Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Death of a Good Man in Judah

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Today in the Judean nation, a very devout man died in  Rabbi Aaron Yehuda Leib Shteinman with an outpouring of hundreds of thousands of Jews, who are of a sect which Jared and Ivanka Kushner lay claim to in being orthodox Jews as they raise their children in this religion which had even their daughter lecturing the President on God.

The deification of the Rabbi, which translates as "teacher" though has begun, and a pure blasphemy was stated by another Ashkenazi Rabbi, who stated that Shteinman's prayers protected people with his prayers.
Shma ye Israel, Adonai Elohenu. Adonai Echad. There is one God, one Protector, one Deliverer Whose covering hand and actions protect people. God in His Mercy and Grace hears the prayers of humans and in that same Mercy and Grace may be moved to protect those prayed for. 

"Rabbi Shteinman's death is a loss to an entire generation, of millions of Jews in Israel and the world," Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi David Lau said.
"He was the generation's leader who protected the generation with his prayers."

One of the greatest teachers of Jewry was Saul of Tarsus who lived almost 2000 years ago. His doctrinal works fill the greater part of the Christian Bible, as do the works of other Judahites who were moved by the Holy Ghost of God to reveal as the Prophets the fulfillment of the Law of Moses and the completion of God's Promise in the Messiah.

Rabbi Shteinman was a devout man, and probably a good man, of good works. Saul of Tarsus spoke of the importance of doing good in this world, and leading a live devoted to God as the Rabbi outwardly showed the world.

Titus 2:14

In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity,

Even the Christ, the Messiah rejected by Jewry and Rabbi Shteinman taught of shining your light in doing good works, or caring for others, as this glorified the Father God in Heaven.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is the love of caring of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who lived under the Law.

 Matthew 5:16

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

This same Christ, the Messiah though did numerous good works in glorify the Father God and helping multitudes, and His reward of the Jews was they tried to stone him to death several times, and then lied in the Temple before God to have Rome murder Jesus, the same Jesus of this Christmas season, because it was expedient that Christ be murdered, so these Jews appointed by the government could keep their positions of power, as they are to this day placed into power by the state, in order to direct the masses in controlling them for the state.

John 10:32

Jesus answered them, Many good works have I shewed you from my Father; for which of those works do ye stone me?

The great teacher and Jewish scholar Saul of Tarsus also explained about good works, or caring for others as Rabbi Schteinman lived his life, and that is good works alone can not redeem a man to God.
If good works were the fulfillment of the law, there would not need to be a Passover lamb, when feeding a piece of bread to a hungry dog would atone for sins, as that would be any good work would cover any sin from rape to murder.

It is instead not just good works which prove the heart is in the right place with God, but the working of the Holy Ghost or God's Presence in each person who comes to God, Who washes the enmity from God away, and renews a human flesh to a Heavenly Spirit, converting the mortal to the immortal and the immortal to the eternal, but this Gift of Mercy and Grace comes not from human actions. It comes not from good works. It comes in a purchase price for everyone of you, and that price was the blood of man in whose body was placed the Thought of God, Who is Jesus the Christ. Man can not redeem man. Abraham's offering in Covenant in the Old Testament was yearly and Abraham was only justified in Faith, Faith in the Promise that Christ would come in the Messiah, to pay the enmity of sin in Adam and Eve which passed to all people.
It is by Faith that all of the Patriarchs were saved in their believing the Messiah would come, Faith in the Disciples that the Messiah came in Christ, and Faith in all reading this that Christ had come, and will return to establish His Father's Kingdom on earth upon the throne of King David, which is now in the Royal House of London England, in the the scepter transfer from the House of Judah to the House of Joseph.

Titus 3:5

Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost;

There are truths in this, and one Truth. The truths are that Rabbi Shteinman was beloved, for his caring of a flock of the law, but Rabbi Shteinman died under that Law, whose penalty is death. He was a man who could lead hundreds of thousands, do thousands of good works, but he still died, because that is the law.
The Kushner's can claim self righteousness, have their daughter lecturing the President about God, but it is still the Law and it is incomplete and why Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, King David all looked to the fulfillment of the Law, in the coming from God the atonement for the penalty of death and an enmity from God in this life.
There are no Prophets in Jewry, because a Prophet from God requires the Spirit of God in them. Abraham had that Spirit. Jacob had that Spirit. Moses had that Spirit. David had that Spirit. It is the Christian converting from Jewry and the world who has that Spirit and where the only True Prophets are in Christianity.

Bnei Brak (Israel) (AFP) - Hundreds of thousands attended funeral ceremonies in Israel Tuesday for a spiritual leader of ultra-Orthodox Jews after his death aged 104, with a sea of black-hatted mourners thronging his neighbourhood.
Rabbi Aaron Yehuda Leib Shteinman was considered the leading spiritual authority for ultra-Orthodox Judaism, and his death led to an outpouring of grief among his followers.
Around his modest home in the Israeli city of Bnei Brak, dense crowds of men in traditional black suits and wide-brimmed hats packed the streets, while women gathered separately nearby in accordance with strict interpretation of Jewish law.
Police estimated the crowd to number in the hundreds of thousands.
Hundreds of policemen pushed aside mourners to create a path for an ambulance carrying Shteinman's body as psalms from the funeral ceremony blared through massive speakers.

Some will say to have this Jew have his day and his mourners, but that is one more day closer to these people's sentence of death as that is the Law. The Law condemns and people condemn themselves when they reject the Law's requirement of Grace or the Gift purchased by the Blood of Christ in His Death and His granting life by having the Power of God to take up His Life again and bestow that Life eternal on all the Faithful.

John 14:16

Jesus saith unto him, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me.

There is only One Way to God and that is Spirit and this only comes from Christ the Lord.

Lazarus is recorded in the Bible, and being as dead as Rabbi Shteinman. The Jews were gathered around his sisters who were all in mourning as the Jews of the Israeli state are this day. Christ though had a message which is the One Truth among many truths of good works and this dead Rabbi.

John 11:25

Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the Life: he that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:

Rabbi Shteinman for all of his good works and all of his followers had left one good work undone, and that work was acknowledging what the Patriarchs, Prophets and every saved Judahite and Israelite has, along with the gentiles of the world who have converted, and that is the one vital, necessary and fulfillment of the Law work, and that is accepting the Grace of the Father in Jesus as the only Salvation to Life.

Lazarus was risen from the dead by Christ when Christ called Lazarus. Rabbi Shteinman does not have the Advocate with the Father in the Son of God to call to him, so Rabbi Shteinman will lay dead in the grave in the enmity against God which he chose to die in.
His works were good, but Rabbi Shteinman's life was in vain for he taught the commandments of Rabbi Shteinam and not the Gospel revealed to the Prophets by the Holy Ghost of God, to Life.

Mark 7:7

Howbeit in vain do they worship Me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

 This is the Christmas season to remember the fulfilled prediction of the Prophet Isaiah. The Jews mourn for Rabbi Shteinman, but should be mourning for themselves, for all they have is the grave, while the Christian has the Promise of the Child Who came and will return with Life eternal for all who confess Him as the Salvation of the Lord.

Isaiah 9:6
For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.


Roy Moore about to hang Mitch McConnell on the Ethic's Committee Scaffold

Pandora's McConnell


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the election of Judge Roy Moore to the Senate, we now have before us the threat of GOPliter Mitch McConnell to bring Senator Roy Moore before the Senate Ethics Committee, and what the Lame Cherry wills to explain here, is I welcome this inquiry into Judge Roy Moore for things he is accused of doing before he was even in the Senate, because the Lame Cherry invested the time to read the rules of the ethics committee investigation, and in those rules Senator Roy Moore will be able to unleash his own inquisition with devastating results. As a tease in this to set the stage, Stephanie McCrummen of the Washington Post who has been running this lynching of the innocent Judge Roy Moore, will be subpoenaed by the Judge, along with all of her notes, her phone calls, contacts, payments and actions for Judge Roy Moore to examine.

The first stage of this is the committee begins by issuing subpeonas in the opening of the inquiry.

1) Subpoenas may be authorized
(A) the Select Committee; or
(B) the chairman and vice chairman, acting jointly.
 Any such subpoena shall be issued and signed by the chairman and the
vice chairman and may be served by any person designated by the chairman
and vice chairman.

Those people called before the committee will all be on record and their words recorded, to be examined.

Such record shall include Senators’ votes on any question on which a
 recorded vote is held.
 The record of a witness’s  testimony, 

It is mandatory that the committee notify Senator Roy Moore of this investigation, along with everything he is being investigated for, and in this Senator Roy Moore in public can issue a full response to the charges and to any additional questions.
One must understand that  Roy Moore in response has an open forum. He can respond for weeks and in detail. He can literally call the liars, liars, and there can not be any objections as those are the rules.

 NOTICE TO RESPONDENT: The Committee shall give written notice
 to any known respondent who is the subject of an adjudicatory review. The
 notice shall be sent to the respondent no later than five working days after the
 Committee has voted to conduct an adjudicatory review. The notice shall
 include a statement of the nature of the possible violation, and description of
 the evidence indicating that a possible violation occurred. The Committee may offer
 the respondent an opportunity to present a statement, orally or in writing, or to respond to questions from members of the Committee, the Committee staff, or outside counsel.

If this committee is politically suicidal enough to recommend discipline on Roy Moore, this opens the door for Roy Moore's nuclear option in responding. Roy Moore can name names and expose everything, including Mitch McConnell sending 30 million dollars to defeat Christian Roy Moore.
To the point in this, what do you think 100 million Evangelicals and Catholics will react to when a conspiracy is exposed against Christians for the first time in public, instead of where it has been hidden away in private.

  RIGHT  TO  HEARING:  The  Committee  may  hold  a  public or  executive
hearing in any preliminary inquiry, adjudicatory review, or other proceeding. The
Committee  shall  accord  a  respondent  an  opportunity  for  a  hearing  before  it
recommends disciplinary action against that respondent to the Senate or before it imposes an order of restitution or reprimand. (See Rule 4(d)

This is the A bomb in the right of Roy Moore, in Senator Moore has the right to mention anyone in his testimony, and once those people are mentioned, as in his defender in the stepson of Beverly Nelson who called her a liar, this young man then has the right to appear before the committee and in public, lay out all of the dirt on this wicked stepmother, as do all the others who know all of the dirt on these lying women put up to this by the Washington Post.

  RIGHT  TO  TESTIFY:  Any  person  whose  name  is  mentioned  or  who  is specifically
 identified or otherwise referred to in testimony or in statements made by
a Committee member, staff member or outside counsel, or any witness, and who
 reasonably believes that the statement tends to adversely affect his or her
reputation may—(1) Request to appear personally before the Committee to testify in his or her own behalf; or(2) File a sworn statement of facts relevant to the testimony or other evidence or statement of which he or she complained Such request and such statement shall be submitted to the Committee for its consideration and action.

This is the scorched earth part of this in Senator Roy Moore has the right to cross examine every witness who is stupid enough to come before this committee and Roy Moore can summon his own witnesses.
This is not something without teeth, because as the Lame Cherry stated at the beginning of this, Roy Moore can subpeona everyone involved at the Washington Post, Roy Moore can subpeona Mitch McConnell's involvement. Roy Moore can subpeona Jeb Bush's faggot, Tim Miller who planted false stories in the press about the Judge. Roy Moore can subpeona White House Chief of Staff John Kelly who attempted to influence the Alabama elections by inserting his protege who oversaw the rise of pedophilia in Afghanistan.

This is just the start of the hornet's nest that Roy Moore is about to unleash, all thanks to Mitch McConnell.

(A) In adjudicatory hearings, any respondent and any other person who
obtains  the  permission  of  the  Committee,  may  personally  or  through counsel
cross-examine witnesses called by the Committee and may call witnesses in his or
her own behalf.
(B) A  respondent  may  apply  to  the  Committee  for  the  issuance  of subpoenas
for  the  appearance  of witnesses or  the  production  of documents on his or her behalf.
An application shall be approved upona  concise  showing  by  the  respondent  that  the  proposed  testimony  or evidence is relevant and appropriate, as determined by the Chairman andVice Chairman.
 With respect to witnesses called by a respondent, or other individual given permission  by  the  Committee,  each  such  witness  shall  first  be examined by
the party who called the witness or by that party’s counsel.

Mitch McConnell is the grandest fucktard in the United States Senate. He is loathed by the right and a tool of the sodomite deep staters. This witch hunt against Roy Moore appeared from a conspiracy of colluders in the deep state, and they stupidly involved the CIA Mockingbird to attempt to smear Roy Moore. How embarrassing is it going to be when the private communications of Mitch McConnell, White House Chief of staff John Kelly, Ivanka Trump as that ditz could not keep her mouth shut, but weighed in early, as they all plotted with CNN, the Washington Post and the Bush family to destroy the Judge, along with the fag factor of Matt Drudge posting all of the fake news.

That is what is coming, and remember in this that Senator Roy Moore has DIA agent Steve Bannon, backed by Breitbart on Bannon's sworn mission to get rid of the deep state and Mitch McConnell, along with the intrepid investigative journalist Aaron Klein. Think of it, in full Congressional subpeonas with all of the leads and evidence, with contempt of Congress by these muckrakers for not revealing sources, and being afforded front page status to spread like a tidal wave all through right wing media.

Roy Moore is the iceberg to the titanic disaster awaiting the deep state, and thankfully Mitch McConnell is the damn fool who opened this Pandora's Box.

See none of these deep staters figured this out and think they are the ones holding the rope when Roy Moore not only holds the rope, but is going to hang them on their own scaffold.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


For the Love of a Vietnam War

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Soon enough the world on PBS will have more Ken Burns bastardization of history in some more liberal whining drivel, in this time the focus is the Vietnam War. The Lame Cherry though has been giving you a reality of Vietnam censored of the traitors in the red media, who with liberals in various regimes in America brought ruin to the American victory in country.

This is about Australia. Yes Australia fought in Vietnam and the Australians loved the war. They began in country in 1965 as part of the SEATO treaty to defend against communists, and from the first the Diggers were a professional and heroic group who have been far too long overlooked in history.

There were 50,000 Australians who served in Vietnam over 10 years. Their largest contingent was 8000 Soldiers in 1968 and they were a splendid group. Their advisers were the first to train the Mong people and were in the thick of it in every action. Contrary to the whining liberal myth, the Australian special forces numbering around 500 not only served their tour, but signed up for multiple tours in Bush Warfare.

The Australians have always been the vanguard along with the Canadians of the British fighting forces. I wouldn't give a damn for the English troops as they had horrid officers, tommies who just were wasted in war, and all they did well was die. The Australians though are different Colonial People, like the Kings African Rifles of Rhodesia. They are an exemplary group of men.

An example of this is WO2 (Warrant Officers) Keith Payne who was awarded the Victoria Cross. In 1969, Payne was in Vietnam in command of  MIKE, a mobile strike force of native Soldiers. His company was hit hard on three sides. He was repeatedly wounded in the arms and hands, but kept up the fight.
He exited his perimeter several times to rescue another American advisor, several MIKE Soliders with success, and then proceeded to extricate his group of Montagnard AKA Mong fighters through enemy fire and territory.
For this remarkable feat, he was awarded the Victoria Cross and at over 80 years old is still living in Australia as a national hero.

Payne was not the exception, but the rule with Australians. He had fought in Korea, been stationed in various hell holes of heat in the Pacific and gladly took to Vietnam, and performed his duty with perfect honor and bravery.
It did not matter with the Australians, if it was Tet and they were outnumbered they never gave ground, and if it was in the jungle with the MIKE forces, they were one with them and at home.

These are stories lost in Vietnam deliberately, in all the propaganda from the globalists, when Vietnam to the Australians was just another picnic in the bush. They enjoyed themselves immensely and thrived in Vietnam as did most of the Americans there. It is though the malcontents who are always focused upon.

These Soldiers need to be remembered and celebrated, because they were the real Vietnam and not this endless parade on PBS of whining people crying about having to shoot some goddamn communists. What could have been more of a jolly adventure than sitting up ambush with Claymores, starlights and grenades in a jungle night, and killing the enemy with precision and professionalism.

Real Soldiers enjoy combat and only have ire when it is the enemy killing their people, not the other way around.

The blood of two of my cousins consecrated Vietnam. One was assassinated on an LZ as he sat in the pilot seat of a Huey and the other had a VC mortar attack walk it's way across the base where it blew him to pieces. It is always said of the long term plans of Asians in having a game plan. My family is waiting for another round in one more war to make those communists bleed and die as the score is not even.

The Australians are the finest of people, if they would quit disarming themselves and being led around by those bloody liberals. They are a fine lot of people I have a great affection for. I do not want their service forgotten nor tainted in more Vietnam propaganda. The ANZACS need to be remembered and celebrated.


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Bread over Cherry

Hand over that bread recipe you varmint 

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

3 2 1..........

Ok this is the spoken of bread recipe in a Thanksgiving post which was more like a drag. It is the Lame Cherry brown bread, brown sugar recipe. The secret ingredient is brown sugar as most can not figure that out from the name.

First get one Ruta Lee. If Ruta is not available, substitute.

1 1/4 cup warm water
1 tablespoon yeast
1 tablespoon sugar

Mix and activate.

One moment, bread rustlers in the brush....

Don't worry Ruta, Ma will hang them durn bread rustlers!

2 cups unbleached white flour
2 cups gram flour
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1/4 cup molasses

Mix it all. Add flour if needed to take the stickiness out, but don't overdo it.

Place in a parchment paper lined loaf pan. Bake at 350. Think it was like 50 minutes, is a smallish loaf, but quaint.

When done it is a moist bread, light and sweet. Good for what ailments you.

What was that you said about a jelly recipe......


Monday, December 11, 2017

Reverse Speech Proves Judge Roy Moore Is Innocent

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The only important reversal from David John Oates on the Rense Program is the definitive one which proves the accusers of Roy Moore are LYING. They are psychologically suffering from delusions of grandeur. They WANT WHAT THEY SAID TO BE TRUE, meaning they wanted Judge Roy Moore's attentions and affections.

This proves the women were lying and they are all bald face pathological liars in not blinking when they are accusing an innocent Christian Gentleman in Roy Moore.

Debra Wesson Gibson

how this was not a good idea - alright will want to believe this (She is lying and is trying to convince herself it is true)

Janet Porter (spokesman for Roy Moore)

Open up with prayer - Cause it marks off my sin

Bernie Sanders

Trump should resign - Fuck it up

Bill O'Reilly

Not going to speculate on Lauer - My belief

A political hit job - They believe it

Donald Trump

Pensacola Rally

We have a rigged system - And I'll labor

Hispanic unemployment lowest recorded - And I've seen it

Wages going up - I had a goal set

Speak straight to the American people - Hide

Should have fired him - They are full of shit

Tied in to all the good - Service America

Stock market record - This idiot (Brian Ross)

Israel comments

Lifting our sights - You lost worst mark you better

A necessary condition for achieving peace - Misery in thee vessel

A major campaign promise - They deserve savior

Benjamin Netanyahu
Iran is a modern power - Fear it

Iran's silver tongued foreign minister - Nervous now reader

image Obama

Person does not know about foreign policy - I will send American (I will con the people and sound like an American.)

John Podesta

Proud of my pubic career - They will accept

Justin Trudeau

Apologize to LGBT - Innocent descent

Herbert McMaster

Significant new actions on sanctions - He's suicidal (Kim Jong Un)

South Korea and Japan improving defenses - Southern she'll balk on it

Talking about ISIS - We get scum

Hillary Clinton

This country is worth defending - So far in the art (self praising how skillful she is)


Thou Shalt Not Vote for Doug Jones

Thou shalt not vote for Doug Jones

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

One has to agree in the Alabama Commandments of DO NOT VOTE FOR DOUG JONES,  for the simple reason of one can vote for attractive Christians who children adore........


 Children of Alabama adore Judge Roy Moore who will protect them.

Or one can waste their vote for Doug Jones like they did Hillary Clinton.


Doug Jones looks like John McCain's backward swimming sperm

I mean dude looks like the product of John McCain's sperm which swum up the tunnel backwards.

A photo of sperm on Tard

Doug Jones has been swimming backwards for some time as this is how tard he looked starting out.

That makes it all easy in voting for the Christian American in this race who is hated by all the swamp in DC while the pestilence in DC loves backward sperm swimmer Doug Jones.


Roy Moore for President 2020


Minnesota Religious Things

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I like the Viking as he knows how to communicate. He tells me things and I read the saga and think of his profound nature in all things Spiritual.

This part of his letter is the summation of all things Biblical and this world for peace.

The Golden Rule says: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And always have boiled eggs with white bread for toast, and softened butter and honey around to put on the extra piece of toast, plus the extra piece for Mommy when she gets up, and fresh coffee to brew, for breakfast, if you have timed your morning to have enough to get that done. All The Babygirl needs these days is her micro-wave organic Quaker’s oatmeal, and someone to say hi to when she comes up in the morning.

When I arise in the morning, things have changed a bit. The Mom has reverted to  Alma status in Alma is in the old folks home and likes being waited on, so I do not start hot water or coffee until I complete chores.
Chores are feeding the cats as I am mobbed by them, and the poultry, letting out Daisy and Belle, checking the cows and horses, walking out and chopping a hole in the ice so they can drink, doing the goats, as the turkeys follow me around talking to me.

Breakfast is sourdough, fried eggs, half slice of bacon.  I tried cereal but whatever it is now does not like me. So I eat fermented flour like cows eat silage.

The butter being softened is most important as in the north, hard butter is an offense of the worst kind, as it means torn bread, smashed toast and all sorts of unpleasantness that shadows the entire day.
I was heard saying something about my not getting out butter as only 2 squares were left, as it was caramel rolls yesterday.

Timing is always important as it is the water heating, the bacon nuked, bread nuked and then buttered, then things put together, and breakfast is ready.
The Puntz appears sometime in this, and I break off pieces of bacon, Puntz size as The Puntz must have bacon.

I have been thinking about plotting something for Christmas. See I have never had steak and eggs for breakfast. I came close once in a diner, but the steak was metallic sheen colored and tasted  of vinegar as it was rotten and the diner tried to burn it so I would not notice. My brother waited until I took a bite and then laughed as he knew what had happened.
So I was thinking that Christmas would be lovely in steak, eggs, sourdough, hash browns and coffee. Coffee for me is like more cream and honey than coffee. I also have an affection for raspberry flavored coffee, but that is seasonal for Christmas, but of course none of that is in the store.

I really like breakfast but it does not like me so much. I love French Toast with pork sausage. I do love hot cereal with heavy cream, but as of late it has no food value in it and I get cold, and getting cold in winter brings a cold, and I do not need that.

I am thinking in this of Billy Dixon, the Buffalo Hunter who lived the life I would enjoy. He had his steaks broiled over buffalo chips an sourdough. I probably could get the chips, but I don't want to stand outside in the winter pan frying a steak. The cats would make that a real adventure.

So that is religion or God, in a few words of caring about others like you care about yourself, down to the soft butter.

I used to eat not organic Quaker oatmeal with those flavored dried strawberry things. Lots of heavy cream have me remembering that fondly, beyond the cardboard oatmeal taste.

I'm ok Viking. I worry about you in those iced up roads which are the safest things in Minnesota now that Al Franken is entering the Garrison Keelor phase of the Prairie Grope Companion.

I honestly adore the invention of Minnesota in Malt O Meal in throwing in old beer malt into a cereal and selling it to the public. It does not like me, but I did help in a profit share with that festive morning delight.

Nuff Said