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Analgate: The Final Hours of Chris Stevens

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 It began around nightfall on Sept. 11 with around 150 bearded gunmen, some wearing the Afghan-style tunics favored by Islamic militants, sealing off the streets leading to the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. They set up roadblocks with pick-up trucks mounted with heavy machine guns, according to witnesses.

My children, I hope that you caught what this blog broke in the Analgate story when it mentioned that the terrorists who led the attack on Ambassador Chris Stevens were from Afghanistan with direct ties to the mass assassination of Team Six of the Navy Seals, because what is about to be revealed here is something which will indict and convict Barack Hussein Obama on the murder of Chris Stevens and the other Americans.

The reality is the murder of Chris Stevens started on two fronts over a year previous. The catalyst was the work of Dr. Jerome Corsi with the Birthers in exposing Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Chin in his forged birth papers as a criminal fraud.
It was Corsi's work which forced Mr. Obama to reveal another forged document and to then purchase the "contract" on Sheik bin Laden's corpse to kill it in a Pakistani compound to change the subject from his forged birth documents.

While these events were taking place, George Soros had begun a leverage campaign with the Obama regime in releasing thee most hardcore of Libyan terrorists which Col. Khadaffi had in prison. It was this first act of forcing Col. Khadaffi to release his terrorists which was destined in the Barack Hussein Obama plan to handing over Libya to the Muslim Brotherhood and Libyan oil to British Petroleum for European control, after the mass murder of Col. Khadaffi and his followers.

Benghazi would be the central hub of this terror revolution as "payback" for the Muslim Brotherhood's part in donating that 300 million dollars in counterfeit terror funds to the Obama 2008 campaign, which was bailed out by TARP by Timothy Geithner as this blog exclusively broke the story, as it was credit card wire fraud in the money never existed.

It was at Benghazi that the Obama Soros terrorists would make their first move to seize control of Libya for the Islamocommunists, and the direct tie in Libya to the murdered American SEALS came in the stacking of the SEALS into one helicopter in Afghanistan to murder them all in an bait operation, to silence them for all they knew about the fraud concerning Sheik bin Laden's compound events and his acting double's murder.

Do not overlook that thee most exclusive story in the world in what went on in the bin Laden compound has been ignored and censored by the Obama puppy press, as no one has ever bothered to interview the women and children there, left among the piles of dead bodies.

As the Libyan situation was stoked by Barack Obama and his Libyan terrorists, the issue of importing Afghanistan terrorists came center stage, in this fight against Khadaffi, and more of them were imported as Bill Clinton imported the muhajadeen into Kosovo for that Muslim oil war in Europe against Serbian Christians.

The terrorists connected to the Team SIX mass murder flew from Pakistan and landed in Egypt, with full knowledge of the Obama regime and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, who then provided transport of these terrorists into Libya, for the "final phase" of the mass murder of the last of Khadaffi's followers.

This is where the on ground situation for an October Surprise began to spiral out of control as leaks were gushing from insider sources of a "hostage situation" which was brewing to both pin a Carter situation on Mr. Obama as in Iran 1980 and also for Mr. Obama to rescue these "hostages" to undo the ghost of Jimmy Carter and wag his dog to an election victory.

The Middle East is a place where a secret is only a secret for the moment it is whispered. Ronald Reagan found this out in Iran Contra as the Beirut group soon published the details in this as no one there could keep their mouth shut, in slitting their own throats.

This is what Barack Hussein Obama Osseiran initiated into life as his head of al Qaeda run from 1600 Penn Avenue, because it was this Afghani group directly working both sides of the koran took over the operation.
See Obama had contracted for a group of 20 teenagers to start screaming about that Muslim movie as that was part of the plan of the campaign to pin this on Mitt Romney and his Christian voters to scare them into not voting against Obama.

It was all supposed to be easy in Stevens was to be taken, secured in a safe house, a few demands made, Obama would send in the surviving SEALS, and shoot the kidnappers on a Monday and for two days before the first debate, Obama would preen in the Rose Garden before taking stage and all the bows for his new chest thumping, which Mitt Romney would be made to kowtow to, sealing Romney's defeat.

What Obama ran into was a double operation, in which his "bad terrorists" who were upset over his targeting them, obtained direct intelligence of the Obama hostage scenario, and took over the 150 terrorists who Obama and Soros had been using since they let them out of prison to murder Col. Khadaffi and his followers.
Chris Stevens honestly thought he was among friends. The reason Hillary Clinton and no one offered up Marine security is because the Benghazi terrorists ARE THE OBAMA HIRED SECURITY THERE.

When this erupted there were live feeds off of drones as this blog pointed to early and everyone in DC in the loop knew exactly what was taking place, but the Obama inner circle was not worried as they thought it was just a show. When it became too late, Obama's inner circle was not about to allow in any rescue operations as it was premature for the election strategy and they did not want any US intelligence forces finding out exactly what was taking place.

The problem for the regime was that ground chatter from terrorists celebrating and screaming about the kidnapping did not go according to plan, was picked up by NSA sweeps, and that is what started the shattering of the Obama menagerie.
When Delta Force was sent in within hours, they assessed the situation as a "no go" with everyone dead and nothing to rescue and evac'd out immediately with the "this did not go down as was being offered".

Within days, the American Intelligence knew the Obama regime was lying, as an inner deal had been worked out to expose Obama's hostage situation, by keeping the hostages until January as Bill Casey had worked out with the Iranians.
When the "Casey Associates" obtained the intelligence confirming all, by day 5, the clean up crew was sent in, who shot the double dealers in Libya who had through the grapevine given the information which brought in the Afghani terrorists which ran this counter operation.
The Afghnai's knew they would get away with the murders of the Americans as Obama was the one breaking the law in contracting to take the hostages.

This is what Chris Stevens walked into with the other Americans in the CIA shadows there at sundown when this erupted in the cover of night.
The first firebase checkpoints were set up around the perimeter of the US Embassy at 8 pm sharp. At around 9:40 pm the attack proper was launched.

When the "security" detail was sent in to evacuate the personnel, the checkpoints on the front and side opened fire with heavy machine guns and grenades, effectively neutralizing the evacuation.

The 'cross town' safe house was also the target on inside information, and the literal coup de grace took place at 4 am when an advanced precision mortar ended the lives of the two Americans holding up at the US Embassy.

If one accounts the time line, the White House knew absolutely by 11 pm that terrorists were involved in this attack. It would not be until 4 hours later that the mortars hit the US embassy, when the "word from Leon Panetta" that no US forces were available for a rescue.
Literally it was 7 hours that the Americans were under siege and any number of US forces in Italy to Israel could have been sent in from bases as reactionary forces.
That is what Global Strike was created for under the Bush Cheney administration. The literal deceptions coming out of the Obama regime now have Mr. Obama lying about the reason for the attack for weeks, his admission he had information this was terrorists and covered it up,  the deception that no Americans could have arrived to the rescue in 7 hours time and the most damning in the Obama inner circle watched the mass murder of American and never did a thing to assist.

What Mr. Obama did was instead in knowing all of this, and exactly the brutality inflicted on the Americans in those final hours, jetted off to campaign events in which he was telling jokes and not making one mention of this mass murder.

If one wants the disgusting Truth in this, this attack was engineered by Barack Hussein Obama on the Anniversary of 9 11, because Mr. Obama has this psychopathy in trying to be more than George W. Bush, Martin King, Ronald Reagan and Jesus the Christ in replacing them all.

Barack Obama AKA Barry Chin orchestrated this campaign event to be his 9 11 Anniversary moment where he could sweep in with more SEALS and rescue Americans in rewriting 9 11 as his final chapter in murdering bin Laden's corpse and murdering the hostage takers of Americans on a new 9 11.

This is the  reality of Analgate in the unfolding of this story exclusively first and here, while the world is just catching up.

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