Saturday, February 25, 2017

President Donald Trump and American Moral Doctrine

Bush Fam Plays Nuclear Roulette With American & Korean Lives
in a #NeverTrumper Intrigue Gotcha


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a fact that North Korea has the absolute right, as  the Japanese had the right to exterminate Filipino headhunters on the north island in the 1900's as that was Japanese territory, for Kim Jong Un, under his system of regime to regicide his brother Kim Jong Nam.

There is also a President Ronald Reagan fact, that in morals which have been shattered under Barack Obama, that evil must be defined as such and not rewarded. In this, President Donald Trump was exactly correct in cancelling a "diplomatic" meeting in New York, which featured the very characters in the past Clinton, Bush and Obama regimes to negotiate on American soil, more of their failed diplomacy which has taught Kim Jong Un that nuclear tantrums bring American bribes.

“I suspect it was a combination of the VX attack and the president’s personal pique that caused the reversal,” the person said. “Someone obviously looked at the fact that the United States was going to issue visas to representatives of a country that had just violated international law, carried out a murder and intentionally violated the sovereignty of another country, and decided, ‘Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.’”

The Lame Cherry maintains that Kim John Un has every right to execute his brother who was plotting the overthrow of Kim Jong Un as leader of North Korea,  even in Malaysia, as Barack Obama had no problem in the murderous regime changes in Libya and Syria.
What is good for the Americans is as fitting for the North Koreans.

International law is a lawless bastard of nuclear might makes right. It has violated national sovereignty when it fits the globalist purpose in destroying Syria when Rhodesia has blacks genociding Caucasians there.
It is the full right of any nation to do with it's subjects as it sees fit, and unless the people stand up and depose the tyrant, it is simply another LaVoy Finicum dead.

The Lame Cherry offers that President Trump is morally right in his actions concerning North Korea. It is a fact though that North Korea will devolve to another nuclear tantrum for attention. American policy though must not be based on who Kim Jong Un is executing to protect his regime. American policy must not be based in the failed globalists of past American regimes. American policy must be grounded in Christian morality with the pragmatism of understanding that North Korea must be dealt with not in past failures to repeat mistakes, but dealt with, so it is not dealt with in a war which will take tens of thousands if not millions of lives.

The Lame Cherry revisits the solution which was posted here, free from Clinton, Bush and Obama failed negotiators, and places this in American negotiations who understand North Korea.

It was an absolute mistake of bringing North Koreans to New York. That is not a first step, but a final step.

What the Lame Cherry progresses again is now a new necessity, whereby the United States stipulates that all diplomatic negotiations take place through Taiwan first who will convey messages to Pyongyang.

What must first now  take place is that diplomatic effort on Taiwan soil. The North Koreans must be informed that they show the good will as the cultural exchanges which took place between Peking and DC in the 1970's.
The United States will suggest that a series of cultural events with Mrs. Kim Jong Un will take place first in Tokyo, then in New Dehli, then in Berlin and then in Paris, will be a framework of western exchanges of North Korean performing artists, and Japanese, Indian, German and French artists in Pyongyang.

If no such incidents on either side are generated as in Nam incident, then a diplomatic step will be undertaken at a cultural gathering in Moscow under the offices of President Vladimir Putin.

This is a positive direction which both the Americans and North Koreans can exhibit behaviors by repetition to step back from the swords of words and war. The purpose of the Moscow meeting is understood to be the solution of a Peace Treaty to end the Korean War, and with that document signed, to begin START or arms reduction talks on the Korean Peninsula, along with crossings of the DMZ of Korean families and integration of trade between the Koreas.

That though follows, providing both parties maintain peaceful relations during the cultural exchange period.

President Trump was correct in his Reaganesque stand against evil empire, but until the American Government and all other Nationalist States remove themselves from the bounds of international laws which had the Obama regime murdering Colonel Khadaffi and not being arrested, while Kim Jong Un is penalized for legally protecting his regime from treason, then there will not be any foundation for any peaceful settlement.

Seriously, whoever signed off on this New York meeting with North Korea was sowing intrigue against President Trump again, in this treason of allowing North Koreans on American soil without any conditions having been met.
President Trump has taken the first step in denying North Korea. The second step is arresting those behind this intrigue of this "American delegation" and I would bet that damned Jim Baker who Mike Pence was hauling into the White House for Ivanka carbon taxes had a hand in this manipulation to drop a nuclear hot potato in the President's lap.

The Americans in the group represented a wide range of views on North Korea. Winston Lord, a former ambassador to China who was on the list of participants, recently wrote in a dissent to a report for the Asia Society that the United States should immediately step up sanctions on North Korea.
Others in the American delegation were Robert L. Gallucci, a negotiator on North Korea during the Clinton presidency; Victor Cha, a senior adviser on North Korea to George W. Bush; and Evans J. R. Revere, a former principal deputy assistant secretary of state specializing in North Korea.
Mr. Gallucci and Mr. Cha wrote a report for the George W. Bush Institute last year that emphasized the human rights abuses in North Korea.

 The evidence is this was Bush fam intrigue for a Jeb Bush "I told you so". Arrest these plotters Mr. President.

Nuff Said



The Yorkroid Evolution

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Caught On Video: Chairs Fly As Nearly 40 People Fight In City Island Restaurant

Logically, one would deduce in the law of averages if one assembled 40 riotous drunken humans in a confined space, where chairs were being thrown, and a mob fight took place, that the odds are someone would have been knocked unconscious or killed.
Or at least an injury of incapacitation or broken bones that the unfortunate or unintelligent, would require EMT's to treat their condition.

Yet in 40 American Afriods fighting, no injury at all was inflicted in the above altercation, and apparently in two other altercations, no injuries were inflicted either.

It is obvious now that the American line breeding program of the African Negroid for a large slave class of workers who now inhabit professional athletics and not cotton fields, and crossbred with Caucasians in the creation of the American Afroid, has now like varieties of corn or flocks of chickens have produced  now divergent and distinct subspecies.

It is most interesting to compare these species of Afriods in for example the Yorkoids to the Chicoids. The Afroids of New York can gather on three occasions in what would be 100 plus violent Afroids and in gang violence not injure each other. By contrast the Chicoid of Chicago, those Afroids not in confined quarters, but the streets have bagged over 4000 of each other to the morgue in a remarkable exchange, which proves that the Chicago Afroid is superior to the New York Afroid in coup de grace, or intent to go for the kill.

Granted the Chicoid are not armed with chairs, but then again the Yorkoid are and absolutely inflict no damage on their victims.

As both Chicago and New York are gun control zones, that can not be a factor in this. In this though we know that the bar brawl in New York featured fried seafood. Perhaps there is something which causes the eating of French fried seafood to manifest non lethal psychology. No evidence is though in this if Chicago does not provide fried shrimp for their natives, which is why they are more aggressive.
The eating of seafood though is a factor in Japanese ancestry, but the Cantonese ate the same diet, and were not as aggressive as the Japanese.

The Asian perhaps are not affected by diet, and it points to something of genetics, in the Chicoid are more aggressive and successful, while the Yorkoid are not. In examination of Michelle Obama, she certainly is not hosing down the ho's and bro's with guns being of Chicago, so the aggression is not widespread in the genetics, as apparently the pacifist Yorkoids are widespread in their inability of injury to each other.

On the primate scale, it appears the Yorkoid are more akin to the Indian monkey in doing a great deal of screaming but no injuries are inflicted, while the Chicoid are more of the orangutan in harming each other in territorial fight.

It appears that certain species of the Afroid in America are more aggressive in distinct localities, such as Coloids of DC, the Baltoids of Baltimore and Angoids of Los Angeles.
For the safety of the American Afroid, it would be best if the government could transplant Yorkoids to these various aggressive communities to create Barack Obama mom jean types, as protected species from the more aggressive local species, and in Planned Parenthood sterilize these aggressive blacks and utilize the welfare program to promote breeding.
It is suggested when both Obama adoptive daughters become of legal adult age, that they be sent to their nativity to become breeders, in producing perhaps 18 peaceful Afroid children to populate Chicago with an Afroid like the Yorkoid, whereby no harm will occur in Chicago gang wars again.

This should be the national breeding project of the promotion of the Yorkoid subspecies so the American Afroid does not become extinct in the Obama Negroid Genocide of Blacks in America, whereby the Afroid must also be a protected species from the more violent Muslim and more aggressive breeding Mexican.

This concludes this anthropological study of the subspecies of the American Afroid.


George Clooney in attacking President Trump quotes Communists and Assassins

The honorary Cesar Award traditionally has been handed out to Hollywood stars in years past, with Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, Scarlett Johansson and Kevin Costner receiving it during the last four editions.
A communist Award

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There apparently are lasting effects of brain damage for voting for the Clintons and Barack Obama, as Jodi Foster was quoting Frederick Douglas, a Black Republican, as Henry Louis Gates jr was castrating this historical black  for not be black enough, and now we have George Clooney, on  French soil, quoting communists and assassins while attacking President Donald Trump.

After a few more mistranslations by Dujardin, Clooney concluded by citing Good Night, Good Luck's Edward R. Murrow, who attacked Joseph McCarthy and his Communist witch hunts in an impassioned speech from 1954: "We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine and remember that we are not descended from fearful men."

He then concluded with a quote from Cassius in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar: "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves."

The reality in this is as President Gorbachev of Russia stated, is that Senator  Joseph McCarthy before he was assassinated by the world citizen communists, in his investigations against the Reds in America, had set the communist overthrow of America back decades.
It was the fellow travelers like Edward Murrow who were the traitors to America in  protecting this ilk which gave rise to the Birther Obama.

In addition, Cassius was the assassination plotter against Julius Caesar, who conned an ignorant Brutus with words to betray the leader of Rome.

The fault is in George Clooney and his #NeverTrumpers and continues to be so, as this group of genocidists which mass murdered over 500,000 Syrians and are now attempting to put Europe as scorched earth in their propaganda war against Russia, are the problem, not President Trump.

The time has come for the Citizens of their Sacred Nations to rise up and detain these George Clooney coup plotters and put them into the same "safe zones" their Muslim pets are required to return to, as there are numbers of mentally disturbed and retarded individuals in the wealthy elite who are becoming terrorists and militants, because of the Cleric Clooney type.

Nuff Said


Comme une autre cerise Lame exclusive en matière anti-matière.

Il ya apparemment des effets durables de dommages cérébraux pour voter pour les Clintons et Barack Obama, comme Jodi Foster citait Frederick Douglas, un républicain noir, comme Henry Louis Gates jr était castrating ce noir historique pour ne pas être assez noir, et maintenant nous avons George Clooney, sur le sol français, citant des communistes et des assassins en attaquant le président Donald Trump.

Après quelques autres erreurs de traduction de Dujardin, Clooney conclut en citant Good Night, Edward R. Murrow de Good Luck, qui a attaqué Joseph McCarthy et sa chasse aux sorcières communistes dans un discours passionné de 1954: "Nous ne serons pas poussés par la peur à une époque de La déraison, si nous creusons profondément dans notre histoire et notre doctrine et rappelez-vous que nous ne sommes pas descendus des hommes craintifs.


Il conclut alors avec une citation de Cassius dans Jules César de Shakespeare: «La faute, cher Brutus, n'est pas dans nos étoiles, mais en nous-mêmes.

Le président Gorbatchev de Russie a déclaré que le sénateur Joseph McCarthy, avant d'être assassiné par les communistes de la planète, dans ses enquêtes contre les Rouges en Amérique, avait mis le déversement communiste de l'Amérique pendant des décennies.Ce sont les compagnons de route comme Edward Murrow qui ont été les traîtres de l'Amérique dans la protection de ce genre qui a donné lieu à la Birther Obama.
En outre, Cassius était le complot d'assassinat contre Jules César, qui a poursuivi un ignorant Brutus avec des mots pour trahir le chef de Rome.
La faute est dans George Clooney et son #NeverTrumpers et continue à l'être, car ce groupe de génocidaires qui ont assassiné plus de 500 000 Syriens et tentent maintenant de mettre l'Europe comme terre brûlée dans leur guerre de propagande contre la Russie, sont le problème, pas le président Atout.
Le temps est venu pour les citoyens de leurs nations sacrées de se lever et de détenir ces George Clooney comploteurs et les mettre dans les mêmes "zones de sécurité" leurs animaux de compagnie musulmanes sont tenus de revenir, car il ya un certain nombre de personnes mentalement perturbées et retardées Dans l'élite riche qui sont devenus des terroristes et des militants, à cause du type clerc Clooney.

Nuff Said


Als eine andere Lame Cherry exklusiv in Materie Anti-Materie.

Es gibt anscheinend dauerhafte Effekte von Hirnschäden für die Abstimmung für die Clintons und Barack Obama, wie Jodi Foster zitiert Frederick Douglas, ein schwarzer Republikaner, wie Henry Louis Gates jr warf dieses historische Schwarz für nicht schwarz genug, und jetzt haben wir George Clooney, auf französischem Boden, zitiert Kommunisten und Attentäter beim Angriff auf Präsident Donald Trump.

Nach einigen weiteren Fehlübersetzungen von Dujardin schloss Clooney mit der Guten Nacht, Good Lucks Edward R. Murrow, der Joseph McCarthy und seine kommunistischen Hexenjagden in einer leidenschaftlichen Rede von 1954 angriff: "Wir werden nicht von Angst in ein Zeitalter getrieben werden Unvernunft, wenn wir tief in unsere Geschichte und unsere Lehre graben und uns daran erinnern, dass wir nicht von den ängstlichen Männern abstammen. "


Er schloß dann mit einem Zitat von Cassius in Shakespeares Julius Cäsar: "Der Fehler, lieber Brutus, ist nicht in unseren Sternen, sondern in uns selbst."

Die Realität in diesem ist, wie Präsident Gorbatschow von Russland erklärte, ist, dass Senator Joseph McCarthy, bevor er von den Weltbürger Kommunisten ermordet wurde, in seinen Untersuchungen gegen die Reds in Amerika, den kommunistischen Sturz von Amerika zurück Jahrzehnte gesetzt hatte.Es waren die Mitreisenden wie Edward Murrow, die die Verräter nach Amerika waren, um diesen ilk zu schützen, der zum Birther Obama führte.
Darüber hinaus war Cassius der Ermordungsplotter gegen Julius Cäsar, der einen unwissenden Brutus mit Worten verurteilte, um den Führer von Rom zu verraten.
Die Schuld ist in George Clooney und seinen #NeverTrumpers und ist weiterhin so, wie diese Gruppe von Genocidisten, die Massen über 500.000 Syrer ermordet haben und nun versuchen, Europa als versengte Erde in ihren Propagandakrieg gegen Russland zu stellen, sind das Problem, nicht Präsident Trumpf.
Es ist an der Zeit, dass die Bürger ihrer heiligen Nationen aufstehen und diese George Clooney-Coup-Plotter festhalten und sie in die gleichen "sicheren Zonen" stellen werden, die ihre muslimischen Haustiere zurückgeben müssen, da es Zahlen von geistig gestörten und zurückgebliebenen Individuen gibt In der reichen Elite, die Terroristen und Militanten werden, wegen der Cleric Clooney Art.

Nuff sagte


В качестве еще одного Хромой Cherry в эксклюзивном материи анти материи.

Там, видимо, являются долгосрочные последствия повреждения головного мозга для голосования за Клинтонов и Барака Обамы, так как Джоди Фостер цитирует Фредерик Дуглас, черный республиканец, а Генри Луис Гейтс-младший был кастрации этот исторический черный для не быть достаточно черным, а теперь у нас есть Джордж Клуни, на французской земле, цитируя коммунисты и убийцами, атакуя президента Дональда Трампа.

После нескольких неправильных переводов по Дюжарден, Клуни пришел к выводу, ссылаясь Спокойной ночи, удачи Эдвард Марроу, который напал на Джозефа Маккарти и его коммунистической охоты на ведьм в страстной речи с 1954: "Мы не будет зависеть от страха в возрасте безрассудство, если мы будем копать глубоко в нашей истории и нашей доктрине и помните, что мы не произошли от страшных людей. "


Затем он заключил с цитаты из Кассия в Шекспира Юлий Цезарь: "Вина, дорогой Брут, не в наших звездах, а в нас самих."

Реальность в этом как президент Горбачев России заявил, что сенатор Джозеф Маккарти, прежде чем он был убит мировых коммунистов граждан, в своих исследованиях против красных в Америке, поставила коммунистическую свержению Америки несколько десятилетий назад.Это был попутчики, как Эдвард Murrow, которые были предателями Америки в деле защиты этого рода, который дал начало Birther Обаме.
Кроме того, Кассий было убийство плоттеры против Юлия Цезаря, который обманул невежественное Брута со словами предать лидера Рима.
Неисправность заключается в Джорджа Клуни и его #NeverTrumpers и продолжает быть так, как эта группа genocidists которой масса убитой более 500000 сирийцев и в настоящее время пытается поставить Европу выжженной земли в своей пропагандистской войне против России, являются проблемой, а не президент Козырь.
Пришло время для граждан их Священных Наций подняться и задержать этих заговорщиков Джорджа Клуни и поместить их в те же самые "безопасные зоны" их мусульманские домашние животные обязаны вернуться, так как есть числа психически больных и умственно отсталых лиц в богатой элиты, которые становятся террористами и боевиками из-за типа Клирик Клуни.



We Kill Germans Here

A rental car with a Hamburg licence plate ploughed into three pedestrians in Heidelberg

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


Dramatic moment armed man is shot by cops after ‘deliberately driving car into pedestrians’ in German city of Heidelberg killing one and injuring two others

A 73-year-old man dies of his injuries while knife-wielding driver is treated for gunshot wound

I trust the German police about as much as I trust James Comey to find the criminals in high places in America.

Police were quick to say they did not believe it was a terror attack.

Whenever police in this Obama Merkel Saudi age do not tell you the guys name is Franz Schultz, it means it is instead something tan skinned.

The 35-year-old man, who police have stressed was not a migrant, was allegedly carrying a knife.

There was no word on the man's possible motives or his origin.
Police said a terrorist background is not suspected and the man appears to have acted alone. 

Whenever police tell you a terrorist is not a migrant, they have not revealed his origin and it is not a terrorist background, it points to a reality that this is a home grown terrorist with tan skin.

I did a short inquiry, and the matrix was pointing to a Turk.

Turkish Expats in Heidelberg? - InterNations

Turkish Expats in Heidelberg Share Their Experiences. InterNations is a place where Turkish expats in Heidelberg exchange experiences and tips to support each other.

And finally, the German police need 6 rather thin looking police to guard a car.......apparently they think this is the suspect who is going to get up and run away.

Police were quick to say they don't believe terror was a motive

In Hitler's time, the SS would have dispatched the problem with a second 9 mm, and then firebombed the nation to scorched earth which dared to have put into Germany a terrorist that would harm one German.

I would bet if Germany had a Government for the German People, that Government would now  be dropping neutron bombs on the source of this, to make room for the millions of Merkel Muslims to be resettled into their Islamic lands again.

Nuff Said


Als eine andere Lame Cherry exklusiv in Materie Anti-Materie.

Dramatischer Moment bewaffneter Mann wird von den Polizisten erschossen, nachdem er "bewusst in die Fußgänger gefahren" in der deutschen Stadt Heidelberg getötet und zwei andere verletzt hat
Ein 73-jähriger Mann stirbt an seinen Verletzungen, während der Messer-Führer für Schusswunde behandelt wird

Ich vertraue der deutschen Polizei so sehr, wie ich James Comey vertraue, um die Verbrecher in hohen Orten in Amerika zu finden.

Die Polizei war schnell zu sagen, dass sie nicht glaubten, dass es ein Terrorangriff war.

Immer wenn Polizei in diesem Obama Merkel Saudi Alter nicht sagen, die Jungs Name ist Franz Schultz, es bedeutet, dass es stattdessen etwas Bräunenhäutig ist.

Der 35-jährige Mann, der die Polizei betont hat, war kein Migrant, angeblich ein Messer.


Es gab kein Wort über die möglichen Motive des Mannes oder seinen Ursprung.

Die Polizei sagte, ein terroristischer Hintergrund sei nicht vermutet und der Mann scheint allein gehandelt zu haben.

Wenn die Polizei Ihnen sagt, dass ein Terrorist kein Migrant ist, haben sie seinen Ursprung nicht offenbart und es ist kein terroristischer Hintergrund, sondern weist darauf hin, dass es sich hierbei um einen heimischen Terroristen mit brauner Haut handelt.

Ich habe eine kurze Untersuchung gemacht, und die Matrix zeigte auf einen Türken.

Türkische Expats in Heidelberg? - InterNationen
Türkische Expats in Heidelberg teilen ihre Erfahrungen. InterNations ist ein Ort, an dem türkische Expats in Heidelberg Erfahrungen austauschen und sich gegenseitig unterstützen.

Und schließlich braucht die deutsche Polizei 6 eher dünn aussehende Polizei, um ein Auto zu schützen ....... anscheinend denken sie das ist der Verdächtige, der aufstehen und weglaufen wird.

Die Polizei war schnell zu sagen, dass sie nicht glauben, dass Terror ein Motiv war

In Hitlers Zeit hätte die SS das Problem mit einem zweiten 9 mm abgesandt und dann die Nation auf die verbrannte Erde geschmissen, die es wagte, in Deutschland einen Terroristen zu bringen, der einem Deutschen schaden würde.

Ich würde wetten, wenn Deutschland eine Regierung für das deutsche Volk hatte, diese Regierung würde nun Neutronenbomben auf die Quelle setzen, um Platz für die Millionen Merkel Muslime zu machen, um wieder in ihre islamischen Länder umgesiedelt zu werden.

Nuff sagte


Comme une autre cerise Lame exclusive en matière anti-matière.

Moment dramatique homme armé est abattu par les flics après «délibérément conduire la voiture dans les piétons» dans la ville allemande de Heidelberg tuer un et blesser deux autres
Un homme de 73 ans meurt de ses blessures alors que le conducteur de couteau est soigné pour une blessure par balle

Je fais confiance à la police allemande autant que je me fie à James Comey pour trouver les criminels en haut lieu en Amérique.

Les policiers se sont empressés de dire qu'ils ne croyaient pas que c'était une attaque terroriste.

Chaque fois que la police dans cette ère Obama Merkel Saudi ne vous dira pas le nom des gars est Franz Schultz, cela signifie qu'il est plutôt quelque chose bronzé.

L'homme de 35 ans, que la police a souligné n'était pas un migrant, portait un couteau.


Il n'y avait aucun mot sur les motifs possibles de l'homme ou son origine.

La police a déclaré qu'un fond terroriste n'est pas soupçonné et que l'homme semble avoir agi seul.

Chaque fois que la police vous dit qu'un terroriste n'est pas un migrant, ils n'ont pas révélé son origine et ce n'est pas un fond terroriste, il indique une réalité qu'il s'agit d'un terroriste domestique avec une peau bronzée.

J'ai fait une courte enquête, et la matrice pointait vers un Turc.

Les expatriés Turcs à Heidelberg? - InterNations
Les expatriés turcs à Heidelberg partagent leurs expériences. InterNations est un endroit où les expatriés turcs à Heidelberg échangent des expériences et des conseils pour se soutenir mutuellement.
[Domaine de recherche]

Enfin, la police allemande a besoin de 6 policiers plutôt minces pour surveiller une voiture ....... apparemment, ils pensent que c'est le suspect qui va se lever et s'enfuir.

La police a vite dit qu'ils ne croient pas que la terreur était un motif

À l'époque d'Hitler, les SS auraient dépêché le problème avec un second 9 mm, puis ont incendié la nation à la terre brûlée qui osait avoir mis en Allemagne un terroriste qui nuirait à un Allemand.

Je parie que si l'Allemagne avait un gouvernement pour le peuple allemand, ce gouvernement lancerait maintenant des bombes à neutrons sur cette source, pour permettre aux millions de musulmans de Merkel d'être réinstallés dans leurs terres islamiques.

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В качестве еще одного Хромой Cherry в эксклюзивном материи анти материи.

'PUT нож'
Драматический момент вооруженный человек застрелен полицейскими после того, как "сознательно вождения автомобиля в пешеходов" в немецком городе Гейдельберге и убивать друг двое получили ранения
A 73-летний мужчина умер от травм в то время как водитель ножа берущих лечится огнестрельным ранением

Я доверяю немецкой полиции примерно столько, сколько я доверяю Джеймс Comey, чтобы найти преступников в высоких местах в Америке.

Полицейские поспешили заявить, что они не верили, что это теракт.

Всякий раз, когда полиция в этом Обама Меркель Саудовской возрасте не говорят вам, ребята, имя Франца Шульца, это означает, что вместо того, чтобы что-то загар кожурой.

35-летний мужчина, который полиции подчеркнули, не мигрант, якобы с ножом.


Там не было ни слова о возможных мотивах этого человека или его происхождения.

Полиция сообщила, террорист фон не подозревал, и человек, по-видимому, действовал в одиночку.

Всякий раз, когда полиция сказать вам, террорист не мигрант, они не выявили его происхождение, и это не террористический фон, он указывает на реальность, что это дом вырос террорист с загар кожи.

Я сделал короткий запрос, а матрица указывал на турка.

Турецкие экспатов в Гейдельберге? - InterNations
Турецкие экспатов в Гейдельберг Поделитесь своим опытом. InterNations это место, где турецкие эмигранты в Гейдельберге обмена опытом и советами, чтобы поддержать друг друга.
[Поиск домена]

И, наконец, немецкая полиция нуждается в 6, а тонкие ищут полицию, чтобы охранять машину ....... по-видимому, они думают, что это подозреваемый, который собирается встать и убежать.

Полицейские поспешили заявить, что они не верят террор был мотив

Во времена Гитлера, СС бы направил проблему со вторым 9 мм, а затем поджоге нацию на выжженную землю, которая посмела поставили в Германию террориста, который может нанести ущерб один немец.

Я держал бы пари, если бы Германия имела правительство для немецкого народа, что правительство теперь будет падать нейтронные бомбы на источнике этого, чтобы освободить место для миллионов мусульман Меркель переселиться в свои исламские земли снова.



The Pedo Wars

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I post this with in trepidation, as President Trump with Ivanka have quietly entered into the world of sex abuse traffick, inside America and around the globe. The use of humans as perversion fodder is the lube which greases the gears of everything from terrorism to numbers of your local police forces.

The President in a short meeting announced that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was leading the group and they would investigate it all. For those who do not comprehend what this is, this is PIZZAGATE in what was exposed here, in someone was pointing fingers at John Podesta, who were furious at the Clintons for their  criminal actions, and it all centered on child rape.

This is the Gaytube Link of President Donald Trump announcing a focused investigation on going after the powerful syndicate behind the human sex abuse trade.

As Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney posted on this, this investigation if it goes where it should, is going to bring down key leadership in the democrat and republican parties. I would add this is media, military, intelligence and industry. This is the cartel wit their pet children, and is why CIA Director Bill Colby was taken out and assassinated.

George Takei Calls For 'American Spring' Against Trump Admin

There has been a great war in pedophilia taking place. It has been the EQUALZ of using sodomites as a platform for rights and the shift then to Milo Yankopolis and George Takei both coming out in stating a child can not be raped when the adult is "attractive" assaulting the child. None of this is by chance and is all design, just as Takei is now calling for terrorism in America, coordinated with image Obama who appeared back on stage in New York to lead this 30,000 terror network insurrection in March.

The great war in child rapists are the elite, who keep children as sex toys, and numbers of the people you see in the headlines as the powerbrokers are these people, and they have been making war on the lesser pedos who are not protected by the police state, as the elite guard child rape as their personal perk and no one else is allowed that power position.
That is the curb in this which Jeff Sessions  and his investigation are going to find themselves in, in there are minders for the pedo's all through the regime, and they will hand over the lesser pedo's to protect their masters AND TO MILO THIS IN THE FAKE NEWS in a twist of "Yes let us prosecute these child abusers who do it the scenes, but let us make it "legal for those who love children".
Watch for that twist as this is the netherworld of the most powerful creatures on planet earth who will destroy their competition,  use Tavistock and the entire fake news to steer this to their agenda, and gain for them legal protection.

There is great danger in this, as the programs, studies, trade of children reaches all through governments and finance. What is stunning in this is Ivanka Trump is involved in this, and yet being a Jewess by her husband, Jared Kurschner, the greatest ecstasy and Slavic sex ring in being run out of Tel Aviv.
Those displaced little children out of Chernobyl were promised the world and taken to the Israeli state to be raped for profit. New York has a same type of ring  as do all metro areas. If you remember the story of Lawrence Sinclair in meeting Barack Obama in Chicago, this touched on a division of this as Obama was a Chicago hostess who was sent out to entertain men who happened to be in the city for the weekend.

There are sex rings like the Franklin Scandal which surface in being attached to CIA, DOD and Bush fam, and there are sex rings that get Madams hung in the Florida homes for what they know, and then there are sex rings which are the elite which no one can touch and sex rings used to ensnare and blackmail people in positions of power, by hook or crook.

We are now in the danger zone, but if Jeff Sessions can overcome the dirty house the FBI is under Comey and McCabe, this pedo war is crucial in stopping the #NeverTrumpers and those forces engaged to stop his Make America Great Again policy.

The pedo elite will hand over their competitors and attempt as Milo and Takei to brainwash this into good rape by them, but if Jeff Sessions brings this network down it will bring down the Obama terror network also as that is what the "springs" were all about. Gaining access to children in nations in upheaval, whether it was ISIS, Tel Aviv or in New York.........or the children who vanish from your states.

........and you do notice except for the fringe media, no one including Rush Limbaugh has made one mention of this, including Matt Drudge.

Obama is building a 30,000 person army of “lynch mob” agitators to start riots, civil war across America

Nuff Said


Frederick Douglass to Castrate or not to Castrate

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Perverted lesbian, Jodi Foster held an unattended Trump bashing fest in California and few attended. What was interesting in this was Foster quoted a Republican, a Black Republican, the father of all political Negroids in Frederick Douglas, the great agitator.

As the very, very dead Frederick Douglass one said, ‘Anytime is a good time for illumination,'” Foster said. “And this is the time for illumination. I believe this time is filled with light.”

Yes nothing like Jodi Foster, involved in what God defines as an abomination in sodomy, calling all the darkness in America as light, and thinking the goodness of Donald Trump America is darkness.

And the proof that Frederick Douglass was a Republican, and not a homo pervert.

Frederick Douglass Quotes - BrainyQuote

"I am a Republican, a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress." - Frederick ...

There is a great deal of lunacy on the left as Jodi Foster champions Frederick Douglass, it can be found an Obama Nig trashing the greatest American Black of the 19th century.

You remember that wacko Afroid in Boston who was raging on his porch when Obama took office, and should have been committed and Obama instead hauled his ass to the White House for a beer and lectured the Irish American Police Officer on things racial?
Yeah that Nigger Lyncher in Henry Lewis Gates was at the Washington Post trashing Frederick Douglass as apparently not being Black enough.

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Police Report | The Smoking Gun

JULY 23--Here are the police reports detailing the confrontation last week between Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Cambridge cops, who were condemned ...

Henry Louis Gates Jr. is the Alphonse Fletcher University Professor at Harvard, co-editor of “The Portable Frederick Douglass” with John Stauffer, and Host of the PBS Series Africa’s Great Civilizations.

 Gates listed 5 things to attack Mr. Douglas on, including he was not a Patriot and not a Christian. But then Gates was a bit like Birther Obama in needing another person to do the writing in John Stauffer.
I guess Bill Ayers was busy with the weather again.

John Stauffer is Professor of English and African and African American Studies at Harvard and the author or editor of six books on Frederick Douglass, including GIANTS and "Picturing Frederick Douglass."
So that is the dilemma now, is Frederick Douglas in Post Obama someone who is a liberal champion of lezbos going to hell as Jodi Foster says, or is Frederick Douglas in not Post Obama, a Nigger that Niggers should lynch for being Republican like Donald Trump.

Note to Jodi Lezbo Foster, quote shemale Muchelle Obama or the image of Obama, as they are more her type.

It is racist for white Jodi Foster to champion a Black Republican, who is not black enough for blacks who vote for Obama, or is it racist for Afroid for Henry Gates to lynch Frederick Douglass because he is a Black Republican.
The Lame Cherry gets smeared enough in being called racist for protecting Blacks from Obama genocide and Brown skins from Obama slavery........just more a world of Obama where good is evil and evil is good.


The image Obama returns out of Focus

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Sadly, Virgin Island and wrestling with Dick Branson seems to have lost it's appeal for coup plotter Obama, as liberals of France in a panic of French voting for Marine LePen have New York to compete with as Snowflakes there almost melted at the image of Obama appearing there......without the wife.

The thing is if one examines the photos of image Obama, he appears like the wax man in being out of focus, while everything else is in focus, from people to vehicles.

Now why would image Obama look like it was melting like the camera could not focus on what it really was.

There are always some distortions in expanding pixels, but image Obama looks like the wax dummy that has a low melting point in daylight.

The thing is, this is not the same Obama, as this is the Obama with the foot long chin like his fan Bruce Campbell's big ass chin. The proof is in the photos again, as Obama has a regular chin in the in focus photo and a massive chin in  the others.
Nice part is the internet is being cleansed of other Obama photos for Big Chin Obama. That would conclude that Big Chin is going to be the Obama model on display for the Obama terrorism of America as Snowflakes melt in his glorious sun.

Then again, this being pointed out that Wax Figure Obama is on the loose with the long chin, might have them replacing the model as the others from Virgin Island have disappeared after being exposed exclusively here.

What did they use to call him in Dick Tracy..........Clayface?

Nuff Said