Sunday, April 19, 2015

Den Hunting: Paul Stanley Young

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There once was a time when the United States Government researched, promoted and published ways to protect Americans, their livestock and their pets. Paul Stanley Young wrote Den Hunting, as a means to save bambi, thumper and fido from being eaten alive by coyotes.

It is almost impossible now to find any information which will load from USDA, USFWS in order to glean this necessary research. I took the time to create a photo copy of the pertinent points of the Den Hunting book which is available to read online from the Texas educational system, but that is absolutely worthless without internet.
This photo is the information being censored from the American public which paid for all of this.

I place it here for all to copy and keep for their personal records.


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Seed Time and Drought


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Like Martin Luther, I have  become distressed over the corruption of the rich in this land. The people are heartless and inhuman. My prayers have been for God to take from the rich and give that property to His poor children.

This will not take long, as the Holy Ghost gave this verse to me in Malachi 2 verse 3.

"Behold, I will corrupt your seed, and spread dung upon your faces, even the dung of your solemn feasts; and one shall take you away with it."

In Luther's time, God had a reckoning on the rich, much to Luther's praise and delight. I  believe my prayers are heard and that there is going to be a drought and the beginning of the reckoning will appear in what the rich have will be taken from them and His poor children will inherit that earth away from satan.

This is broad in not just seed, as I focus on big farmers in their ruthlessness. It means all of you rich people's investments and all you trust in. Your faithlessness in God will prosper you nothing.

The point is, what good is that money and those fortunes you primp yourselves with, as the regime robs Americans to the poor house and death house, as you sit in luxury. That money is God's and it is not caring for others as God mandates. You are tools of satan and just as your ancestors brought down physical Israel, spiritual Israel of the west will face Jesus the Christ. You put His Name on you, and now you have betrayed Him, and let in these apostates, vaticanites, islamists and whatever else you are going to hell with.

Jesus is the One Way and there is no other. The seed you have sown in corruption will yeild you nothing.
Change your ways to the One Way. You are not going to get away with what you did in it being wiped clean as there will be a reckoning. You can either be on the side I am on and smiling or you can witness me smiling at your poverty in the way your smug face was smiling at mine as your fat ass was in a swimming pool enjoying life.

First reminder, Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy.


When in the Intercourse of Human Events

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a reality, that for any race to survive it must be responsible and not irresponsibly selfish. A drunk Russian is as suicidal to his race, as a hen pecked Muslim producing children without a future. This is the fact of the American race as much of the west to the east of Asia, there is a duty to produce responsibly children in marriage only between a man and a woman and not to horde a world, because all you have in poverty to do is to fuck.

Theodore Roosevelt spoke to this for Americans and the Israelite western peoples, but it is as instructive for Muslims led around by bullies, forlorn drunken Russians, prostituted and enslaved Asians or the slave class of Latins. The responsible reproductive inherit the hearth and the earth, but the deviant sexualist fouls their world to famine and death.

"When the ordinary decent man does not understand that to marry the woman he loves, as early as he can, is the most desirable of all goals, the most successful of all forms of life entitled to be called really successful; when the ordinary woman does not understand that all other forms of life are but makeshift and starveling substitutes for the life of the happy wife, the mother of a fair-sized family of healthy children; then the state is rotten at heart.

The loss of a healthy, vigorous, natural sexual instinct is fatal; and just as much so if the loss is by disuse and atrophy as if it is by abuse and perversion. Whether the man, in the exercise of one form of selfishness, leads a life of easy self-indulgence and celibate profligacy; or whether in the exercise of a colder but no less repulsive selfishness, he sacrifices what is highest to some form of mere material achievement in accord with the base proverb that "he travels farthest who travels alone"; or whether the sacrifice is made in the name of the warped and diseased conscience of asceticism; the result is equally evil. So, likewise, with the woman.

In many modern novels there is portrayed a type of cold, selfish, sexless woman who plumes herself on being "respectable," but who is really a rather less desirable member of society than a prostitute. Unfortunately the portrayal is true to life. The woman who shrinks from motherhood is as low a creature as a man of the professional pacificist, or poltroon, type, who shirks his duty as a soldier.

The only full life for man or woman is led by those men and women who together, with hearts both gentle and valiant, face lives of love and duty, who see their children rise up to call them blessed and who leave behind them their seed to inherit the earth."

Theodore Roosevelt. A Book-Lover's Holidays in the Open

It is the Christian responsibility not only to honor God with life, but to procreate life in a responsible marriage.

"But the rule must be as above given. In a community which is at peace there may be a few women or a few men who for good reasons do not marry, and who do excellent work nevertheless; just as in a community which is at war, there may be a few men who for good reasons do not go out as soldiers. But if the average woman does not marry and become the mother of enough healthy children to permit the increase of the race; and if the average man does not, above all other things, wish to marry in time of peace, and to do his full duty in war if the need arises, then the race is decadent, and should be swept aside to make room for one that is better. Only that nation has a future whose sons and daughters recognize and obey the primary laws of their racial being.

Theodore Roosevelt. A Book-Lover's Holidays in the Open

Nuff said.