Friday, February 5, 2016

Crooked Cruz Crooked Clinton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Officially today, after hearing Ted Cruz lie about and smear Donald Trump, that he was the "kinda guy who would nuke Denmark I have come to the point of reality that I do not just dislike Ted Cruz, but I hate Ted Cruz.
I will not vote for Ted Cruz is Jesus Christ was His VP and I would vote for that communist Bernie Sanders who has been described by a reporter who knew him from the time he could still get erections as, Bernie is prick and and asshole, with absolutely no sense of humor.

I got this forwarded to me by the Iowa Secretary of State's Office, and it might surprise you that Iowa does not have an election, so it is not overseen by the Sec. of State.

Thank you for contacting the Iowa Secretary of State and I apologize that you had a frustrating experience. The Iowa Democratic Party and the Republican Party of Iowa conduct the Iowa precinct caucuses. While the caucuses are very significant in the Presidential nominating process, they are not an actual election, and thus are not conducted by the office of the Iowa Secretary of State.

You may wish to address your complaint to:

The Iowa Democratic Party at 515-244-7292


The Republican Party of Iowa at 515-282-8105

No wonder people were being bused into Iowa, no wonder Trump voters were locked out, no wonder Cruz had kidnapped Carson voters, no wonder ballots were flying around like welfare checks for Mexicans, it is because the entire Iowa Caucus is nothing but a damn criminal fraud.

The Des Moines Register is calling for an audit on the Democrat side, as the Sanders campaign has been doing spot checks and nothing in the voting matches what the outcome was. In other words, what Ted Cruz was doing with Marco Rubio in the GOP, Hillary Clinton was doing with the Democrats.

This really upsets me, not the vote fraud, but that these traitors to America, have now tainted the election process so completely that no one believes  the results, so literally there is no continuity of regime, in the people are not going to support anything of this mafia. They will cheat on their taxes, when a cop gets shot they will see nothing, and when they get called to fight, they will just hide behind some bush and let some other dunce die for his know what blacks have been doing since the Union let them into the Army.

Rince Prebus or whatever that fag of the GOP is, said he is not going to get involved. Sean Homo Hannity was certifying this election fraud as it stole a victory of Big Koch Cruz and Rubio. It is all criminal and Hillary Clinton is the equal of them all.
I found myself thinking of Donald Trump's line of shooting a  reporter and no one would care........hell right now if Donald Trump shot Ted Cruz, everyone would celebrate and I would like to see Baron show up with a bat make Sean Hannity shit it.

This is what the call for 40 million loaded guns for Donald Trump is about. The establishment just stole the Iowa vote from Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. This only going to get worse and is the nightmare of nightmares.

The only positive in this, is everyone is witnessing what an insufferable ass Ted Cruz is, and he is going to be Fidel Castro in throwing people from the right and left into prison, and what happened in Oregon is going to have Bernie Sanders and Jeb Bush laying in their own blood, as a Cruz police state unleashes on everyone, just as Cruz is now.

I honestly never thought there were things more evil than Red Square voting in 1960, and communists like Bernie Sanders and Socialists like Jeb Bush, but with this Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz treachery in Iowa, they literally are guilty of treason in being traitors to America, and should be hung by a military tribunal.

Iowa margin shifts as errors found...

Clinton camp trying to shut down questions...

Rubio under attack as primary race heats up...

BUCHANAN: He's a malleable man of maneuver...

SCRIPTED: Exact same speech, jokes, quips...


You know this is bad if Ron Paul has to weigh in and tell his head up the supporters that they should not be gravitating to this crook Ted Cruz.



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you can not do one good thing each day, then the day has been wasted on evil.

- Lame Cherry

Long ago, in a poetic life, I had dreams which were destroyed, as most of my life has been. In that dream, I had a very expensive scanner which now sits entombed here, but there was a lovely little program from ULEAD on it, called IPHOTO PLUS.
It is impossible to find this program, and as the computer had no disc drive, it was not going to be loaded off my disc for an install. The reason I liked it, it is retardo simple in it does a pretty good job on pictures and in scanning them if people still have that antiquated means.
What I liked about the original is that when I do photoshop work, I could travel back and forth between Paint Shop Pro and IPHOTO by copy and paste. It made it easier to resize.

Well I found IPHOTO in the version below which I did download and it does work on install.

IPhoto Plus 1.2

You will require though a RAR extractor.........the RAR is an invention by the Russians which was brilliant beyond what the Americans lay claim to. Yes Mother Russia created a better file compression system, which does not corrupt files like Zip files are prone to.

So I found a free RAR extractor, and installed it here in a test, and tested it and it works, with no annoying toolbars or other crap. That would be called EXTRACT NOW.

Extract Now

What I am going to tell you now is simple and that is to do what I do in go and get some cheap Flash Drives, download these free files, the ones you like and work on your computer, save them. That way when you crash and burn, you will have all of this saved and can install it easily.
Back in day, I had quite a few files, but my drive crashed and all I had was dial up, so I could not save all these files which then turned into this sh*t of toolbar and spyware installations. The current WordWeb monitors if you fly on jets each year, which means you are a richtard, and then it blocks you. That is one feature I would like to have in the thieves on this site who keep stealing information from me when they are rich enough to donate a big wad of cash or the people who think that donating is a license to get on the pony and abuse it.

Any way, these files do work. The Extract Now is really nice. The IPhoto is pretty close to the one I have, and you can paste photos in it, by the clipboard feature, which is what I found was different than mine. It is better than nothing, and being free it is better than most of the expensive programs.

So this Vetusware site is a good site. I found one file that was corrupted, but that is normal. It certainly is a million times better than the softronic type sites in all their confusing ads. You do have to register which means one of your dump email addresses, and they send you a password, and as I just did this today without any problems, it is voila and done.


If Blogger allowed file uploads, I would put a number of the small ones I have here, just because things should not disappear. Long ago I had a free program of the stars, which I could set in motion and it showed all the constellations, planets and I think even eclipses. Is gone now as that was a floppy disc era, and was too big for that.

But if you have programs you like, save them to a Flashdrive, as the older versions are superior in using less resources. It save a great deal of effort and frowning, to find things which work, as nothing is worse than the error reads I get when I need a program.

Freeware is the best ware and you will be surprised how many expensive programs show up in old scanner boxes and things in junk stores. I picked up for 80 cents a few weeks ago, a complete sign language course.

Anyway got to gotta.

Nuff Said


I Weep for the West which was

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You Americans and peoples of the West, you are a base and deviant animal
overflowing with wickedness, so great that when God sends a deliverer,
in Donald Trump, you try to assassinate him and ban him from you lands.

You are a base and deviant stock, who are without bounds and can not
even keep your own borders secure. You are reprobate and your only hope
is a Jehu to whip you into a semblance of mankind, made to stand on your
hind legs, or you will be forever in the bondage of the beast of burden
you are.

You work, and you have not. You welfare and you desire more. Yet the
only desires you have are wantonness for the Love of God is not in you.

Like at Horeb, you fashioned yourselves a false messiah, and turned your
glory into blasphemy. You are people destroyed for a lack of knowledge,
and the knowledge which you worship is apostate.

You are a carnal people, not bathed in natal blood, fresh from the
virgin daughter's womb, but you are a carnal people, anointed in th
excrement of sodomy and the butcher's blood of aborticide.

You are a beast led to genocide by your owners, for you have sold
yourselves to debt in your indulgence and the modesty which you display
is that of a whore.

You are lawless and you have nothing but lawless leaders. Where they do
not lead you astray, you push them to greater depravities. You speak of
the sins of Sodom. The sins of Hitler as you holier than thou cries, but
the reality is that Sodom and Hitler have been justified, for your
degenerate and murderous ways are the greater abomination than those you
condemn from antiquity. You are sin. Your god is currency and that is
why debt is your cruel master.

God gave you the Way to Life, but you aborted that Way and took for your
nations the way of death. The Love of God is not in you, but the lust of
yourselves is.
You are corrupt and there is no remedy for you. For storm does not make
you repent. Terrorism does not make you repent. Invasion does not make
you repent. The murder of your few saintly leaders the Lord raises up to
bring you to the greatness you claim you desire again, you cheer when
they are slaughtered. You call the Prophet insane and being so brutish
you do not even recognize the identity of what you are.

Shall a sour apple tree produce sweet fruit the next season? Shall a
rabid dog be cured next week and be kind? This your malady Americans,
you are a kind, a disease, a leopard which can not change your spots,
for you are in the practice of sin, and the masters of it.
You are ignorant, arrogant and base, from Sidney, to San Francisco, to
DC, to London, to Paris, to Stockholm, to Berlin, to Rome. You are a
people aged in sin, and have not become a vintage sweet, but are rancid
past your days, and nothing but pure poison.

You allow your regimes to steal your lands. You allow your regimes to
import Muslim and Latin slave labor to replace you. You allow your women
raped by foreigners. You allow your children to be murdered by invaders,
and all you are is the revelation in a stock which is trained to bleat
and bawl, for God does not matter to you, nor does the Liberty He
bestows to worship Him in living a moral life.

You are sickness, you are disease, you are a plague, you are a pandemic.
The peoples of the east look upon you as disgusting carrion to be
removed, and they arm themselves to that end, while your aristocrats
seeking to be their own immortal gods, seek a war which they can not die
from, but a war in which you will be the carcase of the land.

I care not for you. I would care for you if you were my cattle or my
pets. I would care for you if you were my cabbage in the garden, but you
are not mine. You are satan's own and you have willingly put yourself
into that bondage and fight to remain in that cell.

Do not think you are Godly. Do not bother me with your sinful
righteousness. You will have a Lord Christ at the Judgment to be
disposed of then, for now is your time of doom. I care not for you, but
I weep for the West which was.

Shall you assassinate your last hope? Shall you like the shark eat it's
own guts and keep devouring them in a circle as they pour back out from
them? I know you will murder yourselves as that is what you do each day.

The Lord looked upon the land and could find no deliverer. In time, He
raised His Almighty arm, and by that delivered a remnant, for that is
all that was left.
Blessed be the Lord God of the Christian. Bless we His Holy Name. Bless
We His Christ. Give thanks unto the Lord, for He is Good and His Mercy
endures forever. Amen and Amen.

This Witness is complete.


The Wolves Always Come Back

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For those who have been waiting for the Sand Hill Preservation catalogue for a month out of Iowa, it is not coming, which is infuriating.

It appears that the much championed US Post Office of Mr. Drowns, has been issued new marching orders from the Obama regime, to drive small businesses out of operation with new regulations to make life hell for businesses.
In the words of Mr. Drowns, it appears that the regulations are there to help spam mailers.

This all comes back to the issue of Sand Hill preaching to use the Post Office, and then like the ranchers in Oregon, getting into trouble with new regulations. The story goes that they tried to comply with the new regulations which took 3 weeks, and a new police state terrorist appeared, informed them it was all wrong, and they had to do it again.

Just so you get this, in Europe you have a hell of a time with vitamins and seeds. Swansons in North Dakota is looking to be sold, because of the same Obama regulations to bankrupt them, and Sand Hill just run into the same Big Monsanto group which is intent on only hybrids and no seed savers........well unless you are Seed Savers Iowa who Obama shows up to break bread with, and then their catalogues go out on time.

Glenn Drowns is going to run his business the way he wills, until the police state shuts him down, which is coming, as he is a competitor for the conglomerate system being set up. One day it is the Hammond's in Oregon going to prison for being ranchers, and the next day it is Glenn Drowns not sending out catalogues as the regulations are too much to deal with.
Still Mr. Drowns will not do what needs to be done in setting up a server, setting up a commerce site, setting up credit cards, because the issue is it costs money on every transaction of 1 to 5 dollars, depending on orders. The benefits being increased orders to cover costs, which are offset by no catalogues shipped, unless a smaller one inside the order mistakes as people fill out all their information and there is not any problem then with bad handwriting as I have........and there are as in poultry orders, limits a program can set so not any problems appear with too many chickens booked.

I feel sorry for Glenn Drowns. He refuses to change, and thinks that this is over, when it has just begun. Some day it will be each of you reading this on some power meter in your home,  daring to use cash when only plastic is allowed, flushing your toilet too many times, or spraying a bug with Raid.

We need Donald Trump, because he is the only one who would fix this and could, but the bleating mutton on the hoof, did nothing in Oregon, nothing in support here, but all thought they were so intelligent in eluding the wolves who always come baaaaaaaaaaaaack.


The Murder of LaVoy Finicum began with the murder of Mary Bulloch

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 2.24.24 PM

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The murder of LaVoy Finicum began long before that cold night in January in the mountains of Oregon, as old as the 1970's when money interests in sodomite companies like Disney swept into the American West and bought up huge swathes of land.

What most of you do not understand in this, is America is a nation where you have right access, or there are public right of ways. One of the greatest are creeks and rivers, in the water and the shoreline is public access. No one can bar a person from traveling on those waters and no one can stop you from walking on that shore as it is a necessity.

In the same reality, no one can sell you a lot in a city, without access to a street. The West was filled with public access, because it was vital. The government allowed all types of access in roads, and building cabins, as they wanted those BLM lands to be mined, logged, grazed and hunted, trapped and fished, as it helped develope them.
In the 1970's though, hunters and ranchers started finding conglomerates having been clever in buying all the land around BLM land. In example a corporation could buy land of a few tens of thousands of acres surrounding several hundred thousand acres of BLM land, lock the gates, threaten people, and instantly they had almost half a million acres, and they did not have to pay taxes on it.

The government soon enough built upon Theodore Roosevelt land grabbing for parks, and started the same scenario. It dated back to the burning of all the shanties  on public lands from the 1930's when people in that Great Depression took the wilderness to trap and prospect in order to survive. In the 1950's the Interior started destroying almost every one of these cabins in scorched earth.

That is what has been taking place with the Bundys in Nevada and the Hammonds in Oregon, in the BLM raises grazing fees to bankruptcy levels, shuts down access, puts the onus on ranchers to build fences to keep their cattle off of now BLM property, and if the BLM can not drive the people off the land, they drive the cattle off in destroying property, and in LaVoy Bundy's case, they murder him.

This is fundamental right of access, whether it is the high seas, rivers or your being able to access a public street, and this is being overthrown all through America, as gates appear as much as court summons against landowners who have broken no laws, but are now criminalized by new regulations to drive them off their land.

That is the story of an elderly couple named Bullock. Mary was left to run their family ranch when her husband was crippled by a horse accident. In that period of time, the federals decided to create the Escalante National Monument and surround the Bullock ranch.

One must understand the country out there, as it is like Grand Canyon in quite forbidding, and it literally is impossible to fence, as it is rock and mountains. So the Bullocks had allows grazed their cattle on their ranch, and if they got onto BLM land to graze, that was accepted by the government, because once upon a time in America, the government thought that people raising food to feed Americans was a matter of national security like them being armed was a good thing, but now with the regime, it is all about conglomerates, using the politicians they own, to appoint stooges to criminalize Americans off of their land, both private and public.

So the Mary Bullock's cattle were in the rough country, summer grazing, and the BLM notified her that she had to remove them by the end of August. That was impossible, and she told them if they would wait, the cattle would naturally come down in the late autumn.

The BLM was getting pressure from high up, and it stated that was not acceptable, and hired their own mercenaries and sent in their own fumduckers on horse, and ended up with a disaster in nothing being accomplished as Mary  Bullock stated.
They BLM next spent several million dollars trying to net the cattle from helicopters, again a failure.

Mary next tried to enlist the help of Art Tait, a BLM manager who was respected. He was rebuffed in all of his efforts and eventually quit his job in disgust over the mistreatment over this innocent woman.

Finally, the BLM herded up 30 head of Mary Bullock's cattle, and stole them. They loaded them up for market and sale at the auction barn.
At this, Mary with help from her neighors went to the barn, notified the other buyers what was taking place, so they could buy her cattle back. The price of course was not high enough for the BLM and they stopped the auction, and ordered the Sheriff to take custody of the cattle and feed them.

Sheriff Barney, upon being ordered to tend cows, informed Mary Bullock, that he was not going to be caught in the middle of this, and those were her cows, and she could do with them as she pleased.
Mary securing a brand on the cattle, proving they were her property, removed them and all was thought a victory, until the next day.

The next day, the US Attorney notified Mary that she had stolen "federal property" and was going to prison with a 250,000 dollar fine.

Mary Bullock and her few supporters did not cave in to FBI intimidation on her door step, and all remained where it was until the spring of 2009 AD in the year of our Lord, when BLM  Special Agent Dan Love (Yes your grass rangers not only have vehicles you pay for, uniforms you pay for, but lots of guns too, and literally are paramilitary) for he assembled an army of hundreds of federal agents in a predawn raid, dragging people from their homes to the horror of their children, in direct violation of Constitutional Sheriff Law.

Arrested and jailed with others, Mary Bullock was released, but threatened to never set foot on her land again, as was her attorney and her supporters. The net result is Mary was bankrupted with fines, exactly as the Hammond family and others have been by this police state persecution.
The BLM then came in with helicopters and shot every cow they could find, as they started on the Bundy ranch before the stand off stopped them.

That is where Mary Bullock's story ends, because the stress killed this woman of 55 years of age. Unsettlingly, 55 years of age was the age of LaVoy Finicum when he was murdered to by the federal police state.

It disgusts me the comments I have read from trolls on DailyKos and other Obama sites, cheering the murder of Americans, and their thinking it is a joke of sending condoms to Oregon, because LaVoy Finicum and Ammon Bundy did not just appear in Oregon by chance. These Americans have watched these assaults, have been bullied and beaten by the police state, and knew that it was the same Dan Love of the BLM who drove Mary Bullock off her land and ended in her homicide, who was appointed after that success as a reward to drive the Bundy family off of their ranch in Nevada.

It is a reality, if any of you surrounded someones home, started stealing their property and reselling it, and caused so much stress that person died, you would be in prison. Yet when it comes to Special Agent Dan Love and Special Agent Gregory Bretzing, the police state rewards them with bonuses for beating up and murdering Americans.

That is the reality of all of this and it makes normal people want to vomit. That is what was behind the Bundy and Finicums, along with those in Oregon, as they knew what happened to Mary Bullock and knew what was still happening to other Americans under seige.

Now you know the murder of LaVoy Finicum began years before, with the murder of an American woman named Mary Bullock. The liberals cheer and one day the liberals will be the ones shot down like blacks are in the streets in this out of control police state.

There is never going to be enough said about this.



Sociopath Mark Zuckerberg

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been hearing about the Mockingbird making Mark Zuckerberg from Jacob Greenberg, who is the grandson of David Rockefeller.

First, I can not see what difference it really makes if the data miner is a Rockefeller Ashkenaz traitor to America or another Ashekanz traitor to America, as being the data whore for the NSA is a data whore for the NSA, and nothing changes that.

This quote though from a website which tracks the heritage and net presence of Zucktard is more interesting as it is the mind of Zucktard.

Interests On Zuckerberg's Facebook page, he listed his personal interests as "openness, making things that help people connect and share what's important to them, revolutions, information flow, minimalism".

So Mark Zuckerberg who censors everything about himself, and censors Christian Americans is about openness.
The whore of the NSA, also is interested in minimalism, a philosophy which is that you have to live with 100 things or less, and no home or car. It would appear that the mountain mansion and fleet of vehicles Zucktard has, sort of violates his interests.

It is the REVOLUTIONS interest which is most disturbing as a Zuckerberg interest, as who in their right normal moral minds, is drawn to processes of anarchy will have destroyed millions of people, unless of course your infatuation is for a Designer Negro, of Black Liberation, sown in Latin American Revolution, by the Jesuits and created by the Ashekanz in Marxism.

What you are missing is how Zucktard's mind works, exactly like all the changelings in the Obama regime. What image Obama and Zuckerberg are engaged in, is a lab rat experiment of their theory to make a world "perfect" which has injured their little girl psyches.
Zuckerberg is a sociopath, created by his psyche job mummy and his motherboard brain doc dentist old man. What you are looking at is a pattern of sociopaths from Val-erie Jarrett, the exact same sociopathic nature, exactly duplicated in the Obamachurian, and all these other sociopaths from that Samantha Powers to John Kerry.
What you are witnessing is an entire group of adults fused as children, attempting to remake the world in the polar opposite of freedom, liberty and morals of individual rights, to the community organized collective. They gravitated to each other, as readily as an acid addict toward as stash of LSD.

You have no more reality, nor humanness, than a piece on a game board. It is the objective reorganizing the game at all costs, destroying 6000 years of civilization, which these emotional mutants can not connect with.

What you are experiencing is a Caligula or Stalin neurosis, but now on a global scale in thinking of 7 billion people with no more thought than bacteria in a petri dish.

There is a genus of psychotics assembled at key points of control of the human population, and these unhappy children in being too cowardly to commit suicide, and longing for their own abortive state not engaged in by their egg and sperm donors, so the "change they believe in" is the genocide of everything which has created what is termed civilization, the rights of the individual as God intended for the community organ directed by the feudal elite few.

It is not something which will probably be allowed to remain for public view in the psychotic profession of Mark Zuckerberg, but this inferior mind slipped up and revealed the true nature of this mass insanity.

It does not matter what Mark Zuckerberg is related to, it matters what these sociopaths are in the process of in making us a lab experiment in our genocide.


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Marco Bi Rubio

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Disgustingly it is another broken story in the Taco Kings of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Ted is the Havana Assassin lynching Nigs like Dr. Ben Carson, and Marco is the fancy pants boy who sits on both the male and female laps.

Look At The Body Language And Boots
Is Marco Rubio Gay? Did He Attend Gay Parties In Miami?
Wayne Madsen - Marco Rubio's Homosexual Duplicity
Vanity Fair On 'Bubble Boy's' Too Sleek Black Boots

There have been numerous rumors floating around about Rubio in his zipper problems. The Jeb Bush people kept spreading information that a female South Carolina lobbyist in DC was getting the pool boy treatment, along with a harem of other women. Rubio had to spend a fortune trying to knock those rumors down.....if they are not true, then why spend the money.

It all sort of stands to reason as Marco has good taste in hot women, like his bottle blonde wife, who likes to show up at schools or something, in short skirts, flashing her snatch off like a cougar in waiting


You know when you look at a man like Donald Trump, by his marrying women, that he likes women and wants forever relationship as he marries them, and is not a bed hopper. With Rafael Ted Cruz, you can see he abuses women.......his wife like Michelle Obama will not lip kiss him in public, because she was thinking about throwing herself in front of trains too many nights.

With Marco Rubio, you just have that Obama thing going on, not in the foreign agent, but that bi sexual feces penis scent thing going on. He got the wife,  bottle blonde as she likes men who like trophy wives, and you got the rumors of Marco running his pool pole into every body's deep end, as the MSM keeps running stories trying to pull Rubio out of the closet like Obama, as the GOP fag president that everyone can f*ck.

I personally do not want a Havana Assassin who lynches Nigs in Iowa in  Ted Cruz, and I do not want a Havana Pool Boy, even if the closeted Rush Limbaugh, who kind of blurted out on his program that "he knows these men well" which sounded more like "intimately'.........but then who knows, maybe that suitcase full of Viagra that Limbaugh was hauling to the Caribbean was for his pals Marco and Rafael as they were all in the hot tub watching Kiefer Sutherland get all hot and sweaty in roughing up bad Rush, Ted and Marco splash water at each other......well maybe just Ted and Marco as Rush is deep paddling under the waves checking out the Taco Kings rudders.

Now you know all the rumors which have been swirling around, and in Cruz's case he has been proven a crook, in Rubio's case it sure looks steamy fresh in some pregnant guy showing up next.

Stay tuned.

Let us all sing for the scent of cock on the breath is in the air.

Los del Rio - Macarena (Original Video) [HD] - YouTube

É possível avaliar quando o vídeo for alugado. Los del Rio - Macarena

In case you do not like to sing, we aim to please as we can just watch the Marco video.

Cock on ur breath - YouTube

Cock on ur breath ... Cock Blockin! - Duration: ... "House of Cards" stars discuss filming explosive Season 2 scene - Duration: ...

Maybe that is why Marco Rubio says he is getting out of the Senate as it would take him 30 years to get a chair, because he only likes big titty bimbos and young man cock, and not the viagra aftertaste of Mitch McConnnell