Thursday, June 29, 2017

Interns like Seth Rich just seem to die

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As the deep state and their Mockingbird fledglings continue to be exposed to the world for all the nefarious manipulation and fake news which is the plague which is destroying America, there needs to be an examination in the forgotten deaths, the interesting deaths, which just seem to be those strange coincidences of life.

Most of you remember Joe Scarborough, when he was a Republican in Congress. Magically like Peggy Noonan in the era of Obama, he suddenly became a liberal, and with Donald Trump, Joe really became interesting in not just porking Zbigniew Brzezinski's daughter, but going into fiance mode while cuddling with Val-erie Jarrett.

We revisit though the past of over 15 years ago when another non person like Seth Rich interesting ended up dead during the Gary Condit, porking Chandra Levy murder investigation. Liberals were furious and in consternation though that Condit got fingered while another intern who happened to be working for Joe Scarborough exited this earth in a rather interesting way.

The focus of this is Lori Klausutis, who began life as a Republican working for Joe Scarborough, but ended life it was said, by fainting, falling, cracking her head on a table in Scarborough's Florida office and dying there.

Lori Klausutis

Just the facts: Scarborough got a divorce. Then he suddenly resigned from Congress, just six months after re-election. (Invoked old fallback excuse of wanting to “spend more time” with children.) Then he suddenly resigned as publisher of the Independent Florida Sun. Then, just as suddenly, Lori Klausutis, 28-year-old staffer to Scarborough, was found dead in Scarborough’s district office in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Date was July 20, 2001. Cause of death: Blow to the head. Conclusion: Heart condition caused her to collapse, fall, hit head on a desk, and die. Story barely a blip on the radar. Lots of people left with lots of questions.

Never mind the details that for some reason Scarborough was engaged in things breaking up his marriage, ruining two careers and an employee ends up DOA. Remember that the death was ruled from a heart condition and a blow to the head by cracking her head on a desk.........and then die.
Think about people with heart conditions tend to grab their chests, bend over and immediately attempt to sit down, and just do not collapse taking headers into things.

It becomes more interesting as Scarborough after this with his media assistant went to two Florida media outlets and began planting the story, much to the consternation of the dead woman's family, smearing Lori Klausutis as being off in head and that she had gone suicidal.


Interesting suicide in an apparent open and closed case by another interesting medical examiner, where a woman wills her own heart condition, and times it at the right moment to ram her head into a desk, where the blow will cause such trauma that it will kill her, because why not just take a bottle of sleeping pills, and go easy. Nope just ram your head into your desk so Joe Scarborough can go out and smear your corpse as why should Joe care about the grieving family or show any compassion for a loyal employee.

Why was Joe Scarborough so out of sorts that he was engaging in this kind of activity.

This is a very touchy subject for Joe Scarborough as seven years later he went after the owner of DailyKos an Obama buddy for even mentioning the event in a tweet.

Scarborough’s Dead Intern Gets Markos Of Daily Kos Banned From MSNBC!

Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos has been blacklisted at MSNBC for calling out Joe Scarborough on his hypocrisy. It revolves around the little known “dead intern” problem that Joe Scarborough swept under the rug successfully back in July of 2001. Markos simply sent a tweet referring to the dead intern,

What this looks like is Lori Klausutis, who was a Republican, discovered something about deep state Joe, and like most non persons who discover things their bosses are engaged in, and it turns them to revulsion, the authors who pay the salaries of the Hillary Clinton types, employ clever ways to silence the talkative types.

The media reports are two opposing factors in one was natural death and then another pointing to suicide.  The latter does not match the published head blow and the first is made suspect by blunt objects often silence talkative people.

Lori Klausutis deserves better, and every intern deserves better, than to trust important people with your hopes, dreams and career, and by whatever falls out, end up dead, being smeared and not having any closure in their death.

What was it all about as when stories do not match, and one is a panic attack to destroy a woman, before she destroys you in her death, just what kind of power was behind this smear and the cover up, where a family still is looking for closure.


The British Are Coming

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The world is quaking and aquiver after the British pansy on defense, working for the British PM in panties, has threatened military retaliation for cyber attacks.

Cyber attack could lead to military retaliation, says Fallon

Apparently Britain is "building" two Queen Elizabeth aircraft carriers, all other nations would define them as death traps, as after the Falklands, the world witnessed what one French exocet missile did to their tinfoil hulled cheap ass Sheffield battle ships, so I sort of am at a loss just what the British are going to "retaliate" with that could be effective.


In Afghanistan, the Americans experience British battlefield prowess. As the history shows, President George W. Bush with his special forces  and Afghanistan tribal elders, they drove out bin Laden and bombed him to tears in Tora Bora. The British then had everything turned over to them, to which opium production exploded, the Taliban took over and the British army had to call in American Air Force, because the British RAF kept bombing their own people.

So besides arming ISIS terrorists to attack Ayatollah Khomeini's tomb and getting Americans blamed for it or spying on Donald Trump for image Obama, just what exactly are the British good for?


The thing is, the article threatening the world with British military might, it turns out they are real cock ups, as they can not even recruit those faggot British into their own army. Then again England is a country which imports Muslim Rape Cock to rip vaginas to shreds of little British girls when the Muslim is not running over the British mutton on London Bridge.

Speaking at the same conference, Gen Sir Nick Carter, the head of the British Army said reductions in troops meant generals needed to find ways to make up for a loss of numbers.
 The Coalition government cut the regular army from 102,000 to 82,000 after the cost-cutting 2010 defence review.
Yet a bungled outsourced recruitment system, poor morale after cuts and a lack of operations have all combined to see numbers dip further to around 78,000.


That is a far cry from the British redcoats of 1812 who raped their way across Europe and then tried to rape their way across America, until General Jackson slaughtered those grey bearded sons of bitches at New Orleans to send them to hell.
Things changed for Queen Victoria after that, as she had her Rhodes just slaughtering Boers in Africa, until her chumly son started foddering a million British to German machine guns in World War I. Worst thing in the world is British officers and British cloth of the land obeying orders.

You probably are wondering about this red haired fairy spawned out of Charles cum and that nutty Diana, as to what the hell is the British military. It is like what the hell is up with this kid as he gets a new uniform every week like some fag fashion designer.
Looks like Hars gets a new medal for each of his uniforms, as the British apparently hand out medals when the Royals figure out to change their uniform once they dribble in the cock slot.

Yes another uniform change, but he gets a fancy cap with this one, like the sodomites would all wear to gay parade. This is the British military on parade, the Royal who wanted to give up being a Royal as it was too demanding having your butt wiped with silken kerchiefs as you play soldier boy.


Hars apparently has been attracted to groups showering with men for sometime. Then again, when your old man is that odd cuck Charles who dreams of being Camilla's tampon while driving goofy Diana even more nuts, what the hell else would you expect for a red head.

The British are a cull caste. They bring in Muslims to rape and murder their mutton. That is why that ilk stands around believing this cyber attack was not MI6, starting another goddamn war for the Rothschild bankers and that dope running Royal family.

Thing is what is England going to attack? Sure we all would hope that the English would attack Vladimir Putin, so England would be populated by a real race of people capable of not being Muslim cock fodder, but England usually has plans like blowing up American things, or bribing Americans, to get America to bleed for London finance.
Never have trusted them English since they murdered the Czar who was their own blood kin for Russian gold.  That is just cold.

I figure the English can attack New Zealand. Charles already has a uniform for that, and the Kiwi are armed with sticks, so the RAF dropping a few nukes, it should be about even, and Kim Dotcom is there, so England will probably bomb New Zealand, as they do not have the balls to nuke France, and barring New Zealand, I figure they will wait for Iran to retaliate on America for what MI6 did at Khomeini's tomb, and then the Brits will bomb some bloody damn wogs who got something the Rothschilds want to steal.


The British are threatening military action. I am sure all the teenage hackers, sitting in their German lofts, surrounded by porn, are just terrified the RAF is coming for them. Be the safest place in the world really to have the British target you. Probably blow up Poland instead.

The United States really needs to get the hell out of England and alliances with them, as after spying on Donald Trump for Obama and this last Iranian manifestation, America is going to bleed again for British intrigue, and this time the wounds will be nuclear cauterized.

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A Vine in Time

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

George Herter was a Minnesota know it all. These are the people who think they know everything and in the end fall flat on their asses. Each state has them, and yesterday's George Herter is today's Cabela's is tomorrow's Jeff Bezos.

I have been studying the old English gardening methods as England was full of know it alls which ruined that nation too. They did pioneer though using that deadly greenhouse gas manure though which in chemical decomposition produced heat as a bi product, and by this in that cold worthless island could then grow tropical crops like cucumbers, tomatoes and melons.

In Herter's book, he actually writes of a tomatoe growing method which is interesting and is something to file away in your brains. I was not quick enough on the draw to try this method this spring, but there is always another year to try this for a number of crops.

Just remember that tomatoes like all vine crops have very short root systems which are compact.

This starts out with all things with labor and digging, which means after the first time you try this, the tasteless tomatoes in the grocery store will be much more appealing.

Herters says you dig a trench 20 inches deep. That is a lot of dirt, but then you rich people have roto tillers, loaders on tractors or can hire beaner nigs to do the work for you.

Into this trench one lines a 2 inch deep layer of corn cobs or stalks. Almost any rotting material will work as this is supposed to decompose and create heat. Personally, without trying this, I think 5 inches would be better for heat, and am wondering if the 2 inches are less heat, but a sort of sponge to feed water to the tomatoe.

Onto this Herter says place 3 inches of manure. This would not be rotted manure but fresh, which is probably that 5 inches I am speaking of, as the manure would rot, and produce methane, which is natural gas, which is a source of nitrogen which plants thrive on, and it would be trapped in the soil for root absorption and heat.

Herter states when the roots hit this manure layer they grow over night. I suspect it might be more of an issue of this methane permeating up into the soil and the roots absorbing it, along with having warm feet in the fermented matter which would raise Minnesota 58 degree soil temperatures to 68 degrees.

The 68 degrees would be the 4 inches of soil placed on top of this manure  layer to protect the roots, as Herter mentions if you plant into this, the manure will rot the plant roots, which is what decomposing things do.

He states to use 12 inch tomatoe plants and to pinch the leaves off, except for the top leaves, and then plant the root and long stem into the trench, filling to the top.
I would leave a watering trench in this, but the reason for taking leaves off is that tomatoes have "hair" on their stems which grow into roots if buried.

As a side note, if you ever get some leggy worthless tomatoe plants, you can also just lay them down in a trench buried about 3 inches deep on their side and leave the top out. The entire stem will grow roots them.

This is something I intend on trying, perhaps this year yet as an experiment. It is just something in world going meltdown which is something to know, as eating grass will get old after the first few months, and with abandoned houses, you will have lots of glass for cold frames to grow food. Who knows when it will become Biblical and the clever gardener will be lining their trenches with Muslim or Mexican corpses. Then again maybe the clever Muslims and Mexicans will be lining their tomatoe trenches with white folks, as the white folks do not appear to have woken up to their own demise.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Reckless Homicide Becomes Felonious Fibbing for LaVoy Finicum's Murder

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The absolute pollution of Director's James Comey and Andrew McCabe are a sewer stench which has permeated all Law Enforcement across America, as in the murder of LaVoy Finicum, involving 5 FBI elite assassins, has not brought 5 counts or Reckless Homicide against those agents, but instead one agent was charged with a series of Felonious Fibbing.

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, working with the Deschutes County Major Incident Team, conducted the investigation. A Deschutes County sheriff's detective who was involved in the investigation attended the court hearing.

For a review in this, the FBI under Gregory Bretzing sent out minders to smear and threaten people across the internet, who cheered the murder of LaVoy Finicum in silencing Americans and fake news reporting.
LaVoy Finicum was set up in an ambush, where he was deliberately flushed into a kill zone, where the FBI opened fire on Mr. Finicum as he exited a vehicle and in the mayhem which followed it was stated that the Oregon State Police "shot" Mr. Finicum as he reached for a weapon on his hip.
The problem being Mr. Finicum did not have a weapon on his hip, but one magically appeared in his breast pocket, after he was left to bleed out in the snow for 10 to 20 minutes with his arms still raised in surrender.
Into this Mr. Finicum's body was rifled of objects, while the FBI assassin group of 5 agents were recorded gathering, discussing, plotting and picking up bullet casings in a cover up by ALL FIVE AGENTS, which was only discovered by the fine work of Oregon Investigators.



JOSEPH ASTARITA made a false statement to investigators.


JOSEPH ASTARITA made a  false statement about firing his weapon.


JOSEPH ASTARITA made a false statement hindering shooting response team investigators


JOSEPH ASTARITA made a false statement to Oregon State Police.


JOSEPH ASTARITA made a false statement to Oregon State Police

To review this again, LaVoy Finicum was set up to be ambushed. The FBI assassin squad opened up on a man with his arms raised in surrender, who was unarmed, which resulted in the murder of that American, who was denied medical attention, insuring his death. And all that has come after a year long investigation suppressed by James Comey and Andrew McCabe is 5 counts of Felonious Fibbing?

Knowingly firing at anyone who was deliberately set up to be ambushed, who is surrendering and unarmed, is more than five counts of lying. There were FOUR AMERICANS in that pickup, and that is four counts of Reckless Homicide, not charges of lying to investigators.

Oregon Sheriff Nelson who spearheaded this investigation lays correctly complete blame on the FBI leadership, who had the Obama Lynch Comey audacity to to keep all of these assassins on active duty. They were not even removed to paid leave. This type of arrogance is at the heart of this cesspool of the FBI leadership and Andrew McCabe was directly directing this cover up and James Comey was providing direct cover.

Sheriff Nelson credited his investigators for "going where the evidence led'' and discovering the the FBI shots. Nelson, though, said he was "disappointed and angry'' that the FBI Hostage Rescue Team's  actions "damage the integrity of the entire law enforcement profession.''
The sheriff also criticized the FBI for failing to place the agent and his fellow Hostage Rescue Team members on paid leave after he and investigators traveled to FBI headquarters over a year ago. They briefed the FBI's then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, now acting director, about their  findings and potential criminal liability, he said.

Andrew McCabe is not even being investigated for the LaVoy Finicum murders, but has been so entrenched in subverting Justice, that McCabe is being investigated on three other criminal activities he was directing out of the FBI.

FBI chief McCabe faces three separate federal inquiries into his behavior 

 by John Solomon and Sara Carter

I have absolutely not any confidence in the Justice Department that Sheriff Nelson has in "hopefully" more of these assassins will be brought up on charges, because this has been an entire year of cover up, of a murder with the entire Justice Department and the Trump Administration standing by as the Bundy's have been railroaded in Nevada kangaroo courts after being acquitted in Oregon on bogus Justice Department charges, that any kind of Justice is going to be accomplished for the Finicum family or every American.

The FBI attempted on several occasions to assassinate LaVoy Finicum and three other Americans. When Oregon State Police failed in the first fusillade, the FBI assassin squad opened up in another assassination attempt, which then  triggered the events of what appears there were Delta Force on ground mirror shooting the Oregon State Police, and Oregon State Police were left dealing with the aftermath of this murder plot.

"Today's indictment will ensure that the defendant and hopefully any other HRT members will be held accountable through the justice process,'' Nelson said.

You will notice in this that Sheriff Nelson is telegraphing a reality that he expected ALL FIVE to be indicted on charges in this, but the Comey McCabe cover up prevailed, exactly as Ruby Ridge in this continuous Robert Mueller sewage overflowing on America.

Justice for LaVoy Finicum, his family and America are murder charges against these 5 assassins, Gregory Bretzing now being rewarded in a civilian job, and for James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Loretta Lynch's role in this cover up.

When the investigation of the FBI's actions was announced last year, former FBI agents and criminal justice experts said they were stunned that an agent might lie about firing his gun. That the bullets missed their apparent target drew even more disbelief.
"Here you have one of the best trained units in the FBI. They're only supposed to shoot when there's an active threat. You would hope they would be accurate in doing so,'' said Michael German, a 16-year veteran of the FBI who now serves as a national security expert and fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice in New York University's School of Law.

See what you have now had confirmed is what was posted long ago, in the FBI on scene fired rounds to set off the Oregon State Police to fire shots, and likely that cover fire was to allow Delta Force to put in the kill shot.

So that everyone understands this, these 4 other assassins are still on active duty, and will deployed to assassinate Americans again, depending on which way the political wind is blowing. There has been enough pressure put onto the system with Donald Trump as President to offer sacrificial charges, the criminals in this have all gone deep state, what happens when they gain cover again and are in position with their allies to retaliate on Americans who dared expose this for the fraud it is and still is.

We need Justice from inside the system and that is not happening, nor is any change for Justice taking place.



The 2017 Pur

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter

It is at times like this that this blog attempts to educate you on the forces of the universe and the old arts which most have cast aside, except the evil or the practioner who do not comprehend what they are dealing with.

There are alerts placed before you in the body language of the universe which is as seen as someone shaking their fist at you or smiling at you, and as certainly there unseen but felt, as a good or malevolent presence about to enter a room.

In that we begin again with the Pur, the Babylonia casting of the lot, which was part of the occult divination which the Assyrian, Babylonia, Persian, Greek and Romans were most accomplished at. Beware the Ides of March was a certain for Caesar as the Pur cast before Haman for the genocide of the Benjaminites, Levites and Judahites in Persian exile and captivity.

In the first month, that is, the month Nisan, in the twelfth year of king Ahasuerus, they cast Pur, that is, the lot, before Haman from day to day, and from month to month, to the twelfth month, that is, the month Adar.

I will not get into the details of the lot as 100% of you have no business being involved in divination as you are not a Jacob, Joseph or a Solomon, in understand the relationship with God to do this correctly, or satan becomes involved and you are lead to your doom as much as leading others. What I am about to inform you is I have been engaged in a live experiment again in observing the matrix in it's surges, ebbs, flowing and raging. All of this hatred directed at the President has the matrix quite active as he is a dynamic force, and in all of this there are Pur dates of good and evil, which are reading not of astrology, but in the spiritual tide, but all of forces from stars in conjunction to human will surge these time lines, and produce cause and effect to influence events to either appear or vanish.

As the date has passed, as I knew it would, I observed that June 25th as of several months ago was a high day in connection with North Korea to affect the world. Someone sort of did enough work to deflect this Sea of Japan event to a non event that is became a vanishing point, but that does not mean the event will reform as events do, what it means in turn is that another event structure has surged to prominence in the time line.
If you have ever watched a flock of geese in migration, they often have the leader fall back after being the force breaking the air currents and another goose replaces it which has rested to continue the surge. That is what took place before June 25th, in a new event was replacing the old North Korean structure with new nations and a new focal point.

As of a few days ago the Pur date was still prominent in the next event series, but as I no longer discuss such things in public as doing good has awarded me interviews, I only discuss the mechanics of the matrix as a device in the coming structure of events.

The Pur is fascinating as Hamon and Aggagite, a people that Saul spared, and later reappeared as genocidal force against the Benjaminites that Saul was kindred, cast lots daily to find the correct date to destroy an entire nation, and finally arrived at the certain date. God intervened, and instead had the Benjaminites and Levites with the Judhahites rise up to destroy their antagonists, so the Pur date of destruction is a double edged sword, in once set in motion it only requires to be fed as anything will do.

It appears there have been those who have been attempting to feed the Pur of 2017, but it is locking on a date not of deflection but of appearing and not vanishing.

As I stated previously, I am not getting involved in changing time lines. God has been very astute after utilizing me in the election of Donald Trump in changing the time line, in not making things known to me, but I still discover things by association with the Holy Ghost. It is a gift to be able to form time lines, but I will not interfere with the return of the Christ. So my focus is on the prayer of God to shorten the days to Christ's return and for Christ to come quickly, as I have tired of this world, and it can diddle itself to it's own outcome. I desire no part in it, and the powers that police the world are capable of enforcing the will of the system, and I will not make myself a focal point ever again. They are not the lilies of the field, they toil and the yarn they spin is their weave, and I will not interfere.

The purpose of this post is to bring understanding that there are Pur dates for events as history has revealed and proven. The June 25th date has been overtaken by another date which is in the flow and it is the pre eminent date now in the next cycle. If it resets to another date, then I will discuss it, and if it does not then you will discover it some morning and know it appeared.

It is fascinating in these dates that other events can deflect them, or overtake them as another date brings the energy to that period.
It changes nothing for me though as I daily listen for God, look to chores in tending the livestock, weed the garden and ponder non donors, in how does the date the universe changes ever really affect a worm feeding on compost for the day or for that matter a primate drinking a beer in the garage. The big event does not change the small world.

I suppose I should flash read the matrix again to study it now that summer is here and we are now all content.


At home with the Custers

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is one of the rare posts which is for me. I no longer have any time to do anything in the things of me. I used to enjoy studying old photos for all they could reveal, and on a nasty cold windy rain day, in which my back hurts and I hurt, while posting something which you have read half a month ago, I happened upon the above photo again of George and Libby Custer.

I was puzzled by it, and took it apart, as it is from Fort Abraham Lincoln, modern Bismark North Dakota, and it is a glimpse of 1870's America, in what was considered appropriate for refined and cultured people to present themselves as.

It really is a beautiful portrait of Libby Custer's soul from the pretty wallpaper to how the room is decorated not to present herself, but her husband.

I begin in the upper left hand corner in things which puzzle me. The rack on the wall are deer antlers, but they are thin, and are not whitetail, so it appears these are a set of blacktail antlers from the northwest where there is no record of the General having visited.
It is his personal service trophy, and now that I think about it, maybe these are from the Black Hills where the deer are smaller and inferior to plains game. This would make sense.
The antlers carry his swords, apparently a hunting hat, a personal smaller portrait of General Phil Sheridan, a hunting horn for his dogs I suspect, two field glasses and I believe a canteen.

I am fascinated by the bookcase in it is hanging. I have never witnessed an item like this. It would seem to have to be well balanced or the books would be a problem. The books though are leather, of high quality and I wonder what they are in artistic volumes of antiquity of the classics.

The next artifact is the floor book case. It appears to be a functional stand, that folds, and is light, and seems to be the main purpose in transportation ease.
The books appear to be a large dictionary, and piles of maps in the under storage. Maps were the way of life in the west and that is what the Custer's had volumes of.

Of interest in this, is a map West of the Mississippi on the wall. This would be expensive as it is framed and on display. It is not known if the military provided such a map, but its prominence is a feature of the area which the General was in active command of in the Department of the Missouri and is frontier accent and quite decorative fitting.

Next is a close up of the Custer table. While it is functional in production decorative, it is once again a small desk which of course had to be transported by wagon. It features small momentos of what appears to be family portraits, with a most interesting lamp which appears pressurized perhaps.
The two sculptures are military quite poignant. They seem to regular army and not cavalry, but with great emotion in these bronzes.

This is a wide shot of Mr and Mrs Custer. It reveals the lathe work on the table legs, and the chair with an open lattice back. It makes me sad in Libby appears so aged from the girl she was.
The attire is a glimpse of cavalry and the Victorian fashion. I am always amazed in the bulk the women of that era wore in weight, and the heat it must have tortured them with in summer.

We now come to things more interesting to me, in the pronghorn antelope on the walls. They should be featured in a pronghorn is judged by its ears. A "good" set of horns is considered twice the ear length. These goats are almost 3 times the length of the ears. A double ear length would be in the 21 plus which is considered a record book trophy. These heads are absolutely fabulous, and considering the rainbow arc shooting rifles, with open sites the General used, and the wariness of the pronghorn, these are two heads to be most proud of and it is interesting in all the game the General collected, that it was these heads he actually mounted himself in taxidermy and kept.

The focal point of the room, framed by the pronghorns, are three portraits. The General, I suspect Libby in the center in a small portrait and General Phil Sheridan, who was a friend of the Custers.
Once again the center is a mule deer rack, which is symmetrical and well polished. It is not large though which again seems strange as mule deer have huge racks at times in the west.
Perched in the center is a snowy owl, an Arctic resident which migrates to the plains in low rabbit population years to die out of Canada. It is one of the best mounts I have ever witnessed in birds. The General did a splendid job.

This is a close up of the owl, and I like the familiarity of the framed photo of Libby I believe in the center, with things hung off the antlers. What I found most interesting is on display is a thermometer. A most scientific and rare thing in that period of time.

Lastly, is another unique presentation and a favorite, as in magnifying the photo I discovered, some thing of delight.
Yes Libby has elegant taste in heavy curtains perfectly presented, along with pretty little lamps perched atop the windows, but once again in the corner is a hanging case, but it is not books this time, but guns.
I have never witnessed this type of furniture, and it appears like a corner display in a quarter round. There are five pistols on display and four rifles.
These would be the General's hunting rifles and pistols.  Conclusions are one would be his Remington Rolling Block in  50 70 which was stolen at the Little Big Horn and one of his pistols too.

The photo is deteriorated at the bottom, so it is not known how the rifles were kept in position and on display. It appears unlike modern cases, in these guns are opposite in position as what would be considered gravitational normal. There must be something holding the butt stock in place.

If only for a few hours in time, to visit this house in the 1870's to experience it and the Custers. My enjoyment for a few moments as I live in the future and think of the past.


Just a Lesson Creation

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This post is simply about exposing the bogus science of global warming to eons of earth sculpting in all events, as there was this beach in Ireland, 33 years ago which a storm voided of all sand.

Then there was this 10 day tidal surge which did this.

So we got God's Nature not destroying things, but repairing herself as she always does, and could give a dick about mankind affecting things, as what the Lord gives, the Lord takes away. Mankind is about as dangerous to the planet as a hill of ants. Same effect really.

 Like a beaver makes a pond out of a forest by cutting it down and flooding it, fills it with fish, and ducks, and babes with dogs show up to beautify it.

See old forest ugly with goddamn malaria ugly mosquitoes and goddamn ugly poison fang spiders and goddamn ugly fever ticks.

See beaver at the pond is attractive.

.......and final proof, God puts sand on an Irish beach, because He no doubt took it away, as only ugly Irish women and dogs were tracking it up, and the sand comes back, and pretty Icelandic women seed the beach

So any way, God creates the world of life in 6 days and rests on day 7, and puts in a beaver pond in like 7 days too and puts sand on Irish beaches in 10.

Iceland chics are harder to please than beaver.

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