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The Hazael to Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I ponder when the Holy Ghost reminds me of the rising of Donald Trump, in how there were a series of events as in Elijah, for the expressed purpose of this President to vanquish the apostate which had brought utter ruin to the Northern Kingdom of Israel / Samaria.

Jehu drove furiously in chariot and all knew him by his zeal.  He accomplished a great swath of destruction in removing the past regime's apostasy, but did not remove the system, for which Judgment came.

I Kings 19

9  There he went into a cave and spent the night. And the word of the Lord came to him: "What are you doing here, Elijah?" 10  He replied, "I have been very zealous for the Lord God Almighty. The Israelites have rejected your covenant, torn down your altars, and put your prophets to death with the sword. I am the only one left, and now they are trying to kill me too." 11  The Lord said, "Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the Lord, for the Lord is about to pass by." Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. 12  After the earthquake came a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper. 13  When Elijah heard it, he pulled his cloak over his face and went out and stood at the mouth of the cave. Then a voice said to him, "What are you doing here, Elijah?" 14  He replied, "I have been very zealous for the Lord God Almighty. The Israelites have rejected your covenant, torn down your altars, and put your prophets to death with the sword. I am the only one left, and now they are trying to kill me too." 15  The Lord said to him, "Go back the way you came, and go to the Desert of Damascus. When you get there, anoint Hazael king over Aram. 16  Also, anoint Jehu son of Nimshi king over Israel, and anoint Elisha son of Shaphat from Abel Meholah to succeed you as prophet. 17  Jehu will put to death any who escape the sword of Hazael, and Elisha will put to death any who escape the sword of Jehu. 18  Yet I reserve seven thousand in Israel-all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and whose mouths have not kissed him."

It should be noted that Hazael had been risen up to assist Jehu, but when Jehu did not become a Christian advocate, and yes the Hebrew were the first Christians as they believed Jesus would come, that Hazael became an adversary to Jehu and made him bow to Assyria.

There is warning in this, that this President must uphold Protestants and protect them, keeping them from the American Genocide, or the risen Vladimir Putin will become a Hazael to Donald Trump.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


The most Prophetic writing outside of Lame Cherry

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Some people's unwillingness to think for themselves represents accurate self-evaluation.

I have not finished reading a science fiction book by David Drake, but something about it is cutting too close to Occam's Razor. The title is Fortress, and while the premise of the writing is novel in he writes this from a perspective of another time dimension, beginning in 1964 where John Kennedy was not assassinated in Dallas, but his Secretary of Defense, who would be Robert McNamara was (Drake is a Vietnam era Veteran which indicates why he would want McNamara dead in Dallas.) and how it evolved to another 1985, where Star Wars orbited the planet on the Kennedy space race, which seems not to have gone to the moon.

As stated, it is novel, and what caught my attention were basically odd people and sources,  from Glenn and Helen Knight, Bernadette Bosky and her two husbands, Arthur Hlavaty, and the names Congressman Newt Gingrich and his assistant Laurie James of unclassified material.

Newton Leroy McPherson, aka Newt Gingrich, stands out in a cover of nits from Massachusetts and the mafia Carolinas, as what is deemed unclassified reads like the X Files. What makes this all look non coincidence is Drake published this in 1987 AD in the year of our Lord, a prequel to his later successes, as make no mistake in this, David Drake is a poor writer. If you visit some of my meandering pages long paragraphs which make little sense, that is how Drake writes. Mix in Harlequin and Sam Space cliche, with DARPA tech files and that is what gets in the way of the prophetic story.

1986, Ronald Reagan was still President. Strategic Defense Initiative was being mocked as Star Wars in just being spoken of Art Bell was not Coast to Coast, no one knew Area 51, the internet did not exist, George HW Bush's slaughter of the Kurds before Saddam Hussein would not take place for 5 years in their resistance, the Lebanese Mountains were just the war zone of the moment, Turkey was yet to be a NATO problem and filled with hatred for America..........and David Drake was writing about all of these future events as having taken placed in 1987.

That is too precise for a graduate of Iowa in history and Latin, a linguistic specialists in the frontier of Vietnam, and divulging that aliens had come to earth in the Reptilians was not even breathed yet, in being linked to the Kurds.
Reptilians whose scales, mouth of pointed teeth, spiced aroma in death, and the reality that their limb structure was not femur and ulna, but prehensile tailed like kangaroo and opossum creates an assessment that access to information which was unclassifed by the gleam in the eye of globalists in future Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and Trump Minder, provided a series of tales which were meant to be embedded in the public psyche or perhaps not, because the advanced limb structures of demonbreds, is something that even the Art Bell crowd was able to promote for their Whitley Streiber aliens.

There is quite detailed information in this book. Things Donald Trump and his associates were complaining about, including using television speakers, through coaxial cable to listen in on Americans, the same high data ports which are all DISH satellite television of today. You never wonder how this advanced technology appears, and it is DARPA and NSA deep funding projects as Americans have been self wiring the world for decades for the spy networks.
It was like the lift platform written of, of engine heated by lasers in orbit, burning hard fuel of aluminum oxide pellets, to supersonic lift speeds. This is not Popular Mechanics subjects and George Noory of Coast to Coast AM does not have on any experts in his revolving troll door who even conceive of the inner working of technology this Star Wars advanced.

Of course this is Counsel on Foreign Relations stuff. The same stuff that is Webster Griffin Tarpley stating the cartel was going to split the democratic party into a Nazi and Communist wing to rule America, in all that Americans will be offered to vote for. Fortress was never made into a movie, and yet the information is there, and it appears suppressed by elements as other elements were planting this information into the public sphere in 1987.

In 1987, Iraq was Reagan's ally against Iran, and no one knew what a Kurd was, and the Soviet Union made Turkey an ally of the West by necessity, as Jews under Ariel Sharon were making craters in Lebanon for greater Jewry. What followed was what this book was revealing and no one has that kind of record in predicting the future in a 25 year timeline.

I have not finished this book, as Drake is currently jacking off in his two characters lust, but the backdrop of this is Reptilians, and someone was sowing this story into the public, and in David Icke it became a major story line, until it faded again.

I will probably be forced now to finish reading this public library reject which I do not think anyone ever checked out or read, but he law of patterns and averages conclude that no one prophesies like this and this was Mockingbird generated and rewarded.
This is bad writing and Tor Books in Tom Doherty had an absent editor to ever spend money like this, as the industry just does not do that, unless it is back funded like Dreams of my Obama.

This book is so unknown that Drake has another in Fortress of Glass. Only 3 reviews on Amazon and no one was thrilled.
This is one of those things that says something is wrong here and it is in plain sight.

Thing would have been so much easier if the intelligence community had funded me.

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The Contraband Economy

My tits are the opioid of the masses.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If someone is bitching about the trade, it means they are not getting their cut.

China, Fentanyl, And The New Opium War

It is a fact that Barack Hussein Obama provided the overthrow of the world drug trade for the Obama globalist benefactors, and in that, it touched off gang wars between MS 13 again Mexicans and Blacks, and a shift was made to addict Americans to synthetic heroin from China from the established narcotics trade.

Fentanyl would become the cheap alternative to China black heroin, manufactured in China and dumped into the United States. What is not ever focused on in blaming China are the facts that the board which Obama profited and Trump is profiting on Wall Street has been enabled by creating Mexican drop zone communities across America, for the re establishment of the Mexican mafia distribution in America, and, that distribution is managed by a Balkanized drug trafficking arrangement, to reduce profits for distributors and to funnel those funds into Wall Street franchises in your communities to launder that money into the American economy and the cartel members who profit from this.
Read that last paragraph a dozen times over.

Then contemplate that FBI drones are 24 hours a day "monitoring" drug trafficking corridors, and yet none of the record drug busts as when Ronald Reagan unleashed the DEA has taken place. The drones are managing the drug flow, to protect that flow, and to keep any freelance activity from intruding on the established markets.

The article in the Daily Wire blaming China for the new Opium Wars is what began the research for this article. What piqued my interest was the map showing opioid hot spots in America. What puzzled me is why Texas was not part of this arrangement, anymore than California or Florida, all having high beaner populations.

Fentanyl Opioid Hot Spots United States

The answer does not lie in the drug smuggling corridors, because these lines of trade, are Latin Jesuit dominated, save the Pacific Northwest, which is Chinese. The Chinese ship as much fentanyl by mail service as any other route. Meaning the US Postal service is hands off in this venture, as this Contraband Economy is what is floating the disaster that is the American economy.

 Drug Smuggling Corridors United States

If one examines the cartels, you will notice that methamphetamine states are for the most part not fentanyl states. Meth is local manufactured, while fentanyl is foreign manufactured. This is competing markets, and under Obama two plume areas appeared in the Bluegrass states and New England states.

Methamphetamine Hot Spots United States

Which brings us to the question of Texas in why she is so shy about drug use. Texas is not shy about dope use. Texas just happens to have access to natural product. Texans are using coke and heroin, as shipping costs are not prohibitive and synthetics are implemented to pipeline areas.
Why use meth or fentanyl when heroin and coke are cheaper in local distribution.

Texas drug abuse in direct pipeline from Mexico in heroin and cocaine.

As the map reveals, all those hardworking greasers on Trump Visa Vermin tickets are establishing the Obama organized dope communities. Mexicans do not use narcotics, but are a slave work force, which the mafia embeds in out of Latin America, and forms the platform which bribes your law enforcement from local to DC, as this is about huge piles of cash, which are e cash or DC grants.

Mexican Drug Cartels

This is the Latin Jesuit drug connection, but there is a Chinese connection, and a Muslim connection too, which have their own routes, but they do ferry a great deal of contraband on the Jesuit pipeline into your communities.
Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, Jewish Charties, Muslim Charities, all set up under George W. Bush for federal money, are the organized community platforms on which all of this operates and Donald Trump just had his foxy blonde salvation queen take over this racket of regime funding for these charities, which has zero to do with helping Americans, but about being a Goodwill Dope Traffick Ring.


 Latin Narcotic Pipelines

Of course, some states just enjoy having crooked doctors who write piles of prescriptions for pain killers, and then cashing in, the pills are resold to other markets. Some states in their mafias are so damned crooked they are into everything.
Missouri, South Carolina and Ohio and Michigan are cesspools for narcotic traffic. It is surprising the populations are not eradicated in the stress placed on the family structures.

American Medical Association Drug Pipeline

I published before a statistic some wonderful researcher who was a woman, that I forget, noted that every street corner in America is worth at least 1 million dollar, and many are several million dollars. That money all goes into local franchises which never have any business. You will note Mexican and Chinese businesses popping up, without enough people ever being in those establishments, and yet they stay open in White neighborhoods, because the money is being laundered into the United States.

The DEA, IRS, FBI, FDIC, Wall Street all know this, but this is how this crooked from top to bottom in people are told priorities are in other places and if they do not listen, they get transferred, if not bribed if not early retired.

Donald Trump and Chris Christie spent billions on opioid addiction. I told you it was bullshit, as that money goes to Wall Street pharms who make money treating dopers, who they know are not ever going to be cured, as that ruins the commerce of all of this.

Obama bows to the Bush fam sacred cow

The Heritage Foundation reports that fentanyl is now the leading cause of overdose deaths here in the U.S. Overdoses claimed almost 100,000 lives in 2017 and 2018 and there seems to be no end in sight as the opioid epidemic expands beyond measure. For comparison, those numbers rival the peak of the AIDS crisis in 1995 according to the Rand Corporation.

Yes, yes, but Hitler supposedly had his gas chambers with zyklon, but zyklon was used in America to control typhus in filthy people, and that is what the Nazi was doing with zyklon in controlling the plague in ghetto Europe. There was not profit involved in that though, but there is profit in the genocide of Blacks and Whites and replacing them with the Tanskin Jesuits, Muslims and Hindi Niggers.
Planned Parenthood can not be relied upon to eradicate the Caucasoid and Negroid in America. It takes coke to OD the Black and fentanyl to OD the White.

This is about the time we sing as now your brain wheels are spinning past the rut you are in, and lots of you rich people are feeling Wall Street guilty in needing penance once you figure out your portfolios are all built on the genocide of America in this drug trade, as that is what is creating the profits for your dividends.
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Friday, January 24, 2020

The Queen puts a hit out on Megan

When I go hunting I beat the bush with the earthquake machine!


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Did not the Lame Cherry tell you that you do not, not amuse Queen Elizabeth or she will put out a Diana Hit on you??????

Sure did and a whole lot more.

I mean how bad ass is Queen Liz in she exiles the quadroon, shuts off the million dollar credit card, shoves them out of Sussex Palace, bitch slaps Stable Boy Harry, and just when those two think they are safe and WHAMMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Queen Liz goes MI6, unleashes the Earthquake Machine and puts the hit on the duo!!!!!!!!!

The big quake, and she is ready to set off a Tsunami, a 1000 footer, washing away Hong Kong and China, sweeping back to Canada and spewing that Justin Trudeau out of Ottawa in the Lake of Ontario, where the fish will be growing sweet with all that fine Frenchie protein.

No there was no tidal wave, but that is Queen Liz, she is flushing Megan and Harry. Probably knows that the quadroon being blacker than a baboon, can out sprint Harry, and that is all part of the plan, in distance between the quad and Hars, and that is when Liz will make her MI6 move.

Yes the quads time is up, the clock is ticking, it has struck blacker than midnight in a black hole. Damn that Liz is one Longshanks. I bet she eats swan and throws homosexuals out of the Tower for fun.

The Queen is not amused but she is making sport, on real Megan Safari. Never mess with the Queen as she is one bad muther.

Watch out for them Orcas there Megs in the surf, as the Queen is laying low,  and no telling when she will strike or where.

With Gram it starts with an earthquake and ends with a nuke in your tampon.


Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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Don't eat the Batshit Plague in Wuhan

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the history of the Lame Cherry, as the rest of you had your fingers up your asses, there was a post researching the history of biological warfare research by the Chinese communists, and their problems with escaped viral agents slaughtering things.

In the current Coronavirus outbreak, centered in China, the location is Wuhan, the crossroads hub and cultural center of China. It is different from the 2007 AD in the year of our Lord outbreak of SARS, which was specific in killing only Asians, in SARS 2007 was in Guangdong, or the coastal region of southeast China, which was the center of weaponized biological agents.

You should read the Lame Cherry exclusive of long ago, as it explains that SARS was engineered by a human laboratory.

What is of interest in this is, the "olde" outbreaks were show to have been created by fruit bats, eating fruit, which dropped into hog pens, where the pigs ate the bat saliva coated fruit, and the virus was hosted by the swine, and in the filth of China, the breach was connected to humans.

In SARS II though, the information now in Mockingbird being posted is a most interesting chain of infection, which this blog will exclusively explain below.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Chicom Trail: Bird Flu, SARS & Guangdong

Whenever I witness coincidence, the red flag of the rocket's red glare goes up as there is no such thing as coincidence.

Reports now published indicate that Guangdong Province in communist China through testing is the source of Bird Flu, H5N1, which has been spreading around the world since 2003.
Accordingly in 2003, another virus, SARS, was believed to be spread from Guangdong also.

What are the odds of two devastating pandemic virus showing up out of nowhere, SARS which has been traced to be human engineered and H5N1 which caused western nations to spend billions on a virus which only kills poultry in most cases, occurring in the same place on earth, in the same year and cause such over reactions?
The odds are impossible which points to the conclusion that SARS and H5N1 were biological warfare virus in the Chinese communist labs which were somehow released into the Guangdong area by a very large breakdown in security.

This would not be the first accident the Chicoms have been caught in. In the late 1980's after China had agreed to a ban on biological weapons, two events in northwestern China by a nuclear testing ground which had a large fermentation plant with a biocontainment lab revealed two separate outbreaks of hemorrhagic fever where it was previously unknown before. It was concluded the Chicoms had been working on weaponized version and it had been released.
As Russian scientist, Sergei Kolesnikov related about SARS, "SARS is a mixture of measles and mumps. You don't get that except in a lab".

China will go so far as to admit it does have operations geared to the "defensive use" of biological weapons.
People's Liberation Army medical journals have large numbers of articles on tularemia, cholera, plague and equine encephalitis. Since communist Nelson Mandela has created South Africa into another comrade hell hole on earth, their biological warfare experts have been showing up in China for extended stays.

Guangdong is the fastest growing region in southwest China. It is also part of the Guangzhou Military District. There are 4 Air force bases, it is home to the entire South China Fleet, 7 naval air stations, Unit 75378 of the Special Operations Dadui, the Navy vessels academy, the Army staff academy, Communications academy and the dead ringer of the 1ST MEDICAL MILITARY UNIVERSITY.

In Sherlock Holmes deduction, one could bet the Chinese chicken ranch that the source of SARS and H5N1 is in the 1st Medical Military University of Guangdong Province.

What are the odds the Chicom Trail of Bird Flu H5N1, SARS and Guangdong are accidental releases of Chicom weaponized versions of germ warfare? 100 PERCENT.

There are now 3 known biological weapons outbreaks which the Chinese communists have caused. The world can not literally live with those kinds of odds.

With Wuhan China, there is again the focal hub of a Chinese medical university, the best China can steal from the West and the best they can manufacture. Here as in Guangdong, are the basis for all of the woes of the world in Chinese microbological research, weaponized viral warfare for short.

The Mockingbird is informing the world that it is Hunan market, a place of refined culinary preparations such as bat soup. Like the duck in the Christmas story, the Chinese prepare meals with the face smiling back.


In the next photo below, you will witness a Chinese woman, being told to eat the meat on the bat's back, and not eat the skin on the wings, as meat is preferred in bats. I realize you are grossed out over all of this, and of course you are not thinking, as that is what this Mockingbird post is brainwashing you to react emotionally, not logically on the evidence.

Experts say bats are among the carriers of the coronavirus epidemic ravaging China. The deadly disease reportedly originated at Wuhan’s Huanan seafood market, which sold civets, snakes and other illegal exotic animals that had been infected by bats, reports Business Insider.
The coronavirus then spread from the tainted wildlife to humans, killing 17 people across China and sickening 600 others in less than a month. Infections became so rampant that Chinese officials halted all travel out of Wuhan.

What happens in cooking? It is called heat.

What does heat do? It breaks down fibers.

Heat is used to disinfect areas from germs as in boiling. That is what this bat is, it has been cooked, so the heat reduced the meat fibers and heat would have killed the coronavirus. This is not botulism or other organism types which can survive heat. This is a virus which would have died in cooking.

The coronavirus, which causes flu-like symptoms, has spread to four other countries, including the US, where a case was detected in Washington state.
Previous deadly epidemics, such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), have been linked to Chinese consumption of civet meat.
Exotic species like the catlike civets, rats and bats are considered a delicacy in China and other Asian countries.

 Someone wants you to think Wuhan is the source of this viral outbreak. An outbreak which appeared in numerous locations, and  there is nothing in the evidence which links all of these carriers to a weird food market.
This is in a China where people do not have permission to travel, and more to the point, Peking was restricting travel on those Social Justice Warrior points.

Chinese health officials believe the mysterious virus – which has so far killed at least 17 people and sickened hundreds more – originated from “wild animals at the seafood market”.
It has since been confirmed to spread via human-to-human contact, as fears mount that it could become a global pandemic.

As with SARS I, it seems the Chicoms knew to be looking for this virus again, jumped on it quickly and they have been frantic to neutralize it, but not before it appeared on American shores, as nothing is a real problem until thee Americans are involved.

This looks like the Chicoms were warned they had plague carriers. Someone has the Chicoms jumping again. This looks like extortion again. I doubt this was an escaped virus from biological labs. Therefore it was deliberately released to specific infected carriers, who would flag in China and travel to the West.

For some reason, oil prices are predicted to drop by 3 dollars a barrel from this.

Goldman: China coronavirus could push oil down by $3 — RT Business News   rt

One would think that a global pandemic would drive up crude prices, but then I suppose a few dead Chinese not burning trillions of gallons of oil a day, will drop the price, or Goldman could have just rigged the price drop to make billions off of it, for those Goldman serves, who were behind this Bat virus charade.

This SARS has not been taken apart and I doubt it will ever in real time show it's sequence, but this is a bat virus, which was weaponized in a lab, effectively distributed, and the strains available were several, one being a version of a most effective human to human. Granted until it appears beyond Mongoloid in this version, it appears a weaponized strain which only exterminates Cantonese.

I don't care about the reasoning behind this, as there are always reasons. I am more pleased that in writing this, in the time space continuum, of no chances, that I was watching Blacklist, and the music featured was Batshit.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. Enjoy the tunes.

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The Police State The Propaganda State

I realized that the police were following the same procedures as they had in D.C.: they were tailing the medics, they were tailing my friend and me. Essentially, the police were surveilling anyone who wasn’t armed. 

-Eve Ettinger

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am reminded in this of the Bible verse about people calling good evil and evil good, in how that never made sense to me as a child, but prophecy has God's Way of coming to be. It is that way in the Richmond Rally, where the problem was people who supported carrying guns were not carrying guns, and by being peaceful, they were really violent, because no one had attacked them and forced them to defend themselves.

When I read something like that, I think of the undeniable and inalienable rights to all humans, of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That every human has the inherent right to live their lives, and in that is the right of self defense.
This was so key to the Founders understanding of all human history, that they anticipated there would in the future be those who tried to say "the Constitution does not allow those those rights", that they specifically listed them as Rights:

Freedom to:

  • Speak
  • Religion
  • Publish your ideas
  • Possessing weapons of defense
  • Assembling in groups
  • Protesting peacefully
  • Not to be forced to testify against yourself
These are but a few of the Rights.

That is why when I read in Vice this good is evil and evil is good, that not acting in violence is really violence when couched in the racism that a Caucasian exercising Constitutional Rights is really an act of suppressing the Rights of others.
None of this makes logical sense, as women are not supremacists in nationwide protests for abortion to terminate life in their bodies placed there by an action of sex on their part while repressing the rights of males in fatherhood.

I was with got word that an (unarmed) spectator had been arrested for wearing a bandana over her face for warmth. Mikaela E. Beschler, 21, posted a video of the encounter on Instagram. In it, police warn her to remove her bandana, and she explains she was wearing it to keep warm. In the Richmond Times-Dispatch article about her arrest, you can see a photo of her face: She’s young, diminutive, and not white. The Virginia Mercury posted a photo where you can see her bandana, a selfie taken in a window downtown where she’s got her hood up and is wearing a transparent fanny pack, a clear signal of the intent to be a non-threatening presence.
There was no violence in Richmond because no one made the gun-carrying protesters feel threatened. It was a display of white supremacy in action. Every person I asked to take their photo—people wearing symbols of hate groups, people carrying their guns improperly, people decked out in the most intense displays of militarized citizenship—immediately said yes, of course, and stood tall and proudly for my camera. There is no shrinking from their intent: intimidation, a flexing of cultural might to remind those seeking to make the world a little less violent for future generations that they will not change their ideas quietly.
Richmond was paralyzed, a hostage afraid to move for fear of a jumpy trigger finger. This was not a peaceful protest. This was a de-escalated one.

One of the focuses on the Vice article was one, Mikaela E. Beschler who was arrested by police for keeping her face warm, in wearing a bandana. This woman was apparently part of the evil of America according to Vice, because the focus was not carrying a gun, and not her demanding to not carry a child to term.

Babies are dangerous to women's rights, but guns are more dangerous in women choosing to have them.

Mikaela E. Beschler

It is always the maxim of exposing the illogical with a comparison. If this was a protest of women wearing pussy hats, to pull babies from the womb in exposing the head, and shoving in a suction tube to suck the brains out of the screaming infant, that is not dangerous, nor a city held hostage. It is a claimed right to terminate the Rights of another living human, compared to the Right of Self Defense in holding a firearm.

The summation of all of this is, this is wrong in these attacks upon White People, but they are meant to be, because this has been brainwashed into a nation of leftists for fifty years. It was first mocking Whites, then it was degrading them as Fly Over Country, then it was Hillary Clinton's deplorables.
It is now, a great deal like the lies of Adam Schiff in Congress, that Donald Trump must be impeached for being President, not because he broke any laws, but because Donald Trump denies the leftists their choice of President. It is illogical, but that is how this all degrades. It is the way despots all define rights. The ones with the police state get to be Joe Stalin raping women and mass murdering Ukrainians. Those who do not have the police state, with George Soros funding, to use a Constitution to criminalize White Americans, face thee American Genocide.

In examination of the facts, displacing White Protestants, with Tan Jesuits, Muslims and Hindis, who are reproducing at a greater rate, will by 2050 AD in the year of our Lord, create a tipping of the balance for the end of a specific genus of Caucasians, which others will replace.

Once this Protestant Caucasian ceases, those Rights they manifested into a Constitution will cease. Then the above by Vice will become the mandate, where anyone the financed police state will target, criminalize and remove by propaganda first, and eradication last.

Perhaps Vice has not yet factored out the reality, that the police and propaganda state have been created to consume rights. Once the Caucasians are terminated, this state will still remain ,and it will then like the French Revolution, constrict upon itself, as it marks those who are not pure enough, because it will have to continue on, and as proof it will attack those who are impure as judged by those who must feed the police state, in order to keep that police state from consuming them.


Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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The Answer as Plain as the Nose on a Dead Woman's Face

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My brother was back about a month ago, and it got me to pondering things, as I do in the early morning doing chores, as the subject of the mother came up in her dying and all she was.
Like he won a cedar jewelry box as a child, and she took it, and he had asked for it back, but she had refused. Like he was growing raspberries at his house and she had visited him, and was horsing them down by the handful and he gave her hell for it, as he had wanted to get enough for jelly.......and of course she was mad at him over that.

When I was away in the metro visiting TL, that woman did not check my few cows, so one died in birth. She let my ducks and chickens get killed by a mink, as it was all leverage to get me back here.

There was something though which took place which always puzzled me, and it had to do with my being a rhubarb connoisseur. See not all rhubarb tastes the same. The varieties which prevail now are Valentine, which I think tastes watery, and Canada Red which is very good, but it is far too sweet.
What I was raised on was an old Gurney variety without any name, but it is unique in being sharp, a little tannin and it grows huge. It is unique as it quits when it is hot in summertime and disappears. It is partially red, and when taken care of will have elephant ear size leaves and stalks like bats. It also grows upright.

Unfortunately my beloved Uncle in caring for Gram's, buried it in cow compost, and the other Uncle did not bother, so the grass overtook it and it died out. I have one orginal "red" genus of it, which also almost died out, and that from a time when I had too much rhubarb.

In all cases, you simply can not kill rhubarb. Once established it just lives as it has roots like a oak. That is why when I was away, it puzzled the hell out of me, in some Valentine that my brother  had given me, all died. I had one huge one that my sister dumped off here to get rid of it, and that died too. It was several locations and the plants all died.

I thought maybe that some bug had gotten into it, but no one else was talking about rhubarb extermination, it always  puzzled me, as cold, heat or anything will not kill rhubarb.

That is why I believe the Holy Ghost began solving this for me, only after the old girl went tits up, because I would have raised  holy hell about this one.  See she made a remark to me one time, that she had gotten some bug spray and was busy spraying boxelder bugs. I did not pay much attention to it, as I could care less about bugs I just flick off me in winter. I started thinking though that in the autumn, they congregate in warm locations, like tree limbs, sides of buildings, sidewalks and rhubarb plants as they are dark colored.

You see where I am going with this now, in I am betting that ignorant, obstinate and fucked up mother of mine, was busy spraying for bugs, saw them congregated on my rhubarb plants and sprayed the hell out of them. Sure some of that spray is not harmful to pets, but what the hell would it do to an innocent rhubarb crown just sitting them.

Knowing her she soaked the shit out of them, and just took off, and as were her lying ass the past years......sorry in her religion being deceptive or just not telling things you knew, was not lying. I will bet though that she either deliberately killed my rhubarb or being shit for brains, killed it while nuking boxelder bugs.

That would be her style. Arrogantly going genocide on bugs, and then haivng killed my plants, and my mentioning it, she would sit there silent knowing what the hell went down, and not admit to it, as she would get her ass chewed by me. She would leave me perplexed over it as long as it saved her sorry ass from being exposed  for being the idiot she was.

It is the only thing that made sense, as the only plants which survived, were plants behind the barn and on a stock dam. Areas she was  too lazy ass to venture as it would mean checking cows, and she wanted them to die so it would pressure me to return.

As I said, in her warped, fucked up mind, she could kill stuff off by not checking, but be innocent of the abuse. She could lie to me by not telling me as long as it did not get her caught.

So as Sherlock Holmes concludes, this has to be what happened as it is the only answer which makes any sense. This pisses me off, hurts me, and bothers me, as I spent several years trying to figure out what the hell happened. I am quite philia and phobic about my rhubarb as once it is gone, there are not other varieties which taste the same. In all of this, by God's Grace I did save the original red plants I had and have 5 growing which look remarkable, but to come that close to these plants being gone, unless isolated in some abandoned homestead somewhere dying out, is really upsetting.
It is of course why the Holy Ghost probably did not lead me to the answer until she was dead, as I probably would  have had that as the breaking point, as the kind of betrayal she was constantly engaged in was most hurtful and violated all codes of what family should never do.

That though is what I believe took place, without inquiry into the matrix. How to be grateful that some lazy ass  was a  lazy ass, so she did not destroy years of my work like she did other times, is hard to factor in. I have had far too many of these revelations which are just hurtful since she died and I do not want them stopped as I will have the Truth as hiding in ignorance is not any bliss, especially since she was the disease which was killing things and not something natural I could deal with.

I mean, what the hell Maxwell, how damned much bug spray did she hose those poor plants down with, and then the stupid ass was so weak that she could not admit to her crimes, but just kept silent.
Yeah silent as hell, as I type this, I now recall that she quit spraying bugs after that year, when I returned. She knew damned certain she killed my stuff, and was not going to repeat the performance to get caught.

I honestly am thinking, as her grave has settled and I have to put in a foot of fill, to get a scoop of our cow lot shit, which is filled with weed seeds and dump that on there, and let the weeds grow and the shit head relatives who get paid to abuse the cemetery deal with them. as it would be a fitting reckoning for both of those hell bound souls.
I am really pissed about all of this.

There is always an answer in plain sight. The problem is that your prejudice in most instances of being honest and moral, will not allow you to think that someone else is that self serving to do stupid ass things and never own up to them.

Nuff Said