Monday, June 25, 2018

Donald Trump the Hometown Boy

I'm going to have a fit here until Donald Trump is gone...


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Bill Maher as many leftist in meltdown and consternation, recently hoped for an economic meltdown as the only way to remove Donald Trump from office, meaning it would erode his popularity among the People, so therefore this Obama Clinton Brennan deep state coup would finally be successful.

Hidden in this though is the frustration of leftists in their mockery of this buffoon Donald Trump as they simple can not stand this moron, who according to John Brennan's manifestation is the ultimate degradation to ever hit the White House. See in the psychosis and neurosis of the hatred of Donald Trump, is not that leftists create Donald John in their own image as they would God, but it is that the leftist seizes upon Donald Trump in their personal demons and failings which terrify them most. Therefore what voids Donald Trump is their hidden secret in what would bring them to ruin if it was made public.

What is behind the hatred of Donald Trump is that issue in America that there are two Americas. No I do not mean moral and immoral in Pat Buchanan terms, but the two Americas which Theodore Roosevelt noted in The Winning of the West. In that epic history of the "West" meaning the Ohio country, Roosevelt noted that there was the original northeastern seaboard patricians, and then there were the peoples who broke over the Appalachians and started spreading west. The character of these peoples were French from Quebec, poor Scots and Irish, who were Protestants and later a massive influx of Germans making the majority, with key groups of Eastern Europeans as the Poles and the Slavs in areas like Chicago.
Roosevelt noted that America is not spread north to south, but east to bands. New York moved  to Ohio, Ohio to Wisconsin, Wisconsin to the Dakotas. At that point, the Southern group hit Texas and moved north with the cattle drives into the Western United States, following the migration of Missourians into Oregon Country and the mass settlement of California. The western drawl is Southern and Spanish in character, while the clear distinct Midwestern is chiefly Germanic in nature.

If one looks at the holy days for these Americans, they are loud in explosive fireworks, filled with food always in Thanksgiving and beauty as in Christmas, as they are Christian in nature in family centered. There is not any pretentious nature in them in the least. They have been degraded by the coastal elites as salt of the earth and fly over country, but this is who Americans are in a fun spirited, robust in interaction, loud and family oriented.
In contrast the coastal peoples have always been pretentious. They are reserved, keep religion on the shelf, intellectuals and are a group who never take risks. They are a people who trust in dollars not God, as they have outgrown that archaic Diety who is always reminding them what failures they are. Their mood is always one of control for security while the American mood is always out of control as they feel most secure when they have no restrictions.

When I stated that Donald Trump was running a WWE event as his campaign. The establishment had no idea what exclusive I had provided them, because they would no more sit down to watch WWE than NASCAR or a Rodeo. This mob which watches such things, has their God, Guns and Beer is rejected as morons who would not register a high IQ, but these are the Americans who fight and win wars, fix impossible problems created by the experts with common sense and run circles around these managers who never think out of the box.
That is what the leftist does not understand in the off the wall, moronic, stupid, over the top nuances of Donald Trump is what these Americans are about every day. They have loads of these blow hards in their communities who they ignore, but when the firing is burning down a house, a kid is drowning, they need help at 2 AM, they know those people will be the first to respond and put it all on the line, as that is what Americans do by instinct.

Donald Trump is thee American these Americans are, and they understand him, unlike the stick up the ass Barack Obamas or John McCains who these Americans know by instinct to never trust these rat bastards as they are always lying to them, screwing their wife or kids, stealing their things when the garage is open or not keeping their mouth shut when the cops appear. This is the two Americas in these elitists and the common. Donald Trump resonates with the common as that is what the American character is.

See Donald Trump to Americans is the hometown boy. If he was in Chicago, the cops could call him a crook, but Jamaal is the kid who beat the hell out of that bully who was waxing your ass every day. If he was in East LA, he would be Jorge and while city hall called him the worst thing to ever come along, he would be remembered as the guy who did right by your sister. If he was in Mobile, you would remember him as Bubba who kept his mouth shut when there was trouble at work and you were the trouble.

That is Donald Trump to Americans in the fly over country. They can tell he is not that damn crooked establishment and no matter if he puts on a suit, they know he is that kid who made it big and always remembered them when they ran into on the street, and there was never any of that bullshit of being too good for you now that he had the big bank account.

So liberals can have these shit fits every day. They can call Donald Trump a dirty son of a bitch, but the reality is that it is not Americans are not listening, because they are. The reality is they simply trust their son of a bitch more than the east coast son of a bitch.

America threw off the establishment twice. Once in the Whigs which were replaced by the party of John Fremont called the GOP, and the second time when they threw off the RHINO in endless elections after Ronald Reagan. Americans are in that same process, and it does not matter if his name is Democrat Andrew Jackson or Republican Teddy Roosevelt. Americans want the guy they can trust, because they trusted the establishment sticks up their asses who have done nothing but break that trust.

It is not that Americans trust Donald Trump or like Donald Trump. They simply know he is what they recognize as one of them and they will stick with him as long as someone better does not come along. That does not mean a Jeff Flake or a Mitt Romney is a replacement any more than that stick up the ass Mike Pence. They know establishment and that is who they are, and that is why they stick with Donald Trump.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter in Donald Trump's secret, Donald John is America's hometown boy.

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Art of the Scout

Perfect camo is not perfect is your rounded lines
do not match the straight lines of the forest.


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Austrian Marksman Joseph Allerberger of the Gerbirgjagers in World War II, fascinates me from a Scout perspective, as this son of a carpenter was a natural at war in the ideas he generated. When one thinks of Americans, they have these monstrous Ghillie Suits which are of course all the rage. The problem though as the Austrian knew from experience was that no one in war had the time to put on one, they were impossible to move around in and that made them absolutely worthless.


Allerberger instead arrived at three camo methods as he needed something small, fast, transportable and which would blend in. His first remedy fascinates and puzzles me as he obtain and umbrella, shortened it, took off the cloth and then wove sticks and leaves into the umbrella, leaving a hole to look through in the center.
The reason I am fascinated by this is it worked and he never got killed. To the trained eye, sticks not laying correctly or anything not in nature's pattern sticks out like a store thumb. Added to that if the camo is lighter or darker than the surrounding objects, it sticks out like a sore thumb which makes you dead. There is not any example of Allerberger's umbrella to study, but his method of concealment using this things and observing behind it was 100% efficient.
It puzzles  me though as leaves die and change appearance daily. He must have had to remake this pattern daily and in a way that did not scream THIS IS A BUSH, which of course draws the eye to it and a sniper is just as ready to fire a scratch shot and move from their hide at something that looks odd, before that odd looking thing blows your head off.

While this is not ever mentioned, a hide should always be in the shadows, not casting a shadow to draw attention to itself, but not able to reflect light which is another death warrant.

The second means Allergberger utilzed was a camo shirt he had sewn for him. This was after his Marksmanship had him surviving numerous encounters, but it was not something elaborate, just something of a pattern which did not reflect light and blended in well enough.
Into this the Marksman attempted to dig a trench to conceal himself in somewhat. Being out of the sight line is the best camo available as in one instance a communist sniper blew his boot heal off when he moved his foot.
So if the umbrella was his main concealment, there was something about it that might have drawn attention to the Austrian. Then again, that is the Catch 22 in sniping, in there are always premier locations and every sniper understands the lay of the land, so looking for a shooter in those locations is always the give away, as some locations are natural calling cards.

The last implement Allerberger devised was a light cotton white suit, which he could roll up, for winter concealment. This is what hunters use a great deal of for winter goose hunting. It is probably the easiest and most efficient method of concealment, compared of course to the umbrella which had to be right every time, and Allerberger in most instances had an instinct for picking locations which the eyes of the enemy would not be drawn to. That is a feat as he had to see his position from 300 meters to his front, when he was looking out from it, which is impossible.

That though is the basic formula for the perfect Scout Marksman. Simple  tools and implementing them efficiently 100% of the time. For anyone to survive in heavy combat as the elite German Marksmen did, proves their ability of concealment and talent for choosing the correct vantage point every time.

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The 52 dollar Chicken Brooder

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is one of the Lame Cherry million dollar informational posts again.

Years ago I built out of scrap plywood a box for my things, but it got converted to a chicken brooder. Meaning it was 4 feet long by about 2 and half feet wide. It really works good, but this year out of necessity with TL healing up, the option was a for a sheep tank in the 50 gallon size.

Our feed store guy had a really nice round sheep tank that was galvanized, but the store did not have one, and the one above was like 52 dollars and it looked like it would fit in our porch, so that is what I opted for.
We raised Red Broilers this year as the Cornish X are death traps. I was horrified when they rang up the price on these Red Broilers which I believe are nothing but the old Dassel Minnesota Indian River Chickens, which are New Hampshire and Delaware cross chickens that grow huge.

Any who, they are alive after a week, growing, pretty docile and I do not know if he ordered 25 or 30, but the hatcheries do not give many free replacements as that would be zero if we ordered 30 of these heavy chickens.

As you can see by a week, they have about filled the thing up. So this will hold 30 large chickens for week and probably 50 of the smaller Cornish Rocks.

Any way, I put in wood chips for the flooring. I do not put papers down with this, as I just scoop it out with a dust pan into a 5 gallon bucket.
I use a small plastic lid for the water, which they still shit up and get dirty. For feed, I was using an 8 inch cake pan to start out, as little babies need to get at the feed, and feeders are not good for that for the first few days.

One more thing, I ALWAYS when we get babies, I double dip them for water. Meaning TL takes them out of the box, dips their beaks twice in water (that would be sugar and antibiotic water) and then hands them to me and I do the same in the brooder to teach them where the water is. Water is very important with sugar and anti right away.

I just use a quart jar when they are babies and usually do it three times a day, along with feeding about the same time.

For the top, hardware stores usually have these 3 to 6 dollar 2 inch by 2 inch wire panels, and it fits nicely. As it was June when we got these chicks, and they are in a heated porch, I started out the first day with a 75 watt bulb in you can see a reading lamp that clips onto things. It has to be secure as you do not want to burn the house down.
Chicks have to be warm for the first week. If they are puffing they are too hot, bunched up too cold. I have in there now a 25 watt red party bulb. Red keeps them from picking each other and the thrift store had them for 25 cents a piece, so it was a bargain.

As this is an old farmstead I found a plywood piece to clamp the lamp onto, and it works nice to sit little buckets of feed or antibiotic I will use on it as a shelf.

If I had the cash, I would get a new 150 gallon galvanized stock tank, cut a hole in for a door and put a tin roof on it that I could open on hinges. That is what I have now, except it was rusted out when I built mine and now the floor is gone. Saves cleaning as you just move the tank now, and I have a wire pen they can run in  when they get their feathers and range some, until I get them into the chicken tractor.

This is a nice brooder though to get baby chicks off to a good start and I like watching the things and having  them around. I would think a garage would be a good place for this too, again use some sense as if it is 20 degrees outside, a cold garage is not going to be warm enough probably even with a heat lamp.
Speaking of which this is not a heat lamp brooder as that kind of heat would melt the plastic. It is why I use the economical little bulbs starting out and then converting to the bigger stock tank brooder I have outside.

I like these Red Broilers, except for the price. I think in a week's time they have only peeped twice. If a chicken is docile and you have them warm and fed, they are quiet. They only peep when something is wrong like a baby does.
They generate a film of dust each week which is why they are going outside as soon as possible. I would have thought I could keep them for a couple of weeks inside, but it is warm outside and they are becoming poop machines, nothing like the Cornish X which shit like goose, but they are getting to the point of 2 day cleanings and in the big tank, it will revert to a week again.

Oh last thing, I have an old Texaco 30 dollar oil drum I set this on. I can not help you with that, but you should have this up off the floor as it is always colder on the floor and you want the babies warm.

I think if you had to buy all this from scratch, this would be like a 60 dollar brooder and it will last forever, is easy to clean and most people are not going to eat 30 of these big chickens a year.

I am planning on getting an incubator though, as I lost my outlet in the guy who hatched out the turkeys, his dad said NO MORE, as I guess he had hatched out 500 laying chickens and that was enough to deal with.

Plan is to see if I can put a Red Broiler rooster on some Delawares for hatching next year. Great plans, but that all takes cash and a place.


Sunday, June 24, 2018

When your body spits you out

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

satan spreads continuous lies to make people think that a soul goes to Heaven just because you like them or they were on your side. The death of Charles Krauthammer a Jew is the latest satanic cartoon that Angels in Heaven or apparently St. Peter who the Jews detested, is at the Pearly Gate listening to a Jew guiding him with conservative thoughts.

There is only one Truth in this, and every person who denies Christ has their time left in this life to acknowledge Jesus as thee only begotten Son of God, confessing their sins and professing Him as their only Way back to the Father in Heaven.

Isaiah 28:16

Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a Stone, a tried Stone, a precious corner Stone, a sure Foundation: he that believeth shall never be shaken.

John 3:36

He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.

Those verses in the Old and New Covenant are plain. Christ is thee only Way, Truth and Life. People wanting to create a different version is their version and God is not following your delusions.

John 14:6

Jesus saith unto him, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me.

Charles Krauthammer made his choice just like each of you have made your choice. That is your right. Charles Krauthammer got it wrong as his Jewry was more important than the Truth. Krauthammer denied Christ, and in that denial he locked himself out of eternal Life.

If you want to delude yourself, that is your right too just like Krauthammer, and you will find yourself in the same locked door.

So you can trust in the same cartoon fiction and get a rude awakening once your body spits you out.

You have the opportunity yet in reading this to change your death. You can , accept Jesus as your Savior, confess Jesus as the Son of God and then prove it all by living a life obeying God, instead of your selfishness.

It is CHRIST not Conservative which adopts one into the family of God in Heaven, as one is Spiritual and the other is as empty as Jewish moral Law without the Grace of Christ.

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My Civility Moment

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a thank you note to people I do not mention. Some write little notes and some donate without comment. I appreciate it all and from King Tut, Anne who likes my day in the life, Laura without comment, Nina with thank yous, JV who likes my warped humor, the Curry master, the Summit of all heights,  KB, the Viper, I do read everything and note when you do appear, and it is all appreciated as you are the normal part of my life and why I am still doing this by the Grace of God.

I do think that the times are changing though in new events which I have touched on here appearing in Europe. That pleases me, but this is not about grand insights or Inspirations, but a moment to sit down to be normal with normal people.

I think my day started at around 5 this morning. My days are when the Puntz decides to come in and pounce on me. What it usually entails is a claw across my hand or shoulder which means, GET UP, the food you gave me is not fresh from when you went to bed, nor is the water, so GET UP and get me fresh things as I prefer that.
I have been having one hell of a time though with a certain mother here, who keeps lying to me she is not feeding the Puntz on the side. I can tell though as the cat mews at her or me for food in expectation as someone is feeding her. It is not the feeding but the lying to my face about it, and worse yet is, the food was rich so Poot gets diarrhea which the cat does not like as it scares her, so she rarely will go into the kitty litter on her own, so either goes on the floor or on my bed, which I do not like.
I have put my foot down on this and the cat gets better for a few days and then it is back to it again. The solution is I am getting the womb up at 3 AM to clean up cat shit as nothing teaches manners like cat shit in the morning. Obstinate is the word for my mother as bribing the cat means the cat lays by her, and it seems she is jealous that Poot bothers me non stop in my just being me or TL being TL around the wild cat.

I do have some advice on this though in do not ever get a Manx or these tailless bobcats as they are not cats. She has a nose like a dog. Marks territory. Only wants to be petted when she wants to, and then it is fang and claw. The other morning she was on the table after breakfast and I saw the wild eyed sinister look she gets and put my hands away, and the cat still pounced on me. She can do one hell of alot of damage in 2 seconds. That is just her in this cat is about 70% wild animal. It is her way and that is it and TL and I have learned to read her expressions in what is going on with the sword fang cat.

That was the before 5 AM expression this morning as I had been up, and she would not poo. But around 5 here she came stomping on me like an elephants and got right up to my chest and started digging with her front feet. Lord God that cat digs with her front feet before she drinks water or poops. I knew we had a problem so I was up and carrying my scolding cat by the neck to the litter box, where she promptly jumped out as she does, looks at me, squats and I put her back in protesting, and then the digging starts, it is freez berg time as a statue, and then we poop, and I clean it up.
It is not all bad as I do laugh at her, as she honestly leaves, stalks around, and then comes back for me to check her butt to make sure she is clean. I bring out the character in animals, so that is how I began my day. That and watching it rain, looking at radar as the little band was all done, and then whammo a deluge hit as HAARP for some reason generated a little strip about 3 miles wide and we got about an inch of rain.

Outside is not much better as Baby Moo rules when the geese are not attacking her. Last night I was taking care of the rampaging bull who has now settled down, but Moo heard me clanking a chain, and her she came. She nibbled on a fork full of hay I had got for her pen, and then she was gone. I got the halter for her, but for the next 20 minutes in mosquito land, Moo was bawling, running circles, and just enjoying herself in being princess calf of the place. She even got out into another field, but then decided that flies and mosquitoes biting her was not fun, so she let me catch her, and away I led her  back to TL who was wondering where I had gone.
Daisy and  Baby Belle are no different. I have to spray them for biting flies in one is  a small bloodsucking type on the back, and the other bites on the legs. They hate being sprayed, so I have to chase them to get a halter on them and then protest the spray, only to stand there serenely after the flies are gone, looking at me like why did it take me so long to help them.

They are shed off again now, and I could not find Belle right before my eyes this morning as Daisy is dark red brown, but Belle is a tawny buckskin white color now, which is odd as Jersey's are supposed to turn blackish. Belle's head is black now and not brown, and her coat was dark brown all winter, but she is pretty buckskin color now.
She also is sort of bagging up, but I am certain she is not bred as no bull got near her as we keep those two in the pen all the time, and now with one bull in the corral, they are safe in the little grazing area 24 7. So  I  think like the goat Martha, females sometimes just bag up when not bred. Still have hopes to work something out with a big donation or lots of small donation for a big one to get a place, which in turn means I will shop for miniature Jersey bull semen that the vet or neighbor will preggo Belle and Daisy with, and then it would be baby calves next summer. I am going to breed Daisy to a miniature too, as she will be able to squirt that calf out like Michelle Obama getting Pigmy sperm in her hole.

See that is the beauty and wonder of the Lame Cherry, in you are reading something civil and along comes that brier patch dialect of the common folks throwing something in why Peter Strzok has bald carpet marks on his head, and it just makes the reader stop, as there is not any way a World Net Daily or Time could print that kind of stuff......well if they did, they would have mega readership, but that is left to me, to write how real people talk in their daily lives in conjecture of how things would be, as you never really thought of a little Pigmy guy getting sweaty with Michelle Obama, and what size kid that would pop out now did you? That is because you don't breed livestock and have to figure all that stuff out, as what the bull puts in, that cow has to shove back out in 9 months.

With that I probably have to go water the bull, who was laying down earlier and did not to be disturbed. I told him that he gets sex in mid August as I am trying to be done with too early spring calves. He did not like the sentence of abstinence but that is the deal or he ends up in bologna as that is where all bulls go to eventually at Oscar Myer.

You absolutely learn so much Jeopardy knowledge here of the most worldly information that only niche people know.

Yes that was me going to water the bull.

I doubt the Viking wants to trade his Mom now for my model as his does better in the pen, appreciating the tending.

God bless the good of you and the good in you in Jesus Name Amen and Amen

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Taxation with Exploitation

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Supreme Court's internet sales tax ruling may be a nightmare for small businesses
In the wake of yesterday's Supreme Court ruling, e-commerce companies are understandably both concerned and uncertain of…

What is being missed here is products are being sold. The reason product is not being sold locally is the cost of real estate taxes, heating and cooling, and insurance a building. I priced a product today at 2.45 locally from a chain store. I can get the same thing online for 1.75.

The reason consumers buy online is not having to pay that tax penalty, free shipping and a more affordable product because a warehouse costs less to run than a store front.

Now factor that out in the "playing field equaled" which is ignorant, as people in the real world do not have surplus money in this inflated economy which is getting worse due to fuel prices. When a person does not have the money to buy locally in increased prices and taxes, they are not going to spend that money they do not have online. All this ruling is going to accomplish is what all taxation does is depress economic exchange as people will do without. That means Amazon is looking at a depressed Christmas season, exactly like when they jumped their free shipping from 25 to 40 dollars. Amazon took a hit in that, and had to drop the rates again.

The US economy is already in a depression and a recession is building upon it from fuel inflation. There are still 95 million Americans out of work, replaced by foreigners at 1.5 million per year. The unemployed are retiring and their retirement is not going to generate more revenue. The majority of foreign workers send the majority of their wages back to the 3rd world and not into the American economy.

The conclusion of all of this is, forget about any economic recovery, from fur prices rising as under Ronald Reagan or any deflation in energy prices which drove the economy. The tax restructuring only benefited Wall Street, and with this new tax, it will suppress internet sales, which brings this back to product. When those products are American made, or American shipped off the docks, it employs people, and it produces more jobs. When internet product is cut 1% in sales, that will transfer to a 10% reduction across the economy in a ripple effect.

Taking peoples money only does one thing and that is it throttles economic growth. For those who use the infrastructure mantra as a reason for taxes, taxes were levied in taxation with representation. The Founders were honest men who made the mistake in thinking that taxation with representation would never be a taxation which robs 70% of individual income every year. Taxation is now Taxation with EXPLOITATION. Taxflation is a cancer which has consumed America. It has created artificial tax money dumps like Virginia Fairfax county and Minnesota Hennepin county, to states like New York and California which are sucking thee entire United States dry.

For those who cheered the Supreme Court on this ruling, this is a tax which will choke the last economic activity in America.

Taxes should have constitutionally been limited to no more than 10% of all wealth generated in the United States per year. That is the only check which would balance the books now coloured red.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Bakalovo Incident

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Deep in the recesses of military history of the Russian Front of World War II, there is an interesting footnote which would be lost was it not for the memoirs of an Austrian Marksman of the Gerbirgjagers or Mountain Troops.

It was in the vicinity of Bakalovo that an event took place after heavy fighting which is a teaching lesson in the art of sniping. What is of interest is the Germans actually taught the Russians how to snipe and as the Soviet's did not have a great deal of resources for heavy equipment, they focused on sniping. The Soviets were lethal at this in murdering piles of German officers in the opening years of the war, but by 1943 the Reich Marksmen were providing an even more effective lethal remedy on the Russians. This would prevail to the end of he war as Germany lost her heavy weapon production and had to rely on Marksmen to attempt to stem the Soviet raping hordes entering Europe.

A group of Landsers in a reserve unit was on the move, and suddenly came under intense and precise fire. Eleven of them were dead from head  or chest wounds fire from the forest, and the line immediately declared they were dealing with snipers.
The Germans had no heavy weapons, and machine gun fire was worthless for all the branches and trees, so remedy was to call up a Marksman, and in this case it was Joseph Allerberger from Austria.
The commander Oberst Lorch issued the remedy that Allerberger was to arrive at the scene and take on an entire Soviet company of snipers hidden in the forest.

Allerberger arrived from II Battalion at the abandoned farm buildings. He was apprised of the situation and took in the field of battle. The tree line was 300 meters away, so he had to get closer. That meant crawling to a position 100 meters forward to some bushes.
Allerberger was a genius at camouflage as he had created an umbrella of sticks, which only had a small opening in it to peer through, and from that he observed the enemy lines. It was lightweight, portable and in all his work, it never gave away his position.

He also  pioneered the ammo sack head decoy. He would take an ammo sack, draw a face on it, put a helmet on it and putting it all on a stick, have Soldiers raise them when he was ready to draw enemy fire, in order to ascertain the enemy's position.
On cue the decoys were raised, and the communists fired at the dummy heads.

The Marksman had already concluded these snipers were shooting from tree tops which was a complete violation of sniping as  once up a tree there was not any way of retreating and that meant death once your position was located. The premier rule in any activity is based on three points:

Do not be seen.
Do not give away your position.
Do not choose a position where there is not an escape route.

When the Russians fired on the decoys, they violated the other two doctrines of sniping after not leaving themselves an escape  route.

Once again the 19 year old  Austrian had concocted a brilliant plan. He placed the decoys in a new position. Set himself up off to the side from which to fire from, and concealed several machine guns which would open up on the Russian positions after they fired at the Germans.

It was all German efficient, as the decoys would draw fire, Allerberger would signal for the machine gun salvo to erupt after he located the Russian positions in order to disguise his own firing, and one by one the communists fell from the trees like bags of wet cement.
After each firing, the Austrian would change position as would  the machine guns and it would begin again.

In under an hour, Joseph Allerberger in his duel with a company of Russian snipers, shot 18 of them dead, and then all went quiet.
Allerberger had deemed this group inexperienced in  they had concentrated on head shots and were up in trees, so he deemed he had a chance at success, and he was most successful.

As the firing from the communists ceased,  the Landsers moved on the position with the Marksman and a machine gunner providing cover. When the Landsers arrived at the trees, they waved over Allerberger who was still leery of the situation, but soon discovered he had shot 18 communist women snipers. It had been an entire company of female snipers.

The Austrian had performed again one of thee most amazing feats of warfare, in engaging alone, from a pinned down position, an entire company of trained snipers who had already killed a number of German infantry, and had survived the prosecute the war further in protecting the Landsers.

As the Lame Cherry has stated, I have zero respect for these modern long range snipers as killing even terrorists for records is murder. The Marksman is a completely different art form, just as Carlos Hathcock hunting from his Fire Base in Vietnam was a completely different situation than the army dumping off snipers from a helicopter to shoot people. Some may say dead is dead in war, but they Court Martial some for one kind of dead and award others for another kind of dead like Sargent York.

Joseph Allerberger along with the German Marksmen were shooting most of  their inventory at 100 to 300 meters. There was not any mile shots as the weapons they were using could  not shoot that far. Should a Marksman utilize every advantage as in night vision and long range weapons? By all means as the purpose is survival, but that ends  when glory shots  appear in long range records and canoeing skulls in.

That is why Obergfreiter Joseph Allerberger is featured here for his ability as a warrior without becoming a murderer. This Austrian faced a company of communist snipers which numbered at least 18 and could have been 24. It is probable that he killed thee entire contingent and the officer slipped away.

That is a remarkable and heroic feat in war.

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