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Bee Buzz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A few days ago you may have read a letter of inquiry from Woody. This is a follow up as to the background of all of this and due to Woody is an acquaintance of the Viking, it deems a bit more in depth answer.
The reason for this I am going to explain a few things of why I do things a bit more in meaning. The reason I rarely tell people what I am about is if the mice know the maze, then they will not learn the maze.

My concern though is the Viking in his contacting me he had focused on the "a liar will tell you I am telling the truth" sentence, "while a virtuous woman is not believed no matter what I might say". In that I was speaking of me doing the speaking, but the Viking read it as him doing the talking, and would therefore be the liar if I was a liar. See the written word is the worst form of communication, as people are always reading into it what is never intended.
As Jesus said, the children of this world can always in their wisdom make excuses for their indulgences and self righteousness, but when it came to Jesus, He was evil because He ate with sinners and John the Baptist was insane for preaching in the wilderness dressed like Elijah.

I perhaps would have been more nurturing if I was aware that this was a friend of the Viking, but that would have been a mistake, because what the response from me was intended was to have a stick about the place. The world is full of people which Woody has experience with, in if he is nice to them, they will view it as a weakness, and the next letter I would receive from someone would be some ass demanding sex from me or whatever nonsense the past rabble had been contacting me about, thinking for a crumb of bread I would give up anything.
A grown man requires the stick about or he does not understand the authority. It is no different than Woody saying, "no offense" after deliberately insulting me. As John Wayne stated if someone calls you a son of a bitch, they meant to call you a son of a bitch and offend you. There is no answer for Woody, no more than the people who kept demanding Jesus jump through hoops for them, after He informed them Who He was. People will either believe or they will not believe.
Woody like most people thinks he knows the world, but knows little, so he can probe and demand answers to satisfy his focus of this has to be all about money.
Money is a weapon, a tool, in this of the elite as I have stated and is in the archives which is all there if people would stop being lazy and read them. If money had value, the cartel would not be deflating it's value and making it worthless. Money will mean absolutely nothing to this group when they are immortals and they know this. All that will matter then is martial control and having a few mortals about to watch suffer and die, to give their possession of immortality worth. That is the same issue as satan.
See not dying is a gift, until you are in a jail in this world, placed there by mortals who have risen up. The elite know this, and while robotics will serve what is to come as they can be controlled, there will still remain a fraction of mortals to treat as so much sheep of the pasture.

People have pondered before and I have answered about the content of this blog as they judge it harsh or non Christian.
Was it Christian for Jesus to take a whip and whip people out of the Temple? Was it Christian for Jesus to allow a little girl to die in order to prove the Authority of God? Was it Christian when Jesus told the disciples to buy weapons which would be used to kill adversaries? Was it Christian for Jesus to be around prostitutes and thieves?

The answer is yes.

What is worked in part through me here is as I have informed all of you children and brats, in there is the cartel which started out in 2008 AD in the year of our Lord with a heavy dose of branding all racists and whatever to shut them up. They tried it with me, and the charge did not stick as I was a champion of blacks and latins. So it degraded to my being nuts or on a bad trip to attempt to smear what is posted here.
By the work here, in hard work by God's Grace, I have given all of you a battlefield to operate on in language, information which is forbidden and actions, instead of being penned in not being able to say words like Nigger or being made to accept that sodomites are pure. Sodomites are an abomination and there are indeed Niggers in this world. These  are issues not about sodomy or Afroids, but about control of you, so you will allow yourselves to be bullied, so the real issues of removing the Christian white class from America will be completed and the next step to legally raping your children will become the law of the west.

All of you can now post anywhere, anything of Obama's crimes, and you will not see the Obamaniacs calling you a racist. That term is finished and it is because of this blog in the work accomplished here as others tried to nuance this away. You do not win anything in battle by slapping at a tank. You hit it hard with everything you have and smash it with all speed.

There was a person who was posting content from here and being squeamish about being labled of Lame Cherry, so she had to put on the post she was "uncomfortable" with some things here. She was so eager to gain the stage which I built for her own presence, but not eggs enough to stand up for anything as she was too ignorant to know what was fully taking place here as most people are clueless of. So she was castigated and like most who think they can piss on me and tell me it is raining, then went away hurt, instead of apologizing and accepting she was seeking her own attention and not God's, and was not as bright as she thought she was.
That is no condemnation of this woman. It simply is what it is. I am humiliated and humbled constantly, but I do not have the luxury of slinking away. I simply take the Spiritual pike and drive it through those who contend here and pin them to the pavement in the hope that such austenacious displays will save some poor miscreant from the same experience.
For the astute that line is from Big Jake stated by John Wayne.

I personally would be friends with all, even the brats, but it requires having the stick about instead or the people do not mind their manners. You might recall that person who wrote to me, and I was nice enough to try and highlight their work as they were feeling down. Their response was no good deed goes unpunished in trying to hijack this blog and then blaming me for some dreamt up charge bouncing around in their belfrey.
I do not suffer fools and I am not baited into fights. You will be exposed here for what you are and I know that the many are waiting for me to stumble and fall, so they will then mount the corpse of this blog on their wall as a trophy the canned assassins they are.......they of course will term it in how they did it all, like Obama chest thumping about his knocking off that bin Laden acting troup.

I never mind questions, but when there are preconceived biases in people thinking they know it all and their view has to be the way it is all laid out, there can be no teaching there. It requires years of their failed ideas to be ground down to teach them then, and I have not the time to debate things which God has settled for me in Faith.

By God's Grace, I have been proven right about a number of things from ANALGATE, Benghazi, Powellgate and I honestly do not keep track of it all. That though is never enough proof and people always want more, and by God's Grace I have been teaching you of the matrix in how that information flow works, the dynamics, and how it's information there can be muddled, and how future events can be altered, and how it will in most cases reset and attempt to accomplish the event again, as was the case  of June 13th, 2013 AD in the year of our Lord.
Some events vanish, some reset, some other events take their place, and sometimes lesser events in image replace the greater event.
By evidence it has been proven that June 13th was a waymark event. Before that date, Obama was a winner with demonic assistance, after that date, the image of Obama never gained a victory as the popularity evaporated. Those are the facts playing out in two Obamas by evidence. My information upon inquiry pointed to a completed assassination on that date by a faction of the cartel and an image was put in Obama's place. The corpse as of last inquiry is still in the doomsday bunker, in the frozen food locker, and will not be moved, as it is deemed buried there and not worth the Jarrett effort of being caught.

In Faith, time proves this blog correct on what is not speculation or the matrix as that is a fluid entity.

The Viking in thoughts wondered of the matrix in how it came to be called as such. I will explain how certain words appear here, in as I have stated, when I deal with the Holy Ghost, I open myself to Him. I find definitions and words appear, which I have not thought of previously and in every case, they prove to be the correct definition.
It is like "cartel", and this can speak to Woody. Years ago I had a few snot boys on Newsbusters mocking me for using the word "cartel" as defining what was behind Obama. The Ashkenaz Rothschilds being but the Judas money purse holders as that is where they get their resonant validation from.
For those who have not figured this out, there are on every site a group of snotty little piss ants who not having lives, find mutual discord and bully others in order to beat up on people to feel superior in their inferior existences. I had never really paid attention to the word cartel, but simply was Inspired to use it. It was later in looking up definitions that I found that "cartel" actually was a German word, meaning a group of commerce thugs setting up a monopoly to gain absolute control by exploiting others. That is exactly what I have been writing about.

The Rothschilds have spread their legs and driven their dicks into the Israelite lost 10 leadership, after their original incestuous inbreeding program of the Mayer family, in order to gain admittance to the inner workings of power. They bought their way in.
Think of it this way in you have the English Royals, and you are George Soros. The Royals look at George as a tool, but one hardly invites the tool to the parlor as the ruling class does not play with the moneywhores. That is what these round tables are about in the departments which overlap have their expertise they are validated by. The Rothschilds resonate finances to bring control for what they are striving for.

I desire at this point for all to know the mystery in this. Joan of Arc, Christopher Columbus, Oliver Cromwell, were those who advocated setting up Christ's Kingdom on earth. They were stopped though, because it was not God's Time yet.
The Rothschilds are no different. They would have taken Jerusalem, built that Temple to offer up to satan in the abomination which makes desolate long ago, but it is not time yet according to God's Time. Money is but a tool, as war is a tool, as the internet is a tool, as cell phones are a tool. Yes there is a centralized authority of actions, but while the Rothschilds focus upon like Obama exchanging Mexicans for Afroids, in the Ashkenaz for Judahites in a false messiah order, the Aristocracy at the top is still who the Rothschilds must give way for. The Rothschilds are merchants. They might have royal blood in them now infused, but they are not royalty.........big difference as this is a court. They are Chancellor of the Exchequer and not the crown on the throne.

I have to water the pot plants now, but as the Viking noticed the workings of the matrix in songs posted and what he experiences, that is the matrix speaking in the din. People pick up all sorts of information and are aware of things and never realize it.


First Court

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Mr. Iredell of North Carolina.

Mr. Rutledge of South Carolina.

Mr. Wilson of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Cushing of Massachusetts.

Mr. Blair of Virginia.

You probably do not have an idea of who those men are. If I add the clue of John Jay, some might comprehend who they are, but if I add Chief Justice John Jay, then most will understand that this is about the Supreme Court, the First Court of Founders, who was chosen and appointed by George Washington and consented to by the United States Senate.

This was the best Supreme Court in American history. It was guided by the character of John Jay, and amplified by these lawyers schooled in the law and all devoted to the United States Constitution.

You will notice that there are not 9 justices appearing on this bench. The only reason that 9 justices are on the Supreme Court is due to that Constitutional ursurper Franklin Delano Roosevelt who refused to leave office and also expanded the Supreme Court for the purpose of overthrowing America in socialist programs.

It is worth noting that in George Washington, America once had a fine court. 60 years of Thomas Jefferson mob rule courts brought America to the treacherous Franklin Roosevelt courts 100 years later which have destroyed the Constitution.

John Jay and this first court would never have permitted Birther Obama Chin to ever be seated in the White House in being proven a foreign subject.

America once had a Supreme Court, but it ended after George Washington.

nuff said


Fire and Brimstone

As another Lame Cherry exclusive on matter anti matter........

The first recorded use of gun powder is said to have been in the possession of the Aryans of India.

The inhabitants of India were unquestionably acquainted with its composition at an early date. Alexander is supposed to have avoided attacking the Oxydracea, a people dwelling between the Hyphasis and Ganges, from a report of their being possessed of supernatural means of defence: “For,” it is said, “they come not out to fight those who attack them, but those holy men, beloved by the gods, overthrow their enemies with tempests and thunderbolts shot from their walls;” and, when the Egyptian Hercules and Bacchus overran India, they attacked these people, “but were repulsed with storms of thunderbolts and lightning hurled from above.”

William Greener. Gunnery in 1858 / Being a Treatise on Rifles, Cannon, and Sporting Arms

But then Mr. Greener in his treatise finds an alchemist is England, in Friar Bacon, who had a unique interpretation to what the Israelites under Gideon possessed in their destruction of the Midianites. which a city or an army may be destroyed, as was the case when Gideon and his men broke their pitchers and exhibited their lamps, fire issuing out of them with great force and noise, destroying an infinite number of the army of the Midianites.”

William Greener. Gunnery in 1858 / Being a Treatise on Rifles, Cannon, and Sporting Arms

Roger Bacon, the friar, is thought to have invented gunpowder, being born in 1214 AD in the year of our Lord, and died in 1285, but having wrote the Epistles of the Secret of Arts, which is about manufacturing gunpowder.

His recipe was saltpetre with lura mon cap ubre and sulfur. The lura mon cap ubre is translated as carbonum pulvere which is ground charcoal, or the modern recipe of potassium nitrate in salt peter, sulfur and charcoal.

Almost 100 years later, the German monk, Schwartz in 1320 AD in the year of our Lord is noted to have invented it in Germany.

Bacon was a scholar of things Arabian, and the Arabs or Saracens are said by Arabs to have introduced gun powder to the Europeans. This now refocuses the point of gun powder in the Mideast and the north Indian area.

The exact verse of Gideon which predates all recorded history, states his army's pitchers were empty.

Judges 7:16

"And he divided the three hundred men into three companies, and he put a trumpet in every man's hand, with empty pitchers, and lamps within the pitchers."

I do not discount this as anything but a victory of the Lord for Gideon and Israel, but what if the rendering that Friar Bacon assumed was more in line with the pitchers were not hiding lamps, but that the "lamps" within the pitchers were a fire caused by gun powder and the breaking of the lamps as in the form of grenades which terrified the enemy, just as Alexander the Great avoided the "Indians" who had strange weapons.
I conjecture in this, it is a fact that the displaced and exiled northern Israelites were extremely advanced due to Solomon's knowledge and they were a white people, and these peoples were Samarians or Samaryans as in Aryans of later Indian in interbreeding.
Could the source of this gun powder be Israelite and not as published Chinese, for these same white Scythians as they were later known are found buried all through northern China.

Did they actually create this art form of alchemy, lose it and then regain it with all the modern advancement to nuclear bombs.

Gun powder in it's black powder form has not changed since it was first created in the alchemy arts. This explanation by William Greener is worth a college degree and simplifies the entire process, for it is the potassium nitrate which is the power, as it is this oxygen reservior which releases all the energy causing the explosion.

"Nitre, or saltpetre, is strictly the essence of gunpowder. It is a triple compound of oxygen, nitrogen, and potassium. The chemical action of those elements on each other, and the play of affinities between them at a high temperature, occasion the immense effect produced by gunpowder on the application of fire or heat.

By universal consent, sulphur is included in the mixture, but it is not absolutely necessary for the “propellant power ;” for nitre and charcoal only will generate effects similar to the compound with sulphur. Gunpowder made without sulphur has, however, several bad qualities; it is not, on the whole, so powerful, nor so regular in its action; it is also porous and friable , possessing neither firmness nor solidity. It cannot bear the friction of carriage, and in transport crumbles into dust. The use of sulphur, therefore, appears to be not only to complete the mechanical combination of the other ingredients, but being a perfectly combustible."

It is fascinating in how this triad of power works. Potassium nitrate KNO3, houses the oxygen, the charcoal is the carbon or fuel, but it is the sulfur which regulates it so that it is regulated at a proper rate to create an even power release.

Gun powder is no great secret, for anyone can see Captain Kirk making it, and how to construct a homemade cannon. Who obtained the secret though is the interest of alchemy in how sulfur is the medium to keep the explosive functional in combined state and keep it functioning in altered state.
Yes the brimstone burns, but it is the rotting smell of hell which regulates the marriage of the two other principles.

No. Nitre. Charcoal. Sulphur.
#1 76· 00 14· 00 10· 00 Powder of Bâe.
#2 76· 00 12· 00 12· 00 „ Grenelle.
#3 76· 00 15· 00 9· 00 „ M. Morveau.
#4 77· 32 13· 44 9· 24 „ Ditto.
#5 77· 50 15· 00 7· 50 „ M. Keffault.

The first and third, after 200 discharges with the proof mortar, were declared the strongest, and the third proportions were adopted at the recommendation of the commissioners. Some few years elapsed, and the first, owing to its better keeping quality , was substituted, as it contained less charcoal, and a little more sulphur. The French Government having always been extremely impressed with the value of durability in gunpowder, they have since returned to their ancient proportions: 75 nitre, 121 / 2 charcoal, 121 / 2 sulphur.

The charcoal, the absorbent of moisture, being further reduced, and the sulphur, the preserving ingredient, being increased in the same ratio.

William Greener. Gunnery in 1858 / Being a Treatise on Rifles, Cannon, and Sporting Arms

Fire and water in the same midst with the sulfur preserving the elastic fluid of carbonic acid.

The proportions, then, for gunpowder, by these considerations, will be those in which the carbon will just consume the oxygen of the nitre, and combine with the sulphur as much as will exactly saturate the potassium. This will be effected by an atom each of nitre and sulphur, and three atoms of carbon; or nitre 75· 5, charcoal 18· 8, and of sulphur 11· 8.

William Greener. Gunnery in 1858 / Being a Treatise on Rifles, Cannon, and Sporting Arms

Amongst the brilliant discoveries of modern chemistry may be classed the development of the fact, that a chemical combination , to constitute the same compound, always takes place in definite and unalterable ratios. To select one example out of a multitude: one atom of carbon combining with two atoms of oxygen produces the gas; because more would answer no useful end.


I leave this at that.


Friday, August 29, 2014

CaTANaboy O

Editor's Note: Seriously, in reviewing the tan suit photos, I was stunned in how Equalz does not look like the same entity of not that long ago, and it is not just the gray hair. The face is more wooden almost as if botox was injected. Something is strangely different.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Awhile back I happened to run a series of photo shop photos of Birther Hussein as Chairman Ho of Vietnam or whatever murderous fossils ran that man eat dog country. For some reason some men, like Ho look suave in tan as leaders.
Some men look brown shirt tough like Adolf Hitler in wearing tan as leaders.

Some images though of fagsexuals like Birther Obama though, just look like...........well like the dirty ass wraps of Muslims flopping in the breeze off a Baghdad sandstorm.

This Equalz just has the look of........the hide of a too long dead camel, dehydrated by the 120 degree heat of Saudi Arabia, when flapping about as a tan Catanaboy.
I mean if you put an umbrella drink in Catanaboy's hand, he would not look Don Ho cool, but would look like the guy at the pool looking to shove his penis up little boys arses.

You remember Franklin Roosevelt often had on those white suits and he could pull that off, but the images of this Obama soiled upon the memory of hisself in those over watered white shirts, and sleeves rolled up, just reminds one of memories of the Southern Baptist not bright enough to turn on the air conditioner.

Let us face it, Obama has always been sexually creepy. Muchelle got her lily wet over exotic Bearick. I will not mention the homosexual interludes of Obama with gay males in things going on there. I will not mention his dating his own daughters. I will mention though sodden panty Pegs Noonan, Ann Coulter and hosts of other skanky dildo users in voting for Obama was just one more thrust for cumnation.

Ronald Reagan could look demin shirts and look rugged. Ronald Reagan could wear golf shirts and look sophisticated. Ronald Reagan could wear suits and look Presidential.
Then we have bike head Obama, Mom Jeans Obama, wet shirt Obama, man boobs on the beach Obama and now this tan suit Obama image.

Think of all those men in khaki tan from Soldiers to Professional Hunters.......and none of them looked fagsexaul, and yet the image of Obama looks just queer.

It was a fine week of success for Equalz and perhaps that is why the new suit was in view. Catanaboy O officially handed the Ukraine over to Vladimir Putin. Catanaboy O officially gave ISIS air cover for operations in Syria under the guise of .........surveillance, and then that Rear Admiral who sounded like a 14 year old gay boy came out and protested that the military was looking how to drive their big missiles into ISIS holes to give them a good pounding, and John Kerry has disappeared somewhere leaving the Mideast to gnaw more of it's leg off in the Obama trap.
So with that kind of success, I guess men who wear tan like Adolf Hitler and Chairman Ho would be dressed in tan too.......looking like leaders.

I saw a perfect image for Obama in a not so old movie called the Spirit or something. Sammy Jack, AKA Samuel L. Jackson was playing a criminal who liked dressing up as Nazi. I think Equalz should get hisself a nice uniform like this......just get Sammy Jacks old one from the movie.
Equalz could put Giant Brown's face pic in place of the skull and crossbones, and put on that Obama logo thing in black and white, and have a collapsable putter in a leather scabbard instead of a Luger, and the left would just love least it would be as close to black power colors as the Equalz has been ever.

Yeah that was the purpose in this post in calling attention to Vladimir Putin has won now. A deal has been worked out over Ukraine with the cartel and the cartel is not letting Equalz "bomb" the ISIS which the regime created to install the Caliph.
....and Equalz midterm strategy is to pump a trillion more into Wall Street for the illusion of historic prosperity, before the plug gets pulled after the fraud elections to margin the GOP into Rush Limbaugh's gridlock stagnation.

I need and advil.


Vomitoxin: Food Warning

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Just so you are aware, thee entire bread wheat supply in America of the wheat growing region is being treated at the elevators for VOMITOXIN as every kernel is infected with this disease due to the wet weather over the entire region which has been getting dumped with rain.

This is a mycotoxin, which affects the brain and intestines. It produces serotonin in the brain and it causes ulcers along with lack of appetite in the intestines.

The grain is being treated, so what you are going to be getting is the vomitoxin and the fungicides which are being poured onto this coming years flour supply.

Advice would be to figure out how much flour you probably would need for the next year and put it in the pantry. That means all the bread is going to be baked with this, along with the whatevers you are chowing down on.
You can put bay leaves into a bag of flour if not freezing it, to keep the weevils from hatching and leaving critter skins in the flour to be sifted out.

Vomitoxin is not as lethal as aflatoxin which kills people as was the case in Africa, but parts per million is just that. Is up to you though in you have been warned and what you should probably do, and the reality of not telling every Obama voter until you get yourself squared away.

You will notice in the story below, that the story is speaking of winter wheat......that is your pasta. What my information is pointing to is an entire outbreak in the Dakotas into Canada, which is your bread wheat, and that story has not hit the national arena yet.

U.S. farmers fight poisonous wheat fungus with cleaning ...
Aug 18, 2014 - The "head scab" fungus can produce vomitoxin, a chemical that is poisonous to humans and livestock when consumed at high levels. This year ...

The point is this is not Mark Levin's bio fuels causing this. This is good old Monsanto round up wheat which was susceptible to this plague and all the big farmers planted this and this by design is now infected the entire crop, and now it will be coated and absorbing another poison to kill the poison.

Once again the Lame Cherry with a matter anti matter in the life and death..........and yes warning all of you non donors like the few who have donated to just how much peril you are in. It would be nice if some rich asshole would wake up and donate the big share that I keep harping about and stop being an asshole for a change.



"I know male reporters who slept with their sources"

Bob Beckel of the Clinton Regime

Robin Wright neevorced Penn, stated like in the portrayals of House of Cards which is a Kevin Spacey not as good portrayal of the original English series as all American series never match the originals, that reporters and politicians are always sexing each other, and I would add, the Wall Streeters.

So now you have two sources confirming all the fagsexual activity, but it does not touch upon the rape of children covered here.

It confirms why Charlie Gibson disappeared after his soap dropper interview and it confirms why Obama was saying he was rolling around in bed with Brian Williams.

I make note of this in being proven right again, but it should not be a surprise in pimps and whores working for the cartel brothel are taking it out in trade.

I do not see the appeal in being sweated upon by genitals with feces penis scents which have been with gentials that have raped children, forced interns to sodomy for a job and then went home and raped the spouse as anything attractive, but it is the reality.

In order to bring this out of the closet, the question is, "If you are guilty of something you have done, when others talk of it, do you makes excuses for it, or do you condemn it?"
You make excuses for it, and that is why this entire group of sodomites is pro queer as every one of them has experimented, been forced to, raped by or engaged in for advancement sleeping their way to the top or having raped someone themselves.

That is why the Clintons did not matter I informed you, as the liberal males were all raping boys and girls as the wives threw vases at the husbands. The same is fact with Obama in every one of these people you see has sodomized someone in being guilty of it.

...and numbers of them get passed around as part of the deal.

nuff said


Freshwater Navy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If I have my way and time, I intend on writing of a period which fascinates me in Naval warfare. Like most there is always the interest of sea battles from sailing ships of 1776 to the Naval battles of World War II, but what draws me a great deal is the almost hidden war in American inland waters.

To the modern mind the Gulf of Mexico, the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence Seaway to the Mississippi River, hardly seem the arena of Naval contests, and yet there were gunboats and paddle boats moving up and down these waters as major arteries and battle zones.
The Mississippi River from it's first discovery was the water which would control America, and passed from hands of Indian Empire, to European Empire to American Empire.

First though we study a war arena which no one contemplates in the Gulf of Mexico, and yet that Gulf has been utilized by democrats twice in the overthrow of America in the beginning of the 21st century.
The first instance was the hurricane which disrupted the Republican convention in Minneapolis Minnesota of John McCain and Sarah Palin, as linked with Katrina in New Orleans, and the second, was the sabotage of the British Petroleum deep well in the Gulf, which Obama biographer of Time magazine noted on the Charlie Rose program to Rose's bewilderment, that Barack Obama did not care about the GOP Gulf inhabitants as they did not vote for him.
So you see that the Gulf has been used as a weapon against Americans by the leftists and has been effective.

The best port in the Gulf is Pennsacola, home to the Naval Station there. The primary ports are Appalachicola, Tallahassee in Florida, Mobile in Alabama, New Orleans in Louisiana and Galveston in Texas in history. Houston now becoming a major terminal for oil transportation.

The Gulf has little tidal surge of less than 2 feet, but is particularily disrupted by wind, as in hurricanes. There is a story of the 7th Cavalry which Libby Custer recorded in being transported by steamer to  Texas, in being caught in a hurricane and they having to push their horses overboard in order to lighten ship to save themselves.
It was a ghastly thing, but the Gulf of Mexico has been the scene of numerous deaths in it is unforgiving waters when they are in tempest.

The area is a natural waterfowl haven, and also for ships of shallow draft, and the little transports would scurry inside the sounds into the shallows with loads of Confederate cotton to escape capture. Mobile Bay until the last of the war when taken by Admiral David Farragut, was the bastion of the South in her trade with the world.
These areas seem as nothing now, but Charleston in South Carolina on the Atlantic was a major military point for the British and Americans in the Revolution and was a focal point of the Union and Confederates.

The Gulf is approximately 850 miles east to west, but the entire shoreline is in the 1600 mile half circle with anchor points of Key West, another fine port in the east and Galveston in the west.

The first tin clad vessels appeared not in the Civil War on the coast, but on inland rivers of the east in America in the war between England and America.

The Gulf was an area of access to the world for the Confederates, as much as an invasion point in the War of 1812. The British landed in New Orleans and were shredded by the American Rangers and Militia of Andrew Jackson. In like manner the Unionists of Abraham Lincoln had one sound military campaign from the start, and that was control of the Mississippi, for it would divide the South, east from west in supplies and men to the Confederacy. The second object was the blockade to keep trade from taking place in import and export from the South.
The most successful warship of the South was one featured here, which destroyed a great part of the whaling fleet in ocean waters, which was the source of much needed oil to light homes, as whale oil burned cleaner than beef tallow in candles.

The ships of the period focus on the sailing and the infamous ironclads in the Merrimack and the Monitor partial submersibles, but the real terrors were actually based on the Greek ships and their art of warfare, as they were called Rams, and had "rams" or extended bow spikes of iron which were used to ram into ships and rip them to pieces.
Yes the ships were armed with cannons and shot, which bounced off the iron clads, but the balls were used as battering sledges to knock rivets or machinery loose inside to cripple the vessels.

One must contemplate these torture chambers, as they were steam powered, meaning coal or wood were the fuel, so they were an oven of great heat. They had to be sealed primarily as shell would penetrate through the holes, and if that took place, you had a huge ball or shrapnell moving at 1000 feet per second, bouncing like a ping pong ball inside a ship in richochet.
That with the sound of balls thudding off a ship like a giant bell, leaves the reality that it was not a pleasant thing to be in these water tanks, as in the battle of Mobile, a Union shell struck the main ram, and the ball splintered an iron column inside and drove a shard of it into the commander's leg.

Sailing ships had passed from the world of wood, to the vista of iron clads with paddle wheels and rams doing the damage, as the ship was the weapon during this period of history as it was with the Greeks.

The battlefield was from Cairo Illinois to New Orleans for the control of the Mississippi. Neither sounding in the least like anything lethal in modern times, yet one harkens to the name, Vicksburg, and that city was of the vast importance to the South and the North, as it was laid seige to by General Grant, as it was the inland control of the Mississippi River and Valley.
That is why the greatest military battles were fought in Missouri and the infamous Chicamauga followed in this theater, as the western war was all revolving around not States, but the state of control of the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico.

The Gulf Fleet of the Civil War is lost as much as the Naval Officers who made war there. The Home Squadron in 1860 patrolled the entire Gulf under G.J. Pendergast. With war starting in 1861, the Home Squadron was divided into three division by Flag Officers, Pendergast in command of the West Indian, Mexican, Central American Squadron, Stringham the Atlantic Squadron and Mervine until September to the Cape of Flordia to the Rio Grande, whereby he was replaced with W.W. McKean.

The first battle of the Civil War on American inland waters was on October 12th, 1861, and it was a Confederate victory.
The Union ships of Richmond a steam sloop, and sailing sloops, Vincennes and Preble had anchored in the Mississippi River to control the waters. It was then a most interesting contraption appeared in the Confederate ram of no name.
She was a tug boat out of Boston with twin screws and two engines, and named the Enoch Train. She was covered over with railroad iron, had a cast ram on her prow, and a 9 inch cannon which was not operating and lashed to her front.
One boiler was not fully operational and the other was, so when she rammed the Richmond, she tore a hole in her, but did about as much damage to herself as the Richmond.

The Richmond suffered from a 5 inch hole below waterline, but the Enoch Train which started life in helping to clear out the channel of the Mississippi, in the collision her prow was wrenched off, her smokestack collapses and the condenser of her second engine gave out.
She laid off the Richmond once freeing herself and Lt, A. F. Warley of the Confederate Navy contemplated the events, and decided prudence was the better part in a victory as this, and sailed off, at which point fire rafts were sent in to burn up the Union sloops.

The Unionists hove anchor and went down the west channel where the Richmond and Vincennes grounded, and later came under a long distance bombardment by the Confederate rifle cannons, without effect, as the Confederates did not care to come under the range of the Richmond's heavy cannon.

With tide up, the Union ships were afloat and this ended the first engagement on American inland waters in the Civil War.

The Union commander did not deploy a picket boat to warn of the Confederate advance and was caught unawares by neglect. The lone bright spot was a fourth Union ship, a side wheel steamer by the name of the Water Witch.
She under the command of Lt. Winslow, steamed up river, avoided the fire rafts and held her ground until it was seen the main squadron had gone down the channel.

McKean of the Union, seemed to be shell shocked or ram shocked, or more sympathetic to the South, as most Union commanders were. The heavies of the Richmond appear to have never been limbered up on the Enoch Train which at that close range would have rattled teeth and rivets loose in the tug.

All exciting work and so much the more so when that great inland water wolf appeared in David Dixon Porter in his freshwater Navy.

That though is another fetching tale of the forgotten Naval Wars which have been the scenes of some of the most pivotal and savage of battles in American history.