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Inside Sources Confirm Jared Kushner's Security Clearance Downgraded Again

I have a James Bond watch and 007 underwear

Jewish Telegraphic...

The ForwardAs another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Washington Post

It has come to this blog's attention from international sources that Jared Kushner's security clearance has been downgraded again. Instead of ATS above top secret, Kushner has been downgraded to, BTS below top secret.

To explain this security reduction and the difference to those who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of this in listening to Hillary Clinton's explanation of what is classified and what is not. Jared Kushner used to see briefings which went something like this:

Peter Strzok was reported on MI6 security cameras placed in his London hotel room to be masturbating his penis without effect in texting Lisa Page in his interview of the Australian ambassador.

That would be the ATS file which President Trump reads, along with all of the other trusted members in the West Wing. This is the version that Jared Kushner now sees:

 Peter Strzok ******************************* placed********************** ************ his penis without effect in******* Lisa Page in***************the Australian ambassador.

As one can see Jared Kushner's intelligence briefings sometimes do not allow the full effect of the intelligence to be presented as the classified parts are redacted.

We know this story in the international press to be factual, as they were confirmed by two sources inside the White House. Fortunately with the Lame Cherry's White House contacts, the popular girl was able to secure interviews with both witnesses to Jared Kushner's latest downgrade. We are quite familiar with these two trustworthy sources as they are quite patriotic in saluting the flag and remarkably conservative.
You have seen them often enough and their first names are Fifi and Floflo. You will recognize them as Ivanka Kushner's right and left breasts.


Fifi, Vank and Floflo

Fifi and Floflo, thank you both for agreeing to this sit down in explaining your eye witness account of Jared Kushner being downgraded again in his security clearance.

 Fifi and Floflo

We are both most pleased to be here La'me.  We read your blog daily and have several friends, including Sarah Sander's breasts who we discuss your exclusives over lovely raspberry cream coffee on Thursdays after press briefings.

If we could get right to it, what were the circumstances that this event happened.

Floflo was proof reading one of Ivanka's fascist papers on paid family leave, when John Kelly's penis walked into the room smartly. His name is Eugene and always dresses very smartly. Well Eugene walked right up to Jared Kushner's penis whose name is MoeMo, and said, "It has come to our attention that you are leaking too much to the Jews, so we can either have you hung as a spy or downgrade your security clearance again. The President has opted this time to downgrade you to BTS.

Ivanka was so mad that I had to stop reading the talking points as she was rolling around on the floor, sobbing hysterically and screaming incoherently. Fifi got a rug burn, but fortunately I was protected by Sarah Sander's Bible.

Ivanka is always more protective of Floflo than me. It goes back to our pre breast enhancement surgeries in which I was always blamed for being a bit more pointing to the right and protruding out like I had a mind of my own. 

I can attest to that. Ivanka has always favored me, but honestly I have always been jealous of Fifi in having a mind of her own and being more right oriented as she comes by it naturally. I was more centered in my direction and it took some time to actually face the reality of life. It was a hard lesson in seeing Ivanka fail constantly in her liberalism, but my having the higher IQ of us, I simply could no longer just be a centrist as I had to make a decision.

Unfortunately both of us have to go where Ivanka goes. The worst of it is these Jared Moments, as last time he lost his security clearance, Ivanka has these compunctions in which she twists her nipples which is in effect us.
She started doing this as a child after the first divorce. I never thought I was going to make it to puberty. After a session of Ivanka acting out, I looked like she had left me in the Mexican sun for an afternoon.

The cherry red was the easy part Floflo as my side I looked like I had gone three rounds in a cage match in being black and blue.

Girls, the Lame Cherry sincerely desire to thank you for this on sight report in the events of Jared Kushner's security clearance being downgraded again.

Anytime La'me, as you know us Christian Conservative girls have to stick together. You have always been there for us and we want you to know that we will always be there for you. Know that when the President puts us on the payroll, the first big donation will be coming from us.

Keep hanging in there.


German Rights in Russia became American Traditions

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was reading recently in a book I found at the thrift store about Germans who had lived in Russia and immigrated to America. In reading their interactions in Russia, I started noticing patterns in American culture which stemmed from the Rights the Czar afforded all Germans who came to Russia to revolutionize their agriculture.

The Czar promised them fairs and bazaars. Across America one finds the yearly state and county fairs, and these are related to the Germans settling in America and holding fairs for gatherings of their own people.
As for bazaars, I remember as a child a small town where "Wednesday Night" was when everyone came to town. Traditionally this was when the farmers brought eggs and cream to market, there was also a drawing for a prize, and I remember this community scheduled even their basketball games in high school for Wednesday. That all reflected the German traditions as Rights in Russia.

 I always wondered about the lines which were never crossed in these communities. They were small, but the Lutherans NEVER married outside their group and never had anything to do with Baptists, Methodists or Catholics. That is all from the Russian German colonies. These people all lived separate social lives. It was not that they shunned other groups as they did do business, but when it came to working, religion and social interaction, they stayed within their group.

Russia actually had a quite American melting pot in the Dnieper, the Crimea and the Volga. Here is a list of the different nationalities and how they came to market.

Germans: Grain, flour, butter, eggs (Just as in America)

Bulgarians: Sheep, wool, sheep cheese, peppers, egg plants, paprika, watermelons

Moldavans: Cherries, apricots, plums, apples.

Gypsies: Horses, fortune telling.

Russian and Ukraines: Wooden items in spoons, buckets, forks, shovels with woven baskets and brooms.

Jews: Peddlers who brought political intrigue.

No one ever gives credit to Russian reforms from the 19th century which imprinted upon the American culture as mainstays in social interaction. That includes the tolerance which these diverse communities became in America. Honestly growing up I never knew prejudice as people all had to get along to survive and if someone needed help, you helped them. For those who do not think the White race has any differences, there are vast differences between the Dutch, the Scots, the Germans, the Russians and whatever other breed there is of human. There was necessary tolerance though from reach group as the community required it to survive. That is why in most places in rural America, no one knew what the hell the 1960's civil rights movement was about, as people were judged on being honest and not what their color was.

Those facts need to be brought to the attention of all, in how Germans who developed Russia, brought to America the Rights that Russia granted these Germans and they became traditions in America which are ingrained in society today.

Celebrating 75 years of the Sacramento County Fair | Valley Community Newspapers, Inc.
75 years and California is from 1849. You are witnessing the German Rights in Russia becoming American Tradition for the betterment of the entire nation and people.


Osa Johnson, An Accomplished American Woman

Osa Johnson, American Feminist

   "There isn't really a great deal to say about it. Everybody found it so generally satisfactory that there wasn't anything to start a discussion."
This is how John "Pondoro" Taylor sums up the 9.3x62 Mauser in the classic African Rifles and Cartridges. From the moment of its introduction in 1905 until it was hobbled by ammunition supply problems in the 1960s, the 9.3x62 reigned supreme as the allaround, and probably most popular non-military, calibre in Africa.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are many rifles listed in the arsenal, including shotguns, of Osa and Martin Johnson, but the one featured here is not the Griffin and Howe Springfield, but instead is the 9.3 German Mauser which she was pictured with often enough.
It was one of the finest firearms for affordable African protection, as most of the English firearms, one needed to own a country to afford one.

Osa Johnson's 9.3 x 62 Express German Express Rifle

Here at last was a serious all-around cartridge; its 286-grain bullets at 2350 fps had enough energy and penetration for amateur hunters and farmers to safely kill even elephants in all but the worst circumstances, while its moderate recoil made its use reasonable even on such small game such as warthog or impala.

As one can see it was a fine all around cartridge, but what stuns me is gun writers like Jack O'Connor of Outdoor Life, had his wife working up to a 270 Winchester, in order to deal with recoil. Osa Johnson the girl from Kansas was not Annie Oakely shooting 95 Winchester lever action pop guns, but was handling real elephant loads, and doing it so effectively that she was the one who held the gun while her husband rolled the cameras to film the wildlife.

 Osa's Mauser rifle had express sights from 200 to 500 meters

The Germans had in Paul Mauser created three legendary cartridges. The 7 x 57, the 8 x 57 and the 9.3 x 62 for African work. While the English were still producing Kynoch smokeless loads with inferior bullets getting people killed, the Germans were turning out affordable firearms for the colonists which did not take your head off on firing.
Yes, the answer to everything British was to scream louder or pour in more powder to handle wogs or beasties. For the Germans, they never had colonial problems with the natives and they instead produced excellent firearms, and even more dependable ammunition.

German cartridges based on the military 7.92 (8x57) round necked up were great on softskinned game, but lacked penetration to kill elephants with frontal shots, and were marginal for raking shots on game such as buffalo or hippo. It was into this market that Paul Mauser launched his 9.3x62.

The standard Model ’98 Mauser rifle cost only £5 (US$20) in 1905, and it was renowned for its reliability. The rifles came with acceptable sights, were superbly accurate, and the
earlier 8x57 and 9x57 cartridges were easily the best of the early smokeless small bores, although they lacked the knockdown power needed for the largest game. The 9.3 corrected the power problem while not having excessive recoil. In short, it was a well balanced cartridge, loaded with good soft-point bullets or solids, and came in a reasonably priced, high-quality rifle. It was an instant success, and not only in the German colonies.

I actually found this thread in researching more information on Osa Johnson, in a Bob Faucett of Houston Texas, in December of 2008, acquired the 9.3 firearm, and was posting about the rifle and thinking about loaning it to a museum as this was a remarkable piece of history, as this gun is as infamous as Teddy Roosevelt's Medicine Gun.

Osa Johnson as you can see was not some 500 pound plumper. She was not built like a whiskered dyke married to an Obama. She was a slight thing, a theatrical singer, who time and again was firing off rounds in a variety of guns which some males would cringe at pulling the trigger on.
She simply understood how to shoot, had excellent firearms for recoil in the Mausers with a recoil pad and she was a true marksman and rifleman, because often enough she stopped charging lions before they could kill her or her husband.

George Rushby favoured his 9.3 double for both elephant-control work and for shooting lions. Ten of the man-eaters of Njombe fell to George's 9.3, and he records with sorrow how he was forced to sell the 9.3 for financial reasons and purchase a .400 which, although just as effective on elephants, lacked the “shocking power” on the big cats. This, of course, was simply a matter of velocity, as the 9.3’s velocity is above the critical point at which explosive wounds occur in flesh (2200-2250 fps), and so the bullets tend to produce much more extensive wounds and shock to the central nervous system than larger, slower bullets.

For those who know cartridges, the 9.3 was shootable for men, but often enough, Osa was pictured with some real bruisers like the Winchester 95 in 405 Winchester which is not a pleasant firearm to shoot with a steel plate on the stock.

Here is a partial list of her rifles and shotguns:

Martin and Osa Johnson spent four years at "Lake Paradise" in Northern Kenya on the Eithiopian (then Absynnia) border. This was their second sojourn to the Lake to take photos and film of the wildlife.

They armed themselves with the following 'arsenal':

3 English Blands - .470 NE - double barrel
1 English Bland - .275 - Mannlicher action
1 American Springfield - .303 - Mauser action
1 English Rigby - .505 - Mauser action
3 American Winchesters - .405 - lever action
1 American Winchester - .32 - lever action
2 English Jeffrey's - .404 - Mauser action
1 American Winchester shotgun - 12g - repeating
1 American Parker - 12g - double barrel
1 American Ithaca - 20g - double barrel
1 American Ithaca - 20g - sawed off shotgun, called riot gun
1 .38 Colt revolver
1 .45 Colt revolver

Reference: "I Married Adventure" by Osa Johnson, 1940

Then there is this one of Osa with a Thomas Bland 470 Express. This is the English elephant guns, and she happily has just flattened a beast and is smiling with no ill effects.

I thoroughly admire this lady, because she thrived in a world of explorers where the best had tombstones put up to them after being killed in accidents or maulings. Her ability to keep her head was a testament to how brave of a woman she was.

This is her pilot's license in June of 1935 AD in the year of our Lord.

This is her plane, the Osa Ark, the Spirit of America.

The little girl who tamed the continents, had her rifle an American model 94 Winchester in 30 30 donated to the museum by her mother. She was an all around woman from being glamorous, business, feminine, feminist and one of the people in this world when you were in tight spot, you wanted her with a gun behind you to save you.

This couple really needs an independent movie to be made about them as they were marvelous in all they accomplished.

 She did not need Ivanka millions or Hillary screeching to tell her she was woman enough to do something. She just went out and did it all.



Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Exlcusive: Obama Shops For New Wife In Kenya

 I am Mandela White and have come to Africa
 to get me another wife in true African tradition.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The image of Birther Hussein Obama in a rather Nelson Mandela look of greying Obama, returned to Barack Hussein Obama Sr's roots to not only attack President Donald Trump over not starting nuclear World War III with Russia, but the apparent real motive is Obama clone is shopping around for a new wife.

It is little wonder in shemale Michelle is off in Paris, watching her adoptive daughter take full loads of British semen into her nethers all over Beyonce concerts, as this Queen Malia just can not get enough of British banking.
I forget the sperm donors  name, but he is a chum of Harry who likes the dark meat in that Cromagnon that the Queen is just gaga over as a zoo pet to entertain her, but it is like Farquarson or something and his old man is loaded enough to send him as an MI6 agent to attend Harvard to court the elder adoptive Obama daughter so England will not only have one quadroon in the palace, but a  spare to show off at the mens' club.

It is as the old saying goes on the plantation, "Black is beautiful, Tan is more, but Mama spreads her legs as a White man's whore".
Michelle had to make something of her bisexual male and is still living on the cheap end. Malia will marry up to millions of dollars and her own exhibit at Piccadilly Circus.

This though is not about Malia trading up to White man, but about image Obama going back  to his birth abstract father's homeland, where Obama without wedding ring, as Michelle and the girls have dumped the clone, has found himself a simply juicy full blooded African woman.

See she is very happy to be on the clone courting list.

See, here is Obama without the wedding ring, showing he is full courting mode.

See no wedding ring as Michelle has dumped Obama and he is looking for his Muslim harem and has a fetching new on on the leash.

See here is the next wife, upset that Obama is gazing off at some young boys dancing for him as she knows she can not compete with dancing boys.

What is really intriguing though is Obama took along a new body man in Reggie Love. The problem is that the homosexual image of Obama looks a great deal like the voodoo witch doctor, who was giving potions to Hillary Clinton in making her faint and cough up lungs and things in 2016  when everyone thought she was dying.

Amazing is it not, the resemblance, as some would say they all look alike, but this one looks like Obama sent in his voodoo to knock of Hillary Clinton and in the end, image Obama rewarded his male lover with a post as his new body man.

So this has been a whirlwind week of revelations in Malia has returned to her British roots as a sort of Harry slurpy seconds for a British chum of Hars. Michelle is in Paris attending Beyonce concerts not shaving her arm pits in French fashion. image Obama is in Africa demanding nuclear war start with  Russia, as he moves onto Kenya to court a new wife in Obama Sr. fashion, as he keeps his homosexual lovers close to him, in which one of them looks  like a voodoo witch doctor who was giving poison potions to Hillary Clinton in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

So many exclusives and still waiting for that big millionaire donor to do the Christian thing and make that big donation.

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A Good Little Trade War

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a Lame Cherry lesson to open your eyes to trade wars, as the Chamber of Commerce whose lucre is produced off of Chinese slave labor and making certain prices paid to Americans for what they produce stays low, all for Wall Street's profit margins of gouging remain high does not like trade wars, but there is another aspect of trade wars which the defense establishment relishes in hegemony and it is this economic fact.

US fires next shot in China trade war - BBC News

US fires next shot in China trade war. ... Is child sex abuse in India rising? Why the end of US sanctions hasn't helped Sudan. Elsewhere on the BBC Football phrases.

Trade Wars bring sanctions, tariffs,  retaliation and  the real weapon in all of this called inflation. See economic sanctions to economic sanctions are not the same in China as in the United States. Where you are deprived of your MAGA promises by Trump selling your gas to foreigners for profits to the oil barons, the reality is in China that their inflation problems brought on tariffs are the literal 1% can afford them, while the 1.2 billion poor Chinese can not afford them.
The Chinese have a state sponsored economy where prices are all subsidized, but China does not have a perpetual money printing machine or money laundering capability. The regime in Peking can only underwrite and absorb so much, before it's economic structure will begin to erode from the paper tiger it already is. In other words, China has allowed it's subjects to become addicted to meat and other things like gasoline. Increase those prices in trade wars and market inflation, and a Chicom peasant simply is destroyed in a matter of months as Peking in it's paper tiger economy can only withstand such tariffs for a yearly period before it's reserves will be depleted.

That is why Donald Trump brought Xi to Florida. He first made peace with the last piece on the board he should have in reverse psychology as he moves to the first piece, he positioned last in Moscow. China was told it was the main card and believed it, when in reality it is the weakest card on the table and becomes weaker every day.

China does not possess a land bridge to anywhere to invade for succor or supply. She is surrounded by 2 billion Indonesians and Indians in the south, and a nuclear Russia in the north, with desert waste in the Muslim lands. An army does China zero good for gaining it's needs and it's needs are a very long supply line over oceans, which are vulnerable and expensive and tariffs make things more expensive which China can not afford, as her major expenditure already is energy at above market purchase prices as China was in the market at 100 plus dollar a barrel of crude oil.

That is why China seeks the silk road to Europe, but Europe has rebuffed China as being Chinese slaves does not appeal to Europeans. So the investment China is making is to the zero markets of Muslim lands and the zero markets of Russia.

That is the opening salvo in this in Donald Trump in trade wars with China are the inflation of tariffs, which will bleed the dragon out. The military in the PLA will be fed and fueled, but at the expense of the population and in this scenario, the people then become an equal threat to Peking in revolution and riot as America and Moscow are.
Take the next step in Trumpageddon in America removing 3/5ths of Chinese oil supply by dealing with Iran, and China  implodes quickly to a Mao era of draconian state control to survive. If she starts a war to kill off her people, her problem is she has to kill off the masses, while keeping the PLA from dying first or killing off the Xi dictatorship and taking control.

Americans can survive a trade war due to Trump printing press spending of massive debt. That is why Donald John is roughing up everyone in Europe in Trump is gaining the currency trade back to Americans terms, instead of underwriting Europeans not working and always on vacation most of the week.
There is a real strategy in this forming and Mr. President has been positioning pieces around the board, including North Korea, which China is attempting to position as a war front again, but Trumpageddon in the Mideast is the next phase once Russia complies, in putting China on the Russian energy leash of control as America gains control of Chinese oil arteries which come out of the majority of the Mideast. That is why Iran is a key component in this, and why Syria has been allowed to survive, thankfully for Assad protecting the Christian communities, as America is in complete control over the Syria oil fields run by American companies in the northwest, and the last piece in this the Rook of Iranian oil being cut off.

Zbigniew Brzezinski the Russiaphobe stated in his chessboard that China was much too big and it was necessary to break China up, or Balkanize China. That is what this trade war is intended to do in soften up China by making her people in riot against the regime as they eat supplies like a cancer, the way to break apart China as a power.

China was too large to attack as Japan, America and Russia learned. It would require too many resources to be expended in distance and population. The only solution is revolution from within as China consumes her cancerous self. Her leadership has always been ripe for manipulation as the Asian mind believes itself superior and will believe anything it is told. China has over extended and is top heavy. Unplug the oil from a regional hub and China is defanged and declawed.

This is the lesson of trade wars which is never spoken of as it reveals the inner workings of Mockingbird and why it is hidden from public understanding. As I never have the problem of being underwritten by the government, the facts come out in these pages, and depends upon some rich people acting like Christians in greater numbers so the poor will not have to give up food and futures in their donations here.

You learned once again more in a few paragraphs here than in years of pages on all the other sites combined.

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a turpentine follow up

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is an update on my taking turpentine for bacterial, fungal and whatever.

I have not except for a headache brought on by exposure to farmer pesticides not taken one Advil, which seems impossible for me, as I used to take 3 to 4 on a good day and 6 to 8 on a bad day.

That is what the turpentine has "cured" in me, in whatever was affecting my joints and connective tissues, along with my sinus, has disappeared.

To make the point, if I ever lifted anything heavy in 100 plus pounds, I might get away with it, but the next day something in my back would slip from swelling and it would be 3 days of agony and lots of advil. In order to keep a bull from being cooked on the hoof, I had to move some Powder River panels which were stuck in shit almost 3 feet deep. I used a jack and to make a long story short, after jacking them out, my abdominal muscles were painfully sore for 3 days as if I had did hundreds of sit ups. I moved 5 panels by myself and the Powder River's are extremely heavy, and I honestly had not one twinge in my back.

So whatever critter was inflaming my joints, was killed, and those symptoms all disappeared in me feeling like a cripple.

I still have sinus problems somewhat as corn bothers me, and we have been Burma mold wet here and that always bothers me, but where it causes reaction and pain, I have not had the hours of severe headaches, which with me includes my intestines shutting down, nausea etc... and often I felt like I had gone through a wringer the next day. That has not repeated, so turpentine cleared that out on me too.

So for joint and sinus, soft tissues, I have found that turpentine has worked exceptionally well.

I have violated things in food and that has not helped some additional problems I have been suffering from in other areas of my body. I get spiritually blasted and I cope with treat. I still hope to get that cured as I am going to try something else and see how that protocol works which is not turpentine.

I am only sharing my experiences as while it has helped me intestinally, and has had some phenomenal results with TL in we are learning there are different strains of candida or fungus which react differently to turpentine. I plan though to keep the maintenance of twice a week for the future to keep getting things under control. It does seem that the turpentine stays in my system a few days now. That helps, but I was hoping for better results in why I actually started taking the stuff...........and yes I violated eating more things I should not have as the turpentine made me feel better, so that probably compounded the problem I am disappointed in.

In my case, and TL's it seems that joint pain is related to some critters which turpentine kills off readily. It helped with sinus too.  I am thankful in I was taking probably around 150 advil a month and I am not doing that any longer. I don't know if this would work for everyone as everyone does not have the same fungal or bacterial conditions, but what if joint pain is not always deteriorated connective tissues, but instead inflamed tissues from some critter that eats sugars, and when you kill that critter, the pain goes away.

I just would that I had tried this earlier as it would have saved me from what I am dealing with now.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

President Trump moves America to the reality of Nuclear War with Russia

 Hello, I am a media whore and for the deep state
I control Donald Trump's feckless mind

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Well after praising Donald Trump over his choosing peace with Russia over nuclear war, Donald Trump revealed how he is not the President, but answers to the DIA, as they jerked his chain today in the deep state and had him scuttle off to say he now blamed Russia for election meddling.

Abby Huntsman: Trump threw American 'people and country under the bus'"No negotiation is worth throwing your own people and country under the bus," anchor Abby Hunstman tweeted Monday morning.

 It is wonderful that a Mormon tramp is setting policy for America, while her pimp at FOX a real Bush Boy cites neocons and DIA assets whose main interest is not America, but a nuclear war with Russia, as they get the bunker with caviar while you shit blood from plutonium contamination.

“I will say this to the president — when Newt Gingrich, when General Jack Keane, when Matt Schlapp say the president fell short and made our intelligence apparatus look bad, I think it’s time to pay attention. And it’s easily correctable from the president’s perspective,” Kilmeade said.

Hello, I am a Bush pimp for the deep state and I just got Donald Trump into nuclear world war with Russia.

Yesterday Donald Trump looked like a world leader. Today he is the same feckless New Yorker who gets led around by Ivanka one moment and is not man enough to deal with the deep state in Russiagate.

The message is clear now to Moscow. Donald Trump is weak as his enemies in America were smearing him, and the position in America is the DIA which fully intends to ignite a two front nuclear war against Russia and China.

Detente with Russia is dead. They know now to advance the preparations for nuclear war as they have been signalling. Europe should understand that Mr. Trump is no longer a viable partner and under Sebastian Kurz must rapidly move to a European military in which to offset a Russian invasion, which would follow logically when Mr. Trump launches Trumpageddon in Iran. The seers of Europe all predicted Russia would invade Iran and spread into the Mideast. America will face a humiliation worse than when Japan drove her from the Pacific in 1941  AD in the year of our Lord.
Do not expect any American victories in this modern era though, as what Russia puts boots on, Russia will keep.

I doubt the Lame Cherry will ever take a stand in supporting Donald Trump again to assist him on an issue as it did yesterday as he is not to be counted on by the time the sun sets the next day.

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