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Hudson Cleaner

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This was the original Dr. Hudson formula of the 1920's for smokeless powder cleaning of firearms. It was both a solvent and lubricant.

To make 1/2 gallon

Amyl Acetate - 90 cc or 6 parts......3 ounces
Acetone - 285 cc or 19 parts.....10 ounces
Spirit of Turpentine - 285 cc or 19 parts.....10 ounces
Sperm Oil - 870 cc or 58 parts.....30 ounces
Pratt's Astral Oil - 390 cc or 26 parts....14 ounces

That adds up to 67 ounces or a fat half gallon as a half gallon is 64 ounces

Astral oil is acid free kerosene, Sperm oil is dewaxed oil. Acetone is a solvent.

There are always infamous formulas, like Hoppe's #9 which is a perfume to shooters, but the basics of all are simply a non acid kerosene as a formula needs to wash a barrel and not coat it.

The original Hoppes formula as broken down by the United States Military Chemical Labs was,

Oleic Acid  16 ounces
Neutral Saponifiable Oil 24 ounces
Nitro Benzine 6 ounces
Light Mineral Oil, kerosene and Amyl Acetate 54 ounces.

The last should break down on Dr. Hudson's formulation most probably in the Amyl being 1/4 to the kerosene 3/4's.
Benzine is an aromatic and solvent. The Saponiable oil means an oil which can convert into a soap, yes an oil that will make soap to wash you, not a petroleum oil. The Oleic is the primary acid in vegetable oils, and that is why it is called Oleo Margarine.

Some interchange due to price, but the more than average person is not going to use up a half gallon of cleaner in two lifetimes. I have a quart of Hoppes that I utilize as I like the aroma, which is still up to the shoulder of the jar, and that has been that way for a very long time.

Yes I have several formulas which I probably would love to market, but have not the money, resources nor access, and they will indeed surpass the pretenders. Their time is coming though, but until then this is the original which no one has improved upon....and for those who think WD 40 is a wonder, all that is, is perfumed aerosol kerosene.

Nothing changes.

The Frankford Arsenal #18 Gun Cleaner was:

Acetone 1 part
Kerosene 1 part
Dewaxed Oil 1 part
Turpentine 1 part

For every 800 cc's or 28 ounces of this add 250 grams or 1/2 pound of lanolin, which is a polar material in being able to adhere to water soluble substances like salt and water which causes rust.
According to Col. Hatcher of Frankford, this is something like the Imperial Japanese formula they used in World War II, which the American GI's thought was superior to that "Standard Oil" lubricant which came in those little green cans for an ammo belt.

There was also a Gun Soap listed, which has me pondering as dry soap used to have phosphates in them for cleaning, unlike modern detergents, but I include this interesting formula.

Dry soap, soluble in alcohol 43 ounces
Mineral oil 44 ounces
Water and Amyl Alcohol 13 ounces

The Amyl is an organic solvent, and in this interesting mix the ingredients combine as both cleanser and lubricant.

Turkey Red Oil

Yes I make notes to myself as reminders to me, as it is my blog. Turkey Red Oil was part of a basic original gun cleaning formula which Frankford analyzed.

Nothing has really been improved upon in over 100 years of technology from Rem Oil which is basically acetone with lubricated metal.

Castor oil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to Turkey red oil - [edit]. Turkey red oil, also called sulphonated (or sulfated) castor oil, is made by adding sulfuric acid to vegetable oils, most notably


fallow ground

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

People lose sight of so much knowledge now in forgetting what normal is. There is in the annals a scheme by the globalists of not so long ago, to send a rocket to Jupiter with an atomic bomb on it, in order to ignite the hydrogen gases there in order to create another sun.
This might puzzle people, but the design of it was to produce an endless day, in which the world would mature in light for faster production and people would never have night to sleep.

By contrast the Romans like the Israelites like the Americans practiced in their lives and agriculture, the fallow time or the fallow ground.

"The foundation of their agriculture was the fallow and one finds them constantly using it as a simile—in the advice not to breed a mare every year, as in that not to exact too much tribute from a bee hive. Ovid even warns a lover to allow fallow seasons to intervene in his courtship."

Roman Farm Management / The Treatises of Cato and Varro

I remember my dad speaking of "Southern Belles" in how they would mature faster than northern girls, due to the heat of the South. The process is known for plants in artificial light and in chickens. A flora or fauna never afforded time to rest, matures sooner for profit or marriage.
It is why one would hear of 10 year old black girls in the South giving birth to children, which seemed impossible to the rest of winter shrouded earth.

I have written of Jubilee and Sabbath. Every 50 years in the Bible, all lands were to be returned to the rightful hereditary owners, as much as slaves freed, and debt forgiven, as a way to keep wealth from being horded by the feudal few.
People could sell themselves into slavery for 7 years, but 6 years they would be slaves and in the 7th they would be freed, just like the 6 days thou shalt work, but on the Sabbath though shalt not profane with work.

Americans learned to impress the system to their own methods. What was once a fallow year in the 7th where no planting was done to revive the soil and to teach people that all need a break from work in only harvesting of that which fell to the ground and grew of that year, became crop rotation, in beans as nitrogen fixing legumes or alfalfa, would be cropped to restore the soil, wheat would follow or oats as those crops did not draw as much on the soil, and then would come corn, as corn taxed the soil too much like cotton and tobacco in being heavy feeders, and the process with manure for fertilizer would keep production going.

That is the problem in this World Order, in there is no time for anyone any more to rest to have fallow ground in their lives. The Obama regime rants and raves for unemployed to be paid out of other people's wages, and for pregnant women to have paid leave in others working for them. It is all a confiscation regime, where if people do not work, the taxes owed make them criminals, and every industry has it's hand out demanding payment for services from gas, phone, light and internet.

I put before you a Lame Cherry Fallow Time, in instead of taking other peoples money, time and work, that is a cost, what would be wrong with not requiring taxes from people every 7 years and on the 50th year?
It certainly would give rest to the people to perhaps restore themselves, and with the Obama regime creating money out of electric current with nothing backing it, there is no harping call about government debt in people being required to pay taxes, as the system is not going to be harmed in the least if poor people are not extorted from, as the system is a fraud in the first place.

Women are told it is a right to work themselves to death like men. Men are told they must be worked to death. Fifty weeks though shalt slave and 27 of those shalt though pay to the regime with 2 for your further being run to the grave on vacations where you will spend your other 23 weeks worth of work for the system to exploit you.

The world system currently is a grave. It violates the cultures of the past which were designed for the better spiritual growth of the human. Ground must be fallow and the lives of humans must be fallow. There must be 52 days of fallow for people a year, plus the other High Days of fallow times to resurrect their Spiritual nature and to remove themselves from the carnal.

The American brags of their Constitution and Declaration of "no taxation without representation", but that has been used against them in once thrown off repressive taxes without representation by the King is now oppressive taxes criminalizing the Citizen with Constitutional traitors voting to steal the people's money for their conglomerate bosses.
No human should ever have to pay more than 10% of their earnings, and that 10% is for charity first and defense and infrastructure second. When a government takes more than 10% of a person's wages and when people are working for over half their lives for taxes and the rest of their lives for exploitation by conglomerates, then that is not life, liberty and pursuit of dreams, but death, enslavement and inflicted nightmare.

People are so under the whip and in the chain now, that even the mention of the above, terrifies them into wondering how they could survive or brings out scorn of being programmed that if they just run harder they can finally win, when all they do is find misery and death.

The regime does all sorts of criminal things. Their commodity bosses illegally set prices on everything from oil to wheat. Stock Markets are money dumps to the elite now in criminal enterprise. Welfare is just bribes to keep the mob from revolting in all this misery. Only the working person is told they must suffer and do more and have no breaks from this fraud system. Why on earth in all of this rigged insanity, should not the working people simply have a law stating that every 7th year they pay no taxes and they have 1/7th of the year of Sabbaths from work, and taxation is only 10% of their earnings.

There will be cries of the system would break, but the system is already broken, but the regime fix is to create money from thin let them fill in the not taxed Citizen with more thin air e currency and have the people keep what they earn.

Every time that cultures start denying fallow times to the nation, debauchery and license prevail and those systems implode, as the people never rest from their wickedness. For constant striving, brings constant agitation and constant agitation, brings the need for constant release, and that always degrades to vices of money, sex, sport and drugs.

This system America is enslaved by is not my system, and it is not God's System. The Continentalist System is the above protections for the people. I care not what upheaval this would generate as it would sort itself out soon enough, beyond all the money changer lamenting, morning and screeching, who established all this violation of God's Law.

Fallow ground, fallow times are God's Natural Order. Forests grow for 50 years, burn one, and lay black and reseed themselves for the benefit of all. The prairie burns in her season to fertilize herself and growth starts again.

I want a world where the entire grid from television, phone, internet, radio is Sabbath unplugged, with only 9 11 communications for emergencies of health or assault. I want people to have God mandated fallow time and not be penalized for it in taxes or other world order rapine.
All this economic rape is not the people's doing, so it is not their responsibility and they should not be burdened and enslaved by any of it, as it makes no difference if  taxes are paid or bills, as the entire system is rigged for exploitation of the working people, and when more rapine is needed, the funds are just created.

The world worked absolutely fine in rotations of fallow times. It is time for a return to not for people to be paid for not working, but a time for people to not be criminalized for not paying regime and conglomerate extortion.

fallow ground.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Belle free, as free as the wind blows

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I mentioned that February might see the Lame Cherry posting just one post a day and that looks like it, as the super rich have not made that 350,000 dollar donation and as they think they can suck fossils for free, perhaps that needs to be a teaching lesson.
Marilyn mentioned this as a solution last year as at the present I have no  time to even think, little alone read or anything else. Time will tell.

Baby Belle has flown the coup. We now "only" have Marie in the porch at night and the two goatikins in the living room in a dog kennel. They are the best we have ever had in being most vigorous. Last night one literally flew into the recliner with me and lit like a butterfly on my lap from a run. They are good boys.

Belle gave all of us a gift in ringworm or something that itches like it. We have used alum and lard, as coca cola did not work as was posted and most other  things either. I know that the bandages itch worse than the red mark.
I have now affirmed that I hate lesbians. Those lesbians who had these calves infested them with ringworm, Belle had pneumonia and was dehydrated, they had diarrhea.......yeah I have made it a conclusion, I hate lesbians as being equal to Mexicans for being brutal to animals for a profit.

Belle is doing good outside though. No relapses...even if she is 1/3rd the size of Daisy. I do not konw if Belle is a heifer calf runt or is a miniature Jersey which means she is worth several thousand dollars, but she could be worth a million for all the good it will do, as there is a no sale on her. I just do not trust people with animals any longer. She will be protected here at least.

Belle and Daisy groom each other to licking their ringworm raw, but that helps it heal apparently, and Belle's little ears are always pointed out listening and her bright eyes looking alertly at me.

We had her out on a rope, and that little girl can pull a great deal. Makes me want to train an ox team as I see a future in that.
Belle though when we were getting her in the house is better on a leash than a dog, and she could lead herself in too in just a few times. Certainly is a better deal than her being dead.

Speaking of dead, my doe who died, could not be buried. I relate this for all the rich people so they know what is coming, as two days ago I shot a big boar coon who has taken up residence in the barn. So I hauled him out to where the doe was, having her ears and pussy ate off, and noticed the next day that the coon was moved.
Today I shot another boar coon that I saw had moved another set of little coon tracks too.....probably a sow in tow. Anyway, I pulled that one out, and I saw you rich people's future.
See the carcases were laying there and some canine predator or feline had decided to eat the ass out of the frozen carcases and pull out the colon to about 6 inches. So all of you rich people when the shit hits the fan know are going to be laying their slightly bloated, froze stiff, but your gut will keep your asshole and genitals warm enough for some dog or coyote to eat your ass out, pull out your guts and have a fine meal of you look rather roughed up from laying out in the frost and moisture.

I suppose the rich could pin some big pasta noodle to their ass, lay on the floor in front of a full length mirror with bed head, and that is about how you are going to look to all passing by. Henry Tinsdale said hanging was a ghastly thing, but having your gut pulled out of your ass by one of the Fish and Wildlife Service predators they are raising sure as shit does not have much appeal either.
What comes around goes around. The reckoning will come on you rich people and I have seen your future and now you know what you will on display like.

Baby Belle is going to look the whole 9 yards when she gets her hair all back like Daisy. I know I will appreciate cuddling TL again after our adventure in animal critters is over. What else could be done though, as if we didn't do this, four animals would now be dead. Guess a misery will be forgotten once the spring arrives. Just need this pissy winter blast to show image Obama is a global warming fraud after the State of the Union has good Belle's suffering for their idiocy.

I think I better post exhausted, but I have to finish a post for first week February. I was curious about the Oklahoma earthquakes.........fascinating thing what not eh when you know what is behind it all.

Well the house is warm, the furnace is hot and we are not freezing to death. Am particularily pleased in that as the goatikins need heat.......oh we did the horns too and have to post on that as is some vital information on testing we did on methods.

Thank you to those who deserve it, and for those who do not, God bless you to know your sins in the most complete way in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.


Stop being Kenji

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a note to the Japanese and any other nation which is being blackmailed now by this IS, ISIS, ISOL or whatever Isloturd the Obama regime crapped out, after gorging itself on the Middle East Arabian Nationalist Nations and replacing them with these Islamocommunists.

Oh and for the record, that clever Mark Levin who stole Islamocommunists in trying to meld it to Islamomarxists, after he was outed as a bone head calling them Islamofascists.........these Obama terrorists are COMMUNITY ORGANIZED as in communists, and not Marxists in followers of Karl Marx, which is a dogma of shared resources. All these Obamanations are feudal as much as the Sultans of olde.

Nuff said on that.

 • Purported IS message threatens Japanese, Jordanian hostages
 • Japan turns to 'I am Kenji' Facebook page on hostage crisis

The note for the world nations is in Japan to stop being I AM KENJI or whatever the hell that is, and instead start being Japanese. That means Japan needs to dust off those unassembled nuclear bombs they have manufactured, and drop a half dozen on these Obama compounds which are sheilding these Obama terrorists as a message, that when you kill one Japanese, you Islamocommunists are going to turn into amber shadows on the nuclear sea of glass forever.

The Soviets had their agents kidnapped in the 1980's by the foreparents of these modern Obama IS terrorists. The Kremlin sent out the KGB to Lebanon, who kidnapped the family members of these terrorists. The KGB then cut off their nuts, shoved them into their mouths, and then blew their brains out with a pistol, and in post burial, dumped the dead bodies on the doors of these terror families.
The Russians were released and the terrorists did not bother the Russians again in the Mideast.

Japan was quite industrious. They could cleanse the world of Obama communist Islamists. A deal could be worked out where China would then rebuild these scorched areas, as the Chicoms have plenty of human fodder to exploit for cash.

Japan has one course for the remedy. Send a message that if one Japanese is harmed, the enclave is going to be vaporized. If it continues, the entire region will be vaporized and it will escalate up.
Odd thing about cartel states in if parts of them get vaporized and it starts scorching their ivory houses, they start killing those terrorists and tell the regime at 1600 Penn Avenue to go find a new breeding ground of terrorists for the new world order.

The Japanese need to stop being Kenji the hostage and to start being Japanese Samurai sword.

Nuff said


Barack Hussein Obama's 3rd Term


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The dynamics of the 2016 AD Presidential electioneering is most interesting on the GOP side, as the hidden nuances of this is the reality that is this going to be about Birther Hussein Obama Chin's 3rd term.

One must understand the insult of Jeb Bush in calling Ronald Reagan as ROAD KILL in 2009 and telling all that we must be like Obama. Bush in his first DC whoring for finances informed the billionaires that he was not going to support the right wing base, as he was more interested in not alienating the Obama voters in the general election.
In this Bush, Bush slapped the Christian Conservatives, Veterans and Patriots in telling them the Obama folks get the front seats in the Bush bus.

The dynamics of this are though the interesting part in Mormon Romney. Bush was brushing aside Romney as a courtesy and was lured into a courtesy call in Utah with Romney, when Romney has been busy sizing up another Presidential run.
The reality is while Bush has been sitting on his fat patrician ass having been promised the election theft of the 2016 primaries, Mormon Romney has been busy learning how Obama Rove stole the election from him, and John McCain, and Romney proved on the grounds of South Dakota, that his people could indeed steal Obama vote fraud elections back.
This is how Mike Rounds was able to be affirmed as Senator from South Dakota over the Obama Rove stooge of Weiland.

It is vital that you get this, as this is what matters. I already in exclusive informed all of you that the Romney people went in and dumped chicken salad on ballots, to clog up the fraud e voter machines, so every ballot had to be counted by hand. This assured the votes were not flipped for Weiland and got Mike Rounds the necessary job.
For those who have followed this, they know that John Thune, the hammer for Mitch McConnell, had his seat stolen by blown brain Tim Johnson. Thune though held his ground, and came back with a plan, which neutralized Tom Daschle the Senator Majority Leader from stealing that seat again in GOP South Dakota.
The forces at work in this were Bush 41 people and Bush 43 people, who hated Daschle. This group is who Thune was backed by, but the dynamics have changed as Jebby Bush was on his fat ass, there was a new coalition forming in the background which is setting up a resistance built on the Rovian divide and conquer plan for another Jeb Bush election theft.

Mike Rounds had two people show up and one provide his backing. That trio was Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. You will notice in this, that the reality is you have Big Wall Street and Mormonism, Bible Buster Christian and the Vatican boy Santorum. All of this weeding out of the field of votes got Romney the win in 2012 AD in the year of our Lord, but it is what Romney is leaning to use to unseat Jebby Bush, as there are not a great deal of Bush fans in any of this GOP establisment or the most important base.

If you have noticed, John Thune is pushing the protection of the internet, which is the attack dog against Hillary 2016. Mike Rounds is being turned loose on EPA which is harassing Americans. Huckabee is lurking in the shadows having left FOX. Santorum is the Vatican and Romney is Mormon power. This is the base of operations, and I can tell you that Mitch McConnell is no fan of the Bushites. The power in DC Congress is one of being open to those who would be most willing to steal the election back from Jeb Bush election fraud.

This is the insider stuff of the GOP. Personally, the Obamites and Rovians tried to destroy the Wisconsin Governor, and that is the Conservative this blog is going to be taking a hard look at in backing, because this is the person who Conservatives of all colors will be attracted to, as the only Reaganite in the field. Scott Walker is the one who if he gets his feet under himself is the person who will take this from all rightfully.
Walker is the non insider, and what you have is the Romney group taking positions, and as they are weeded off in Romney etc... they will go down and throw in their machines behind Romney. That is the design being implemented in the projections.

See Jebby can steal the elections in the primary, but Romney has proven he can neutralize the theft. When this moves in that domino effect, the dominoes from Huckabee, Santorum, Paul, Perry are all going to line up and say they back Romney. The tide is being generated for this.

Do not forget that John Thune's rather zombie protege out of Iowa, the Lt. Col. Darling of the Senate is Iowa. Key political players are in Thune's debt now, as much as McConnell's, and that is where this is trending at the start of this.
Mitch McConnell was busy. Mormon Romney was busy. John Thune was busy. It is their weight which will weigh in this, and outweigh any billionaire donors Bush might suck in.

The anti Bush stock is a trade which will peak well, as Big Frac's Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity hate the Rovians. They are not Romney fans, but my children that trio will neutralize any Mockingbird press which is backing Jebby.

If one adds in Taco Cruz and Burrito Rubio, that is the GOP brown stain in one will break Bush left and one will break Paul right, which means the sale is up for negotiations in Romney and Walker in time.

This is the fun time in this as much as the interesting things of the Hillarycrew shooting guns off at Joe Biden's Delaware enclave. The "castrate Obama crew" in the Democratic party is alive and well. Frankly, it is quite ballsy of Hillary flaming up Joe Biden's hood to send a message, in this cross fire of whores pictured with Bill and then the retaliation in this blood feud.

For the GOP, it will be in Bush the contention for his being Birther Hussein's 3rd term. Biden and Hillary will feint for Obama, but they will be the ones who will dismantle Obama the worst of all.

Now you are aware for the first time what is the real insider in this and now you can all go off and look smart. I would that the rich would repent of their sinful not donating and make the big donation to this blog, as where else are you going to get the real assessment eh?

What do they say........

Was that a Canuck gnat on the wall or was it just a high tech miniature drone buzzying about the plaster.