Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ted Cruz Negates Texas Vote At GOP Convention!!!

President Elect, Donald John Trump

Editor's Note: This column is so important in its content, that it is stand alone on this Sabbath.

As another Lame Cherry in matter anti matter.

Most of you have not yet entered the future, but it is time for you to join me at the 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, Republican Convention in Cleveland, in the reality that Ted Cruz negated the Texas vote, and by this Texas will not have a voice in the convention, due to Ted Cruz.

For those of you not in the know, at Conventions, the States vote alphabetically, beginning with Alabama. I have taken the time to list the delegate count of each State for your education.

Alabama 50
Alaska 28
American Samoa 9
Arizona 58
Arkansas 40
California 172
Colorado 37
Connecticut 28
Delaware 16
District of Columbia 19
Florida 99
Georgia 76
Hawaii 19
Idaho 32
Illinois 69
Indiana 57
Iowa 30
Kansas 40
Kentucky 46
Louisiana 46
Maine 23
Maryland 38
Massachusetts 42
Michigan 59
Minnesota 38
Mississippi 40
Missouri 52
Montana 27
Nebraska 36
Nevada 30
New Hampshire 23
New Jersey 51
New Mexico 24
New York 95
North Carolina 72
North Dakota 28
Northern Marianas 9
Ohio 66
Oklahoma 43
Oregon 28
Puerto Rico 23
Pennsylvania 71
Rhode Island 19
South Carolina 50
South Dakota 29
Tennessee 58
Texas 155
US Virgin Islands 9
Utah 40
Vermont 16
Virginia 49
Washington 44
West Virginia 34
Wisconsin 42
Wyoming 29

Sometime in the above list with stolen Cruz states like Maine, Kansas and Idaho being humiliated in having to vote for Ted Cruz, when New Hampshire rolls around Donald Trump will have with the released delegates of Marco Rubio to vote for Mr. Trump around 1224 votes, 1237 needed to secure the nomination.
It is fitting that New Hampshire will have this honor, due to the fact that New Hampshire started to set right the crimes and sins of Ted Cruz vote fraud in Amanda Carpenter lynching black American, Ben Carson.

None of you probably get what this means, so I will explain in this exclusive. Conventions always give the honor of nomination to the Home State of the winning Candidate. For President Elect, Donald Trump, that would be the Empire State of New York.
What will take place sometime after New Hampshire, after States vote flipped and stolen by Cruz will be votes in abstention, or you will hear something like,

"Madam Speaker, the great State of New Jersey abstains!"

From that point on, every state will abstain to honor New York and Mr. Trump. That means John Kasich in his blackmail bid at the convention is absolutely worthless, as the Ohio votes, because they will not even be allowed to be cast in the first round. So the vote theft by Mr. Kasich in Ohio has no meaning, because Ohio will arise, and seriously, Governor Kasich will probably be the one who has to rise and abstain, being the leading delegate.

This will continue to New York which will rise with 95 delegates and say,

"Madam Speaker, the great State of New York, the Empire State, residence of the first President, George Washington and home to the 45th President of the United States casts its votes for Donald John Trump!"

The convention, as all conventions will then go insane in delight and mayhem. No one will care about some 3 votes for Ted Cruz, and all will be looking on with disdain in remembering what Cruz put the GOP through for 6 months.

...and this brings us to the reality of no one is going to give a damn what votes were stolen in Texas, because Donald Trump will be the nominee, so when Texas is forced to record its votes, it will humbly and in subdued fashion announce in a sea of joy, that they were stuck voting for Ted Cruz in the first round.

Do you get this now, in how Marco Rubio is 1000 times the men John Kasich and Ted Cruz will ever be? Do you get how Marco Rubio assessing the situation in North Dakota's delegates binding to Donald Trump in May 26th, 2016, that Marco Rubio no longer had any blackmail clout at the convention, and magnanimously turned his delegates over to vote for Donald Trump for party unity, so when that vote is tallied, there is not going to be any pissy sounding Marco Rubio votes in Minnesota or Iowa, sullying his name or the convention.

Marco Rubio has been a class act after suspending his campaign. He has been showing up in the Senate for funding on Zika Virus and for saving Puerto Rico. This last political stroke was genius, because Rubio like Senator Lindsey Graham, know how the convention operates and votes.
Marco Rubio became the MANO in this, because he beat Kasich and Cruz to the punch. Now if Cruz attempts anything, he will be a "me too". Now if Cruz tries for air time, the convention will simply say, "Sorry, we have Cuban American Marco Rubio in that prime time slot".

Ted Cruz's stolen delegates MEAN NOTHING. Now my children find that story you passed over months ago in El Dorado, the story of the Gringo who allowed the Mexican to steal his treasure, to have the Mexican carry the gold across the border for the Donald Trump saga. I could not in that story tell you what Donald Trump had planned out in this, to string this back-biting Ted Cruz along, to give the enemies of America someone to rally behind, while Donald continued on winning.......and Tedwardo Cruz was hauling Mr. Trump's delegates to Cleveland.
I could not blow this for Mr. Trump, but I did inform you, if you would have read that story as the Lame Cherry predicted exactly what was taking place before your eyes. Read the story and the doubters and mockers can eat crow. By God's Grace I predicted this and it came true.

So that is how Ted Cruz negated the entire State of Texas by stealing it from Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. If Mr. Rubio would have not had his votes stolen, then Texas would have had a complete majority to proudly vote for Donald Trump. Now Texas, might as well stay in Texas, as like Wisconsin, Idaho, Wyoming, Kansas, Oklahoma, Maine and whatever else Ted Cruz flipped starting with Iowa, is only going to cover them with shame in having to vote for this foreign born loser, while the rest of America votes for the winner, Donald Trump.
Yes, all those delegarchs who took bribes from Ted Cruz, can now wait it out the next 4 years for when Attorney General Chris Christie indicts them for vote fraud and treason.

Every one of you now has an insight into the future. The humiliation of states being stuck voting for Cruz, and admitting to their bribes and crimes in public by those votes, while the righteous peoples get to glorify God in votes for the victor, President Elect Donald Trump.

To go to a convention and be stuck voting for who does not matter, that is Texas and Ted Cruz's mark of shame. Marco Rubio was savvy in releasing all of his delegates to Mr. Trump, knowing that Mr. Trump would then have enough votes with Minnesota and Iowa, to win it in the first round, and not have to by-pass New York, to allow Cruz states to remind everyone of the mischief which was involved with Ted Cruz.

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, revealing the future, and how Donald Trump will be awarded the nomination, with Marco Rubio helping to unite the party in a brilliant political move, and Texas will be humiliated with Rafael Ted Cruz of Alberta Canada, with sperm flow from Cuba.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Trump Sanders Debate

Assassination 'art' against Donald Trump by the Sanders Camp


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I did some inquiry into this Trump Sanders "debate", and would remind people that Jimmy Kimmel is a leftist, who had Elvis Costello kicking a George Bush doll on stage and was bawling over that murderous lion being shot not that long ago.

So what do you think the odds are, in Jimmy Kimmel who just happened to be in contact with Bernie Sanders to give Sanders an insider question at Donald Trump, was trying to stage a debate to mock Mr. Trump on the Kimmel show for Bernie Sanders?
That is exactly where all of this started and Bernie Sanders was watching as he responded immediately with his "GAME ON". This was a set up from the start between Kimmel, ABC and Sanders. Sanders is not going to beat Hillary Clinton. Sanders is not intelligent enough to steal the primary back from crooked Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders knows he is not going to win in any way shape or form. This was his last ditch effort to force Hillary Clinton to put him on the ticket as Vice President.

President Elect Donald  Trump was never serious in this offer, as he was on a comedy show, talking to leftist Kimmel. Mr. Trump summed it all up, as he might as who would he debate next........the tranny party freak?

Based on the fact that the Democratic nominating process is totally rigged and Crooked Hillary Clinton and Deborah Wasserman Schultz will not allow Bernie Sanders to win, and now that I am the presumptive Republican nominee, it seems inappropriate that I would debate the second-place finisher. Likewise, the networks want to make a killing on these events and are not proving to be too generous to charitable causes, in this case, women’s health issues. Therefore, as much as I want to debate Bernie Sanders - and it would be an easy payday - I will wait to debate the first-place finisher in the Democratic Party, probably Crooked Hillary Clinton, or whoever it may be.”

Read more here:

The Sanders campaign though really overplayed their hand though, as the #chickentrump, with 100,000 tweets immediately, as again this is evidence of the coordination and set up, in the word was out, like the Hillary Vets protesting before Trump Towers.

......and who was in the lead on this, but Sarah Silverman, Sanders supporter and yes former cum deposit holder from Jimmy Kimmel.

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You wussy - you're afraid to debate ? You should be!

To make the point, this was never going to be a debate. This was going to be an ambush, with thousands of those same spitting, screaming, rent an anarchists who have been assaulting police and Trump Americans. They would have rushed the stage and got another headline, as this has all been the same type of Alinksy operation which Obama has been engaged in for years.

So would I have enjoyed watching Donald Trump defeat Bernie Sanders on a fair debate? Yes we all would have, but this was a set up to destroy Donald Trump, and give Bernie Sanders the leverage to blackmail Hillary Clinton, as Sanders has recently been focused on beating the hell out of Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the "war on women" campaign of Bernie Sanders.

This was a set up, and Donald Trump, while he never took this seriously, is correct in not being led into a liberal smearfest, because if you bother to look on Twitter, the Bernie Sanders artwork is all racist and it is too well created in detail for an event which erupted one day, and had some very technical artwork minutes later.
This is the same source using the common German Hatred racism and it is well funded, and by evidence this was planned long before the Donald Trump appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. That means a conspiracy by Bernie Sanders in one of the dirtiest and smarmiest dodges ever, that even outranks Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton combined.

Here is the evidence.

That is the reality in this. Bernie Sanders race hatred.

Bernie Sanders misogyny.

Bernie Sanders Jewry smearing Americans in attempting to link American to German Socialists.

This kind of political smear work just does not appear in a few hours in debate, in Col. Sanders nor in a Clinton morph, this is something coming out of the Sanders campaign which was generated in a pre coordination.

In a vain attempt Sanders attempted to spike the Twitter tweets #chickentrump, but it was trending in 50,000 spikes that went flat........meaning it exposes just how few people really are into Bernie Sanders racism and misogyny.

So this is underbelly of what crawls in the Sanders campaign. It is taking advantage of hopeful people who are being beaten down by Obama, and using worse tactics than Hillary Clinton. This is the reality of Bernie Sanders. He claims the higher ground of utopian socialism, but is in the killing fields gutters of all leftists.

One never witnesses the real core of Bernie Sanders, until of course the Lame Cherry exposes it, in the attempted set up of Donald Trump, in another political assassination. Bernie Sanders is just as unAmerican cut throat smarmy as Cruz Cult, Crook Clinton and Birther Obama.

This is what the Bernie Sanders campaign is really about.

Nuff Said.


America Broke The Bible

... Stop the Drive for World War: Dump Obama and Merkel Now! | LaRouchePAC

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have a question in this, in if your experience with Muslims is 9 11, mass rapes, disease carriers and death looks from them, do you believe it when a few of them appear, professing that Islam is a religion of peace and there is nothing to beware of from them?

I desire you to understand this, not as some simpleton with a death wish, but as how God views you. Put aside the sodomy, the aborticide, the allowing in pagan religions to the West. Put aside everything, which you no longer notice, but God does. Consider a people who on the left installed a false messiah, in blasphemy against Jesus the Christ.
Then consider on the right, this Ted Cruz, face of God, blasphemy, which if it were not for that 43% base who stayed loyal to Donald Trump, all of the Cruz vote flipping and intrigue with the GOPliters would now have the right guilty of the same Obama abominations.

But for the Grace of God and a minority of Evangelicals, America would now be under the death blow of the Great Tribulation.

Yet this is not over, as the forces of evil are arrayed against Donald Trump and America. They will not give up, and God sees every last bit of this assassin intrigue, so when the Holy Ghost provides reading on this day in Jeremiah, it is who God views the 13 tribes of Israel, starting with America.

They are turned back to the iniquities of their forefathers, which refused to hear my words; and they went after other gods to serve them: the house of Israel and the house of Judah have broken my covenant which I made with their fathers.

Therefore thus saith the LORD, Behold, I will bring evil upon them, which they shall not be able to escape; and though they shall cry unto me, I will not hearken unto them.

Jeremiah 11: 10 - 11

Americans, get this. People of England, Western Europe and the state of Judah, YOU BROKE THE BIBLE. I will repeat that so you get that point. The Bible is a Covenant, a Marriage Contract, a Testament, which is sealed in death of the Offering of Abraham and the Offering of the Father in Jesus the Christ, and it can only be ended by death.

America is now a people on the left that broke the Covenant with God. America on the right, you were not a Phineas or a Gideon, so you condoned the national sins, and when God raised up a Jehu to deliver you in Donald Trump, if not for God's Grace, you would be guilty of the Judgment too.

Let me explain something Obama to you, in Germany, France, Norway and England. You people foisted this fraud on America in making covenant with this apostate, and now your nations are burning down with Muslim Rape Cock. That which you inflicted on America is now afflicted on you, along with the Jew conspiracy in installing Obama.
That is how God sees things, in rebellions people doing wicked things, in direct spitting in God's Face.

So do not sit in your comfort thinking you are innocent or that by God giving you the right choice in Donald Trump, that you are now in right standing with God. There is a mountain of sin upon each of you, and there will be a reckoning for this. Donald Trump is simply going to keep this by God's Grace from being a death blow to nations which deserve it.

I am not going to dilute this with too long of a witness, because you are already making excuses in your defense, when the death reaper is on the horizon.

I will do what is right by God, and be on His side, and not expect God to be on my side, as this is about God, and has always been about God.

The West needs 13 ruthless iron fists to cleanse their nations of their evil. I doubt that remedy will arise as nations and people always think they can coddle their favorite sins, instead of Presidents and Prime Ministers hauling the evil out to the front gate before the people and stoning it to death in mass.

America broke the Bible, and America can not fix this. Only God can and now it falls to the peoples of the West to prove by upstanding living before God, if God will lessen the punishment which is come.

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Als eine andere Lame Kirsche exklusiv in der Materie Antimaterie.

Ich habe eine Frage in diesem, in, wenn Sie Ihre Erfahrungen mit Muslimen ist 9 11, Massenvergewaltigungen, Krankheitsüberträger und Tod sieht von ihnen, tun Sie es glauben, wenn ein paar von ihnen erscheinen, erklärend, dass der Islam eine Religion des Friedens ist, und es gibt nichts zu passen sie von ihnen?

Ich wünsche Ihnen, dies zu verstehen, nicht als eine simpleton mit einem Todeswunsch, aber wie, wie Gott sieht dich. Legen Sie die Sodomie beiseite, die aborticide, die damit in heidnischen Religionen in den Westen. Auf die Seite legen, alles, was Sie nicht mehr bemerken, aber Gott tut. Betrachten wir ein Volk, das auf der linken Seite einen falschen Messias installiert, in Blasphemie gegen Jesus Christus.Dann betrachten wir auf der rechten Seite, das Ted Cruz, Angesicht Gottes, Gotteslästerung, die, wenn sie nicht für die 43% Basis gab, die Donald Trump treu geblieben, die alle die Cruz Abstimmung Flipping und Intrigen mit den GOPliters würde jetzt das Recht haben, schuldig der gleichen Obama Greueln.
Aber für die Gnade Gottes und einer Minderheit von Evangelikalen, Amerika würde nun unter dem Todesstoß des großen Leidens sein.
Doch das ist noch nicht vorbei, als die Kräfte des Bösen aufgereiht sind gegen Donald Trump und Amerika. Sie werden nicht aufgeben, und Gott sieht jede letzte Spitze dieser Attentäter Intrige, so dass, wenn der Heilige Geist bietet in Jeremia an diesem Tag zu lesen, ist es, der Gott sieht die 13 Stämme Israels, beginnend mit Amerika.

Sie sind auf die Missetaten ihrer Vorväter zurückgekehrt, die meine Worte hören verweigert; und sie gingen anderen Göttern nach, ihnen zu dienen: das Haus Israel und das Haus Juda haben meinen Bund gebrochen, den ich mit ihren Vätern gemacht.

Darum spricht der HERR: Siehe spricht, werde ich böse über sie bringen, was sie werden nicht in der Lage sein, zu entkommen; und wenn sie zu mir schreien soll, werde ich nicht zu ihnen hören.

Jeremiah 11: 10 - 11

Amerikaner, bekommen diese. Die Leute von England, Westeuropa und den Staat Juda, du pleite DIE BIBEL. Ich werde wiederholen, dass Sie so, dass Punkt. Die Bibel ist ein Pakt, ein Ehevertrag, ein Testament, das in den Tod des Angebots von Abraham und dem Angebot des Vaters in Jesus Christus versiegelt ist, und es kann nur durch den Tod beendet werden.
Amerika ist jetzt ein Volk auf der linken Seite, die den Bund mit Gott gebrochen hat. Amerika auf der rechten Seite, waren Sie nicht ein Phineas oder ein Gideon, so verziehen Sie die nationalen Sünden, und wenn Gott eine Jehu angehoben bis zu Ihnen in Donald Trump liefern, wenn nicht für die Gnade Gottes, würden Sie auch des Urteils schuldig.
Lassen Sie mich etwas Obama zu Ihnen, in Deutschland, Frankreich, Norwegen und England zu erklären. Sie Menschen aufgezwungen diesen Betrug auf Amerika in dieser abtrünnigen machen Bund, und jetzt Ihre Nationen brennen mit muslimischen Vergewaltigung Schwanz. Das, was Sie auf Amerika zugefügt wird nun an werden Sie leiden, zusammen mit dem Juden Verschwörung in der Installation von Obama.Das ist, wie Gott die Dinge sieht, in Aufständen Menschen böse Dinge zu tun, in direkten Spucken in das Antlitz Gottes.
Lehnen Sie sich also nicht in Ihrem Komfort Denken Sie unschuldig sind oder dass Gott Sie die richtige Wahl in Donald Trump zu geben, dass Sie jetzt in recht stehend mit Gott. Es gibt einen Berg von Sünde auf jeden von euch, und es wird eine Abrechnung für diese sein. Donald Trump ist einfach, diese gehen zu halten durch die Gnade Gottes sich von einem Todesstoß für Nationen, die es verdienen.
Ich werde zu verdünnen, diese nicht zu lange mit der Zeuge, weil Sie bereits Entschuldigungen in Ihrer Verteidigung zu machen sind, wenn der Tod Reaper am Horizont ist.
Ich werde tun, was richtig von Gott ist, und auf seiner Seite zu sein, und nicht erwarten, dass Gott auf meiner Seite zu sein, da dies über Gott ist, und hat sich immer über Gott gewesen.
Der Westen braucht 13 rücksichtslose Eisen Fäuste ihre Völker von ihren bösen zu reinigen. Ich bezweifle, dass Mittel wird als Nationen entstehen und die Leute denken immer können sie ihre Lieblings Sünden verhätscheln, statt der Präsidenten und Premierminister, das Böse, um das vordere Tor vor den Menschen schleppen und es zu Tode in Massen Steinigung.
Amerika brach die Bibel, und Amerika dies nicht beheben können. Nur Gott kann und jetzt fällt es an die Völker des Westens zu beweisen, indem sie vor dem lebendigen Gott aufrecht stehenden, wenn Gott die Strafe mildern, die kommen wird.

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Como otro cereza Lame exclusiva en materia de lucha contra la materia.

Tengo una pregunta en este, en si su experiencia con los musulmanes es de 9 11, violaciones masivas, portadores de la enfermedad y la muerte se ve de ellos, ¿cree que cuando algunos de ellos aparecen, profesando que el Islam es una religión de paz y no hay nada que tenga cuidado con de ellos?

Yo deseo que entiendan esto, no como un tonto con un deseo de muerte, sino como la forma en que Dios te vistas. Dejar a un lado la sodomía, la aborticide, la que permite en las religiones paganas a Occidente. Dejar a un lado todo lo que ya no se nota, pero Dios lo hace. Considere un pueblo que a la izquierda instalaron un falso mesías, en blasfemias contra Jesucristo.A continuación, debe tener en cuenta a la derecha, esto Ted Cruz, el rostro de Dios, la blasfemia, que si no fuera por que la base de 43% que se mantuvo leal a Donald Trump, todos los votos de volteo Cruz y la intriga con los GOPliters ahora tendría el derecho culpable de las mismas abominaciones Obama.
Pero por la Gracia de Dios y una minoría de Evangélicos, Estados Unidos ahora estaría bajo el golpe de la Gran Tribulación.
Sin embargo, esto no ha terminado, ya que las fuerzas del mal se unan contra Donald Trump y América. Ellos no se dan por vencidos, y Dios ve hasta el último bit de esta intriga asesina, por lo que cuando el Espíritu Santo ofrece la lectura en el día de hoy en Jeremías, es que Dios ve a las 13 tribus de Israel, empezando por América.

Se han vuelto a las maldades de sus primeros padres, los cuales no quisieron escuchar mis palabras; y se fueron tras otros dioses para servirlos: la casa de Israel y la casa de Judá han roto el pacto que hice con sus padres.

Por tanto, así ha dicho Jehová: He aquí yo traigo sobre ellos mal del que no podrán escapar; y clamarán a mí, no los escucharé.

Jeremías 11: 10 - 11

Estadounidenses, reciban esto. La gente de Inglaterra, Europa Occidental y el estado de Judá, usted rompió la Biblia. Voy a repetir que para que pueda obtener ese punto. La Biblia es un pacto, un contrato de matrimonio, un testamento, que se sella en la muerte de la Oferta de Abraham y el ofrecimiento del Padre en Jesús el Cristo, y sólo se puede terminar con la muerte.
Estados Unidos es ahora un pueblo a la izquierda que rompió la alianza con Dios. Latina a la derecha, que no fuera un Phineas o una Gedeón, por lo que tolera los pecados nacionales, y cuando Dios levantó a un Jehú librar de Donald Trump, si no fuera por la gracia de Dios, que sería culpable del fallo también.
Voy a explicar algo a Obama a que, en Alemania, Francia, Noruega e Inglaterra. Ustedes impusieron este fraude en los Estados Unidos en la fabricación de pacto con este apóstata, y ahora sus naciones están quemando abajo con Cock Violación musulmanes. Lo que se inflige en Estados Unidos ahora está afligido en la que, junto con la conspiración Judio en la instalación de Obama.Así es como Dios ve las cosas, en rebeliones gente que hace cosas muy malas, en escupir directa en el rostro de Dios.
Así que no se sientan en su comodidad pensando que es inocente, o que por Dios que le da la opción correcta en Donald Trump, que ahora está en posición correcta con Dios. Hay una montaña de pecado sobre cada uno de vosotros, y no habrá un ajuste de cuentas por ello. Donald Trump es simplemente va a tener esto por la gracia de Dios de ser un golpe de muerte a las naciones que lo merecen.
No voy a diluir esto con mucho tiempo de un testigo, porque ya lo está haciendo excusas en su defensa, cuando el Reaper de muerte está en el horizonte.
Voy a hacer lo que es correcto por Dios, y estar a su lado, y no espero que Dios esté de mi lado, ya que esto es acerca de Dios, y siempre ha sido acerca de Dios.
Occidente necesita 13 puños de hierro implacables para limpiar sus naciones de su mal. Dudo que el remedio va a surgir como naciones y la gente siempre creo que puedan consentir a sus pecados favoritos, en lugar de presidentes y primeros ministros que acarrean el mal a la puerta frontal delante de la gente y la lapidación hasta la muerte en masa.
América rompió la Biblia, y Estados Unidos no puede solucionar este problema. Sólo Dios puede y ahora corresponde a los pueblos de Occidente para demostrar por erectos vivir delante de Dios, si Dios va a disminuir el castigo que está por venir.

Nuff dijo


Comme autre cerise Lame exclusive dans la matière anti-matière.

J'ai une question à cet égard, si votre expérience avec les musulmans est 9 11, les viols de masse, porteurs de maladies et la mort semble d'eux, croyez-vous quand quelques-uns d'entre eux semblent, professant que l'Islam est une religion de paix et il est rien à se méfier des d'eux?

Je désire que vous comprenez cela, non pas comme une niaise avec un désir de mort, mais la façon dont Dieu vous vues. Mis à part la sodomie, l'aborticide, l'autorisant dans les religions païennes à l'Ouest. Mettez de côté tout ce qui vous remarquez plus, mais Dieu fait. Considérons un peuple qui à gauche installé un faux messie, dans le blasphème contre Jésus le Christ.Considérez alors sur la droite, cette Ted Cruz, le visage de Dieu, le blasphème, qui, s'il n'y avait pas cette base de 43% qui sont restés fidèles à Donald Trump, tous le vote retournement Cruz et l'intrigue avec les GOPliters aurait maintenant le droit coupable les mêmes abominations Obama.
Mais pour la grâce de Dieu et une minorité des évangéliques, l'Amérique serait maintenant sous le coup de la mort de la Grande Tribulation.
Pourtant, ce n'est pas terminée, car les forces du mal sont disposés contre Donald Trump et l'Amérique. Ils ne vont pas abandonner, et Dieu voit tout dernier morceau de cet assassin intrigue, quand le Saint-Esprit donne lecture ce jour-là dans Jérémie, il est ce que Dieu considère les 13 tribus d'Israël, à commencer par l'Amérique.

Ils sont retournés aux iniquités de leurs ancêtres, qui ont refusé d'écouter mes paroles; et ils sont allés après d'autres dieux pour les servir: la maison d'Israël et la maison de Juda ont violé mon alliance que je fis avec leurs pères.

Ainsi parle l'Éternel: Voici, je vais faire venir sur eux, qu'ils ne doivent pas être en mesure d'échapper; et ils crieront à moi, je ne les écouterai pas.

Jérémie 11: 10 - 11

Américains, obtenir cela. Les gens de l'Angleterre, l'Europe occidentale et l'état de Juda, Tu as brisé LA BIBLE. Je vais répéter ce que vous obtenez ce point. La Bible est une alliance, un contrat de mariage, un Testament, qui est scellé dans la mort du placement d'Abraham et du placement du Père en Jésus-Christ, et il ne peut être mis fin par la mort.
L'Amérique est maintenant un peuple sur la gauche qui a brisé l'Alliance avec Dieu. Amérique sur la droite, vous étiez pas un Phineas ou Gideon, de sorte que vous pardonné les péchés nationaux, et quand Dieu l'a ressuscité un Jéhu pour vous livrer à Donald Trump, sinon pour la grâce de Dieu, vous serait coupable de l'arrêt aussi.
Laissez-moi vous expliquer quelque chose Obama à vous, en Allemagne, en France, en Norvège et en Angleterre. Vous les gens imposé cette fraude sur l'Amérique en faisant alliance avec ce apostate, et maintenant vos nations brûlent vers le bas avec Cock de viol musulman. Ce que vous infligé à l'Amérique est maintenant affligé sur vous, ainsi que le complot Juif dans l'installation Obama.Voilà comment Dieu voit les choses, dans les rébellions des gens qui font des choses mauvaises, en crachant directement dans le visage de Dieu.
Donc, ne vous asseyez pas dans votre confort pensant que vous êtes innocent ou que Dieu vous donne le bon choix en Donald Trump, que vous êtes maintenant en bonne position avec Dieu. Il y a une montagne de péché sur chacun de vous, et il y aura une prise en compte pour cela. Donald Trump va simplement garder ce par la grâce de Dieu d'être un coup mortel aux nations qui le méritent.
Je ne vais pas diluer cela avec trop longtemps d'un témoin, parce que vous êtes déjà des excuses pour votre défense, quand le moissonneur de la mort est à l'horizon.
Je vais faire ce qui est juste par Dieu, et de son côté, et ne pas attendre que Dieu soit de mon côté, car cela est à propos de Dieu, et a toujours été à propos de Dieu.
L'Occident a besoin de 13 coups de poing de fer impitoyable pour nettoyer leurs nations de leur mal. Je doute que ce recours se posera en tant que nations et les gens pensent toujours qu'ils peuvent gâter leurs péchés favoris, au lieu des présidents et des premiers ministres qui transportent le mal vers la porte d'entrée devant le peuple et la lapidation à mort en masse.
L'Amérique a brisé la Bible, et l'Amérique ne peut pas résoudre ce problème. Seul Dieu peut et maintenant il appartient aux peuples de l'Occident à prouver par dressées vivant devant Dieu, si Dieu réduira la peine qui est arrivé.

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В качестве еще одного Хромой Cherry в эксклюзивном материи анти материи.

У меня есть вопрос в этом, в случае, если ваш опыт работы с мусульманами 9 11, массовые изнасилования, носители болезни и смерть смотрит от них, верите ли вы, когда некоторые из них появляются, исповедуя, что ислам является религией мира и есть ничто не остерегаться от них?

Я желаю, чтобы вы поняли это, а не какой-то простак с желанием умереть, но о том, как Бог смотрит на вас. Отложите в сторону содомии, то, преступное умерщвление плода в матке разрешительная в языческих религий на Запад. Отложите в сторону все, что вы больше не замечают, но Бог делает. Рассмотрим людей, которые на левом установлены лжемессия, в богохульстве против Иисуса Христа.Тогда рассмотрим справа, это Тед Крус, лицо Бога, богохульство, что если бы не было, что 43% базы, который остался верен Дональдом Трампом, все листать голосов Круз и интриги с GOPliters теперь будет иметь право виновным одних и тех же мерзости Обамы.
Но для благодати Божией и меньшинство Евангелистов, Америка теперь будет под смертельный удар Великой Скорби.
Но это еще не закончена, а силы зла облеченные против Дональда Трампа и Америки. Они не будут сдаваться, и Бог видит каждый последний бит этого убийцы интриги, так что, когда Святой Дух дает чтение в этот день в Иеремии, то есть кто Бог рассматривает 13 колен Израиля, начиная с Америки.

Они опять обратились к беззакониям праотцев своих, которые отреклись слушаться слов Моих; и они пошли вслед иных богов, чтобы служить им: дом Израилев и дом Иуды нарушили завет Мой, который Я заключил с отцами их.

Посему так говорит Господь: вот, Я наведу на них, что они не должны быть в состоянии бежать; и хотя они будут взывать ко мне, я не услышу их.

Jeremiah 11: 10 - 11

Американцы, получить это. Люди Англии, Западной Европы и государства Иуды, ты сломала Библией. Я повторю, что так что вы получите эту точку. Библия является Завет, брачный договор, завещание, который запечатан в смерти Размещения Авраама и Размещения Отца в Иисуса Христа, и это может закончиться только смертью.
Америка теперь люди на левой стороне, что нарушили Завет с Богом. Америка справа, вы не были Финес или Гидеон, так что вы попустительстве национальные грехи, и когда Бог воздвиг Ииуя, чтобы доставить вас в Дональда Трампа, если не для Божьей благодати, вы были бы виновны в суде тоже.
Позвольте мне объяснить, что-то Обама к вам, в Германии, Франции, Норвегии и Англии. Вы люди навязали это мошенничество на Америку в принятии завет с этим отступника, и теперь ваши народы сжигали с мусульманским рапсовое Петуха. То, что вы нанесли на Америку теперь страдает от вас, вместе с заговором еврея в установке Обамы.То есть, как Бог видит вещи, в восстаний людей, делающих злое в прямом плевки в Божьем Face.
Так что не сидите в комфорте думать, что вы невиновны или что Бог дает вам правильный выбор в Дональда Трампа, что вы сейчас в правильное положение с Богом. Существует гора греха на каждого из вас, и будет расплата за это. Дональд Трамп просто собирается держать это Божьей Благодати от того, чтобы быть смертельный удар народов, которые этого заслуживают.
Я не собираюсь разбавить это слишком долго свидетеля, потому что вы уже оправдываюсь в свою защиту, когда смерть жатка находится на горизонте.
Я буду делать то, что является правильным Богом, и на его стороне, а не ожидать, что Бог на моей стороне, так как это о Боге, и всегда был о Боге.
Запад нуждается в 13 безжалостные железные кулаки, чтобы очистить свои народы от их зла. Я сомневаюсь, что лекарство будет возникать как нации и люди всегда думают, что они могут баловать свои любимые грехи, а не президентов и премьеров тяговыми зло к парадным воротам перед народом и забрасывания камнями до смерти в массе.
Америка сломал Библию, и Америка не может это исправить. Только Бог может и теперь она падает к народам Запада доказать стоячего живет пред Богом, если Бог позволит уменьшить наказание, которое приходит.



The Not So Wiley Wiley

Rick Wiley

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For those of you who think there are honorable people in political parties just because they are in a party, and would never do anything against the ticket, this will be a lesson for you in what really takes place behind the scenes, for if you think your rejecting Jeb Bush put an end to things, you have no idea about Bush fam, in being part of Rockefeller Inc. and the operatives which they hire to destroy their opponents from within.

This is about Rick Wiley, a campaign operative, who was supposed to sign on with Chris Christie, the insider and rival of Jeb Bush, until a clear and present danger arose in Gov.Scott Walker who was about to defeat Jeb Bush early in 2015 AD in the year of our Lord.
Walker was a Big Koch boy and still is, but who he hired on was Rick Wiley to guide his campaign to a victory, but soon Wiley was being rude to everyone, and in about a month, the Walker campaign was destroyed.
Wiley literally blew through all of the money Walker had bankrupting Walker and by coincidence Ted Cruz cultist Erick Erickson was at the heart of a whispering campaign to link Wiley the pervert to Walker for the death blow.

A “whisper campaign” had been launched against Good Time Wiley a few days before Walker shut down the campaign, “apparently aimed at discrediting him and bringing about a shakeup in the organization, according to two Republican sources,” Buzzfeed reported.
The story went on to note that “The influential conservative talk radio host and blogger Erick Erickson appeared to allude to the whisper campaign… on Twitter: “Lots of different people all sending me the same rumor about a particular campaign manager caught indecently at the Ohio debate.” decided to lay bare the story: “Several GOP operatives within the Walker campaign and in Republican establishment circles have been spreading a rumor that Scott Walker’s campaign manager was receiving post-GOP debate oral sex in the lady’s bathroom of a downtown Cleveland bar…The rumor is that Katie Packer Gage, a former Romney campaign consultant, walked in on Wiley and a woman not his wife…Wiley is married with children.”
But the article noted that Gage, when contacted, repeatedly denied this tale. It also noted the rumor “has been pushed by none other than Brad Dayspring, a controversial GOP operative with a history of fabrications.”
Certainly, there’s been a ton of discussion about Wiley among Republican politicos, all of it way off the record, much of it shared with various media outlets. I’ve been told by one Republican that the campaign staff working for Wiley was in turmoil over his handling of employees. Politico referred to “warring staff” working on the campaign.

Hey if you can't get Walker's pants down and wearing women's underwear, for the kill shot, you send in a Romney troll to suck a Bush troll and have a Cruz troll spread the rumors.

Wiley cut his teeth working for George W. Bush, so the loyalties are there and Wiley pulled the plug on Giuliani's campaign where he went down in flames too. It makes one wonder why any one would want these people around, but when you are taking billionaire money, you take on the managers to destroy you like Liz Muir, who Walker fired, and more to the point who ended up in bed on Twitter with Amanda Carpenter, the Cruz cultist who carried out the lynching of Ben Carson for a Cruz steal in Iowa.

It was into this, that the Trump Campaign, seeking to unite the party, took on Rick Wiley to their staff, with the specific liaison work of coordinating the State party leadership in Swing States. This is where things went into Sabotage the Trump Campaign, because Wiley started cutting out Corey Lewandowski, the main spoke in the Trump Campaign, and then started booting out Trump staff as he did Walker staff, with instructions to all that Wiley was in charge, and people at the states were only to contact Wiley.

There is always intrigue in the Trump campaign, as the friction broke out early between Lewandowski and Roger Stone. Stone was wrong about how to run the campaign and was forced out, and since then Manafort who was brought on board to run things on the Bob Dole scale has been inching Lewandowski out of position.
Nothing new in any of this as everyone wants to be on daddy's knee, but that is where Lewandowski gets blamed for numbers of things, like putting Hope Hicks in her place. The Tiara is the one who live feeds Donald Trump's Tweet and Facebook, and runs interference with the press......she also at under age 30 has made the mistake of including her feminist bias on the boss's statements, along with allowing some of the keyboard commandos be a bit too exuberant in the Trump name online.

That is the intrigue in this and Mr. Trump lets Lewandowski take the arrows as a distraction as Donald Trump gets the most out of people in competition and rivalry to a point, but understand this, that Donald Trump knows exactly what is going on, including the intrigue, as this quote explains.

But a source close to the campaign told CNN that Wiley's departure was only a matter of time and that there was a feeling Wiley wasn't doing enough to help the campaign.
"It's been in the works for a while," the source said. "Trump was getting calls from people saying that Wiley wasn't returning their calls."

See Donald Trump has numbers of very loyal people in this world, and they understand accessibility. No, you do not get to walk in on Mr. Trump, without hearing about it, nor do you get to phone him up and tell Mr. Trump, if he would just listen to you, he would be a perfect Donald know the kind of things I am informed by intellectuals looking to join to power, as no one listens to them.........but Mr. Trump is a gentleman, an astute gentleman, and when people he knows have gone to the limits for him, start telling him, "Mr. Trump what is going on, as this Wiley is supposed to be coordinating, and we were told to only call him, and now he won't take or return calls, and things are critical here........and it is almost like he is sabotaging the campaign", that the Boss listens like he always does, intently.

That is the Lame Cherry exclusive in this in matter anti matter.  How that Reinse Priebus and Paul Ryan with Bush fam are still coordinating to elect Hillary Clinton. You can look at this with common sense, that no one would hire this Wiley and yet they are forced to, and immediately their campaigns go flat line.
You have the above quote in Wiley was staging a palace coup, was sabotaging swing states, so what do you think he was up to and working for?

That is why he was fired, and why this operative will be back, forced onto campaigns taking billionaire funding to eliminate them.

Nuff Said


The Ugly Mexican

... george p bush wedding displaying 18 images for george p bush wedding

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The carpetbagger family of Prescott Bush, are a remarkable non American group, void of understanding Americans. The last of this deflated dynasty in George Prescott Bush, moved from Florida in being a Mexican, because Cuban Americans in Florida hate Mexicans. So Texas became the squatter rights of this carpetbagger.

The arrogance of Bush fam is phenomenal in America having just soundly rejected, the Mexican married Jeb Bush, rejected Cubano Canadian Ted Cruz, rejected Marco Cubano Rubio, is decreeing that it is the victors in the American people who have to justify their choice in voting for Donald Trump, and that it is Donald Trump who has to............."win over" the 12 voting members of Bush fam in order to justify himself to the world.

"He has the ability to win us over if he clarifies many of his remarks and he demonstrates that he has humility and that he doesn't besmirch peoples' character as the motivating factor for why he's running for office," Bush said.

America is a place, which detested John Kennedy being rich kid plopped into Massachusetts and the Presidency, and is proving that again with Hillary Clinton as much as Jeb Bush. Americans are a people who expect people to earn their respect, and not have it bought for them by trust funds, as Jorge Bush is once again engaged in.

Yes Jorge is Texas something commissioner in a hand picked job. Then he is supposed to be Attorney General, then he gets handed to him some state or national leadership role, and then at the appointed time, the GOP will be Balkanized again just like daddy Jeb, for Jorge to inherit the Presidency, no one in America wants this ugly Mexican to inherit.

Here is a reality as Bush Inc and their backers exist in their delusions.

Fact 1: Everyone is fed up with privilege Bush fam.
Fact 2: Everyone is fed up with the ugly Mexican squatter.
Fact 3: Latins are voting for Donald Trump and not Bush fam.
Fact 4: Bush fam is deader than dinosaurs.

Yes Bush fam and it's cronies oddly names the foundation of the GOP 'after Trump', as to be Marco Rubio and Jorge Bush, and not Ted Cruz, a Texican squatter. For some reason, Bush fam does not comprehend that unlike the assassination of John F. Kennedy, that if they attempt another coup against Donald Trump, this time there will be the culprits hung in the people's courts.

The fortunate thing in this is Jorge Bush declared his poppy, Jeb, deader than a door nail, because this is all now focused on Jorge. Apparently Jeb Bush has been so tarnished in 2016, that the inside polling points to he could not gain any funding after his 100 million dollar penthouse vacation he blew through from the elite.

So now it falls to Jorge, as we all know that Latins are dumb as posts and will all vote for an ugly Mexican in Bush fam. Problem is Mexicans are voting at 40% for Donald Trump and Jeb Bush got nothing of the Latin vote.

The reality is this former stalker from Florida in Jorge Bush, is only going to get more Mexican ugly with his big horse teeth, big pig nostril nostrils and getting more dark, parading around that fair blonde trophy wife he has been riding, just pisses off them white folk, the black folk and them Latin folk, as they know what it all means.

Jeb Bush destroyed the Bush legacy. I will repeat that so it is understood. HW Bush was TOLERATED because of Ronald Reagan. W was embraced because of Christian claims and invoking Ronald Reagan, but Americans finally figured out that two Iraq Wars, massive war debt, massive Bush kinder and gentler spending, SPP, no promotion of Conservatives, the destroying of Conservatives for Jeb, and the reality of Jeb mouthing off in 2008 that the Republicans had to be more like Obama, and in 2016 that he could win the nomination without the base...........cemented the reality that Bush fam has been nothing but Hillary Clinton in Texas, Maine and Florida.

Jeb Bush destroyed the Bush label and that is not going to disappear, because the very Republican Party who made Bush fam, now hates and detests these frauds. This is going to be written about, blogged about and taught. It is going to be reaffirmed by Mexican hordes pissing off the American race and it is going to be branded on the posterboy of this in George Prescott Bush.

The American left wants no part of this as they have the same garbage in the Clintons. The American right wants no part of this Bush fam. Latins want no part of this and now the billionaires want no part of Bush fam, as the fact is:

Reagan won it for HW and HW lost it on his own.

W. could not win it outright twice.

Jeb could not win it once.

Bush fam are losers, because Americans have no affinity with them, and now the greatest American arising in the 21st century in Donald John Trump, is being hated and dissed by Bush fam.

That alone proves Bush fam is politically inept and ignorant of what Americans have always wanted........and looking at Jorge Bush, they sure as hell are not going to want a psychologically unbalanced brown version of white versions that were part of the John F. Kennedy assassination and cover up.

Good bye and good riddance to the liberals of Bush fam. The most damaging infiltrators to the Republican Party, even surpassing Romney fam............again Mormon Mexicans out of Mexico, no American nor Mexican wanted nor wants.



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This of course is a work of fiction in a private conversation, which no one has ever glimpsed in a Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger or German Paratrooper Gravity Knife, because they never showed up in American cinema to Rambo or Jack Bauer wow the world.

Back in the day though there might have been the Cherry MOD or Method of Moltke's Maxim of "der Schlag ist die beste Verteidigung", the blow is the best defense.

Picture for yourself a popular girl.........

There would be deployed a gravity knife (gravity as this is who they are deployed with a flick of the wrist as sometimes paratroopers only have one hand to cut cords) one in each hand, with blade and Marlin hook extended.

The Fallschirmjäger were beautiful tools in this guise, as they took the form of brass knuckles for power blows in hand to hand combat. The spike doing service in CPS (cranial penetration strikes) while the blade sharpened to double edge blade found arteries efficiently.

In either stance of strong side or weak side position of right or left hand, the measure of the dance was one where counterstrike was always lethal strike as the enemy would be reacting to that movement and not have a secondary blade to counter with.
The teaching then in Cherry stance would be favoring weakside, so strongside would swiftly perform the coup de grace.

As Jack Bauer on 24 with this OTF enjoyed driving his blade into the larynx to cease vocal alerts of the enemy, while slicing the jugular to drown the opponent in their own blood in a frontal confrontation, numbers of Moltke's Maxims have been presented by cinema, but in numbers of instances one is surprised from behind and a raking disembowelment is necessary while fending off a throat slit as opponents in combat have difficulty carrying out attacks while stumbling on their own intestines.

The flank is a military tactic, but 40 degrees rear should, right or left, is the optimum attack position, which negates combat postures as the target is reaching 40 second parameters of incapacitation due to oxygen depletion from lack of blood delivery to neurological brain functions. 

Of course the reason you have never heard of any of this, is due to the reality in those who came into contact with this did not survive the encounter and the Vulcans never teach their method.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

The New Home for Hillary For President

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am going to ask you which site you would think is the most pro Hillary Clinton is?



National Review?

No, but you would be close on the National Review, as they are still in cuck meltdown, as Right Wing News has absolutely imploded in no one is on that site any more, except the posters.

The most "destroy the GOP" site on the internet is Mark Levin's Conservative Review, which has Michelle Malkin on board too. I am going to post a few of the propaganda posts today, all designed to destroy Donald Trump and put all of us under the Hillary Regime of terror by transgenders.

2016 Scouting Report: John McAfee
Robert Eno | 05/26/2016

The most interesting man on the presidential stage.

Trump Courting Bernie Voters at the Expense of His Principles – Wait, Never Mind Premium Content
Jen Kuznicki | 05/26/2016

The Donald doesn’t care about conservatives; conservatives shouldn’t care about the Donald.

Levin: Trump Is the Nominee, So Why Am I Not Excited?
Phil Shiver | 05/26/2016

There's not a conservative horse in the race

This would be John McAfee, the libertarian party, you know the party now of dope smokers and sodomites. Yes that is the most interesting candidate to Mark Levin and his caste of paid trolls..........a human that looks like he died and is fossilized.

I can see why Mark Levin is not excited by Donald Trump, because Mr. Trump is going to tax all the billionaires funding Levin and this cuck trash, along with cutting off funding from intelligence sources, which props all of this up.

The reality is Donald Trump is Conservative, so Conservative that the Conservatives of North Dakota awarded Mr. Trump the Republican Nomination and the White House in January 2017 AD in the year of our Lord.

I post this about the racist and treacherous Mark Levin Cuckservative Review, so that you understand that thee worst defaming propaganda is not coming from leftwing sites, but is being generated by Mark Levin, his gerbil in his ass pocket, Erick Erickson, and now Glenn Beck going full monty in praising Hillary Clinton, defending Mark Zuckerberg and attacking Matt Drudge.

Remember who these traitors are. Remember this and demand a Justice Department investigation of this Cruz Cult, because I will not allow Mark Levin to hijack the Conservative movement as they do not speak for me in this Ted Cruz fraud nor a Mark Levin is excited about a lawless, dope smoking, sodomite party........but not the Republican Party of Conservative Donald Trump protecting Americans, protecting America and putting America first.

GOP Establishment Money Funding Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Erick ...

The next time you hear Mark Levin on the radio, or watch Glenn Beck on TV, or read Erick Erickson, on the Internet, you might just ask ...

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