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The English Tax

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In Thomas Paine's Common Sense, he records an interesting study as to the tax structure of England previous to 1776.

In that period, 11 million 642 thousand, 653 pounds sterling were the taxes collected in England on a population of 7 million. This excluded Scotland and Ireland.

This meant 1 pound 13 shillings and 3 pence on every man, woman and child.

5 million pounds went to pay the debt incurred by other wars, and the rest went to maintain the Empire in there being no surplus.
That 5 million in interest would be the financiers who started this debt lending which destroyed England and is now Obama destroyed America in his trillions of dollar looting spree.

Mr. Paine makes the comment that the war in America was costing in the land war, 5 million pounds per year. That is an enormous sum.

I place the numbers of the taxes collected:

2, 528, 275 Customs

4, 649, 892 Excise taxes

1, 300, 000 Land taxes at 3 shillings

450,000 Land taxes at 1 shilling

218, 739 Salt tax

280, 788 Taxes on stamps, bonds, indentures, leases, newspapers etc....

385, 369 Taxes on houses and windows

250, 000 Taxes on wine and coaches etc...

150, 000 Taxes on lotteries

I am a firm Biblical believer in the Tithe or 10% to maintain the State.  That would mean that English people would have to earn almost 60 pounds per household of 3 to pay the taxes being spent in empire and there was not any way people were paid that enormous sum which would be akin to every American household earning 350,000 dollars per year.

I will not go into the absolute mismanagement of the British Empire in the lands not utilized, the lack of reward for those on their own small industry would have produced everything from salt to gold if the empire had gotten out of the way, as the American Government got out of the way of Americans to exploit resources which generated huge sums of revenue, but it harkens back to the reality that England was prosperous and productive, and in taxes could have lived well in a family living on almost 2 pounds per person.

It is all a lesson which the robbery against Americans in the 21st century is going to have to be balanced as the elite like in England create this monopoly where the poor exist and the rich live in luxury, and this is the course which is being inflicted upon Americans.

Market forces are no longer employed in lending money, debt, housing, education or healthcare, as it is all monopoly at set prices which are illegally set. The 2008 Obama crash saw prices go up in real estate and everything else in a Super Depression. That is impossible as no bank went bankrupt in the sense of losing properties in a town, but instead the properties were held, just like there was not a wholesale availability of automobiles to drive prices down.

If you observe the English taxes, there were no income taxes, but the taxes were all sales taxes or consumption taxes and they generated more than enough revenue. I worry this back and forth as prices in America are out of control to be inflated instead of deflated. Every project now is some million dollar building to 100 million dollar construction and every piece of equipment is one hundred thousand to half a million dollars.

The best solution for America is a Ronald Reagan deflation of the economy and it would be an acceptable thing to have collapse of the real economy, in which the financiers did not have opportunity like Obama carpetbaggers to inflate prices at the community level.

In the English exchange, there tax on Rum was 5 shillings and one 1 penny per gallon, in America that would be 1 silver dollar and 14 coppers. The rate would be about 1 dollar 1 cent in pound rate to 1 dollar 14 cents for the American. I place that here to show the rate as the rate listed is 1 pound equalled in exchange, four dollars and fifty three cents American.

Mr. Paine makes an Al Gore satire in Gore's carbon tax for breathing or farting would be equal to King George's Tax on sunlight. Yes the Crown charged 18 pence per window for the English to enjoy the sun
as much as they taxed the salt of the earth.
The allowance for American governmental expenses were 2 million pounds per year, in 1.2 for the military at war and 800,000 for the Continental and State Governments.

His assesement was that for every person in America with a population of 3 million souls, that it would cost about 20 cents per month to fund the government in time of war.
I will inform people that before that traitor Franklin Roosevelt rose to power that Washington DC shut down in summer as it was too hot, and American budgets were miniscule in requiring no income tax, and you will recall that America was a world leader in it had the best railroads and sufficient roads to move commerce.

I place this before you a Lame Cherry maxim, and the American Government was designed to PROMOTE the common good by defending person and property.

Governements have one purpose and that is to spend money which they get by stealing it from those whose work produces money. The purpose in spending money has no purpose, but how to waste it in the most extravagant of ways. The penal process appears then in criminalizing those who do not consent to having their money stolen.
Governments do not protect citizens ever, but protect themselves with army and police, from other governments or from their own citizens seeking to take what the government has confisicated.

Thomas Paine projects taxes out simply on one bushel of wheat per 20 acres of land to pay American debt. That is a most enlightened and low tax on Americans as much as his democratic import tax in using a consumption tax to raise revenues as people can decide on things imported as the necessities of food, clothing and energy could all be produced inside America.

This study is placed here for awareness in how all of these problems afflicting Americans and the world started in just one little tax which now has a spending rate of 40,000 dollars per every person. It would be cheaper to shut the regime down, and just pay every household 40,000 dollars as it would save the Treasury a trillion dollars a year.

Everyone knows the system has been deliberately broken to steal from you, make the government the thief as the money all ends up in a financier's account, done so to impoverish you, so you do not rise up and ruel yourselves.

This though is enough tax on your brains, but is to give you perspective on the historical context of taxes on populations in Anglo America.


English Currency

I was watching Wooster and the fag valet and something else English in the Tenent of Wild something, and I asked TL what these British currencies were as they always got these quid, bob and things and I have no idea what that all means, except you could get sex in Africa for two bob.

A Shilling is 1/20th of a Pound
A Guinea is a gold coin worth 21 Shillings
A Pound is worth a pound of sterling
A Quid is worth 100 Pence
A Pence is 1/100th of a Pound
A Bob is a Shilling

If I get this, a Pence is a Penny, and 100 Pennies equals 1 Pound or 1 Dollar. A Shilling is 5 cents short of a Quarter and 5 Shillings get you 1 Pound, just like 5 Bob get you 1 Pound.

and 2 Bob or 40 cents gets you one black Africa whore.

Just thinking if you had a 1000 dollar New York whore, that would be like a 5000 Bob whore. That sort of sounds more affluent for some reason.

Oh yeah the Guinea is like 2 Dollars and 20 cents, but then the Pound was worth a great deal more than the Dollar.

I still am not impressed with even this information nor do I want to invest the grey matter in figuring this out in reading Thomas Paine in costs like 2 L 3 p, which is like 2 pounds and 3 pence, which was probably like over 20 dollars back in the day.
You might like to know though if watching Masterpiece Theater or something or reading African hunting books.......you need to know about cordite though and nitro express and sundowners, but that is about gunpowder and alcohol.

I think that 40 cents for a black whore is more than I would care to pay. Like a Schilling for a shot of rum.  See in  America they had two bits for a whore, which I think is 25 cents. The British were overcharged in if they had just had a quarter they would have made 15 cents on every prositute purchase. This is probably why America rose to such power in the world, as Brits f*cked their fortunes away in paying more for a whore than they were worth.

The quarter probably saved America in having more coins in forcing down whore prices.

Somehow a four thousand bit whore in New York just does not sound desireable. It probably saved Americans only having quarters in Africa as I am sure the black whores did not have change of 10 Pence for 50 cents.

Do not suppose there were any slots to put quarters in for candy bars or sodas either in Africa.

I wonder if I could teach an economics course in Chicago over this.


Monday, September 1, 2014

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Eric Roberts can act the panties off of Julia Roberts his sister, and that is the problem in he posts sissy things like this:

Actor Eric Roberts: George W. Bush killed journalist James Foley, not ISIS

And to the also ran list of liberal virtues.

A d the cast of also rans.

The interesting point is...........after Ferguson Missouri, the regime is a regime policy.

Perhaps Eric Roberts should do better film than Sharktopuss, but I still like him.

Mutant Strains

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Frankenfood is a wonderful genetic manipulation. In 1960, Minnesota 13 was a breed of corn which would produce 65 bushels an acre of corn on worthless land. By the 21st century, Monsanto Round Up corn, which is a genetic mutant, based on algae, can be planted almost like wheat in being so thick, grow 9 feet tall and produce 2000 bushels of corn per acre on that same worthless ground.

Wheat is the same engima, in in the 1960's wheat of the spring hard red type would produce 20 bushels per acre, but with Round Up wheat that wheat is not churning out 50 to 65 bushels on the same worthless ground.

Never mind for a moment that these genetic hybrids are inflaming human body tissue causing diseases like diabetes as auto immune disorders, but observe the reality of these genetic wonders...........

More grain production even with fertilizers means a grain on the same soil, but without the trace minerals to pass onto your nutrition.
You are eating filler, that your body has to absorb more of, compounding the problem in absorbing all those toxins making it sick. Your body tastes algae and reacts to that poison.

What I desire most for you to understand in this is the giant FU which is involved in this to all people eating food. Monstano and the conglomerates created a grain in wheat like in corn, which will not die when poisoned. All of that grain in genus is approximately the same kernel of clone mutant corn, wheat, rape seed etc. It all seats in algae.

Now that you understand that, think of the VOMITOXIN story only broken here and covered, in all American wheat is now going to be treated to absorb anti fungicides to counter the mycotoxin of vomitoxin. A poison grain, poisoned and repoisoned all to appear on your shelves in about the next 3 months until it is all gone.

The FU in this is frankenfood created in 2014 AD in the year of our Lord, a crop which had a genetic flaw. That flaw was if it started raining, that grain would become diseased with a mycotoxin, making the grain a poison which would require new poisons to make it less toxic.

Think of it..............the Achilles Heal of all world food supply is if it rains too much, the grains will produce a poison killing people and animals.

Do you get this now in what conglomerate agriculture has created?

See once upon a time, there were open pollinated crops, where each grain was unique, and that combated diseases from killing an entire field. Then came along these genetic mutants and it was all the entire same disease. Sure you could not kill it with herbicide, but it caught mycotoxin fungus by the death load.

I remember in my young days of an experimental crop of Flax. The farmers planted it, and got huge kernels that would not go through the sifter as normal flax would. The farmers all thought they had the million dollar crop until the next year, when rust swept through the crop as it got wet, and the flax did not produce a grain.

See every person, plant and animal has a weak link in their metabolism. Take the black plague for example which killed most of the people in Europe. There was a group though in their DNA which had a special coding link that the plague would not kill. Those people survive AIDS as it is the same type of death in auto immune.
If all people were the same, they would die of the same things, but people are different so they survive. When you put all the same wheat in the ground though, you end up with a grain which in a unique year all dies.......meaning you die.

America used to be a place of open pollination, and smaller yields, with regional wheats that would not all succumb to a disease. That is gone now, and that is why this vomitoxin appeared...........and my children this story is not being covered, because if it was, wheat would be 100 dollars a bushel for last years crop and you could not market the crop this year.
This is the biggest story and no one understands it in the masses, no one in the press is covering it for the panic it would cause, and no one but this blog is alerting the astute what to do.............who have the money for shit to waste money on instead of donating to this blog. Yeah I save the rich, but they are so seared to humanity they can not pony up to donate to the poor.

That is the reality in this. It cost 1 dollar a bushel to fumigate this toxic grain. A thousand acres means 50,000 dollars extra cost to those rich prick farmers who pissed me off in denying me land. I had no idea this is how God would respond to my being treated badly, as I saw this rain coming, but did not realize that God was sending a plague for touching His Prophetess.
Now I know, and now you know. The astute will attempt to store up some food, so they do not get a dose of algae, a dose of mycotixon and  dose of fungicide to make your intestine swell up more and make you feel like death in the coming year.
You do know they are not going through this grain away right? Too Soros and Archer Daniels expensive, and it will not go to chickens either, but will get sold to the population of the world and people will get sicker eating it and not know why........as the people who have doctors will be get a does of some intestinal sedative so they can eat more poison killing them.

I think that is about it for my slave labor on this Labor Day. It is why I have been trying so hard to get big donations so that I could alter the food supply by growing old types which are food, to be sold to astute farmers in your regions so you would have food to eat.
Amusing thing is it not...........you kept your money and spent it on swimming pools and movie stars, and you killed yourselves. Yeah I was wronged, I prayed, and God is bankrupting rich farmers and there is now poisons in the flour supply.
Samson does indeed pull down the Philistine Temple by the Holy Ghost's help. This is not the end but the beginning. I informed all of you that people used to have sense to be afraid when the Prophet appeared.

Perhaps it was my dark shades which was too much camoflague.

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Hang the Rapists

A sentence is worth a thousand words.

A verdict is worth a thousand rapes

If the scrotums remain hanging then hang all the rapists.


Fondness of Time

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There was a Congressional Peace Commission for the central Plains Indians of Cheyenne. Arapahoe, Apache and Kiowa. The Indians induced by supplies agreed to go into reservations and leave the interior open to travel and settlement.

Soon enough the young were disgruntled, but every effort was made to keep them well fed into the summer for keeping the peace.
A band of Cheyennes soon raided the tribe of Kaws who were at peace, and stole all their horses and the Cheyennes raided several farms.

The government reacting to this suspended the dispensing of arms and ammunition.

The Comanches and Kiowas then came in for their supplies, but were denied the guns. After much sulking, General Sully handed over the weapons.

By August the Indians had broken camp and were not moving to the agreed reservations.

It was in this time that a part of Indian terrorists, I will place the quote here as it will suffice:

The party consisted of about two hundred Cheyennes and a few Arapahoes, with twenty Sioux who had been visiting their friends, the Cheyennes. As near as could be ascertained, they organized and left their camps along Pawnee Creek about the 3d of August. Traveling northeast, they skirted around Fort Harker, and made their first appearance among the settlers in the Saline Valley, about thirty miles north of that post. Professing friendship and asking food at the farm-houses, they saw the unsuspecting occupants comply by giving all they could spare from their scanty stores.

Knowing the Indian's inordinate fondness for coffee, particularly when well sweetened, they even served him this luxury freely. With this the demons began their devilish work. Pretending to be indignant because it was served them in tin cups, they threw the hot contents into the women's faces , and then, first making prisoners of the men, they, one after another, ravished the women till the victims became insensible.

For some inexplicable reason the two farmers were neither killed nor carried off, so after the red fiends had gone, the unfortunate women were brought in to Fort Harker, their arrival being the first intimation to the military that hostilities had actually begun."

Personal Memoirs of P. H. Sheridan, General, United States Army

American women gang raped by 200 Indian terrorists to the point of being out of their mind.

This "war party" continued to other areas spreading the same rape and graduating to murder.

This history is placed here for reality reasons as one witnesses this modern vast democratic voting block in what they were about. It absolutely stuns the mind there were idiots in the east who were sympathetic to Indians and produce the propaganda still availing itself today.

Nothing has changed on the reservations. They are still the same sullen and brooding peoples who now propagandized to white hatred, are still looking for retribution.........for what? Gang raping innocent women?


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First IED's

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Heinous warfare did not originate with Muslims. It is a tradition of all peoples to be abhorrently brutal in peace and war, until the penalty of their actions harms them so personally as to make it a reason to not engage in murderous activities.

The first IED's were nothing of Russian invention for Muslim militants, but in reality they were a Confederate invention. All types of mines have always been a part of warfare. The earliest ones were simply metal spikes which would ram into the person's foot who stepped upon them.

There is a recording of land torpedoes being unleashed on Union forces under the leadership of General Robert E. Lee, and Union General Philip Sheridan recorded their use.

Sheridan had challenged his superior Genearl Meade to let him have a go at Cavalry General Jeb Stuart, and did just that in taking the Union Cavalry behind Lee's lines and breaking it there in a brilliant battle plan which killed Stuart in the first battle.
On the way out, or the way north in the circuituous route, General Sheridan was marching toward Richmond to join Union infantry forces. On this journey, one of the earliest forms of IED's or landmines, or as they were called torpedoes were implemented on the road.

I post the quote as it explains all, and how the remedy was accomplished.

"The enemy, anticipating that I would march by this route, had planted torpedoes along it, and many of these exploded as the column passed over them, killing several horses and wounding a few men, but beyond this we met with no molestation. The torpedoes were loaded shells planted on each side of the road, and so connected by wires attached to friction-tubes in the shells, that when a horse's hoof struck a wire the shell was exploded by the jerk on the improvised lanyard. After the loss of several horses and the wounding of some of the men by these torpedoes, I gave directions to have them removed , if practicable , so about twenty-five of the prisoners were brought up and made to get down on their knees , feel for the wires in the darkness, follow them up and unearth the shells.

The prisoners reported the owner of one of the neighboring houses to be the principal person who had engaged in planting these shells, and I therefore directed that some of them be carried and placed in the cellar of his house, arranged to explode if the enemy's column came that way, while he and his family were brought off as prisoners and held till after daylight."

Personal Memoirs of P. H. Sheridan, General, United States Army

As you can assess, the mines were quite brilliant in being tripwire bombs. The remedy being having the Confederates blow themselves up disarming the mines.......but as was the case, the Confederates were more than ready to finger the civilian terrorist who was aiding them.
Frankly, the man behind this should have been gagged with a mine tied to him in the road with trip wires coming in to greet the Confederates.
I do not much care about Soldiers or Troopers dying in war as that is their purpose, but I do not like seeing horses killed, and this terrorist was killing horses, because he was unfamiliar with shrapnell. His ignorance was in he should have packed metal objects on top of the explosive charges to direct them at a 30 degree angle with a clay pack. A little bit of knowledge and he could have sprayed shrapnell like having 4 Napoleons going off with effect.
Calculations point to 40 KIA and WIA's on each detonation, but then it would kill more horses too and wound them, which would be distasteful to me.

In any event, the Confederacy had bright people who progressed iron and tin clads, submarines and IED's, attempted to incite the Indians into terrorism and with guerilla warfare against their own people, they had things well in hand.
No condemnation of their methods as the North was making exploding type shells for killing people from muskets, so it was the human genius at work in making war more lethal for an edge.

I just do not like the killing of horses or mules in war, am pleased it is now Hummers and things, as no one cares a thing about ordnance.