Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Update Dux

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Inquiry states both trucks are in transit, have both reached the city.

Green Berets are now secondary in first target. Inquiry states Delta Force is operational. Indicates US Marshalls are involved. Something about Transit involved. Other alphabets, easier to note FBI and BATFE is not operational on either.

Same scenario tracking as previously indicated.

First indications this will be news black out trending.

Is moving forward as of 2 PM eastern. Were parallel time lines, the non big event is now trending as other is reaching vanishing point. Energy spike of this morning in dead, fascinating. Only after event experience in spike in that situation.
Trends indicated spike jump in 9 11 event 24 hours previous. It is likely same effect. The matrix indicates time line mass emotion generated and then as elastic stretches back to another time line.

Time is not a fabric. Incorrect analogy. Time is an elastic nerve of energy surges.

Make this a black out and then it can not be utilized for Allgire events which follow.

No fabric of time. Fascinating. Energy tissue is more correct.

End update.




As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Three days ago in monitoring a radio station out of Fargo, and the meteorologist there out of the University of North Dakota was explaining that the central part of the United States was experiencing early autumn weather, due to an upper air system over the north Atlantic which was pushing cold Canadian air south.

Negative NAO

This is why in counter effect, that California is burning up and Washington and Oregon were experiencing 100 plus degree weather which is out of the norm.

It did not register until early this morning that in association with NYC824, inquiry said a weather system, which I took for a noreaster would push the fallout back into the northeast in being generated by HAARP. In my bias of registering "weather" I assumed that this was a noreaster as it did not occur to me that over the north Atlanic a massive disturbance would be generated, which does not happen, and would be causing this same comma cloud effect.

I woke at 6 AM and I am still feeling an explosive energy wave, I am drained from all the dead, and I feel like the interior of me is as when your arm goes to sleep, as I am feeling the pricks of these piles of dead. The time line says these are false flags and yet I "feel" in the matrix something else. This is a learning live fire reality in gleaning what these signals mean.

I make a point though in that obscure story which I know I heard, but can not find confirmation as it is scrubbed from the internet, in someone generated from HAARP a pressure ridge to produce an effect which has only one purpose as stated. The northern states need heat now to finish crop ripening and not cold, and the West Coast does not need massive heat. It is simply pointed out that there are forces under the control inside the American regime, who detest America, have set up a scenario to fit an event, as Hillary Clinton just does not flip a switch and turn HAARP on. This is the shadows.

Something occurs to me now in something mentioned in passing late last week in someone who was in New York, and mentioned they could sense HAARP being active. The point is, those who run the destruction of America, created a wind pattern last week, as was posted here almost a month ago, and the only creatures who can accomplish that are those who rule the world.

OK.........now I know why I could not find the meteorologist in I heard Darrell Richardson, and the real name was Daryl Ritchison. He was the one who did an update on this weather pattern as it affected his region.

My concern at the moment is the same folks who hijacked 9 11 from the Gore and Gorelick crew, are running something back channel again, as the drama queens at Homoland simply can not just stop a terror event......no they have to live feed LaVoy Finicum being murdered for theatrical effect. 9 11 caught these chumly's hard and America suffered.

Will see how it plays out in a live event. I will continue to see what can be shut down. I hope it is all quiet on the eastern front in nothing appears in the news as it all just vanishes......make it easier shutting down Allgires Remote Views, to set to another time line.
Then you can all go back to being what you really are.

Oh this has to be included in this explanation as no one understands the matrix. This event if stopped today will reset and begin generating in it's proper time line. One kitty at a time, saved out of one tree at a time, because there is only one firetruck for multiple events.

Things running slow in spiders in the wire for two days and now a bad omen of a black spider in my lap. Incredible in the damn thing disappeared under my keyboard............now came back out and I killed it. That is a good omen for the shifty bastard.

Enough entertainment, off to see what inquiry says.


That other Device


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In inquiry I had picked up a second device on NYC824 time line, and it was a truck bomb. Inquiry pointed to these details.

Hollande Tunnel. Manhattan side. Entrance. 23rd.

9 PM, before NYC824. Hinder evacuation.

Refrigerated straight truck. Chemical bomb.

Not designed to collapse tunnel. To block it. A diversion.

NSA run.

Pakistani. Different set than the atomic boys.

Truck is loaded. Device assembled. Truck 'out for repairs'.

Is to be interdicted before tunnel by NSA.

Inquiry states it is 300 miles from NYC in outstate New York. Direction is north.

Movement begins 1 PM 23rd. Will await time in a Manhattan truck stop.

Story will be not Pakistani, but Kurdish, in response to Putin and Iranian bombing of ISIS in Syria. The story will blame Russia.

Be billed a double WMD attack in chemical and nuclear. "Russian recklessness".

4 Pakistani's involved. There will be a staged traffic accident to sideline truck, where the 2 occupants in the cab with be sniped in being neutralized. Trigger is inside cab. Is not a dead man's switch.
1 Pak is CIA. Is the bomb builder. Asset will take out 3 terrorist. Built the bomb to not detonate as "is the expert".

These are independent operations. 

Projection is to accomplish discovery before event to link it to DC regime to embarrass, and neutralize the following retaliatory events to initiate war with Russia as this is designed.


Moscow on the Rhine

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In review, a strategic white paper laying out the annexation of Europe by the Russian military follows.

The Northern Spear will not be discussed as once Finland is overcome, securing Sweden and Norway is basically a matter of crossing to Stockholm, and moving south to Copenhagen Denmark.

Central Spear: Kiev, Krakow, Prague, Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Paris

Southern Spear: Odessa, Bucharest, Belgrade, Zagreb, Venice, Turin, Lyon 

The Southern Sphere is the most hazardous, as the Belgrade to Venice route is a choke point of mountainous terrain. Completing this in 24 hours, by staging from Odessa and making treaty with Turkey to betray NATO, the armoured columns could negotiate the passes and be in north Italy in it's tank country, for the last push into France which is absolutely non defendable as history has proven.
Italy and Albania housing American and NATO stores would be secured or destroyed in the first 48 hours by special forces and then taken custody of by infantry in the Spear.
Lyon's pincer then moves to meet the Paris pincer from the Central Spear.

It is a straight invasion point to Prague. Prague would be the likely spot NATO would make it's delaying action sacrificing Prague. Swinging north, instead of continueing west to Nuremberg secures Berlin, and Hamburg, where the port can now be utilized to ferry the Northern Sphere in a crossing for reinforcements for the closing of the pincer with Paris to Lyons in the Southern Sphere.
In addition, the massive NATO and American munitions dumps will be secured within 48 hours.

After the defeat of NATO at Prague, reinforcements could make a thrust straight west to Nuremberg for a securing of southern Germany, and a staging wave for the taking of Paris, joining the North and Central Spears in France.

Encirclement of NATO or what was left of European resistance would be in Switzerland, which could be seiged into submission, as it would require 3 years for any stores to reach a Normandy front, and England would collapse by this  time without food with the Muslim invasion already in its borders.

Fuel will be not a problem as major pipelines litter the main routes, so no supply trains will be taxed.


In addition, Europe lists numerous 100 plus mile per hour trains. For invasion forces, to supply, the Russian military could supply itself in 13 hours to the Rhine with reinforcements and munitions.

Russian forces would be shielded by the numerous European concentrations of populations to assist in this invasion.

White Paper complete.


Comme autre cerise Lame exclusive dans la matière anti-matière.

En résumé, un livre blanc stratégique portant sur l'annexion de l'Europe par l'armée russe suit.

La Lance du Nord ne sera pas discutée, car une fois la Finlande est vaincue, la sécurisation de la Suède et de la Norvège est essentiellement une question de traverser à Stockholm, et vers le sud à Copenhague Danemark.

Central Spear: Kiev, Cracovie, Prague, Berlin, Hambourg, Amsterdam, Paris

Southern Spear: Odessa, Bucarest, Belgrade, Zagreb, Venise, Turin, Lyon

La sphère du Sud est le plus dangereux, comme la route de Belgrade à Venise est un point de terrain montagneux du starter. Remplir ce dans les 24 heures, par la mise en scène d'Odessa et de faire un traité avec la Turquie pour trahir l'OTAN, les colonnes blindées pourraient négocier les passes et être en Italie du nord dans son pays du réservoir, pour la dernière poussée vers la France qui est absolument non défendables que l'histoire a éprouvé.Italie et l'Albanie logements américains et de l'OTAN magasins seraient garantis ou détruits dans les 48 premières heures par les forces spéciales, puis pris la garde de l'infanterie dans le Spear.La pince de Lyon se déplace alors pour répondre à la pince Paris du Spear Central.

Il est un point d'invasion directement à Prague. Prague serait l'endroit probable de l'OTAN ferait cela retarder l'action sacraficing Prague. Se balancer au nord, au lieu de continueing ouest de Nuremberg sécurise Berlin et Hambourg, où le port peut maintenant être utilisé pour transporter la Sphère du Nord dans un passage des renforts pour la fermeture de la pince avec Paris à Lyon dans la sphère du Sud.En outre, le massif de l'OTAN et des munitions américaines décharges seront garanties dans les 48 heures.
Après la défaite de l'OTAN à Prague, des renforts pourraient faire un coup droit à l'ouest de Nuremberg pour une sécurisation du sud de l'Allemagne, et une onde de mise en scène pour la prise de Paris, rejoindre le Spears Nord et centrale en France.
Encerclement de l'OTAN ou ce qui a été laissé de la résistance européenne serait en Suisse, ce qui pourrait être seiged dans la soumission, car il faudrait 3 ans pour tous les magasins pour atteindre un front de Normandie, et l'Angleterre s'effondrerait par ce temps sans nourriture, avec l'invasion musulmane déjà dans ses frontières.

Carburant ne sera pas un problème car les principaux pipelines jonchent les routes principales, donc pas de trains d'approvisionnement seront imposés.
En outre, l'Europe énumère de nombreux trains 100 plus mile par heure. Pour les forces d'invasion, à l'approvisionnement, l'armée russe pourrait se fournir en 13 heures sur le Rhin avec des renforts et des munitions.
Les forces russes seraient protégés par les nombreuses concentrations européennes de populations pour aider à cette invasion.
Livre blanc complet.


В качестве еще одного Хромой Cherry в эксклюзивном материи анти материи.

В обзоре, стратегической белой бумаги с изложением аннексию Европы российскими военными следующим образом.

Северный Копье не будет обсуждаться, как когда-то Финляндия преодолевается, обеспечение Швеции и Норвегии в основном вопрос переезда в Стокгольм, и двигаясь на юг, в Копенгагене Дания.

Центральная Копье: Киев, Краков, Прага, Берлин, Гамбург, Амстердам, Париж

Южный Копье: Одесса, Бухарест, Белград, Загреб, Венеция, Турин, Лион

Южный Сфера является наиболее опасным, так как Белград в Венецию маршрут является дросселем точка горной местности. Завершение этого в течение 24 часов, устроив из Одессы и сделать договор с Турцией, чтобы предать НАТО, танковые колонны могли вести переговоры проходы и быть на севере Италии в это страна бак, для последнего толчка во Францию, которая абсолютно не оборонять, как история имеет доказано.Италия и Албания жилье американские и натовские магазины будут обеспечены или уничтожены в течение первых 48 часов с помощью специальных сил, а затем взят под опеку пехоты в Копье.Клешня Лиона затем переезжает в Париж навстречу клешню из Центрального Копье.

Это прямая точка вторжения в Прагу. Прага станет вероятным местом НАТО сделает это затягивает действие sacraficing Прагу. Размахивая на север, а не на запад continueing в Нюрнберг обеспечивает Берлин и Гамбург, где порт теперь может быть использован на пароме Северную Сферу в переходе подкрепления для закрытия пинцета с Парижа в Лион в Южной сфере.Кроме того, массивная НАТО и американские боеприпасы свалки будут обеспечены в течение 48 часов.
После поражения НАТО в Праге, подкреплений может совершить бросок прямо на запад в Нюрнберг для закрепления на юге Германии, и промежуточную волну для взятия Парижа, соединяющего Северную и Центральную Спирс во Франции.
Окружению НАТО или то, что осталось от европейского сопротивления будет в Швейцарии, которая могла бы быть осадил в представлении, поскольку это потребовало бы 3-х лет для любых магазинов, чтобы достигнуть Нормандии фронт, а Англия развалится к этому времени без пищи с мусульманским вторжением уже в своих границах.

Топливо будет не проблема, так как магистральных трубопроводов подстилки основные маршруты, так что никакие обозы не будут облагаться налогом.
Кроме того, Европа перечисляет многочисленные 100 плюс мили в час поезда. Для вторжения сил, снабжения, русский военные могли бы поставить себя в 13 часов к Рейну с подкреплением и боеприпасами.
Российские войска будут экранированы многочисленных европейских концентраций населения для оказания помощи в этом вторжении.
полная White Paper.


Als eine andere Lame Kirsche exklusiv in der Materie Antimaterie.

Im Berichts folgt die Annexion Europas vom russischen Militär ein strategisches weißes Papier Auslegen.

Die Northern Spear wird nicht diskutiert werden, wie einst Finnland überwunden wird, die Sicherung Schweden und Norwegen ist im Grunde eine Sache nach Stockholm zu überqueren, und im Süden nach Kopenhagen Dänemark bewegen.

Zentral Speer: Kiew, Krakau, Prag, Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Paris

Süd-Speer: Odessa, Bukarest, Belgrad, Zagreb, Venedig, Turin, Lyon

Die südliche Sphere ist die gefährlichste, da die Belgrad nach Venedig Strecke eine Drosselstelle des bergigen Gelände ist. Die Komponenten dieses in 24 Stunden durch aus Odessa Inszenierung und machen Vertrag mit der Türkei zu verraten NATO, die Panzerkolonnen konnten die Pässe und sein in Norditalien verhandeln darin Tank Land ist, für den letzten Stoß in Frankreich, die absolut nicht vertretbar ist, wie die Geschichte hat bewährt.Italien und Albanien Gehäuse amerikanischen und NATO-Läden würden in den ersten 48 Stunden von Spezialeinheiten und dann genommen Verwahrung von Infanterie im Spear gesichert oder zerstört werden.Lyon Zange bewegt dann die Paris Zange vom zentralen Spear gerecht zu werden.

Es ist eine gerade Invasion Punkt nach Prag. Prag wäre die wahrscheinliche Stelle NATO es verzögern Aktion sacraficing Prag machen würde. Norden Swinging, statt Westen nach Nürnberg von continueing sichert Berlin und Hamburg, wo der Hafen jetzt die Nord Kugel in einer Kreuzung zur Fähre nach Verstärkungen für das Schließen der Zange mit Paris nach Lyon in der südlichen Sphere genutzt werden kann.Darüber hinaus Dumps die massiven NATO und amerikanische Munition innerhalb von 48 Stunden gesichert werden.
Nach der Niederlage der NATO in Prag, Verstärkungen könnte einen Schub gerade Westen nach Nürnberg für eine Sicherung des südlichen Deutschland, und eine Inszenierung Welle für die Einnahme von Paris zu machen, die Nord- und Mittel Spears in Frankreich verbindet.
Einkreisung der NATO oder, was der europäischen Widerstand links in der Schweiz wäre, die in die Unterwerfung seiged werden könnte, da es 3 Jahre erfordern würde, für alle Geschäfte eine Normandie Front zu erreichen, und England würde mit der muslimischen Invasion durch diese Zeit ohne Nahrung kollabieren bereits in seiner Grenzen.

Kraftstoff wird kein Problem, da wichtige Pipelines Wurf die Hauptwege, so dass keine Trosse besteuert werden.
Darüber hinaus listet Europa zahlreiche 100 plus Meile pro Stunde Züge. Für Invasionstruppen, die Versorgung könnte das russische Militär selbst mit Verstärkungen und Munition an den Rhein in 13 Stunden liefern.
Russischen Truppen würden von den zahlreichen europäischen Konzentrationen von Populationen abgeschirmt werden in dieser Invasion zu unterstützen.
Weißbuch abgeschlossen.


The 1% Wars

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti mater.


Group pulls the plug on Johnson ad buy | WCLO 1230

Group pulls the plug on Johnson ad ... pulled a more than $2 million dollar ad buy in ... Koch brothers has pulled a more than $2 million dollar ad ...


Monday, August 22, 2016

The Scent of Brothel Perfume

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If Ann Coulter was just another political whore like Roger Stone, looking to make a buck off of Donald Trump's success, the way Rush Limbaugh did with the Tea Party in his two if by tea...........sorry bad examples as every one of these MOG's is intelligence funded, and glom onto events to get attention at the same rate they get orders to manipulate people on the right into thinking they are kosher.........

Coulter works of the Blazestreamers whose agenda is to make child rape legal. That is what all those flamers are about in being in the employ.

The scent of brothel perfume never covers up the whorehouse stench.

That should be enough said on this.


the calliope sphere

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We just got in a digital to Alex Jones interviewing Larry Nichols who was saying that Hillary's health is a red herring and they were asking TL about it.

Apparently you shit for brains do not get it THAT WE DO NOT HAVE UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH LIKE YOU DO. So watch your own fucking digitals as you certainly have the money for it or are stealing from your employers watching shit while you are supposed to be working.

Jesus this gets old. I bust my ass, and if it is not some pompous Veteran beating me over the head with his virginal daughters condemning me, it is some other asstard so absorbed in their own fucking Alex Jones propaganda world filled with high speed internet, not giving a damn that 95 million Americans are out of work and the popular girl is trying to stop the advent of a nuclear war.

I do not do anything fun anymore. Online I fucking WORK. I don't get to look at anything unless I cheat in corn porn and use it for the blog. I work offline, while it appears most of you, fuck around non stop, expecting others to do the thinking for you, so you can pretend how patriotic and virginal you all are.

Nom de Deus, I swear you people need keepers as you are nothing but mutton in the making. God damn 3 year olds whining for sugar tit as the turban heads are raping your mama's ass. You aren't just hyperactive any more, but blitzed zombie in it is all about you and the electronic gluttony you charge yourselves with has fried all humanity and common sense in you.

You do not realize you are not human any more, and there is no remedy for you, so when the global culling begins, God will no longer recognize you as your frequency is all burned out.

I am stuck on this damned calliope sphere with no way off.