Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been moved I suspect by God to post a Thanksgiving message, but I have not been so thankful or in much of a thanksgiving mood. It is a note from Annie though that put me over the top and has me tapping on the keyboard to say Happy Thanksgiving.

No one is thanked for being the best..okay, I'll thank you. You are the best, then there is the rest. Thank you LC!

Kind words are appreciated from those who sent them,  God bless you.

Somewhere I lost this year. I do not remember summer, fall was good for a few weeks and then it was sunless suck.

I noticed that I am not feeling like hell from almost getting killed last winter. My collar bone only hurts if I sleep on that side all night and my left arm does not feel like it is being pulled out of the socket when the Puntz is playing behind me so I reach back so she can bite and claw me.

I guess I will say that I am thankful I ain't dead and I appreciate not being dead as I appreciate TL for TL puts up with in me.

The downer was the huge disappointment Donald Trump has been as President. Expecting one thing in getting out from Obamacare mandates, to hoping for tax breaks to really get this economy moving for real Americans, was not too much to expect, but it certainly was. Getting up to WWE Tweet every day as Donald's left brain in Mitch McConnell is obliterating America's 2016 will and America's one chance in Roy Moore going to the Senate.

Thankfully I am not human refuse in Harvey Weinstein, Ashley Judd, Kevin Spacey, that star fag who reported him, and Al Franken. I still would not want to be Al Franken's hands even having touched LeeAnn Tweeden's tits. That is saying a great deal in how no one wants to be Al Franken with LeeAnn Tweeden's tits attached.

Just was thinking since Al Franken was reflecting this week and on Thanksgiving, what must it be like sitting around the table giving thanks:

Al: Thank Jew gods of Babylon that I got to touch LeeAnn Tweeden's tits.

Ma Franken: Thankfully I am one day closer to being a widow.

Boy Franken: I am thankful that everyone knows my famous father is a pervert.

Girl Franken: I am thankful I have liberal friends who understand as their fathers rape women too.

Franken grandchildren: How do I get adopted into a Christian family.

 That didn't even help.

All I have been able to do, except working on this blog saving Darwins, is trying to paint a license plate to restore it as a project. Of course when I got it, it was nice, and immediately POOM, snow and cold. Can't paint inside as TL has allergies to toxins, like that Presto cooker I got, the old woman was like cooking her pickles in Mary Kay cosmetics and I fired it up and it smelled like Hillary Clinton's tampons. Trust me, you do not want to know how I know that.
So thankfully God moved me to check this pot out, or  my food would have tasted like Yard Guard. One more thing to be thankful for in a disaster was averted.
Just sort of expected after donating 18 months of my life to save America, all of you and put Mr. Trump in the White House, that there is nothing to show it, but more game players bothering me.

What was 2017? The deep state undoing 2016 and the neo distraction of secularist getting sex lynched.

I sincerely hope all of your Thanksgiving is filled with turkey, stuffing, cranberry and pies.  I'm thankful for God finding a use for me and the what I look forward to is one day is not this world.

I did bake a loaf of bread today for lunch. A recipe of my own design. I will post it for around the 12th of December as it is filler. I better get on that before I forget the  recipe.

God bless the good of you and God bless the bad of you to change to good, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen

Seem like my life in being thankful  Hillary is not President and we have just Obama's 3rd term in Trump so we can all lie to ourselves how it is not so bad.

Osceola, Merriam, Eastern, Rio. Those are the 4 wild turkey species in  America.


Jeff Sessions Plan to Starve America and Ma Bell

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Leave it to Jeff Sessions as Attorney General for the deep state to impoverish Americans more.

AT&T Merger Challenge Lands With Judge Who Approved COMCAST-NBC...

WSJ: Dubious Trust-Busting...

I will not invest a great deal of time in this, but to simply educate each of you that once upon a time in America, Americans had wonderful, affordable and technologically advanced communications called AT&T and Bell Telephone working a monopolies.
Then a corrupt judge broke the trust up and for a generation Americans have been gouged and treated like shit by cell phone contracts, high priced monopolies in various Bell mafias and a world where everything is going backwards as you think your new cell phones are advancing.

At this moment ATT is moving on the cheap Tracfone market and is underwriting cell phone and internet service by satellite television, so that for the first time, they dropped prices and exposing Verizon for the frauds they are.

But leave it to Jeff Sessions for the deep state to try and stop ATT from doing business as it used to be done by Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford, in cutting costs, destroying competition, going global and giving Americans the cheap prices.

See all of you have been brainwashed that monopolies are wrong and harmful, when the exact opposite was true. What you have now are these fragmented ponzi schemes run like a Chinese laundry driving up prices on your food, oil, communications, real estate, guns and medical treatments. This the epitome of the Obama Conglomerate monopoly meant to rob you to the grave.

I will repeat this fact. When there were 3 million trained, armed men after World War II, the regime in DC knew it had to share the pie or the Veterans would shoot these crooks and take the country back. Once this group got too old, the rapine started on Americans in full force after Ronald Reagan.
Suddenly you heard of lies of oil shortages, food shortages, over population and global warming to scam you to high prices. It is like the bullshit of  "beef prices fell" this week due to Thanksgiving and turkeys. Like people stopped eating for a week and have been eating nothing but turkeys for week before Thanksgiving.

America used to be a nation managed where poor people could have a turkey on Thanksgiving and a gun to bag a bird. That all ceased in this crooked shop and now when ATT is starting to give consumers a break in prices, it is time to stop them and put financial strains on that corporation, and it is coming from Jeff Sessions in Justice for the deep state that Sessions can not find criminal charges against Hamrod Clinton, but can find them against the Bundy's.

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The Charlie Rose Inquistion

 and now watch how Meg put a smile on my face with a Boston Pop.......

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 This isn't The Boston Pops.....this is the Inclintsition!!!!

Charlie do you ever think of me swimming naked under your window?


 No, well....maybe with Melania naked  too.....and Mozart playing.......


Mozart gives me gas...


Is that what that was? I thought it was a piccolo.



Charlie stuck his hand between my thighs and made a flute sound.


 Come on Charlie, tell me you want to Tweet Me.


I wanted to try it, but I am flute phobic.


I'm very uncomfortable with this in mistaking flutes for piccolos.

 You bastard Charlie, I thought we had something....
I wrote With or Without You for YOU!!!!!


Charles do you ever think of my flute covered in pizza sauce............

I played the tuba.


Charlie why don't you like little boys like Kevin Spacey.....


So you wanted to put the wood in the brass horn section, you sly bastard!!!


 We have ways of making you talk Charles Rose.....

For Rockefeller sake Charlie, tell them what you know.....


I'll swim under your window Charlie.....just tell us what you know....


 Charlie is that your crease in your slacks .....can you crease me Charlie please...


 So you wanted to fly like Cosby without doping the ho's first.....


What did you think when I said I like my tomatoes grabbed.....


Charlie, you really thought young girls were interested in you
and not playing a lonely old man.......


I have a penis you know too......

I write rape fantasies you know Charlie...........


I remember floating on the Thames with your magnificent big balls....


I want to say that I was not coerced at all into saying what I did
and you should not compare me to Al Franken walking free.......



Proof Leigh Corfman's Story against Judge Roy Moore is a Lie

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This blog has pointed out that the accusers of Judge Roy Moore are liars as their stories are full of holes and absolute lies.

Leigh Corfman resurfaced again on NBC smearing the innocent Judge Roy Moore. The Lame Cherry will simply post here the first line of her story which we all know about the bench she was sitting on with the Judge.

Leigh Corfman says she was 14 years old when an older man approached her outside a courtroom in Etowah County, Ala. She was sitting on a wooden bench with her mother, they both recall, when the man introduced himself as Roy Moore. It was early 1979 

Sitting outside on a wooden bench?

  • Here is a photo of the Etowah County Court House built in 1890. NO BENCHES.

  • Here is a photo of the current Etowah County Court House. NO BENCHES.


  • Here is a photo from 1975, the very period where Leigh Corfman says she was sitting on a wooden bench where she claims her mother left her with Roy Moore. NO BENCHES.

This is the second bald faced lie this woman has engaged in which is absolute. I believe Aaron Klein is the one who discovered Corfman  lied about the phone call as there was not a phone in her bedroom, according to her mum.

The point is, in EVERY major part of her story, it falls apart with the facts. When someone says they are sitting on a wooden bench (like a Forest Gump imagery like that is where she got it from) an there never has been any benches outside these court house buildings no matter the era as this is not Andy fricking Griffith in Mayberry North Carolina.

That proves that Leigh Corfman is lying. This woman belongs before a Grand Jury and indicted like the rest of these conspirators and facing charges on election tampering and fraud.

Whether one can handle the truth or not, even the Federal Post Office in Gadsden did not have benches like Forest Gump, for the simple reason the government and state did not want Niggers or Crackers hanging around outside buildings, because if a bench was there the riff raff would be begging, urinating, gathering in bothering proper folk or sleeping on the things.


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Las Vegas 9 11 Massacre

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As Jeff Rense with Gary Holland will not leave this alone as President Donald Trump did state in Reverse Speech with David John Oates that Las Vegas was the start of world war, you should probably be aware of why you are auditioning to die.

This is the rabbit hole we are going down.


 Muhammed bin Salman

Remember how Las Vegas is owned by Saudi Arabia, at least the hotel top floors where Stephen Paddock was working for the CIA and monitored by the FBI in arms deals with........
You do remember inquiry pointed to Iranians and Latin Narco terrorists right?

Would you believe that terrorists plugged into Obama's security would be leaked to the Paddock operation? How about terrorists using a country concert as cover for a major hit on a Saudi Crown Prince, as you did notice things sort of heated up in the Mideast after October 1st in a transfer of power Kushner over there making war preparations?

That sort of finishes the story, except for the Rense part in this Saudi being escorted out by armed security as Americans had their hands up, with weapons pointed at them, as sort of proof this was an Iranian hit on American soil.

You might even figure out that Delta Force was flying air cover and might have taken people out and evacuated their wounded, in helicopters, as there was a firefight on the strip. See the choppers were not hosing the crowd down, but sniping snipers.

It sort of goes a bit easier if you get pointed in the proper direction in figuring out what was taking place, and why things are being covered up, as this sort of informs the public that Americans were fodder for another Mideast war that is not yet ready to erupt, in a royal hit on American soil, and of course as someone was tracking the weapon's deal, should have probably stopped this, where security seemed to be able to protect the rich Muslim who meets with Mark Zuckerberg.


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Al Franken: All that women are good for.............

You know all you're good for..........

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a psychopathy which is emerging with Kevin Spacey molesting the young son of actor Richard Dreyfus in public, in front of him, George HW Bush molesting women who are posing for photos in grabbing their butts, to Al Franken grabbing a sleeping LeeAnn Tweeden, cornering LeeAnn Tweeden for "practice kissing" in a skit he wrote to molest her, and the latest in Al Franken engaging in HW Bush molestation in public in grabbing a woman's butt while her husband was taking a photo at the Minnesota State Fair, that these sexual bullies are a condition termed by the Lame Cherry as DOMINANT SEXUAL BONDAGE EXHIBITIONIST MOLESTERS, in short they are sexual bullies who become aroused in molesting women and children in public, knowing that in this "public bondage" where the assaulted being polite in respect of their father in Dreyfus' case, in respect of the presidency in HW's abuse, and in the case of Franken abusing the United States Military and the safety of the Minnesota State Fair, they can engage in rapine and get away with the crime.

In each case, the molesters surprised the assaulted after sizing them up, and then were away before any retaliation could take place. What can not be overlooked in this, is the fact that these perverts have done this numerous times before and gotten away with it and that is why in the Al Franken case, it is a smug giant FU to Minnesota in this photo as he is molesting an innocent wife and mother.


Al Franken molesting another man's wife as the husband takes the photo

Menz posted the photo with Franken on Facebook at the time, on August 27, 2010. Her sister, Cari Thunker, commented under the photo: "Sorry, but you two aren't Bibles (sic) width apart" -- a reference, Thunker explained to CNN, to how physically close Menz and Franken were in the photo.
Menz responded to her sister on Facebook: "Dude -- Al Franken TOTALLY molested me! Creeper!" (The exchange is visible to Menz's Facebook friends.)

This blog informed everyone that Al Franken would not resign as he has absolutely no character. He is going to use Mitch McConnell for cover as McConnell is friends with convicted pedophiles. His "reflection" with his family over Thanksgiving is not reflection, but waiting for the DailyKOS and other Hillary Clinton enablers to go out again and start molesting LeeAnn Tweeden in attempting to ruin her character so that Al Franken sexually assaulting her will be covered up, just as Bill Clinton's rapes were given cover in the media.

The disgust of what is Hillary Clinton attempting to smear innocent Judge Roy Moore, as she defends another sexual assaulter like Al Franken as DailyKOS smears the assaulted is what is wrong with the entire fuck and rape culture of America.
Even liberal Ariana Huffington got in on the act putting out the brainwashing that raping and molesting women is how to treat all women.


Franken ass grabbing with another liberal enabler

There is hope in this in the New York Times is examining all the harm that the Clinton's inflicted on America in creating this rape culture which is destroying the Democratic party in now assessing that Ken Starr was right in exposing these crimes.

After doing all this reading, I’m not sure my reasonable middle ground is actually reasonable. It may be that the conservatives of the 1990s were simply right about Clinton, that once he failed to resign he really deserved to be impeached.

So that people remember in the Clinton retaliation, their thugs murdered the pet of Kathleen Willey after her husband had committed suicide. The Clintons are guilty of more than rape, and Al Franken is the same misogynist as after he was forced to apologize for "rape comedy", Franken later in a FURY RAGE in his own book, was not sorry at all for his perversion, but was instead angry that society had forced him to say his "work" was wrong.
Al Franken is not reflecting with his family this Thanksgiving, Al Franken is plotting how to destroy LeeAnn Tweeden and all the other women just as Hillary Clinton engaged in, and is still engaged in to destroy those who expose these pervert's crimes.

Al Franken won't resign, spending time 'reflecting' during ...

"He is spending time with his family in Washington, D.C., and will be through the Thanksgiving holiday, and he's doing a lot of reflecting.'

Al Franken needs to be addressed and the reason I state he is plotting revenge against LeeAnn Tweeden is there is a pattern on this blog, of while you people are not donating and hiding behind your screens expecting me to expose myself to keep men, women and children safe, namely you as I did in electing Donald Trump in changing the time line, that I have the past few months beginning with the Las Vegas massacre and other subjects, which the latest being Al Franken, that operatives connected with these events have been engaged in data mining me. The latest as of yesterday I traced to an individual in Minnesota. They think they are being clever in using multiple email addresses with false names, but ISP's reveal who they are.


Franken tit grabbing his liberal enabler.

This is not some game as if one examines the forensic psychology patterns of Al Franken, one finds a pattern of what drives Al Franken's inner psyche. He entertains rape in his mind as a humiliating action to retaliate on others. In the SNL rape sketch, he notes that "Franken" is engaged in raping Mike Wallace and Leslie Stahl. That manifestation comes from Franken's psyche in he has couched and nurtured those thoughts for years.

Examine what Franken did to Conservative LeeAnn Tweeden for being Conservative. He was going to tongue rape her in retaliation, and when she resisted, for 2 weeks he bullied this woman in drawing demon horns on her autographs.
When LeeAnn Tweeden revealed these assaults, Franken again issued a non apology, and as he stalked his victim, he called in Hillary Clinton to unleash her "bimbo assault troopers" as DailyKos immediately smeared LeeAnn Tweeden.

Al Franken molesting a sleeping LeeAnn Tweeden

Al Franken has retaliated. He is retaliating and he will retaliate. He has proven in using sex to bully and humiliate people. He is a serial molester and will continue on with various forms of rape as he has in the past to perhaps we will discover in a woman coming forward with proof that Al Franken actually did rape someone in the past as there is proof of how smarmy he is in his past.

This is this group of rapists, molesters, fuckers and pedophiles. They find each other by mutual consent and now two of their pervs are in trouble again, in Bill Clinton is having charges filed against him again in court and David Letterman had to cut sexual deviant Al Franken from his special as Carol Burnett had to leave Kevin Spacey on the cutting room floor.

Contacted for a comment on the women's allegations, a member of Clinton's legal team said: 'Obviously, I'm aware of [the allegations] but can't talk about them.'
The new charges are likely to revive the debate over why Democrats defended Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and why liberals and feminists ignored credible charges of sexual assault against the 42nd president, not only from Paula Jones, but also from Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and others.
'Bill is distraught at the thought of having to testify and defend himself against sex charges again,' said a Democratic Party official who is familiar with the case. 
'He hopes his legal team can somehow stop the women from filing charges and drag him through the mud.'
The source added that Hillary Clinton is furious with her husband for getting entangled in yet another sexual scandal. 

These perverts and the female mauls around them have upset and destroyed too many women's lives in the Clinton Rape and Franken Molestation culture. It is past time for these frauds hiding in Minnesota politics in the racist Mark Dayton and Amy Klobachar to stand up for all people of sexual assault and publicly demand that Al Franken resign from the United States Senate and call for the Attorney General of Minnesota to convene a Grand Jury to investigate the evidence of Al Franken and provide legal protection for the other women who Al Franken has attacked.

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Joy Behar like Ashley Judd, part of the problem of rape in America


On this our Oswald Day

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The released classified files on the John Kennedy assassination investigation are a series of revelations which the Lame Cherry first brought forward in the raised clinched fist of Lee Harvey Oswald which was a signal to those who he was involved with.
That proves a conspiracy as Lee Harvey Oswald was involved with someone else and not a lone gun man.

Jim DiEugenio produced two additional revelations on Coast to Coast AM with Richard Syrett. I have no idea why the deep state does not fire that George Noury for the incompetent he is as Syrett is a true host as John B. Wells was.
The revelations that DiEugenio discovered in the archives was that two sound men stated that two weeks before the Kennedy assassination that Jack Ruby hired them to install some sound equipment at Ruby's club. They also identified Lee Harvey Oswald as the other man.

There was something else though in this vast conspiracy which was most interesting in there have always been reports that Lee Harvey Oswald was in Mexico at the Cuban and Soviet embassies. There were reports of his voice being verified, but that appears to not be the case as the "tapes were destroyed".
In addition, there was constant surveillance of all coming and going from the Cuban and Soviet Embassy in an automated picture capture, even if the official report stated there was not enough money for the operation from the CIA, which of course was ludicrous.

It is in the Oswald of Mexico that something appears in the archives which is fascinating as DiEugenio spoke to a person who knew Oswald in Minsk. The question was how well did Oswald speak Russian? The answer was very well.
That is the problem in this, in the person who phoned the Russians in Mexico claiming to be Lee Harvey Oswald was someone the Russians could not understand and had to get an interpreter, not for this Oswald speaking English, but for this Oswald speaking Russian.

This bears repeating in the Russians could not understand the jibberish this Oswald was speaking, because he spoke such bad Russian.  This could not have been Lee Harvey Oswald, so it concludes that someone else was impersonating Lee Harvey Oswald and leaving a trail.

That is what is significant in this as while Oswald was known as a traitor in making some headlines, it is not like someone was going to be going to Mexico to impersonate him. This is significant in Oswald had someone linking him to Cuba and Russia for a reason. This is significant in the CIA covered up in the investigation the photos which would have proven this as not Oswald and then lied that the voice matched Oswald.

What would move the CIA to make certain that Oswald was in Mexico with the Soviets and Cubans? This would appear bizarre as in thing the Soviets to the Kennedy assassination could mean nuclear war and tying it to Cuba would mean an invasion of Cuba which would bring nuclear war.
That is a high stakes game to be engaged in, so that points to something was being covered up which was bigger than nuclear war, or could it be that those involved in this did not mind if the Soviet's and Americans would begin a nuclear war as this would not affect them.

Ask yourself if perhaps a larger problem might arise if the CIA did not cover up that someone was moving around a second Oswald, trying to start a nuclear war between America and Russia as cover for assassinating John Kennedy.

Jim Marrs before his death was on the Jeff Rense program with Dick Algier the remote viewer and David John Oates of Reverse Speech. What they were confirming for Marrs was that there was an operation involved, including a cover up at the highest levels of government. Lyndon Johnson knew, the Bush family knew. J Edar Hoover knew and in one of the most strange links, former President Dwight Eisenhower was being briefed by Prescott Bush, father of HW Bush on this, and several times in the reversals a reference came up to the Jewish regime in Tel Aviv.

At the heart of this is why John Kennedy was murdered. If one examines all of the above, the center point is John Kennedy denied the Jews nuclear materials for an atomic bomb. When JFK was murdered, Lyndon Johnson did not stand in the way and a quantity of nuclear material disappeared from the United States, and suddenly the Jews had an atomic bomb.

There were numbers of Americans who had a problem with John Kennedy from the treachery of the Bay of Pigs, to backing down to the Soviets in the Cuban missile crisis, to the monetary situation, to the attacks on the mafia etc... Every party that has been fingered in the assassination of JFK had a reason and was moving around the fringes and like Oswald there is a definite record of the activity to implicate them. It is almost as some foreign government with allies inside the US government had run a most complicated operation, as they did against Robert Kennedy in removing him, actually using United States assets against themselves.

It is a mystery of Oswald's raised fist, but he did make a phone call to his military handler who refused contact on the east coast. Oswald was reaching out and stating something and once this took place, he was immediately assassinated by Jack Ruby. Thus completed the false narrative of the lone gun man.

With two Oswalds there is proof of a conspiracy. Oswald was not going to hire someone to be himself in Mexico as that would only create problems for him, as if he was in on shooting JFK, linking himself to the enemies of America further would confirm he was the murderer.
With Oswald signalling he proved he was not alone, and never was alone.

Too many people were brought into Dallas from Vice President Johnson, Richard Nixon, George HW Bush, a cast of mafia and CIA, and Lee Harvey Oswald. Someone assembled them all there to make them suspects, because all knew something was happening there.

With Jared Kushner now so high placed in the Trump administration and best friends with the Prime Minister of Israel and starting wars in the Mideast, perhaps it is time to have Kushner ask the Jews exactly what their part was in all of this, in who was the second Oswald and who was the woman in the polka dot dress at the RFK assassination.

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