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The Reagan Tears of 2016

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This story might have slipped past most of you, as a one line blurb in your lives being too busy with trying to save America,  to take the time to read a story about actor Will Ferrell backing out of a deal to play President Ronald Reagan in a "comedy" about the President suffering from Alzheimers.

All of this went virile when daughter Patty wrote an open letter to Ferrell explaining who absolutely not humorous it is to watch anyone die of senility. Patty Reagan was soon enough backed up by the Alzheimer association and her adopted brother Michael.

Will Ferrell Backs Out of Ronald Reagan Alzheimer's Comedy

Will Ferrell has backed out of a planned comedy that depicted Ronald Reagan's dementia. The comedian was in talks to play the former president in a political satire ...

I was moved to investigate this horrifying story and what is posted below in another Lame Cherry exclusive is some of thee most disgusting inhumanity to humankind which even goes beyond what you think you think you know is the gutter of the American entertainment industry.

This will be a stand alone post as the depravity of this has me numb from the shock of people I had enjoyed as actors were part of this heinous event.

This all begins not with Will Ferrell, because honestly, Will Ferrell is not that intelligent to create a project like this, and that is the hidden filth in this episode as this is not about Will Ferrell taking up a movie script about Ronald Reagan, but about Will Ferrell taking up AN EXISTING STAGE PRODUCTION OF REAGAN.

Yes, "Reagan" was already being conducted as a stage performance in Hollywood in March of 2016, and that is where this malevolence all began, because what caught my attention was two actors named John Cho and Lena Dunham were listed in the story about Ferrell, and that is where this all began unraveling, because these two were only the tip of the iceberg.

Who are Lena Dunham and John Cho? Of course two liberals, but you will find Dunham exposed as molesting her own sister, hating Donald Trump and Cho is against protecting marriage as set down by God and protected by civilization for thousands of years.

Lena Dunham Picture 2 - The 36th Annual Los Angeles Film Critics ...

Lena Dunham Says She'll Move to Canada If Donald Trump Is Elected President, Trump Responds in Kind

Getty The election season to end election seasons just got a little bit weirder — yes, it was possible; no, we're not mad. Lena Dunham , 29-year-old…
Zimbio3 days ago

Lena Dunham Accused of Molesting Younger Sister :

Lena Dunham is fighting back at critics who accused her of molesting her younger sister based on a story in her book, Not That Kind of Girl. The excerpt in ...

John Cho Picture 31 - Los Angeles Premiere of Total Recall

John Cho - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

John Yohan Cho (born June 16, 1972) is an American actor and musician. He starred as Harold Lee in the Harold & Kumar films and played the character John, MILF Guy No ...

No on Proposition 8 John Cho - Actor, Young Father - YouTube

Actor John Cho of the Harold & Kumar movies voices concern on Proposition 8, California's gay marriage ban. No on proposition 8

As a I delved into this further, the disturbing part of this began appearing, because Hollywood studios had this script that Ferrell was looking to produce placed on the Black List, of scripts which the studios were not ever going to touch for being too toxic even for Hollywood.
It was in this that the writer Mike Rosolio, appears. For those unfamiliar with Hollywood insiders it is all guilds. It is the Catch 22 of 22's in you can not get a job if you are not a member of SAG, the Screen Actor's Guild, and you can not become a member of SAG unless  of course you have an acting job.

Colluders Franklin (Black List) and Mike Rosolio

Rosolio is a pasty white east coast liberal who refers to his hometome Baltimore as Baltimoron. He majored in language rhetoric and was supposed to be a lawyer at the University of Maryland, and worked at the Baltimore Sun, after someone greased the palms for him, and ended up being a Chicago troll moving to LA.
Dementia was important to Rosolio and his family. He went to Ronald Reagan's funeral. His moment was making fund of Mikhael Gorbachev's visiting the casket and whispering something and his spending the rest of the day making fun of that moment with one liners in his favorite,  "Let's do lunch Mr. President".

This is the foundation for this horrid smear against Ronald Reagan, a not too intelligent liberal who attending the Reagan viewing, thought it was funny and scripted it all to be "this is all acting" and that it was all the Reagan fiction in liberal spewed propaganda.

Franklin and Rosolio literally joke about in the interview about having Ronald Reagan jr. play his father, in mocking his dementia, as politics in the 80's was just "a bunch of old white dudes".

Alzheimers, a disease important to the Rosolio family, is apparently a condition to mock and tear down a man suffering with it, and use it against the Republican party.

It is a like measure with the writer's guild as in SAG. You do not get a script submitted into the Studios to review, unless you are a member of the Screen Writer's Guild, so Rosolio is a sanctioned member of the closed community of Hollywood, and this is where this becomes more nefarious as this is bigger than two cut rate actors like John Cho and Lena Dunham, because this black listed script was picked up and put into a stage screen reading at the Ricardo Montebaln Theater (That would be Wrath of Khan actor and Fantasy Island) where it starred a literal all star cast, led by Ronald Reagan actor, James Brolin, who you would know as Mr. Barbara Streisand.


JAMES BROLIN as President Ronald Reagan










and narrator COOPER THORNTON

Washington, DC. 1984.

In this hilarious political satire, when Ronald Reagan falls into dementia at the start of his second term, an ambitious intern is tasked with convincing the commander in chief that he is an actor playing the president in a movie.

Sincerely, you have to wonder why any normal human would go near anything like this, but your being normal neutralizes what liberals are about.

“When Ronald Reagan falls into dementia at the start of his second term, an ambitious intern is tasked with convincing the Commander-In-Chief that he is an actor playing the President in a movie.”

James Brolin as this entire cast "feels" is filled with a psychopathic obsession with Ronald Reagan, and it grinds inside of them every moment of their lives. So as they could not put a bullet into Ronald Reagan, or sneak over hide his strained prunes from him every day to torment him, they decided to join in and assassinate Ronald Reagan's legacy, the way Meryl Streep undertook with  Margaret Thatcher.

Think on that for a few moments and feel what that must be like to be James Brolin, to see a script mocking someone with a brain disease, and seizing it in order to destroy the person while they are in the grave.

It is what I meant by disgusting as this is absolutely demented and every one of these people involved in this needs to be exposed, because this is bigger than a liberal like Will Ferrell wanting to be David Letterman in the cocktail crowd, because the reason Ferrell embarked upon this, was because this was being celebrated all through Hollywood's elite circles. Ferrell bit on this, and thought he had a winner to not just being the dumb fuck who got to entertain Charlie Rose at parties, but Will Ferrell was actually going to get to sit down and be rewarded to smoke Charlie's cigar with the big boys.

This was so big and so connected in the insiders, that it was being listed all over in pre production at sites like IMDB.

The production company was Gary Sanchez Productions and with a little research in this, we find out that Gary Sanchez is Will Ferrell as the front man, Adam McKay as the production.
Adam McKay is married to the sister of actor Jeremy Piven, and is a noted Democratic activist who is in full support for Bernie Sanders for President.

There is absolutely no Paraguayan named Gary Sanchez who is an entrepreneur and financier. Apparently making racist jokes about Latin Americans is something hilarious to Farrell and McKay, along with making fun of people with brain disease.

So you get an idea about Jeremy Piven of Masterpiece Theater and PBS, as his sister is married to the man who thinks destroying dead people, by mocking their brain dysfunction as an assault upon them.

This is the underbelly of the entire thee entire monster of Hollywood extremism in character assassination and debauchery. Mike Rosolio created this propaganda and has been fully celebrated all through the Hollywood left. There was not one single hesitation in any of these people to become involved in any of this.

Take for example Ted Cruz countryman, Nathan Fillion of Alberta Canada. Fillion and Ted Cruz have the same Province of nativity, and both apparently enjoy coming to America, taking American paychecks and then trashing everyone from Donald Trump to Mitt Romney on the American right.

Here is a taste of Fillion on Twitter, coming into America and trash talking Romney as a "slimy lying tool bag".
Fillion though when called on it by Conservative castmate from Firefly, Adam Baldwin, whined with this pathetic response.

Of course Fillion learned from his experience in he now only picks on dead people with Alzheimers as they can not post from the grave and expose you as a tool.

If you are unaware, there was before Ronald Reagan even suffered any effects from dementia a whispering campaign which started with removed Chief of Staff Don Regan, in order to put George H. W.  Bush into the presidency by removing Ronald Reagan.
Poison rumors filled the DC underwires, and Chief of Staff Howard Baker was convinced that Ronald Reagan was senile without having met him, and was ready to pounce, until President Reagan walked into the room that first morning, cracking jokes, on the top of his game as Reagan always was. That stopped the rumors, but there has been an incessant "get Reagan" operation which surfaced again with the smear by Bill O'Reilly of FOX which columnist George Will shot down as a fabrication in Ronald Reagan was weakened after the assassination attempt.
The fact is Ronald Reagan suffered a fall which would have killed most people, after he left the White House, when the Mexican president put him on a horse, which bucked the old man off, and onto his head.
Mr. Reagan later was admitted to the Mayo Clinic and was treated for water on the brain, which was successful, but this was the start of the dementia in the next few years due to this brain injury.

The reason all of this matters is not Will Ferrell, but because of the destruction of the Ronald Reagan legacy which began with George H.W. Bush smears and through the years Rush Limbaugh has tainted Conservatism, with Ted Cruz shooting it in the back of the head with these racists like Amanda Carpenter lynching Ben Carson in Iowa and smearing Donald Trump voters with the racist Nigger slur of "trumpers, trumpsters or trumpeters".

There is a deliberate Mockingbird programme running out of the Sub Operational Groups as active as the one still smearing General  George Armstrong Custer for exposing this Indian Ring crime ring, as this group is rabid when it comes to destroying people.

“When Ronald Reagan falls into dementia at the start of his second term, an ambitious intern is tasked with convincing the Commander-In-Chief that he is an actor playing the President in a movie.”

That above script line is directly from the GOPliters smears against Ronald Reagan when he was running for office and in office in "that damn actor is only acting as President". The same cartel groups, and that means the communists who Reagan outed in Hollywood and brought down in the Soviet Union's collapse are still operating like the vehemence Sean Penn has over his father being outed as a communist, which still drives Penn to this day.
That is what is behind this in the Prescott Bush patricians and the Obama Marxists are still wed to this destroying ever vestige of being Conservative in making the brand name of Reagan tainted.

This was 10 years too early, even if Jeb Bush was calling Reagan road kill for Obama in December 2008. If this was 2025, they would have gotten away with it in bringing Ronald Reagan to ruin. The problem is the Reagan children are still alive, and Patty is advocating for people and families with Alzheimers. This will be back though, because George Custer was murdered in 1876 and this ilk has not let him rest in peace and never will for challenging them.

Now you know the disgusting story in this, but not the entire story, because the names of who was really pushing this, who put this on the list to promote and who whispered in Ferrell's ear that this was his ticket to the cigar room, is the entire story in this.
For now though, I will remember every name listed above and hope for a reckoning from God above on these evil people and for an earthly strongman in the White House that this ilk will find out exactly what will happen when a People's Court brings judgment on their actions.

Nuff Said

"Alzheimer’s doesn’t care if you are President of the United States or a dockworker. It steals what is most precious to a human being—memories, connections, the familiar landmarks of a lifetime that we all come to rely on to hold our place secure in this world and keep us linked to those we have come to know and love. I watched as fear invaded my father’s eyes -- this man who was never afraid of anything. I heard his voice tremble as he stood in the living room and said, 'I don’t know where I am.' I watched helplessly as he reached for memories, for words, that were suddenly out of reach and moving farther away. For ten long years he drifted -- past the memories that marked his life, past all that was familiar ... and mercifully, finally past the fear. There was laughter in those years, but there was never humor."

-Patty Reagan

The comments on IMDB sum this all up about not only Mike Rosolio, but every slimy lying toolbag involved in this:

Perhaps a comedy about Rosolio's mom would be a good choice as well! leonwilkeson
I can't wait for one of this *beep* parents to get dementia. kjeanmckinley


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Race Hatred Now Institutionalized Against Americans

24, 2013 photo, Mahmoud, a zoo keeper, pokes lions with a metal stick ...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Vehement racism is now the in vogue norm against White Americans in a hatred which is something of a proof that White Christian America not only had the hand of Mercy offered to non Americans and property, but has now had it gnawed off.

This is about the race hate against American Donald Trump and his supporters, as created by "trumpster" Rush Limbaugh, "trumper" Amanda Carpenter and "trumpeter" Ted Cruz in the Nigger names for America.

The Afroid of the left though is the compliment of Limbaugh Cruz racism, as it is now sanctioned by image Obama and his race hating equals in thee most disgusting exhibition at another historical White House event.

This is "comedian" Larry Wilmore's idea of comedy.

Your hair is so white, it tried to punch me at a Trump rally,” Wilmore joked. “The president's hair is so white it keeps saying ‘All Lives Matter.’”

This is image Obama's idea of comedy.

“Donald Trump is here tonight!” the president began. “I know that he’s taken some flak lately. But no one is happier, no one is prouder, to put this birth certificate matter to rest than The Donald…That’s because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter—like, did we fake the moon landing? What really happened in Roswell? And where are Biggie and Tupac?”

Americans have a long memory,  so from Limbaugh Cruz racial mockery of Donald Trump and Trump Americans to what is the Wilmore Obama version of race hatred against White Americans, the Courts will one day be under the gavel of American 1776 or French 1789, the People's Justice is never comedic, but it delights the mob thoroughly ala lantern.

Racism is now institutionalized against the American Race inside America.


The Vermin of our Gates

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If we look around the world, we can witness that the cartel has deliberately unleashed a societal breakdown in Jesuit lands, Muslim lands, American lands, and western European lands, for a deliberate purpose of what this group always is after in power and control.

This is a reality that each of us have to step back from and stop clinging to an insanity that we are in an Obama period of tearing down everything which the world has been building since the Black Death. The world is entering a period of decay.

Anti-Government Protesters Breach Baghdad's Green Zone...

Storm Parliament...

Block airport to prevent officials from fleeing country...

These upheavals were attempted in strongman regimes, as in Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran, but without effect as these groups of people shut down the anarchy.

We can witness the ethnic Slavics keeping a semblance of peace, because they are refusing the onslaught of this deliberate invasion of the west, as part of the Obama quid pro quo of Islam, in Obama took 300 million dollars to his campaign in 2008 illegally, and in exchange the money changers in Islam had revolutions, and in fee for this, the West is now having dumped within it, the violent dregs of Islam, in order to sow unrest, so this will produce the effect that a European strong man will be accepted by the people to rule the world.
The Bible terms this person the anti Christ, as he does makes war on the Vatican and does away with the Christian foundations for another space seed fiction which is being created daily before us.

America though is in absolute upheaval as is by design, in Jesuit Latins and Muslim Militants are being dumped into America to make war on White and Black Christians in order to pin them down from being a political foe.

It is a simple point in feminizing the defense of America, so it will not fight back in a sodom army.

West Point academy set for first woman dean in two century history...


Nuke sub missile drill...

EU military civil unrest training...

'Extremely worrying'...

Left wing protesters clash with far-right in Germany...

The very world of stability in America, Germany,  are being ripped apart, due to the reality that these nations are the foundations of the West in economic power and culture.

The reality is for the people of the West, and specifically America. For the image Obama was birthed in German parade in the summer of 2008 in the fiction of the trojan horse it was. What we witness before us is Obama policy, feudal marxist policy, and if this is the world in decline and chaos which appeals to you, then this is something to be celebrated.
If not, then the reality is, that Hillary Clinton which created this disaster with Obama is not the answer in an election, no more than Bernie Sanders the Marxist of more Obama policy of stagnation will only bring an even worse situation for the world.

Likewise, John Kasich the Obama white is more of Obama, as is Ted Cruz who has been so busy constructing a fiction as an outsider to become an insider in fooling the gullible on the right, that this carpet bombing policies in Muslims will only create a greater flow of Islam to America and Europe, and with Cruz's amnesty, the Jesuit invasion will complete his wife, Heidi's, Rockefeller elimination of America and melding a CanAmMex to become a 3rd world cesspool.

That leaves only Donald Trump in Nationalism, which is appearing in various degrees from the hardest hit nations as Germany, Sweden and France as the only salvation for peoples. Those who attack Donald Trump do it without merit as his policies are the most Reagan and Thatcher in scope, while the entire opposition group is made up of more Bushisms and more Clintonisms, which created this world we now are all in danger from.

From Ronald Reagan in stability in the Mideast, peace with Russia, non aggression with China, Europe prosperous, Latin America secure and Asia affluent, we now have an Obama Bush world of massive debt, the Mideast nuclear, Russia pointing nuclear weapons, China expanding, Asia in depression and Europe dissolving before our eyes, with America in foreign riot against Americans.

This is a world where a strong man will enter to seize control, unless stronger angels of our natures prevail in Nationalists. Vladimir Putin requires a Donald Trump to stabilize this world out of control. It must be a German nationalism which arises, as well as French and Anglo. Two opposing ideologies can not occupy the same space. Either the right left demagogue will implode the world, or nationalism will save the world anchoring what is left of civilization in Russia, France, Germany, England, Spain, America and Japan.

All of us must face the reality that there is a World War IV in process we are all involved with. It will be WMD's and billions dead. The only way to thwart this global genocide is to implement the Putin Policy of securing Russia nationally for Russians, as leaders in the Czech Republic have invoked for their salvation. The world must have a stable Germany led by a nationalist, equal to Mr. Putin, and a stable world led in the West by President Donald Trump. Each day that this delays and erodes is a period of 100,000 more people will perish.

It is a weight in the balance. Almost 6 billion will die in WW IV. If instead the African, the Jesuit and Muslim are repatriated to the lands of their nativities, the numbers will be in the 250 to 500 million dead, depending upon Africa which can not feed, clothe nor care for it's billion hut dwellers.

There is no choice in this, as the reality is even more Africans, Jesuits and Muslims will die in a global war, than this culling of their numbers. They should never have been allowed into the West and should have been shark fodder  to benefit the sea life and save the whales and penguins.
For the ignorant the reality seems harsh, but the reality is these peoples have have hundreds of years of access to western Christian technologies, and the best they could produce is vermin races who breed too well, and when oil soaked breed nuclear reactors endangering all.

Either the world becomes Christian Militant it will die Christina patsy. That is the reality and the dead zone which awaits all of us.

Vladimir Putin can not do this alone. It will require Donald Trump, as Ted Cruz has only been successful at defeating himself like Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton success is making American elections look like the Green Zone in Iraq.

Nuff Said


Паразиты наших Гейтса

В качестве еще одного Хромой Cherry в эксклюзивном материи анти материи.

Если мы посмотрим по всему миру, мы можем наблюдать, что картель умышленно развязали распад общества в иезуитских земель, мусульманских земель, американских земель и западных европейских странах, за умышленное целью того, что эта группа всегда после того, как в органах власти и управления.
Это реальность, что каждый из нас должен сделать шаг назад от и прекратить цепляться к безумию, что мы находимся в период Обамы сноса все, что мир строит после Черной смерти. Мир вступает в период упадка.

Антиправительственными демонстрантами Нарушение зеленой зоне Багдада ...

Штормовой парламент ...

Блок аэропорта, чтобы предотвратить должностных лиц от бегства страны ...

Эта земля наша земля!
ВИДЕО: Trump Принудительный хоп Забор ...
Протестующие Форма цепи человеческого, Блок вход в Сан-Фран ... Отель
«Мне казалось, что я пересекал границу '...
"Он собирается построить стену на нашей земле" ...
"Все это страшно прямо сейчас, потому что они знают, изменить приход '...
Rush натурализоваться избирателей-иммигрантов перед выборами ...


Эти пертурбации предпринимались попытки силачей режимов, как и в России, Китае, Северной Кореи и Ирана, но без эффекта, поскольку эти группы людей закрыли анархию.
Мы можем наблюдать этнические славянами сохраняя видимость мира, потому что они отказываются натиск этого преднамеренного вторжения на запад, а часть Обамы квипрокво ислама, в Обаме взял 300 миллионов долларов на свою кампанию в 2008 году незаконно, а взамен меновщиков в исламе были революции, а в плату за это, Запад теперь сбросив в ней, насильственные отбросы ислама, чтобы посеять беспорядки, так что это приведет к тому, что европейский сильный человек будет быть принята народом, чтобы править миром.Термины Библии этого человека против Христа, как он это делает делает войну в Ватикане и покончил с христианскими основ другого космического семени вымысла, который создается ежедневно перед нами.
Америка, хотя в абсолютном переворотом как по дизайну, в иезуитских латиняне и мусульманские боевики в настоящее время сбрасываются в Америку, чтобы начать войну с белыми и черными христианами для того, чтобы приколоть их от того, чтобы быть политическим противником.
Это простая точка в феминизации защиту Америки, поэтому он не будет сопротивляться в Содоме армии.

Вест-Пойнт академии набор для первой женщины-декана в двух вековую историю ...
РОССИЯ Насмешки ДРУГОЙ ВВС США самолет ...

Nuke к югу от ракетного дрель ... военной подготовки гражданских беспорядков в ЕС ...

"Чрезвычайно тревожным" ...

Левое крыло столкновения демонстрантов с крайне правыми в Германии ...

Сам мир стабильности в Америке, Германии, в настоящее время разорван из-за той реальности, что эти страны являются основой Запада в экономической мощи и культуры.
Реальность такова, для людей Запада, а конкретно Америки. Для получения изображения Обама рожденная на немецком параде летом 2008 года в фикцию трояна это было. То, что мы наблюдаем перед нами Обама политика, феодальная марксистская политика, и если это мир в состоянии упадка и хаоса, который обращается к вам, то это что-то будет отмечаться.Если нет, то реальность такова, что Хиллари Клинтон, которая создала эту катастрофу с Обамой не является ответом на выборах, не более Bernie Sanders марксистского большего Обамы политики застоя только принесет еще худшую ситуацию для мира.
Кроме того, Джон Kasich белый Обама больше Обамы, как Тед Круз, который был настолько занят, строит фантастику как посторонний, чтобы стать инсайдера одурачить доверчивых справа, что этот ковер политика бомбардировки в мусульман создадут лишь больший поток ислама в Америке и Европе, а также с амнистией Круса, вторжение иезуит завершит свою жену, Хайди, Рокфеллеровский ликвидации Америки и объединяясь с CanAmMex, чтобы стать третьим мировым помойка.
Это оставляет только Дональда Трампа в национализме, который появляется в различной степени из наиболее пострадавших стран, как Германия, Швеция и Франция, как единственное спасение для народов. Те, кто нападает на Дональда Трампа сделать это без заслуг, как его политика наиболее Рейган и Тэтчер в объеме, в то время как вся оппозиционная группа состоит из более Bushisms и более Clintonisms, которые создали этот мир теперь мы все в опасности от.
От Рональда Рейгана в стабильности на Ближнем Востоке, мира с Россией, отказ агрессии с Китаем, Европа процветающей, безопасной Латинской Америки и Азии богатых, теперь мы имеем мир Обама Буша огромного долга, ядерный Ближний Восток, Россия указывая ядерное оружие, Китай расширяет Азия в депрессии и Европа растворяя перед нашими глазами, с Америкой в ​​иностранной бунт против американцев.
Это мир, где сильный человек вступит захватить контроль, если более сильные ангелы нашей природы, что не успеваете в Националистов. Владимир Путин требует Дональд Трамп, чтобы стабилизировать этот мир из-под контроля. Он должен быть немецкий национализм, который возникает, а также французский и англо. Два противоположных идеологий не могут занимать одно и то же пространство. Либо правый левый демагог будет взрывать мир, или национализм спасет мир якорь, что осталось от цивилизации в России, Франции, Германии, Англии, Испании, Америки и Японии.
Все мы должны столкнуться с реальностью, что существует IV мировой войны в процессе мы все вовлечены с. Это будет WMD-х и миллиарды мертвых. Единственный способ, чтобы сорвать этот глобальный геноцид является реализация Путина политики обеспечения России на национальном уровне для россиян, так как лидеры в Чехии ссылались для их спасения. Мир должен иметь стабильный Германия во главе с националистом, равной г-на Путина и стабильного мира во главе на Западе президентом Дональда Трампа. Каждый день, что это задерживает и разрушает это период более 100000 человек погибнет.
Это вес в балансе. Почти 6 миллиардов умрут в WW IV. Если вместо того, чтобы африканский, иезуит и Муслим репатриированы в земли их nativities, цифры будут в 250 до 500 миллионов человек, в зависимости от Африки, которые не могут кормить, одевать, ни ухаживать за это миллиард жителей хижина.
Там нет выбора в этом, как реальность еще более африканцев, иезуиты и мусульмане умрут в глобальной войне, чем это выбраковки их числа. Они никогда не должны были позволены на Запад и должны были акулы кормов, чтобы принести пользу морской жизни и сохранения китов и пингвинов.Для несведущих реальность кажется резким, но реальность такова, эти народы имеют сотни лет доступа к западным христианским технологиям, и лучшее, что они могли бы производить это Паразитов расы, которые размножаются слишком хорошо, и когда нефть замачивают породы ядерных реакторов под угрозу все.
Либо мир становится Кристиан Воинствующий он умрет Кристина Пэтси. Такова реальность, и мертвая зона, которая ждет всех нас.
Владимир Путин не может сделать это в одиночку. Это потребует Дональд Трамп, Тед Круз только был успешно победив себя, как Берни Сандерс, и Хиллари Клинтон успех делает американские выборы похожи на зеленой зоне в Ираке.



Die Vermin unserer Tore

Als eine andere Lame Kirsche exklusiv in der Materie Antimaterie.

Wenn wir auf der ganzen Welt betrachten, können wir sehen, dass das Kartell bewusst einen gesellschaftlichen Zusammenbruch in Jesuit Ländern, muslimischen Ländern, amerikanischen Ländern und den westeuropäischen Ländern, für einen bewussten Zweck dessen, was diese Gruppe an der Macht und Kontrolle immer nach entfesselt hat.
Dies ist eine Realität, die jeder von uns von Schritt müssen zurück und stoppen zu einem Wahnsinn klammern, die wir in einer Obama-Zeit sind alles einzureißen, die die Welt seit dem Schwarzen Tod Bau wurde. Die Welt tritt in eine Periode des Verfalls.

Anti-Regierungs-Demonstranten Breach Bagdads Green Zone ...

Sturm-Parlament ...

Blockieren Flughafenbeamten zu verhindern, dass Flucht Land ...

Dieses Land ist unser Land!
VIDEO: Trump Zwangs Zaun zu springen ...
Protesters Formular Menschenkette, Block Eingang zum San Fran Hotels ...
"Es fühlte sich wie ich die Grenze überquerte, '...
"Er wird eine Wand in unserem Land bauen" ...
"Jeder ist jetzt Angst, weil sie wissen, ändern kommen '...
Ansturm auf Einwanderer Wähler vor der Wahl einbürgern ...


Diese Umwälzungen wurden in Strongman Regime versucht, wie in Russland, China, Nordkorea und Iran, aber ohne Wirkung, da diese Gruppen von Menschen herunterzufahren die Anarchie.
Wir können die ethnischen Slavics Zeuge einen Anschein von Frieden zu halten, weil sie den Ansturm dieser absichtlichen Invasion des Westens weigern sich, als Teil des Obama quid pro quo des Islam, in Obama nahm 300 Millionen Dollar im Jahr 2008 auf seine Kampagne illegal, und im Gegenzug die Geldwechsler im Islam hatten Revolutionen und in Gebühr für diese, der Westen ist jetzt zu haben in ihm abgeladen, die gewalttätigen Abschaum des Islam, um Unruhe zu säen, so wird dies den Effekt, dass ein europäischer starken Mann zu produzieren von den Menschen akzeptiert werden, um die Welt zu beherrschen.Die Bibel Bedingungen diese Person die anti Christus, wie er macht Krieg auf dem Vatikan und nicht mit der christlichen Grundlagen für einen anderen Raum Samen Fiktion entfernt, die vor uns täglich erstellt wird.
Amerika ist zwar in absoluten Umbruch wie Design, in Jesuit Lateiner und militante Muslime in Amerika gedumpt sind Krieg auf weißen und schwarzen Christen zu machen, um sie sich von einem politischen Gegner zu fassen.
Es ist ein einfacher Punkt in der Verteidigung von Amerika feminizing, so wird es nicht in einer sodom Armee wehren.

West Point Akademie-Set für erste Frau Dekan in zwei Jahrhundert Geschichte ...
RUSSLAND stichelt wieder einen einzigen US AIR FORCE FLUGZEUG ...

Nuke Unterraketen bohren ... EU-Militär Unruhen Ausbildung ...

"Äußerst besorgniserregend" ...

Linker Flügel Demonstranten Zusammenstoß mit rechts in Deutschland ...

Die Welt von Stabilität in Amerika, Deutschland, auseinander gerissen werden, aufgrund der Tatsache, dass diese Nationen die Fundamente des Westens in der wirtschaftlichen Macht und Kultur sind.
Die Realität ist für die Menschen des Westens und insbesondere Amerika. Für das Bild Obama wurde in der deutschen Parade im Sommer 2008 in der Fiktion des Trojanisches Pferd geboren war. Was wir vor uns sehen ist Obama Politik, feudal marxistische Politik, und wenn dies der Welt im Niedergang und Chaos ist, das Sie anspricht, dann ist dies etwas, das gefeiert werden.Wenn nicht, dann ist die Realität, dass Hillary Clinton, die diese Katastrophe mit Obama geschaffen ist nicht die Antwort bei einer Wahl nicht mehr als Bernie Sanders die marxistische von mehr Obama Politik der Stagnation wird nur eine noch schlimmere Situation für die Welt zu bringen.
Ebenso John Kasich die Obama-weiß ist mehr von Obama, als Ted Cruz ist, die so viel zu tun hat, eine Fiktion als Außenseiter Konstruktion in einen Insider zu werden, die leichtgläubig auf der rechten Seite täuscht, dass dieser Teppich Bombardierung Politik Muslime nur eine erstellen größere Strömung des Islam in Amerika und Europa, und mit Cruz Amnestie wird der Jesuit Invasion seiner Frau vervollständigen, Heidi, Rockefeller Beseitigung von Amerika und eine CanAmMex verschmilzt eine dritte Welt Kloake zu werden.
Das lässt nur Donald Trump in Nationalism, die für Menschen in verschiedenen Graden von den am stärksten betroffenen Nationen wie Deutschland, Schweden und Frankreich als einzige Rettung erscheint. Diejenigen, die Donald Trump angreifen tun es ohne Verdienst als seine Politik die meisten Reagan und Thatcher in ihrem Umfang sind, während die gesamte Oppositionsgruppe aus mehr Bushisms und mehr Clintonisms gemacht wird, die diese Welt erschaffen wir jetzt sind alle in Gefahr.
Von Ronald Reagan in der Stabilität im Nahen Osten, den Frieden mit Russland, nicht Aggression mit China, Europa Wohlstand, Lateinamerika sicher und Asien wohlhabenden, wir haben jetzt eine Obama Bush Welt der massiven Schulden, die im Mittleren Osten nuklearen, Russland Atomwaffen zeigt, erweitert China , Asien in Depression und Europa aufzulösen vor unseren Augen, mit Amerika in ausländischen Aufstand gegen die Amerikaner.
Dies ist eine Welt, in der ein starker Mann die Kontrolle übernehmen wird betreten, es sei denn, stärker Engel unserer Natur in Nationalisten durchsetzen. Vladimir Putin erfordert einen Donald Trump diese Welt außer Kontrolle zu stabilisieren. Es muss ein deutscher Nationalismus sein, die, wie auch Französisch und Anglo entsteht. Zwei gegensätzliche Ideologien können nicht den gleichen Raum einnehmen. Entweder ist die rechte linke Demagoge wird die Welt implodieren oder Nationalismus wird die Welt retten Verankerung, was der Zivilisation in Russland bleibt, Frankreich, Deutschland, England, Spanien, Amerika und Japan.
Wir alle müssen die Realität ins Auge sehen, dass es einen Weltkrieg IV in Prozess ist, dass wir mit allen Beteiligten sind. Es wird WMD und Milliarden tot sein. Der einzige Weg, diesen globalen Völkermord zu vereiteln ist die Putin-Politik der Sicherung Russland auf nationaler Ebene für Russen zu implementieren, als Führer in der Tschechischen Republik für ihre Rettung aufgerufen haben. Die Welt muss ein stabiles Deutschland von einem nationalistischen, gleich Putin geführt haben, und eine stabile im Westen von Präsident Donald Trump führte Welt. Jeden Tag, dass diese Verzögerungen und erodiert ist ein Zeitraum von 100.000 mehr Menschen umkommen.
Es ist ein Gewicht in der Schwebe. Fast 6 Milliarden wird in WW IV sterben. Wenn stattdessen die Afrikaner, der Jesuit und Muslim zu den Ländern ihrer Nativitäten repatriiert werden, werden die Zahlen in der 250-500000000 tot sein, je nach Afrika, die nicht ernähren kann, zu kleiden, noch pflegen es Milliarden Hütte Bewohner.
Es gibt keine Wahl in dieser, wie die Realität selbst ist mehr Afrikaner, Jesuiten und Muslime in einem globalen Krieg sterben, als diese Keulung ihrer Zahlen. Sie sollten nie in den Westen erlaubt gewesen und hätte Hai Futter, die das Leben im Meer zu profitieren und die Wale und Pinguine retten.Für die Unwissenden scheint die Realität hart, aber die Realität ist, diese Völker Hunderten von Jahren der Zugang zu westlichen Christian Technologien haben, und das Beste, was sie produzieren könnte, ist Ungeziefer Rassen, die zu gut züchten, und wenn Öl getränkten Rasse Kernreaktoren alle zu gefährden.
Entweder die Welt wird Christian Militant es Christina Patsy sterben. Das ist die Realität und die tote Zone, die alle von uns erwartet.
Wladimir Putin kann dies nicht alleine tun. Es wird Donald Trump erfordern, wie Ted Cruz hat nur erfolgreich an sich wie Bernie Sanders zu besiegen, und Hillary Clinton Erfolg macht amerikanischen Wahlen wie die Grüne Zone im Irak zu suchen.

Nuff Said


La Vermine de nos portes

Comme autre cerise Lame exclusive dans la matière anti-matière.

Si nous regardons autour du monde, nous pouvons témoigner que l'entente a délibérément déclenché une effondrement de la société dans les terres des Jésuites, les terres musulmanes, les terres américaines, et les terres d'Europe occidentale, dans un but délibéré de ce que ce groupe est toujours après le pouvoir et le contrôle.
Ceci est une réalité que chacun d'entre nous ont à l'étape de retour de et cesser de s'accrocher à une folie que nous sommes dans une période Obama de déchirer tout ce que le monde a été construit depuis la peste noire. Le monde est entré dans une période de déclin.

Les manifestants anti-gouvernementaux Breach Zone verte de Bagdad ...

Parlement Storm ...

Bloquer l'aéroport pour empêcher les fonctionnaires de fuir le pays ...

VIDEO: Trump Forced To Hop Fence ...
Manifestants Forme chaîne humaine, Bloc Entrée de San Fran Hôtel ...
«Il me sentais comme traverser la frontière» ...
«Il va construire un mur dans notre pays '...
«Tout le monde a peur en ce moment parce qu'ils savent changer venir '...
Rush naturaliser électeurs immigrants avant l'élection ...

CHOC: VOTES HILLARY moins de '08

Ces bouleversements ont été tentées dans les régimes d'hommes forts, comme en Russie, la Chine, la Corée du Nord et l'Iran, mais sans effet que ces groupes de personnes arrêtées l'anarchie.
Nous pouvons assister les Slaves ethniques gardant un semblant de paix, car ils refusent l'assaut de cette invasion délibérée de l'ouest, dans le cadre du Obama quid pro quo de l'Islam, dans Obama a pris 300 millions de dollars pour sa campagne en 2008 illégalement, et en échange les changeurs d'argent dans l'Islam avaient des révolutions, et des frais pour cela, l'Occident est maintenant avoir jetés à l'intérieur, la lie violentes de l'islam, afin de semer des troubles, alors ce sera produire l'effet qu'un homme fort européenne va être accepté par le peuple pour gouverner le monde.Les termes bibliques de cette personne anti-Christ, comme il le fait fait la guerre sur le Vatican et fait disparaître les fondements chrétiens pour une autre graine fiction de l'espace qui est créé chaque jour devant nous.
L'Amérique est bien en plein bouleversement absolu est par la conception, dans jésuites Latins et militants musulmans sont déversés dans l'Amérique de faire la guerre sur le blanc et les chrétiens noirs afin de les épingler d'être un ennemi politique.
Il est un simple point de féminiser la défense de l'Amérique, de sorte qu'il ne sera pas se battre dans une armée de sodom.

West Point académie fixé pour premier doyen de la femme dans l'histoire de deux siècle ...

forage de missiles sous Nuke ... la formation militaire de l'UE de troubles civils ...

'Extrêmement préoccupante' ...

manifestants d'extrême gauche en conflit avec l'extrême-droite en Allemagne ...

Le monde même de la stabilité en Amérique, en Allemagne, sont en cours déchiré, en raison de la réalité que ces nations sont les fondements de l'Occident dans le pouvoir économique et de la culture.
La réalité est pour les gens de l'Ouest, et plus particulièrement l'Amérique. Pour l'image Obama était né dans le défilé allemand à l'été 2008 dans la fiction du cheval de Troie était. Ce que nous voyons devant nous est la politique Obama, la politique marxiste féodale, et si tel est le monde en déclin et le chaos qui fait appel à vous, alors ceci est quelque chose à célébrer.Sinon, la réalité est que Hillary Clinton qui a créé cette catastrophe avec Obama est pas la réponse à une élection, pas plus que Bernie Sanders marxiste de plus la politique Obama de stagnation n'apportera une situation encore pire pour le monde.
De même, John Kasich le blanc Obama est plus d'Obama, tout comme Ted Cruz qui a été tellement occupé construire une fiction comme un outsider pour devenir un initié à tromper les crédules sur la droite, que ce tapis politiques de bombardement dans les musulmans ne feront que créer un une plus grande circulation de l'Islam en Amérique et en Europe, et avec l'amnistie Cruz, l'invasion jésuite complétera sa femme, Heidi, Rockefeller élimination de l'Amérique et mêlant un CanAmMex pour devenir une 3ème cloaque du monde.
Cela ne laisse que Donald Trump dans le nationalisme, qui comparaît à des degrés divers des pays les plus durement touchés comme l'Allemagne, la Suède et la France comme le seul salut pour les peuples. Ceux qui attaquent Donald Trump le font sans fondement que ses politiques sont les plus Reagan et Thatcher portée, tandis que le groupe d'opposition entière est composée de plus Bushisms et plus Clintonisms, qui a créé ce monde, nous sommes maintenant tous en danger de.
De Ronald Reagan à la stabilité au Moyen-Orient, la paix avec la Russie, non agression avec la Chine, l'Europe prospère, l'Amérique latine sécurisé et en Asie riches, nous avons maintenant un monde Obama Bush de dette massive, le nucléaire au Moyen-Orient, la Russie pointant des armes nucléaires, la Chine en expansion , l'Asie dans la dépression et l'Europe dissoudre sous nos yeux, avec l'Amérique en émeute étrangère contre les Américains.
Ceci est un monde où un homme fort entrera de prendre le contrôle, à moins que les anges forts de nos natures prévalent dans nationalistes. Vladimir Poutine a besoin d'un Donald Trump pour stabiliser ce monde hors de contrôle. Il doit être un nationalisme allemand qui se pose, ainsi que le français et anglo. Deux idéologies opposées ne peuvent pas occuper le même espace. Soit le démagogue droite à gauche implose le monde, ou le nationalisme va sauver le monde d'ancrage ce qui reste de la civilisation en Russie, en France, en Allemagne, en Angleterre, en Espagne, en Amérique et au Japon.
Nous devons tous faire face à la réalité qu'il ya une guerre mondiale IV dans le processus, nous sommes tous impliqués avec. Il sera armes de destruction massive et des milliards morts. La seule façon de contrecarrer ce génocide global est de mettre en œuvre la politique de Poutine d'assurer la Russie à l'échelle nationale pour les Russes, en tant que leaders de la République tchèque ont invoqué pour leur salut. Le monde doit avoir une écurie Allemagne dirigée par un nationaliste, égale à M. Poutine, et un monde stable conduit à l'Ouest par le président Donald Trump. Chaque jour que cela retarde et érode est une période de 100.000 plus de gens vont périr.
Il est un poids dans la balance. Près de 6 milliards vont mourir dans WW IV. Si, au lieu d'Afrique, le jésuite et musulman sont rapatriés dans les pays de leurs nativités, les numéros seront en 250-500000000 morts, selon l'Afrique qui ne peut nourrir, vêtir, ni prendre soin de son milliard d'habitants de la cabane.
Il n'y a pas le choix, car la réalité est encore plus les Africains, les jésuites et les musulmans vont mourir dans une guerre mondiale, que celui-ci l'abattage de leurs numéros. Ils ne devraient jamais ont été autorisés à entrer dans l'Ouest et aurait dû être le requin fourrage au profit de la vie marine et sauver les baleines et les pingouins.Pour les ignorants de la réalité semble dur, mais la réalité est que ces peuples ont des centaines d'années d'accès aux technologies chrétiennes occidentales, et le meilleur qu'ils pouvaient produire est des courses de vermine qui se reproduisent trop bien, et quand les réacteurs nucléaires d'huile imbibé de race en danger tous.
Ou le monde devient chrétien militant, il va mourir Christina patsy. Telle est la réalité et la zone morte qui attend de nous tous.
Vladimir Poutine ne peut pas le faire seul. Il faudra Donald Trump, comme Ted Cruz n'a réussi à se défaire comme Bernie Sanders, et le succès Hillary Clinton fait des élections américaines ressemblent à la zone verte en Irak.

Nuff a dit


Speaking of Jersey

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a biological sociological update on Jerseys, named Baby Belle and Baby Daisy in some things I have noticed that are different from meat type cattle in Galloway, Hereford, Angus, Charloise and Shorthorn.

The other day, I decided to let them out of small pasture they are in, as I always do at night for safe keeping, and of course Daisy decided to blow by me like an NFL lineman, and send me flying. Daisy is someone I keep seeing as this little calf, but she has turned into a 3/4 size cow and I believe she will be full size. She can be the most sweet and delicate of waifs, and then she turns loose those 6 to 700 pounds and Lord does she playfully get her way.
She likes to goose me or nudge.

Both of them in these Jerseys miniature and full size mimic each other. If one goes bucking off in a spot, the other one will tend to do the same.

I have never witnessed bovine that love to run as much as these for pure pleasure and play. The weather was changing the other morning and both of them took off in the pen, bucking, kicking and running for some time, before they settled down to mock combat.
Combat is Belle with her too sharp horns and Daisy with her 200 pounds more weight head butting each other. I think Belle might just be close to 500 pounds now, as when full she is really solid. She will get no bigger than this, but when I think of both of them weighing as much as feathers and looking light as them, they do not seem so fragile now.

They are uncoordinated. They have been that way like children from the start. Diasy used to just fall down allot and Belle not so much, but let them resist on a rope, and they will just flip. They are getting better, but Jersey's must be more ungainly as children.

Belle's horns are something she is well aware and she uses them.We do not allow that on us, but all the same, like all cattle those horns have to come off. I can imagine with a frown what Miss Daisy would be doing with horns as that girl likes to kick to make her points.

The points are she does not like burrs out of her tail. I did poke her with a pitchfork to make my point the last time she kicked, so we do understand each other, but there is more life in these girls than other breeds of cattle.

I can not say they are more intelligent that beef cattle, as people say they are more intelligent than Holsteins, but they do not forget things once learned, like feed sack locations or how to get into or out of things.

Daisy is my girl, and Belle is TL's girl. By that I mean, Daisy will walk under my arm and follow, while Belle with me, she will go off and do her own thing in leading them to the pen. I have to put a rope on Belle and then Daisy follows. It is just one of those things in having to figure out how to make cattle do what you want them to, instead of making a problem.

I do not hit these animals, although I have swatted Belle on the butt, which in turn makes Belle decide that she is going to not let me catch her for that time. That is the thing in them, in Daisy will take 3 times to catch her, not because she is wild, but she wants me to chase her around for a bit so we have some time together.

If we had our place, away from the road, I would not have any qualms even in these yearlings wandering off. They are good girls, but do like to run, and once one starts out like Belle, Daisy is going to sprint along and that gets them places far fast. In time, I would expect them to be like our tamer beef cattle, as so much chickens in the yard, as they will stay where we put them, and come back for water or treats in expecting it.

They do moo when they want things, and that is usually the time to get back into the pen. Then we never hear anything from them. In fact, if they are fed and watered, I never know they are around, as they are that quiet.

TL likes giving them treats, and they know what TREATS are when TL tells them. I tend to not be that rewarding as I figure that they can do  things without being bribed as it is a good lesson, as like horses they will stand in your pocket non stop waiting for things. But they know they get water and then TL gives a treat, and they respond like that or if TL says, TREATS they come to TL every time.

Belle when she goes into heat, does drip some blood. That is a bit more noticeable, but nothing out of the ordinary. It is just her trait. Daisy fortunately has been not so full of physical needs in looking for things......Belle will stand by the gate and moo at the other cattle who would flip her over the fence as she is so small compared to them.

Those are just some more insights into Jerseys. I do see that cattle prices are going down, so that makes them more affordable. There is no meat on Jersey cattle, unlike a Holstein, so that large dairy industry has allot of cattle of no value, as we are no longer a nation of ox carts. They should be more reasonable now for calves that are weaned, and they do seem to attach themselves to humans quite easily and well forever pets.

Nuff Said


when time stood still

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have a great unaffordable enticement which draws me back to my miserable childhood in a little girl opening her Mother's dresser drawers, and finding the greatest of adventures.

One was a "Made in Japan" crocodile pencil holder with a little dark Nigger pencil stuck in it's mouth. The Japanese had such arcane industry after the war until infused on a capital binge to become an automotive bubble to burst.

The others were a series of railroad watches which did not work, which somehow my dad had collected.

I simply loved those Waltham and Elgin watches. My favorite was this massive Elgin like the above, over an inch thick and weighed as much as a rail car.

I would spend hours mesmerized by them, taking the backs off, looking at the jewels and forlorn that none would work. There was one whose movement was terribly broken and the time keeping piece would simply rotate. It was great pleasure in blowing on it and making it spin like a fan. Something so delicate and balanced upon gems and it seemed to run without any friction.

My dad said that jewelers or watchmakers used to steal the rubies out of these watches when people brought them in. He had a ring "lost" that he had by a very prosperous jeweler. I wonder how many fortunes were made pirating jewels not out of treasure chests, but out of the workings of poor people's watches.

I loved trains like most children, loved their striped caps, and loved their orange cabooses. Conductors used to delight in having stupid little children waving frantically from cars at them, as if they were some kinds of gods. They are all gone now, like their watches, like airline pilots used to be people of character and not what everyone has become.

Like all things in life, it seems that the first creation is never the baseness of the last manifestation. I could feel those wearied, large men in those watches, filthy from work and laboring under sullen and so alone like the steam whistles in the night.

What attracts one in the hobo is what confines one to the limits of a rail track. The wonder for me was the watches, so mysterious from a time, when watches rarely kept accurate time and trains were always on time.

A watch always  stops at some monumental moment in time, even if it is not your moment in time.

I have no idea if I was ever supposed to be allowed to play with those watches or if I would have been punished for touching them. Odd I could spend hours playing with them and never be caught in my private little world of things so mysterious, so heavy with the frequency of coal so infused in all they were.

It seems so sad now that those watches are all locked away, and no little girls are there to appreciate their worn faces and non working parts.