Tuesday, March 28, 2017

GOP Leadership Time for Wall Street But Not Americans

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In an amazing dispatch from the White House the President signed into law a bill PASSED BY BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS, without any intrigue or blaming the Freedom Caucus.

What was this  bill?

Why it was for Wall Street in the conglomerates in the Obama regime had put new regulations on the trillion dollar businesses in making them compliant with labor laws.

So you get this, YOU CAN'T BE RESCUED FROM RATIONED DEATH. YOU CAN'T GET YOUR TAXES CUT. YOU CAN'T GET A JOB. YOU CAN'T AFFORD THE AMERICAN DREAM, but Congress' priority was in the only thing it has done is pass a law letting the Wall Street elite out from under labor regulations..........in reference, that means YOU ARE NOT PROTECTED FROM BEING EXPLOITED BY GE, BOEING, MGM, CBS or whatever you are a slave at.

Amazing is it not, that the same old politics repeats.

Perhaps President Trump should have issued a directive that for every law passed for the elite, that Americans get two laws passed for them...........because his cabinet secretaries sure as hell have not been removing any damned regulations on Americans as they are supposed to be doing.

Just the Trumpenfuror and Dummkopf getting to rule out of the West Wing.

Image: President Trump and Chancellor Merkel news conference March 17, 2017

Did the President clear this bill with Ivanka, as it might interfere with giving women more rights, power and money than men, as we could not have that in this neo era of Shylockia ruling the White House.


What Paul Ryan Did In Obamacare Was DELIBERATE


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is something that each of you have got to repeat over and over, as you are being conditioned with propaganda that the GOP can not govern, are idiots etc...., when the reality is Paul Ryan tried to create an Obamacare to loot America for his Chamber of Commerce interests with the full intention if it did not work, to smear the Freedom Caucus to destroy them politically as Ryan hates Christian Conservatives.

........and if it did work in being passed, to use this to destroy Donald Trump politically, as Ryan has been ordered and fixated on in ruling the GOP his way, as that is what Ryan was engaged in, in trying to defeat Donald Trump in the election.

Everything Paul Ryan did was deliberate and planned out. It is not as Sean Hannity keeps saying that they had 8 years to plan this and then could not get it done right. PAUL RYAN GOT DONE EXACTLY WHAT HE INTENDED as that is what was written for him and what was produced.

Now the oligarchs have President Trump exactly where they want him, in vulnerable and having to deal with the GOPliters in Congress to turn Donald Trump into Jeb Bush as Obama's 3rd term.

There is war coming, as the CIA in Pompeo, ran a riot operation against Vladimir Putin in Russia, and kept the President in the dark. Events are now designed to overtake President Trump, and all he has left are the manipulators and the inept in his inner circle.
The President is now at war with his base. The Conservative Christians and their political leaders are the focus of this to which the President has been manipulated to.

None of this is by accident. It is all by design, just as certain as the Russian hacking was an inside the US intelligence deep state operation to generate that war with Russia.

President Trump is not receiving the correct input. His cabinet for the most part is very good, but what is revolving around the President is this whirlpool sucking him down to the exact Obama positions to keep America crippled, and the only salvation to cover up all of this embezzling by Obama is a war with Russia.

The Mockingbird has been attempting to divert you, and most of you have been placed in that box of confusion. All you need to know is Paul Ryan did this by design with assistance from Reince Priebus, Katie Walsh and Mike Pence. The President is now exactly where they want him. He has turned to his inept family members in Ivanka and Jared Kushner.
If you observe this manipulation of the President, it is his family that this deep state has chosen to manipulate him, and will carry it to extremes.

The Freedom Caucus has saved the GOP and all Americans for a moment, but this presidency is listing and being dragged to the rocks, to be given only one choice as other Presidents were offered, in war.

It is imperative that the President bring in his Loyalists and Christians to progress every aspect of his agenda, as his cabinet secretaries seem to be frozen in place.

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Paul Schaffer, when the others are driven out


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It seems some people have a gift and that is to be a friend to the friendless, or more to the point to keep their dignity while being a support to liberal bastards who hate themselves so much that they are like watching a car crash in slow motion every moment of their existences.

The person of interest in this is Paul Schaffer, a Canadian, and best known in being the band director on The Letterman Show.

There have been two expose's as of late, one concerning Chevy Chase and the other David Letterman, and they are not worth noting in these liberal sell outs to the cause of the left, in both are what they accuse those they hate of, but what is worth noting is Paul Schaffer.

In the case of Cornelius Chase, it was Paul Schaffer who sat up all night after Chase was roasted by everyone who hates him, because he has treated all of his peers so viciously none would appear in fun. Schaffer sat up with Chase, because Chase was bawling all night after the roast, and needed consoling over the "mean things" which were being said about him.

Cornelius Crane Chase

In the case of David Letterman, Schaffer was steadfast in his job while Letterman was devolving to using CBS as a creeper station as Letterman destroyed those loyal to him, abused women, and thought that Barbara Walters and Charlie Rose were his peers, when all he was, was another plug and play mic head with falling ratings.

That is what is amazing about Paul Schaffer, in he is a small man in stature, but is large in accomplishment and presence. He has an ability to deal with bullies and not be bullied, and a way of calling these brats like Chase and Letterman out for what they are, and they take it, because they need to be told exactly what they are.

I would not say Paul Schaffer ever was an enabler, because he was not. What he was, was a talented man who had dregs of humanity glom onto him, and he did the best Christian thing anyone could do is be a friend to the friendless.......a friendless who chose to be friendless in they treat people close to them with venom, before these immature souls can be hurt by them......as striking out is exactly what these types do by compunction.

Letterman used to hang out with the writers, in being mean, but the writers had more talent and bitch slapped him and Letterman's ego hurt, as did Chase in only picking on interns who were not prepared to fight back.

Late-night legend David Letterman's ugly personality no laughing matter, former colleagues say

Letterman is now hiding behind a beard, and was dragging his 13 year old child around on the streets of New York, as Letterman holds audience and pathetically needed the child to see that the old man was "somebody". The child now refuses to be an unwilling patron of the "glory days", as Chevy Chase is left without audience or family to suffer his ills.

I do not know if Paul Schaffer has blocked Letterman and Chase, but one could understand if he has, as he has a good life in a marriage, children and a remarkable career of accomplishments, with the good will of his peers and fans.

Paul Schaffer will not be remembered for the gift he apparently has in dealing with adult bullies, but it was of his remarkable accomplishments, and as all fades to black when Letterman and Chase are in the casket, we see an empty service with just the few people who had to show up, and there would be Paul Schaffer attending, because Schaffer would be the man to be a friend to provide comfort in the lie, that the dead were not all bad.

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Letterman infamously sucked on a strand of Jennifer Aniston's hair.


Ambrosia in Paradise


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For all the crappy people who are tools of satan in sending notes, there are numbers of good people, and the other day a Citizen of Canada wrote a note thanking me for writing of apple seedlings and Christians. This pleased me because I love Western Canada.....well I like eastern Canada too and my great grandparents sojourned in Nova Scotia for awhile after 1776, before rejoining America, but western Canada is just wonderful country.

The writer is from British Columbia and that is simply the Eden of the Rockies. On the coast is zone 5 and in the interior are mountains which humans have probably yet to touch. The Columbia is born from the region and she is living creature in the swells as she speaks in tones that make humans know how little they are.

This though is about apples and if I lived in Vancouver...well I would not as I am not of the city, but if I lived in zone 5 British Columbia, I would plant Ambrosia apples, which are Canadian.
I recall that they found an apple in a Red Delicious orchard, and it was this Ambrosia, and it is a wonderfully ...........you know how apple jacks taste....well Ambrosia is alike Fruit Loops compared to apple jacks.
It is really unique and a very nice apple, and I have several in the fridge trying to sprout from seed, but do not know about the cold where I reside in the brier patch, but it is always a good adventure.

Honestly when it comes to apples, we ate apples off of a relative's of ours tree, a Haralson in apple crisp 3 years ago, and it was so wonderful and we ate non stop, that I still am not hankering for apple crisp. That was after we ate apples, kept apples, and I think we picked up two barrels of windfalls for the goats. An apple tree in semi dwarf or standard will deluge you with apples.
Last year Baby Belle and Daisy did me the world of favors in picking all the apples off the ground from our trees, as that is a messy chore and if you do not pick them up, worms become a problem.

So a few Ambrosias would be just the thing, and Ranier cherries....oh how wonderful that would be too. The area there is just fruit heaven from berries to apples and pears. Must not be so good for peaches though as one never hears of BC peaches.

For me though, I just do not like that damp cold. I thrive in Arctic cold as that is dry cold, but get me into that foggy, damp Scotland, Nova Scotia, Norway and BC damp, and you might as well turn off the light. Nothing is fun when you are wet. Is like Washington when my neighbor moved out there he said, "Hell you don't stop for rain out here as you would never get anything done as it rains all the time."
Am no fan of woolen sweaters either in summer. Those Norwegians I see all paled out in July just makes me wonder why humans torture themselves like that. Now the pampas in Argentina, that will get you there and back.

Never have Argentinian fruit either. Chile grows great fruit.

What do you think this is a geographical fruit lesson eh?

I like Canadians even if I ride their asses about lynching Louis Riel and being impounded by Ottawa, as Canadians just are good people.  I would appreciate it if they were a bit more in blood lust for their own good, but then Americans are ruled by pansies so what does that say about lynch meetings at dusk and Church at dawn.

It is nice to talk about apples and think of places on earth that are not cesspools of humanity or a weather that is trying to kill everything each time the wind changes.

I was just thinking when I used to listen to CJOB out of Winnipeg, there was a traffic gal on there who had the most diverse accent I have ever heard. I can make Canadians think I am native, but that gal she honest to God had a speech pattern that sounded like she talked in reverse. I never could mimic the way she spoke. It was that rural Manitoba type that is so Canadian English in how sweet it sounds in being a soft dialect.

It is always nice to talk about apples and dream of apple things, as apple trees talk a great deal. They are not standoffish like pears, but not as familiar as cherries......peaches are like cats in look and do not touch. Apples are just happy trees in how they sing. If you talk to them, they listen and understand and are always pleased to have the attention.

Now I have told you too many secrets again in knowing how to speak apple language.

Canadians are very clever in getting you to tell them things, like I want a Winchester 71 in 248 Winchester, to pretend I am out doing things like hunting moose, where a trade gun would suffice as good as anything, except for big foot hunting from what I was told.

Anyway, Ambrosia is a very nice apple.

Canadians should appeal to real America to invade to rescue them from that communist Trudeau. Kind of hard in Ivanka Trump acting comrade now, but I think the apples would be worth the invasion and the Alberta beef.

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A New Rationed Death Beyond Obamacare


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is obvious that nationwide riots in Russia, just appearing, did not simply just appear, but are American and British intelligence generated again, in order to weaken Russia, antagonize the Kremlin and goad Russia into making an aggressive move against some event of their self determination, to which NATO will respond and we will have European Scorched Earth, with vaporized select American cities.

Yes on the weekend where Donald Trump engineered his own epic defeat in Obamacare 2.0 and then blamed Conservatives with the deep state Mockingbird, the same intelligence apparatus just began the Hot War with Russia, for the coming WMD World War IV.

This all centers on the new choice for Russia from the CIA and MI6 in Dmitry Oreshkin, a poll propagandist who was championing these foreign generated riots, in the same programme which turned President Trump to someone threatening Americans on the right for not passing Obamacare 2.0

"In a sense we are returning to Soviet times, when all political information will be generated and doled out by the authorities," says Dmitry Oreshkin, head of the Mercator Group, an independent Moscow media consultancy.

Comrade Oreshkin is a champion of John McCain's Ukraine, which is led by Nazis, and can find corruption under every stone in the Putin government, as the people have over 70% approval for Mr. Putin.

Why Russian protests are making the Kremlin rethink 2018 presidential elections

No one thinks Putin, one of the most successful leaders in Russian history whose public approval rating hovers around 80 percent, is likely to lose tha…
Christian Science...20 minutes ag

What is operating in Russia, is the same NGO network which has overthrown America. The difference is President Putin has resisted this for Russia, and President Trump has sidled to promoting it as it is led by Paul Ryan against Christians and Conservatives.

The prosecutor's warning letter alleges that Levada has received $777,000 over the past four years in funding from outside groups such as the MacArthur Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and George Soros’ OSI Assistance Foundation.

Three years ago, the government in Moscow began a systematic labeling of these NGO's for what they are in spy agencies. In America, they are allow to use the courts, the streets, the political donation machine to continue the American Genocide under Donald Trump.

Dozens of Russian NGOs have already been ordered by prosecutors to wear the "foreign agent" label in all their public activities, or face crippling fines and, ultimately, police shutdown. None have yet complied with the order, which they say does nothing to improve financial transparency and is solely designed to destroy their credibility with the Russian public, official institutions, and other organizations by saddling them with a label that means "spy" and nothing else in Russian.
America is now in a hot war with Russia. These protests occurred under the Trump Administration, and ordered or not, Moscow will view this as a Trump coup against Vladimir Putin. That is the reality, that as the Trump Administration kept rationed death on Americans due to Paul Ryan oligarch protections for the rich, a new rationed death has emerged and the West is approximately 2 major events, whether the Mideast, whether the Balkans, whether the United States to bringing atomic winter and cobalt genocide to the world.

Inquiry to the matrix pointed to Director Pompeo knew of this operation, as did MI6. The President was in the dark.

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Как еще один Lame Cherry эксклюзив в материи против материи.Очевидно, что всенародные беспорядки в России, только что появившиеся, появились не просто, а снова сгенерированы американской и британской разведкой, чтобы ослабить Россию, антагонизировать Кремль и побудить Россию предпринять решительный шаг против какого-либо события их самого На которое НАТО отреагирует, и у нас будет Европейская выжженная земля с испаренными избранными американскими городами.
Да, на выходных, где Дональд Трамп создал свое собственное эпическое поражение в Obamacare 2.0, а затем обвинил консерваторов в переосмыслении состояния Глубокого государства-пересмешника, тот же самый разведывательный аппарат только начал горячую войну с Россией для предстоящей IV мировой войны.
Все это связано с новым выбором России от ЦРУ и МИ-6 в Дмитрие Орешкине, пропагандистом опроса, который отстаивал эти иностранные беспорядки, в той же программе, которая превратила президента Трампа в кого-то, угрожающего американцам, на право не передавать Obamcare 2.0

«В каком-то смысле мы возвращаемся в советские времена, когда вся политическая информация будет генерироваться и расходоваться властями, - говорит Дмитрий Орешкин, глава независимой московской консалтинговой компании Mercator Group.

Тов. Орешкин является чемпионом Украины Джона Маккейна во главе с нацистами и может найти коррупцию под каждым камнем в правительстве Путина, так как у народа более 70% одобрение для Путина.

Почему российские протесты заставляют Кремль пересматривать президентские выборы 2018 года
Никто не думает, что Путин, один из самых успешных лидеров в российской истории, рейтинг общественного одобрения которого колеблется около 80 процентов, скорее всего, потеряет ...
Христианская наука ... 20 минут назадТо, что действует в России, это та же самая сеть НПО, которая свергла Америку. Разница в том, что президент Путин сопротивлялся этому для России, и президент Трамп борется за его продвижение по мере того, как его возглавляет Пол Райан против христиан и консерваторов.

В предупреждающем письме прокурора утверждается, что за последние четыре года Левада получил 777 000 долл. США в виде финансирования от внешних групп, таких как Фонд Макартуров, Фонд Форда и Фонд содействия ИОО Содрусу.Три года назад правительство в Москве начало систематическую маркировку этих НПО за то, что они в шпионских агентствах. В Америке они разрешают использовать суды, улицы, машину политического пожертвования для продолжения американского Геноцида при Дональде Трампе.

Прокуроры уже приказали десяткам российских НПО носить ярлык «иностранного агента» во всех своих общественных действиях или сталкиваться с калечащимися штрафами и, в конечном итоге, закрытием полиции. Никто из них еще не выполнил приказ, который, по их словам, ничего не улучшает финансовую прозрачность и предназначен исключительно для того, чтобы подорвать доверие к российским общественным, официальным институтам и другим организациям, обременяя их ярлыком «шпион» и ничего другого на русском.Америка сейчас в горячей войне с Россией. Эти протесты произошли под руководством Трампа, и приказано или нет, Москва будет рассматривать это как козырь Трампа против Владимира Путина. Такова реальность, что, поскольку администрация Трампа продолжала хранить смертную казнь для американцев из-за защиты олигарха Пола Райана для богачей, появилась новая нормированная смерть, и на Западе происходит примерно два крупных события: будь то Ближний Восток, будь то Балканы, будь то Соединенные Штаты Америки приносят миру ядерный геноцид зимы и кобальта.Люди в Европе и Америке должны быть готовы, потому что Россия находится в гражданской обороне для своих граждан.

Запрос к матрице указывал на то, что директор Помпео знал об этой операции, также как и MI6. Президент был в темноте.Достаточно

Comme une autre cerise Lame exclusive en matière anti-matière.Il est évident que les émeutes à l'échelle nationale en Russie, qui viennent d'apparaître, ne sont pas simplement apparues, mais les informations américaines et britanniques sont-elles générées de nouveau, afin d'affaiblir la Russie, d'opposer le Kremlin et d'inciter la Russie à prendre un mouvement agressif contre un événement À laquelle l'OTAN répondra et nous aurons la Terre brûlée européenne, avec des villes américaines vaporisées choisies.
Oui le week-end où Donald Trump a réalisé sa propre défaite épique dans Obamacare 2.0 et a ensuite blâmé les conservateurs avec le Mockingbird d'état profond, le même appareil de renseignement vient de commencer la guerre chaude avec la Russie, pour la prochaine guerre mondiale des WMD IV.
Tout cela se concentre sur le nouveau choix pour la Russie de la CIA et du MI6 dans Dmitry Oreshkin, un propagandiste sondage qui a été champion de ces émeutes générées à l'étranger, dans le même programme qui a transformé le président Trump à quelqu'un menaçant les Américains sur la droite pour ne pas passer Obamcare 2.0

«Dans un certain sens, nous retournons à l'époque soviétique, lorsque toutes les informations politiques seront générées et distribuées par les autorités», déclare Dmitry Oreshkin, chef du Groupe Mercator, un cabinet indépendant de médias de Moscou.

Le camarade Oreshkin est un champion de l'Ukraine de John McCain, dirigé par les nazis et peut trouver la corruption sous toutes les pierres dans le gouvernement de Poutine, car les gens ont plus de 70% d'approbation pour M. Poutine.

Pourquoi les protestations russes font que le Kremlin repensera les élections présidentielles de 2018
Personne ne pense que Poutine, l'un des leaders les plus réussis dans l'histoire russe dont le taux d'approbation publique plane autour de 80%, est susceptible de perdre tha ...
Christian Science ... 20 minutes agCe qui fonctionne en Russie, c'est le même réseau d'ONG qui a renversé l'Amérique. La différence est que le président Poutine a résisté à cela pour la Russie, et le président Trump a sidled pour la promouvoir car il est dirigé par Paul Ryan contre les chrétiens et les conservateurs.

La lettre d'avertissement du procureur allègue que Levada a reçu 777 000 $ au cours des quatre dernières années dans le financement de groupes extérieurs tels que la Fondation MacArthur, la Fondation Ford et la Fondation d'assistance OSI de George Soros.Il ya trois ans, le gouvernement de Moscou a commencé à étiqueter systématiquement ces ONG pour ce qu'elles sont dans les agences d'espionnage. En Amérique, ils sont autorisés à utiliser les tribunaux, les rues, la machine de donation politique pour continuer le génocide américain sous Donald Trump.

Des dizaines d'ONG russes ont déjà été condamnées par les procureurs à porter le label "agent étranger" dans toutes leurs activités publiques, ou font face à des amendes paralysantes et, en fin de compte, à l'arrêt de la police. Aucun n'a encore respecté l'ordonnance qui, selon eux, ne fait rien pour améliorer la transparence financière et vise uniquement à détruire leur crédibilité auprès du public russe, des institutions officielles et d'autres organisations en leur imposant une étiquette qui signifie «espion» et rien d'autre en russe.L'Amérique est maintenant dans une guerre chaude avec la Russie. Ces manifestations ont eu lieu sous l'administration Trump, et commandé ou non, Moscou verra cela comme un coup d'État Trump contre Vladimir Poutine. Telle est la réalité, que l'Administration Trump gardé rationné la mort sur les Américains en raison de Paul Ryan protections oligarques pour les riches, une nouvelle mort rationné a émergé et l'Occident est d'environ 2 événements majeurs, que le Moyen-Orient, si les Balkans, États-Unis à apporter au monde l'hiver atomique et le génocide au cobalt.Les gens en Europe et en Amérique devraient être préparés, parce que la Russie est en défense civile pour ses citoyens.

Enquête à la matrice signalé Directeur Pompeo connu de cette opération, comme le MI6. Le président était dans l'obscurité.Nuff Said

Als eine andere Lame Cherry exklusiv in Materie Anti-Materie.Es ist offensichtlich, dass bundesweite Unruhen in Russland, die gerade erschienen sind, nicht einfach nur auftauchen, sondern auch amerikanische und britische Intelligenz, um Russland zu schwächen, den Kreml zu bekämpfen und Russland dazu zu bringen, einen aggressiven Umzug gegen ein bestimmtes Ereignis zu machen Entschlossenheit, auf die die NATO antworten wird, und wir werden die europäische versengte Erde mit verdampften ausgewählten amerikanischen Städten haben.
Ja am Wochenende, wo Donald Trump seine eigene epische Niederlage in Obamacare 2.0 entwarf und dann die Konservativen mit dem tiefen Staat Mockingbird beschuldigte, begann derselbe Intelligenzapparat gerade den Heißen Krieg mit Russland, für den kommenden WMD Weltkrieg IV.
Dies alles konzentriert sich auf die neue Wahl für Russland von der CIA und MI6 in Dmitry Oreshkin, ein Umfrage Propagandist, der diese ausländischen generierten Ausschreitungen war, in dem gleichen Programm, das Präsident Trump zu jemand drohte Amerikaner auf der rechten Seite für nicht übergeben Obamcare 2.0

"In gewissem Sinne kehren wir in die sowjetische Zeit zurück, wenn alle politischen Informationen von den Behörden generiert und ausgetauscht werden", sagt Dmitry Oreshkin, Leiter der Mercator Group, eine unabhängige Moskauer Medienberatung.

Genosse Oreshkin ist ein Champion von John McCains Ukraine, die von Nazis geführt wird und Korruption unter jedem Stein in der Putin-Regierung finden kann, da die Leute über 70% Zustimmung für Herrn Putin haben.

Warum russische Proteste machen den Kreml überdenken 2018 Präsidentschaftswahlen
Niemand glaubt, Putin, einer der erfolgreichsten Führer in der russischen Geschichte, deren öffentliche Zustimmung Bewertung schwebt rund 80 Prozent, wird wahrscheinlich zu verlieren ...
Christian Science ... 20 MinutenWas in Russland tätig ist, ist das gleiche NGO-Netzwerk, das Amerika gestürzt hat. Der Unterschied ist, dass Präsident Putin dies für Russland widerstanden hat, und Präsident Trump hat sich dazu entschlossen, es zu fördern, wie es von Paul Ryan gegen Christen und Konservative geführt wird.

Der Warnbrief des Staatsanwalts behauptet, dass Levada in den vergangenen vier Jahren $ 777.000 in der Finanzierung von externen Gruppen wie der MacArthur Foundation, der Ford Foundation und George Soros 'OSI Assistance Foundation erhalten habe.Vor drei Jahren begann die Regierung in Moskau eine systematische Kennzeichnung dieser NGOs für das, was sie in Spionageagenturen sind. In Amerika können sie die Gerichte, die Straßen, die politische Spendenmaschine benutzen, um den amerikanischen Völkermord unter Donald Trump fortzusetzen.

Dutzende von russischen NGOs wurden bereits von Staatsanwälten befohlen, das "Fremdagenten" -Label in all ihren öffentlichen Aktivitäten zu tragen oder mit lähmenden Geldstrafen und schließlich mit der Polizei abzuschalten. Keiner hat den Auftrag noch nicht eingehalten, was sie sagen, tut nichts, um die finanzielle Transparenz zu verbessern und ist ausschließlich darauf ausgelegt, ihre Glaubwürdigkeit mit der russischen Öffentlichkeit, den offiziellen Institutionen und anderen Organisationen zu zerstören, indem sie sie mit einem Etikett, das "Spion" bedeutet, und sonst nichts bedeutet auf Russisch.Amerika ist jetzt in einem heißen Krieg mit Russland. Diese Proteste traten unter der Trump-Administration auf und bestellten oder nicht, Moskau wird dies als Trump-Putsch gegen Wladimir Putin sehen. Das ist die Realität, dass, da die Trump-Administration den Tod auf Amerikaner wegen des Ryan-Oligarchen-Schutzes für die Reichen gehalten hat, ein neuer rationierter Tod entstanden ist und der Westen etwa 2 große Ereignisse ist, ob der Mideast, ob der Balkan, ob der Vereinigte Staaten zu bringen Atom-Winter und Cobalt Völkermord an die Welt.Menschen in Europa und Amerika sollten vorbereitet sein, weil Russland in Zivilverteidigung für ihre Bürger ist.

Anfrage an die Matrix zeigte auf Direktor Pompeo wusste von dieser Operation, wie MI6. Der Präsident war im Dunkeln.Nuff sagte 

Monday, March 27, 2017

A man named Mo


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Senator Rand Paul today on the Sean Hannity program stated that if he had 30 minutes with President Donald Trump and 30 minutes with the Congressional leaders on Congress to decide on what the GOP could agree to in seven points, that Obamacare would be finished.

In a marvelous act of political will Congressman Mo Brooks of Alabama filed this bill, so that all those wonderful leaders who promised to repeal Obamacare could sign this bill and discharge it, making a record that they were sincere for the President to sign this repeal.

..................................................................... (Original Signature of Member)
H. R.
To repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010.
Mr. B
of Alabama introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on
To repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010.
 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa-
tives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,
This Act may be cited as the ‘‘ObamaCare Repeal
VerDate Nov 24 2008 09:38 Mar 24, 2017Jkt 000000PO 00000Frm 00001Fmt 6652Sfmt 6201C:\USERS\WPBURKE\APPDATA\ROAMING\SOFTQUAD\XMETAL\7.0\GEN\C\BROOKS~1.
March 24, 2017 (9:38 a.m.)
G:\VHLC\032417\032417.012.xml (655930|2)
OF 2010.
(a) P

.—Effective as of December 31, 2017, the Patient
Protection and Affordable Care Act (Public Law 111–
148) is repealed, and the provisions of law amended or
repealed by such Act are restored or revived as if such
 Act had not been enacted.
—Effective as of December 31, 2017,
the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010
(Public Law 111–152) is repealed, and the provisions of
law amended or repealed by such Act are restored or re-
 vived as if such Act had not been enacted.
The President must understand that the LOYAL OPPOSITION actually accomplishing the People's Will, will be interested in a primary of perhaps a Rand Paul for President and Mo Brooks for Vice President, as they seem to be able to do what the President has been promising and Paul Ryan deliberately failed at.

Odd how Conservative Treehouse has been a Ryan apologist, while everyone else from Patrick Buchanan to Newt Gingrich, has stated the Freedom Caucus saved the GOP from going over the edge in stopping the Ryancare budget.

Too bad that minder Tom Poe shot his wad for nothing as the tides are turning.

First casualty for House Freedom Caucus after health care ...

Rep. Ted Poe announced Sunday he has resigned from the ... Rep. Ted Poe announced Sunday he has resigned from the conservative House Freedom Caucus over ...


Hail Trumpenfuror & Dummkopf

All Hail, the Trumpenfuror & Dummkopf
Leaders of Vaginal Section
The Bush Section

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the Presidency of Donald Trump in meltdown due to the intrigue of the police state led by unrepentant James Comey, and collaborators John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Bush fam, it was telling today that the President, being led by Trumpenfuhrer, spent hours today with things with vaginas.

Yes what is really important with North Korean nukes, coups against Vladimir Putin, cartel terrorism, border invasion, national debt, energy in crisis, Americans in 95 million needing jobs, that Trumpenfuhrer Ivanka was promoting women over all other groups, who have earned their positions, the way Obama promoted transvestites.

It astounds me in an age when there are more laws on the books giving preference to women than men, that we must make this an Ivanka priority, after 100 years of investment in this cause of ERA, the Equal Rights, where women having billions in education, welfare and loans, they still can not compete with men, and we need in this dire moment in American history to stop, sit around and do the vagina test to make this a proof that Donald Trump does not hate women.

Let it simply be understood, that Ivanka Trump is so obsessed with this preferential treatment of women, when her father promoted women in Trump affirmative action, is that Ivanka Trump, after being afforded every conceivable assistance in education was nothing but a cigarette smoking party girl, who was incapable of cutting it at Georgetown University, was unable to cut it in physics, chemistry or engineering and instead unexcelled at "business" with not a SUMA, not a MAGNA, but a cum laude for showing up "economics degree".

Trump attended the Chapin School in Manhattan until she was 15, when she transferred to Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, Connecticut, where she characterized its "boarding-school life" as like a "prison", while her "friends in New York were having fun".
After graduating from Choate, she attended Georgetown University for two years, then transferred to the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania, from which she graduated cum laude with a bachelor's degree in economics in 2004.
Yes do not go to Chicago where the bright economists of the Milton Friedman genius are, but squirrel it away to Pennsylvania, where such brilliant minds as......well Joe Biden was conceived.

That is what drives Ivanka Trump. She could not make it in the real academic world as numbers of other qualified women have, so she has to take tax payer money, and the President's valuable time to do a weekly vagina test and penalize every little boy in America to a life in debt or prison, because the Ivanka girls get the jobs and degrade America further in not being the best for the position.

But let us congratulate the Trumpenfuhrer who is morphing into Trumpenfuror, that her wife, the Jared has his own office in the White House, with his new title of Dummkopf, who is now put in charge of bringing in every non Right Wing person in America and the World, to find ways to make the American Government perform more like a business.
In German dictatorships the title was grupenführer.  In the Soviet it was commissar.  In the last days of America the title is duumkopf.

It is not worth predicting things, but in 30 days Jared Kushner will have not accomplished a thing, and in 4 years he will still be working on ways to give the Jewish Mafia the leg up for his faction of the national socialist cut of America.

Maybe the problem in all of this, is this blog is too successful and Christians like David Lane and Loyalists like Michele Bachmann are too successful too, in why they never were appointed to the White House. We need to be more like Jared Kushner and Ivanka, in getting rid of Corey Lewandowski and Chris Christie, in making a disaster of  Trump Trans, in forcing out Mike Flynn for the coup plotters, in forcing Jeff Sessions  to recuse himself for the coup plotters, and in being on vacation for a week in liberal Aspen when not hopping into bed with Comrade Trudeau at musicals in New York as Obamacare is a disaster for the President, as that seems to be the kind of person President Trump promotes.
I guess the President figures there is only one way to go up when at the bottom, but it sort of looks like the Kushners and the inner team are creating the bottomless hole.

But lest us congratulate and celebrate as America has the Trumpenfurher and the Dummkopf, ruling in the West Wing, where our policy is now about vaginas being promoted and bringing in people who do not vote for Donald Trump to change the government to their programme.

That sort of sounds like Barack and Michelle Obama.

Yes we can not have an Internal Affairs office in the White House created to protect the President, but the President can create offices for two liberal children, who have absolutely no oversight, answer to no one and have not taken an oath of Office to America or the President.

You do realize the Gaulieter's of Germany had more government oversight than these two have?

This is an absolute disaster Mr. President and either you keep bending over to destroy the Conservative Christians or your enemies will target your Administration through these two children.

All Hail Trumpenfuror and the Dummkopf.

Nuff Said.