Thursday, July 9, 2020

Coronavirus Testing

This won't hurt one bit, but it will make you beg God you die 
to never have to do it again

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was reading a thread about a guy who probably caught Coronavirus from his RN wife, whose place of work flushed out four carriers. His statement of feeling lethargic, achy, fever, wanting to sleep, and then waking up with a high fever and bronchial chest pains, was bad, but then they sent him to an in car test, where a nurse came out in a hazmat suit, and stuck one of those 6 inch Q tips up his nose.

He said it burned, hit to his brain, made him gag, his eyes were watering and it took him 5 minutes to recover so he could drive home.

Went to testing site and waited in car. Lady came out dressed in a PPR suit and said "Don't pull away or pull this out." I plastered my head against the headrest and waited. She stuck a long q-tip up my nose until they touched my brain. Then kind of swiped it around a bit. Then held it there for about 30 seconds.

The whole time I'm gagging and my eyes are running. Once she pulled it out it took me about 5 minutes before I could drive.

Someone mentioned a check swab method, but finding out what are the tests is not something which is covered, just what is probably coming.

Some of the tests in development swap brain-tickling swabs for plastic tubes that collect spit. Others dunk patient samples into chemical cocktails that light up when they detect coronavirus genes. Another type of test identifies coronavirus proteins in minutes, using a cheap device that’s easy to produce in bulk and deploy in low-resource settings.
“To combat this virus, we need to test widely and frequently, and get the results back quickly,” said Dr. Zev Williams at Columbia University, who is developing a coronavirus spit test that can run in about 30 minutes. “That requires a genuine paradigm shift in the way we go about testing for it.”

My thoughts in this are, if you think you got this biological weapon, what the heck good is a test. This guy sounded like he has a lethal strain, and so he will wait two days to be told he has the virus, instead of taking Chloroquine and Zinc, to knock the weapon out of his system, before it goes into late phase 2 and into 3.

I just fail to see any point in a test that apparently is as fun as old rabies shots or a testicle examination. If a person is sick, take the treatment and to hell with the test as you need the treatment anyway.

While I do not have bandwidth for this, I found this link on Rense, and apparently the virtue of Soros Gates vaccines is to change your DNA. What I found sourced once and placed here for your information, which no one else has stated is, the vaccine is dead baby serum, but in this serum is the old Coronavirus, which they have spliced the bioweapon 1237 protein spike. The old virus is there so your body recognizes it, as it will not recognize this bioweapon. This in turn is supposed to sheath the 1237 in theory.
All this chimera protein though replication as this serum does replicate as that is how an immune response is generated, and in the 150 mcg doses, it about kills people, so they only give 100 mcgs, which again, you inject this living stuff into your body, and it is replicating, jamming into cells, and we know from this blog posts that the Germans discovered this virus, sends out tentacles from cells it is in to move, and to harpoon other cells to spread the virus. Those are a great deal of biological weapon things going on, already, and it does give pause as to what is in this serum which is hidden, that is going to make your DNA into something else.

Urgent - Stunning Info About Coming DNA Changing
Coronavirus VAX Which Will Alter Your Genome And
Turn All Those Injected Into GMOs...& Much More - Watch

Having had uncomfortable exams, as who does not like their ovaries rubbed or things jammed into places you should not have things jammed into, I simply would not get a test. These assholes who are advocating that people get tested all the time, must be sadists who like tearing sinus cavities as a sinus is not supposed to have rug burns on it.

So I will leave you with your decisions in what to do and this comment.

My wife just had one done in preparation for a surgery. She told the nurse it hurt and made her eyes water. The nurse said "I make most grown men cry." Sadistic little thing.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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Biden in Transition

No, give me a second......I know my name.....

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Legally by law, Joe Biden must prepare for what will never happen, in his being President, and weirdly there is a law which mandates this 6 months out, and Biden appointed the goof who wrote the law.

Leading the team is former Sen. Ted Kaufman (D-DE), who filled Biden's senate seat when he became VP - and led Biden's 2008 and 2009 transition team, according to Fox News.
Kauffman says they're in the "very early stages of pre-transition planning" after hiring around six people - including "Obama Administration and Capitol Hill veterans," according to the report. There's also a former CIA official.
Yohannes Abraham, a longtime senior White House staffer in the Obama administration and former COO of the Obama Foundation, will manage day-to-day operations. Avril Haines, former principal deputy national security advisor and deputy director of the CIA, will manage the transition's national security and foreign policy efforts.
Other staffers will include Gautam Raghavan, chief of staff to Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash.; Angela Ramirez, chief of staff to Assistant Speaker Ben Ray Lujan of New Mexico; Evan Ryan, a senior advisor to Biden during the Obama administration, and Julie Siegel, who worked for Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., as senior counsel for economic policy. -Fox News

So in knowing how brain dead Joe Biden is in having pedophilia on the mind all the time, this Lame Cherry thought it would be good to have a good look at the people that Joe Biden has entrusted in this most critical time in America's history. Fittingly these people all look like something Joe Biden would pick.

Julie Siegel it says worked for Grandma Warren. Granted she looks like her parents were related retards, but the good news is for Ms. Siegel, she is the intelligent looking one in the group of primates Joe Biden trusts America with.

Here is a look at Teddy Kaufman, the man Joe Biden picked to run his Senate office and the replace him. Apparently Teddy is suffering from senility too, as he looks like oatmeal confuses him at breakfast and all day.

You will notice a trend in Biden's picks, that he trolls around for representatives of groups who hate America and Americans. Here is Yohannes Abraham, the Muslim in the group who Obama hand picked, and looks like a terrorist who would blow himself up by accident.
Yes he has the same Obama lips and looks like he sucks cock too.

This is the CIA chic, a coup plotter and why else would Obama have something like this around as she looks not intelligent enough to know right from wrong and she sure was not there hoover Obama.
Oh her name is Avril Haines.

Every senile old man needs a real Indian so here is Angela Ramirez out of coofer New Mexico. Again not hired for looks and I do not want to contemplate the 85 IQ potential.

Then there is the gay communist Indian, as every transition needs a gay communist Indian in Gautam Raghavan.


Lastly we have the woman with the guy name of Evan Ryan. She looks like she is in a perpetual choom haze and has lips that Biden would dream about sucking his cock.


All of these people are the reason we are having riots and American history is being trolled in statue toppling. Most of these trolls are who Obama had in his White House, which brought us Benghazi Muslim raping fags to death, 500,000 dead in Syria, building the Wuhan China biological weapon's lab and the Obama Intifada.

Personally, if these people showed up in my office looking for a job, I would tell them they were in the top 10 and then never call them back, as they would believe it, and wait the rest of their lives with cobwebs woven on them waiting for the call. I can not think of a more reflective list of  self absorbed confused staring folks which are fitting for Joe Biden to pick.
The only person missing is that Afroid ditz from Georgia who tried to impeach President Trump as she is low IQ too as Biden's Vice Presidential choice.

These people have one word which fits all. Vacuous, Bruce Chilton vacuous.

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Thee Enhancer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was listening to an interview with Tom Dongo, in his recording of events on the Sedona ranch in Arizona, which was the site of paranormal manifestations. He stated that he through there was a a portal over the ranch.
It was interesting in the manifestations which appear to began as orbs of light, and then "UFO's" and other things, that the occupant of the ranch's husband, would not even come out and look at things, after one of his experiences.

This is not about the men, but about the women and something Tom Dongo observed, and stated in passing. He stated that when Linda, moved to Montana, the paranormal activity stopped. He stated that she and him approached this with an openness to learn what it all was.

When I heard the portal stopped being active, it reminded me of the Delphi oracle stating that it was no longer active when the Christians appeared, as a greater force in Christ, than the demonic.

This Linda, appears to be a manifestation of a unique persona, like a spiritual lightning rod. The portal was there, but it operated when she was there, willing  things through that portal, which were not of authority to come through.
For the portal to become active again, indicates that another enhancer is there or the portal has been opened, and things are coming through.

When America was founded, there was a great deal of shamanism. Numbers of odd things were appearing in the werewolf, the sasquatch, thunderbird, kachina, and things which absolutely one had to see to believe. As Protestants built their Churches, the manifestations ceased, until something began opening the doors again in UFO's or demonic manifestations appeared, in the abuse of humans and animals in government sanctions.

All of this began linked to the Nazi cult in what they had opened up in Europe, and it appears that when the Nazi heirarchy was transplanted to America, the UFO's began to manifest regular as much as demon possession.

There is no longer a Christian Protestant majority, the Church has been corrupted, and what is manifesting worse with each passing year are these enhancers, and wanna bes who are willing all sorts of evil through to this dimension.
They are wearing a groove in these portals and the doors are open and entry is manifesting more frequently and far less friendly as is always the case with invasion of the soul snatchers.

As Christ is the key, the door Spiritually, it appears there are natural doors and keys in humans who open portals. They used to call them witch doctors or warlocks, because things manifested around them. Now it is just people, and things are manifesting as the demonic is drawn to the hosts and is pouring into this world.

It should be possible to shut these portals all down and seal them. For the money, I would hunt them up and do what needs to be done. I though am too exhausted and poor, as everyone wants to ride the pony for free, well save for a few.

It is simply noted that there are enhancers that the portals operate openly with.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Not so Merry Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

So Mary Trump was paid money to try and impugn the President, her Uncle, by publishing a book which in all honesty sounds exactly what it is, a memoir from the daughter of a suicidal drunk, who was beat in court out of Trump money, and a judge broke the law of non disclosure by allowing this book to be published to try and hurt the President's re election.

Mary Trump

Mary Trump

The words of Mary Trump are words which are reaching too far to find something no there. She says Fred Trump, her Grandfather destroyed his sons. If destruction is the Presidency, then whoever Barack Obama's old man is, was a bastard too.
I just do not see anything in this book, except how wrong Mary gets things. Her Aunt said Trump was a clown and would not win the GOP nomination..........well another female Trump who does not like Donald, who got it wrong.

The big charge is that Trump hired a Jew to take his SAT, as he wanted to impress his father and get into business school. Again zero proof, just as the charge that the Kushner's said Ivanka was not good enough until she became a Jewess. This kind of anti semitism in these times is a bit much and reveals Mary Trump is not a mind which comprehends what she is whining about.

For some reason, she included a joke the mogul made about her, having a nice body, that she was stacked. His then wife Marla Maples slapped his arm in jest, but Mary pulled her towel over her supposed big tits. Again no proof in how big her tits are, just more charges which do not amount to anything, but a Trump hater who is deranged.

Honestly, I don't know why the small mind of Mary Trump did not come up with some whoppers. I mean since she is playing clinical psychologist diagnosing Fred Trump Sr. with all sorts of mental conditions and making her Grandma out to be a nut, as Mary sits around all year like a gold digger waiting for expensive gifts from her rich Uncle and Aunt.........yeah, she never examines herself in asking what kind of horrid child she is, that Donald Trump was not going to waste money on her. It was not enough that Donald Trump got a gift for her, and it was not enough that Donald Trump tried to employ this doped out failure. Mary Trump apparently in a world of starving children was pissed she got a golden slipper filled with candy.

This woman's hatred for her family is the only thing this book reveals in her narcissism. All she accomplishes is making herself look bad. This book lacks Kennedy orgies, Clinton rapes, Obama pedophilia. All there is, is Mary Trump sore at the world and being paid money that every family says about their relatives. That is nothing you pay money for, unless of course you are a desperate Joe Biden backer and Mary Trump is apparently suffering from Oedipus Trump as somewhere in her meanderings she wanted to be Trump's girlfriend, as that is what exudes from her fixation on Trump's life and her catty remarks about Melania.

I mean why didn't she lie about something which would have been salacious. Like strip poker with the Trump boys or giving Donald a King Herod dance for John the Baptists head. That Karen McDougal had a better story in just a one nighter in what a gentleman Trump is. This kind of stories from Mary Trump are just a woman scorned.

Mary Trump boils down to, her father did not have it in him to make something of himself, no matter how much Fred Trump tried to instill something in him. So Mary wanted what Donald had and sued in court for the estate and lost, and she has been holding a grudge ever since......which led to her prostituting herself for a book that no one is going to read or care about.
She just comes off as treacherous when she hauls out private records and hands them over to reporters, which came of nothing, but this backstabber stated that this was the first time she felt good.

Yes destroying your Uncle, hurting America, so you get your pound of flesh, was not enough of a meal for Mary Trump.........she had to write a book and take credit for betraying her family and country.

You can see in Mary Trump's eyes that this is a soul in anguish, another Cindy Sheehan whored by the left in America to go after someone they hate. I just feel sorry for her, as she did not measure up in Trump World and her one saving grace is that she never showed her big tits into Penthouse or Playboy degrading herself more.

So she has her book. The Trump family detest her. The money is not going to last. She might be the little whore that could on some CIA Mockingbird show like whores get rewarded, but there is only so much Trump Hate out there, and it will not last past 2024 AD in the year of our Lord, and that is not much of a career as you have to be alone with yourself and know what you are in the dark of the night.

I would that Mary Trump would find Jesus. Sometime apologize for the sour grapes and know that Donald Trump is not going to let this go as she is out of the clan. She needs to just find herself in God and go build a life for His Glory and leave this shit behind. That is my advice as life is short and you should never base your life in other people's sorrows to make you feel something.

I do pray that Mary Trump stops wasting her life and finds out what God intends her to be, as this world is short, and eternity is what we are here for.

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Chief Justice John Roberts Has Brain Damage

What is the connection in mental incapacitation of John Roberts 
and the bizarre rulings he has handed down?


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 In a shocking cover up by John the Bungholer Roberts of the Supreme Court, uncovered by the Washington Post, the Chief Justice before making more in explainable rulings on the high court was confirmed suffering from a fall in public, and striking his head again, causing severe bleeding from his skull.
Roberts was evacuated to emergency medical care where doctors worked to stop the bleeding and suture up the gash in his forehead. The fall was so serious that doctors insisted the Roberts remain for observation in the hospital in case of concussion, a brain hemorrhage or another seizure which Roberts has had several severe episodes of.

WASHINGTON — Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. sustained a head injury last month that required a night at the hospital, a spokeswoman for the Supreme Court said on Tuesday.
“The chief justice was treated at a local hospital on June 21 for an injury to his forehead sustained in a fall while walking for exercise near his home,” the spokeswoman, Kathleen Arberg, said in a statement.
“The injury required sutures, and out of an abundance of caution, he stayed in the hospital overnight and was discharged the next morning,” Ms. Arberg said. “His doctors ruled out a seizure. They believe the fall was likely due to lightheadedness caused by dehydration.”
The incident was first reported by The Washington Post, which said it had made inquiries after receiving a tip that Chief Justice Roberts had been seen at a Maryland country club bleeding from his head.
Other members of the court, notably Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, have volunteered information about health setbacks requiring hospitalization. Chief Justice Roberts did not disclose his fall until The Post asked.
The chief justice has twice had seizures, in 1993 and 2007, but Ms. Arberg’s statement said his latest fall had not been caused by one.

It is time for the United States Senate to issue a subpoena of John Roberts to appear before the Judiciary Committee to question John Roberts and review his mental fitness, and require a Cognitive Test for his mental function.
Roberts failing to appear or pass such a medical examination, should be immediately impeached by the House with a trail in the Senate on mental incompetence.

It is time that the 25th Amendment be expanded to include Congress and the Judiciary. The lengthy process of impeachment is too high of a barrier to remove brain damaged individuals such as John Roberts. As with the President, the Cabinet is necessary to convene removal, it should fall to the Cabinet and the Senate and House leadership to review any Justice on health issues for removal.

There is obviously something wrong with John Roberts as deeply troubling by Ruth Bader Ginsberg, as they have made falling down and breaking themselves as common as a federal vacation.

As this occurred at a country club, we do not know how Roberts became dehydrated while "walking" or if he was having rough man sex with another patron who as homosexual males will, beat each other up in the throws of deviant passion, in the 65 year old could not handle a boy toy in the bushes or if Roberts is this fragile that he passed out like Hillary Clinton while wearing his winter clothes on a hot summer day.

John Roberts has proven he has absolutely not any moral compass and perhaps this is part of the brain damage he has suffered from. It is time for Congress to ascertain the Chief Justice's mental status and health and the Attorney General must open an investigation in this Roberts cover up, to ascertain if Roberts only fell, or if this was some homosexual assault as Roberts has covered up this incident for a reason.

It is time to put all branches of the Government under the same recall as the President. The President has taken competency tests and has been investigated. It is time for John Roberts to face the same scrutiny as the President.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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How China Tested Coronavirus on the West

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The data is proving what this blog stated would occur in the Coronavirus plague, that a lethal strain was spread, a less lethal strain would spread to inoculate against it, and the virus would relegate to phantom status, because those spreading it through shit contamination would cease.

At this moment, cases in America spiked, from controlled burns of the spit spread virus. Seriously, I have witnessed no data that masks work on this virus, as it is not airborne. It is still body fluid spread, but through snot, placed on shopping carts, doors.....the normal flu spread.

Tom Jefferson of Oxford though is weighing in, and provides insular proof in the propaganda of what this blog stated, but he is looking only at parts of the elephant. He can see the pachyderm, but is leaving out the deliberate human spread of it. He confirms though that this virus spread through human shit.
This blog exclusively reported that there were early Chicom transmission tests and that is how this virus started appearing in the United States. It was vaped from Chicom e cigs.

Dr Jefferson believes that the virus may be transmitted through the sewerage system or shared lavatory facilities, not just through droplets expelled by talking, coughing and sneezing. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

Jefferson has reached the conclusion that this was indeed spread through foods as much as deliberately infected 3rd world ship staff. That is important in it proves this was spread through contamination of food or beverages and then ingested into humans, the lethal strain.

"There was a cruise ship that went from South Georgia to Buenos Aires and the passengers were screened and then on day eight they got the first case. Was it in prepared food, defrosted and activated?

Jefferson is finding data which is bothersome to the neat timeline of China, but it also is ridiculous what he postulates that Coronavirus Wuhan was lurking in sewers like a chupacabra  ready to spring forth upon humanity. It also proves that Ann Coulter has shit for brains for spreading the story that this came out of a bat's ass, while castigating people on the right that this virus did not come from eating bat shit.
It is illogical that out of all the sewers in the world that Coronavirus Wuhan was in Spain, but only infected people in Wuhan China for a massive spread, as the spreads in other locations did not spread.

What the Lame Cherry will inform you of, is this virus was orally infecting people by deliberately eating it. This virus was damned near impossible to spread as the original Chinese version was weaponized as, as the Chicoms did not want this killing their invading troops.

What appears to be the silent gunner in this is, the Chicoms tried out different dispensing of this virus. The sewer evidence reveals that Spain and Brazil were guinea pigs in an early release of ingested products out of China. Thee Americans had a vaping dispenser which appeared more lethal and set off alarms in China as they cracked down on vaping hard.

Last week, Spanish virologists announced they had found traces of Covid-19 in samples of waste water collected in March 2019, nine months before the disease was seen in China.
Italian scientists have also found evidence of the virus in sewage samples in Milan and Turin from mid-December, many weeks before the first case was detected, while experts have found traces in Brazil from November.

This become even more sinister, in China apparently had batch virus production in enough quantities that they shipped a test lot to Spain which infected the population, but apparently did not kill enough people to register, meaning the virus was not weapon grade.
After the American vaping spread, the Chinese rolled back in September, to a release test in Italy and Brazil. The Italian figures are suspect as Italy had hordes of Chinamen working there, so they may have been a direct infection spread, from other sources.

In this time line, it appears not until the vaping testing, did the Europeans approach their contracted American labs (Europe has a pattern of dumping poison in the Americans for production and testing) and began the process to stop the Chinese who were in process of releasing a refined form of Coronavirus which would genocide their key targets of America, India and Japan in summer 2020.

If one begins filling between the Oxford line with logical deductions, the puzzle begins fitting. Of course the Chinese would be testing their biological weapons in China on Muslims, and more to the point they would do releases in the West to test how successful their product would be in real world conditions.

This is what the data reveals. It is not a smart virus lurking in human shit sewers. It is instead the lying Chinese testing biological weapons on their targets.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.



A High Paid Psychological Operation

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This blog is going to remind you of something in psychological operations, so you do not get into trouble, by reacting in violence.

When these Obama Intifada toppled Christians like Christopher Columbus, or call John Wayne Evil, or say they want to blow up Mount Rushmore, they are attempting to trigger a reaction by striking psychological identity.

In Forensic Psychology, attacking a person's identity is an assault, a form of psychological rape, which is designed to trigger an emotional response of submission or fight.

None of you after George Soros and Obama had the Standing Rock Terrorists conditioning this rent a riot mob, should think that the Sioux Indians in South Dakota protesting Donald Trump to these Quadroons in Georgia armed with assault rifles, trying to pick a fight with the KKK, just are Tonto and Uncle Ben out for a protest. These were directed responses, and as the FBI and BATFE have been absent and informing us that they are completely ignorant of who these terrorists are to stop them......and they never do stop them, but they can find a Canadian stooge who jumped the border trying to build a ghost gun in Massachusetts in what he had for breakfast as a White Supremacist, it is evident as in Charlottesville, that these are FBI paid trolls. Just like that BATFE troll for Eric Holder set up the Hutatree wood's roamers.

Heavily Armed Black Protesters Walk Through Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park (Video)

“I want the heart of the Ku Klux Klan to hear me no matter where the f*** you are,” he said. “I’m in your house. Where you at? You made a threat. We don’t threaten.”

Donald Trump should stay away from Mount Rushmore, Sioux leader says

It would be wrong for me as a tribal leader to remain diplomatic. We consider the carvings a symbol of trying to wipe us away and to say they had conquered us.


Yes Julian Bear Runner is another 85 IQ Quadroon crossbreed, who is not bright enough to think up this stuff on his Alexandria Ocasio Cortez alone. It is the same ANTIFA Black Lives Matter staged protest, just like Russiagate, Impeachmentgate, Coronavirusgate all are the same framing of Donald Trump to bring down the American Government with insurrection, in using the Laws of America against Americans.

In the meantime, they hope to crank this up, and they will continue to keep on ratcheting this up, with it is believed a Helter Skelter event series like Charlie Manson to get a few White People to react.

If the President, told the American People to GO. If he said like Esther, to have a cleansing like the Pur, Americans would not stop until all of this was cleaned out. It would make the French Revolution be nothing compared to what the Caucasians are capable of if aroused.

As you do not like being manipulated, do not let these stooges provoke you. They perform stunts as that is what these queer, anti gun, anti fur, anti nuclear, anti life baby butchers are all about. They create a ridiculous situation, attempt to provoke you, to blame you, as that is what they are taught at the Obama communist organized block parties.

If you must content yourself, wait for the President to give carte blanche to everyone in a Presidential Order or wait for the Chinese to bring things to a meltdown, and then there will be plenty of fodder for those with a flavor for it, as the police will all be hiding from an invading army In that, just use your common sense, when you see these Obama pansies sounding off, that you know the first primates the Russians or Chinese are going to put a bullet into, is this bunch of paid trolls, as they will only cause trouble to the invaders. So reason dictates, leave this for the Trump State or some foreigners who will solve the problem, as you should not let yourself to be goaded into being a problem now.

Don't be your worst enemy as this is a high paid psychological operation.

This once again, is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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