Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Weakest Link Appears in the Framing of Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are revelations which can be pieced together in the reality of Attorney General William Barr, investigating as to the reason that the entire security and intelligence system in the United States triggered for framing Donald Trump, and it all comes down to what the Attorney General stipulated at the start of this, in, 'No one was giving him a straight answer" as to how all of this started.

That simple phrase opens a much larger mosiac of information, because when Special Investigator John Durham progressed his case file, Durham has focused on the duo of John Brennan and James Clapper.
This has expanded to CIA analysts who passed on the information to Director Brennan, in their reception and interpretation of Pissgate Dossier files, who have now lawyered up, which is a definite sign they are in legal jeopardy, for forwarding information which even FBI Director James Comey understood was bogus, in Donald Trump did not hire 14 year old prostitutes to urinate on the bed sheets in Moscow that Barack Obama slept in as Michelle cuddled in the next room with Val-erie Jarrett.

This though is a most interesting web as the Lame Cherry will reveal.

The prosecutor conducting the review, Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham, has expressed his intent to interview a number of current and former intelligence officials involved in examining Russia’s effort to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, including former CIA Director John Brennan and former director of national intelligence James Clapper, Brennan told NBC News.
Durham has also requested to talk to CIA analysts involved in the intelligence assessment of Russia’s activities, prompting some of them to hire lawyers, according to three former CIA officials familiar with the matter. And there is tension between the CIA and the Justice Department over what classified documents Durham can examine, two people familiar with the matter said.

On Monday October 21st, 2019 AD in the year of our Lord, the Lame Cherry pieced together the platform which the coup against Trump was constructed, and it was the Non Governmental Organization of the Atlantic Council. Everyone and everything, including the set up of meetings was via the Atlanic Council, in London, and MI6 had just taken over as a major funder of the AC.

Monday, October 21, 2019

The Face Impeachment and Coup

This Lame Cherry maintains the story in this is 3 parts.

Part 1: There was a hunt for Russian moles in the United States regime of Barack Obama.

Part 2: Robert Mueller the protector of America was dispatched to protect the identity of the MISSING LINK, the individual who set in motion the operation to flush out these treacherous moles in the Obama regime.

Part 3: There was a fail safe in this, in a select group of leftist was feeding information to Wikileaks, via Chuck Manning and Eric Snowden to stop Hillary Clinton who was turning America over to Russian oligarchs and to remove the supplanter Birther Hussein Obama from power who was placed there by foreign interests.

We know from FBI agents, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page's texts, that they were concerned in someone who was pointing a finger at them, by leaking their leaks in more detail. We know Strzok was investigating as a liaison for the CIA's John Brennan, this Trump non event of Russian collusion, which Strzok knew was bogus.
Stzok was using Lisa Page as a cover, as Strzok appears to have been part of an ultra Criminal Affairs group which no one knew about, and this as the Lame Cherry has postulated is why FBI Director Chris Wray has been stonewalling Congress in this as much as the AG's office, in a more damning story is hidden in this.

This brings us to the focus of the principles of the John Durham investigation. The first is Susan Rice, not named, but at NSA she was managing this to give Obama distance to his hands on direction of feeding this misinformation on Donald Trump to the regime at large, John Kerry being the worst stooge at State as he leaked all this to intelligence assets like Adam Schiff in Congress.

Susan Rice would be rewarded for her part to work for the Atlantic Council.

 The next person  of interest is CIA Director John Brennan, who admitted after Robert Mueller cleared Donald Trump that he has been misled by false information.
Brennan was the coordinator and the clearing house of the fake intelligence which was being collected and provided to CIA.
With his Bush associate, James Clapper, they literally produced the framing of Donald Trump, which was fed to James Comey.

Brennan would use the Atlantic Council as his propaganda platform against Donald Trump.

In all great theater though, there is  a Weak Link, and the weakest is Mike Morrell, and Intelligence Advisor to Barack Hussin Obama and champion of Hillary Clinton.
Morrell who appears to be a faggot, and was an early whisperer against Donald Trump on Charlie Rose, soon discerned he was being fed false information and fled media. That points to a weakness in Morrell in he is honest.

Morrell's honesty also has been revealing far too much as he appeared on CBS' Face the Nation as the story on the Durham investigation has been leaking this past week in it's expansion. On CBS, a very rattled Morrell, who was stuttering focused on some key aspects of this case, in he is concerned that he is about to face indictment for forwarding false intelligence, which was part of a coup against Donald Trump.

Morrell, is trying with CBS CIA Mockingbird platform to plead his case of innocence, which it does appear Morrell indeed was. Innocent to the point that he was hiding behind the fact that intelligence as MI6 and Mosaad were whispering that Donald Trump was a Russian asset, and this would mean that this must be forwarded. The problem in this is the Susan Rice email to herself, which was about cover for Obama in "only doing it by the book", as Rice and image Obama knew this was fake intelligence.
That is Morrell's problem and why he is sweating it. He was like the nursery story of Chicken Little in he knew that the sky was not falling, but knew as a Clinton backer that if he promoted the intelligence as it stood, that Donald Trump could be weakened and Hillary Clinton would rise on 2020 to defeat him. The problem as stated is Morrell has an honest streak in him, and quit the frame up of Trump, but not before he did things he can be indicted on.

That is where the Lame Cherry progresses this to.


MORRELL: And just to- just to add MARGARET, expertise, knowledge, experience are extraordinarily important to making the right decisions in government and that's what's being lost by not relying on these people.
MARGARET BRENNAN: I mean, the intelligence community has been accused by this president of having its own deep state of just- he was disrupting and they didn't like it and they pushed back, is the president's narrative around this. The attorney general who launched this investigation into the origins of the Russia probe, which concluded definitively that it was Russia that meddled in the 2016 election, seems to be expanding this probe.
MORRELL: Right. 

MARGARET BRENNAN: What is the impact of this on the intelligence community?
MORRELL: So, I think that- that Durham investigation at Barr's behest into the intelligence community's work on the link between the Trump campaign and the Russians is okay in one respect and not okay in the other. The respect that it's okay is taking a look at what the intelligence community did and answering the question: was it done by the book from a legal perspective? Was it consistent with statute? That's okay to me. What's not okay is to put the analysts under a spotlight and say, "did they get the analysis right?" Why is that not okay for me? It's a- it's not okay for two reasons. One is that the Justice Department has no experience, no knowledge of, no particular perspective to bring to bear on analysis and they're likely to get the answer wrong because their standards of making a judgment are very, very, very different from the intelligence community standards. And I think there is going to be an effect on analysts who now have to go out and hire lawyers before they sit down with a Department of Justice prosecutor. There's gonna be an effect on analysts in terms of them saying, "do I really want to make the hard call in the future?" 

MARGARET BRENNAN: Do you- John Brennan, former head of the CIA, and Jim Clapper, former Director National Intelligence, have- CBS has confirmed that they've been approached for--
MORRELL: Yes. Yes.
MARGARET BRENNAN: --to answer these questions.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Are you saying this is all political and not legitimate?
MORRELL: So- so there are questions, right? There are questions out there about whether the intelligence community and the FBI did the right thing, right? From a legal perspective, I think it's OK to look at that and put that issue to rest. I don't like looking at analysis because that's a completely different issue.

Mike Morrell is focused on the analysis. He is shaking over the Durham investigation, as he knows the analysis will not hold up and is trying to produce cover. Put this in simplistic terms as Rush Limbaugh used to say, "Obama's people did not have to be told at the IRS to frame Tea Party groups as that is why Obama chose them".
These intelligence annalists are bright people. They are political minders for Obama. They knew what needed to be done, and the consequences of their actions. They knew by forwarding bogus information on Donald Trump, that President Hillary Clinton would shut down any investigation before it began against them. That was all discussed over health drinks and bottled water. That is what permeated all of this, and it is what has Mike Morrell sweating. There was an understanding as to what was to be done, and who would give them cover, and their excuse would be, "The information, although as nutty as George HW Bush flying to Paris in a U2 spy plane to keep the Iranians from releasing Carter hostages, had to be forwarded........just in case".

I would not want to be Mike Morrell, as he was the one forced to go on CBS, as Brennan and Clapper have hid. His public fumbling of this shows he is under a great deal of stress, and he is the weak link, who will be a problem for the Obama faction, Hillary Clinton and those who were behind this framing of Donald Trump and that is not a healthy place to be.

This is the operational guts of the coup that image Obama ran against Donald John Trump. The Atlantic Council provided the situations, which were then fed to these political minders, who went with the message.

Somewhere yet hidden in this is the Peter Strzok investigation of Russian assets in the Obama regime. Somewhere in this is the Missing Link in the counter intelligence operation. Somewhere in this is the operation to remove the foreign asset control of the United States government which appeared in the Bush's, Clinton's and Obama's.

The reason William Barr is focusing on how this started, is because it was a real coup, and those who started this coup, were the factions guilty of the above 3 scenarios, which embroiled Donald Trump and America into this Crossfire Hurricane.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

PS: If I were Mike Morrell, I would get the attorney that Mike Flynn has, and get a plea deal with William Barr and squeal like a pig to get it on record to protect myself, as his stuttering told those who were behind that, that he is a major problem for them.

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WTG Mosaad

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

See the decapitation of Benjamin Netanayahu is why I like Mosaad. Some might think it is because they employ all these hot Jew girls, who the department heads orgy with. Some might think it is because they all got crooked deals going making millions. Some might even say it is because JFK ended up an national memory in exchange for the Jew bomb, but no mam, it is when a Jew turns on a Jew, they turn on each other, and no one burns a Jew like the Mosaad.

Netanyahu gives up effort to form government, returns mandate

Rivlin to give mandate to Gantz

October 22, 2019 01:34

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned the mandate to form a government to President Reuven Rivlin minutes after the end of the Simhat Torah holiday on Monday night, and two nights before the deadline for him to build a coalition.

Rivlin, who has received the message from  Netanyahu, will hold consultations with faction representatives who request to meet with him.
By law, the president has three days to give the mandate to Blue and White leader Benny Gantz.

So Mosaad bagged Bibi, and in the game, not even the little girls Mosaad is screwing get to pillow talk bragging about it. So only the old men know about it, and it requires some poor orphan to do some bragging on Jewry, as that is like top skull cap to bag a Prime Minister. Last one was old Shamir the tagged the right wing for.

So the same Jew coup that brought down Sebastian Kurz, but Kurz sprang back like the Phoenix from a death wound, kind of Biblical, and the same perpetual coup against Donald Trump as he is a shifty bastard like his Jew in law, Jared Kushner, as nothing is shiftier than those ghetto Jews in Warsaw, who beat the Nazi's at the torch works.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, Mosaad is busy and is batting 666 out of a 1000, as they get cred for Kurz, even if he came back, as unless Mosaad toe tags em, ain't no Vegas bet going to cover a politician going down and being elected emperor.

So 2 out of 3 leaders. I know some folks would say bagging a Jew like Netanyahu is extra credit like Jew soccer team playing retard Germans for the World Cup, but all the same, what could be better than to be a Jew in Judea, where Benny Gantz is heading a government that wants them Kushner Orthodox either dead in the army from Philistine bombs that Jew finance made money off of or out of the West Bank where the oil is, and into New York to be reaching atomic holocaust.
Oh it gets better, in Gantz is making a gov out of Arabs who want to torch Jews. I mean what is this NEVER AGAIN shit there Hymie? Jews behind corral gate ghetto in the West Bank, Jews put on rail cars to America, and Jews ready for the easy bake in New York City.

That is why you just have to brag on Mosaad. I know them Jew girls are hot and anyone would bust a nut or be a tampon to bed something that fine, and yeah money is attractive, as who would not want a big donation of drug money laundered out of America and into your Paypal account for bragging on the Jews, and yes no one runs a clinic like Mosaad on Grassy Knolls, but hells bells, life ain't all Mountain Dew and hot Bathsheba.

See, that is why you don't mix Mountain Dew and Jew girls.  I know it don't make no sense, but that is because you been drinking the Dew and it has been suppressing your erections.


Pierre Delecto

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There really are some people who you just hope would go away like the smell of dead rodents dying in the walls of your home. Hillary Clinton for one. The Obama's for two. Bill Kristol, John Cusack, Debra Messing, just come to mind like Gramma's yeast festering pussy, in you just do not want to sit on her chairs, and that includes Mitt Mormon Romney.

Mitt Romney is the old guy, who sits out by the pool, and will not let the kids have any fun, as he sweats with a beer, telling the snowflakes all the rad dadeo things he was doing back in the 50's, and the kids can not figure out what this cologne wafting, boring old fart is talking about, in what even nigger knockin' was.

This Sure Looks Like Mitt Romney’s Secret Twitter Account (Update: It Is)

Meet “Pierre Delecto.”

But Mitt Romney has appeared like bad yeast again, and this time, it is in the form of a fake Twitter account, who unlike Ricky Vaughn is not deleted along the the rest of the leftist Alt Right, because Mitt Romney is a resistance typer, under the name of ....it is so stupid I forgot.....let me check..........oh yes, Pierre Delecto.

For some reason Romney never  got it, that in every comedy routine and cartoon, when someone wanted to get a laugh, they named the moron, PIERRE. Visions of the French skunk Pepe Lepew, come to mind, in the form of Mitt Romney, a skunk so stupid with lust, that it could not tell a cat from a skunk.
Romney's lust though is for 1600 Penn Avenue. The reality is, no one wanted his boorish Mexican father for President, no more than anyone wanted Wetback Mitt. When this blog told everyone long before the election, that Romney was a stooge to be knocked down by Obama as a strawman, no one would believe me, and when a reader after the election, said I was right and to write out the checks in donations, no one did that either.
Mitt Romney though is a Mormon Mafia, shallow state stooge. He is a nation rapist in his investments, and dumb as a post. Who else would keep posting the damnedest nonsense in CIA Mockingbird, making a fool out of himself, than an insider stooge as America right and left, wants no part of this pin head.

Pierre though is so ignorant that his name should be Pierre Délicieux which is the masculine French,  and not Delecto which is Latin, not even Italian in Delizioso.

I bet the teenagers at the pool were really impressed with that one Mitt.

And who follows Mitt? Why his Mormon children. I mean how lame do you have to be, to get your Mormon children to like you and follow you, because no one else will? The answer is Mitt Romney.

 Would you not think, that people not voting for you, no one wanting you, no one clinging to you as the Mormon messiah, Mitt Romney, would ground your delusions that you are the fairest in the land? That is a psychopathy of Delusions of Grandeur, and for some reason, Romney apparently thought that he would be defeated by Obama, let Hillary win in 2016, and then in 2024 when Romney was 5000 years old, that America would then love him to be president.
I just had a thought and I cringe at typing it, but maybe America was safer in the Obama Abyss of genocide than having Romney as president in 2012 AD in the year of our Lord.
I mean you got a Kenyan Indonesian British Dutch Wetback Birther in Obama and a Romney Mormon Mexican Wetback with that smarmy Paul Ryan..........and they make Joe Biden look like the wholesome guy in the race.

I simply am to the point, and I believe most Americans are there in the right and the left, in none of us want to deal with these right psychotics any more. Whether it is Dame Hamrod, Pete Bunghole, Bernie, Poco, Joe, Pierre Delecto, Bill Kristol.............. I mean geez louise, that Canadian asshole Nathan Filson learned to shut his mouth about Trump, like Matthew McConnagu......you know who I mean. Hell even Jim Carey who drives ex girlfriends to kill themselves, burned himself out on Trump. Why in the hell can't Mitt Romney just go away.
I mean can't Bill Clinton pop some Viagra and nail Hillary to a nap, so why can't Mrs. Mitt boff Mitt's brains out and do something for America so we can have some peace, as none of us wanted these primates the first go round, and we sure as hell do not want them like Gram's yeast infection.

We have enough problems with National Socialist Trump and the Marxists taking over the DNC. We simply do not need a Mormon Nazi, driving us all to FEMA re education camps to force us to pray to Joe Smith and marry a passel of fat Mormon girls.

Pierre Delecto proves that Mitt Romney is the Mexican version of the Obama asstard. I just do not want to deal with one more pile of this political dog shit on my front lawn, as that is what this entire entourage is. We don't want to hear it, see it, smell it or clean it up. It is not clever, it is not wanted and it keeps being a bad Hollywood actress who will not quit with 15 minutes of purchased fame.

I have seen Mitt Romney close up. I didn't like what I saw and I do not want the tenth remake of any of these culls, as once was too much.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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Monday, October 21, 2019

The Face Impeachment and Coup

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 The Lame Cherry in matter anti matter exclusives will provide you the links, in what this publication has been exposing from the start of the frame up of Donald Trump, in there have been leftist factions inside the United States at odds with each other, over the control of the American power structure, since the advent of Birther Hussein Obama, a foreigner installed into the White House after the super market crash of 2008 AD in the year our Lord, unleashed to put Obama into power.

Where this all began is unknown beyond that point, but there was an operation to take back control of "America" and the operational focus was the leaking of information to Wikileaks in Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Chuck Manning, and the covered up account of the murder of Seth Rich.

It is Seth Rich which ripped the epidermis off the body of this operation, because it reveals the link to the links of the conspirators and their reason for this counter intelligence operation.

It was the Washington Post, a CIA Mockingbird platform which first leaked from CIA sources that Russian hackers were behind the DNC hack as World Net Daily reported in context on June 14th. By the 27th of June, Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch had a secluded tarmac meeting in Arizona over Hillary Clinton's problems and a quid pro quo being worked out.

Immediately, the Ukrainian internet security company which Hillary Clinton was utilizing, pointed the finger at Russia for the "hack". The problem was that there was not a hack and this was a cover story, which CrowdStrike backed down from. The "hack" was instead Seth Rich copying DNC records, resigning from the DNC in disgust over discovering Bernie Sanders was a stooge for Hillary Clinton to throw the election, and Rich was moving to New York for a new job.

It is CrowdStrike, operated by Russian born Dmitri Alperovitch, which set all of this in motion. There is a key link in all of the principles in this, and that is the connection to the Atlantic Council.

The Atlantic Council has, since its inception, stated it is a nonpartisan institution, with members "from the moderate internationalist wings of both parties" in the United States. Despite its connections, the Council is by charter independent of the U.S. government and NATO, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

In September 2014, Eric Lipton reported in The New York Times that since 2008, the US organization had received donations from more than twenty-five foreign governments. Lipton reports that a major donor Bahaa Hariri complained to the Council about the founding head of the Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East calling the overthrow of Mohammed Morsi in Egypt a military coup. Four months later, the founding head resigned from her position.

The Atlantic Council produced a report promoting the TTIP in 2014 with the financial backing of FedEx, who were simultaneously lobbying Congress directly to decrease transatlantic tariffs. 
In 2015 and 2016, the three largest donors, giving over $1 million USD each, were US millionaire Adrienne Arsht (executive vice chair), Lebanese billionaire Bahaa Hariri (estranged brother of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri), and the United Arab Emirates. The full list of financial sponsors includes many military, financial, and corporate concerns.

The leading donors in 2018 were Facebook and the British government


If you missed the above, I will repeat it,  The leading donors in 2018 were Facebook and the British government, which is Facebook was Barack Hussein Obama's NSA funded internet platform to spy on and brainwash the masses, and affect elections, as the British regime, as was first reported on the Lame Cherry, was via Theresa May as head of MI6 and rewarded with the Prime Minister Post, were the source to legitimize the Hillary Clinton Pissgate Dossier through Christopher Steele, fed to John Podesta and John McCain, which ended up on the desks of the FBI James Comey and CIA's John Brennan.

In short, the Atlantic Council is the policy arm of the Nazi conglomerates to promote their business in trade as in FedEx, Marxist overthrow in Egypt by Obama terrorists raping Laura Logan to silence her, to the narcotics trade in Lebanon, to NATO funding in the military industrial complex receiving greater billion dollar contracts due to increased tensions with Russia.

Are you comprehending what took place in this spider's web for the cartel control of nations and the policies for the genocide of White Protestants in Europe and America?

June 14, 2016
The Washington Post reported it was "Russian government hackers" who obtained the DNC communications, but West simply asked the obvious question, "On what did the paper base this claim?"
She noted the security expert sources were from CrowdStrike, a private firm working for the DNC, which, she pointed out, had been founded by the Moscow-born Dmitri Alperovitch, a nonresident senior fellow at the globalist Atlantic Council, which has ties to Hillary Clinton.

Damon Wilson is an American foreign policy advisor and the current executive vice president at the Atlantic Council, a foreign and public policy think tank based in Washington, D.C. Wilson also currently serves as a senior advisor on the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council  and as an International Advisory Board member at the Slovak Atlantic Commission.
Prior to joining the Atlantic Council, Wilson served as Senior Director for European Affairs at the National Security Council during President George W. Bush's second term.

As the Lame Cherry has informed all of you, there are constants in this:

Constant 1: A group was attempting to seize back control of America as Obama had supplanted that control, and it all began with Bill and Hillary Clinton selling uranium in the Stan to China.

Constant 2: A group inside the United States was operating as a mole group for Russia, and it was not Donald Trump.

Constant 3: Robert Mueller, the protector of America, was never looking for Donald Trump, but was  working to protect the identity of the Missing Link, who initiated the operation to flush out key elements of the coup which installed Obama.

In every link to the original coup, the Atlantic Council was the platform which was setting up Donald John Trump and his staff.

The mysterious Maltese Professor, Joseph Mifsud, was linked to this, along with the Council on Foreign Relations.

Mifsud was the link to the Italian Intelligence, which links to Mosaad which shadowed this entire operation, and the intelligence staging area of LINK Campus, which is linked to the Atlantic Council.
Mifsud is a British agent, and in this menagerie the Atlantic Council appears, and is the body which Attorney General William Barr, with his investigator John Durham is hunting.


A Chip off the Ole Block

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In reading of the Secret Service's dislike for the people they protect, it was a list of people who really seem to form one lump sum, and yet the one person noted as the person most disliked was Chip Carter, son of Jimmy Carter.

Chip Carter was summed up as a man who left his wife, was always boozing or drinking, and was forever on the prowl in Georgetown bars picking up women to f*ck them in the White House on their to do list.

His sister, Amy was disliked too, in being a child, she was forever not going home after school, and when SS said she had to, she got on the phone to daddy, Jimmy, who ordered SS to take Amy wherever she wanted to go.
She was a real ass in smashing crackers up and dumping them out, and making Stewards clean them up as it was their job.
It came down to Roselyn complaining to the Secret Service that it upset Amy to their having guns. The Secret Service informed President Carter that if the White House was attacked, their not having weapons would provide zero protection for the president. Upon hearing that Carter relented.
It seems Jimmy Carter had a notion a thousand agents would die for him, as he sat smiling at their adoration. The Carters had a non alcoholic White House too, that is until their mother wanted a tumbler of bourbon or Jimmy and Roselyn were hoisting back a few. Like all things with the Carter's it was do as I say, not as Jimmy Carter did.

Nancy Reagan was described as cold. She had her four friends in California and that was it. It was not that she was an incessant problem, but that she left her mark.
One time the SS was playing with a dog at night, and she made the President get up and tell the SS to stop making the dog bark as she could not sleep. Ronald Reagan got up, got a glass of water as the Agent watched, drank it and went back to bed, telling Nancy it had been handled.
In another instance, the President looked forward to riding horses each day with Nancy. He would ring a triangle dinner bell at the barn when he got the horses saddled. One day Nancy did not appear. So the President went to the house. She was on the phone talking with her friends. It was never elaborated on who broke the phone, if it was the President sending a message or Nancy having a fit, but I think it was Ronald Reagan laying down the law, as Nancy appeared frowning, and the SS was notified that the Reagan's needed a new phone.

It was Patti Reagan who was the horrid child to the SS. She belittled them, jumped out of cars to ditch them and was just a pain in their ass.

Equally bad were the Bush twins, Jenna and Barbara. They bitched all the time the SS was too close, would phone up W, who would order them to back off.  The SS was like, "OK what the hell are we supposed to do, in they get kidnapped, and are on al Jazerra, and people are dying, so what are we supposed to do to stop that?"
Their mother, Laura, was not pleased about the stories of her cherubs coming out, including using fake ID's, boozing, belching like whores in public when drunk and the husband of Barbara, getting drunk, picking fights, and being so hammered the SS had to take him to the hospital, with Barbara extolling him to get out of his Halloween costume as they wanted to look respectable in going to the hospital.
Yes the SS thought, "Of course don't look like the drunken buffoons you are".

The Secret Service hated Hillary Clinton. She was condescending, aloof and dismissive. Interestingly the SS was always fingered for leaking stories about Hamrod on the Rampage. They swore they would never do that and as the SS told President Clinton, "We are not going to make up a story that Hillary is running against you as she hates you that much in a divorce".
Bill Clinton agreed, but Hillary was just nasty when the cameras were off and had a volcanic temper, bitching out staff if seats were not filled in her fake diner rallies, which had nothing but props brought in.

There were others like Sec. Ridge who was so tight he kept sponging free meals and made SS drive him 6 hours to Pennsylvania each week as he was too tight to buy a ticket on a plane.
Sec. Snow, also of  the Bush43 regime, was having an affair with the wife of a Church leader. He would create scenarios of "lookie here" in finding his paramour with her car broken down or meeting in New York City. It got to be a 5 day a week occupation with him before the financial crisis.
His wife was a real beauty in manners, as she ordered the SS to pick up their paper and deliver. The Agents told her to stuff it and that did not go over well at all.

I do not understand petty people with power in their abusing those under them when given the opportunity. Why anyone would antagonize people with guns who are to protect them is beyond the scope of understanding.
Al Gore though was a blimpy who would not even nod at an Agent. His most memorable phrase was chewing out his idiot son about bad grades, and pointing the the Agents and saying, "What do you want to do, end up like them?"

Very few people though are what they seem in public. Ronald Reagan was genuine and the SS liked him. They liked their pet Obama. The Bush's and the Cheney's treated the SS well, except for the dyke daughter of the Vice President who was always whining about the SUV she was being driven around in, and bitching about the SS not to go behind her house as it upset her dogs in they barked.
Granted, it was not Jimmy Carter chasing a puppy around with a bow saw trying to murder it as Agents watched aghast, but why people could not all act like the daughter of Webb Hubble, in Chelsea Clinton was always considerate of the SS, told them where she was going and never gave them any problems, is one of those things that Chelsea having two juvenile parents had to be the adult in the family.

That though is the saga of the most disliked of the Secret Service. As the Trumpkins are not being leaked on, it appears the Trumps must be not that heinous to the SS and are not ordering them to scoop dog shit up off the sidewalk.

It is what it is though, in the worst the Secret Service had to deal with in what I was reading in a Ronald Kessler book which I think I paid 60 cents for.

Nuff Said


The Night Girl

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I recently picked up a US Army Survival Manual, and after reading it, I can only conclude the US Military wants lost Soldiers to die. The weird shelters they come up with,  along with the ways of  water and building an Indian  bird snare, makes me wonder what a Soldier is supposed to do with all the human enemies who are trying to capture and kill them.

There was some elaborate shit like some kind of shelter built around a tree. It looked like you had to dig down about 4 feet, and I wondered how that was going to happen, then about the blisters, then about  the fatigue  and hunger, and finally, this thing takes a half a day, leaves a big gopher hole dirt spot to reveal your position......after the digger discovers that trees have roots and you can't dig through them.

As I said the Pentagon must want Soldiers dead.

Your best bet is a American Ranger method of a poncho type thing out of parachute, blanket or plastic bag, with brush around it for camo, and then a small smoulder pot fire in a pit which the builder sits on. It conceals the smoke, keeps the body warm and takes  about a half hour to construct.

I spend a great deal of time outside at night from midnight to later, and get to watch the stars in the sky from Orion to Cassiopeia, This is about the vain one as  most of you will probably someday have to know directions, beyond highways.......although highways are pretty good directional finders, even if the Americans for some reason label all their north south roads as avenues and all the east west as streets. Damn weird shit in the United States which no one bitches about.

 In the northern sky you always  have the big dipper denned up on one side of the sky and Cassiopea on the other. Peter is camped out by the Little Dipper. The reason I mention this is as of late I can find the W in the sky of Cassiopeia easier than the Dipper, and that little dipper with Polaris is difficult to find in being so dim. The W though is always there bright and resilient with the center point always pointing to the North Star.

I  really like the stars and the night sky. One of my fondest memories were the years as a child that Venus or the Evening Star was over the west horizon, extremely bight. There is a great comfort in them and and the story of them is you are never alone in the dark.
I have a cousin who impressed my beloved Uncle on an elk hunting trip sans the elk in the boy was pointing out all the constellations and telling the stories. I am not that versed in them, but I do pay attention to the tea pot in the southern sky of Sagitarius, that Orion is part of the center sky stars that move east to west until dawn in a continuous flow.
I once watched a Polynesian on a catamaran navigate the Pacific at night. He was a remarkable man and taught me a great deal of the natural flow of navigation. The prevailing winds then always touched his bows at an angle, and he knew by steering on that angle he was always on course, no matter if it was raining or clouds.
He spoke of Mylap, the star which was the progression stars of the east. By the time one reached the zenith another star followed always pointing east. The thing is in checking him by maps, it was assessed he was never that far off from satellite navigation. That was without a sextant, compass or hour glass. It was how the Pacific Rim navigated to the Hawaiian Islands.

As for me in my night skies, I always know where the moon arises and sets on the seasons. I know the stars of the north and south, how summer stars are not winter stars. How Orion ventures early to the sky in the autumn and leaves  the sky early in the spring.1 o'clock Orion of November is not the same AM hunter of March. Pay attention to the stars, and you can tell the time by them.

I may not know the names of all the constellations but I know the patterns, and they comfort me in the night sky.  New stars appear since my childhood and while the sky is not as bright as when I was a child, I still stop to look at the Milky Way and marvel at God's splendor.

I still though am not at home in the night when a deer explodes and snorts next to me, or a coon goes rushing by, or a skunk is dancing pretty with that fan dance tail. I know the night sounds, but it still startles me as the animals can see me, but I can only see their shadows when they move.

If I was lost I would use the American Ranger method, if not I would find a non descriptive human structure for shelter and cover, as there are few places in this world where people are not a fixture in having already made a shelter. It is not that hard to stay away from dogs and find a hay rick. Big Foot does it, so why can not you in this dimension do the same, eh.

Any way the Night Girl is how I navigate. I used to have star chart program which would run a hundred years into the future which I either did not make a copy of or it is lost, but it was free. This one is free online, but I have not had time to  play with it.
This page has loads of them, but I do not have the bandwidth for downloads.

I would that I was  rich enough to have my pond and our stars in the night sky. Is basically why I still do this blog in I  just want the finances to get away from the world and have some peace.

Just me and the girls as the Viking would say.

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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Hillary Clinton's Presidential Run Outside The Race

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Hillary Clinton is become a characture, like the skits comedian, Carol Burnett used to do, about washed up actresses from a hundred years ago, still looking for her close up.

Hamrod's latest foray into coming down from the mount, was tagging up with that fag David Plouffe, for the Fagcast which no one watches, as Hamrod has become a clarvoyant in predicting the Republicans are going to run an unnamed woman in the democratic party to help get Donald Trump elected in 2020. Apparently the crystal ball of Anthony Scaramucci is different from Hamrods as he has Trump out in March of 2020, while Hamrod has the Donald going the distance.

The unnamed democrat is Tulsi Gabbard, that swammy nig out of Hawaii, whose policies are as fucked up as John and Bobby Kennedy, after they both made deposits into Marilyn Monroe. The Swammy nig at times sounds normal, but other times she is off holding hands with Bernie Sanders, the guy who wrote stories about how much women like to be raped.
The point in all of this is, Tulsi with her black hole, in running as a 3rd party candidate, would not help Donald Trump, but hurt him, as the few Kennedycrats who still exist, would vote for Trump, over those Obama communists led by Joe Biden, Elizabeth GOP Warren and Bernie.

That makes me figure that Hamrod is the one election meddling, in she is the one sending in backing to get the Swammy nig to run, to help out Hamrod, because Hamrod is going to run, as her people have submarined Joe Biden, Bernie had a heart attack on command, and Elizabeth GOP Warren, is only the choice of the demofags with money. She is a lightweight, and comes off as Gramma with a vibrator in her twat going off after she ate the kids marajuana spiked brownies.

Hamrod had even more interesting theories she was spouting at Gaynet, in Jill Stein of the Green Party is also a Russian agent. As I said, Hillary Clinton is vintage Carol Burnett for the dingy characters she used to portray. She is a delusional paranoid from a forensic psychological diagnosis. As old, sick and drunk as she is, it is intelligent to not get into this race until the campaign begins voting, to save in wear and tear on her geezer body, but all the same, Hamrod was having all kinds of medical problems, before the campaign was finished. She can not sit out like Bobby Kennedy until the end, when Lyndon Johnson got out of the race, because if she passes Iowa and New Hampshire, there is the reality of the two block packs on Super Tuesday and the Indiana grouping, which will so wipe out the party, and empower those who are #NeverHamrod, that Hillary will be forced even with New York, California and Texas to broker a convention, where she is going to be stuck with a mismatch.

Hamrod can not have goofy old Joe, as he had the job, and two people 500 years old with brain problems should not play with nukes.
Bernie is DOA. She can not have two women on the ticket who are whiteskins in Elizabeth Warren.
The also runs of Mayor Feces Penis has zero experience and brings no votes with him and the Afroids of Corey and Kamala, are idiots who bring nothing to the ticket that Hamrod is not already going to get in Black votes. Hamrod needs some Hispanic half wit she can pack off into a taco and will not be a witness to her crimes.

Hillary can not have a brokered convention dictating to her. She has to get in this by New Hampshire, and her intrigue probably will be to have some kind of write in plea in Iowans she bribed, which she will then answer with, "No one wants these idiots who will lose to Trump in a divided party, so I am goign to save the DNC and America by entering the race in New Hampshire, where she has already fixed the vote to give her a win, and she will then have knocked everyone out in the next go round.

That is where Tulsi Gabbard comes in, to soften up Donald Trump. The only state Gabbard will pull votes is Hawaii. It is why Donald Trump was with the Curry nig in Texas to lock up that vote. Gabbard only helps Hamrod and only hurts Trump in a Balkanized race. For that reality, just as in 2016 when Hamrod was coordinated with Ted Cruz, and that smarmy Bill Kristol, she had run the tallies and believed she was going to beat Trump early on the east coast, announce at 9 o'clock, and when that did not happen, she got really drunk and passed out, as those will remember that John Podesta was doing the mime act for her in front of the mic.


The facts must be faced in this. Tulsi Gabbard has too many miles on her. She could be in the race for nether appeal, but she is not aging attractive. Hamrod and the #NeverTrumpers want to taint her to keep democrats from voting for her, and to draw in Republican's who masturbate to vote for Swammy nig. That does not win votes for you any more than it did for Jim Webb who recreated knocking niggers around.

Is it intelligent tactics for Hillary Clinton to strike out at a democratic woman who has zero chance of winning anything? Yes it is, as it allows Hamrod to get into the race without getting into the race. Hamrod in this gambit, gets her name out there, bitch slaps a Curry Nigger, and in knocking down Gabbard, gives notice that 2020 is her nomination and she will fillet off the frontrunners, after they are diluted in Iowa.


The Obama communists though are watching this, and Van Jones who is deep state as they come is sounding the warning in this, that Hamrod is playing a dangerous political game in her duel with this Asian.
The danger is not to Van Jones that Hamrod is linking Gabbard to being a Russian spy or a stooge of the GOP, but the danger is that the image of Obama which has been in necrophile politics trying to 

pick the democrat to run in 2020 for the Obama legacy, is being outmaneuvered by the Clinton strategy. If Clinton is successful, then it is Hillary Clinton in control over the Obama legacy, which in all it's failures, will be written down as Birther Hussein's and the few successes will be recorded as Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.
Hamrod is Birther Hussein's worst nightmare in she will replace Obamacare, will reorganize the Obama agency money laundering from Obama people to Clintons and the Clintons will do everything they can to wipe BHO from the history books.
Believe me when you read this, in, if Hillary Clinton could get away with it, she will revisit Obama being a Birther, and record that Bill was the first black president, and Obama will be expunged from the books.

The Huffington

And do not think that Chelsea Clinton is out of this, just because she said no to a House run.

If CC announced she was running, it would deflate Hamrod's steam in she would gain attention, and being younger the question would be, "Why not Chelsea?"
What Hamrod has plotted is, Hamrod enters the race first and then has her daughter reach out and seize the seat later next year in order to help her mother.

This is your female ticket for 2020. The song to swoon over, in Hamrod getting up one last time and her faithful daughter from Webb Hubble, joining the quest to win one for mom.
I mean geez louise, the story emerges and Chelsea flees to Whoopie on the View to knock down the rumor. That is far too much protest from a horse toothed woman who has been telling us YES forever.

She said she was unsure if she’d run for office one day — but “right now, the answer’s no.”
Last year, Clinton told reporters that a future in politics would be a “definite maybe.”

Hillary Clinton has kicked off her presidential run in 2020, outside the race. She can't be rejected or challenged if she is not in the race.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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