Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A matter of Character

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Character is a matter of being angry and not sinning. It is a matter of Biblical teaching in, "Be ye angry and sin not".

It is a difference of Cain having sin couched in his heart and nurturing it to satan enticing him to murder his brother Abel in premeditation, and Jonah being angry over God's mercy to sinful Ninevah, but Jonah not retaliating on God nor the city.

It is easy to be a Christian with a million dollars sitting in a Church pew, as everyone smiles at you and notices you. It is the same with character in it is easy to have character when everything is going your way. Character only shines when the deepest of humiliation has taken place.

Character is David going to kill Nabal and his servants for insulting David's men, and David being met by Nabal's wife who pacified David, so David turned it over to God's hand to serve vengeance.

Character is Mary as a betrothed girl being told by the Archangel Gabriel that she was pregnant, an offense which would have gotten her stoned, and she did not argue with God over the Holy Ghost workings, but simply accepted God's Will to be accomplished as He saw fit through her.

There are times for turning the other cheek in character and there are times for delivering the punch in character. Character is the attribute which matters in all situations and outcomes, because without character the person is nothing.

Character is what keeps you from regret from the harshest judge you have, in your conscience. A heart will be wounded, but it is uplifted afterwards upon examination that the person did the right thing in responding or not responding as the situation demanded. The heart is further cast down upon reflection when an improper response was acted or not acted upon. Even in that, the searching soul, gains character to better know what to do the next time such an event arises.

Character is slow to wrath in knowing how to self govern that wrath so it does not consume you. Character is not allowing love to bring about license. Character is adhering to what is right, being governed by it when no one but God and you see the action or hear the thought. Character is what allows a person to be uplifted in who they are, free from sin and malice, without being prideful.

Character is an anchor which does not swing wildly, but is steady upon the anchor point of what is proper in every situation as every situation changes.

Character is not about doing what you want, but doing what you will, which is a propensity to guide others past their self harm, and to not allow yourself to be harmed greater by a mistake.

Character is governance of one's actions.

Character is life fulfilled in a Godly nature. Lack of character is an existence ruled by base lusts and out of control emotions.

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116 million working under Obama 120 million working under Bush

70%  working under George Bush 62% under Obama

55,485 in wage average under George W. Bush    52,000 under Obama

31 1/2 million in 2008 on food stamps, to 48 million under Obama

debt to GDP 64% under Bush compared to 102% under Obama.

Gas price 1.87 a gallon under  George Bush, under Obama 3.50 a gallon.

40,000 more Syrians alive under George W.  Bush and 40,000 more Syrians dead under Obama.

Ukraine a free neutral nation under George W. Bush and Ukraine in the Kremlin orbit under Obama.

In 2008, 10 million GOP voters 2012, almost 5 million GOP voters "stayed at home", by miracle in both cases those votes flipped were the Obama magic miracle margin of defeating by electronic voting John McCain and  Mitt Romney.

It took America 20 years in the 19th century to have a Civil War fomented by the European leftists in America. Do you think it will take that long this time?


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

of little note

My children, while this is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, I do not desire this to be heralded, but come with a quiet voice, so that the astute will ponder it, and by design those who have chosen hell will not be alerted, and thereby slowly be seared further and succumb, so that what takes place comes upon them unawares.

In Luke 21, there is a chronology for the second appearance. I am going to explain something at this moment, so you notice that I am using Christ terminology and events, I am being moved to not use the common verbiage to hide what is being formulated in second appearance, instead of what is it always termed as in a coming.

I ask you now to set this in your minds, in do you believe the greatest event of history will appear with a earth rending peal or will all of this come quietly with absolutely no fanfare? As were the days of Noah, nothing alerted the world to the Deluge, and no one knew a thing of it, even after the rain started. It was not until the waters started to rise, that people actually groaned of a flood, but they were trapped where they were, and then it was too late.

Jesus speaks of the 10 Virgins in being ready with lamps trimmed and the Master coming at an hour no one knew, because there was not a parade for an hour alerting the neighborhood.

When the Wisemen from the east appeared at Herod's Court on the birth of the Christ, you will notice that no one in Jerusalem, the Holy Land, the Roman Empire, nor Herod's Court had even connected that star in the sky with the greatest event in history. It was not until the Wisemen made inquiries and alerted Herod that something was being initiated, that the Court reacted murderously.
I give you something to ponder in this too, Herod slaughtered baby boys to age 2 years old.

Matthew 2:18; "Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceeding wroth, and sent forth, and slew all the children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently enquired of the wise men."

Notice in this, that Herod questioned the Wisemen thoroughly, who were of the Lost 10 Tribes in exile, as only they would have interest in this King to be born or know of the Prophecy concerning the Messiah, and this star had been in the heavens for 2 years.
2 years this beacon hung in the night skies and no one associated it with the greatest event which came upon the world.

The evidence in God's workings and the statements of Christ, point toward the reality that the years before Jesus gathers the Faithful to Him, are going to start with the same type of fanfare of a drop a water on the ground and a star appearing among thousands.

There is an event building which Benjamin Netanyahu is engaged in, in the security of the Israeli state, which trended at 70% probability as the initatory event for the last 7 year cycle of Daniel. I inquired of this and this event progresses and builds to 80, 90, 100. God has been at rest and play since 2000 AD in the year of our Lord. He was reflecting on His work, tidying up things, and hiding the final events, so that no one is aware.
This is one of those things which had to be whispered to me and kept in mind, as this is something which is by design to not be heralded.  God has no intention of terrorizing people into repenting nor alerting the billions to what is coming, lest they would resist it and attempt to affect change.
My duty was to warn the sinner of their evil and condemnation to hell, lest I in not doing the unwelcome job, I would suffer the penalty. I have done this with God's Grace, as while I would rejoice over any sinner's repentance, I rejoice in their being repaid for the torments they have inflicted on people in this world and the next. I place enough of this Scriptural clutter in this explanation, to dull the minds of the seared consciences more, so they will quit reading or it will be wiped from their minds in what is being stated.

I do not know for absolute certain what I see, but like the Wisemen, I have been moved to see something and in the next few months it will reveal itself for certain or the clock will reset again. I pray that this is the time, and the astute will have already been led by the Holy Ghost to conclude what is being stated, and they will ponder it as something to watch in the Faithful few they associate with, and all of God's plan will continue to build like Noah's Ark, unnoticed in plain sight.

If this is the event, then do not expect glaring signs and wonders at it's advent. There is one event which will be built, but expect instead distractions as Latino invaders, but a world where things seem to be progressing at a more acceptable outcome.

This is going to be quiet by God's design, when all the world is expecting a cataclysm from the start. God does not work that way. God observes, God warns, God sends a sign, and God issues Judgment on a populace ignorant of what is about to conclude.

Do not be fearful of this, for there are by design years to come, but do not regress to evil in thinking you have time. As apparently, this is the only source speaking of this in having noticed, I give more credence to something being worked out.

The Holy Ghost has been busy having things posted here, and they are hidden away in the archives which explain all of the above. The lazy will not look for them and the dull will dismiss them. I simply post this as something to draw attention to something which all have missed. Time will prove out what God intends or if the clock strikes another hour.

As in the days of Noah, I need now to go start laundry, will make chili and whatever else needs be.

agtG 281y

A Devoted Son

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The death of the Confederacy was at the hands of General Phil Sheridan in his forces turning the Confederate right flank at Petersburg in crushing Pickett's command as it attacked Sheridan.

This forced General Lee from his trenches and this dispatch was captured as the Army of Northern Virginia was in flight at Amelia Court House.

It is heart wrenching to read the death of an Army as it is viewed from within.

"AMELIA C. H., April 5, 1865.


"Our army is ruined, I fear. We are all safe as yet. Shyron left us sick. John Taylor is well— saw him yesterday . We are in line of battle this morning. General Robert Lee is in the field near us. My trust is still in the justice of our cause, and that of God.

General Hill is killed. I saw Murray a few minutes since. Bernard, Terry said, was taken prisoner, but may yet get out. I send this by a negro I see passing up the railroad to Mechlenburg.

Love to all.

"Your devoted son, "Wm. B. TAYLOR, Colonel."

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American Cannibal

Mountain Phil, does not sound like such a perverse or evil name for a mountain man, but he was deemed a "bad man" by Kit Carson and every person in the American West. No one much ever said the reasoning for giving Mountain Phil such a reputation, but from time to time the Indians or some white would relate a story about him.

No white man would live with him, as he was such an utterly bad man. He did though have a squaw, named Klooch, as that was Arapaho for married squaw, which is another name for a woman's female part.

The Arapaho detested him, because he would steal their horses and go and sell them to the Comanches.

The story as told by the Scalpin' Kid, who go the name as he scalped 2 Utes while in the employ of Kit Carson, tells this story about Mountain Phil.

Kit had come across Phil at the mouth of Cherry Creek, which is what is now Denver, Colorado, and upon conversation Phil having nothing to do, would trap of Carson that coming winter.

That winter Charlie Jones, Johnnie West and the Scalpin' Kid were wintered up, trapping beaver. The snow started falling heavy and the game got scarce, and the Kid being in charge of supplies, had Charlie Jones go down to Mountain Phil's to see if he needed any supplies.

After a time, Charlie came back and said that Mountain Phil had no problems with getting game as game apparently had come into the camp. He left it at that, but the boys were puzzled by the story, so started questioning Charlie, who related the following story.

Charlie had entered camp and found nothing, except bones inside the cabin. After investigating, the conclusion was proof positive that Mountain Phil had killed his wife, and then eaten her.
As the meat ran out, Phil quit the camp for parts unknown.

There was no record in how good the trapping was.

Mountain Phil though ceased to be known as Mountain Phil, and became known as the American Cannibal for the rest of his life.
He would die 13 years later in 1863 at Virginia City, Montana.

Mountain Phil was a large man, who dressed out 250 pounds. He never shorn his hair nor beard. He also was quite puzzled when Kit Carson on meeting him, informed Phil that he would shoot down a cannibal like him before supplies were short, to keep Phil from eating Kit.

Phil was only ten miles from the supply, so it is doubtful that he probably was hungry, as he could have sent the Klooch to pick up flour and coffee. Then again maybe he was meat hungry or he just had a dispute with the wife.
The "further investigation" points to, some evidence that either the skull or torso bones were in evidence of a murder in being broken.

Whatever the reason, Mountain Phil, secured his bad man reputation as he probably was some sort of socio or psychopath, who had fits of frenzy when the bad man came out.

Then again there was open savage warfare in the American West. Indians robbed, raped, enslaved, murdered and ate each other and white people. Women were traded as property, and bucks or whites could pretty well do as they pleased with them.
So Mountain Phil was not so much out of the norm really. He was a bad man to the Arapaho for stealing their horses, but a good many by the Comanche for obtaining the horses. No white man could live with him, which made him bad, but no dark woman could live with him as he would kill and eat her.
Murder might be a civilized term not applied here, as she was property and people pretty much did what they wanted with others they owned then.

So Mountain Phil was not called Squaw Killer, and that was not what was detested by white people, it was that he ate human flesh repeatedly. The Donner Party would do the same, but just winced at as they were starving. That got him the name American Cannibal.

I suspect that in the Al Gore era, Mountain Phil would be called the Green Man, as he helped the world out in removing a baby producer of more evil people, and he ate the evil woman to boot, or to mocassin.

Then again, maybe Mountain Phil was the intended feast, and he was just killing the woman who was going to eat him, and decided to return the favor as times were lean and there was  no sense in anything going to waste.

It seems odd that no one apparently recorded in asking Phil what took place. Phil though seemed to think the name suited him, as American Cannibal does have a better sound to it than Mountain Phil.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Obama Fleas

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have a question for you, in what size of a stadium do you think it would require if your Prime Minister or President appeared near you?
Without being satirical, what is your first reaction to if John Kennedy or Ronald Reagan as President appeared in your city, would be the size of the seating to hold such an event?

I would think if it were indoors, that a basketball type arena would be normal would it not for a world leader in appearing at a location where he had been elected or re elected right? The numbers of tens of thousand would be typical I would assume.

That is why in this Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, that I was stunned to learn, that Afroids were lining up for 24 hours in the summer heat of Kansas City, to not be disappointed in 'getting tickets' to see an Obama image appearance on July 30th.

The number of tickets in the theater........not sports arena to view the image of Obama in Kansas City in 2014, was 1700 tickets.

The Kansas City area is inhabited by 2 million people. A typical baseball Royals game will have over ten thousand and they appear around 50 times a season.

One must understand that one of the regime's FBI moles just shot up Jewish centers in Kansas City. An Afroid was blasting cars and that story was covered up after he was arrested. Governor Sam Brownback is behind the democrat in the coming election and the GOP money suckers are voting democrat, and yet when the image of Obama is in Kansas, the regime is forced to rent the smallest cracker box, to stuff some Afroids with scorched brains, into it, to make it appear that Obama's image is at an empty stadium.

1700 people. That is .00085 percent of the population of Kansas City. This is liberal Kansas, and the regime can not fill a stadium, an arena or the number of people in a parking lot listening to Paul McCartney in concert, being too cheap to buy tickets.

There is always the natural butt packers at such events, in paid party loyalists as Obama did on Obamacare events in frauds shipped in, but the illusion of 1700 people is the real polling numbers.
George W. Bush at his worst could still bring out numbers of people higher than 1700.

You are never going to hear the real news posted on Drudge, as he will not cover this, as no one else will write this in exposing an exclusive as this. The image of the most powerful man in the world, and all he can bring in, is not 1/5th the numbers that fake wrestling will bring in for an event.

I told you that Obama's image would rule America from the postage stamp size real estate of DC as he will have had all of American abandon him.

A week promo, a fundraiser, an urban county of welfare trash in Wyandotte County, Beaners and Afroids galore.........and all the image of Obama can rally is 1700 lost souls.

This dictatorial regime is over. It has been abandoned by America and the world. The world gravitating to Vladimir Putin.

It is one of the most damning and important realities, the image of Obama is playing at theaters, where it can not entice 2000 people to show up in a city of millions. This should empower you to not be intimidated any more by the Obama trolls in their 1 mouthy lunatic trying to appear as a mob.

The era of Obama has passed. Your dog has more fleas than Obama has supporters in America.

Oh and the Rush Limbaugh radio news which was jubilantly covering this Obama story, featured that there was a TWO BLOCK line of people who were waiting for these Obama image event tickets......and Afroid interviewed, in a chattering orgasmic unction, nattered out that, "I figure these tickets be worth lots of money, maybe 500 or a 1000 dollars."

Yes even the Nigs in Kansas City are not getting tickets to attend an Obama image event, but to try and scalp the tickets which .00085 percent of the population do not even want.

This would be amusing if Mexican forced labor invasions, black genocide and Asian nuclear missiles pointed at America were not at the crux of this DOA Obama regime.
The regime can not give away tickets for Afroids to attend, as the Afroids are trying to scalp the tickets in the delusion that others want anything to do with the image of Obama.

The last poll in this is  are reversal of the  Obamaniacs who once said in 81% that Barry Chin cares about deviants like me now dropping to Obama being trounced in 2014 by Mormon Romney if the election was held, and that Hillary Hamrod would bra beat Mormon Romney, all is further proof that the Obama crusty undies group regrets not electing Hillary in 2008 AD in the year of our Lord and regrets not voting for Mitt Romney in 2012 AD in the year of our Lord..........even if they still blame Bush43 for the Obama economy and still think the image of Obama cares more about them than Mormon Romney.

nuff said



My children, I have never been drawn to the eating of vinegar, but the Romans were drinkers in volumes of it, in they mixed it with water as their beverage of choice in a sort of cheap wine.
It certainly assists in digestion and is good for you, but even with TL and Mom eating vinegar on things, it just was too much from the white vinegar times of my youth that it seemed to burn my mouth.

This has all changed now and I am perplexed in a way, as when the event took place I was reminded of Boaz in the Bible and of Ruth from Moab, King David's and Jesus kindred.

"And Boaz said unto her, At mealtime come thou hither, and eat of the bread, and dip thy morsel in the vinegar. And she sat beside the reapers: and he reached her parched corn, and she did eat, and was sufficed, and left."

Ruth 2:14

See Boaz was a big sopper of things in vinegar. I admit I tried making venison in wine, and all it tasted to me was like wine, and when I will to partake of wine, I want to drink it, and not have my meat tasting of it. I guess the French like eating their wine, but it is just not for me.

I like the verse in Ruth a great deal, in we find sops of vinegar, and we find that the Boaz clan parched their  grain. That is quite out of vogue now like dipping bread in wine, like Jesus do recall he was doing that at the Last Supper, and you know now in Lame Cherry exclusive that Judas wanted to be Jesus as King, but that instead by putting his bread in with Christ into the bowl, he was the inferior type, and only partook of death in there can be no spiritual replacement of Jesus, thee only begotten Son of God Who takes away the sin of the world.
That is your treasure in this of the Word, in being explained how you never heard it before in why Judas dipped and what it's Spiritual meaning and condemnation meant. It is a like death those who allow themselves to be marked by the beast for the anti Christ. Just like clones genetically destruct as inferior as their can only be one original.

So, I was talking about parched grain. The Israelites had no corn. Corn was the term for kernels of grain. The grain they had was wheat and barley. Rye was a northern crop and a bi annual. The pasta wheat is a bi annual too of central Europe.
The reason people parched grain, as George Washington and the early Americans all parched grain, including corn as that was an American crop, was that it cooked the grain and made it more digestable for the body.

Parching is simple in one just heats a pan, and sort of pops the grain, as it browns it and the natural water in it expands in the heat to make it burst, but not as large as popcorn.
You can then grind this and eat it that way or just put it into the knapsack like the Kentucky Riflemen on their horses and go chase terror Indians or Europeans to retaliate for their murdering and raping your kind.
Parching was just faster than grinding flour and making cakes as that took time, and often times people did not have time, as in harvest.

As I was saying, TL is fond of vinegar and TL was having me try Balsamic vinegar with extra virgin olive oil. I have not been a fan of extra virgin olive oil, as in cooking it was stronger and it was imparting too much flavor into the food, so I liked the second rendering of it which was light in color.

This though sopping of morsels I am puzzling and pondering over, does benefit from the heavy fruity flavor of the extra virginal olive oil.

I conclude now this is a meal in this Balsamic vinegar mixed with the dark olive oil. Some wine might make it more glamorous with a bit of cheese, and then perhaps some fruit as in kiwi, strawberry, apple or seedless grape........I would do sweet baby carrots too as they might dip nicely also, but I see great merit in this lunch, and for a lunch some ham, cold chicken or pepper stick beef would put this far beyond what Boaz was living off of.

These people were working hard, as cutting grain, and making bundles, stacking it and then flailing it to beat the kernels loose from the heads is hard. You then have to throw it into the air to have the wind remove the chaff.
It is always done in dry weather, hot weather, and it is always dirty and tiresome work. Yet their high octane food content was vinegar and parched barley or wheat.

Having harvested grain I value modern threshing or combines in gleaning grain, as that was long work too even with mechanical means. Eating used to be very hard work and and I am surprised after all that, that people had any energy to eat.

I do enjoy though vinegar and oil, in the Balsamic and dark olive oil, with a chewy bread like French or sourdough. It is a pleasant experience in the fruity olive oil with the sweet sharp taste of the Balsamic.

I suppose they dipped things in vinegar as they had no salt in most cases and pepper was unheard of then from the Spice Islands.

Just thought I would share the experience in Bible eats, and people in America ate this way into the mid 1800's, as it was only after that the country was settled enough to farm wheat in quantity and having mills in all locations to grind the flour for biscuits.
Americans  though had no access to olive oil and no grapes really for vinegar, so their culinary habits were directed toward the English, bread, butter and jam.
When corn pressing became more available after the Civil War, I know George Custer in his last meals was eating just bread and corn syrup on it, in his dipping of the morsel. This was common in America up to the second world war.

I do appreciate that TL has broadened my horizontal palate, as I find myself like Sam I am, in I do, I do, like Green Eggs and Ham.