Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Smart Investor in bad Obama times

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With Facebook in limbo, I place here the best assessment I can offer as someone who is poor in what to invest in, as in one does not put all their investments in one basket.

I will use this example. Say you own stock in Coke. Coke is a sound company, but in a market implosion, those stocks are going to lose a great deal of value, meaning your dividends will not keep pace with the costs of living.

I do not as all investors have concluded believe the stock market is a place where people should have their money invested at this point. I know there are capital gains in cashing out and broker fees, but you have to factor in what is a reality in your needs to live on your investments, and your investments return or how it will take 20 years to recover or perhaps 100 years in this Obama Geithner pumped markets of inflated prices.

I do believe that your local utilities are a place where part of a person's investments could be placed. You are always going to need water and electricity, so will everyone else in your community, so owning shares in a public utility means every time the toilet is flushed or a light is on, makes you money.

I searched this, and there are reasonable people behind this advice.

Utilities stocks a good bet in troubled times -

Your grandparents had some pretty good ideas. Wear a hat in the summer. Don't pop a balloon behind a horse. Invest in sound utilities stocks during a ...

I remember back in the day, that Ross Perot in selling his company put his billion dollars into tax free municipal bonds. As Mr. Perot was not an idiot, that also seems like a one egg in the basket to put investments into. That is funding things in your community or state which would remain solvent, meaning they would not file bankruptcy on the loans. Obviously in debt whore states like Jerry Brown's California or Scott Walker's Wisconsin, you do not want to risk your finances there. But if your state is sound, your community sound, this might be something a broker would help steer you to correct purchases.

What Are Municipal Bonds - Pros & Cons of Investing

... is municipal bonds. Because municipal bonds offer tax-free, ... the highest tax brackets. Free from State and Local ... to invest in municipal bonds, ...

The thing in this is the people who are telling the truth on the markets Marc Farber are pointing out there are no real safe investments any longer. When he mentions to buy precious metals mining stocks, he states these SHARES WILL LOSE LESS THAN OTHER STOCKS, that means they are all going down. Gold is not going to raise, as Russia and China have too much of it, and other nations pulling out bullion from American safekeeping are not going to be allowed to keep it.

When I was young, my Auntie's brother in law and his wife, retired here from California during the great Greenspan bubble in internet companies which stole money from Europeans which they retaliated on America with in 9 11 and installing their foreign agent Obama to 1600 Penn Avenue.
The Dotcom bust affected so many people. This retired  couple was worth one million dollars and thought life was secure. When this robbery ended of their accounts as many dotcom stocks just did not go tits up, but some employees of companies they worked for, actually were stuck with the debt of those companies to ruin I stated when this robbery ended, this woman at age 70 had to start cleaning houses to pay the bills again as the market had eaten all of their finances.

Land is still too expensive to buy, and the crop prices are not going to have farmers looking to expand in renting that land for production. Precious metals are not going to raise as the cartel is not going to let China off the ropes. Stocks are the thing to get out of as China currency devaluation is going to drive deflation globally as producing nations in raw materials are going to go into massive recession as Canada is.
Cash is where a number of conglomerates are storing assets. It yields almost nothing, but it at least will purchase food and pay bills.
I am not going to go into the image Obama degradation of the dollar, in Putin's block, China and Japan, along with other nations are no longer going to trade in dollars, which America then gets a cut out of. That fact is the biggest warning sign of how bad things have been degraded under Birther Hussein's image. The dollar monopoly is gone, that means American spending power is gone, and that is horrid for debt ridden Americans.
I would never buy US bonds either, as the rest of the world quit with Quantitative Easing.

This appears the reality of what the beginning of the Great Tribulation would look like. That though is the best advice I can offer. If I were rich, I would buy a chunk of land, have the equipment to farm it or rent it out to a neighbor I trusted on shares, and the entire point would be to generate enough money and food to live on as my primary objective, all without being in debt.

Not putting all of your investments in one place is something which is what was basic advice for all of Americans. A third in cash, a third in hard assets and a third in paper.  If one has the cash, they can always repurchase stocks when they go down. That is what JP Morgan did with other economic terrorists after the 29 crash.

I sincerely hope this helps, but for my life, it is one not of wondering what an investment will do, as my investments have been in things like a magnifying glass so I could start a fire if matches disappear.

We are all apprehensive, uncertain and scared in these times. That is what the cartel desires. We can not be ruled by that though, and must trust in our Lord Christ with some sound prayer and listening to the Holy Ghost in how we are moved to deal the bad hand dealt to us all.

That should be about enough nattering for now.