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el Alamein will not be a 3rd Battle

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following white paper is an assessment on the Battle of,  , between Field Marshal Irwin Rommel and General Bernard Montgomery.

I will not in this examination rehearse the names and places which none of you would know anyway, because what this examination is, is the layman's version of battle in warfare, which is important as legend supplants reality, and thereby no nation or military can adequately prepare for theater warfare, when it is based upon legend, instead of fact.

The facts are North Africa was not a German operation, as it was Italian, and Hitler only posted troops and Germany gained command from the Italian losses in Africa.
Africa was a colonial war of very low quality colonials  and non motivated Italians. In North Africa, Italy and Britain had been waging seesaw battle over Libya, with the Germans as of late commanding, as the coastal plain was the avenue of battle which advanced to past lines of communication, which favored the other party, and then a retreat would ensue.


This is what Montgomery arrived into as Rommel was in Germany in hospital. Hitler himself asked Rommel to return to Africa and in that Rommel arrived as the first hard fighting was taking place on  the eastern line.
What Rommel would face was the Americans and British in the west on the Atlas Mountains and Montgomery in the east at el Alamein.

North Africa up to this point was contested tank battles. Montgomery switched tactics at el Alamein to sending in two spears of infantry backed by artillery. He told his officers and men, that it would be heavy fighting, hard fighting and long fighting. The Germans would not surrender and they would not retreat. The British would not retreat either, as they would fight it out there.
Montgomery analyzed that he would loose over 13,000 men, and he did lose 13,5000 tommies in 3 weeks of horrid fighiting, but finally his second spear broke through and into this he forced his armor.

General Rommel, was receiving little resupply. He had no fuel, his tanks were not able to counter, so he began a retreat in haste.

In Bernard Montegomery, there echoes a great deal of Lord Nelson at Waterloo. At Waterloo, Nelson absorbed the entire French army of Napoleon,  burning up his forces all day, but Napoleon did not break through the British position as he did not strike correctly with his cavalry. As the French used themselves up, Nelson counter attacked and routed the French.
Montgomery in like manner expended for 3 weeks around 1/10th of the British army in a horrific casualty count. He had held defensive position for weeks before, and then went on the attack which was different from Nelson, but one finds the same plodding structure of simple tactics, massive losses and then breaking through an enemy which has expended themselves.
Rommel had before him as a command, the Italians who were not motivated for the fight, and a few German divisions. The Italians were not pleased with Rommel as in World War I in Italy, with 50 mountaineers, he had captured 7000 Italians. The result was that at el Alamein the Germans were outnumbered and hindered. What is extraordinary in this was the mauling that the Germans gave the British.
Rommel could not gain supply as the Ostheer was consuming resources in Russia. Stalingrad was a kill zone fro Germans, and in all of this, if an Ostheer division had been directed to Libya, Rommel would  have rolled up the British and the Americans. If Rommel could  have been at Stalingrad,, those forces probably would have tipped the tide for Germany there.

The Atlas Mountains in the west offered little avenue for German strike forces. The Americans of 1st Army had been mauled, but learned quickly in being unseasoned and did not make the same mistakes in fighting the Germans in the second wave as the British accounted themselves there bravely.
At el Alamein, Montgomery's breakthrough, would force Rommel in full retreat and the New Zealand armoured almost cut the Panzers off in retreat, but that delay, and heavy rains in week two, would mean weeks of forcing the Germans back to Tripoli, instead of a swift roll up.
Montgomery has been in late years castigated for his delays, but that is ignorance of the keyboard generals, in not realizing that Bernard Montgomery was fighting more than Germans.

Montgomery had to deal with Churchill who sacked officers worse than Adolf Hitler ever did, and Hitler pointed that out to his officer corp.
Montgomery had gained the first victory for the British in years of warfare. The British had lost in France. Lost in Africa several times. Had lost in the Orient. They were losing in the Atlantic and the precarious line England was hanging on by, even with Americans pouring into the country, was something no general was ever going to squander and be blamed to be held up to scorn in snatching defeat from the glory of victory.
Lastly, Montgomery was a methodical, plodding officer as were most Americans and all of the British. He was not a Blitzkrieg tactician and never would be.
In Sicily Patton made a point of it to outrace him to Palermo. In Europe, Montgomery was the exact slug as the American 1st Army as Patton's 3rd Army was wheeling and implementing the American Blitzkrieg in smashing the Germans. Montgomery was protecting his reputation and with laurels, why should the British fight when the Americans under Patton were fighting the war for them again.

British officers were always adept at mauling the enemy and mauling their own armies. In retrospect, the Germans suffered from the same problems in Africa as in Europe in lackluster Axis troops not supporting the German corp. Yes the Germans were driven back, but the cost to the Soviets and English were horrid casualties. In conclusion, 1 German Landser was worth 100 Soviet and 20 British. In later engagements, it was the American Germans fighting Sachs Germans which was the equal contest which the American Israelites bettered the German Assyrian.

These battles matter from Carthage to el Alamein, as this is the invasion route which Europe will revisit in moving to annexing the Holy Land in the coming battles. The power to contest this will be Egypt, and if Egypt can not stop the Neo European Army on the coastal approaches of Libya, small division with air support will spill into the sands of Egypt and gain Cairo in 36 hours. With the Jews welcoming their Sebastian Kurz as savior, crossing the Sinai will be a simple convoy drive.

Europe must raise a military of at least 250,000 coupled with 500,000 robotics, and she will gain North Africa, have a capable force of holding the Balkans and in the mountains of Turkey, hold Russia at bay. The weak point being the Euphrates and Tigress Rivers in the east as the Caspian is an open door even with Iran secured, and that avenue would require another 250,000 troops to hold or a better advanced mechanized robotics to hold that field.

el Alamein was not a British victory any more than Stalingrad was to Russia. It was a mauling and exposed  the need for German resupply and the use of Russian and British pack carriers as fodder, against lackluster Finnish, Italian and Romanian troops.

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PBS Masterpiece Porndark

We could never be immoral my love, we are Christian

 As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Will someone at PBS just guillotine Masterpiece Theater as it is the devolution of the comely virgin to an old whore.

Poldark of 1970 has become Porndark 2018


Oh Ross rape my naughty nethers!

Oh Ross land your semen on my wave torrent beaches!!!! 

Oh Ross wet my nethers!!!

Alas my nethers have sexed all of Cornwall's  two legged creatures........

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When I posted a satire on Poldark, the Bastardization Series, which is nothing like the masterful original, I never dreamed these British hot twat writers would descend to the satire, as there is zero writing in this series, and each segment involves about 3 minutes of some event like a baby going tits up, or a sex fiend clergy being dragged to death (never happened in the original), while the rest of the program is this:

In every episode we discover new ways to view Poldark's tits. This man is constantly half naked in every situation, in PBS Porn.

Man was meant to  be half naked in Cornwall hypothermia temperatures

Then there is the filler. This involves Poldark on a pony racing to absolutely nowhere, where we get to see views of Cornwall deteriorating under London rule.

When  I get done riding women, I ride my stallion, Furious Vulva

Inter spaced is the hot vulva and her pining man, as she was being ravaged  to death by a clergy penis which is now dead, as the clergy was putting his pecker in vulva's little sister, and her husband did not like it, so in an attempted murder, and accident occurred and the clergy was dragged  to death.

Hi Naughty Nethers, how about a bouquet of Pussyplots

The scowling anti Poldark who lives to measure up is a constant cartoon in this.

I could be happy if Ross Poldark had not raped my wife, fathered my first child, and suspected he fathered my second child.

And lastly, the puke part, where every episode we get to watch this ugly Irish red head bawling in some contorted facial form, unless of course we are viewing her cleavage or her getting Poldark or some young lads penis ejaculating inside of her, who dies.

When I cry, I look like my dew soaked nethers.

That is Poldark. Every week, there is zero writing, three minutes of some event, and the rest  is a Ground Hog Day bad dream.


As I am the gaping hole in the Poldark Mine that is the allure or Ross Poldark!!!

Oh I forgot, there is one other character in this, and that is the Poldark Mine. This  mine is either flooding, caving in, blowing up or some other high drama of fortune finds, busted fortunes or being fortunate  as the actor the producers do not have  to  pay. When no baby needs killing or no woman needs laying, count on the mine to appear with gaping jaws, and Ross Poldark the Porn Star to appear without his shirt as  the mine tries to kill hiim once a series.

 I would be ashamed to be a part of this show, but as Downton Abby was so absolutely horrid, what can you expect as Masterpiece now has nothing on except odd kinds  of porn in Greek Porn, Gay Porn and the Woman in White Porn.

We now return you to Porndark.


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In Praise of the Pal

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I would that Paypal was paying me for this as a spokesmodel, but I am just the orphan girl and in always trying to help people with online situations, I wanted to address Paypal, who I think I have been a customer for theirs since 1999, in my first purchases on Ebay were filtered through Paypal.

I may have never gotten the best of it with Paypal in coverage of purchases or other situations, but I can not complain about how this online client works. It is a point after a firm in California lifted my credit card after an ammo purchase, that I am a bit more oriented in not handing out my credit card information to vendors any more. That is the nice feature about Paypal in they are the intermediary between buyers and sellers and no one gets to see my card information, except that secure outlet.

That is what baffles me when I see these people bitching that Paypal charges a few for a few dollars for a service they provide. The reality is from my experience is if you have funds in your Paypal account, that money transfers without a charge to sellers. It is a different story with credit cards as all vendors are charged, and that includes your grocery store or any retail outlet where you swipe or chip stick that credit card. I is the way the financial game is set up, and as it is a business expense which is tax deductible, I could never figure out why Gramma in Florida as having a fit over my not writing out a check, the mail costs 50 cents, or a postal money order which costs me money, when it is more convenient, quicker and safer to do business this way.

There are good features on Paypal in multiple accounts off of one account. The ability to list various credit cards on the account and the ability to list multiple bank accounts. Paypal has become a ledger of finance really and is quite perfect in this niche, as listing personal and business bank accounts in one Paypal account as much as personal and business credit cards on the one account, allows in payment to mix and match and to keep track of several transactions, so your transactions can be separated.
I learned that from my Uncle who had a successful lawn business mowing Jehovah's Witness' lawns. Those elite Witnesses are all multi millionaires and he did very well. He also kept one credit card for all of his lawnmower equipment and expenses, so each month he had everything itemized for taxes. Paypal offers a like feature in keeping downloadable records for taxes as they send in the 1099 to the IRS by law in the money which comes into Paypal accounts on business. It is detailed after Patriot Act that countries of origin must now be listed too on transactions.

I was having a bit of a problem with a troll who was checking credit cards, which is a process where a criminal gains credit cards, then lights up Paypal accounts with them in small denominations to check of the card is active. It took me about 6 months to shut down that troll in refunding money and reporting to the authorities. I became a too difficult of a site so being difficult ended the problem.

I do like Paypal though as numbers of Ebay vendors who sell farm supplies operate on the "buy it now" as other sites do too, as the sellers do not want to invest the money in credit card devices and all of that when for a fee, they can use Paypal to reach a global audience, where they know the money is good and no checks are going to bounce. Being able to acquire supplies which are more cost effective and even available is a must. I purchased an electric fencer module which I could not get here, but a store in Kansas had them and in a few clicks I had it purchased.

I never thought as come with the cash girl that I would ever transit to e commerce and plastic, but 90% of what I do now is e commerce and plastic. I am not rich enough to set up automatic payments for electricity and water, but in order to bring this blog, I have auto pay for my ISP provider and it works out very well. The only thing I do not like is I never have a handle on the real money going out as I used to, as I tended before to purchase things in streaks and then let a card cool off for a few months, in order to keep my checking account in closer order.

For Paypal though, for credit card registration, they will sometimes do a 1 dollar charge and return. For bank accounts to be verified, all that is in order for that is, you list your routing number and account number on your check or savings account, Paypal sends a text with a verification pin, and then they make two deposits into the account of a few cents, and withdraw it. You then log in and notify them of the amount and the account is verified. I will not say this is always the case as the last account I registered there, I had to do a live chat with wetware who verified the account to make sure I was no a bot, and then the next day when I got the deposit amounts to record on Paypal, Paypal had already verified the account. Apparently if you are in good standing with the system there and are verified, they are accepting of accounts.

I really like though the automated internet in doing business. I am pleased for security when I see that Paypal logo in the corner of a seller site, and I can just click on it, log in, and in a few clicks everything is paid for and I do not have to fill out any shipping information as Paypal has the information already.
It is nice to be able to choose from online account, bank account, credit card or Paypal credit.....the last I do not have as I have enough credit cards, even if getting 50 bucks off for a purchase as at Amazon tempts me often enough.

In my experience, I have always had a very good interaction with Paypal reps. Even that checking incident when Paypal contacted me to explain things, in the office out of Nebraska, the people were very professional and nice. One of my most memorable moments was calling up Paypal one Sunday morning and I got a kid out in California who reminded me of Chance on Human Target. Nothing bothered that guy. If I was asking questions, he would tell me, "No problem, just do it this way and it will work". He was right and it did work and it is the main reason I am still around.

As I have stated, I really would love it if Paypal made me their spokesorphan, but that ain't going to happen. I though will write reviews of things I use so that others will know what is available in the things they might want to try. I never tried any other services as Paypal has always treated me right. I like the itemized logs because in growing up, the mother, had piles of receipts she kept and a calculator in getting things wrong and it was a nightmare. I love TL's spreadsheets, our itemized credit and bank statements, and no more mother pissing me off screaming at her in some damn stupid thing she did. In fact, after she died, one of the first things we did was get her bank account printed up for the year, as her records were a DISASTER again. She had told me in September quite proudly that she had all of her bookkeeping done. I glimpsed that month's page and it did not look too bad, and then in looking for things the night she died, I came across her notebook and recoiled as no one could make heads or tails out of what the hell she did. It was a rat's nest of ink and paper. I was not about to spend a week of headaches in trying to find bills she had saved in dealing with her dead, so itemized bank notices is what happened, as I honestly do not know if she kept half the chit she was supposed to. I swear there are years in my taxes which are missing, so I do not know where that woman stuffed things away.
That is why there is a brown envelop in a ledger for accounts from this moment on, and for this year, it is Paypal, the bank and the credit cards which will take TL and I about an hour to process as Paypal will log the 1089 totals for me, and I have the farm sales totals for the year, as you rat bastards did not get all the animals killed.

I like Paypal though for the available layer of security for my accounts. That site should be praised for that and more e commerce should gravitate toward this platform as no one can steal your credit card number if you are not entering it and only clicking the Paypal logo.

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Biden His Time

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is pleased to have this exclusive unverified interview with Hunter Biden, son of 2020 democratic Presidential hopeful, Joe Biden, as he comes clean about being a coke head, a whoremonger, an adulterer and other hints of how America needs to be more accepting of the ALPHABET COMMUNITY.


Hunter Biden. Thank you for coming.

I first want to say that, I was not responsible at the time of what my wife who has filed divorce papers over these incidents. In my life there were three great men. My father, John Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. I saw these great men and their proclivities to sexual experimentation, and I simply was broadening my horizons as man following in the footsteps of these wonderful democratic examples.

We are all lucky that Hunter and Hallie found each other as they were putting their lives together again after such sadness. They have mine and Jill’s full and complete support, and we are happy for them,

What about your father?

Dad feels it humanizes our family. Who among us being Catholics has not had sex with their brother's wife. Had sex with their mother when they passed out. Had a father who is a pedophile and sent photos of their children to a powerful black man as he was in his Cheetos shorts.

We need to work together to stop child abuse

What about your brother's wife, Hallie?

I would rather not discuss that as Hallie does great work for children. I mean the rumors that the basis for our relationship is I was her pimp as she liked playing good prostitute are beneath an interview like this. So what if I like strippers, cocaine is one of my food groups, I like playing hotel train where I rent rooms for whores and lovers who like having my wet penis inserted into them as they grill me on how naughty I am, I just want to say it is all speculation and it should not get in the way of my father's 2020 presidential run.

Your mother has been silent on all of this, what has she said to you?

I would rather leave my mother out of this. I mean this is not like an Oedipus Rex complex of perpetual arousal.  I mean like all young boys who had a hot blonde mother, I might have considered things that were once taboo, but we are a progressive family and what takes place between consenting adults behind closed doors is a Supreme Court right of privacy, even if she is old, breaks an arm and can't handle the wild stuff any more.


Your other siblings have been silent. Have they been showing support?

Of course they have been most supportive of me.  They have all gone through the same progressive experimentation and advancement of what it is to be modern person. Sincerely, when you have John Roberts enjoying anal rulings, the Bush family embracing the Obama jungle fever, the 1960's explorations I have gone through as a 21st century male, ia what we are all about as a loving family.

When did you first realize there was an attraction for your brother's wife?

I know people think it was in the hearse, and others have said it was in the funeral home when I was appropriately touching her, but I think it all goes back to 2008 when Beau was neglecting his wife in trying to help dad get the Vice Presidency. See Obama was sucking dick with gay guys, and one of them, Lawrence Sinclair was exposing all of this, and dad sent Beau out to handle it by throwing Larry into jail on false charges. It was during this time if my memory serves me that Hallie started asking if Beau was a queer, not that there is anything wrong with that as who of us has not had that after shower experience, but she just felt abandoned in not being able to compete with a gay man. When Beau got cancer and  that took first place in his life, she simply knew that other things were more important that her and what could I do but comfort her.

Finally what are your plans for the future?

America is such a judgmental society and it has been hard on me. This is like a 3 prostitute night with a cocaine chaser. I have to sort out the sexual bucket list in what I have already done and have yet to do. Being Catholic I would like to confess my sins to the Pope as a naked altar boy as he spanks me, as that is #41 on the list. After that I think I want to be governor of Delaware.

Thank you Hunter Biden for coming.


Ben there Jewed that

I'm not a fat Jew.  
I just eat high off the Evangelical hog


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Apart from being annoyed that the stories of Injuns and Catholic boys were filling up Daily Liberty, instead of nice headlines about naked women in fur coats given to them by their whisker bearing outdoorsmen, I really have no idea what that Mockingbird nonsense was about, as people face gnawing on each other.

Native American Who Accosted Catholic Kids at Pro-Life Rally Exposed as an Outrage-Culture Grifter

I remember the good olde days when them left leggers showed up in black robes, shoved their cocks into squaws with enough grime on them to kill VD, as the bucks smoked the Vatican pipe of peace, as they sat on small pox and TB infested blankets waiting to be thinned out for proper White Catholics, so all of this being uncivil in yelling at each other, is a bit pansy as Catholics and Indians like burning each other at the stake and other fun stuff.

So whatever this is about.........sorry I just can not take it anymore as I need a hot fur fix.

Ok now that, that is done, we can deal with what is important in this, and it is not left leggers or injuns.

Apparently this story has now gotten into the interesting area as it involves that fraud Ben Shapiro, in molesting Catholic children. You got to admire Ben as every good child molestation needs a Jew cheering on the aboriginals when Angela Merkel is not around.

The thing is, this seems to have surprised people on the right of what Ben Shapiro is. They apparently are too all knowing to have followed the Lame Cherry when Ben Shapiro was lynching Nikolas Cruz in that fake Florida shooting that Donald Trump was calling for gun control over. Yes Shapiro and the Jew League were all for lynching this Jewish kid as an Alt Righter, without proof, but then went mysteriously silent when they found out he was one of their own.

Ben Shapiro siding with the Left before all the facts come in.

Reminder: @benshapiro joined the pile-on of these kids two days ago and hasn't apologized for doing so

He was one of them. What a worm.

Yes Ben Shapiro is more than a worm. What Ben Shapiro has proven is, Ben Shapiro hates Catholics. Ben Shapiro hates Christians (Remember Ben Shapiro hated every voter that voted for Donald Trump.) and Ben Shapiro is nothing but a political minder to steer dimwits the way the political minders steer the dimwits on the left.

What the Lame Cherry would appreciate from the above educated keyboard tappers is for a united call upon those Texas Christian Evangelical billionaires who fund Ben Shapiro to cease that abomination and start putting money into actual Christian Conservatives who are not becoming fat Jews living high off the Christian hog.

None of us would have this problem if these rich Christians donated money here and there with poor Christians doing all the work. We also would not have this problem if more news stories were featured women in fur.

See Ostrich Fur. Now is that not a more pleasant story than aboriginals molesting Catholic children and Ben Shapiro cheering it all on.

When are the Wilks brothers of Texas going to be called on the mat for this by those on the Christian Right? They are selling Montana ranches to keep Ben Shapiro in pork. How about ending the funding, and then Ben Shapiro can be his own echo chamber and see how he does fighting it out on a blog which no one donates to.

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The Naked Nuclear Trump

"We will ensure that enemy missiles know no sanctuary on Earth or in the skies above,"

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The best analysis of President Donald Trump's defense experts conclusions on how to protect the United States from nuclear missile attack, is best undertaken from the Mouse Hole Analogy to be explained by, "Your home has no holes in it, so how do mice get inside?"
Remember in this that the prior missile defense tests revealed a 10% plus fail rate in optimum situations. In real numbers, if a nation fired 500 nuclear missiles at the United States, that would mean 50 nuclear weapons would fall on the United States. That is not what winning looks like or is a sound strategy.

As the United States had Reagan's Star Wars in place, something has changed in the space based weapon's platforms. It is concluded that the trillions to be spent on "new systems" will be spent on other off book systems and the ones in the public eye which are worthless will be deemed the expensive cost overruns.

Remember in the following that intercontinental ballistic missiles have under 15 minute flight time. Meaning once a missile launch is detected by NORAD, the warning must reach the President, he must make a decision, and any counter measures must be deployed in that limited time frame.
Shooting down missiles in Russian or Chinese silos is not realistic due to the implications of the United States being baited in a false launch or a test launch which detonated nuclear missiles over host nations.
The critique will be in red of each system.

1. Space Based Censors
DoD officials have long touted the use of space-based sensors, which would be able to monitor, detect and track missile launches. The Pentagon aims to track missile launches in their boost phase "from locations almost anywhere on the globe," according to the report.

Space based censors still have to communicate to the White House a launch is in progress and counter measures will be required to be ordered. Again the window is 15 minutes at long range.
Any nation can defeat censors by pre planting nuclear devices inside the United States as the Soviet's did in the Cold War. Nuclear devices on ships or passenger jets would defeat this system of censors. Submarine launched or ship launched hypsersonic missiles would strike the United States in minutes before the censor reports could be reacted to.
Developing a space based drone system would involve a reality of malfunction of it shooting down all the passenger jets in the sky or a deliberate hack where it would be turned on US missiles. 

2. F 35 Missile Interceptor
While the idea has drawn skepticism, Northrop Grumman conducted an experiment with the Missile Defense Agency in 2014, saying the plane could be retrofitted to track intercontinental ballistic missile launches.

This is a short range defense and would require round the clock fleets of fighters which is neither feasible nor capable of stopping a mass launch.

3. Spaced Based Lasers

"High-energy lasers, for example, could burn through a missile's critical structures, control surfaces, and/or control systems, causing the missile to structurally fail or become uncontrollable," said Henry "Trey" Obering, an executive vice president at consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton who leads the company's directed-energy innovation team.

Again, space based weapons require time to operate as the defense would have to be employed before the missiles reached space or in space. Defeating the propulsion of an ICBM still does not neutralize the warheads on the missile which being alive would still detonate, including in space blowing the entire satellite communications system.


4. Space Based Interceptors.

 According to the review, scientists will study other enhanced space technologies, such as space-based interceptors or using interceptors in Earth's orbit to shut down ballistic missiles. "New DoD analysis will evaluate the possible effectiveness of space-based interceptor technologies and their cost-effectiveness when compared to other systems based on land, sea, and in the air," the report states.

Space is not a drive up to the barracks and overhauling a tank. A satellite requires maintenance and must be maintained operational perpetually. Intercepting nuclear devices in space is a matter of not neutralizing the nuclear warheads, but the carriers. The concentrated nuclear fuel would still be viable or explosive.
In analysis, with proper resources placed in family owned shelters, it would be better for America to receive a nuclear salvo on ground, than to have the entire energy network fried from satellites to power stations which would require two decades to replace while a ground absorbed attack could be overcome in 5 years. 

5. Alaska Missile Defense.
The U.S. is already moving forward with 20 new GBIs to be stationed in Alaska beginning in 2023. But the United States may decide to further increase its capacity of the Ground-Based, Mid-Course Defense (GMD) "beyond the currently planned force size of 64 GBIs," the report said. "The missile base in Ft. Greely, Alaska, has the potential for up to an additional 40 interceptors. In addition, building a new GBI interceptor site in the continental United States would add interceptor capability against the potential expansion of missile threats to the homeland, including a future Iranian ICBM capability."

Publishing the exact location of this defense would provide a kamikaze strike to neutralize the defense, leaving the entire window open.
When a nation is intent on attacking the United State with nuclear weapons, that nation is certainly going to be involved in preparing the battlefield strikes to allow their weapon systems to be delivered.
An American type Wild Weasel EMP device could countermeasure an entire base as this, and it would not involve nuclear weapons in the least. It would be a first strike, but the US response would be neutral.

If you notice, all of these technologies are future or could be deployed. There is nuclear defense from Star Wars. This has either been neutralized or will be obsolete. The above are cover for other systems in deployment, not made public to start an arms race or a first strike from Russia or China.

All of these systems can be defeated easily. The method would be mass launch, a preposition close launch or on American soil prepositioning, or an EMP burst in space to blind the systems or small nuclear devices detonated outside nuclear missile bases. The entire basis of a Eurasian launch would be to blow a hole in the American system which already has numerous holes in it.
The largest is the Southern Window in the above is positioned for an Arctic arc launch. If a nation were to launch for a southern window on the United States, the above systems would be worthless as they would be out of position.

Logic would dictate that slow moving nuclear cobalt torpedo, submarines and merchant marine platforms which would all hug the American shore for a first strike which would be accomplished in under 7 minutes would be the decisive blow which any nation would employ.
A hypersonic cruise missile which hugs the ground can not be interdicted in outerspace as it is not in space. A missile launched off Florida is not going to be shot down by a missile base in Alaska. An F 35 in Korea is no protection for submarine launches off the Mexican coast.

Logic would dictate drone submarines in Hudson Bay, the Great Lakes, Gulf of Mexico or hugging the American coast, as the DOD could not fire nuclear counter measures as they would be shooting the United States or a close American nation.
The map below would be the logical launch zones for the Eurasians. The human commanded platforms would opt for the best runs to deep water for evading destruction.

This is by analysis is a cover operation, again wasting trillions of dollars in poverty stricken America. The Americans about to face genocide are protecting their replacement Mexicans.
A much more effective measure would be family surivival shelters with purchasing replacement electrical grid supplies. It would be more of a deterent to the Eurasian in Americans surviving and able to keep dropping WMD's on Eurasian theaters for a decade.

This is not the defense of the Citizen or Nation.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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Just sayin' dude

Dick whiskers in the teeth
My oh my how to get some relief
You roll the tongue.
Roll on the gum
 Dick whiskers in the morn givin' da boy grief


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Dude scrambled brains just don't happen for breakfast....

You don't suppose some Obama nig worshiper in cleaning out the dope czars in Castro and Chavez, caused some retaliation in brain frying some yanks in a bit of cloak and dag war, and that is why the spooks never retaliated as they had the bloody colons on their hands with that taco scent.

Hugo Chavez Cancer Conspiracy Theories Resurface ... - Forbes

Mar 06, 2013 · Charismatic president Hugo Chavez, 58, died of respiratory complications caused by pelvic cancer on Tuesday evening in Venezuela. Or did he?. The announcement of Chavez's death came hours after ...

19 Americans in Cuba say they suffered 'sonic attack' | Daily ...

US State Department issued a new travel advisory to Cuba due to 'sonic attacks' 19 American tourists said they suffered similar symptoms to US diplomats ... that the tourists definitely did suffer ...

I suppose you missed that pattern which orphan girls did not.

Just sayin' dude.