Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Neil Gorsuch Rules Americans Are Secondary Peoples

How about a tiger hunt at Washington Zoo....


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Well that butt sex lover of Neil Gorsuch and the other ass kissers on the Supreme  Court have declared that Indians are above the law compared to Americans.

It is ludicrous in the Supreme Court terms POACHING as off season hunting.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Native American rights in a 5-4 decision in a case out of Wyoming. Justice Neil Gorsuch, the only Westerner on the court, provided the decisive vote in this case, showing himself again to be sensitive to Native American rights.
The court held that hunting rights for the Crow tribe under a 19th-century treaty did not expire when Wyoming became a state. This case centered on a member of the tribe, Clayvin Herrera, who faced charges for off-season hunting in Bighorn National Forest in Wyoming.

The reality is that the Big Horn National Forest in Wyoming is NOT the Crow Indian Reservation, meaning that the Crow are in Montana.  Never mind that wildlife laws are there to protect wildlife from extinction, but Neil Gorsuch just ruled that Indians do not have to obey the laws in America, and  have every right to poach and break any law.

Put it this way so this makes sense. Wyoming was Cheyenne controlled land, not Crow. So the Crow have been given right to hunt anywhere as a 19th century treaty, for which the Crow have already been rewarded monetarily, and with the blood of the 7th Cavalry protecting them from the terrorist Sioux, have the right according to Gorsuch, to go shoot endangered tigers,elephants  and kudu in the American zoos.

See the 19th century treaty never expired in non Crow grounds. A Crow can now go shoot panda bears  on loan from China, because according to this butt plug Neil Gorsuch just ruled that as the law.


EQUAL is what the Constitution mandates as law. Neil Gorsuch and these other dimwits just gave Indians rights Americans do not have to disobey the law. Gorsuch really needs to be impeached, but this is another Donald Trump disaster.

This petting of Indians like all this 3rd world refuse, is a psychosis. It needs to end. It needs to be the reality of either Indians are going to obey the laws of the United States or Indians are going to be autonomous peoples,  and  they have no place nor part in the United States, as they have rights that Americans do not have.

Jim Crowe nigger laws were abhorrent as is Aborticide as is this new Gorsuch insurrection. Neil Gorsuch is not a Westerner. He is nothing but a Trump New York Valued butt plugger with his head up his ass.

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John McCain Gone But Not So Gone

That McCain ran like a raped ape with Air Wolf on his ass...


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The United States owes so much  to Jan Michael Vincent, the greatest television actor ever, as JMV has gone under cover, faking his own death, after a special assignment to go after the arch fiend of fiendery, in John the hero McCain, who having been cured of cancer, faked his own death, and fled to the place of his political nativity in Vietnam.

Reports have kept surfacing here, of the lavish  and luxury lifestyle of someone resembling John McCain in Vietnam. Reports of a Beach Daddy being frequently in the company of young girls have also been published.
Can anyone deny that Meghan McCain has not lost her appetite in she has shown no loss of weight grief, and instead appears to be feasting in celebration of her father making a clean get away.

Megs it is just hell here in how I am suffering.

John McCain might get away with his part in  framing Donald Trump if there was not a real hero, who has given up everything to bring McCain to justice. Yes it is Jan Michael Vincent, who really was the purpose for Donald Trump going to Vietnam in a Kim Jong Un summit.
Yes KJU was part of this elaborate operation, joining with Dennis Rodman, in order to flush John McCain from the fastness of his lair. It was not just Air Force One flying into Hanoi, but it was Air Wolf smuggled into Vietnam in the cargo bay of Air Force One.

 JMV of course texted  me in code alerting me to the events:

Got me a Hamms. Popping me a brew. Time to party hard.

Of course this meant that he was in Vietnam, was assembling Air Wolf, about to go on operation and risk everything again for America.

Going tiger skinning on the Mekong!!!

I have been told that JMV flew Air Wolf up the Mekong Delta and in a flying feat unheard of, guided his war machine through the front door of the McCain Compound, flushing John McCain to the front yard, where his pet tiger, Sambo, was skinned by the rotor of AW,  for a nice coat for Ivana,  and a nice purse for Ivanka, as per request of Jared Kushner, her husband, but the act allowed John McCain to escape Vietnam.
This was not a bad thing as JMV was under orders to not engage John McCain in Vietnam, but to flush him.


 Jared is such a good boy getting me my tiger skin coat.

Flush him he did, as McCain fled to Borneo, and prepared his massive defenses from Obama liberated ordinances from Libya, Yemen, Syria and Star Wars parts unknown.
Yes Air Wolf was about to do battle with Star Wars.

In a remarkable bit of flying, JMV flew AW under the ocean, at Mach 1.4 and emerged through the river frontage of the McCain Citadel, and in a heavy firefight, the fight to arrest John the hero McCain went nuclear.


JMV being a noted genius too, in Einstein Relativity, actually flew AW into the eye of a thermo nuclear explosion at ground zero, hit the sweet spot of the shockwave and guided AW to the interior of the Citadel of John the hero McCain.

As the world watched, no one knew that reports of a huge series of earthquakes in Borneo was really Jan Michael Vincent and Air Wolfe in this epic struggle against evil.

6.8-magnitude earthquake registered
near New Caledonia

No one knows what took place as of course that is classified. I only know that JMV survived as if one examines the seismic waves, it tapped out in Morse Code: Pop me a Cold One.

I simply can not resist Jared in animals undies making requests.


I  am awaiting further information, as JMV will of course provide some clues as to what took place, but his silence is certain proof that, that old rascal John McCain somehow eluded capture.

If only Ivanka Kushner was not such a distraction, in looking all sexy in an animal print tiger stripe coat, perhaps we could have had John McCain apprehended for trial, disregarding the Presidential Prime Directive of no nuclear war in Vietnam.

Everyone though can rest assured that JMV will not stop with President Trump in apprehending the conspirators against him.

If only Ivanka Kushner was not so fetchingly beautiful in animal prints, John McCain would now be in an orange jump suit awaiting trial.

Can I help that I am so fetchingly beautiful with animal prints?

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How Much Was Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Paid To Kill Communism?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Around the last week of April, I stopped by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's twitter page to read up on her comments, after she had attacked a Republican for posing with a cut out of her..............it was a democrat.

In reading AOC"s remarks and comments, I am left with one deep state conclusion, in I wonder how much this CIA asset of Mockingbird was paid to kill communism in America, as the things she is posting make absolutely no sense.

In her first tweet, she says she just got back from a vacation. She hasn't been working, so it appears  like Nancy Pelosi, AOC goes on vacation to get away from her constiuents, and tells them that.
She also is beaming that her future father in law, Donald Trump is tweeting about her.

21h21 hours ago
Just got back from a few (mostly) unplugged days visiting my abuela in PR, and I see the President is tweeting about me. Just another day at the office! ūüėä

This next one is proof that AOC is paid by the CIA. She literally says that Black Americans are NOT PEOPLE OF COLOR, but their own category like White Americans.

I would take issue with her stating that White People are not convicted and sentenced to longer terms than Blacks or People of Color, by simply named Paul Manafort. Tell me one Barack Obama or AOC on their money laundering crimes who have been indicted, while Manafort received a life sentence?

  1. Reminder: - Slavery ➡️ Jim Crow + Redlining ➡️ War on Drugs ➡️ Mass Incarceration - Black Americans & PoC are far more likely to be convicted + sentenced longer than White Americans for similar crimes. - Our system routinely criminalizes poverty + exonerates wealth

AOC just says things no one would who has a paid staff. She is fixated on criminals voting, and does not even know the data on violent  and non violent offenders, and spews out that "way more" people are in prison on non violent than violent offenses. The facts are the numbers are statistically about equal.

Literally AOC daily is running half a dozen literal balls over the plate to be knocked out of the park by anyone. No one is this vacuous and Obama was beyond this stupid.

10h10 hours ago
To avoid looking completely + utterly out of touch w/ the reality our prison system: Instead of asking, “Should the Boston Bomber have the right to vote?” Try, “Should a nonviolent person stopped w/ a dime bag LOSE the right to vote?” Bc that question reflects WAY more people.


At least in this tweet she has come up with something new which is the threat to the world, in it is not farting cows, but "dirty" buildings which are dirty because they keep people warm in the winter. Somehow she has come up with that 70% of natural carbon is from "buildings" in New York City....the problem is that these buildings are mostly electric, and not burning fuel inside of New York City, because of smog problems.

Considering no one can afford rent in New York. The rich people are all leaving. AOC does not explain how dirty buildings are going to be made clean as they still need to be heated and cooled, and there is not the money nor the resources to do with with wind or solar.

Apr 18
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Retweeted NYCC
Buildings account for 70% of carbon emissions in NYC. 70%. Today the city embarked on an ambitious, aggressive plan to change that and create a ton of jobs doing so. This exactly the kind of economic + climate action we need.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez added,

Next she swerves into the problem with 9 11 is that people are terrified of Muslims , because of just a few terrorists. She defines this as bigotry.
Bigotry is defined as an intolerance of opinions not like your own. People who are afraid of Muslims, are interested in security, is not bigotry. It is common sense law enforcement.

Apr 13
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Retweeted Jodi Jacobson
One of the ugly aftermaths of 9/11 that is too often ignored is the codified profiling of Muslim-Americans solely bc of their faith. No-fly lists. Warantless mosque surveillance. All of it. To fear+suspect all Muslims due to the actions of terrorists is bigotry. Plain & simple.

This is one which just made not any sense, in a lot of things not making any sense. Racial injustice is the subject and somewhere in this AOC jumps in with focusing on stripping voting rights of millions of people (translated convicted criminals) and then these same people who are for upholding the law according to AOC are uncomfortable when the subject switches to reparations.

I do not quite get how slaves from 100 years ago, have anything to do with convicted felons, and why the subject of reparations would appear in this mix, as it is akin to speaking of rapists in prison not being allowed to walk out of prison and they saying how uncomfortable people get in talking about medicare.

The discomfort is people probably begin thinking AOC is not operating with a full deck.

  1. To understand how racial injustice works subconsciously in America, all you need to do is watch how quickly + readily some people jump to justify stripping voting rights for millions of people, yet how uncomfortable and fraught that convo becomes when one brings up reparations.

And finally, AOC announces we have 12 years, not 10 years to cut natural carbon in half. where most of the carbon in New York comes from growing plants and from people breathing. In reading this, I just want Congress to pass a law which states anyone saying the world is going to end in 10, 12, 20 or whatever years and it does not, to have them indicted on that and executed. It would at least stop the claims which have been going on for 30 years in Al Gore.

Climate change is here + we’ve got a deadline: 12 years left to cut emissions in half. A is our plan for a world and a future worth fighting for.

Now mind you, I do believe  the CIA is getting their money's worth out of AOC, as her fandom is a perfect semblance of Darwin Candidates. She is literally not the thinking man's Lenin or Trotsky. This woman sounds like the good looking woman you want to have sex with, and then you wonder afterwards why you had sex with this psycho as she waves knives around and rants at the birds for singing in the wrong color.

Donald Trump though should be most thankful for AOC, as her group has herded Jews to him, and in her racist spews of Black's not being people of color, have herded that voting group onto the Trump Plantation. That is why I know AOC is not this stupid as no one is. She is being paid a good sum to swallow her pride to destroy Obama Marxism in  the United States. She is quite effective  and in her Neo Verde Deal she is ruining the entire base of the democratic party to elect her future father in law, Donald Trump to his second term.

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Monday, May 20, 2019

The Kushner Prettier and Profitable Immigration Reform

 I want Jared's Immigration Reform to be Prettier and more Profitable

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is impossible to take President Jared Kushner's Immigration Reform seriously as  Donald Trump was ordered to reveal it before a crowd of cabinet members ordered to applaud it, when the Donald noted that over1 million Visa Vermin are pouring into the United States to be legally here forever, and that nothing is being done about the illegals being allowed in and relocated inside the United States for kickbacks to the Trump elite and for paying Social Security, before they are worked to death.

Trump noted that the US admits 1.1 million immigrants as permanent legal residents each year. Green card holders get lifetime authorisation to live and work in the US and a five-year path to American citizenship. “This is the most prized citizenship anywhere in the world by far,” he said.

What is the reality in this is Donald Trump is not cutting the invasion to the United States, but is in fact expanding the legalization of foreigners to America in expanding it to what Jared Kushner demands is Merit Based immigration.

An audience of cabinet members, House and Senate Republicans and Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, primary architect of the immigration plan, rose to their feet to applaud.

The Lame Cherry is going to explain this for what it is, as this is the GOP plan, just like Gary Cohn only rewarded Wall Street in the Trump Tax Plan while working Americans got tax cuts, which went to Trump's Big Oil benefactors as they were allowed to raise their prices on gas and food by inflationary energy costs.

What Kushner is up to in this, is while the illegals are taking American jobs, homes, healthcare and schooling, this Kushner immigration is designed to benefit the rich. Foreigners must have money to be brought in, which means terrorists will launder money and gain footholds by buying Americans documentation for entire crime syndicates.. That money goes to Jew banking and what is being let into the United States is the entire service class of doctors, nurses, accountants, computer programmers etc.... for the rich people to enslave on low wages compared to what an American would receive.

In essence what this law is about is a Kushner servant class, akin to the Indian who wrote all of the communist manifesto for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.


I am Puta and I milk like a  Holstein
Under the new plan, 57% of green cards would be awarded on merit as opposed to the current 12%. Immigrants would be expected to be financially self-sufficient, learn English and pass a civics exam. The diversity visa lottery, which offers green cards to citizens of countries with historically low rates of immigration to the US, would be terminated.
“If adopted, our plan will transform America’s immigration system into the pride of our nation and the envy of the modern world,” Trump added.

The bizarre nature of the Kushner Plan is the hidden clause that only women with large breasts will be admitted, as Jared wants fine milkers for rich American women, who have silicon breasts, protruding nipples and do not want to breast feed their own children.
The Bush family used to like all the rich employ large breasted Black Mammy for the job as no rich woman wants saggy tits. The Bush family nursed Baby Jeb and Baby George in illegal Mexican mother's milk. To secure this source for the rich, the Kushner's have made this legalized as no rich person wants to have their Mexican tit farm arrested by ICE as their little Kushner children would cry all night, and a crying 8 year old is  just too much for rich people.

Ivanka herself, posted a tweet about the kind of desireable women the Kushners expect to apply for citizenship with their milking breasts and pretty smiles, as the smiling and protruding nipple real mothers look on glowingly.
Ivanka even noted her location at Big Tits USA.

 Puta you make my nipples hard.

The Jared though is in the details in this, in Jarvanka had written in a clause where Jared and rich lesbians get a 3 pump rule to get the breast milk flowing. Anymore than 3 pumps though and the foreign woman gets paid an additional 40% for the month.

 Puta that was 3.7% squeezes so no extra 40% pay this month

The Kushner's are once again serving only themselves in this reform which is designed to replace an exact class of skilled Americans, to force those Americans out of the workforce again as 100 million other Americans have been sidelined in the lower ranks of employment.

Now the last part about tits is satire as things are here, but it is designed to make this stick in your brains as humor lasts in your minds, while a dull reality of the Kushner's writing another bill to benefit only their 3% class led by Sean homo Hannity as Gary Cohn did for Wall Street in Trump Tax rewrites benefited the 3%.

I am stating for reality though that just as Governor Mike Rounds of South Dakota was selling citizenship to Chinese spies, just as your Mexican and Hong Kong restaurants are the same leap  frog to illegals, that what Kushner is legalizing is selling US citizenship to the rich of other nations, who got that way exploiting their nigger classes or through organized crime.
Can any of you tell me how in a nation like Borneo or El Salvador in how someone gets to be a millionaire there with wages at 1 dollar an hour, unless they are criminals? That is the class that Jared Kushner wants allowed into the United States for his exploitation.

Instead of raising White nursing American women's wages in the 1980's, this same group opened up the floodgates to Filipino nurses, to force White American women from those ranks. This goes on time and again as the last phase of Obama rapine was opening up the floodgates of Curry Nig programmers from India to get rid of White People. That last part is the reason the internet is so shitty now in Indians do not write codex. They copy and paste what White programmers wrote in piracy, which like all clones does not transfer to program actions well.

So the reality of Kushner immigration is to reward the Kushner tribe to sell foreign visas, just as they were engaged in China using Donald Trump's name. Human Traffick is a huge business worth billions and this is going to expand that market for the Kushner Jewry as they have already proved.

Without any satire in this, remember John Kelly was installed at Homeland, and he opened up Visas for vermin, for the conglomerate he served on the board for, and when he was booted out, he returned to that conglomerate which now has a government contract to be paid to house the children of these foreigners, which are here illegally, and you are paying for it.

That is what all of this is, in Kushner has tailored a law to benefit his Jewish relatives selling citizenship to regimes with the displacement of American workers for foreign vermin, and Kushner makes a bundle off of it.

What Jared Kushner just did is criminal. It is called influence pedaling and criminal graft. Jared Kushner on what Donald Trump just unveiled should be indicted and convicted for 50 years in a federal prison.

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Como otro Lame Cherry exclusivo en materia anti materia.

Es imposible tomar en serio la Reforma de Inmigración del presidente Jared Kushner, ya que a Donald Trump se le ordenó revelarla ante una multitud de miembros del gabinete que lo aplaudieron, cuando Donald notó que más de un millón de Visa Vermin están llegando a los Estados Unidos para estar legalmente aquí para siempre. , y que no se está haciendo nada para que se permita a los ilegales ingresar y reubicarse dentro de los Estados Unidos por sobornos a la élite de Trump y por pagar a la Seguridad Social, antes de que se los lleve a la práctica.

    Trump se√Īal√≥ que los Estados Unidos admiten a 1.1 millones de inmigrantes como residentes legales permanentes cada a√Īo. Los titulares de la tarjeta verde obtienen una autorizaci√≥n de por vida para vivir y trabajar en los EE. UU. Y un camino de cinco a√Īos hacia la ciudadan√≠a estadounidense. "Esta es la ciudadan√≠a m√°s apreciada en todo el mundo con diferencia", dijo.

La realidad de esto es que Donald Trump no está cortando la invasión a los Estados Unidos, sino que, de hecho, está expandiendo la legalización de los extranjeros a Estados Unidos para expandirla a lo que Jared Kushner exige que sea la inmigración basada en el mérito.

    Una audiencia de miembros del gabinete, los republicanos de la C√°mara de Representantes y el Senado y el asesor principal y yerno de Trump, Jared Kushner, arquitecto principal del plan de inmigraci√≥n, se pusieron de pie para aplaudir.

The Lame Cherry va a explicar esto por lo que es, ya que este es el plan del Partido Republicano, al igual que Gary Cohn solo recompensó a Wall Street en el Plan de Impuestos de Trump mientras que los estadounidenses trabajadores obtuvieron recortes de impuestos, que fueron a los benefactores de Big Oil de Trump como eran. Se les permite elevar sus precios en gas y alimentos por los costos inflacionarios de la energía.

Lo que Kushner est√° haciendo en esto, es que mientras los ilegales toman puestos de trabajo, hogares, atenci√≥n m√©dica y educaci√≥n en los Estados Unidos, esta inmigraci√≥n de Kushner est√° dise√Īada para beneficiar a los ricos. Los extranjeros deben tener dinero para ingresar, lo que significa que los terroristas lavar√°n el dinero y se afianzar√°n comprando la documentaci√≥n de los estadounidenses para los sindicatos de cr√≠menes completos. Ese dinero se destina a la banca jud√≠a y lo que se permite en los Estados Unidos es la clase de servicio completo de los m√©dicos. , enfermeras, contadores, programadores de computadoras, etc. para que los ricos esclavicen con salarios bajos en comparaci√≥n con lo que recibir√≠a un estadounidense.

En esencia, de lo que se trata esta ley es sobre una clase de sirvientes Kushner, similar al indio que escribió todo el manifiesto comunista de Alejandría Ocasio Cortés.

    Bajo el nuevo plan, el 57% de las tarjetas verdes se otorgar√≠an por m√©rito en comparaci√≥n con el 12% actual. Se espera que los inmigrantes sean autosuficientes financieramente, aprendan ingl√©s y pasen un examen de educaci√≥n c√≠vica. La loter√≠a de visas de diversidad, que ofrece tarjetas verdes a los ciudadanos de pa√≠ses con tasas hist√≥ricamente bajas de inmigraci√≥n a los Estados Unidos, se dar√≠a por terminada.

    "Si se adopta, nuestro plan transformar√° el sistema de inmigraci√≥n de Estados Unidos en el orgullo de nuestra naci√≥n y la envidia del mundo moderno", agreg√≥ Trump.

La naturaleza extra√Īa del Plan Kushner es la cl√°usula oculta de que solo las mujeres con senos grandes ser√°n admitidas, ya que Jared quiere orde√Īadoras finas para las mujeres estadounidenses ricas, que tienen senos de silicona, pezones que sobresalen y no quieren amamantar a sus propios hijos.

La familia Bush sol√≠a gustarles a todos los ricos que emplean mamis negros de pecho grande para el trabajo, ya que ninguna mujer rica quiere tetas ca√≠das. La familia Bush cuid√≥ a Baby Jeb y a Baby George en la leche materna ilegal de M√©xico. Para asegurar esta fuente para los ricos, los Kushner han hecho esto legalizado, ya que ninguna persona rica quiere que su granja de tetas mexicanas sea arrestada por ICE, ya que sus hijos peque√Īos Kushner llorar√≠an toda la noche, y un ni√Īo de 8 a√Īos que llora es demasiado para los ricos gente.

La misma Ivanka public√≥ un tweet sobre el tipo de mujeres deseables que los Kushner esperan solicitar la ciudadan√≠a con sus pechos de orde√Īo y sonrisas bonitas, mientras las madres reales sonrientes y prominentes en el pez√≥n miran con entusiasmo.

Ivanka incluso notó su ubicación en Big Tits USA.

Aunque Jared está en los detalles, Jarvanka había escrito en una cláusula donde Jared y las lesbianas ricas obtienen una regla de 3 bombas para que la leche materna fluya. Sin embargo, más de 3 bombas y la mujer extranjera recibe un pago adicional del 40% por el mes.

Una vez m√°s, los Kushner se est√°n sirviendo a s√≠ mismos en esta reforma que est√° dise√Īada para reemplazar a una clase exacta de estadounidenses calificados, para obligar a esos estadounidenses a abandonar la fuerza laboral nuevamente, ya que otros 100 millones de estadounidenses han sido marginados en los rangos m√°s bajos de empleo.

Ahora, la √ļltima parte acerca de las tetas es la s√°tira, ya que las cosas est√°n aqu√≠, pero est√° dise√Īada para hacer que esto se quede en tus cerebros mientras el humor perdura en tus mentes, mientras que una realidad aburrida de Kushner es otra factura para beneficiar solo a su clase del 3% liderada por Sean homo Hannity como lo hizo Gary Cohn para Wall Street en Trump Tax, las reescrituras beneficiaron al 3%.

Sin embargo, estoy afirmando que en realidad el Gobernador Mike Rounds, de Dakota del Sur, estaba vendiendo la ciudadanía a los espías chinos, al igual que sus restaurantes mexicanos y de Hong Kong son la misma rana para los ilegales, de que lo que Kushner está legalizando es la venta de ciudadanos estadounidenses.

En lugar de aumentar los salarios de las mujeres estadounidenses de enfermer√≠a blancas en la d√©cada de 1980, este mismo grupo abri√≥ las compuertas a las enfermeras filipinas, para obligar a las mujeres estadounidenses de raza blanca de esas filas. Esto contin√ļa una y otra vez a medida que la √ļltima fase de Obama Rapine estaba abriendo las compuertas de los programadores de Curry Nig de la India para deshacerse de la Gente Blanca. Esa √ļltima parte es la raz√≥n por la que Internet es tan est√ļpido ahora que los indios no escriben c√≥dice. Copian y pegan lo que los programadores blancos escribieron en pirater√≠a, que como todos los clones no se transfiere bien a las acciones del programa.

Entonces, la realidad de la inmigración de Kushner es recompensar a la tribu Kushner por vender visas extranjeras, tal como se comprometieron en China usando el nombre de Donald Trump. Human Traffick es un negocio enorme que vale miles de millones y esto va a expandir ese mercado para los judíos Kushner como ya lo han demostrado.

Sin ninguna s√°tira en esto, recuerde que John Kelly se instal√≥ en Homeland, y abri√≥ Visas para animales da√Īinos, para el conglomerado para el que sirvi√≥ en la junta, y cuando fue expulsado, regres√≥ a ese conglomerado que ahora tiene un contrato con el gobierno. que se pagar√° para alojar a los hijos de estos extranjeros, que est√°n aqu√≠ ilegalmente, y usted est√° pagando por ello.

De eso se trata todo esto, en Kushner ha adaptado una ley para beneficiar a sus parientes judíos que venden la ciudadanía a los regímenes con el desplazamiento de trabajadores estadounidenses por bichos extranjeros, y Kushner hace un montón de eso.

Lo que Jared Kushner acaba de hacer es criminal. Se llama influencia pedaleo e injerto criminal. Jared Kushner sobre lo que Donald Trump acaba de descubrir debe ser acusado y condenado por 50 a√Īos en una prisi√≥n federal.

    Familia Kushner en Beijing: 'Invierta $ 500,000 e inmigr√©' a los Estados Unidos
    [Buscar en el dominio money.cnn.com/2017/05/06/news/jared-kushner-nicole-family-event/index.html] https://money.cnn.com/2017/05/06/news/jared -kushner-nicole-family-event / index.html
    06 de mayo de 2017 · La familia Kushner espera atraer inversiones de due√Īos de negocios adinerados en China con la promesa de visas estadounidenses. Nicole Kushner Meyer, la hermana del asesor de la Casa Blanca y presidente de Trump ...
    S√≠, la familia Kushner EST√Ā vendiendo tarjetas verdes - y es todo ...
    [Buscar en el dominio www.conservativereview.com/news/yes-kushner-family-is-selling-green-cards-and-its-all-legal/] https://www.conservativereview.com/news/yes-kushner- Family-is-selling-green-cards-and-its-all-legal-/
    S√≠, la familia Kushner EST√Ā vendiendo tarjetas verdes, y todo es legal. Los principales medios de comunicaci√≥n est√°n sufriendo la ruptura de la familia Kushner que vende legalmente visas de residentes permanentes a los inversionistas chinos ricos. Durante el fin de semana, la hermana de Jared Kushner hizo una presentaci√≥n en China sobre un nuevo proyecto que la compa√Ī√≠a familiar est√° construyendo en Nueva Jersey.

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For A Jew's Pounds of Flesh

OK  Jared says Pollard is 230 pounds of flesh and for that we get......

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Sometimes three sides to every story is necessary to understand what is really taking place. Like Donald Trump colluding with the Russians is not the story at all, but hidden in it, is the real story of what Protector of America, Robert Mueller is really engaged in.

The name Anne Henderson Pollard will not sound familiar to most, but the name Jonathan Pollard will ring some bells, in thee American who was caught spying for the Jewish state in late November of 1985, as the parting party gift to Ronald Reagan from the State of Israel.

Most people will assume that Pollard was Mossad, but according to Victor Ostrovsky in his memoirs of the corruption of the Mossad, By Way of Deception, provides some interesting details in who Jonathan Pollard really was working for.

See Pollard from 1984 onward, was working for lisha le kisgrei mada or LAKAM, run by a former Mossad katsa named Rafael Eiten. Pollard was being paid 2500 dollars a month, in a rather bizarre tale of what was going on in US intelligence circles, as at the start of this, he was working in Maryland at the US Support Intelligence Center part of the Naval Investigative Service. It was in 1984 that at the NICS, he was transferred to the Anti Terrorism Alert Center, threat analysis division, as Pollard had been leaking information to the South African military attache.
South Africa was a hot spot in those years, as the cartel lusted to get the White People out of South Africa, to turn all those riches over to Nelson Mandella's communists to exploit that literal mineral wealth mine.

Pollard was suspected of spying for the Jews and was confronted by the FBI, and agreed to cooperate. Somewhere in this though Pollard and his wife panicked, fled to the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC for asylum, where the Mossad controlled embassy was having nothing to do with this spying couple, turned them out, and with that the FBI who had been tailing Pollard for 24 hours arrested him and his wife.

This is where LAKAM appeared as Secretary of State George Schultz got Israeli Prime Minister Simone Peres out of bed at 3 AM on December 1st, for an official explanation, as Peres as Deputy Defense Minister in 1960 AD in the year of our Lord, had made LAKAM operational out of the IDF for gathering intelligence.
Peres apologized profusely and stated that those behind this would face consequences. The consequences were LAKAM changed it's mailing address and was assigned to the Foreign Services Department as Americans Richard Helms and George Schultz provided cover with the understanding that "Jews will be Jews".

Pollard was recruited by an Israeli Air Force veteran named Aviem Sella, who was ordered to develop the lead and Pollard agreed to become a spy.

In this Pollard was quite Jewish, for a Texan, as his resume for spying was making a lucrative exchange to help himself.

Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) investigator Ronald Olive has alleged that Pollard passed classified information to South Africa, and attempted, through a third party, to sell classified information to Pakistan on multiple occasions. Pollard also stole classified documents related to China on behalf of his wife, who used the information to advance her personal business-interests. She kept these secret materials around the house, where investigating authorities discovered them when Pollard's espionage activity came to light.
During the course of the Pollard trial, Australian authorities reported the disclosure of classified American documents by Pollard to a Royal Australian Navy officer who had been engaged in a personnel-exchange naval-liaison program between the U.S. and Australia. The Australian officer, alarmed by Pollard's repeated disclosure to him of data caveated No Foreign Access Allowed, reported the indiscretions to his chain of command

As one can read, the Pollards were not in any need of Mossad training, as they were quoting Mossad doctrine in they were expected to be traitors to the United States, because a greater authority was involved, and that was being a Jew.


Prior to sentencing, Pollard and his wife Anne gave further defiant media interviews in which they defended their spying and attempted to rally Jewish Americans to their cause. In a 60 Minutes interview, Anne said, "I feel my husband and I did what we were expected to do, and what our moral obligation was as Jews, what our moral obligation was as human beings, and I have no regrets about that.

Through all of this, the Americans were not that interested in Jonathan Pollard on the George Schultz sphere of influence, but there was another group which seemed to arise from the George HW Bush group who hung onto Jonathan Pollard like a rat in a terrier's fangs.
They were not, whether it was Bush 1 and 2 or Clinton, or Obama, going to let this Jew out of prison and went out of their way to stick it to him with a life sentence for spying for their friends in the Israeli state.

It becomes even more interesting in Pollard's handler, actually knew that the FBI was about arrest Pollard, meaning someone in the US was feeding the Jews information, and that both Israeli Prime Ministers in Peres and Rabin were aware of Pollard's impending arrest.

What would  become the biggest diplomatic problem the Jews faced, was the Jews had not given asylum to one of their own spies in a division not Mossad, allowed the Americans to throw the book at him, and washed their hands of Jonathan Pollard.

In November 2014, Rafi Eitan, who headed Lekem from 1981 until its dissolution in 1986, admitted that he knew in advance of Pollard's impending arrest in 1985 and alerted then-Prime Minister Shimon Peres and Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Eitan says it was his decision to refuse Pollard's request for asylum in the Israeli Embassy. When asked if Israeli officials were aware of Pollard's espionage activities, he replied, "Of course."

In examining the reality of Jonathan Pollard, there appears to be a sequence of events in this, which pissed off the Jewish leadership. It seems that the Jews of the Mossad group were furious not that Pollard was spying, but that Pollard was not just spying for them. It was not that Pollard was not just spying for them, but Pollard tried to broker arms deals for various nations like South Africa, Argentina etc... That is where the money is, and that is where Jewish foreign relations are all based on in the Mossad bait and switch. Jews use arms trading to hook nations, gain revenue, and use that leverage to gain diplomatic relations with the target nations.
Pollard would have been given assylum or at the very least the FBI would have been allowed to arrest him, and a show trial would have released Pollard to the Jewish state, if Pollard had not been making arms deals cutting out the Mossad.

As for the Bush family, Pollard appears to be Naval Intelligence which was old Herbert Walker in violating that trust. Bush fam, was going to make an example of Pollard, so that no other Jews were going to get the clever idea of being recruited by anyone other than Mossad AI or American Intelligence, so there was not ever going to be again a rogue Jonathan Pollard cutting out the Jews from their arms sale millions and billions.
Pollard was also shopping raw factual intelligence, which becomes a problem when the CIA and Mossad are shopping tainted intelligence to foreign regimes in order to manipulate them. Pollard's actions of being an honest traitor was exposing the scam.

See this is what it requires in three sides to every story. Victor Ostrovsky provides the most interesting insights and assessments of the Mossad espionage inside the United States breaking United States law and having certain Americans covering up and assisting in the spying operation.

In that I have always had a soft spot for Jonathan Pollard and his wives, as they drank the rabbi kook ade in all must be sacrificed for being a Jew, and when the opportunity arose, Pollard and his wife bit hard, and were then cut to the wind for being freelance Jews in their only mini Mossad marriage, acting out just as the Jewish state does to this day.
The lesson of Jonathan Pollard is simple, in you are expected to betray the nation you were born in for the Jews, but you had better not be cutting the Mossad out of money deals, so that you can do something nice for the Jewish state in establishing a chair in their honor.


In his pre-sentencing statement to Judge Robinson, Pollard said the money was a benefit that was forced on him. "I did accept money for my services", he acknowledged, but only "as a reflection of how well I was doing my job". He said that he had later told his controller, Rafi Eitan, a long-time spy who at the time headed Lekem, a scientific-intelligence unit in Israel, that, "I not only intended to repay all the money I'd received, but, also, was going to establish a chair at the Israeli General Staff's Intelligence Training Center outside Tel Aviv."

Jews can not sell their souls, as their souls are already owned, and they had better not attempt to buy them back or buy their way in to the inner sanctum of Mossad.

Maybe I can must move this wall to Mexico

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50 must reads or so to Egg your Brain

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As the saga of British historian John Keegan in his history of World War II,  in the bibliography he sources 50 must read books, which means none of you are ever going to get close to sniffing the glue on them and as I am in search of the Unicorn donation from wealthy  people, yes a generous donation where I could afford  a library and more importantly could read them.
As for now my first book I will read in my recuperation  will be the Memoirs of Douglas MacArthur which TL purchased for me for Christmas two years ago....yes we do have foolish hopes on the benevolent nature of the rich.

Ok here are the books.......it is supposed to be 50 of them.

  1. Kriegstagebuch des OKW der Wehrmacht - 8 volumes - P. Schramm
  2. The West Point Atlas of American Wars - Volume 2 - Colonel Vincent J. Esposito
  3. Hitler a Study in Tyranny - Alan Bullock
  4. Hitler's War - David Irving
  5. The German Army and the Nazi Party - Robert O'Neil
  6. Inside Hitler's Headquarters - W. Warlimont
  7. Inside the 3rd Reich - Albert Speer
  8. Hitler's War Directives - H Trevor Roper
  9. The Last Days of Hitler - H Trevor Roper
  10. The Origins of the Second World War - A J P Taylor
  11. To Lose A Battle - Alistair Horne
  12. Why France Fell - Guy Chapman
  13. Parades and Politics at Vichy - Robert Paxton
  14. The Breaking Wave - Telford Taylor
  15. Hitler's Strategy, The Balkan Cue - Martin van Creveld
  16.  The Struggle for Crete -  I M G Stewart
  17. The Desert Generals - Correlli Barnett
  18. The Soviet High Command - John Erickson
  19. The Road to Stalingrad - John Erickson
  20. The Road to Berlin - John Erickson
  21. German Rule in Russia - A. Dallin
  22. Comrades in Arms - Joan Beaumont
  23. The Continental Committee - Michael Howard
  24. The Mediterranean Strategy in the Second World War - Michael Howard
  25. Strategic Planning for Coalition Warfare - Volume 1 - E. Snell
  26. Strategic Planning for Coalition Warfare - Volume 2 - M. Matloff
  27. Continental Decisions - K R Greenfield
  28. British Intelligence in the Second World War - FH Hinsley
  29. The Hut Six Story - Gordon Welchman
  30. Ultra Goes To War - Ronald Lewin
  31. Thee American Magic - Ronald Lewin
  32. Very Special Intelligence - P Beesly
  33. Ultra in the West - R Bennett
  34. A History of Modern Japan - Richard Storry 
  35. Empires in the Balance - H P Wilmont
  36. Eagle against the Sun - Ronald Spector
  37. Coral Sea - Midway and Submarine Operations - Samuel Elliot Morison
  38. Allies of a Kind - Christopher Thorne
  39. War, Economy and Society - Alan Milward
  40. The Design and Development of Weapons - MM Postan
  41. Bomber Command - Max  Hastings
  42. Donitz the Last Fuhrer - Peter Padfield
  43. The Struggle for Europe - Chester Wilmot
  44.  The Shadow War - H Michael
  45. Thee Embattled Mountain - F W Deakin
  46. Life with the Enemy - W Rings
  47. The Final Solution - G Rightlinger
  48. With the Old Breed - E B Sledge
  49. Wartime - M Dejilas
  50. Berlin Diaries - Marie Vassiltchikov
  51. The Past is Myself - Christable Bielenberg
  52. Armed Truce, The Beginnings of the Cold War - Hugh Thomas
So we learn from the above that British historians can not count like Obama the Kenyan. Anyway, honestly, I have only read the Speer book, because I got it for free from a family who was giving away their parents collections of books and things, and we went back the last day and loaded up on things. Nice dog I seem to remember and the family was too.

Anyway that is the filler for this in the conclusion of all you learned in God's Inspiration of me in the reading of Keegan's work based on all the work of these other egg brains.

Now time for something pretty in those stuffy old books.

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sabbie's Snap

Ich erleuchte die Welt

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is an update on the genius of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, as on the Sabbath, the Gegenlicht, produced the Reichstag Fire, without one flame. It is amazing in this, because just after this blog featured Heinz Christian Strache, a deep state coup was unleashed upon him inside Austria, framing the Nationalist leader and destroyed him.

I have warned here how Sebastian Kurz and Manfreid Weber are working as the Motherland and Fatherland to gain control of the European Parliament in the June elections.

With the engineered and staged collapse of the Austrian coalition government, in ridding Austria of Nationalist Right Wing representatives in leadership positions. it begins the cleansing of the Conservatives from Austria and other European states. They will defund them and remove them all........and for those who have missed this, this is where Steve Bannon has been lurking in Europe with the Catholics, attempting to set up the Paul Manafort doctrine of using Russian money to set up Nationalists in Europe. Bannon has been effective checked, and with the removal of Strache, the Balkanized Austrian political spectrum will allow the Kurz minority to establish a regime in the Kurz image. Snap elections will as it did for Adolf Hitler, provide the Chancellor with absolute authority.

The country’s government collapsed on Saturday after Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said he was pulling the plug on his ruling coalition after just 17 months in office.

The move came barely 24 hours after the release of a bombshell video showing Heinz-Christian Strache, the far-right leader of his junior coalition partner, trying to trade public contracts for party donations from a woman he believed to be the wealthy niece of a Russian oligarch.


Coming just days before next week’s European Parliament election, the episode has rocked the political landscape in both Austria and Europe, where the Alpine nation’s non-traditional coalition was seen as an experiment in the viability of alliances that pair mainstream parties with populists.

The sudden turn of events may even help Kurz in the long run.

The chancellor is by far Austria’s most popular politician and could well strengthen his party’s position in a new election if he can win over disgruntled Freedom Party voters. The question is how would form a government without the Freedom Party in Austria’s increasingly Balkanized political landscape.

Kurz plays a unique role in the Continent’s polity by simultaneously epitomizing the divisions that drive Europe’s polarization on issues such as migration and populism, while also managing to straddle them.

Kurz’s detractors ascribe to him an opportunistic zeal that they warn could undermine the “European project,” but the chancellor and his allies insist their mission is vastly more ambitious: to save it.

“Together with my [European] colleagues I’m trying to ensure that Europe continues to have a strong political center,” Kurz said in an interview. “We don’t need left-wing or right-wing extremists who want to destroy the EU.”

Yes, Sebastian Kurz is criminalizing both the  right and left, as he pretends the center of the Habsburg Empire. This is the most remarkable coup, surpassing even Obama's attempt on Trump. The difference is though that no one has noticed what Sebastian Kurz has been up to, save the Lame Cherry, and Sebastian Kurz has been perfectly successful, with smiles as all others have failed.

Siehe, deine Sonne und dein Mond

Kurz plays a unique role in the Continent’s polity by simultaneously epitomizing the divisions that drive Europe’s polarization on issues such as migration and populism, while also managing to straddle them.

Kurz’s detractors ascribe to him an opportunistic zeal that they warn could undermine the “European project,” but the chancellor and his allies insist their mission is vastly more ambitious: to save it.

“Together with my [European] colleagues I’m trying to ensure that Europe continues to have a strong political center,” Kurz said in an interview. “We don’t need left-wing or right-wing extremists who want to destroy the EU.”


Kurz’s ideas for Europe have drawn plenty of attention, but he will need powerful backing to push his agenda for Europe.

That’s where Manfred Weber comes in.

Kurz was an early supporter of the Bavarian MEP’s candidacy to become the European People’s Party’s lead candidate — or Spitzenkandidat — positioning himself to be a key player in the political chess game to shape the next Commission, and, by extension, Europe’s future.

Considering Austria’s modest size and weight within the EU, Kurz has occupied a surprisingly prominent role among Weber’s supporters.

It was Sebastian who gave me the signal to do it,” Weber said recently, adding that Kurz was also one of the first people he consulted with last year about whether to run.

As I have stated here, Sebastian Kurz has brought the British to the leash. Boris Johnson is a Kurz fellow traveler and Nigel Farage of Brexit, have both assured Kurz that with London backing, when allowed to be part of EU Elections, will vote unanimously for Sebastian Kurz Europe in his own image.

Kurz's allies in Europe are about with the Austrian German leadership, about to wrest complete control of Europe, and with sweeping centralized reforms, designed to decentralize the power of resistance to the Kurz Habsburgs.

ecce rex....

Johnson, a leading Brexiteer, does particularly well among respondents who say they plan to vote for Nigel Farage's Brexit Party in the upcoming European Parliament election — but he is also very unpopular with people who voted Remain in the 2016 Brexit referendum.

The results come a day after Theresa May agreed, under pressure from her backbenchers, to set a timetable for her departure. Meanwhile Johnson — long assumed to have designs on the Tory leadership — indicated that he would stand when the prime minister eventually steps down. The leading Brexiteer told a business event in Manchester, "Of course I'm going to go for it."

If Sebastian Kurz pulls this off, you will probably survive to see the fulfillment of this prophecy in Revelation chapter 13.

2: And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

The above is in figurative language stating that a government is coming risen from the human population having the combined attributes of leopard Alexander of Greece, the bear Darius of Persia and the lion of Nebuchadnezzar Babylon.
The 4th beast of Daniel the Prophet is not noted in Rome, but what appears is a resurrected unholy Roman empire and it is worse than Rome.

The dragon is the illuminated one, the false light, and the regime which serves this anti Christian or competing manifestation, will have the world marveling soon in wondering where this powerful axis arose from.

4: And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

There is trouble coming for the United States and the Lost 10. It is termed Jacob's Trouble in Scripture.  If this is the time and it is manifesting exactly by God's Grace it has been warned of here as you enemies of the Light left me in poverty, then events will roll upon events and your reckoning is at hand. The Two should come to torment you and you will remember how you abused my kindness.

I pray the Lord comes quickly. I pray His Word is fulfilled quickly.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter in the most monumental of stories and all of your pulpit preachers and mockingbird mic heads have not told you and you deserve their blindness upon you.

Sabbie's snap elections reveal his is learned to schreiten. The US President has wasted 2 1/2 years and all is now two and half years too late to catch up.


 Wir werden unsere Lieder singen. Wir werden marschieren und wir werden sein.

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