Saturday, July 21, 2018

Bill Kristol inks Donald Trump's face on his Penis for Attention

I am confused Bill, as is it your pen is has a tattoo of Trump
or is it your penis has a Trump tattoo.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It was not surprise that SnooperMexican is a huge fan of Bill Kristol the neocon and Trump Hater, but there is nothing that surprises any more, except that anyone pays attention to what Bill Kristol says as this Jewcon creates a new traffic accident to gain attention as no one is interested in his bloody mess.

Why Donald Trump acting Obama and Clinton in creating idiot scams to manipulate his voters over patriotic things bothers Kristol is a mystery as no one cares when Donald pulls out his fife and beats his drum, as Trump voters are not naive to this tune as they heard it now for 3 years and no longer care about the NFL, which is part of the Team Trump's plan to start an alternative league, probably as gouache as when Trump ran the New Jersey Generals as a porn show.

I am waiting for when Bill Kristol tats Donald's face on his Jew meat and flashes someone like Matt Walsh who now vouches for pedophiles in the Catholic religion as the real problem is homosexuals. That is another bizarre Vatican boy offering as a Trump Hater, in you can't have a pedo without the pedo being a queer.

Anyway, Bill Kristol needs to take his game up a few notches so people will pay attention. That means Trump on Bill's Jew meat.......probably wow better if it was Anderson Cooper though as he likes tea bagging.

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The Half a Million Dollar Website..........just putting links up

Sorry I reside in Europe as that is my excuse

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Wow, what a deal the Lame Cherry is, as Lucianne's site costs $559,920 a year to operate at 70 bucks a pop. All I was asking for was one rich donor claiming to be a Christian in donating 350,000 dollars, and my son Jonah was never a #NeverTrumper.

Subscribe to our Ad-Free Experience.
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Late Breaking News!

THANKS TO YOU, WE HAVE SURVIVED: As you all are aware, a severe cyber attack on wiped out our site information. Our tech team has worked tireless to get us up and running again. We now can offer you a subscription to visit ad free that will help keep your internet devices safe from cyber attacks or theft of personal information.

We need at least 8 thousand annual subscribers to our new offer
and have set a goal of 4 months.

I am amazed by how much money is out there and how most of you waste money on sites that are just Pied Piper leading you over the edge as they have missed the one story which matters which this blog has been covering for years.

Half a million dollars to run a website. I definitely am 5 million dollars behind in salary for running this blog for 10 years and keeping your butts out of the abyss.

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Donald Trump Feckless Failure After Helsinki

 No, no, no, arming Ukrainian Nazi's is a good thing
as it brings a Russian first strike on America
just like Jeb and Hilary wanted....

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Donald Trump had an absolute triumph at Helsinki with Vladimir Putin, and then his PentaJew (The Pentagon and Jewish financial interests with the Intelligence Community) put Trump on a leash back in America, where Mr. Trump proved to Vladimir Putin that Mr. Trump is not an honest broker, and now has cemented in the Russian policy of nuclear war with America.

For those who dislike the facts of this, you have all your FOX flavored disinformation leading you to vaporization, so go drink the Trump koolade as what you read here is where the world is going now without any stopping this war. All there is left is if Chancellor Sebastian Kurz can stop it from vaporizing eastern Europe by creating his own Pan Europa Army, and leaving NATO as an American invention, so the Russian American nuclear conflict will scorch the Mideast and the United States proper.

As Mr. Kurz and Mr. Putin have forged a working relationship, it points to as this blog stated that the coming nuclear battlefront between the United States and Russia, will be in the Mideast at the Iranian flashpoint, with the Russian military now active with their new super weapons which have first strike purpose in obliterating the United States Navy and all Air Bases in the Mideast.
There is a reason the Russians are stationing in the Caspian Sea as when President Trump's DIA moves in the Mideast, the Russian response will be swift and total in complete humiliation of the United States.

That is what Trump's clarification has generated in blaming Russia over the fake Russiagate. Russia is not going to wait around and be the next Syria or Libya.

Days after Helsinki summit, Russia shows off Putin's 'super ...

Days after Helsinki summit, Russia shows off Putin's ... the Russian Defence Ministry aired Hollywood-style footage of many of the new weapons Putin unveiled in March ...

 The first strike force in the Russian arsenal is localized obliteration of American assets, and if America escalates then will come the crippling attack upon the United States with the Avangard.

On Thursday, the Russian Defence Ministry aired Hollywood-style footage of many of the new weapons Putin unveiled in March being tested or in action.
It showed a Russian MiG-31 fighter jet taking off from an airfield carrying the new Kinjal hypersonic missile and then launching it while airborne.
MiG-31 jets which patrol the Caspian Sea have been armed with the Kinjal since April, the Interfax news agency reported.
The ministry also said it was preparing to conduct flight tests of a new nuclear-powered cruise missile, the Burevestnik or Storm Petrel.
The first footage of a live launch of the Avangard hypersonic missile, which Moscow says boasts “a glider maneuvering warhead,” was also aired along with a clip of the heavy Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile.

And in another blunder by Donald Trump trusting in his PentaJew counsel, his response is to army John McCain's Nazis in Ukraine. Yes this is ignorant strategy to start a war, as Russia will crush Ukraine in hours, NATO has zero strength to retaliate and remember that Obama and Mr. President sent almost thee entire American tank inventory to Poland, so it will be easy for Russia if it deems it necessary to nuclear pollute all of those tanks by making them radioactive if the few remaining American zealots in Europe desire a nuclear war with Russia.

In a Shot Across the Bow to Russia and Putin, Trump Administration Sends $200 Million in Military Aid to Ukraine

These are the facts and war is escalating. When it should have been peace with Russia as the time line this blog constructed, it is now a matter that Donald Trump in ignorance has ignored Sebastian Kurz who is moving to remove the American problem for European soil, as Donald Trump has not been leader enough to stop what the Intelligence Community was generated in a Russian war, which America will lose.
America can not win a double front projection war with Russia and China in conventional weapons and the Eurasian powers are geared to a nuclear fight with America. Mutually Assured Destruction is MAD and it still obliterates America as it cripples Moscow and China.

This is where Sebastian Kurz arises as the Protector of Europe. Mr. Trump has now advanced the Kurz position to remove the United States from Europe, and Germany was already moving in that direction. Europeans do not want to be vaporized for Donald Trump on the PentaJew leash. I know this is novel in Europeans actually not wanting to be mass murdered in a war they have no interest in, but those are the facts, and in this world, Donald Trump has just wrecked his position, Sebastian Kurz is rising in power and Vladimir Putin is the chess player advancing the Russian National position.

Merkel's 'defence minister' now wants to expel USA from ...

Merkel's 'defence minister' now wants to ... is calling for the Americans and their partners to get out. ... In this new environment, American bases in Germany ...

Still waiting for you rich people to prove you have some Christian ethic in donating, as everything which I tried to stop has now been subverted and the original time line has been re established, and Donald Trump has set America up for epic humiliation.

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The Anti-Trump

Notice there is no president on the wall after Obama

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There has been a complete information black out on President Sebastian Kurz of the European Union, and Chancellor of Austria, and the reasoning of this is telling, because as Donald Trump shunned a Putin Summit in Austria, and has not yet met with this world leader, Mr. Kurz was a guest in America in a meeting more secretive than the Bilderburgs, in the Schmidt Gathering at Montana.

This is Eric Schmidt of Google NSA deep state, and who should appear by passing the White House, for California to meet with #NeverTrumper, Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger. Sebastian Kurz has been trolling Trump since Trump could not comprehend the future tense of where Sebastian Kurz leads.
Sebastian  Kurz is the potential super power leader who will make Trump Tower and the world quake at his leadership.

Chat in villa
18.07.2018 12:34
Kurz is completely private with Schwarzenegger

Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz took a seat on the couch of Arnold Schwarzenegger during his visit to the US state of California. While chatting in the villa of the 70-year-old, the two got to know each other even better. Kurz: "It was nice to meet one of the very big Austrians, the former governor of California and movie star, in the USA."

Kurz has been visiting the US since Monday. On Tuesday he met Schwarzenegger - the focus of the conversation with the ex-governor was the fight against climate change and environmental initiatives during the Austrian EU Council Presidency.

In addition, the Chancellor will take part in a conference organized by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt in Montana annually with key global decision-makers.

Schwarzenegger's last meeting with Kurz was in Vienna in mid-May this year on the occasion of the Austria World Summit.

The photo alone presents it all. Donald Trump ignored thee most important man in Europe and soon the world and that man just pissed on that President by being photographed with him missing from the wall with a #NeverTrumper.

You are witnessing at this moment the anti Trump. For those who remember this blog counseled President Trump to not overlook Sebastian Kurz, but of course with zero Christian influence of Holy Ghost Inspiration in the Trump White House and the last decade view of the world, Mr. Trump is vacuous to the rising star who will eclipse him.

Sebastian Kurz entered America, ignored the White House, and Washington DC, to appear with the real group representing world power in Montana, and Mr. President was not invited and unaware of the meeting.

Donald Trump's DIA is a handicap as much as Jehu's military was in his ignorance, which Shalmaneser III put a leash on this Israelite king. The conflict is historical in the Assyrians who are Germans with the Americans who are the Samarian Israelites as God utilized them to chastise a sodomite, baby killing nation.

The story was not Trump in Helsinki nor his being feckless in fawning over the American intelligence state afterwards. The story is Sebastian Kurz came to America and disregarded the Donald Trump who by passed him.

Sebastian Kurz has been making every correct move to Europe to the Charlemagne Empire come alive again. He has studied the struggle and will not make the mistakes others have made.

The German proverb says it all in some one is already late.

'Fϋnf Minuten vor der Zeit ist die deutsche Pünktlichkeit'


We will Register no Jew before their Time

We are a modern people with humane means of producing meat.
We must register those who cling to their ancient practices of slitting animal's throats.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Leader of Europe in Sebastian Kurz, has a true Reich progresive leader for all humanity in Lower Saxony Austria in Gottfried Waldhäusl's historic call to end the slitting of throats of innocent animals, and more to the point, advocating the registry of Jews and Muslims, according to Austrian Courts, which state that only religious reasons can only be asserted by specific people in the killing of animals. In protection of animals Waldhäusl legally is stating that Jews and Muslims must register in order to consumer kosher and halal meats.

The Lame Cherry could not agree more with this in humane treatment of all animals based upon my relative, Julia Wedgwood's campaign to end vivisection, the experimentation to death on living animals in the 19th century was stopped.

I agree with you Heir Waldhäusl as Europe is a civilized Christian land

A plan to force Jews to obtain permits in order to buy kosher meat has been proposed by a local government department in Austria.
The draft decree in Lower Austria, one of nine states that makes up the central European country, would effectively ban kosher sales other than to Jews who could prove they regularly ate the ritually slaughtered meat.
It was put forward by the state’s department of animal welfare, which is headed by Gottfried Waldhäusl, a local cabinet minister from the populist Freedom Party

I won't let them eat you little Schatzi!!!

The good people of South Korea have joined in the civilized advancement in Austria in registering Jews that slit animal's throats and purchase the meat, in making it illegal to kill dogs for domestic meat source.

The Koreans are liberating themselves from traditions of inhumane slaughter...

In Landmark Case, South Korean Court Rules That it is Illegal ...

Register for an account. your email ... Court Rules That it is Illegal to Kill Dogs ... that it is the first court decision that killing dogs for dog meat is illegal ...

The Jew for profit commerce has attempted to twist this into Nazi terms, but if one reads the exact wording of this, Austria has moved from being a throat slitting nation for profit. Meaning, the Austrian Government is ascertaining if there actually is a domestic meat market in Austria for all the throat slitting taking place there. Meaning, Austria is looking at if Jews have set up kosher slaughter houses in Austria and then exporting that meat to Jews for immense profits. That is what the reality is here. If Jews want to slit throats of animals in ancient slaughter, they were provided a religious nation for that in the state of Israel. Let them do their killing there and leave  the Christian Peoples to their civilized methods of meat production.

Austria was not meant to be a slaughter house for profit.

Judaism and Islam require that believers only eat meat from animals whose throats are cut while they are conscious. The slaughtered animal should also bleed completely. This is considered cruel by animal rights activists, who have criticized these religious laws. In Austria, such slaughtering methods may only take place in specially approved slaughterhouses, in the presence of a veterinarian. In neighboring Germany this is generally forbidden, although exceptional permissions can be issued.

Our children deserve a land where our money is not
soaked in the profits of Jewry and Islam.

Mr Waldhäusl, who is also a farmer, added Lower Austria was “not there to provide meat to the Viennese”; the Austrian state where most of the country’s 8,000 Jews live.

Let us advance in civilization as Germany has in ending ritual slaughter.

Heir Waldhäusl is a farmer, a man of the land, whose intimate understanding of nature, is his basis in understanding the kinship that people of the land have for their produce and crops. No true human ever would allow the exploitation of the fruits of their farms as blessed by God. Ritual Slaughter for profit is a violation of that as old as Abel in the Bible, where even Christ threw out the moneychangers in trading the sacrifice  of animals in the Temple for profit.

A toast to Civilized Austria, no longer bathed in ritual slaughter blood for profit.

Many animal rights activists say kosher methods of slaughter, as well as halal, is cruel and causes the animal being slaughtered to be put through unnecessary pain.

Austrians for Humane Protection of Animals


Muslims Brutally Mass Slaughter Animals During ... - Breitbart

The streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh were turned into rivers of blood and 79 sheep were brutally butchered in Austria as Muslims celebrate Eid.

The Beauty of Austria is her People

If the Jew or the Muslim are driven to ritual slaughter, then the West has provided them with their Mecca and their Wailing Wall. Let them slaughter there in their religions, but let the Christian nations of Europe be free of this ghastly export for profit, because the last Lamb the Christians had slaughtered for them was Jesus the Christ, Who proclaimed that His Sacrifice for sin did away with all ritual killings forever in only a payment He could make.

The Austrian Federal Government rejects any form of personal registration in connection with the purchase of kosher meat, such idea is out of question and will certainly not take place in . 1/4

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When Boy Scouts were American Boys

Dick Douglas, Dave Martin, Douglas Oliver
with the camera a lion ate

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Once upon  a time there were the Boy Scouts, a Christian based group of the high morals of American self sufficiency. This is their story to provide you a glimpse of their censored past.

In the late 1920's, pioneer wildlife photographers, Osa and Martin Johnson, were given the opportunity by their publisher, the legendary Putman of Putnam books, to be the recipients of 3 Boy Scouts in Africa, out of a national 800,000 contest to see which 3 Scouts would venture to Africa to shoot 3 lions.

George Palmer Putnam and David T. Layman paid for the entire adventure with help of the Executive head of the Boy Scouts in James West.


Publisher George Palmer Putnam

This all started out rather odd in communications, as Martin Johnson received a telegram that 'the dogs are on the way". Martin was wondering exactly what was taking place, and then the boys appeared and the mystery was solved.

Martin and Osa could not have been more pleased with these 15 year old boys, as they were the finest examples of American boys. They were the American stereotype in blondes from the north, slightly reserved and southern. All were in wonderful health, white teeth, shining faces and modest manners with complete confidence.

As they reached camp in Tanganyika the boys were out of the transport and unpacking things and ready to make furniture, when Martin informed them that in Africa it was the natives who did all those types of jobs. It took the boys a few days to adjust, but their lion adventure awaited.
Martin was more concerned though in not the boys killing lion, but the lions killing the boys.

On the first day out looking for lion, they found numbers of singles, but finally came upon a group of 3 well maned lions. Douglas Oliver had won the "guess the number" for the first shot and this was to be his lion. It was classic terror in lion hunting as the boy stepped out from the group with a growling lion 50 feet in front of the party.
He was pale, his hands shook, but he was going to complete the reason he came to Africa.

The lion's tale snapped in rage, signalling a charge was coming, as the king of beasts crept forward. Then he flattened down to the ground and began to crawl. The next step in a charge.
Osa Martin counseled Douglas to shoot at the whiskers under the chin or he was going to shoot too low. Personally I would have advocated a brain shot at this distance as they might not have stopped a charge and lions are not known to just drop with heart shots.

The lion raised his head again for a final rush, and Douglas fired, and by God's Grace the lion rolled over dead on it's side. The boys attempted to scamper forward, but Martin Johnson commanded them like a pet in a strong NO, as no one approached a lion until all were sure the cat was dead.

They could not find rocks, and ended up throwing their shoes at the lion who proved to be dead.

With the skinners at work, the bullet had gone into the animals chest, severed the windpipe pierces the heart and lungs, and then exited the body.

The boys were all amazed that the first morning they would have a real lion they had gathered in, in camp.

That was it for the killing that day, and they went to Lion Valley to observe the big cats where they found 9 full grown lions who entertained them in cat past times.

The boys also were offered for camp meat, to each shoot an eland, waterbuck, Grant's gazelle and impala. Martin thought these would be fine specimens for the boys to return home with and the camp staff needed meat.

The main thing that impressed the boys was not the lion charging them, but that they had witnessed nearly 1 million game animals that day. They had never expected that kind of concentration of wildlife.

It was a week later that Dick and Dave both scored on their lions. Early in the morning they flushed 3 maned lions. They were not in good humor when they took a stand at a donga. The Boy Scouts though received Osa's rifle which was a Springfield. That rifle was listed as a 303 British round in an inventory which was a bit light, but the boys each brought down their lions without incident.
As Martin noted proudly, professional hunters botched things up and got mauled and killed, but these boys accomplished the prize of the Boy Scout competition they had been chosen for without incident.

Yes Boy Scouts once won contests to go kill lions and enjoyed it. It was not their main goal, but it was an experience of a lifetime which they relished, which was provided them by men of industry and a nation who cared to turn out well rounded children.

Those are the realities which you have been deprived of to the modern fag scouts.

Lesson learned.

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Friday, July 20, 2018

An Adulterer and a Mistress

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I always wonder what it is that makes a woman spread her legs, destroy her reputation and career on the crap shoot of trading up to a philander. It always ends bad and it always ends.

Take Don jr., an adulterer, who has poor taste in mistresses, dumped his faithful wife, and disrupted five children's lives, and now a FOX chic with big thighs is wrapping around him, and her getting fired and then hired onto Team Trump, in campaigning for more non Conservatives.

Reports of “The Five” co-host being shown the door swirled for hours on Friday as Fox News publicists remained mum. Late in the day, a Fox News spokesperson emailed reporters a short statement: “FOX News has parted ways with Kimberly Guilfoyle.”
HuffPost’s Yashar Ali reported that, according to three sources, Guilfoyle did not leave Fox News voluntarily. He added that a fourth source close to Guilfoyle, 49, and Trump Jr., 40, said the departure was her decision. HuffPost also reported that Guilfoyle’s team is in “separation negotiations now.”

So Guilifoyle gets Don's cock, a reduced pay job in being like that tramp Katie Walsh, and as she is an old broad, she is not going to hook Don by getting knocked up, so the paycheck is not going to be a divorce settlement.

It is all disgusting to me, and moral people would have the red warning lights going off in never getting involved in a situation like this as having cock candy, and him not dragging you down with a wedding ring and kids, just reveals more about the woman than it does Don jr. as you know with his weird face if he never had a billionaire old man in the White House, Guilifoyle would be romping around with whatever she has been romping around for 29 years.

Don jr. could have been President, now he has the prize of an old woman on the downward slide.

That is the shart of the deal.