Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Obama Legion

I back a pre-emptive strike on 'nutjob' Kim Jong-un says senior Republican - and I told Trump to tell China we'd go it alone on North Korea

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry offers this solution for President Donald Trump concerning North Korea.

How about the United States put the aircraft carrier Nimitz into port at Taiwan, the Vinson into port in the Philippines and the Reagan into port at Okinawa.

Then the President commissions John McCain an Admiral and Lindsey Graham as McCain's like cabin boy, and you load up HR McMaster, Mattis and all of these other people who want to get more  Americans killed for a ground seaborne ground invasion of North Korea, so they can take out Kim Jong Un.

I even found a ship we can let them have:


SAN DIEGO - Sailors stationed aboard the Oliver Hazard Perry-class guided-missile frigate USS Vandegrift (FFG 48) disembark the ship during its decommissioning ceremony.

President Trump then loads up the Vadegrift with all the things that Admiral McCain needs, short of nuclear arms, and the President gives McMaster and his platoons of like that Adam Schiff, Morning Joe, and Ivanka Trump their M 16's, clips, k rations, some TOW missiles, rubber boats and the President says like Joe Stalin that they either get the job done or the President will blow that boat out of the water for being cowards.

In this, everyone gets what they want.

I and 298 million other Americans get peace.
The President gets to keep his promise.
McCain and Graham get to fight Kim, then Putin, then Assad, then Iran, then Peking in what they want.
Kim gets what he wants in shooting at crazy Americans.
Russia gets to laugh at Kim shooting crazy Americans.
Peking gets to sulk in it was only crazy Americans being shot.

This is the way to go in this in the President sending these few people who want to make crazy war, put them into the Obama Legion, and they can go make war on the world  and once they go Darwin, the world will have peace,  and it will save billions of American lives.

Kim Jong Un is not going to start a war. All he wants is the Sunshine Program which Bill Clinton started and South Korea was building North Korea into a nice spa, until George W. Bush stopped the bribes and Kim started acting out again.
A military operation in even sending carriers costs a billion dollars. You can buy a lot of saki and porn to corrupt the North Koreans and do a better job than missiles. I would prefer the US invest in Bibles  and garden seeds, but the answer is not a war to destroy the American Empire.
President Trump just needs to send the McCain and McMaster types off to invade countries and the Soldiers who are stuck into this mess can instead stay alive as Kim Jong Un, is not the one starting world war, John McCain is.