Saturday, September 22, 2018

It is time for Jesse Panuccio as Acting Attorney General

Mirror Mirror hear my call
Who is the Rosensteiniest of them all.......

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The problem with Americans is they are liars in small things, and can not contemplate that big liars like Rod Rosenstein would in Clinton Obama fashion keep lying to save themselves, as most Americans when caught, will buckle and admit they lied and move on.

Rod Rosenstein is in possession of all of his faculties, unlike Christine Blasey Ford, who like Cindy Sheehan apparently have emotional problems, which have them manipulated into all sorts of Anita Hill embellishments.

The difference is though in a Christine Blasey Ford obsessed with Brett Kavanaugh in trying to destroy him in a story which has holes in it, in now she is blaming her therapist for taking the wrong notes which did not happen, is she is deluded into believing things, while Rod Rosenstein is cunningly causing the problems in government to get at Donald Trump which is setting of women like Blasey Ford.

There comes a time in the course of human events, that the deviant must be named as such and legally removed from the position of power which they are abusing. Rod Rosenstein instigated President Trump firing the crooked FBI Director James Comey, then appointed Robert Mueller without oversight in a witch hunt, and before any of this, Rod Rosenstein according to the New York Times, was attempting to get people wear wires to record the President in order to invoke the 15th Amendment, and literally stated he thought he could convince Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to collude with Homeland Director John Kelly to spy on the President and bring him down.

Rosenstein has offered pale rebuttal in it was satire and he was not serious, but that opens an even larger issue of, what if a Catholic priest was making jokes about little boy butts looking good bending over? Do you think that would be acceptable?
People who are in positions of power are not allowed satire nor to make jokes about the very law enforcement issues they are involved in, and that includes stating that you are trying to bring down the President.

Andrew McCabe who is in a grey bar hotel highrise of problems, kept copious notes of what Rod Rosenstein was stating, and Lisa Page was at those meetings too where Rosenstein tried to get Andy to wear a wire. Robert Mueller has those notes, and so does the FBI in Director Christopher Wray who was said to be running his own sting on McCabe and Peter Strzok. There is literally a paper trail now of Rod Rosenstein holding meetings and serious or joking about bringing down the United States Government.

Into all of this we have the current Attorney General in Jeff Sessions vouching for Rosenstein which is beyond the pale and speaks to the inadequacy of Mr. Sessions in managing that department and judging character in his people. Sessions started this entire disaster which is ripping America apart by recusing himself.

The trust of the public is all government has. Rod Rosenstein is one of many horrid public employees who have destroyed the public trust. From his threatening Congress to this current manifestation from apparently his first day on the job, he has violated the trust of thee American People and of the President who appointed him.

To this day, I do not comprehend these arrogant trolls who think they are laws unto themselves and are not in positions to carry out every Presidential order, without some kind of sabotage. Normal people do not engage in those activities. These are people who are working for other groups in order to subvert what Americans have voted for.
For the liberals, I am not speaking just of Donald Trump, but of the facts of the bizarre disasters of Barack Hussein Obama, who somehow had John the hero McCain setting policy in Ukraine with Nazi's and policy in Syria with terrorists. In good government the Citizen has every right to contend with the current government in bringing better ideas forward for the country when one disagrees. What Barack Obama and now Donald Trump have been inflicted upon are demagogues, in service to their hire, as McCain worked as hard against Obama's policies which McCain overthrew as McCain overthrew Bush43 and Donald Trump policies.

From the literal stories which are appearing, the FBI was running stings on it's own people, who were engaged in a criminal coup against the President. The DOJ was attempting to manipulate the FBI to force it to bring down the President, corrupting the FBI. That is not law and order, that is lawlessness and the current figurehead of this is Rod Rosenstein, as the boy who cried wolf, has chosen a position to keep lying and saying he is innocent as everyone has gotten it wrong from the CIA's New York Times, to every person who had a meeting with him, save one who has said they knew it was satire. And who is this genius, but another deep state troll running cover for Rosenstein?

As I examine this, I thank God I was not involved in the Trump Administration, because I do ponder what it must have been like for someone like Lisa Page, who was legal counsel to the FBI, where she sits in on meetings where Rosenstein is trying to goad her boss into wearing a wire to entrap Trump, as Peter Strzok is texting lunacy at her several times a day, as she is hearing non stop scuttle from trusted sources that Donald Trump is a Russian agent.  That is a toxic work environment and it makes one understand how most people never filed any complaints, as they did not want to be targeted by this lunatic mob, and were hoping these people would just all go away to some new promotion.

I am not like Laura Ingraham in calling on the President to fire Rod Rosenstein, instead the Lame Cherry calls upon the President to demand in writing within 24 hours, citing all of the evidence in why Attorney General Jeff Sessions has not fired Rod Rosenstein.

If Jeff Sessions does not fire Rosenstein in the evidence, then President Trump should fire both Sessions and Rosenstein, and instruct the capable Associate Attorney General in Jesse Panuccioto be acting Attorney General and within 5 business days offer up a complete assessment of the Department of Justice with full recommendations concerning Robert Mueller's investigation, to be presented in written form to the White House and the United States Congress.

This blog is well aware of this Brett Kavanaugh meltdown for women in the midterms and the New York Times goading Donald Trump to act to fire Rod Rosenstein for a democratic firestorm for the elections, but as William Colby stated, trust in the continuity of Government is necessary for the survival of a nation as the people no longer trust. Obama had the regime targeting Americans  on the right, and now the remnants of that regime are targeting the choice of those people on the right in Donald Trump with a hired Twitter mob ranting at every Conservative screaming for blood.

Donald Trump with ease signed an executive order with dictatorial powers over the upcoming elections. It is time the President take the necessary steps in the above, and to nominate Lindsey Graham as Attorney General for the Senate to confirm, and until Graham is confirmed the acting AG should in his own Grand Jury begin indicting all of the names who keep popping up in these horrendous accounts of disgraced government.

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Chevy's Chase

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry has mentioned the loathing of Chevy Chase by everyone in the industry and how only kind hearted gentlemen like Paul Schaffer, are willing to deal with this emotionally self crippled person, so it is of interest in the Truth, when Chase sits down for attention with the Washington Post to ruin the current careers of people on Saturday Night Live in telling the world they do not have any talent, it is a point to revisit Chevy Chase as in realty, this tormented little man, has one purpose in life and that is to be punished for what he is.

The WashPo notes that Chase's peers are busy at work and in demand. The reason these people are still in demand is they actually have talent. Steve Martin does entertain by self deprecating himself. David Letterman as obnoxious of a pervert he is, is actually a good interviewer, when he is not being an ass. Bill Murray in all honesty was the only SNL cast member who had any real comedic talent, even if it was one character that he played in every performance.

These days, Chase sits at home, waiting for a script to roll in. But his peers are thriving.
Steve Martin, 73, writes musicals, records bluegrass music and tours. David Letterman, 71, travels to India and interviews world leaders on Netflix. Bill Murray, 67, meets a cellist on a plane, and suddenly he’s doing a spoken-word tour backed by a chamber group.

Chevy Chase had zero talent. He lived off of the other comedic performances of talented people, as Alan Alda did on MASH. The Washington Post can list the 'successes' of Chevy Chase, but if you examine movies, these facts appear:

Caddyshack was a smash hit, not because of Bill Murray of Chevy Chase, Chase was absolutely boring in that movie. Caddyshake was successful because of the great Rodney Dangerfield and Ted Knight.

National Lapoon's Vacation? Chase ate a dog piss sandwich in his only funny moment in all his life. NLV was successful because of Christie Brinkley, and what followed was low IQ viewers hoping Brinkley types would appear on screen again.

As for as Fletch, zero comedy in another Chevy Chase disaster.

Chase is eager to work. But these days, he’s more likely to be fielding another round of bad press than a promising pitch. The man who revolutionized television in the 1970s, serving as the first breakout star on NBC’s breakout program, “Saturday Night,” who made three of the best comedies of the 1980s — “Caddyshack, “National Lampoon’s Vacation” and “Fletch” — and who as recently as 2012 earned raves for his turn on “Community,” wonders why he can’t get a break.
He has a few theories. His disastrous late-night TV talk show on Fox in 1993, which lasted 29 episodes and earned an F grade from Entertainment Weekly. His move from Hollywood in the mid-’90s to a quiet town in New York to raise his three daughters with his wife, Jayni. Then the general thing that happens when you grow older in show business.
“They’re really more about the George Clooneys and people that age,” he says. “I look pretty good for 74. I don’t know why I couldn’t do a Chevy Chase picture, but it just doesn’t happen.”

For Chase to use an excuse that he is living in small beans New York as to why his career faltered,  ignores that Bruce Willis lived in Idaho for years, just as most successful actors rarely set foot in Hollywood, including the French squatter, Johnny Depp.

The fact is the only comedian with worse choices in movie rolls, was Robin Williams, but at least Williams had the sense to try and con the US military on USO tours to save his career.

Chase in the Post goes out of his way to attack Will Farrell in his one funny role as George W. Bush and then praises Eddie Murphy. Yes that is brilliantly stupid, as Murphy is so doped up he never works and Farrell while waning in his career still made enough money for the studios that no one with money is ever going to invest in a move and then allow Chase to trash it.
That is the fact in this, people who hire Bill Murray want to not have their audience abused in some surprise rant as Chase would do, as some people actually protect their artistry, instead of always taking cheap shots.

Chase is a small person who takes cheap shots at people, in order to keep them away, before they comment about this fat, old, talentless troll.  When you are surrounded with some people of talent on sets or movies, and are the cunt candy for female viewers, as you take cheap shots  at President Gerald Ford to appease the Nixon haters, you get away with being an ass. Become old, exposed as not funny in the cast is like you, and suddenly what was cunt candy is just another old asshole like the millions of old assholes children have to deal with who are their crotchety grandparents.

It was said by an actor that he thought perhaps there was a human inside Chevy Chase somewhere. That is incorrect as Chase is far too human, in the lowest and most self destructive nature. Chevy Chase hid behind crude humor and then being crude to others, to not get near the little boy who never could measure up to his family's successes, and that haunts him every day.

It never comes up, and that is telling, but think of the world Chase is imprisoned in. John Belushi in death is the icon Chase can never be. Bill Murray had  the mega hits which dwarfed Chase's "hits". Dan Akroyd has the intelligence and good nature which Chase is to sloven to invest in. David Letterman is Obama porn while no one ever calls Chevy Chase.

The reason no one calls Chase is the insulting pariah Chase is.

The “Fletch” star told the Post that he asked Michaels six years ago if he could return as host once again – and Michaels said no, citing his age.
“I didn’t get it. ‘You’re too old’? We’d had many people older than me hosting,” Chase said. “What did he mean? I’ve never understood what he meant. Because I’d be very good, and it would be fun for an audience to see me doing that .… It’s like denying that I was the guy who made this show really go that first year. It’s like taking all that away from me.”

Chase sounds like Randy Moss of the NFL in being the only talent and the rest of the teams never mattered. Falling off ladders as Gerald Ford to get a pound of flesh off of Republicans for a Nixon cannibalism is not comedy. Hate is not comedy and hate is all Chevy Chase is.

Lorne Michaels actually summed up Chevy Chase perfectly and it is in the explanation of this blog above:

Michaels recalled. “And he said, ‘I’m ready to host again.’ All I was saying was, ‘We have to stop this discussion now. You’re old and annoying.’ ”

Yes Chevy Chase is old and annoying. He has been old and annoying for the past 40 years.

The thing is though that it is much deeper than being old and annoying, because Chase debuted as a Right Wing Killer on NBC's Law and Order, portraying Mel Gibson when Hollywood was trying to destroy him. Chase was pure venom in the roll and lacked the ability of Alec Baldwin to not make the role toxic as when Baldwin mimics Donald Trump.
That is why Alec Baldwin gets film roles he turns down, as being the Joker's father in the epic Joaquin Phoenix blockbuster and Chevy Chase airing out his old people scent on an open porch in New York.

The fact is when Chevy Chase goes senile as the beloved Tim Conway is battling, no one is going to care as fans do for Mr. Conway. Most will say the bastard deserves it and hope he drowns in his drool, and when Chevy Chase does go morgue temperature, it is a small audience to have Paul Schaffer lying about you, for a family wanting to believe there was something in this too human human.

Chevy Chase apparently did not understand that the Washington Post was posting Chase's obituary as the world is watching the beached whale and waiting for it to die, so they can have their beach back.

Chevy Chase is never going to put in the work to be Christian to fix what he is, as he is too scared to come to terms with the person he is terrified most of, in his failed self. There are so many people who are hoping for that as they are enjoying the car crash which is Chevy Chase in geezer motion, as Chase is great theater.

I'm just surprised that there aren't producers who are sending Chase work for big promises to lead him on, only to tell him that a chimp got the role instead.

I only hope that this is the last obituary this blog has to explain for Chevy Chase, as pointing out what is the few moments of cocktail conversation if Chase's name ever comes up, is more time that I care to waste again, as maybe the Washington Post enjoys mocking an old sod luring him out for attention, but most of the world would rather just forget about Chase, as beached whales are only in the way.

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The Trump October Surprise

It seems all of my friends, investigators and witnesses
have been indicted......

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If the Truepundit is right in this land of fake news, it would make sense why the DOJ and FBI kept coddling Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok, as Director Christopher Wray had both under surveillance, and was  having them watched 24 hours a day, as both were accessing the same files, altering them and deleting them.

The FBI had back ups and restored the files after the 2 Elvis' left the building, but this is all now supposed to be before the Grand Jury which John Huber is running for Jeff Sessions beyond Washington DC.

In researching the criminality of what McCabe and Strzok engaged in, it is a felony and if the FBI had these two under surveillance, this is an open and shut case, and both are going to federal prison for three years when convicted.

The necessary measure of protection for government documents and records is provided by 18 U.S.C. § 2071. Section 2071(a) contains a broad prohibition against destruction of government records or attempts to destroy such records. This section provides that whoever: willfully and unlawfully; conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates or destroys; or attempts to conceal, remove, mutilate, obliterate or destroy; or carries away with intent to conceal, remove, mutilate, obliterate or destroy; any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document or other thing deposited in any public office may be punished by imprisonment for three years, a $2, 000 fine, or both.

When one considers the trumped up charges against the Bundy's for being named Bundy by this Obama group to what Robert Mueller piles on in charges, it is highly possible that there are a dozen counts for a dozen files, and only God knows what else. These two FBI agents are probably looking at 50 years in prison.

That is what has been at the heart of all of this as this blog noted in Director Wray has never shown any interest in protecting the President, but this is about protection of the FBI, and most important to Wray, the making an example of those who violate the FBI code.

I am going to make a point in this which is of note as Lisa Page has been worked over as a paramour. For those who do not know what a paramour is, a paramour is defined as a woman who cohabits with an important man.
As Lisa Page was not cohabiting with Strzok, it would help of those branding her with the scarlet letter would get it right. The point is, the FBI no doubt had Lisa Page under surveillance and she was not cleaning the files out as no mention of her is in the Grand Jury, only McCabe and Strzok. If that is the case, she deserves that reality noted and it proves what this blog has stated in she was horribly manipulated by Brennan, McCabe and Strzok. Strzok being the worst.

All of this has one purpose, and that is John Huber has been at this for almost a year with his Grand Jury. The best Christmas present Donald Trump could have would be before the midterm elections in John Huber should hand down multiple counts, in multiple indictments of not only Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, but of James Comey, and their contacts in the US Congress and media.
The only chance Peter Strzok has is rolling over on John Brennan, Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. That is the motive of operation in all prosecutors in moving to the next highest up.  John Huber indicts this group of conspirators and it will cut the heart out of Robert Mueller's witch hunt, and secure for Donald Trump his party being the GOP and the Republicans being appendages.

There is something in this to be considered. Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe in this period were involved in jury tampering (You remember McCabe and his wife posting editorials in the liberal press) and were in contact with John Brennan (Brennan was being fed information from the inside from someone), and the reality of this is, the FBI did wiretap this duo, meaning the FBI has every conversation this duo had with media in subverting federal investigations by their posts and who they were interacting with at Congress and the former Obama Clinton White House.
This is the smoking gun in this, just as it was when this group was trying to snare Donald Trump in the FISA warrants by gaining access to the incidental contacts.

All of this is Donald Trump's salvation. The DIA has to hold the elections for a GOP stalemate in Congress, and at that, Donald Trump would benefit greatly from his own October Surprise.

John Huber would become the most owed man in America for simply doing his job.

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Friday, September 21, 2018

What Medications were prescribed to Christine Blasey Ford?

Hi boys and girls, are you taking your psych meds.......


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In an exclusive from a New York reporterette, in the saga of Brett the butch Kavanaugh, Butch, because that is what nasty girls wanted to make of good Catholic boys in taking them from the protections of the immaculately conceived Virgin Mary, we discover that the fraternity where Brett Kavanaugh pledged had a motto of:

No means Yes and Yes means Anal.

Kavanaugh is of course evil because of this, not because he has stated that he will uphold every Supreme Court ruling, including aborticide as the law of the land, Obamacare rationed death and Obama Sodomy, but Brett Kavanaugh is evil because his fraternity wanted the scent of feces penis in rectum sex.

The Kavanaugh Harem

Butch also is being called out in he only hires "model like"  staff, with the photo of two plumper girls, whose only modeling job with those teeth would be in selling corn on the cob.

Brett Kavanaugh does have a type. He hires frumpers who none of the other big law firms would never hire, because they are not Lisa Page thin or Obama trannies.
Butch Kavanaugh hires women who look like Mrs. George Bush and Mrs. Mike Pence. The left never calls them model types in those Marion the Librarian mop heads, so girls who have the inflatable tire and pour themselves into clothes one size too small, to accent their illustrous non perky B cups is hardly some pervert with a Playboy fettish. Then again this Christine Blasey Ford would never be hired by Hamrod Clinton, because Ford has  that butch look to her too.

If the Tit and Clit was such a horrid thing, then why was Hilary Clinton patronizing Yale and why is Yale acting holier than THOU, when it was Yale which was running Tit and Clit?

Hillary Clinton Gives Yale Class Day Speech | Time

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton encouraged students not to give up their sense of civic spirit during a speech at Yale University's Class Day on Sunday. She spoke ...

Then how about this cast of liberals from Yale, why did they not speak out about  rectum sex?

Paul Krugman (B.A. Economics, 1974), Economics, 2008; architect of "New Trade Theory"; winner of the John Bates Clark Medal; Princeton University economics professor; New York Times columnist

How about the #MeToo girls, why did they not say a thing about Tit and Clit?

Jodie Foster (B.A. 1985 in literature, magna cum laude), Academy Award-winning actress (The Accused, The Silence of the Lambs), and director

Meryl Streep (MFA), Academy Award-winning actress

And what about these two anal boys in George W. Bush and Bill Clinton of Tit and Clit

George W. Bush (B.A. 1968), President of the United States (2001–2009), Governor of Texas (1995–2000)

Bill Clinton (J.D. 1973), President of the United States (1993–2001), Governor of Arkansas (1979–1981,1983–1992)

I mean where is Michelle Obama excoriating her man George W. Bush for Tit and Clit? Why all the silence?

Then there is the Obama dyke on the Supreme Court.......not a word about Tit and Clit Yale.

Sonia Sotomayor (J.D. 1979), Supreme Court justice (2009–present)

How about Amy Klobachar of Tit and Clit and all support for sex fiend Al Franken and that wife beater Keith Ellison.

Amy Klobuchar (B.A. 1982), U.S. senator (D-Minnesota, 2007–present)

Even Ben Sasse was at the Tit and Clit and not one word in his high moral ground with Eleanor Holmes Norton and Sheila Jackson Lee

Ben Sasse (Ph.D. 2004), U.S. Senator (R-Nebraska, 2014-)

 Sheila Jackson Lee (B.A. 1972), U.S. Representative, D-Texas

Even Jerry Brown of California, was all Tit and Clit with David Frum and the scent of feces penis

Edmund Gerald "Jerry" Brown, Jr. (J.D. 1964), current and 39th Governor of California and California's 34th Governor (1975–1983

David Frum (B.A. and M.A. 1982), White House speech writer in the Bush administration (2000) who coined the phrase "Axis of Evil"

Even Samantha Power and Anderson Cooper were all over that anus sex without a word.

 So in the above you have a caste of the cast of the largest group of perverts and deviant promoters, with Barack Hussein Obama promoting most of them, and into this Butch Kavanaugh is the one being called out in this, for liking abortion law, liking Visa Vermin law, liking Obamacare law, liking, sodomite law, when none of these other perverts have said one word, or have called for an FBI investigation into Yale with indictments of it's accomplice alumnus and it's professors and staff who allowed all of this. There is not one whit of difference between the Catholic religion and pedophiles and what Yale University promoted, along with the Obama regime.

Under the same rules that Brett Kavanaugh is being impeached, Professor Christine Blasey Ford has as much sexual misconduct and criminality to answer for.

Her high school was a drunken orgy.

BOMBSHELL: Judge Kavanaugh Fake Accuser Christine Blase Ford’s Yearbooks Describe Wild Sex BLACKOUT Parties, Erotic Male Dancers, Wearing Playboy Bunny Outfits and MORE!

I will state again, that I do not support Brett Kavanaugh, because he is another David Souter, just like Trump's other sodomite appointment, but the Lame Cherry is always interested in equal justice, so the scales weighing Butch Kavanaugh, need to be weighed on the above in Yale and at Palo Alto, and that includes the past sins of Christine Blasey Ford, and now her Sister in Law is whoring for the spotlight too.

'I don't see any possibility' Christine Blasey Ford is mistaken about ...

ABC News-6 hours ago
The sister-in-law of Christine Blasey Ford, the college professor who's accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually ...
As these people are all for lynching Brett Kavanaugh, then bring the same rope as this entire group of degenerates are at war with Christian America raping it morally. 

Christine Blasey Ford: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know |

Christine Blasey Ford, a professor at Palo Alto University, has come forward as the woman who accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct in an anonymous letter.

One fact which does trouble me is the penis that Ford is married to. He has been talking about his professor wife who was in therapy with him.

Therapy is for secular people who are unbalanced and having psychological problems. Blasey Ford apparently has been under treatment for the past 6 years, which included her husband in the sessions. That points to emotional problems and relationship problems, and her husband just leaked the therapist's notes, and it deals with sexual problems Blasey Ford is experiencing.

The red lights going off in this is who is this therapist? What type of therapy was Blasey Ford engaged in? As in was past life regression, hypnosis or whatever else California deems as therapy, and has been shown to implant false memories.

In this segment of the story alone, there are troubling issues of a rather unbalanced woman, who is tied to over the top democrats, like Cindy Sheehan, suddenly appearing with a story which does not fit the Kavanaugh life style, and she is hiring democratic political activist lawyers and taking FBI polygraph tests, as this woman had a fixation and obsession on Brett Kavanaugh.

The equal question in this for Solomon's Court is could an infatuated girl from a sex crazed high school, be melding events, and become obsessed with a boy she saw from a distance, as again Blasey Ford has made statements that she knew all of the boys at the prep school which she did not attend.

In all honesty, Blasey Ford can pass a poly by believing things she thinks happened. In other words we have a woman in therapy, now the question is what was her drug experimentation use as the 80's saw Angel Dust to LSD paper, to the reality what were physicians prescribing her for her therapy.
America has littered aisles with bodies from David Hogg's high school to Colorado Joker movie theaters to Sandy Hook schools of people in therapy, on medications and believing things about others which never happened.

Russell Ford, her husband, also told The Washington Post that his wife detailed the alleged assault during a couple’s therapy session in 2012. During therapy, he said his wife talked about a time when she was trapped in a room with two drunken boys, and one of them had pinned her to a bed, molested her and tried to prevent her from screaming.
He said he remembered his wife specifically using Kavanaugh’s name. She said during the session, Russell Ford recalled, she was scared he would one day be nominated to the Supreme Court.

Ford provided a copy of the therapist’s notes to The Washington Post, which detailed her recollection of being assaulted by young men “from an elitist boys’ school” who would become “highly respected and high-ranking members of society in Washington.”

Christine Blasey Ford is obsessed with Brett Kavanaugh. It could be real or it could be induced. She is under therapy for six years fixated on prep school boys who would not have any contact with her, and she does not belong as another piece of political fodder by democrats to attack someone.

Oh and all student and faculty crimes at Palo Alto have been removed from Google search and the only links that come up are Christine Blasey Ford, when one enters Palo Alto, student crime in the search engine.

Now why is that?

Those notes, though, reportedly say four boys – not two, as Ford claims -- were in the room during the alleged incident. Ford told the newspaper this was an error by the therapist.

The therapist did not make a mistake, Blasey Ford reported there were 4 boys in the room. Again what kind of drug experimentation was this girl involved with in the  1980's and what kind of psych meds has she been prescribed for years?

Ford, who has acknowledged she can’t remember some details....

There is obviously something wrong with Christine Blasey Ford, and has been a psychological problem for years. When she names people who state they were never there at this location or the attack, that is an issue of false memories on her part.
Again what medications is this woman on, and it must be rendered a point, that she does not belong in a national spotlight as she has mental problems and should be protected from the activists and from herself.

Another former classmate of Kavanaugh denied having any knowledge of the party or allegations.

"I understand that I have been identified by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as the person she remembers as 'PJ' who supposedly was present at the party she described in her statements to the Washington Post," Patrick Smyth said in a letter to the Judiciary Committee. "I am issuing this statement today to make it clear to all involved that I have no knowledge of the party in question; nor do I have any knowledge of the allegations of improper conduct she has leveled against Brett Kavanaugh."

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The Boiling Cauldron of HAARP

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I desired to show you the boiling cauldron of HAARP in a predicted "rain system" which did not appear from the Pacific coast, and simply developed over the central plains.

Study this as this is the same massive fronts which were deluging America in snowstorms all of last winter.

Look at the front line from Wisconsin to Mexico. This front should have come out of Canada or the Pacific Northwest. It would be impossible for these four bubbles of energy to be tracing again on the Canadian border. The fact is this system has north winds, and should be moving south. As you can see this system is now moving northeast against the wind.
There is not any way the huge moisture bubbles should be appearing behind the front from New Mexico to South Dakota, and yet there they are.

I would suggest that the farmers were having their row crops broiled the past two weeks, and as harvest has started on crops ripening a month early, that now the crops are being soaked to lessen yields to keep Soros commodity prices up as Trump has China on soybean sanctions and Europe does not want Monsanto poison beans replacing French crops.

What preceded this was a most strange "stationary front where Fargo was 48 degrees and Omaha was 92 degrees, yet there was not any weather produced. It simply was there with 50 mile per hour winds out of the south, and somehow it just got cool on the north side. Odd part in this again is, just as in the past years, north winds are balmy feeling coming out of Canada.

It is just one of those things like the Carolina hurricane going Cat 4 from a  tropical storm, then dropping to Cat 2, as it somehow shifted 400 miles overnight, from a point south of Savannah to the Carolinas in a non storm event.

From the above photos of radar, I believe that HAARP has killed the atmosphere, and the missile shield it is for, now has to generate these massive moisture dumps, which are horrific for crops and wildlife. Put it this way, it is like your using a sprinkler to water your violets in the window in God's showers, compared to HAARP in your dumping a five gallon bucket on the plant.

It is what is it and the reality is no one is tracking any of this any more in the fringe media. It is a series of "weather" which can not happen and yet it is assaulting America in a constant barrage of weather bombs.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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Ronald Reagan's German Shining City on a Hill

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am moved in this last post from Heinz Schaeffer, the German U Boat Commander to quote the prose of this German soul, looking back to his youth, in the beauty of what was Berlin and the countryside, which was completely obliterated by American and English bombing, and Russian artillery, all for eliminating a German competitor in international finance.
This World War like the first, had nothing to do with Nazi or with German actions. It all had to do with stealing German lands and eliminating German industrial output and German finance which would contend with the globalist power.


"Berlin, my native city, is my earliest memory, Berlin with it's long prospects of busy, crowded streets, it's houses and it's hardworking good natured people, the city which has left it's mark on all Germany.

But for me Berlin stands mostly for the shimmering belt around it, the waters of it's rivers and canals, the gleaming stretches of it's lakes luring you into the distance and the still and silent inlets beckoning you to linger.

I can still see the lofty pine trees of Brandenberg mirrored in those waters and myself as a boy of five.

"When I grow up, I am going to be a sea captain!"

Commander Heinz Schaeffer
U Boat 977 - page 5


Has there ever been such a city as Berlin, since the time of Babylon and her canals? While New York of this era was a filthy rat trap or horse shit in the streets. London was filled with coughs and tuberclulosis. But in Berlin, was a designed gem of a city which shimmered to the heavens.

Berlin before it was destroyed by Americans, British and Russian barbarism was Ronald Reagan's Shining City on a Hill.

This is what is celebrated yet as a great feat and accomplishment. The most prosperous, healthy, progressive and serene cities in the world, all through Germany, with productive peoples was deliberately destroyed, because Germans were too much the renaissance people. It was their Saxons who civilized the Celts of Britain. It was their immigrants who built the United States.

The greatest criminal war crimes in history were those carried out against Berlin and all Germany, twice, in two genoicidal and holocaust wars against Germanic Peoples.

Berlin truly was and is, the Venice of Europe, the water garden of the world, that capitalists and communists could not destroy in two massive wars against the most civilized and progressive peoples of the human community.

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North of Berlin, a Quiet Land of Lakes - The New York Times

I've paddled for days here, passing through half a dozen lakes and canals, and been alone throughout. Berlin has evolved, to be sure, but very little has changed since my first visit to the lakes.

The Occupation of a Christian People

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I am moved to post the speech which a German U Boat Commander gave to his crew after the orders for surrender had been broadcast to U 977. One must understand that Admiral Donitz had given orders to fight to the end and never give up. Yet this boat had picked up 3 signals for unconditional surrender.
I desire each of you to think about unconditional surrender, as it is used a great deal in America with historical pride, but think of the consequences of such a surrender in the humiliation the defeated nation must then deal with.
Consider in reading this, that in American occupation of Germany 11 million Germans were murdered in the final solution.

I place this here not to condemn the American People, as they trusted their leaders to be honest and never violate Christian principles even in war or peace. When you read the words of Commander Heinze  Schaeffer, understand this is what he believed and so did his crew, as did all Germans, because this is what those in power in America, England, France and Russia had stated they would carry out against Germans.

Remember fully what took place after World War I in the rapine, robbery and death of Germans in defeat by these same allies.


Commander Heinz Schaeffer
Kameraden. It seems that the darkest hour has stuck both for us and Germany. We have lost the Second World War. We all know what lies before the German People  - the enemy propaganda has made no secret of it. I am thinking of the plan to convert all  Germany into pastures for goats and to sterilize all German males. The foundation of a policy built on hatred have been laid. German women and girls lie helplessly exposed to the lust of the armies of occupation while our menfolk are deported.

In vain have our leaders, of who the last was Admiral von Donit, implored the enemy to spare our people for the sake of the future of Europe. But their hatred is too bitter, a hatred not of Nazism as they have pretended - for Nazism ended with the death of Hitler - but of the People of Germany themselves.

We must decide the right course to take. We can either hoist the white flag, or sink our boat, or put into harbour of some country that has behaved honourably, all through the war. One of the engineers  knows Argentina and has kept in contact with friends there, so he is well informed about this North American Republic, and I myself have friends and acquaintances there. It has a great future - from all I know I believe it to be the most progressive state of South America., with it's vast natural resources and underdeveloped areas where the individual has every chance for himself.

Kameraden. The enemy demands that we surrender, asserting that our leaders have capitulated. In view of everything which has happened, I do not think it likely that Admiral Donitz has ever formally surrendered. It may be that our resistance is broken by the enemy fighting on German soil, at one hundred to one odds, but there can be no question of our accepting orders from him without knowing more of the circumstances. I suggest that we continue on our way, but that we do not attack a single ship, for I would not have us revenge ourselves with the blood of innocent men. It is futile to carry on the war alone. As it is, we have all the stores we need for a voyage to Argentina to spare use the bitter bread of captivity."

In a democratic vote of the 48 sailors aboard this U Boat, after some debate, the vote was taken in 30 voted for Argentina, 2 for Spain in the hopes of making it home to Germany sooner, and 16  who were married Midshipmen voted to go home to their families.

Commander Schaeffer offered them to be put ashore in Norway, with full provisions to take their chances in making it home to their families.

U 977 made it to Argentina and surrendered to be treated most humanely, although accused in a new charge of having transported Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun and Martin Bormann to South America.

I desire each of you to ponder the above words, in what you will do, as in the next war which America will lose, what will be your decisions and how will you react when the Al Gore globalist doctrine of turning America into a wildlife park, and Mexicans and Muslims replace you, in if you will have a bit more compassion on what Germans faced as it will be the American future.

 When America occupied Germany.

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