Monday, June 24, 2013

Prism Planet

 Editors Note: In posting this now, I was entertained by the page scrolling on it's own from bottom to top twice without my having to click anything or having clicked anything.

Such clever tricks Prism Planet has in glitches and of course terrorizing those who dare to expose what is really taking place.

This is what is behind the refracted structure which the Mockingbird frauds on the right are enabling and the over 500 year history which has set up the Barry Jinn and Marco Rubio final nails in the American coffin.

My children, for some exclusive in matter anti matter, the Lame Cherry presents, Lame Cherry, and now here is Lame Cherry.........

This blog has been thee only historical account of all events, past, present and future. As a professional I have decided this in logging a reality. The Lame Cherry publishes like none other in any media for content, depth and volume. That is 365 days a year, and most of you invest an hour on this site.

But first for something really important, if you are poor, in poverty under 30, 000 dollars a year, I am not addressing you. So do not feel guilty if you donated or did not. I am not about taking widows mites no more than I am about taking money from my Mom who is a widow with no pennies.

Now onto the things of reality.

If I was an auto mechanic, an air conditioner repair person, a doctor, lawyer, dentist, CPA, the cost would be in the 50 dollars per hour average if you visited them. Odd thing is, if you visited them and stole auto parts, legal documents, or medications, you would find yourself incarcerated.

Same situation is a grocery store, Walmart or boutique, if you just showed up for an hour and took things and left the store, you would be called a thief, for that is what is the definition of it.

For some reason, this blog turns cowards who would never dare steal anything from a store or not pay a doctor bill, into brazen highwaymen, who not only steal content here, but then go off and claim it is their own and then decide to turn me into a whore by offering me crumbs to chew on as they woman beat the hell out of me and other women.

Do the arithmetic as it is simple, 50 dollars  times 365, and the grand sum is 18, 250 dollars would be the amount you would be billed for in any occupation or any store if you pulled what you bold thieves pull behind your computer screens thinking you are getting away with it.
I fully intend to make certain this is all thoroughly brought up in Christ's Judgment on a case by case basis for those robbers who passed by on the other side of the road, leaving the poor Good Samaritans to do the "Christian donations".

Some might be speed reading, and I could care less as God records it all in the Books of Judgment. Some might be smug thinking, "Well this blog ain't no doctor or Walmart", and I would answer, of course it is not, because this blog has been the only source breaking any stories, making any talking points and doing anything to save you miscreants from your doom as you sit smugly in your condemned existences rubbing your gold coil like Scrooge between his thumb and finger.
The point is, how much is knowledge worth which saves your life, or how much is knowledge worth that can not be put a price on as no one else published or looked at any of these "gates" as they are all too ignorant of the subjects and have no idea about any of this.
18.250 is cheap when a person is drowning as all of you are in this world, and I doubt you highwaymen would pull out a 100 and ask for change to the person throwing you the rope.

That stated, today's lesson is on the overthrow of America by border busters.

The reality of Rubiogration did not start this year in the least in the fraud involved.

It all began as this blog stated in the Lincoln Era, when all the religions got together and started demanding that Lincoln turn all those murderous, savage terrorists called Indians over to their "care".
If you care to take this back a step, that is what the Vatican was up to all those Columbus years ago in making all the wild men into Catholics by incorporating all their voodoo and shamanism into that religion, all to rob these poor beasts of their few pennies, so the "church" could pontificate in gold and silks.

Eugene Ware in The Indian Wars of 1864 details all of this in what was really taking place in America in the clergy then was aiding terrorists who were gang raping women, kidnapping children and making slaves of them, when not murdering the entire groups.

So the genesis of all of this are those money grubbers in the clergy of olde and of Civil War America, looking to increase their flocks with ignorant dolts they could fleece while dominating  people not of white skin color.

Few people know that Ronald Reagan in his memoirs, addressed the immigration problem, as this was "handled" again in 1965, when there was a direct overthrow of America.
Teddy Kennedy was involved in it, but the reality is, it was Jewish interests who literally joined with the religions in America to change the demographics of America from white European edcuated immigrants to hordes of non white imported slaves.
Up until 1965, America favored white, Christian Europeans who were highly educated for immigration. What the 1965 Act did was open the doors for full importation of the slave class into America who could then be exploited, for the 3rd worlder is predominantly Catholic in the meaning of Jesuit socialist in following orders, prone to union control, and a readily source to be exploited as one herd.

Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 - Wikipedia, the free ...
The 1965 act marked a radical break from the immigration policies of the past. The law as it stood then excluded Latin Americans, Asians and Africans and ...

So for those who thought that the feudal state ended with the abolition of slavery, they had better become clued in, as the feudalists murdered Lincoln and the entire process has been nothing but a genocide on competing white people by a select group of organized socialists who in community organization are nothing more than communists arresting control of the west by using clergy to scalp the poor and tell them to suffer in being exploited as the feudal lords exploit them for slave labor.

See you do not get the historical reality from anywhere else, as it tracks into the Jesuit communists who backed Barack Obama in this "people of color" importation to the west as vast numbers of the 3rd world are filled with a billion Asians, South Americans and Africans who are not like those white skinnned Europeans or Russians who would rise up and not be exploited.
There is are a reason a whore like Marco Rubio is doing what he is doing and why the industrialists are all pushing this, with the backwash of these organized religions running an underground slave ring to get these hordes into there churches to fleece them.

That is what is behind all of this. It is religions who have been overthrown and are interested in worldly power and wealth. It is Jewish money interests interested in an exploitable mass who will not revolt. It is industrialists interested in a slave class they can legally kill by overworking like a Nazi death camp and it is whores like Marco Rubio looking for the same political power that Nancy Pelosi is. The thing is the reality in this in Pelosi or any of these white liberals know damn well their seats are safe, as no damn Mexicans are going to move into San Francisco as they could never afford it.
It is about the auto travel worker from the barrio coming to fix the house and tend the lawn cheaply and returning home at night to be out of sight as Pelosi sucks down caviar.
Same with Rubio in he sees this as an opportunity to be some Martin King of coloreds, a real historical dogma of his day in all these Mexicans will naturally vote for a brown skin as everyone knows Mexicans are idiots and only vote for people who look like them.........
Is why they voted for Clinton, Kerry, Gore and of course Chin.......all obviously are Mexicans, so Mexicans vote for Mexicans.

So now you know what is really going on fully and who is behind this overthrow of America. It is why Obama Chin helped overthrow the Catholic religion with his Jesuit Marixsts in installing that farce being pedaled off as a Latin, when Cardinal George is an Italian communist, and meant to herd these dolts in Latin America into thinking one of their own beaners are in charge.
Same with Obama and the Afroids. Put a Chinoid into 1600 Penn Avenue and of course blacks all thought one of their own was in power so Obama could run them over with the bus, and create a Negroid genocide in America with all these imported Mexican slaves.

The elite pulled this same thing under HW and W Bush in destroying Reagan and Conservatives took it, as they were too trusting to figure out the difference until it was too late.

This same feudal slavery by the "doo gooder" bands is still going on. Hell the Mormons are all over these 3rd worlders now and you can remember those Baptists stealing Haitian babies from those "darkies" who of course were not human enough to raise children,  and then there is that Twatzika of Laura Ingraham going abroad and buying a wide assortment of ethnic children, but just not blacks as those pets are more for the Angelina and Madonna clique of designer negroes like Stan Ann Dunham bought out of a whorehouse.

You have the literal reality of this in the exploitation of the brown and black skinned peoples, by the elites since 1492 and it did not have a thing to do with Columbus or the Founding Fathers. This was this community organized religion, financial cartels and industrial moguls either stealing gold, bison hides, land speculation to put more "white niggers" on the land to develope it to steal it from them 200 years later, to the absolute translation of the west from a white race which would fight back to an ethnic brown slave who would be more productive than the Negroid and be more readily exploited.
They brought in the Asian for the intelligent jobs and they brought in the Latin for the work to death jobs, and drive them all into religion and unions to exploit them.

Marco Rubio is a Judas Goat. He is leading the flock of beaners to their deaths as the White Spaniard feudal lords in Latin America do not want revolution, so they can keep their rancheros and have the socio conglomerates exterminate their beaners for a scraped to the bone prophet.

Take a bow Marco Rubio. Foster Friess' Aspen Institute made a good pet of you, and all of the Mexicans in time will be having body organs cut out to "pay for expenses" as all of this implodes according to plan.

nuff said


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