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Being Frank about Attorney General William Barr

 Frank, take these as these are feces penis deodorizers...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not remember where the link came for a story attacking Attorney General William Barr which appeared in the New York Times, but in reading it, I thought, "A queer had to have written this as this guy looks like a fag.

 New York Times

When you start seeing pictures like this, you know this is a sodomite, a mid life crasher sodomite who still wants to be the boy the old fag daddies want to panda with, but they have moved on less used rectums that the excrement is not running out, every time they sneeze.

What struck me in this balding crasher is that his New York Times picture has him trying to look soccer tough like Vinnie Jones. Again that makes no sense as Jones is a normal male who in a fag Euro game, liked beating the hell out of soy boy soccer players to every person's delight. It is difficult for normal testosterone European males to not have any real sport any more to engage in, and Vinnie was their natural release.


Vinnie Jones is legitimately scarey. Frank Bruni is not. He just looks like something he will never be.

When one sees what the real Frank looks like, you begin to understand that he is not the boy toy he still wants to be, but is one of those creepy old fag daddies who Karl Rove the bars making intern boys feel uncomfortable with their knowing stares.

The thing that erupts out from this old crasher is he literally has limited mental capacity and limited ability to communicate by writing. That is not an uncommon thing in this world of hirelings by the Mockingbird whose main concern is degrading the mental capacity of readers. When you are the cartel, the zoo primate must not exercise their mind, but drug it with phones smarter than the user.

I just wish we would all spend more time thinking about and practicing the talent of perspective. I think it would tug us out of our narcissism, and in many cases, I think it would tug us out of traps of envy and self-pity.

If Frank was wearing a sparkling dress, you could almost see him at the Miss America pageant reciting breathlessly, "I want a world of no conflict, a world of peace, that is what I want most, besides showing off my cleavage to do the thinking for me in getting me the job".

It was the screed which  Frank aims at the Attorney General which was what he was hired to do since 1995 at the Times. Let's face the reality here that the system which CIA Director William Colby wanted to protect, had within it, an element of pedophiles whose main cartel focus was to use homosexuals as a stepping stone to legalized pedophilia. The old fagster was just the face and toy of the lower employees who like the operatives engaged in framing Donald Trump, all think they are part of the elite, but they will be as gone as the Jeffrey Epsteins as they are all expendable, and there is a fact in this, that no one likes fag daddies not the teenagers they buy, not the other fags who see them as competition, and not the rest of the world as feces scented perfume is naturally off putting.

But what of the Constitution? What of common decency? What of feces penis smells having been jammed up rectums? Barr isn’t concerning himself with those. To do so would call into question the honor of serving in this administration, the compliment of holding the job that Trump gave him. And he wants that compliment. That pedestal. He prefers to see himself as a holy warrior than as an unholy dupe. Oh why can't William Barr felate cock like an Obama who was messiah perfection for rat mazed metropolitan homo-sapiens with the emphasis on the homo?

You know in a real world, Donald Trump is pro queer. Best friends with faggots like Peter Thiele. Ivanka can't keep enough of them around. The entire system William Barr is intent on protecting is the one which will make Trump into a National Socialist leader and Obama communism will be the only other choice. This is Frank Bruni's utopia. It is the cum which has suckled him to his wonderful rewards in this lifetime, that seems perfect, but Frank is really unhappy, as Frank wants pro soddom Trump impeached, and Bill Barr to stop protecting the system that is succoring queers to all their pleasures in life.

It must be a difficult thing to be an old faggot, because when you are a young faggot everyone wants you. Then when you bald, you are the creepy fag the boys are friendly with to get ahead in life, and then you are an old fag, and what do you have left but cock enhancers and being an old fag.

I don't know why old fags do not emulate Elton John. Now there is a real Vinnie Jones tough old fag. He says things, buys little boys, has enough money so a weird fag stays around, and other closet fags like Rush Limbaugh hire you to sing at the daughters they are marrying.

Frank trying to portray he is tough, in forensic psychology translates he is scared.

There is not any reason to waste the electronic tree paper here on Frank had no problems with the crimes of the Obama Attorney Generals, or for that matter Birther Hussein, bung holing that fag Chris Stevens at Benghazi.

I always thought if I was a queer, that I would not like Muslims ass raping a fellow fag to death. I would not like Obama and Clinton abandoning this queer to his tortuous murder. Yet Frank wrote on this, and in it, champions Obama and uses the Benghazi dead

Four Americans died in Benghazi, Libya: people with unrealized hopes, unfinished plans, relatives who loved them and friends who will miss them.
But let’s focus on what really matters about the attack and its aftermath. Did Hillary Clinton’s presumed 2016 presidential campaign take a hit?
We live in a country lousy with guns and bloody with gun-related violence, manifest two weeks ago in a Kentucky 5-year-old’s fatal shooting of his 2-year-old sister, evident over the weekend in a hail of bullets at a Mother’s Day parade in New Orleans.

After all, the fates altered most profoundly by the attack weren’t his or Clinton’s or any other pol’s, but rather those of the four lost Americans: Christopher Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith.
“We dishonor them,” Obama said, “when we turn things like this into a political circus.” Indeed. But it’s what we turn almost everything into.

Just a reality check for Frank, Barack Obama handed over the dope trade in America to MS 13 and Chicago is running in blood in disorganized dope wars for more Wall Street profits, and Frank never questioned why Obama did not stop it.
Frank never said a word about Obama Clinton arming his ISIS terrorists in Jordan, out of Turkey with Libyan weapons, and Chris Stephens was sent into Benghazi to get those weapons back, in another murderous Obama foreign policy of community organized communist Muslims.

Frank gets that wrong too, as this is not a circus, it is a disgusting orgy, and he is taking part in it, because that is why he was hired, what he is paid for and what he adds to the orgasm in the erotic asphyxiation of American decency.

I honestly could not sell my soul the way these queers do in media. I could not lie to people the way they do and manipulate them. I could not do all of that and then pretend to have morals or care about the welfare of other humans.

A 55 year old fag trying to con the public he is 30 years old. He can't even be honest about that.



It's just Justfied

 As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The condemnation of weak men is that they have to preface statements by saying they are objective or recuse themselves for bias. In the Lame Cherry world, I admit my prejudice and bias, and still judge correctly, as here am I, one of the few moral people alive.

- Lame Cherry

I preface this with, I like Lyndon Johnson. His listening to the inept Robert Wall Street McNamara, a Kennedy wonk, got two of my relatives killed in the Vietnam War, but I still like the man, as I know what made him tick. Lyndon was always that little Texas boy of the pans, who wanted his mama to love him, and she never would unless he done good.

There has been filtering through  the fringe media for some time, a story that President Lyndon Johnson, after leaving office, not only had a heart attack, but also began confessing to a psychiatrist, the sins of his past. No one ever rose in big league, big money politics, without manipulating elections, breaking numbers of commandments, taking bribes and at the top totem, having a number of people killed or your associates killing a number of people for you, to protect their interests in your being President.

The center of the story about LBJ going nuts before he died, centers around Lyndon Johnson's fixer team in Texas. The Fixers, were a lawyer group, led by an early Johnson legal adviser in Edward Aubrey Clark. Clark did not need to know where the bodies were buried, because the dead, were all buried in public cemeteries and their deaths were all explained away by Texas Sheriff's, The Dallas Police and the Warren Commission.
Some say Lyndon Johnson murdered John Kennedy. I maintain that a group of internationalists, with the sanction of Dwight Eisenhower, coordinated by Mosaad, framed about everyone in government in the United States in complicity, so Tel Aviv could get the nuclear bomb, and Lyndon Johnson was just a component in it, and in his interests over Texas cotton bribes, covered it all up so he would not go to prison, any more than the rest of them.

I do not believe Lyndon Johnson was ever insane. He had psychotic episodes, but his entire after life in growing his hair long like the dopers, was Lyndon just wanting to be loved by them and wanting an America which they would have peace in.

Who Johnson's psychiatrist was, is really of no matter, as he is probably dead, was a Johnson loyalist and his thoughts or notes, were something which never would see the light of any investigation or day, as their appearing 100 years from now, would only confirm that a cartel was active and still is active in setting the course of human events.

Edward Aubrey Clark
Ed Clark's attorney and couragous author of Blood Money and Power, Barr McCllelan, may have some idea, but another possibility of those still around may be one Dr. Curtis Haley, general practitioner of San Ausgustine, according to information a close personal friend of Ed Clark. Also mentioned was Dr. Joe Thomas Nelson (1923-77), a GP of Weatherford Texas who with Claudia Taylor"Lady Bird"Johnson and Ed Clark were on the University of Texas Board of Regents in the 1971-77 period. Drs. Nelson and Haley were 1951 Baylor graduates and may have an in-law relationship.
I have been looking at Ed Clark on and off for years in relation to King Ranch and other Texans in Australian politics (eg Bernie Houghton of the CIA and Nugan Hand and John Connally in the 1975 Whitlam coup)...and note that in 1972 Clark ran the campaign of Republican John Tower to the Senate and the Texas campaign of Nixon vs McGovern. In 1974 Nixon named Clark to the General Adivisory Committee of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency(source Texas Handbook online).
Of course Don Thomas of Clark Thomas Winters and Newtown would according to Barr McClelland know of the psychiatrist
and his trust fund. Clark's apparent legal protege Thomas P. Newton UT regent 1979-85 would be of interest as well.
An interesting area of enquiry. I await Caro's final volume of LBJ biography, but note that he will only admit in previous volumes that Johnson would "do anything" to achieve his goals.

The source of the Johnson psychiatrist stories was Attorney Barr McClellan, and associate and later partner of the Clark law firm. McClellan enjoyed in Texas some might large ambulance chasing profits while knowing Johnson secrets. In short, that kind of success meant McClellan was associating with Texas Big Oil, linked to the CIA, linked to a key figure in the Kennedy assassination, the handler of Dwight David Eisenhower, in Prescott Bush.

Barr McClellan
McClellan became a full partner in the firm in 1972 and left after a dispute with Ed Clark. McClellan claimed that Don Thomas, one of the partners, revealed to him in 1973 the truth about the president’s murder. Thomas allegedly said that LBJ confessed to him a month before his death that he had ordered attorney Ed Clark to organize the assassination of Kennedy. LBJ had also confessed this to his psychiatrist while being treated for depression. Thomas also claimed that LBJ asked him to reveal the truth to the world after he was dead to redeem himself from guilt. McClellan was astounded by these revelations but kept quiet until after Thomas’s death. In fact, at the 40th anniversary when the book was published, no one was around to contradict him. Not LBJ, not Thomas, not Clark, and of course, not the LBJ constant, Mac Wallace, who died in a car accident in 1971. That makes it kind of convenient to go on TV and say you knew Johnson killed John Kennedy.

McClellan eventually resigned from the firm after a dispute with Edward Clark. In 1977 he established his own law firm. Some of McClellan notable cases include litigation for exploding Ford Pintos, tobacco-caused expenses on the health care system and the licensing and regulation of cell phones. He also obtained a Supreme Court ruling to protect parklands from freeways.
McClellan is the father of Scott McClellan, the White House press secretary, and Mark McClellan, the Food and Drug Administration Commissioner.

Barr McClellan was letting loose on his salvos of JFK conspiracies, and in this, it never once entered into the confirmation or did the political media left, ever bring up that reality when his son, Scott McClellan, took over from Tony Snow as White House Press Secretary, appearing for President George W. Bush.

George W. Bush - Scott McClellan

See people get lost in the sexy of stories, like psychiatrists and crazy LBJ, and here is the son of a tin foil hat conspiracy peddler, in Barr McClellan, and the press never says a word to run McClellan out of town to embarrass George W. Bush.
How much do you want to bet that Barr McClellan, in pointing the fingers at LBJ as the ringleader of the JFK assassination, was settling a score for the Bush family, for the CIA and this was all about something else, other than a couch with LBJ on it.

There are many nuances of the JFK assassination. President Lyndon Johnson was quite adamant in questioning FBI Director Herbert Hoover if anyone had been shooting at him in the motorcade at Dallas on that day.

That does not provide innocence as some claim, it simply indicates that LBJ was wondering if someone had tried to take him out too, on November 23rd, 1963 AD in the year of our Lord.

 It is sound reasoning that Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy, who was on the fringes of this JFK assassination. Someone who was on Johnson's fringe was Mac Wallace, a rather Jewish looking young man who had a talent for murdering people who were problems for LBJ. Rumor had had it that a fingerprint discovered on the 6th Floor of the Texas School Book Depository, was Mac Wallace's. He had been there at the very least setting up reconnaissance of the sniper's nest or constructing it. The same nest that would frame Lee Harvey Oswald and capture in released photos the young son of Prescott Bush, on the sidewalk outside the depository, who had been asked to appear there, by the group behind this assassination, as a leverage to keep the Bush family honest.

For all his loyal work for LBJ, Mac Wallace would meet a murderous end. Logic would conclude, like many Clinton associates, he knew too much about things which went locked and loaded in the night, and like hundreds of other Dallas citizens, he met a sooner than later end, for what he witnessed and heard.

Malcolm Mac Wallace

There is an interesting Roger Stone posting on this, in which Stone taunts Lyndon Johnson's holier than thou, press secretary in Bill Moyers, to write what he knew of Lyndon Baines Johnson. When the McClellan sourced assassination theory hit the History Channel, a most interesting group of people appeared, in Bill Moyers, Jake Valenti of Hollywood, Gerald Ford and the Johnson family all appeared to demand the documentary never appear again. It vanished. But this interesting Warren Commission group was led by President Gerald Ford, another man I like, but who helped shape the Kennedy cover up, and when Richard Nixon was taken out in a plumbers coup, Nixon chose the man the cartel chose in Gerald Ford to protect him, and ensure that the secrets of Dallas were kept.

Bill Moyers has always been a sanctimonious leftist toady, and he deserves Roger Stone taunting him, as Moyers is the political godfather of Jimmy Carter, who thought his sins did not stink, but every one else's like Donald Trump's smorgasbord is shit on a platter.

Bill Moyers is obviously a man not ready to deal with the terrible truth about Lyndon Johnson. A prime example of this was in 2003 when the History Channel ran a series on the JFK assassination that dealt with the role of Lyndon Johnson in the murder of John Kennedy. It was called The Men Who Killed Kennedy: The Guilty Men, episodes 7, 8 and 9.
Moyers, Valenti and Gerald Ford and the Johnson family went ballistic and demanded that the series, one of the most insightful ever on the JFK assassination, be ripped down off of TV. The History Channel in a spectacularly craven act of folding to political pressure complied.
The truth had hit home.
Jack Valenti, the man who married LBJ's secretary then continued to let Johnson sleep with her, was the man in Hollywood who was also orchestrating the media's vicious attacks on Oliver Stone's JFK, a movie that implied LBJ's participation in the JFK assassination. Those attacks by an army of CIA media assets were occurring full throttle 6 months before the movie JFK was even released at Christmas, 1991.

Moyers and his fellow Johnson coup plotters, actually revealed they contemplated taking Lyndon Johnson out. The legal way with the Constitution, like you hear democrats and those #NeverTrumpers after 45. Moyers and his confederates wanted to make Johnson a lunatic, with all sorts of back chair couch diagnosis.

Johnson was not a paranoid or long suppressed irrationality. Johnson just had psychotic episodes which manifested in violence when under pressure. Johnson's pressure point he was fixated on was not Vietnam. Vietnam was important, but like cheating on your wife was a moral problem, when you find out you got terminal cancer.
Johnson's terminal cancer was World War III, nuclear war. Someone told Lyndon Johnson that, and it was not the Pentagon as he thought them asstards.

Anyway the Moyer's Knoll was about taking Johnson out on nuttery, but he never made his move, because knew Johnson was the best pathological liar ever........not really, he was just a Southerner who like all Southerners can sell sweet when it is sour owl shit. Johnson would have just said, "How could them young boys have betrayed me as I was keeping all their vaginas safe to be violated by tampons".

All three doctors offered essentially the same opinion: that Johnson's behavior - if the layman's descriptions we provided were accurate -seemed to correspond to a textbook case of paranoid disintegration, the eruption of long-suppressed irrationalities."

The thing is powerful men or men in powerful positions are all the same, in over their heads, in good times and bad times, and in good times, they think they are the magicians making the tricks work and in bad times they think the pretty assistants are the ones who screwed their pooch.

It is why they all act the same and the penis profile geniuses who wrote the right lies to get the job next to powerful people, all pass judgment who got them all their pretty things. Odd how moral those people are who could not see wrong when they were serving the darkness, but out from under the protective cover, they become the righteous judges of their former lords.

Last night I spoke at the annual dinner of the Century. I sat next to Mac Bundy and we discussed, among other things, the Khrushchev memoirs. I remarked on the curious resemblance between Khrushchev's account of the life around Stalin - the domineering and obsessive dictator, the total boredom of the social occasions revolving around him, the horror when invited to attend and the even greater horror when not invited - and Albert Speer's account of the life around Hitler. Mac said, "When I read Khrushchev, I was reminded of something else in addition - my last days in the White House with LBJ." [Schlesinger, Journals, p. 333]

You think about it, John Kennedy was put down over 50 year ago and his brother was put down by the same folks, and it is still the same folks using John Kennedy's rotten cadaver as a bat to beat on dead Lyndon Johnson.

Nobody talks about the psychology of that, but then nobody ever would bring your attention to that forensic psychology. Must be high stakes yet to dig up two corpses and use them to wail on each other.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Nuff Said


The Wagsexual Fagsexual

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Look there were signs from the beginning that George W. Bush was a bit strange in the company he kept. Sherman Skolnick made it an open secret in W swang about 90% guy and 10% Laura, as that marriage like Obama's only produced two kids who did not look like the guy on the birth certificate.

Men just do not carry on the way W does with other men, if they are not in the Obama way.

Something though changed as W. ended his presidency and started rejecting "What Jesus would do" and started expressing his attraction in public.

The infamous photo of W. goosing Michelle Obama in public, started off their love affair. It seems as George W. aged, he moved from being a fagsexual to his form of Wagsexual. George W. Bush apparently had enough of the scent of sweaty men, and the girl side came out in him, in he became the wagsexual in rubbing around on sweaty dykes and shemales for his sexual attractions.

George W. Bush by his friendships, which have become more AH HAH moments, were with men who were with black women, men who were homsexual, and women who were lesbian.

Do any of you think that a Michelle Obama or an Ellen DeGenneris, is going to hang around with a straight white, Christian, man, take heat for it from the radical left, suffer the consequences........because they like George W. Bush that much?

George W. Bush was the most boring person in Washington and Texas. He went to bed early, he conversed like an inbred who could not pronounce words and there was nothing interesting about him. DC socialites detested him, but suddenly Michelle and Ellen are fascinated by this guy?

I mean just look at the guy. No one wants to be around the 80 year old fuzz brain whose story starts with, "Yeah I got me an apple know I like apple sauce as it is easy to chew...........I'm glad my dog only licks my nuts", yes that is what it ends with, and no one wants to hear that, so what is the real agenda, as George W. is not preaching the Gospel and converting souls bent for hell.

Kind of odd is it not, in the Obama's supposedly hated W, and now they love him. The Clintons supposedly hated W and they love him too. John Kerry hates Trump, but cuddles with W on stage. Seems like all the leftists who hate America and call you deplorables, all adore George W. Bush.

Now why is that?

As he sure as hell is not hanging around with Franklin Graham.


Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Merry Christmas

I did not want to be remiss in not saying Merry Christmas to all the good children of the Lame Cherry family. Jeffrey wrote a nice letter days ago, but I have not had the time to thank him or others, as we have had unpleasant weather here, as most of the people in the world are having.

TL just mentioned to me that it did not feel like Christmas and asked me what I thought, and I agreed, as we have been through the hell of the mother and then Uncle was just eye closing wincing of what harm would come next.

He broke his word to us in not returning to his wonderful daughter's home for the winter and then decided he could play both ends against the middle against us to keep us in line, but that is not going to work with me. I was under pressure in wondering each day what he was going to yell at me for not performing to his standards, and I was really trying to not blow things as I wanted he and his family to be able to find closure and be a family again.
It came down to the last day of yelling, and honestly being put into a primate pen of people who will steal things, and I simply am not going to compete on things like that, and get blamed for things I did not do.
I probably surprised him in we did not return, and now he can have the people he chose as if we were not good enough, then his other choices will teach him a hard lesson.

I suspect that he is not going to last for a very long time. It just is a matter of things, in he had his opportunity to make things right with his children and turned into the same belligerent my dad was after he was sick and the same manipulator my mother was after she went into bitch mode.

None of that sounds like Christmas, but for the first time in years, I do not have to worry about some geezer dying on me and me being responsible for impossible decisions. So the relief is a Christmas present to us.

I do not like the weather being 20 below, but it is supposed to moderate and I will work on that too by God's Grace and Strength. The cattle are fed, birds are doing ok and the cats are good. I just miss not having the time, transportation or money to do the things that used to make winter bearable. My life used to be a world of bow hunting, duck hunting, waterfowl hunting, upland game hunting, trapping, deer hunting, ice fishing. That would take me through from September to January.
I hated January as it was a block of 4 weeks of cold. This year in 2020 I know it is as long, but it looks shorter broken up, so I am more pleased about that.

I thank the few people who have donated. I would that others would have the "Richard and Stephanie Spirit" as this would all be easier as Vikings need some good news at times too.

I know it sounds Charlie Brown, but I dislike the retail of Christmas. It starts earlier every year, because the stores are going broke, because the US economy is broke from all that money held in Wall Street, and as Katherine Austin Fitts said, "someone stole 21 trillion dollars from Americans and that money is still out there".
You know who that is, and I told you it was there long ago. I just would that Trumpland in all of his billionaires would have remembered me in the Joseph dungeon the past 4 years for solving Pharaoh's dream.

Someday I hope for a sleigh horse and TL and I will go for rides and just enjoy pleasant winter nights. I still feel my entire life has been wasted and the time has been wasted.  Even for the saving Grace of saving so many lives and changing things for good, I still wonder if it all mattered.

I am contemplating my next move as we just took out sourdough bread from the oven to warm the house up a bit more, if I will read a really poorly written book or take the laptop into an away place and re read a story I plan to torture Richard and Stephanie with. Stephanie tolerates my tales and I have not written a short story in a long time. I have another I would like to write, make a movie out of it, but that is a monetary issue, and if I have time, I wanted to write about a dozen space type adventures in short stories and publish it on Amazon. I like good short stories, as the thing I am reading now just sucks in details and cliche writing.

I think the book reading is going to win out and then I will peruse the story here to see if it is ok to send. The computer froze yesterday by NSA again, and I thought I lost the story, I forgot the name and when I opened the files, thank God it appeared, as I did not want to rewrite that much from memory.

Well it is time to fire up the afterburners and jet.

Merry Christmas, good tiding and great joy for Christ is our Savior.


The Inquiry which will change your Life

Futurus Ivanka & Sebastian Rex

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In being Lame Cherry who knows all things, I sometimes forget what it is like to be you.  I mean I never have been you in being rich, and clinging to your portfolio for validation and the money God gave you as you are terrified all the time in not knowing the future, but I do forget what it is like being you and honestly not knowing what the future is like where I reside.

It is such an uncertain place to have all those questions in your heart, having your gut clench up, your chest feel tight, you feeling nauseated and your head hurting away with a dull thud, thud, thud, as you think and you think and you think and you just can't see what is the answer to what lays ahead.

Me on the other hand, I have not been inquiring as I have been exhausted being my geezers keeper, but that all changed as the geez gave me the travel papers, and I have not been inquiring as I was tired, and that visit by Homeland asking me how I knew things as the FBI wanted to know, and their being really nice professional people, it all got sorted out...........but you know that article kept popping up again recently, and when I glanced at it, it explains all what it about in Dick Algire was saying things and that remote viewing was the source of it all.

Any way I do not remote view. I flash read. Is much faster and as I am the only person who does this or knows how to do it, and I apparently am the best at it, because if I get a solid lock on things, and no one has been screwing around like Algire wearing a groove in the matrix, as he draws stick figures, I can by God's Grace figure things out in seconds.

Like I was wondering last night what my favorite Sebastian was up to. He is a rascal that one as here the Dagger Jesuits, Clinton Jews and Steve Bannon plotted to bring down the House of Habsburg, and Sebastian Kurz arose from political death, like the phoenix from the ashes, like an apocalypse vision of a deadly wound which was healed, and that rascal wins his elections months ago, then he does not form a government.
He does though exactly as this blog predicted in bringing in the Salad Party of the greens, as he can control them, while ruling, but that rascal, which is a French word for the little creatures the hounds chase instead of the stag of the forest, that rascal does not form a government, but says it will be next year.

Have you ever heard of a politician not grabbing the power when winning? Well not since George Washington, so that makes me wonder what Sebastian is up to.

Sure the Chancellor is not roaming around indicted like Benjamin Netanyahu or being impeached liked Donald Trump, so he is really ruling now without forming a government, as let us face the facts that while he was in office for a year, he did more for White Christians than Donald Trump did in four years, and the Chancellor implemented trade deals, 5 wave deals for internet and he wears a nice set of blue jeans too, so he really does not need to form a government as the government is running on what he already accomplished.

Here is the thing though, as this is out of character, as Napoleon grabbed the crown and crowned himself, what is Herr Kurz engaged in really?

Now the question is, do you reallly want to know?

How much will you click on that donate button and make a large donation to Lame Cherry?

Think about that like your life depends on it.

Are you thinking?

Now don't try and skip down as I have diarrhea board fingers and can type all kinds of things and post here, so much so it will wear you out, and you will give up, as your eyes will blur and in the end you will miss what was the real exclusive, if it is posted here, and if not, you will be outed before God as a cheat as here you are stealing from a poor orphan girl. Shame on you.

I have been watching some good television as of late. Well not television, more like Thrift store throw away DVD's. I found the series Justified, and the casting was very good. I probably will write about that show in the future, in naming the bad casting as there were like 3 which were just stupid, otherwise it was really one of the best cast shows ever. Well, except for Timothy Oliphant or whatever his name is. I will commend him though as at least when he produced he had the sense to get out of the way. The Chinese writer though sucked. Never get a Chinaman to write about hill folk in Kentucky.

The did good though and when the big donations come in before the end of the world, I am going to cast numbers of those fine actors.


You know some of you pray very well, but some of you really need to work on the donations.

 Meanwhile back at Sebastian Kurz villa.

Say I wonder if that old guy from WND who stroked out from Obama pressure is doing ok. I sure hope so. I can't remember his name, but he had a big mustache and was named Joseph Farah. I guess he gets people to donate and he does not ever offer up neckid women.

You remember you promised now, after you said some very nasty things about me, which are going to  come back upon you in boomerang God reckoning.


The thing is that I found naked women on Justified slowed the story down and sex with Tim Oliphant really dragged the show down. Anyway, I suppose you wondered what nucleus was. That is what Sebastian Kurz is waiting for.
The dates I was getting from the matrix was something about February, but inquiry was pointing to something earlier next year, something economic. Now I did not ask about violent things as I did not have time. What I felt off the matrix was he is waiting for an event which is going to cause upheaval, at which time he will form a nucleus in the cell of Europe.
Think of it more as you have the European Union and inside of that the Chancellor is going to form a super state of stabilizing nations, which he will lead, probably numbering 10.

10 toes and sticky clay. Not even a sex scene on Justified makes that sound inviting. Clay is like sand, don't want it no more than crackers in bed.

This is really big news really, life ending news as this progresses out, but I am not here to answer to questions. I figure the huge donations will come in and then I will have time to relax, do some really in depth inquiry and post some fantastic things.
Most of you are dumb as posts and missed a number of clues provided here so you could do some reading up before I return from my relaxing time not worrying about bills, money, the cold or if geez is going to shoot me, as I figure he is pissed in not getting his way.

Wouldn't it be lovely if Futurus Ivanka dumped Jared, and married Sebastian Rex, and both Europe and the United States were ruled under one matrimonial bed, and their best friend was President Vladimir Putin? With a Christian leadership like that, the world would be at peace. Yes for balance Vladimir is Orthodox, Sebastian Catholic and Ivanka could convert again to Lutheran.

OK am waiting on the donations before the big bang, and I promise Jared that I have not yet written the time line, not heard from God for Ivanka and Sebastian to union. Just did the inquiry and if you are too dense to know what the above means, then what is money going to do you anyway.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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John Durham says there is a Missing Link in Russian Collusion

“We do not agree with some of the report’s conclusions as to the predication and how the FBI case was opened.”

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When United States Attorney, John Dunham says "we", he is not using a collective like the "We are not amused", but the "we" in John Dunham's investigative world is a group of professionals unlike the nappy headed nit worshipers of messiah Obama, involved in the witch hunt against Donald Trump via Protector of America, Robert Mueller.

The faces in this crowd do not need to frame people like Donald Trump or entrap people like Michael Flynn. These are the faces that do not make reaches or assumptions. They find the facts and indict on the facts.

This is not Lisa Page in sweats or Peter Strzok with shopping bags having affairs. This is not James Comey or John Brennan in too often pressed cheap suits. These are people who even their shirts can stand up in the corner.

Fox News

US Attorney Durham, by actions and words, has revealed a greater revelation than the Department of Justice's Inspector General's Report.
The IG has authority to only investigate the DOJ. That leaves out CIA and every other entity in United States Government. That is what John Durham stated in his comments refuting the IG's report, as his investigation, included foreign intelligence and officials, and they have revealed information which does not match what the DOJ inside evidence reveals.

Predication is what John Durham utilized to challenge the IG. Predication is a conclusion based upon a series of events. John Durham has refuted the IG that how the investigation of the FBI opening the case of "Russian Collusion" is not how it really began.

A wide-ranging investigation by the Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general (IG) found that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) deliberately doctored evidence it presented to the nation’s top spy court in order to gain authority to spy on a key Trump affiliate.

What Durham is informing the world is that there is something bigger, than the FBI through their legal counsel named Clinesmith, was framing Donald Trump for Barack Obama. Clinesmith is a direct link to James Baker who was an intimate of Director James Comey.
Remember the Comey Baker connection, as this is where the FISA warrant began with Clinesmith, according to the IG and according to released information.

At the time, Clinesmith worked under James Baker, the FBI General Counsel who was a close confidant of fired former director James Comey. Baker was one of a slew of former deputies who resigned or were fired as the Russia collusion hoax imploded. In his report, the Horowitz referred Clinesmith to DOJ authorities for criminal prosecution. 

In what is common knowledge in the DOJ, Durham has discovered something in foreign sources, that the move against Donald Trump started somewhere else than what the FBI files and testimony reveal.

We know that before Operation Crossfire Hurricane, Peter Strzok and another FBI agent were in London trolling for information, and it was this reality, under the direct authority of CIA Director John Brennan, that the Strzok contacts were MI6 in London. The focus of this was Carter Page, who was an FBI asset and was being framed at the beginning of this Russian Collusion cover too.

While DOJ lawyer Stuart Evans was shutting down the Clinesmith fabrications in the first round of FISA applications, it is evident now that something else was pushing this, and as John Brennan has been ranting about Trump being a pervert, a second dossier, it appears that there was NSA intelligence as much as other foreign intelligence who were producing salacious raw intelligence, which was brainwashing James Comey and John Brennan.

This Lame Cherry has stated that Peter Strzok appears to have been part of some Internal Affairs inside Internal Affairs, tracking some person or group of traitors of spies. As no arrests have ever been made and Robert Mueller was fixated on protecting the identity of a Missing Link, who had a part in moving this internal review along, as the conduit of it was the deliberate introduction of Paul Manafort and Ukrainian contacts, and this all comes back to Ukraine election tampering.
The Lame Cherry conclusion inside this sphere was that Donald Trump was used as bait, and that John Durham has discovered what element, with a wink and a nod, for Barack Hussein Obama, was telling James Comey and John Brennan, what they expected to hear.

John Durham's statement is damning, because the IG recommended Clinesmith for criminal prosecution. Clinesmith behind bars, the engineer of Russian Collusion, and John Durham says there is another Conductor.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Didn't hear that from any other sod now did you, you non donors, so get to donating, or do you like following around asstards who make you look like fools.

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Mika's Gumby Spot for Donald Trump

Ho Ho Ho!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter

I wonder where the Secret Service is, as it is always absent with Croc State conspirators are threatening the President, as Joe Scarborough in another Delusion of Grandeur, has announced he is going to destroy Donald Trump.

The crime was that candidate Trump mocked Mika Brzezinski.

If readers need a reminder who Mika is. Mika is the daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was  Jimmy Carter's security adviser, who bragged he created the Soviet genocide in Afghanistan, and is the source of Islamic Terrorism, as this Pole had a fixation on making war on the Soviet Union.
The Soviet Union is gone, but America is now the nation fighting Brzezinski's terrorism.

Scarborough Virtually Admits: I Aim to Destroy Trump Cause He Mocked Mika   nwsbstrs 

Yes Mika Brzezinski is the daughter of the horrid man who brought about 9 11, the worst attack on American in history.

Mika is also the girl who Charlie Rose said, before he was ruined for being a pervert, who used to run and play with his balls, as her father played with Charlie on the tennis court.

I had forgotten as everyone has, in what Donald Trump was mocking this homely woman about, as the only reason she ever got a job at Dan Rather's Fake News CBS is she was Zbig's daughter. What Trump said in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, as Mika was being manly in trying to take down Donald Trump, was she was bleeding badly from a bad face lift. I have added the bad face lift, as I thought the point of a face lift was to look better, and not look like Ivan the KGB Cross Dressing Agent.

Joe Scarborough must have a thing for KGB men as this is what he put his order in for, and as he has sex with this thing, this must be the sinister thing he gets wood over........then again, in looking at Joe Scarborough, I wonder what woman would get hot over something that looked like Gumby from claymation.
Who knows, maybe all Mika had as a perverted menstrating teen was a Gumby to stick up the whazoo. Zbig would come home, hear squeals and Mika would call out, "Oh I am just playing with Gumby, my father if international Muslim Terrroism".


Was the swollen Gumby spot so much that Mika wanted her adulterous man to look like synthetic rubber in what she used to dive him head first to that fishy scented area, and now Joe has taken over for the cartoon character.

The thing is when it is racism against White People, in hatred, as Joe Scarborough or the Quadroon in Obama that Scarborough defended. Obama can call Sarah Palin a pig with lipstick on her, and Joe was just fine with the horrid attack on a woman.

Yes a Designer Negro, in Joe Scarborough's mind, could politically rape a White woman, as Joe has no sensitivity to that kind of malicious attack.

Scarborough though could call Barack Hussein Obama a dumb nigger in public, but again, that kind of racism is the thing his kind gets away with, all because he is the dildo to the daughter who created modern international terrorism.

I ponder in shuttering revulsion what the life story of Joe and Mika are behind closed doors that Hollywood would make. What kind of people are attracted to each other, because one looks like a Gumby dildo and the other looks a cross dressing KGB thug?

But that not being enough, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski in their sexual lusts, transform themselves to cartoon characters of Shermie and Mr. Peabody. So Mika has the hots for little boys and Joe has the leg tingling for women who look like dogs.

On Criminal Minds in forensic psychology, they would have a scene of these lustful duos involved in things that even the censors do not have a name for it, as people become what they are attracted to in first sexual experience.
That is what it appears by what these two gravitated to in each other and transformed themselves into for the other.

I do wonder if online someplace there is a porn site featuring Shermie and Peabody things, and if this couple has it downloaded to their big screen as foreplay.

Hmm do they hire people to play their parents to knock on the door, or do they have some illegal hired for that.

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