Friday, June 22, 2018

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It's not murder if you have a crown on your head...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Wasn't it old Edward Longshanks who threw his fag sons cocksucker out a tower window for sport? In looking at Loaf Head in the Middle East, that would be Prince Willie, the Duck of Cambridge in his official Kensington Palace itinerary release, I am starting to wonder if Queen Elizabeth should be named Lizzy Longshanks as it looks like someone wants to knock off the Loaf  Head.

This all centers on the Loaf about to go dancing with terrorists and experience their food and culture. The thing in is that the royals just called the Jews OCCUPIERS, after President Donald Trump just moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem. So you get the point, the Jews are furious and in a rage as the royals just lumped Jerusalem in with the occupied territories, which means the Jews are bastards in illegitimate in holding Jerusalem and London just said Donald Trump placed the US Embassy on illegitimate lands.

Kensington Palace has released a statement detailing that the prince would be meeting Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah, as well as visiting refugee communities; enabling him to enjoy the company of young Palestinians and “celebrate Palestinian culture, music and food.”
It’s details of the prince’s second day that has infuriated Elkin. The statement goes on to say: "The next day’s programme in the Occupied Palestinian Territories will begin with a short briefing on the history and geography of Jerusalem's Old City from a viewing point at the Mount of Olives."

This is interesting to me as the Jews blew of John Kennedy's head in Dallas, when Kennedy stood in the way of the Jew Bomb in bomb making materials. They touched one off on Bobby Kennedy too to keep that secret safe as to did in a US President.
The Jews do all sorts of things for their security, including blowing up US warships and Sailors to cheering when the US gets hit on 9 11.

That is what is well known about Jewry who sold their ghetto Jews to Hitler's work camps, and then in the cover up of that profit, created the holocaust to get the state of Israel out of Harry S. Truman. It would seem that Buckingham Palace would not buck the Jews who are the Rothschilds in the Bank of London.  Yet someone is sending  in Loaf Head to play with terrorists and the Jews having itchy trigger fingers.


 That little bastard is not going to get my crown.

Maybe it is Charles not liking Diana's son is popular and  people want him to be king. Maybe it is the Queen with her new pet Quadroon, in if they knock off Loaf Head like they did Diana, that in passing over Charles, the Quadroon can get her stable boy son in Harry named Regent until those commoner's children in Charlot and Charlot's brother crowned King and  Queenie.


 The Queen is not amused by divorce Willie

There are certain things you never do, and one is you do not piss the people off who have your security in their hands, especially when it would serve Tel Aviv to get Loaf Head scuffed up by Muslims, as that relationship is a problem for Jews.


 You killed his mummy while you had your luffa!

The thing is since someone impregnated Kate, and she popped out Charlot's brother who is now a future King, it makes everyone expendable in Charles, Loaf, and even the Queen really. Chuck though is bright enough to just play Camilla's tampon and not go and play with terrorists. The Queen is amusing herself with her pet Quadroon. I mean how many women old  as Moses get not a chimp companion but a Quadroon to amuse you with grinding the organ for your monkey. Am sure Phillip is entertained for hours with that handiwork.

Any way, it looks like Loaf Head has some regicide plot against him, and the list is pretty short:

Kate: Reason she has had enough Loaf Head sex and wants a man.

Charles: He does not want to be passed over.

Harry: He wants to be King Regent.

Quadroon: She wants to Crown Quadroon

Lizzy Longshanks: She killed Diana so why not knock off the kid as she is under the Quadroon spell.

I doubt Scotland Yard will ever solve the case, but it will give the BBC something to put on for ratings, as after all like Obama, who needs white bread when you got the juicy dark meat of the Quadroon to amuse the Queen.

I'm ready to rule Charlot, I will give you Gramama's Quadroon....

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To Kill a Horse

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As the Lame Cherry has noted, history has never chosen to show the grimmest nature of war in the horses and mules, which should never have entered into modern warfare, and yet in World War II, animals were a fundamental part of Soviet and German transpiration, with Stalin still deploying the Cossacks in one of thee most asstard of wastes of life.

The German Soldiers were  forced to defend themselves against unarmed human waves, women, children and horses. It violated all sensibilities of civilized  warfare, and yet that is the abuse the Landser had to deal with.
The following is a memoir of an Austrian Landser named Joseph Allerberger. The communists were pushing the Germans very hard in retreat, and the German infantry had been pinned down in a burned out farm all night suffering attacks from Cossacks,  or horse soldiers, who had no place on the battlefield.

The information which this Obergfreiter provides though is something to not be lost on history, because as a Marksman in dealing with Russian supply trains, he literally knew how to kill horses with effect. If the Marksman wanted to drop a horse in it's tracks, usually  pinning the rider, the shot was the breastbone. If it was a cavalry unit, the shot was the kidney or gut, as the horse would then buck to dislodge the rider.

That is something which always befuddled me in reading of the Indian  Terror wars in America, in the US Army never seemed to shoot the bigger target of the Indian horses, but wasted ammo on the lithe Indians. Shoot the horse and your ability to shoot the warrior increases 500 fold. Shoot the horse and your odds at hitting the target increases 12 fold, compared to that of a human.

In this attack, Marksman Allerberger's duty was to kill the horses, thereby leaving the Cossacks to be shot by the Landsders he was protecting. The  worst of it always arose though in Allerberger was making a breastbone shot and at the instant he pulled the trigger, the horse jumped over a corpse, so the bullet opened the gut like a fillet knife. The horse literally was pulling it's intestines out with it's back legs as it ran.

It his horrifying to do this kind of work to survive, and horrid to have an animal looking at you bewildered and suffering. Especially since horses actually do love combat and their blood gets up in battle.

The Marksman though in the next shot killed the horse with a bullet to the brain, ending it's suffering, and the Landsers followed in killing the Cossack.

Allerberger was always on the verge of insanity in horrific situations like this, as the humanity comes out in your screaming inside in "Why are these innocent animals here and I am being made to kill them".

The horror of this battle was not yet over though as the Cossack forced themselves into the German lines were hand to hand combat  was engaged with in bayonets and shovels. It was not the hand to hand, but the sounds of howling. The communists in support of their cavalry had opened up with rocket launchers, but the rockets blew up the horses instead. It was a macabre scene of bits of horses, bits of humans and bits of earth all in piles. The German artillery in thunderous resonance opened up in support too. Neither side knew for certain where the other was in this battle and in the end it was the horses which were obliterated.

Humans are their own animal to live or die, but mules and horses have been gladly replaced by engines in modern warfare. It is a testimony to history though in Custer's 7th Cavalry spearing Indian horses which sabers to the chest to Landsers shooting Cossack ponies, that animals do not belong in warfare as they may enjoy it, but they are saddest of all of the consequences.

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The Apple Standard

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have yet online to meet anyone who has an orchard, who was not trying to screw me over or was not stupid as a post. Evercrisp communists wanted to charge 2000 dollars as a start for an apple tree and  if I ever try to get some heirloom seeds from these jaspers, it is always, "That is  too much work, so how about you buy 50 dollars a dozen apples, plus shipping to get your seeds".
I think just below pedophiles in being pricks are highway patrol, apple producers and horse people. They all have attitude and think their shit does not stink.

In having offended a number of groups now, I rise to the point of order that Donald Trump as President must ban all apple production in Washington State, because it has been a high crime against humanity what those people have done to Delicious apples and every fruit they touch.
We were eating some Evercrisp and Honeycrisp from Washington orchards and the fruit was watery, sour and had zero flavor, except for the bitter part. This convinces me that Washington being a wet state, that their soils have been depleted and it tastes in their fruit. It is why Michigan produces such wonderful apples as they are cool and their soil is full of heavy elements yet in not having leeched out.

There does seem to be an apple belt in America, from around Minnesota east to the Finger Lakes of New York. The Applachians south into the Carolinas is suitable for fruit, but the heat of the Carolinas is too much for good apples, unless they are mountain valley types.

Some states, like California, Florida and Texas raise marvelous citrus. Texas seems capable of turning out nice Yellow Delicious apples, but the Red Delicious tend to be better than Washington, so Texas should stay citrus.

Peaches of course are wonderful in California, do well in Colorado, and it would seem that with irrigation that Nevada, eastern Oregon and Utah would do well with peach trees too. This though is a treatise on apples, and the need to ban Washington state from ruining apple varieties as their soils are just horrid from too much rain.

It is odd as British Columbia raises fine fruit, as numbers of area on Canada produce lovely fruits to Prince Edward Island. The reality is though that apples are peculiar in almost needing a type of desert heat part of the growing season, and then reverting back to cool weather for the ripening, with hot days and cold nights, as in maple syrup production.
They are unique and require specific climate for the best results with proper soil nutrition. It is why Chile in South America does so well in fruit production as they have the heat and cool, with the correct soil content, but again, nothing surpasses the Minnesota and Michigan orchard experience in fruit at the grocery. The troubling aspect is so little of this fruit appears in volume in national groceries, as it is plagued by Washington state monopoly.

While it is noted that apples are genetically a zone 5 tree, of no more extended periods of zero degrees Fahrenheit to kill the root structure, the grafting of apples in the Russian cultivars along with the crabapples, has extended the range so apples produce much better in zone 4, and if one can get ample heat, zone 3 fruitings are admirable too, providing they are produced in a heavy clay loam soil.

England grows lovely fruit, but their apples are as horrid as Washington state. Most of Europe is far too warm for good fruit, unless one is raising melons in France. Otherwise that wet damp is far too prevalent for good apples, until one reaches into the Russian areas, but again the Crimea is a narrow land, and it simply does not have the ability that Michigan has as an orchard state.

All of us hate Red Delicious apples. That is not the apple's fault as she came from a fence row in the Midwest.  Moving that apple to Washington killed it. Breeding for production turned it into a skin tough as alligator, and this pithy, sour, juicy thing that we all know and detest which usually tastes like a moldy basement from storage.

 I believe that the apple that put Snow White into a coma was raised in Washington state and smeared witches in the process as they picked them up at the local Witchmart shipped out of Washington.

It is the high shame that wonderful national fruits like Granny Smith from Australia and Fuji from Japan have been tainted by American production in monopoly growers. The first Granny Smith which appeared were from select orchards. They were heaven as were the Fuji. Now Granny Smith is just another sour green apple and Fuji tastes like watered down sugar in a moldy bag most of the time.

We simply must have standards where apples should be reaching above baseball size or they are not suitable for eating, as it means a drier area void of lakes for that type of humidity.
That is why Michigan exells is from the Great Lakes, and all areas that have that type of influence do better in producing apples. Just because apples grow well in an area does not mean the fruit will taste good.

It is why this blog advocates people stop purchasing fruits from Washington state as they are below standards which have ruined in large part the apple industry. The soils are not capable of growing good flavored fruit, even when irrigation increases the size to a proper fruit.
Washington must content itself with something else as it can not grow apples. They do well with cherries, but again Montana in their northwest part of the state produces the finest sweet cherries in the world. It is always about the soil and proper humidity which does not breed disease.

There must be a national reset in apple production as USDA and conglomerates have blown it with horrid fruit. While I believe all states have niche areas which would support localized fruit production of numbers of varieties to offset a Michigan Minnesota monopoly, America must reset it's standards to the proper soil types for growing apples, so that all of us will not bite into horrid apples that make our stomachs grow sour on the first chew.

It is good and proper to do this, and none of us should have to suffer in being suckered by horrid fruit which are being generated in locations which have zero ability to grow good fruit.

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Alert: John McCain now wishes he was dead

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

McCaingate is now an official reality, where John the hero McCain moved as Richard Nixon did, in advocating the IRS to be unleashed on his political contenders. If you want to know why John the hero McCain was snuffing around the Obama armpit of Nazis in Ukraine, Obama's ISIS terrorists in Syria, Obama's al Qaeda in Libya mass murdering the Khadaffi Government, it is because a deal had been worked out where McCain was the Pasty White President to Obama's Designer Negroid Occupancy. McCain was running the terror network of Obama and Obama was terrorizing Americans for John McCain.

Judicial Watch Obtains IRS Documents Revealing Establishment RINO John McCain’s Subcommittee Staff Director Urged Obama IRS to Engage in ‘Financially Ruinous’ Targeting of Pro-Liberty, Pro-Constitution Tea Party Movement

The colluding of using a Government Agendy to destroy Americans is a crime, no different than if McCain hired an arsonist to burn down a home of someone who disagreed with him. It is time for a Special Counsel to be appointed to investigate John McCain, and in life or death, try John McCain for high  crimes against America.

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Gotta Jet

I only want to kill you a little bit

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

JV wrote the other day thanking me for content and humor, which was appreciated as I used to run into people who never got my humor or were stunned by it. One of my favorite lines was, "That's mighty white of you". This was before Obamaland and my liberal relatives were just stunned by my heathen qualities.

The Poodle Guy mentioned in his note that he didn't get allot of what was posted here yet, and mentioned something I want to include for others who might have this problem. He needed replacement teeth and went to Thailand last year for the procedure, and everything has worked out absolutely fine. I was so pleased in reading that, and I wanted to share as it sucks having tooth problems and no alternative but selling your testicles to American monopoly high  prices.
We had a neighbor who went to Mexico for his teeth. Lord God, it was like Mr. Ed with loose dentures. So I am so pleased for the results in Indochina. His wife is from the region and she is a true gem too. That is so pleasing as people do need time to adjust to coming to America and she came here legally in all the hoops and jumps. Just pleased to read that things are working out for people.

I did want to address about the blog though as a play by play probably. I never know the books that God puts into my path at times, like Butch's memoirs of an Austrian Marksman. I simply assume that the content as I have had  several reads like that in dealing with Russia, that it is to prepare you for a war that is coming. I do not know when, but that is what it would seem to indicate, as the blog is usually a few years ahead of the curve.

As for Sebastian Kurz, it is becoming obvious this handsome, gifted negotiator, has a great deal of the qualities of a prophesied person of note. We shall see, but I am all for Jesus returning, and if promoting the time line to that end, of course that is the remedy from God, and at this point, I always have appreciation for those who can get things done in a positive way, as watching the carcinogens of Trudeau in Canada, May in England, Macron in France and Merkel in Germany, is like a festering flesh eating cancer of nations. They are just feeders and I prefer the more robust leaderships of the Putins, Trumps, Kims, Abes and Kurzs.

I sewed a zipper into my chore coat. Stuck my finger, it bled, the zipper was 5 dollars gouging me and the old one works perfectly well out of the coat. Has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but that is what I did for two hours yesterday on the lawn with geese in the sewing kit and kitty on the chair looking at me like her gram used to come and visit.

I should have news on something I am working on to deal with what is trying to kill me in the plague. It will probably help others as it is not killing me. I have been putting it off as I could not get sick as I am the only one who can do  things............TL is not a bull herder as you need experience with that, and as the bull  tore the side of the barn out and started looking at TL like it wanted to kill TL, I jumped in, but it is just the chit around here. The brier patch is something that is unforgiving and you can not learn it in school.
Anyway, I will post on what I have going on in a bit. Am making a diary now.

Just wanted to do that update, and if you can't follow some things, it is usually satire about your being screwed over by the people in power as that is what every policy is about. I just hope God moves some mega rich people who have not donated to fill in for the people who have donated and can not really afford it. It all seems so easy in breaking things down in numbers. 500 millionaires donating 1000 dollars is half a million dollars. Is how the government does it in the IRS every year. Only takes 50 rich people at 10,000 dollars as Paul mentioned awhile back. Not like I am going to waste things, as got a place to buy for our home as I never have wasted money in learning that from Almazo Wilder in the Little House books in he bought the 50 cent pig instead of the 50 cent lemonade. Get the place and then I can AI Baby Belle and Baby Daisy later this summer with wee miniature bull semen and have wee baby calves in warm weather.

Lord that bull was a handful the other day. Hit him with a metal cane 6 times as hard as I could swing on his head bone and he just took it without a flinch. Finally backed off, to come back again for a repeat process as I was trying to patch that barn. Three times that education happened before it took.

I better close, but wanted to fill in what the blog direction is for now, as it always is about Jesus coming back, but honestly it is getting so disgusting to write about these politics now as I know the scam and it has little interest in it for me.

Hey is John the hero McCain not dead yet? Have not heard.

My rich aunt is supposed to be coming over the 4th, not to see me, as I told her she was a dumb bitch. Anyway she got McCain friendly cancer. Docs gave her 3 weeks, then 18 months and she is still chugging along as cancer just loves her. Not her daughter though as the kid disappeared on me. Figure the kid who has not gotten on with her mother these years, was sort of figuring on coming to terms with a dead bitch, and when she didn't die, the bitch got worse in harping at her, as why pretend you are a good person when cancer likes you as the fear of hell wears off. Any way that is another rich tight wad who has been trading on other people's friendly and ruining a kid's life.
Feel bad about that as that kid was always nice to me when most people were not. They deserved better.........but then I looked up the bitch's home and it is on some damn golf course green way, with houses all around it. Damnedest thing I ever saw in rich people living around a goddamn golf course with strangers walking around on your lawn that you can't walk on, because if you did a golf ball would David kill Goliath your brain.
Shit people spend money on for the show and it is nothing but a cage in the zoo.

Gotta jet.

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Just a lunatic like You

Hello, my name is Patsy......
or is it your name?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Personally, I have been most interested in how the FBI has been targeting Americans, with that Trump stench, because I personally wonder just how much of  this was behind the FBI forwarding my name to the Department of Homeland Security in August of 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, in order to interview me.
In my case, Homeland knew it was an absolute waste of time, but they had to follow up. Homeland has agents who are professional, skilled in interrogation and do their job well being sent to the middle of nowhere.
I know my case is never going to get a Congressional inquiry as to exactly what was behind it all in the many levels, but when I watch someone like Allison Hrabar violating the rights of Homeland Security in public, I  wonder how vacuous these activists are, as preening in DC disrupting someone's dinner is a bit different when your name gets entered into the FBI database and they show up at your doorstep or your workplace to interview you.

I have noted that President Trump is using the rope a dope, in these attacks fomented against the First Lady, and now this new operation where an airhead activist thinks this is all their idea, when they are being manipulated to this, if Hrabar is not a DOJ operative to foment this, which does one thing in activating Trump voters to create the coming Trump party.
See being nasty to Secretary Nielsen does one thing, in it cements the public in her sphere and makes these lunatics even more off putting.

So you get this as it is lost in this puzzle deliberately, Donald Trump is making you focus on ILLEGALS, who are not coming into America in mass, because Donald Trump by Homeland under John Kelly, opened the VISA programs pouring in legals who can never be deported at 1.5 million a year. See you are being suckered in this rope a dope and no one will remind you of the reality of this, as the Mockingbird desires you to focus on the distraction.

Director Nielsen has ever right to eat in restaurant. The owner has a legal responsibility to protect his paying clients, no matter what he says in being pleased this assault took place. Harassment is just that. No one can "remind" people by harassing them or disrupting a restaurant where other patrons are paying for a meal, not chanting threats.

The problem in this is how this insanity on the left is manifesting, in Peter Fonda, posted his own heinous verbal rape against Director Nielsen.
Calling a woman a gash is disgusting. Calling for a woman to be stripped naked, put into a cage and whipped is a terroristic threat.
The word PILLORIED is used by Fonda, and that is from pillory, in Peter Fonda is calling for a woman to be bent over in public, with her head and hands in wooden stocks, with her genitals exposed as she is attacked by the mob, and whipped. That is sadism and is a threat against one of the Chief Law Enforcement Officers in the country.

That is what is bizarre to me in Homeland was sent to my doorstep for trying to save America and protect Americans. Peter Fonda threatens a woman with gang rape and law enforcement does not appear.

This is not the first time Fonda has engaged in calling for people to be raped. Fonda recently called for Barron Trump to be anal raped by pedophiles.

If you noticed, Peter Fonda has a neurosis in being fixated on locking people in cages, more to the point Fonda desires women and children in cages where they can be raped. That kind of degrading of humans to animals is what allows Fonda to use Soviet gang rape as a political tool to destroy those who are not in agreement with a fellow traveler.

As most of you will require reminding, this blog in the archives examined the attempted assassination of Theodore Roosevelt. It was a fact that the establishment Republicans and democrats produced a mob frenzy in the media, that eventually an unbalanced person took a shot at the President in thee American Heartland.

This is all factored in by those ramping up these events as the attempted murder of Steve Scalise is evident. The call for stalking public figures, confronting them, and in Fonda's case putting them into cages to gang rape them, are the removal of societal norms of common respect. The rights of one person end where another person's rights begin.
Director Nielsen has the right to be in public dining and not having her meal disrupted. Her protestors have the right to protest, but not when that protest invades the personal zone of the Director.

Violence is being stoked as it was in 2016. This time though it is moving against the Trump Junta's employees or Republicans in organized stalking. The lines are going to be crossed, as someone is going to throw something, pick up a knife off a table, or as in Scalise's case, is going to bring a firearm along. This is perpetrated by the actors to goad some nut into taking the shot, as was accomplished with President Theodore  Roosevelt in Wisconsin, while those doing the goading sit in their luxury and are never charged.

Anyone observing Allison Hrabar can ascertain this snowflake is not operating in reality by her educated 1000 yard stare. 
In a former world of Beaver Cleaver, June and Ward would be telling Wally and Beaver to not be hanging around with the stupid kid who is going to get J Edgar Hoover strip searching you at Alcatraz. You do realize that even Lumpy and Eddie were not stupid enough to be chasing around government officials, who have guns, because they just might blow a hole in you and that ends all the debate points.

See here is an example, wacko snowflake screams with their friends at a Trump agent, who is armed, and one of them slaps agent, and said agent pulls out gun and blows holes in the slappers. That ends the protest as governments always end protests.
Kent State or the Steve Scalise event sort of prove that. You don't need a gun to get shot by those who do have guns.

To get to that point is Amnesty is the focal point in what is driving all of this in Mr. President wants amnesty, the GOP wants amnesty and democrats want amnesty, or fast tracking Visa Vermin as this is what this is all about.
Mexican meals disrupted is the distraction. The reality is who will get hurt to get that amnesty. It is never the principles, and always some Scalise or Rand Paul who get scuffed. Sometime they get 30 days by liberal judges hoping for more violence and sometimes they end up in the morgue.

It never turns out well for pawns like Cindy Sheehan or Seth Rich. They get used by the machine and left for dead or dead. That is what is wrong with 1000 yard educated stares. They think they are immune to Department of Homeland Security bullets and that your name ending up on FBI files is not something that triggers when your tag is run by every cop you pass or the day you grow up and decide like most liberals that you really need a gun to protect you from the exciting liberal you were significant to who was just a lunatic like you.

Just remember that Kushner media is feeding this as Sunprancer dines from the table. Understand this is an operation to manipulate you just as in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

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The Scratch Shot 7 Times Over

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Necessity is called the Mother of Invention, and yet there are not tools on the battlefield nor time to create inventions when the communists appear with new weapons and all you have is a rifle and grenade.

The Soviets in 1943 in pushing the Germans back from the Eastern Front tried using tanks to protect their infantry, but the communists were morons in tactics in they drove the tanks ahead and left the infantry to be counterstruck by the Reich Soldiers.  A  new tact appeared though in  the first armoured personnel carriers or half tracks. With these the communists rode inside protected and  if the Germans attempted the old tactics of rushing from fox holes, they would be shot down by the infantry disembarking immediately.

That is why the desperation of a German Marksman  proved beyond invention as he studied thee approaching communist hordes, he noted that there was a hole in which the driver would lookout. It was not much of a hole, but it was a slit.
The Marksman laid out his tent square for a solid rest and then put his scope on that slit, and he thought he could see the Russian's eyes.
The German had loaded a Russian explosive bullet and at 70 yards, he fired at a 10 by 30 centimeter opening, and blew the Russian's head off.

Soon the APC was swerving away and was heading for a ditch where it tipped over. After that the Russians disembarked from the crashed transport and the German Landsers made short work of them.

Many would call this a scratch shot, but with 20 remaining explosive bullets, and 12 APC's, the Marksman knocked  out 7 of the vehicles and the remaining 5 broke through, but in hard  hand to hand combat, the Germans obliterated the Russians.

That is one of the most amazing feats in military history and yet it was  not a fluke in the  least. A German using a weapon the Russians according to the Geneva Convention should not have deployed against Germans, made excellent cost ration of one expensive bullet which took minutes to produce to destroy an APC which was very expensive that required weeks to produce.

As it is literally impossible to find photos of these Soviet APC's from World War II, the German Marksman must have stung them so bad  that they ceased making these death traps.

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