Monday, October 5, 2015

HOlia Obama


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I wonder why this story never saw the light of day in a little girl, whoring it up, sending out selfies to make Anthony Wiener's wiener come with the works, but while Gawker posted it, the Secret Service investigated it, the Obama puppy press never asked a word about it where the selfie of Malia Obama came from, whoring for a New York rap group called PRO ERA.
Pro Era is short for Progressive Era. yes a communist black revulsionary and I mean revulsionary foul mouthed chanter band to summon the ghosts of Marxist past.


........and yes their logo looks like a Nazi emblem, which is another comforting factor in the tastes of these adoptive Obama children out of control like their adoptive parents.

The Lame Cherry decided to track this down to investigate what inquiry pointed to, as people have the right to know the story behind this, as this has been sitting around since January 2015, in another Obama regime cover up.

This selfie was taken by Malia Obama in her bedroom. Sources said the pine trees in the back are the trees facing the White House residential quarters.
Close your eyes for this part, but this Obama girl, was sans all accoutrements, save the Pro Era t shirt as she was jamming to the trash talk, getting pumped read between the lines in what inquiry suggests.

Malia Obama is a groupie for Pro Era, and took the selfie, and then shared it with her "friend" who was listed as a source, who is a mutual whatever of Pro Era. MO took the ho photo to impress the rapper she gets wet for in:

Joey Bada$$. 


Yes this is the dream ever adoptive Obama parent thinks of, in you come home with something from Kenya, something out of a whorehouse in Hawaii. or out of the rap gutters of New York, named Joey Bada$$.
He reminds me of Jimmy Walker from Good Times, but then that is a digression, but at least Jimmy Walker has a career.


It probably begins to make sense why the Obama Jarrett puppy press covered this all up, as it sort of does not go with the public propaganda of the private lives of the Obama's in children out of control, taking whorish selfies, sneaking around behind their adoptive parents who are sneaking around on each other, sending selfies, to get oversexed black males erect, so they can be like Sweet Connie Kresky of "We're an American Band", band groupie whore.
That is what Sweet Connie told Maury Povitch long ago, when she revealed that Bill Clinton and her had sex. "I may be a whore, but I'm not a liar."

So that about wraps it up on another Obama cover up, exposed due to inquiry. Sort of makes sense in those photos of image Obama and Malia, going at in in fury, in this oversexed girl is out of control and the image can not handle it.

For the record, inquiry states these are not the first selfies Malia Obama sent, not the last, as she is still sending them. Nothing revealing more than the above, but all the same, who would not want a sequel to Dreams of My Obama, where Malia Bada$$' child writes of their family tradition of Stan Ann having under age sex with oversexed black men, and how it is all such a proper thing.

For those who need reminding. image Barack and Muchelle just sodomized America with a full press coming to make pedophilia legal in America, so selfies like the above are all going to be legal, just like Anthony Wiener's.

As of this writing though, all the Malia photos are only being shared with Jo-Vaughn Scott AKA Joey Bada$$. The 20 year old black male though, who has been according to inquiry, sharing them with his friends and telling them that Malia is not his girlfriend, but his "ho".
Not to worry though, as at 17, next July 4th she will be 18 years old, and then the adoptive parents will not be able to have the puppy press censor the story.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Nuff Said.


The Mother of all Wombs

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is about the danger of degrees and intellectualism without borders, in how it bullies it's way into the polite public, to damn the world to hell.

There is a Wisconsinish carpetbag PHD who appears on the Jeff Rense program called James Fetzer. His presentation is overbearing in non stop lecturing on subjects which he states he is master of, but is mistress of none.
The subject of one of his constant diatribes, is aborticide, in using all the 1970's Mockingbird talking points of woman's rights and tissue.

It got to being so bad, and Fetzer had no idea of it as he is so self absorbed in pomposity, that Jeff Rense sort of mumbled something about birth control and people not engaging in sex, but Mr. Rense did not desire with his recent assassination experience in being sore brained to start a debate, as the reality of talk radio is........there are a finite number of guests to fill slots, and if you infuriate too many of these pompous mindtaters, they stalk off like Webster Tarpley who has this bizarre affiliation with anything Franklin Roosevelt in suffering from Rooseholm Syndrome in being captivated by this global terrorists of German and Japanese Genocide.

The Lame Cherry is going to take apart the asinine Mockingbird talking points of baby butchery in a woman's right again, as flawed logic is illogical and no society benefits from retrograde thinking.

Base this on a woman has the right to her own body as the James Fetzer maxim. Then that conveys like rights to males outside of the womb too.

Yet males have not had their rights upheld, as for centuries millions of American males, as much as males around the globe, have been ordered once reaching war age, that their bodies were forfeit to protecting those women's wombs in what is placed in them and what comes out of them, all without having a say in the woman's choice.
All males must serve and put their lives one line in war, in defense of the womb, as that is what war is. War is the protection of the female population, to reproduce only those offspring which will inherit the nation, which the males and females have worked to create. That is the basis of all war, and the basis of all societial laws in no one can steal the place of God, parents, property, sex, womb or plot to do these things, as if people do not have guarantees of these rights, they will not work, build nor fight for those possessions.

Men have not had their rights maintained to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness, but in the modern era, the dictate is to bestow on wombs and now sodomites, superior protections without the responsibility of more "cost" for those superior rights.

For that woman's right of her own body, the man has his rights to his child negated. The man also has the right of his property confiscated to fund those children. Society must pay for female promiscuity and male beastiness in higher health care in cancers develop by aborticide, psychological dysfunction manifests due to aborticide, which all burdens insurance costs as much as taxes on the general population.
The female and James Fetzer are giving superior rights, but the female is not paying for that right, and is burdening a nation for that luxury as much as the sodomite is currently.

The Fetzer type male champions the infanticide of children for the real reason of it allows these males to have irresponsible sex with females without morals, and when impregnated, the regime then pays for the infanticide, and the males continue on with their PHD studies at sexual liberty, where the majority of the population has to deal with these unbalanced females, who are birthing premature infants due to womb scarring, which is costing Americans again hundreds of thousands of dollars per child in premie care.

Mr. Fetzer does not bring up the butchery of children nor the Planned Parenthood human traffic, but dismisses it all, in this veil of "those who want to deny women their rights", which is bogus as none of this multi billion dollar industry is going to be denied anyone, as the politicians are all paid off and desiring the same out of force sexing interns, impregnating them, and then forcing aborticides upon them.

It is the disaster in all of this which Mr. Fetzer never mentions in Planned Parenthood racially chooses to set up their butcher shops in Afroid neighborhoods for profit, which is exterminating the black race in America. Further, now that tens of millions of children have been eliminated for profit, the capitalists are importing tens of millions of Latins, Asians and Muslims to fill those slave labor roles.
As this blog noted in 2008, the Birther Obama was possessed with his lusting to have been aborted as a baby, and with that not happening and Birther not being man enough to put a Vince Foster in his mouth, has sought to do exactly what the Lame Cherry predicted in aborting America.
That is what this has always been about, and sex minded creatures who could not keep their zippers up, began infanticide for the cartel, and now has produced the American Genocide as the Obama regime aborts America, and replaces the population with foreign agents.

There is no Santa Claus and there is no Aborticide Claus that women get free gifts robbed from other segments of the population. America and the world has become this cartel irresponsibility from top to bottom. Women produce their 2.5 children, and husbands will not raise them, but the taxpayer must in babycare as they are off working slave jobs. The reality of the "single male and single female" being forced to put in extra hours at work, because junior and junette are sick from the poisons of daycare or having gone psycho from psycho liberal parents butchering children to voting through sodomy to make child rape legal, is another factor of how much that womb is costing every American, as everyone is paying for that costly sex.

That is the point in this is sex costs. There is no free sex as it is all costly choice. Those are talking points never spun as the James Fetzers chirp the Mockingbird to further their own out of control bias.
The womb has been created the focal point in this, when it is the responsibility of those engaged in sex.

It has been proven that women can not be trusted to use birth control, as much as males will not engage in birth control. It is costing America to bankruptcy. The only solution is either to sterilize ever male and every female at age 10, unless they pledge a loyalty oath, that they will not engage in sex and if a pregnancy occurs, they will fund that child themselves or upon the birth of that child, the two offenders will be executed to end the gene pool of those who can not control their sex drives.
As Mr. Fetzer would jump to the "sex which is not the woman's fault" as in rape and incest, then that is handled in immediate public execution of the offenders, and this being a criminal act, that offspring would be harvested to be grown in an artificial womb. Thereby relieving the woman of the responsibility of life and death, and protecting a human who had no responsibility in the lusts of others.
....and if the woman lies, as is the case with women far too often, that female will be terminated too, as responsibility keeps socities in the black and not the red. Rope is cheap compared to the conglomerate profiteering off of butchering children and women.

No male has any responsibility fighting and dying for a womb, which he has no right to how that womb is administered, and yet, that is the perverted law of the cartel, as much as straight society is now burdened by sexual deviants who sodomize a nation to stealing the incomes of straight people to fund sexual acts which provide no return of what marriage is designed by God for, in producing healthy children to defend the last generation as it dies in peace.

Sex is not a right. It is a responsibility with consequences like owning a firearm. Sex is a choice and not a race. You are born with a race color and not a sex color.

The same rights a woman has over her womb, a man has the same rights in what comes out of that womb, and society has the right over that womb and the infants in it, when the cartel puts out propaganda of unbalanced womb power in women, and men like Mr. Fetzer too intent upon shunning their responsibilities of their semen producing children.

The individual has RESPONSIBLE RIGHTS, as all rights come with the responsibility, that the individual owes a debt to a society which produces food for what comes out of that womb, guns for what comes out of that womb, and soldiers to die for what comes out of that womb, as children have the right to not be butchered or sold from that womb, and their responsibility is then to protect those old people who produced and parented them.

This is all about responsibility and theft, the same stealing which the Lame Cherry spoke of at the start of this is against societal law, which is the prime directive, and any society or empire which violates those laws in physicians doing harm or sodomizing a nation, that nation stops protecting the rights of others who are burdening them, and another nation appears to replace them which is intent on reproduction and the citizen gaining a benefit, even if that benefit is for colored hordes to come in to America and mass rape Americans wombs and impregnate them with the victorious race, exactly as was the outcome in Germany suffering American and Russian rape, as the victors starved and diseased to death the competitor males.

The society which produces the most draconian dictates is the society which prevails. Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin's dictates over their populations were deeper than the German and Italian.
Ho of North Vietnam was greater in demands than those of South Vietnam.
Reagan demanded more from Americans and beat the Soviets.
Obama was the ultimate weapon in using American resources against itself of his masters of the corporate cartel. That intrigue was the greatest game changer of all, as death came from within inside a nation by an outside despot entitled Birther Obama.

Mr. Fetzer likes throwing down the lie that if men had wombs, that aborticide would be a Constitutional Right. Men are not emotional as women, so the reality is there would be no pregnancies as men would never become pregnant unless it was logical as males are practical and not hormonal.
That is the real reality in all of this beyond Mockingbird spin. The reality is what Mr. Fetzer has not figured out in his intellectualism, is that there should be a death penalty attached to all adults who produce children and do not want them, not on the children, but on the adults. The Dr. Fetzer's will bite on that hard in a mocking laugh of dismissal, and be too ignorant to comprehend that there already is a death penalty on adults for all of these unwanted infanticided children, and it is the shattered America sinking deeper into the Obama Abyss in this perpetual fall.
Either that womb is sacred and responsible, or it will be inherited, raped, impregnated and become the ward of another nation. That is the history of this womb, and it is why the cartel chose the womb to destroy the West, as it knew there were numbers of those who like James Fetzer who would bully brain this genocide onto a pacified culture.

Nuff said.