Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Obama Schism

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It perplexes  me when I witness Bill Richardson in leftist media not comprehending the image Obama and John Kerry negotiations any more than John Bolton on the rightist media saying that all that is left is bombing Iran to keep them from getting atomic weapons. (Weapons they already have in manifold manufacture as they have been doing this for over a decade.)

These diplomats to their Limbaugh like talking heads are grasping for answers, and come  up with, "Well the Obama regime is letting Iran get the bomb", but that is  all they are capable of.
In Lame Cherry exclusive I will in matter anti matter solve this, again, as I provided the clue in this years ago, but will first provide all a bit of wake up understanding so you get this.

Are you as an American, the same as Birther Obama or the same as  Ronald Reagan?

Are you as a Christian, a Protestant or a Vaticanite?

Are you as a Jew, a religious Jew or an Ashkenaz which worships at the bank of the cartel?

What this has to do with is Islam. I have told you that all Muslims are not the same. I have taken this apart in the Islamocommunists are DISTINCT, and not Wahabbists, Banna Nazi nor are they poetic prophets like Sheik bin Laden. This is the deliberate misconstruing of the facts by Mockingbird, and Mark Levin does not help in this at all with his stubborn skewing of things for Big Oil.

Ask yourself where Barack Hussein Obama was raised? It was Indonesia. His birth blamed father was a Kenyan. The image of Obama which appeared on June 13, 2013 is a jinn, conjured from the deserts of Elam or Persia.
None of these areas are Arabic nor are they Muhammad centered. For those who pretend they do not know, Islam is divided now into four distinct groups.

1. Group 1: Islamocommunists which house the French constructed leftists in Baathists to the Iranian hybrid groups which melded German philosophy, psychiatry and Islam.

2. Group 2: Wahabbists, or Bana Nazi, who are a leftist group of zealots.

Off of group 1 and 2, are the foundational religious groups of Shia and Sunni.

Group 3: Sunni believe that only blood descendants of Muhammed can rule the religion.

Group 4: Shia believe that anyone can become religious leaders.

Shia Islam has it's headquarters in Iran and Sunni Islam is headquartered in Saudi Arabia.

What you have are then, Persian Islam and Arab Islam.

Now revisit Birther Hussein Obama Chin. This Birther was raised in leftism or communism. He was allied early with Shia Islam. The shapeshifter which took Obama's place after June 13, 2013 AD in the year of our Lord, is a Persian demon, akin to the moon demon allah.

So now return to this nuclear issue in Iran.

When Obama or the image was  and  is faced with decisions, as he and it were from the beginning, who did Obama side with.......nationalist Muslims or community organized al Qaeda and ISIS communist Muslims?

Who did Obama side with in the Israeli elections? Right wing Benjamin Netanyahu or leftist Shill Herzog?

Obama and the image are political leftists. When it comes to will the image Obama choose Saudi Arabia, right wing Muslims, along with Jordanian right wing Muslims and Egyptian right wing Muslims, who all are Sunni, compared to leftist communist Muslims in Iran, even you can now answer the question stunning John Bolton and Bill Richardson.

The Obama regime is going to choose the communist Muslims every time, just like John Kerry who is an Ashkenaz leftist, hates Benjamin Netanyahu and is going to choose left wing Palestinians every time over right wing Prime Minister Netanyahu.

This is all so easy, but no one is making this reality the fact behind the Obama regime's chosen actions. Of course image Obama is going to desire to make Shia Islamocommunits in control of  Asian Islam which controls almost a billion Muslims in the east, as that is where it has sympathy.

It is why all of the former American allies have been abandoned by the Obama regime, and image Obama has been busy placing anti American forces into power.

So that is the reality, religious schism of the Obama regime. This regime hates with murderous passions, all right wing religions and nationalists. It gravitates toward Jesuit leftism, Jewish leftism and is a worshipping proponent to Islamocommunist groups, and that means Iran in their Marxists.

I leave this at that, as my back is healing up after a big hurt going on and a bit of another thing. I do not get to quit though. Thankfully God though does give me something to post, as I had to charge up my battery in the pick up which for some reason went dead, like the tractor battery went dead, and starting it up, I was monitoring Limbaugh on Tuesday, and in those few moments was scowling in knowing you had to be educated again to the facts, so that you are not richtard ignorant of what the Obama Schism is.


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bush Factor 2016: Hamrod and Jebrod


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I will to state a caveat at the beginning of this. This is not about being anti Jeb Bush or anti Hillary Clinton. This is about reality and the reality that I will not be voting for either Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord. It has nothing to do with personal dislikes nor concerns. It has to do with past record and I am going to publish here the reality which no one is going to inform you of on the right or left Mockingbird in America, and that is the Truth about Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.

We must though first visit this to lay the groundwork of understanding how Birther Hussein destroyed and finished off America. There was at the end of the President Eisenhower Administration a recession building in the typical prosperity and bust of capitalistic cycles. When John Kennedy stole the election from Richard Nixon in 1960, he implemented tax cuts, which spurred the economy to growth again.

The period which followed was a war to make money and bloody America in Vietnam, in which Lyndon Johnson attempted to both wage war against communists outside America, while communists inside America were opening the Treasury for looting in the war on poverty in creating the super welfare state.

It was that bankrupting of America, which Richard Nixon inherited in 1968. He attempted socialist price controls, but in the end, the Rockefellers forced him to move from the Gold Standard and peg  the dollar against oil. It was this wholesale looting which produced the first "community re organization" of America, in ruining her ability to produce industry in steel and in small farms in the agricultural sector.

President Nixon's "fixes" with Sec. of the Treasury Donald Rumsfeld, produced a lethargic economy, which with the Watergate coup and the election of Jimmy Carter, set the stage for thee most inept presidency America ever experienced, as Jimmy Carter generated STAGFLATION, an economic condition of a stagnant economy and high inflation, in order to cope with the printing of currency to pay for the rising price of crude oil out of the Mideast.

This was to be the Obamanization of America, but what entered was Ronald Reagan and William Casey, implementing Milton Freidman's economics, and tax cuts, and America simply responded with pulling itself out of the Carter Depression in record growth and prosperity.

You must understand in this, that at this point America was doing very well, as was the entire world. Reagan's defense spending was generating growth in America, and the economy was expanding so it was not a factor in the debt Reagan was incurring as the Japanese investors were filling in the debt void.
Ronald Reagan tried to balance the budget, but was stopped by Democrats protecting the welfare state as they derived power from this.

It was into this, that George H. W. Bush entered the Presidency and this is what started the decline of America, as HW was not a Reaganite, but a child of Prescott Bush Wall Street Ashkenaz money finance.

George H. W. Bush undid everything that Ronald Reagan implemented. Under Reagan and leftist Fed Chairman Paulsen, Americans were being paid for bank savings in such interest that elderly people were retiring to Florida, living on the interest. Americans were making money outside of Wall Street on numerous fronts, and that is what HW's group was against, as it created economic competitors, and it lessened Wall Street control.
In that, HW cheapened money, increased borrowing, looted Japan in the first Asian collapse, followed by South Korea, and made interest rates plunge, so Americans were not paid for saving money any longer, and those billions then flowed into Wall Street, which funded the Clinton greed period of prosperity in the 1990's which ended in the Fed Chairman Allen Greenspan, DOTCOM BUST.
This bust was instigated to loot the Europeans who did not appreciate being plundered as their economic cartel rules this entire syndicate. The end result was the 9 11 attack, which forced George W. Bush to dump 1 trillion dollars into the world economy to ward off a global depression.

For the reality, Bill Clinton with Newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House, implemented the Contract with America. This Contract was the furthering of Ronald Reagan policies to the letter. That is the reality in Bill Clinton furthered Reagan's agenda, but also like HW Bush brought the ruin of the Reagan Economy.  Bush with penalized attacks upon small investors in his "No New Taxes"  which was a pledge to get himself elected as a Reagan II and Clinton with his retroactive taxes which are illegal.

These two taxes are what cut off and killed the Reagan Expansion, and by 1999, there was a recession underway, which George W. Bush inherited.

The reality is George W. Bush, inherited a bad economy and a bad hand. He though after the disaster of 9 11, implemented tax cuts which kept money in people's hands. His economy was to put all people into homes, which created a housing bubble, that speculators invested in, in flipping homes, which was exploited in the marketing of that debt in derivatives, which then brought about the greatest economic attack on America from the European Cartel, in the 2008 AD Birther Obama Economic Bust, which installed Birther Hussein through a stolen election, assisted by Karl Rove, and the Obama strangulation of the American economy to force through the European agenda to wrest control of America from Americans by seizing the medical division of the economy.

This then is the current Barack Obama Super Depression, and where America has been murdered from. It brings the light of attention onto Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton.
Rush Limbaugh brags constantly in degrading Hillary Clinton that she failed to implement Hillarycare, which is a fact. But what if Hillary Clinton as a Rockefeller agent, as proven here by the Lame Cherry, in she was an original right wing Goldwater Girl, deliberately derailed healthcare as that system pushed by the benefactors of Obama would have ruined America, and Hillary delayed this along with George W. Bush, until it could no longer be delayed in the Obama regime.

Think about that reality, instead of what you are being mind warped to. That is not to state Hillary Clinton is a right wing GOP as she is not. She is a Rockefeller exploiter and answers to them, as does her bastard husband, Bill, who is the son of Governor Rockefeller of Arkansas. Hillary Clinton minds the store for her Rockefeller faction, exactly the way the Bush family loots for the Prescott Bush faction, both of which are close political allies.

The focus on this though is Jeb Bush. Jebrod is a person who ruled Florida as a Governor from the Conservative group by necessity to go with the public flow. You must not forget though that Jeb Bush allowed Terri Schiavo the invalid wife of a husband, which evidence appears to point to choked her almost to death, and brought on a vegetative state, and then moved the courts to dehydrate her to death.
This same Jeb Bush in 2008 AD told the GOP that all now had to be more like Barack Hussein Obama, as Ronald Reagan was finished.
Those two realities of not protecting those who require protection and the reality of Jeb Bush supporting the indoctrination of American children in the failed Common Core, the importing of Mexican slave labor, and the statement that all had to be like Birther Hussein, is what his Presidency will continue. Not a continuation of George W. Bush, but a further implementation of the worst policies of George H. W. Bush and Birther Hussein Obama.
For the reality, this Obama nation building is Bush oriented, and is the worst of the HW Prescott Bush manifestation to benefit the wealthy elite We have in 2016 a reality that Birther Hussein was an extension of the Prescott Bush policies which HW Bush ruined America with, and the reality that HW and Obama are both anti Reagan, as is Jeb Bush. With Jeb Bush, one is simply going to have a more profitable exploitation of the world, for the Prescott Bush interests, while Birther Hussein exploited the world for George Soros and nation rapist Warren Buffett.
Do not forget that Obama allowed North Dakota oil exploitation, because Buffett owned the oil and the land by his illegal railroad monopoly.

I have stated this before and it is the fact. If Hillary Clinton is installed to 1600 Penn Avenue, her Presidency is going to be about tearing down Barack Hussein Obama to the dung heap of history. She will be ruthless as she was in the 1990's, but with Jeb Bush in the White House, the world will experience a furthering of Obama policy, fine tuned to benefit the Prescott Bush financial interests, instead of the European cartel's financial interests as Obama implemented with Tim Geithner looting the US Treasury.

I do not will to continue on repetitions on this subject, but no one is telling all of you children what the reality of this is and it is proven by history. The anti Obama candidate is Hillary Clinton and the pro Obama candidate is Jeb Bush. In these two, there is not a pro American candidate. The Clintons with Greenspan bitch slapped the Europeans which should not have been done and the Bush faction is ignorant in thinking they can muscle the Europeans without retribution.

If 2016 was about George W. Bush, he would be welcomed as a choice as his tax cuts which Obama expired, helped Americans, and now those  taxes are robbing poor and middle class Americans. It is not the case though, as Jeb Bush is the son of HW and grandson of Prescott Bush, and it will be the same horrid economic policy for Americans as before, and with Hillary Clinton it will be an economic policy prospering Rockefeller Wall Street again.
The Bush people swindle people in savings and loan money looting and the Rockefellers create economic bubbles to grab up power and wealth.

That is the reality. It is why Democrat Jim Webb who is working for Jeb Bush against Hillary, is a much better choice for President, and why I advocate Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. I deem that if Walker would cut a deal with Big Jew, and ally himself with Taco Cruz the Texas intelligence asset, that he would be best for America, as their records are at least pro American, and that is what America requires.

I simply place the reality before you, so you are not deluded, and you know what to expect by past historical facts, as leopards do not change their spots and dogs always go back to their vomit.

Nuff said.