolen from him by bubble head Tim Johnson and bided his time, and ran the numbers on Tom Daschle to gain the US Senate.
Thune is an insider and a big player. He is one of the heavy hitters on the quiet side, working with Mitch McConnell who now rules the US Senate.

Thune assisted Mike Rounds in what was being engaged in to steal the election from Rounds. That is where Mormon Romney comes in, in this insider twist, as two major right wing types showed up to campaign for Mike Rounds, and to undo the vote fraud about to steal an election from him.

On election night, Minnehaha County had no returns coming in, as the national media declared Rounds the absolute winner. The democrat Weiland refused to admit defeat as two areas did not the vote theft Indian county of Shannon which is what put Tim Johnson into officer over Thune and the immense voting block of Minnehaha County.
The official excuse was real as the reports came out that somehow numbers of electronic vote ballots to be counted were being thrown out of the machines, due to being mismarked and chicken salad showing upon on the ballots.
Want to undo ballot fraud counting in e counting? Romney knows how as that is what cost him his Presidency in what Obama stole from him. You just send in enough ballots which are flawed and apparently dump in chicken salad and that defeats the voting machines and it has to be accomplished all by hand.

The end result was that prick Weiland was doing his concession speech at 10 PM and forces the winner Mike Rounds to give his victory speech at 11 PM when most cow chips were in bed, but in that South Dakota was played for by the Obama cartel vote stealers, and this time Romney won one for himself, as this is about friends in places when Jeb Bush tries to steal the GOP nod in 2016 primaries.

No one is telling you this, but this is the exclusive in matter anti matter. I informed you that Jeb Bush was the nominee, but Mormon Romney is sniffing around again as he figured out how to actually get his votes counted, and Mike Rounds in South Dakota was his test ground, and now South Dakota is the hinge in the control of America in Thune and Rounds shaping America behind Mitch McConnell, and if Mormon Romney pushes for a second thrust in knowing now this vote fraud can be stopped with chicken salad.

Granted that is not going to help in e voting, but this is a system that Romney had the hedge in e voting. This is the set up for 2016 and it has shifted the fight. I state this not as a Mormon Romney supporter as I refused to vote a Christ denier in 2012 AD in the year of our Lord. It is to alert all as apparently the cartel in their Diebold e voting fraud propaganda is no longer important as are most stories if you bother to recall what Mockingbird planted a decade ago to condition all of you. What they claimed is no reality, and it is going to take a Richard Nixon savy politician to set this right. Problem is Romney is the Choir Chamber in the importing of Mexican border busters.

You have just been informed of the most volatile of stories which reveals and proves how corrupt the American voting system was which installed Birther Hussein. I have always believed that there would be rich Patriots who would step up as in 1776 to assist George Washington, John Adams and Ben Franklin, but none have. All America has is summertime patriots and of the cloud conservatives.

At least you now have a comprehension in this darkness to what is going on. If Mike Rounds could incorporate 1/3rd of his Common Sense South Dakota ideals, America will revive for you from the dead. He is but one man, but that one man all the foes of America sought to stop, and they would have stopped if it had not been for John Thune figuring out how to stop election theft in cow pasture prairies.

I realize I do not deal with politics much, as I have already addressed them. It is that Hillary and Jeb have stolen this, the only thing which matters to Americans, real Americans, is if Mike Rounds and those counter forces who assisted him can prevail in this. Do not make the mistake in thinking that Romney is reformed or that Rounds is corrupt. Mike Rounds is the face the Romneycrats want to put on the GOP as Rounds is a Reaganite, so people will vote for Mitt over Jeb. That is the interesting part in this.

I would only say on Mike Rounds record and the smear against him, that he should be President and you would have a Reagan time of it, if the CIA would back him in the way Bill Casey did.

nuff said

agtG 285Y

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Too many dates for Belle

Hokie Horse Nut Hannah, this is a snore being the Popular Girl again. It takes like 5 minutes to load a page now on dial up that you Wifi whizzers are instantly loading, as I have so much company again on that Sony Snow Job that I can not even post things.
Am typing this in a word program to transfer as I await each page to load to get me into the java script blogosphere.

That North Korea and Holder stuff is got them wondering again. Everyone wondering who my sources are, who I am connected to, who is protecting me with nuclear bombs and other such thingamajiggers that it is hard to say Merry Christmas and Thank you to the children who have been nice to us.

This is about Baby Belle though in an update as we were worried about her again. Today TL and I went out into the snow and checked fence.......deer had popped the wires and not some corporate that was fixed, threw a rope on the 4 H cow Posie that the vet's kids raised and the rope was a twine string, and she led out to the field, as the horses pranced, bucked and chased things in play, and that was the TL and I herded 3 calves that hung back out the gate.

Belle was coughing and snotting this past week. Not a good thing for a little girl recovering from lung fluidation.......aka pneumonia, but what can you expect from a baby calf flipped by lesbian cattle rustlers.
So we gave her a shot of Nuflor, which helped, but that sort of wore off, and she started getting snot in her nose and a cough that was loose when chewing cud. We wanted to try and give her immune system a chance to heal her, as that is important as one can not keep pumping anti biotics into a calf in order to make them live.
It was a good deal though as after 2 days, she is coughing a bit today, but she is getting better. Yesterday she was licking on the chair and I kept moving it to stop her, and she put her head down and attacked it in play. That was fun.

The shot helped in I hope getting rid of that cyst which broke. That leaked out again the other night when she turned to lick herself and so it was squeezed again, much to the aggitation of Baby looks better now though and the Scarlet Oil is helping with the rub patches which I am hoping is not ringworm in the house.
I really dislike lesbian wranglers  great deal.

As this has loaded finally, I am now transferred here to finish this update. It really sucks the hind tit in all these intelligence agencies who literally create money like Obama's regime or the printing presses of Kim Jong Un, and none of them make a big deposit of their counterfeit money. I would think that no one would miss it, as they could donate huge sums and just make it again. Geither gave all your rich folks like a billion trillion in Wall Street money making you richer and no one called the cops in that stock manipulation and Kim's presses which are state of the art, must have some kind of on switch to donate to important things like movies of Obama dancing and......I don't know, paying Chicoms things for PLA intelligence of Holder covert operations.
All I know is I am poor, the internet does not load when I have all these spies peeking up my skirt.

To tell you what I do for porn on here as how not interesting I am.......I look at tractors, horses, livestock and am thinking what yesterday I was doing........oh I was looking how to build a corn burning stove as the neighbor has one and I was fascinated by the thing as it gave this cozy warm heat...........I am for our home to be when married am going to build some cob burner thing, multi fuel, that will have venturi effect and catalytic converter air a rocket stove. (Google does not what venturi effect is and I suppose you do not know what a rocket stove is either.....sigh.)
I wonder if the spy masters know of rocket stoves and cob burners.

Any way I see they have big bail burners but these children are all so damned dense in not figuring out what to do. OK I fix this in a Lame Cherry patent thing here. So you got the big bale. You shove it into the big bale burner on a PIKE, and then you have a slow rotation of the bale on that spike, and voila you have a continuous heat that burns slow and hot, and does not smoulder.
I swear these people are the dumbest asses on the planet when it comes to building things and why things work. One dude did not want a corn stove as it made noise and wood stoves were quiet. A corn burner makes about as much noise as a computer running......people are such putzes.

OK so this is Baby Belle updates as world espionage hinders me, which I would not be hindered if someone rich did the big donation of 350,000 dollars as then I could get high speed internet and not notice all the activity dragging me down.

I see Danny the Ortega Taco is driving Nicaraguans off their land to have the Chicoms build a huge canal down there as the thought was back in the 1970's by Americans as Jimmy Carter gave the American Panama Canal away...........nothing like running your own Nicaraguans off their own land for Chicoms.......sort of like image Obama and Americans.




Electric light orchestra - Don't bring me down video - YouTube

Any way that is don't bring me down, as I really do not feel Christmassy, but I got TL as my gift from God and do not need presents........we made Norwegian Krumkake or peanut butter blossom cookies. We are going to do some other things like horrid English plum pud and some pecan things......probably Christmas bread.....might talk Mom into that today.
I really do not think rich people should have money as they are like lesbian abusers of cattle in they just do not know what to do with it and have no fun with it.......have to be liars and swindlers, and that is hardly Christmas spirit.

The plan is to plant real corn, then feed Baby Belle that, and then burn the cobs in our cob burner as sort of auxiliary flame thrower heat. That is next year and I pray what is coming comes. Good place to stop, as Baby Belle probably needs to be covered up now with her princess Disney sleeping bag as she likes that a great deal......likes following into the living room now too........does not like being swatted with fly swatter to keep her from chewing on Mom or  TL.........and likes treats a great deal if apple flavored.

Poo is easier to clean up as less grain makes the stools more solid..........they would probably burn well too if dried. Perhaps have a Baby Belle green fuel pile started many plans and voila the days are getting longer after today the 21 of December, so winter is over!!!!!!!!

God bless you and your day in Jesus Name Amen and Amen

PS: I got this geezer pair of leather mitties from the junk store. Older than Moses.......damn moths ate the wool liners which I sewed up. Looked at them today with Mom and they are Wells Lamont, cow leather gloves.......not so upset now in spending 2 bucks on them to keep my fingers from freezing for chores or something. Some days I look at what I am wearing and all I have on is dead people's clothes.........well the socks were from Ohio as a gift.........the booze shirt I dug out of the laundry trash bin. otherwise that is about the 10 yards of it.
I have to somehow get that shed tinned in this weather, so I can get things in the porch cleaned out as Mother Marie is probably prego and going to drop kids around January 10th. Some penis should not have jumped the pen fence and made this more of a hassle than I cared to be having. Yes a calf in the kitchen and if all survives will be goatikins in the living room for the rest of the winter.
Geez louise, I got enough shit to do and then being poor and spied upon by multi trillion dollar agencies thinking that all of this is secret code communications in trying to break it and certain that there is something being passed on here, as surely no Prophetess and Seer with friends who are Vulcans would be living with livestock and writing about leather mitties.........and rocket stoves.........


You will regret this America

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The brier patch is a different place of America and I was talking to our feed guy this past week and figured out who he was talking to in his "guy from Florida" as there are not a great number of guys from Florida who appear in the thorn thicket here.

This person puzzled me as he moved up here over a year ago, bought a house for a 100, 000 dollars on a farm site and has just sort of been there and no one knows who the hell he is, as he keeps to himself.
What the story is, is he lived in Florida, the wife is no longer the wife and the kids are not around, so he researched all of America and found two sites where there were no masses of minorities. The brier patch was one such place.

He was telling my feed guy as importing Mexicans is Chamber Choir commerce here in the next county over, that they are going to regret the hell out of importing them foreigners, from his experience in Florida.

This is real time real stories of life and none of this Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Taco Castro or what sweat is dripping from Obama's fauz balls. The reality is Americans who have had to deal with influxes of Castro cast offs to Peking ducks are not in the least pleased with them showing up.

I have real time experience with this now, and understand how this works. Yes the first Pepe's are smiling and can get along. Problem is what follows when they are established are all of these males who are not getting f*cked at home. So they are an angry as hell lot with an attitude.
When we were in the metro, I noticed the past year how the Mexicans had become more belligerent and pushy. For that matter I recall some nasty ass south Asian Indian types who would not get the hell out of the aisle either in thinking they own the store. White people are polite and get out of the way and do not butt into line....the foreigners fresh from gnawing off the bone have no problem in being aggressive as that is in their genes.
For those who do not get this, these are people who got off their asses, after not being able to get along in their own despotic nations, and now have arrived in America, demanding what you have, and image Obama has promised them all that you have.
It is only going to be a matter of time, that those dimwits the clergy are coddling in America, turn to shirts off on main street, cat calling to females and raping them, as that is what these 3rd worlders do.
America is going to regret all of this, as these hard asses are going to be f*cking your women, and not these sedate Afroids you are familiar with. They will beat you, stab you, shoot you and  simply disappear. You think you have problems with 3 million Nigs in Chicago in prison, the reality is the you will have twice as many Peking cocks and Latin dicks in prison, and you are going to be paying for them what is following is the Latin and Chicom mafia who are real bad ass.
Oh for those who forgot the history, when the Colombian mafia blew into America in the Clinton dope years, those bad asses scared the bajesus out of all the European mafia as the Colombians hacked people to death and laughed. The Chinese are even more notorious than these Latins, so this is the bad ass regret which America is going to awake too. Yes your Chamber Choir rich guys in mansions and your liberal vote getters will be behind their closed gates, but it is you who is going to find the world of Dru Sjodin of Fargo North Dakota.
That nice little Scandinavian girl never knew what hit her as she was raised in a Christian world not under Vatican or Marxist feudal control.

Murder of Dru Sjodin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
November 22, 2003) was a murder victim who was abducted from the Columbia Mall parking lot in Grand Forks, North Dakota, by Alfonso Rodriguez, Jr., on ...

This is coordinated to dump people into the upstate areas like New York, West Virginia, outback Ohio, the GOP center states, just as they have taken over Colorada, California, Texas and Florida.
People are going to find this chit is dumped into their close areas like Dru Sjodin did in a Pepe from Mark Dayton's Minnesota showed up in Fargo, pulled this little innocent out of a parking lot, stuffed her into a below freezing trunk, raped her, murdered her and then dumped her into the wilderness so the wolves could finish the evidence.

You are going to regret this America and the proof is the people who have fled those damned areas bringing their guns and attitude to your areas. One of the last people we spoke with was a gal who moved to the metro to get the hell out of Arizona. That is the wave which is coming. You are going to have those peoples who can see the signs coming, fleeing to the rural areas, and in this case, the Chamber Choir is using the rural areas as dump depots for these criminal 3rd worlders.

That is the fact and that is the reality. No matter what Rush Limbaugh is conditioning, I want all 30 million of this refuse thrown out of America and back to their own territories, RFID tagged with a shoot to kill bounty if they show up again.

Want to afford a house, a used car, groceries and gas made cheap? Take 30 million criminals and free those resources up for Americans......that includes the doctors and nurses now being forced to care for free all these criminals in Obamacare.

That is the Continentalist Policy and it requires stating. I do not bend on this. I want them all gone now and forever by whatever legal means will be set free for the American people to rid themselves of this scourge and this plague.

You are going to regret this America. Not Pat Buchanan or any of these other rich people, but you the Americans. It is your women and children who will be raped first and it will be you knifed or shot as the system rewards your murderers.

This is not for America alone, but from Germany, France, Norway, UK, Australia, Canada......and yes other Latin and Asian areas, as those peoples like Mexico will not let this chit in, and you sheep are bringing your slaughterers in, and the culprits behind it are the cartel cronies of your own regimes.

Dru Sjodin was raped and murdered over a decade ago, before this million refuse dump was being garbaged into America. Think about what you are about to regret in actual history proving the point.

nuff said


drilling machine

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In 1800's America, there was something in vogue which was of perfect sense in drilling machines and for reasons I can not fathom the modern PBS thieves have not plagiarized this idea, nor more than any of these garden tool companies in their rackets of expensive tools.

I honestly too dismissed them when mentioned in Bruist's Kitchen Garden, but giving up being brain sloven, I endeavored to consider this implement and how really necessary it is.

"While I leave the gardener to make his own choice of tools, I would suggest that he be provided with two or three drilling machines; these, every handy man can make for himself; they should be in the form of a garden-rake, with a stout, heavy back, and five teeth, about two inches broad, and tapered so as to enter the ground and leave drills two inches deep.

If one be made with the teeth eight inches apart, another twelve, and another fourteen, they will be useful in making drills for the various kinds of seed; and drills thus made serve instead of straining a line when transplanting Cabbage, Lettuce, Leek plants, etc.; the line being stretched at one edge of the bed, and the drilling machine drawn straight by the line, makes five drills at once. If they are straight, they may be kept so, by keeping one drill open for the outside tooth to work in, until the ground be all drilled."

Bridgeman, Thomas d. 1850. The American Kitchen-Gardener

The problem I have with this drilling machine, which is just a rake with wide teeth is with 15 inch teeth we are dealing with a rake around 64 inches in width, leaving room for the outside teeth.
That is a rather large implement to store and deal with.
On lesser scales a three tooth drilling machine would be half that width.

The idea in this is 2 inches deep, and 1 inch soil covering, so it leaves a row with a slight depression for watering the seeds before, during and after germination......and of course to mark for weeding in the event of a late sprouting.

There are all sorts of caveats in this though, in the dirt must be pulverized, so the drill will not be bouncing about being pulled. My dirt tends to have clay clumps in it hard as rocks at times. It is a place I am working in rejuvenating as I remember the spot being where a 450 International tractor was parked, which often was a path to drive on, and that had 6 feet tall rag weeds or vines of low mallow on it.
The ground behaves when wet, but when dry it comes out in chunks, even with manure and mulching.

What I am thinking in this drilling machine of my invention, is all metal. I like the idea of dulled sickle teeth for a grass mower that farmers use. These would be welded or bolted into place.
These teeth are tapered to a point, made of 1/8th inch steel, and already have two holes at the top to rivet in I suppose I could rivet them in place too, into an inch by inch angle iron, of the current not too heavy grade in hardware stores.

I prefer a inch steel or galvanized pipe. Yes I can weld galvanized pipe even if they say it can not be done. This pipe would then be welded in a T to the angle iron which holds the teeth.
To make it stable, I would spot weld a 3/8ths inch rod to the angle iron ends to the handle.

That would seem to get it there and back without it falling apart due to undo stress in have a lawnmower run over it, or your 300 pound neighbor wandering about your garden packing it all down like a herd of cattle.

I suppose I could market this, but no one would know what it would be for, as people are lazy in liking their hoes to do the work as I always do it, with my crooked as the winding river rows. I simply figure that with crooked rows, I get more crop in the least that is what I tell people who mock my figurative rows.

That is the idea for those not in raised beds who have long carrot, beet, lettuce and whatever rows. I can not do raised beds as there is not enough water in the Great Lakes to grow a crop in arid lands with raised beds....why hills never work out as they are nothing but dust dunes in the wind.

Well enough of this invention business.


dog piss sandwich

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It struck me in watching Ryan Reynolds that his entire career is much like Hugh Laurie in being the image of another character. Laurie is Fred Astaire pantomime and worse yet, Ryan Reynolds has been portraying the shamest actor ever.

What threw me off is Ryan Reynolds has been a Mr. Jennifer Garner shadow for a decade. Ben Afleck has had no career but as a shot cup holder for whoever that Borne identity creature is I think. Sorry if I have not paid that large of attention to these leftist twats, it is just that when someone is like a glob of icing sneezed onto the screen from a 7 year old's birthday cake, by the seven year old, and it is just taking up space on thought is more how long it will take to drop off than to deal with watching it.

Who Ryan Reynolds has been ham acting and been paid quite well for it all is Chevy Chase. You remember the old Saturday Night Live geezer who made his liberal salary portraying President Gerald Ford was clumsy and pawned it into riding.........well riding the shirt tails of Bill Murray.
It is not that Bill Murray had any great talent, he just played the same idiot in every movie, and movies like What about Bob with Richard Dryfess carried Murray and his big break in Caddy Shack was hauled the extra yard by Rodeny Dangerfield and Ted Knight. Yeah put in the funny ugly guy, the funny old guy, and the funny Murray guy with the hot Cindy Morgan, and Chevy Chase cleaned up as the star being boring as Alan Alda on MASH.

Thing is Reynolds got Blake Lively on the Green Lantern. I know that sounds like a fag guy name, but I think that is the wife's name, he latched onto in a movie seduction. I just hope she never reads this in knowing she has been exposed as a Chevy Chase groupie and......well she just got seconds in this Ryan Reynolds mould......of is it thirds if you toss in Mr. Jennifer Garner, that whiz at cards who blew 500,000 to another shuffler who called his bluff.

I have no idea what kind of person Ryan Reynolds is. Does not really matter, any more than Tom Hanks is an Obama prick, who made his money being cast as the next Jimmy Stewart. Yes General Stewart, World War II Hero, Strategic Air Command Hero...........and the closest Hanks ever got was in that horrid Saving Private Ryan which showed Americans as cowards and murderers.
I do not think that Ryan Reynolds was the Private Ryan in this Spielberg movie though.

I wonder about all the people with talent who never get a shot at life, whose main burden is just being beaten down and dying early, when some kid like Ryan Reynolds figures out to bend at the waist and be Chevy Chase jr. to get the girl.........who well you remember Ashton Kutcher or whatever that Iowa name is, banging Demi Moore in school boy fantasy, and then dumps the old broad for that Mila Kukas from the same much of that getting your very own replacement hose for the old model up on blocks in the back yard like the Chevy.

I can only think of one scene in Chase's career which was funny and that was Vacation where he is eating a sandwich the dog pissed on. I do believe even Ben Afleck could be funny eating a dog piss sandwich, so that does not take a great deal of talent.

Yeah the duo of Rodney Dangerfield and Ted Knight were hilarious in Caddy Shack. Who would have thunk that those two would have built a career for Ryan Reynolds portraying Chevy Chase.

I honestly would be embarrassed in taking millions of dollars with other people earning my money like Chevy Chase has done......then again I would feel like a fraud in being Ryan Reynolds in .........taking money for being Chevy Chase.
I mean why not mimic a comedic actor like Richard Pryor or Gene Wilder.........maybe Ryan Reynolds knew he could not be that good and had to set his sights lower........all the same there was Bob Crane or what difference does it make.

I never would have thought of not being me and instead being someone else...........who did not measure up.


distemper cure

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In following the English Setter breeder, Edward Laverack, he mentioned a way for curing distemper in dogs. The best way to cure a dog is first, not allowing them to have it, in keeping them warm and dry.

When dogs had it though, two instances are recorded for curing it, which one does not know if it is a wide process or simply worked about these two times.

"Bruce, Lord Lovat's keeper, related to me the following cases of recovery from distemper. A young dog had been paralysed in his limbs for upwards of three months. He ordered an underkeeper to take and ' throw him into the river' close by. This the man did, and tossed it into the Beauly. The poor animal was washed away by the current To the surprise of all, two or three days afterwards he crawled home, and recovered. This was a cold water cure.

The other was a dog in a similar state. Being tired of seeing it about, he told one of the men to knock him on the head and throw him on the dung-heap.' He was thrown on the dung-heap, but not ' knocked on the head,' but was partially covered over with manure. Strange to say, this dog recovered. I may call this a Turkish bath cure. Puppies, indeed all dogs, should lie very dry and off the ground."

Edward Laverack. The Setter

I wonder in this why it is cold water, stressing the system to shock, or the burying of a dog's body in a decomposing manure pile which produces a great deal of heat, what this process does to affect a cure.

It is though just something in the Obamacare rationed death to keep in mind, of why this works when one has no money to treat an animal.