Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Photos God's Retribution

 So that is what stuck in the snow means....

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A few weeks ago the Cherry family may remember seeing some photos of the Brier Patch snow concrete. In the meantime, TL and I had gotten stuck in our driveway and I had to scoop the pick up out and a path to get home for the neighbor who helps with chores to blow snow.

While I had the pickup there, the kids of another neighbor decided to drive on our road which was plugged to pick up their kids as the grandparents watch them. Those assholes made me move the pick up, never offered to help and just drove on. Needless to say those Two by Two's were on my shit list as they are like all modern twats, shit for brains as they got it all.

Well this morning while doing chores, I noticed a pick up, a Chevy, 4 door, 3/4 ton, new, sitting in the road where the deep drifts are. I thought maybe the road crew was checking things, but then in watching the dufus, I figured he was stuck, even if he didn't look like he was stuck. The clue was he got out of the pickup and looked forlorn as if help was coming.

Well someone came and picked him up from the other direction, so I walked down to see what was up, and he had some church bulletin on the  dashboard, was a veteran, cell phone plugged in and the pick up was still running.....engine sounded like some dumb ass was hitting too many hard snow banks driving around with their new 4 x 4 pickup.

So TL and I ate breakfast and did things and I went out to check what the circus was up to, as I honestly wanted to call the Sheriff and report an abandoned vehicle, which would have lit things up and made things interesting for them, but I didn't want to make the Deputy drive 50 miles out here for that bullshit.

This is the gay parade I found.

Being a Trapper and reading sign, I knew what had happened in the above as 4 wheel drive tractor had appeared, along with the original rescue 4 x 4. I hope you notice how nicely framed the above is, with corn stalk bales and trees with pile of snow. I did not want to really piss them off in taking pictures out in the open and rubbing in what had just happened.

So this all started about 9 o'clock when dimwit though he could drive down our road. See everyone thinks they are screwing me over by not opening up this road, but in the end it is them, as they simply will not stay off what is mine. See there is a cleared road a mile over, but NO, the geniuses will not stay off of this one, and today the Chevy driver, drove on top of 2 and 3 foot high snow drifts and simply broke through and sank in.

Rescue came about 10:30 and as the morons apparently did not have shovel, chain or tow rope to snap the Chevy out, they went to get one, which took another hour, and up arriving, backed into the deep banks and promptly hung up the rescue 4 x 4 too, which they could not dig out, with their hands, as they are not intelligent enough to have a shovel.

This is where the original dimwit was bottomed out, and I am going to explain something. You CAN NOT GET STUCK WITH A FOUR WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLE. It is impossible. All you can do is get hung up on the snow by the frame, and your wheels just spin then.
I know about this as being adventurous a few times, I got my dad's Ford 4 x 4 hung up in this shit snow, and I learned my lesson. How you get out is break the snow, shovel the frame out, the tires out and then you start rocking the hell out of it.
Ford's are built for that or were. I can not speak to Dodge Rams, but the stuff I put my Jimmy through makes me believe they can  take some hammering too without sounding like shit or breaking. As I am still waiting for the generous donations from the rich, I will tell you how a new pick up in 4 x 4 holds up in my testing when we get one.

As for Chevy pickups and this is a WARNING,  do not ever buy one. I have been watching our mailman blade snow with his, and I do mean blade, as those damn things are so low they are like a car. They are worthless as shit.
Furthermore if you look at the Chevies hung up, they are on the frame, and both of them left gas tank marks in the drifts where those pickups were hung up on the frame like snow shoes by that gas tank. That kind of shit is worthless in the real world and you are asking for trouble with a Chevy pick up in the newer models of the last 5 years.

So in review of my story, two assholes left TL and I in the snow, never bothered to offer help, like the Samaritan story, just like the rich donors pass on by here, expecting others to do the job as they are not going to stoop to things like helping an orphan girl.

God watches, and in return, I not only had a reckoning on my enemies, of they got stuck in the snow, their pickup sounded funky, their rescue got stuck, and then they had to call a farmer to rescue them. That was 3 hours of their rich lives shot in the ass, and I am still praising God for that, as the same things are waiting for the people not donating here. God is going to avenge me and keep avenging me.

See this has just started, as they have refused to clean off my road. In knowing things, I know this snow is going to melt in the next week, turn the roads into the Russian Rasputitsa, and then all of these rich people with their big pickups and big farm equipment will be gay parading down the roads at high speeds, and flip themselves into the hospital or morgue. Then the county will get into trouble and then all that money they thought they saved in sticking it to me, is going to be spent 20 times more in fixing the roads.....and the cherry on top is I do not drive on that road in that direction most times I go out, so as before when this road bottomed out from big machinery, it will be destroyed again.
And this all comes from these big rich farmers, going clean field to keep snow off of them, which then blows on my road and into our place in high banks, so they can get into the fields quickly in the spring.....and I will have the last laugh as they will be paying for their chewed up roads and end up in hell for screwing me over........just like the rich people not donating here as they should be generously.

Yes let's not drive around on the open road, but drive on that Cherry road as it makes us feel superior, but in the end it wastes 3 hours of their lives, tears up their new vehicles and the mud is coming in a week. This has just started and I will enjoy the coming retributions from God as no one gets by with screwing me over.

Do you think we should have bladed  the roads last winter.


Nuff Said


Take me to the other Side

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is from a Mossad case officer by the name of Victor Ostrovsky who believed the Mossad was out of control already in the 1980's in the Israeli deep state. As the information has been available for 30 years and you have never heard of it, it reveals how even in a free society information is censored to never appear in your popular leftist or rightist publications.

This is the story of Mossad.

Mossad - 35  Case officers - 1200 satellite specialists to janitors

AMAN - Judea Military Intelligence

Bodel - Courier

Operation Chief

Tsomet - Recruitment officer

Katsa - Case Officer

Dip - Diplomatic Pouch

*Israeli Embassies are hardened bunkers from which the Mosaad station chiefs operare from under the main facility.

Sayanim - Jewish diaspora. The entire Jewish people in every nation who are the extended fellow travelers of Mossad, some hard, the majority soft, but who actively report back to the Embassy staff on developments or are activated for specific operations.

Operational Apartments - Safe Houses. London for example has 100 flat which are owned by Mossad and another 50 rented for specific purposes.

IDF codex - Transmissions are based on the phonetics of a word. Ivanka for example would transmit E VAHN KA. Each phonetic sound would assign a number, in something like 3 47 18.
Each number then has a regular code representing the original number, which is either a numeral or letter. This is termed sleeve coding and it is changed once a week.
In transmissions, entire dossiers are never produced in one unit, but are broken up into separate transmissions, and then reassembled in Tel Aviv. In this protocol, if the message is intercepted, it only contains certain data which requires the  other transmissions to make sense of it.

CLAMPER- This was the original spy camera for photographing documents. It was a tripod oriented system into which documents were fed for copying. It was portable and self contained.
The advent of cell phones and flashdrives has streamlined the clamper system to a camo state of everyone has a cell phone and no one will notice the hybrid.

Hit It At Convenience - Mossad speak for moving on the most available target with the greatest speed.


YARID - Security lead team in making first contact in surveillance and setting up apartments or locations to begin gathering intelligence. Yarid is counter intelligence to sweep for any other nation's intelligence who may be on station observing the target.
3 Teams - 7 to 9 operatives each - 2 working "in county" and 1 in reserve in the Jewish state.
If a 3rd team is dispatched, conflicts arise due to jurisdictional control.

NEVIOT - The second story crews who are in charge of break ins, "wiring" and re creation of the target's personal effects to be replaced with manufactured items in order to place bugs in home, office or vehicles.
3 Teams - Experts in burgluary, electronics, blending in of surveillance and the protocol of passive assessments. Operational teams do not "tail" targets. They set up station, observe to the point of losing sight of the target and then the next day setting up at that location to observe the movements in order to create an established pattern of the target to exploit. This is termed MOTIONLESS FOLLOWING.
The Nevoit have in their possession not only the "holy grails" of master keys to hotels, but locks, vehicles and have moved into computer passwords.

Contact is is always passive and thorough. In Victor Ostrovsky's expose on Mossad, he provides two examples of typical Mossad psychological operations.

A target is known to frequent a bus stop. For days an attractive woman appears, waits, and then is picked up in a sport's car. This sets pattern and familiarity.
The operation then mutates to Mossad causing an accident to a bus, so the target is stranded. The woman appears, but does not engage the target, but instead gets on another bus, and then the sport's car appears.
The target is then allowed to be the one to make contact with the driver in being helpful in explaining the girl got on a bus and did not wait. An offer is then made to drive the target to their location as "they are going that way too".

Sequence 2 in the same target, revealed that a college girl was sent to sell perfume to the target's wife and others in the building complex.  The wife opened up about her problems, was sold items very cheaps so she would purchase them, and in order to get the wife out of the apartment a service was provided for a hairdresser. The wife out of the apartment, a Nevoit team enters, photographs and leaves. On second entry, the Nevoit replace objects in the home with bugs installed.
The door is jammed in case anyone returns. The door lock is thought by the owner to be broken, and when they go for assistance, the team  then extracts themselves from the building.
Problems in this are cell phones in people call and wait now outside their doors.

Once bugging is complete, for foreigners of different languages, an expert is located in Tel Aviv who understands the dialect, and then is dispatched to the Shicklut or listening station for active assessments on location.

SHICKLUT - Listening stations or apartments set up to gain intelligence.

The most infamous Nevoit team in history, revealing a station house in New Jersey, an entire team operating in surveillance of a known developing situation, and therefore prior knowledge of the event as the entire team was assembled.

This Nevoit was arrested, detained and then returned by President George W. Bush to the Israeli state, without questions asked, any more than who was short selling airline stocks before this event, was all swept away from investigation.

In reality, every one of you reading this has come into contact with a Mossad operation if you have been online or have watched their props on television projecting their narratives in psychological operations. Tel  Aviv Trolls are infamous for their commentaries steering and silencing Americans on various websites.


Cabelas has more regulatoins than Democrats for Voting

 Hello I'm Kourtney Kardashian and I can tell you that after a long
hard day, my day of being with black men is much easier when 
I put on my Cabela's insulated hunting boots
from Bass Pro Shops.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A few weeks ago, in the thrift shop I came across this ancient pair of Cabelas insulated leather hunting boots for 6 dollars. These dudes were really old as they had copper eyelets and the shoestrings were leather. They were well used with Vibram soles and they were so old that my brother who clerks at Cabelas had never seen a pair like this.

In thinking of a pair of Rocky boots which exploded and they resoled and how good Sportsman's Guide was in their warranty on goods they sell, I wrote to Cabelas to ask about their warranty policy and got a typical corporate, "FOLLOW THE LINK" answer, which basically says, you are screwed once you go out the door of Cabelas.

As I was reading this, I started smiling in noting that Cabelas return policy requires more identification and evidence  than democrats want for voters in elections. This is another one of the amazing political cancers of America, in if America were a business, no one could vote unless they were America or be President if they were natural born, but if Cabelas was a democratic voting booth, I could  return dog turds to the counter for hunting boots and get a new pair without one question asked.

- Use the shipper of your choice. For your protection, insure the package for the full value and send to:
Cabela's Customer Returns
400 East Avenue A
Oshkosh, NE 69190

- Return items with your packing list to any Cabela's retail store. Present a valid photo ID which will be used in a manner consistent with State and Federal laws for the purpose of authorizing returns. (Valid ID's include Drivers License, State-issued ID, U.S. Military ID and Passport.)

Take your items to any Cabela's Retail Store and present a valid photo ID which will be used in a manner consistent with State and Federal laws for the purpose of authorizing returns. (Valid ID's include Drivers License, State-issued ID, U.S. Military ID and Passport.)

The Cabelas of Nebraska  is  gone.  I never liked Cabelas from their crappy lures they used to sell for a quarter in the back of magazines which built their empire, to the time they only catered to rich people in having merchandise too damn expensive. I really do not like them after Bass Pro took over as Bass Pro quit producing porn calendars in ending their redneck traditions as they got corporate respectable and that means employer unfriendly.

These store fronts have one purpose now and that is to employ double dipping former military employees who can not make it on their big retirements and to work the other people who need a job into the ground, as their management is all stick and head up the ass.

That concludes this filler analysis of Cabelas, a place I went into once and I will never go again as someone who loves the outdoors, I have zero in common with the tards that shop there.|
Except of course the Kardashian girls.


Hello I am Kim Kardashian West and let me tell you
that nothing pleases my man, Kayne more, than for me
to bundle him up in a Cabela's camo coveralls before our crackling hearth.

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Monday, March 18, 2019

When even Obama can't save You

 Every Negroid Revolutionary needs a Jew to Cook the Books

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have no idea who Alan Krueger was, but hanging around people like Barack Obama, Bill  Clinton, Cass Sunstein still caused this man to murder himself.

We all have triggers which can push us over the edge. In someone who had nothing, I always thought that having money, a family and connections would fulfill a life, and yet Krueger had all that and found it was not the answer, or losing it, and for that he murdered himself.

What bothers me most is the fraud of Birther Hussein's image is the same Obama appears in pretending to care as long as the attention is on this Designer Negro. What kind of eulogy is it, when all the liberals can lament about for you, is that you crunched some numbers and proved raising the minimum wage did not kill jobs. For the record, of course up to a point it does not cause businesses to quit hiring, but in the Trump Obama Visa Vermin jobs of America, the fact is that like China the job pool all starts to pay less to all workers, evening the field, and in that, the manufacturers on the plantation pass all the inflated job costs to the consumer so your prices go up......or they start Walmart shoppers having robots doing jobs the Niggers did.

In the real world for example, the Niggers used to butcher chickens, but they were not efficient, so they brought in the Beaners, who spread disease, so as I just learned from some Canadian chicken "breasts" I got on sale, the Canadians have a machine that goes postal in shredding breasts.

All Alan Krueger did with his troubled soul attempting to prove he cared about the lower classes displacing the White crackers is doom them all to genocide as the chicken butchering machines are quicker.

Back to the Obama Eulogy though in how wonderful Krueger is, as his greatest accomplishment was not bringing the condemned the Gospel  of Christ, but was instead trying to stop up the hole in his empty heart by proving he cared about the poor vermin by paying them more, which doomed them to an expedient genocide.
Obviously it did not fill the hole.

His path-breaking work on minimum wage was only one of many ways he used his genius for the good of all.'
In his statement, Obama said of Krueger: 'He had a perpetual smile and a gentle spirit - even when he was correcting you. That's what made him Alan a fundamentally good and decent man.'

The favorite in this, and this is another genius thing for which Krueger was celebrated and remembered for in Obama communist circles is this gem:

It showed that high economic inequality corresponds with low economic mobility on a generation-to-generation basis. 
In short, it meant that when economic disparities between the rich and everyone else are wide, people's ability to improve their financial health depends even more heavily on their parents' economic status.

Yes he took credit for the reality that poor people stay poor and rich people stay rich. This stuff is news to leftists as they are the ones spending working peoples money to "fix" things and the ones hiring the goddamn foreign vermin, enter the poster boys of Bernie Sanders and Mark Zuckerberg from Jew Street.

I have no idea if it bothers Krueger's family that he offed himself, as snowflakes tend to worry about how it makes them look, instead of the old man is in hell, but I hope they ponder the message that everything Krueger dedicated his life to, was not the answer.

....and as it was nothing but Jews lamenting him, being a Jew was not the answer nor more than an image of Obama trying to get all the attention from a corpse.


Lame Cherry getting the Bill Wrong

 See a European Border Critter....

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This just in:

Mon 3/18/2019 10:41 AM
You have Slovakia and Slovenia mixed up

This is concerning Zada or whatever that thing's name is who is being installed to commie Slovakia. The thing is I do know what I am doing, but I do not care. It is a point of showing contempt for pissy little nations that do not donate and read the blog and even more so to the Marionette left legger who is a tampon wearer.

So no mix up, as it is more enjoyable sounding more stupid than I usually do, as it makes people who have bullets wanting to put them into my brain for things, to think I am David drooling on the wall with the Philistines and not worth the change.

As far as pork products.

Makin' bacon Spotted Poland China

The pork is from China – not Africa – and the eff’n Chinese own Smithfield ham – our pork is being sent to China – there should not be one shred of Chinese meat or meat products in this country!

This has been going on for sometime. Alaskan fish go to that cesspool of Asia, like Russian trawlers and then Chicom fish mongers, and ship them back to the United States. Mexicans shit on the spinach and chickens get it up the Yangtse.

I like pigs, but hate pork. Goddamn is one meat no matter what you do to it, it is pork. Should be a clue in all that seafood coming out of China tasting like something that run off of Mao's shower as to what in that short of water nation, you are getting in your canned goods.

I made a mistake once, but found out I was wrong.

- Lame Cherry

Same goddamn border critter as they all look the same.




Oh Zuzana

Let's Fight Evil Together!!!


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you want to talk about the poster children for goddamn Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's Marxism in America, you have to look no further than First Lady Melania Trump's land of divinity in Slovakia, where the ruling regime is about to get kicked out by this hot blonde plumper named, Zuzana Caputova.

Do not hate me because I am good....

Think of her as a sort of Donald Trump of 2016, without all the pussygrabbin'.

In the latest election Caputova crushed everyone in the field, including the guy who was supposed to be the next despot in power, Maroš Šefčovič.

 Italian food, Italian money......

Apparently there are two things you can count on in Slovakia, and the first is, the ruling party is nothing but COMMIE LITE. I mean the SMER SD, which sounds like something out of James Bond, came to life as the scion of the ruling communist party.

Originally named Direction, the party emerged as a breakaway from the post-communist Party of the Democratic Left (SDĽ) on 8 November 1999.

And most of the Slovakians are communists yet, as they control a majority of the regime there. That control though brought about some real problems.


Smer-SD provided the following members of the government (2016–present):
  • Peter Pellegrini (prime minister)
  • Richard Raši (deputy prime minister and minister for investments and informatization)
  • Tomáš Drucker (nominated by Direction-Social Democracy) (deputy prime minister and minister of internal affairs)
  • Peter Kažimír (minister of finance)
  • Miroslav Lajčák (nominated by Direction-Social Democracy) (minister of foreign affairs)
  • Ján Richter (minister of labour, social affairs and family)
  • Peter Žiga (minister of economy)
  • Ľubica Laššáková (minister of culture)
  • Andrea Kalavská (nominated by Direction-Social Democracy) (minister of health)

The real problem was the Italian mob. Now I have not a clue why in the hell these Italian sounding Slovaks ever got involved with the mafia, but geez when you got Serbians, Albanians and Russians around who work cheaper, and probably would not be stupid enough to blast one of the few reporters in Slovakia for reporting on Italian mafia buying up corrupt SMER politicians, you would not have sexy Zuzana rolling up the polls and becoming the next president.

  • filed injunctions to close an old toxic landfill in her town;
  • filed petitions to stop a new toxic landfill;
  • encouraged the residents to organize;

  • showed how the toxicity boosted leukemia rates there;
  • inspired a 6,000 strong demonstration, convincing officials to stop the project.

  • since 2014 helped 9 village stop a waste gasification plant, and similar projects;
  • drafted an amendment to Slovakia's Construction Law, the source of harmful waste disposal.
  • The amendment gives villages a larger voice in waste disposal projects.

Granted, she is a liberal, a divorcee, an NGO lawyer, a whiner who riots in the streets with other whiners, so I do not see any hope for Slovakia as having a communist party with a rose as their symbol crooked as hell and then having a lawyer woman with a rosebud who thinks she can nice the world to a better place is not going to accomplish anything.

The Slovaks do best under good stiff German command. That is why Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is there to provide the leadership the Slovaks need. Regrettably, Melania Trump has not even made an issue of this first woman leader of the Slavs, as this is her land of divinity, so what good is it having a foreign broad in the White House, if she is not going to be suckering the Slovaks into thinking America needs them.
Look I love the Slavs. They are good people, work hard, have good food and most of them do not look like Darwin experiments. They just need some American interaction or they are going to go German, and nothing spells European Empire like Sebastian Kurz leading a skilled Slavic labor force, selling stuff with Indochinese technology to those African consumers at 2 billion.

So we chalk this one up to Donald Trump lost another big one, and worse in this, Melania really dropped the ball on this as this is her homeland and one would think she would know what the hell is going on there.
I mean this plumper Prez has like three daughters and Melania has one son, so what would be better than two mums hooking up the teenagers for marriage playdates.

Anyway, Sabby Kurz should have no problems with this skirt as he can put the scare into her to sign Slovakia over to Kurz Europa, as Trump Trans apparently does not care about the European Interior which brought us Ivanka and Melania.


Slovakia? I thought you had Slovakia as I had the tampons.

Nuff Said

Nuff Said.

Nuff Said


DEBIT DREAMER: The Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Card

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

*Editor's Note: This should be a stand alone post as this is one of the most monumental historical documents ever produced here, but I doubt the readers will comprehend it, until minds in the future state what is written here in universities, the day the universe changed in the return to the Nimrodian economic system.
Upon composing this, this is one of the long list of Inspired documents which I am most proud of in it's revelation as once again no one has revealed the following, save the Lame Cherry.

Recently the President's daughter, Ivanka Kushner, attempted to make herself relevant as Meghan McCain, in deciding like the rest of the people in Kushner media, that she could job up and bitch slap Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, as it is the fashionable thing to do, to prove you are "one of the girls".
For my children here and the brats, you have noted that I am protective of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, because she is just a working girl of the Mockingbird CIA, and can not be taken seriously as she is just playing the role of a communist. Mrs. Kushner only adds to the designed distraction and none of that does any of you any good, as in reality it has only been the Lame Cherry which has in matter anti matter exclusives, in process, been exposing what the neo economic structure is going to be, established by the world elite.

In this white paper on the subject, this orphan girl is going to lay out the fundementals of this in a more concise manner, as it was here that the first white print of it was ever written of in the Kruz Doctrine of African Trade, where Europe has established that the 2 billion Negroid will be "purchasers" of European goods, as the European Super State fills in the technology gap with the Ring of Fire nations, led by Japan and South Korea, who have quality control equal to  the best German goods, and now surpass the ghastly limited shelf life of American made goods with inferior Chinese manufacture.

The best working model, which again this blog first covered, is Venezuela, and why the Americans and Europeans are targeting Maduro of Venezuela, is this non communist nation. Venezuela is not socialist nor marxist. Venezuela is instead a safari reserve where the citizens do not toil nor spin, but all are awarded debit cards from the government in order to bribe them into contentment, like a lion in the zoo is alloted their 100 pounds of beef quarters a day to keep them from attacking el presidente.

Maduro's process is simple. el Presidente, takes the gold, cocaine and oil from Venezuela, and sells it as contraband to thwart American sanctions put into place, because American Jewstreet finance is not getting their CIA black budget cut. This money is then put into the debit card account in which the population draws upon this resource.
It is a great deal like Colonel Khadaffi's rewards program in Libya and why he was slaughted by a French CIA agent for the Obama regime, because Libya was not providing the cartel their cut, and far too much revenue was going into Russia, and Russia has not been providing any western Jewstate banking their cut for sometime. In this system the people have wealth distributed to them, and they in turn purchase regime goods, which are expensive as it is all imported as inside production is not available as this is not a landowning society of capital wealth production. Other nations profit then in this trade, and it requires more financial blackmail to gain control of this distributed wealth by the cartel.

It is not the idea of a billion dollars in Venezuelan gold, a billion in coke and a billion in oil every quarter funding this process, it is the reality that the cartel loses control and leverage with this kind of funding producing and independent thought in nations, who think they do not need the cartel, and that is the threat in this in the lack of control of nations.

This is the fraudulent plan that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is being attacked for by Ivanka Kushner who says people do not want to be given anything for nothing. Considering everything the Kushner's have been given in life from education, to sales to White House positions was not earned and other people's work that is a comedic performance by Mrs. Kushner. It is though what the Nazi conglomerates are attempting to expand in the American Salt Pit System of slavery.

See there are two competing systems in this the Kurz Doctrine which is the Maduro Model, where an affluent plantation of Europe resides in luxry or resides in a palace in Caracas, while the peon and nigger reside in regime quarters comfortably, as resources are mined, produced and then sold for the benefit of the elite ruling and the bribery of placating the populace to be content sheep of the pen.
What is astonishing to me is Donald Trump a true International Socialist and Ivanka a socialist, while attacking Maduro of Venezuela as a socialist, never contemplate that the United States overflows with the Maduro Model in the American Indian Reservations which are nothing but a regime funded socialist state, marketing meth by the tons, in one of the greatest profit structures for the Nazi Conglomerate which rule America. The Trump importation of 1.5 million Visa Vermin is another regime welfare hand out of debit cards in food stamps and housing. Every Black and Mexican neighborhood in America has a numerous street corners pedaling the narcotics trade worth 2 million on ever market corner which is laundered back through franchises like Subway etc... to Wall Street where it is produced as "revenue" which is legalized.

The American Obama model which is the old CIA Rockefeller model is a working model though only in part on the Modura Model, as the White and Asian Peoples are still working and the American race is being genocided for the Mexican slave labor market and the production of the Chinoid slaves in China, making this the Salt Pit System of slavery which Ivanka Kushner is defending as is her father as the American Dream of MAGA. What the Obamas, Trumps, Bushs etc... all promoted on the Dwight Eisenhouser Soveitzation of the United States in the 1950's in the first Nazificaiton of National Socialist America on the Adolf Hitler successful model of socialism, where Hitler imported forced labor to concentration camps to profit the Reich as the Germans remained above the war, is now become under Donald Trump on Obama's promostion is this replacement of American workers who are independent with Latin slaves who are dependent and do not revolt. It is the cartel replacing the American honeybee with a less protective Italian strain which will not sting when the keeper steals the honey from the hive.

It probably must be stated that the Lame Cherry is not promoting Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's system of Debit Card Plantations nor am I promoting Ivanka Kushner's Salt Pit Mine Slavery, as both are designed to break the will of the people for easy control by the elite who live as feudal lords with everything as the pacification and addiction of these systems destroys God's creation in all humanity is meant to be.
The only system which works is the Biblical, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Hart Benton American system of individuals own land, owning their own homes, living moral lives, working to provide all for themselves to be independent of the state, which is not stealing people's wages in high taxes, and each generation then advances on inherited wealth in a Benjamin Franklin wise stewardship of resources and personal wealth, working to benefit all the people of that nation to an advancing standard of living.

America was deliberately destroyed by the cartel and is the same degenerate salt mine as China. A new model which is more humane, but will provide a reason for Africans shitting on the planet is the Kruz Doctrine of national confiscation of resources to be rationed out to the Negroid on the plantation until they die, as robotics and the few working to produce the mining are all that is necessary to run this advanced state of humanity. It is in essence the Nimrod System of Assyria in the first world empire.

This though is the first explanation of this in history in print, and why it is being hidden from all of your minds, as you are too  unInspired to discern it in seeing outside of the box of "MAGA" which will never exist in your patriotic right or welfare leftist frauds. The only reason Trump and Kurz were fingering around in Venezuela is their financial houses were not getting their cut and control. If they were, Venezuela would not be an issue as Kenya under Mugabe is not an issue, as Mugabe turned over all the wealth to the Europeans and he kept his head.

I hope this Lame Cherry white paper educates all of you, as I really doubt this is every going to completely be written of by your right or left wing media, until of course  it becomes a propaganda need as in Hitler's era to brand his system evil, while FDR was overthrowing American instituting the same state control in the United States which was parroted as liberty and justice for all. No it was immense profits for those in luxury on top, built on White and Black agrarian peoples who subsited on menial wages and were told they could work themselves to death and that was the American Dream. The only reason these people received anything is they were trained soldiers and DC did not want a revolution on their hands so they created propaganda and the outside cold war Soviet Union which was the real enemy...which Dwight Eisenhower transformed America into as the Soviet Amerikan state.

This is a PHD in information and another leap beyond what any of you could ever arrive at by the Grace of God. It would be fitting that the rich would donate to this poor orphan girl as they should as no one does what this blog does and without it, none of you would ever get your heads out of the places this world has shoved them up into.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Nuff Said