Sunday, August 20, 2017

Comedy with a Negro Sidebar

America, Enemies Domestic
America, no longer needs Enemies Foreign

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

But onto important things........

I noticed that leftist Dick Gregory was dead. No one cared, and no one bothered really as he got a sidebar on the Drudge Report.

Then this Drudge siren came up about Jerry Lewis, which puzzled me as racist as the Jew is dead in banner headlines, and then the Nig gets a side bar as an also ran with that other Kamala thing fresh off the boat banging the wood over in Iowa.

The Jew is dead....oh and so is that Nig in the corner.

It needs to be said, that Jerry Lewis was not funny. Dick Gregoy was not funny. Lewis was like watching someone vomit in your face and Gregory was like someone trying to cut off your face.

Most people have no idea what Jerry Lewis was in his hey day, and those that remember the name from that telethon which wasted 2.5 billion dollars on muscular dystrophy, and the rest was like that bush in the skull humorlessness of Abbot and Costello and the Three Stooges. Fat stupid little white people being picked on are not funny.

Jerry Lewis was that Atlantic City anomaly, like New York is. Put enough rats into a city, and make some crapper act the only thing to go out and see drunk, and enough idiots will say how great it is, when the east coast press has to sell  ads to companies to fill up these lounges for profit. Woody Allen, Babs Streisand, David Letterman and those satan awful late night howlers on CBS, ABC and NBC which are billed as comedy in who can Jerry Lewis scream the loudest or laugh at their own cue cards loudest is what we are told is funny, with no one laughing in this horror that is Soros funded terror America.

America is a nation which has tattooed, pierced and cut off it's genitals, of their tortured souls, and that not being enough, the left is on a rampage to rip down the history, replace with fake Obama birth abstracts, and embark on a new tumbril, where this left now tortures Donald Trump daily in the most sadistic of ways, has him either in the Tower of New York or Tower of Twitter to throw feces at him, and if they can pick a Bannon off for the mob to tear apart, that is entertainment in America.

In my world, Jerry Lewis never made me laugh, but he did interrupt my horrid existence each last weekend in August, where with my three channels, I could watch Sesame Street all day, watch Jerry Lewis with the worst acts in the world hawking for donations already given, or I could watch US Open Tennis. Yeah I watched that fricking worthless tennis, instead of going out and having a semi run over my head which would have been better for me.

Maybe it is a Jewish thing, in Jews sticking together like Drudge and Lewis and Drudge and Kushner. Sort of the same in both cases they got a side of Gregory and Omarosa to fill in the empty space. For me, what I laugh at nightly yet is Hogan's Heroes, which is littered with Jews and I marvel at how it all fit together.
I asked one of the directors once about how they did it, and he surprised me in relating that the directors often cast the show and it was a collaboration of everyone which made it work.

All I do now is watch old shows as background noise. I am weary of the lack of talent in the din of the present, and the lack of taste that all the beautiful people had in laughing at vomit comedy. Maybe if Jerry Lewis had donated, I would think better of him, but I would prefer not to think of him at all, because he was just another space taker that the bleaters were told was funny, so they laughed.
.......and there is poor pervert David Letterman, so wanting to be something more than hauling his kid around to be his audience in New York, that he has signed his 15 minutes of fame channel deal to gnaw on Donald Trump in this tumbril parade where a nation possessed of satan, takes to the streets to get their pound of flesh off of Donald Trump.

Like the Roman Circus, this will end. It will end either by Nero burning it down and scapegoating those who will not fight back, or it will end with a foreign army and a tan skin slave class in revolt, turning Rome to rubble.

Earlier that day, Third District City Councilman Jermaine Reed called for the removal of Confederate monuments, labeling them “outdated” and a reminder of much darker times in American history.
“Confederate monuments are an outdated reminder of our country’s history of racism, exclusion, and violence,” Reed said in a statement. “They have no place in a modern society.”
Erected to the “Loyal Women of the Old South,” the local memorial’s purpose was to recognize the women who supported the Confederacy and slavery.

It seems to be time for a great eclipse in the insanity that modern society has become in roaming mobs in this Jungle State USA.

Let's laugh though, no let us mourn as laughter is dead, but do it with a Negro sidebar.

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Red Meat, Mr. President, now that Bannon is Gone

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti  matter.

This past week I heard Rush Limbaugh recite word for word a Lame Cherry Truth, which was a talking point this blog began educating the public with to counter the propaganda that the Nazi was extreme right wing.
When I  began this resetting of the discussion point I pointed out that the Nazi is National Socialist, and that Socialists are LEFT WING as are communists, and therefore they can not be right wing, no more than Skinheads  or White Supremacists, as they believe in a social order set by the government.
By God's Grace the talking points of this blog are infused all through society, because they are Truth, and there is not a day which passes  that one of you is not hearing someone repeat something from this blog.

I do not state this to brag, but to make a point to President Donald Trump. This blog will address the reasons of the feckless presidency on Wednesday, but this post is for the President, as much as his advisers  as this past week I was hearing patterns in what the President was saying that was Lame Cherry,and if you noticed after the Lame Cherry stated the President had not crossed the Mississippi River, the President is now rallying in Arizona.
The data is filtering through and it is correct.

What the Lame Cherry is going to address here is important, as Steve Bannon states that the Trump Presidency is over. I  will be the first to challenge Mr. Bannon, as he is not a god. He is a political theorist who failed in building a structure in the White House to crush the infiltrators and neutralize the Kushners.
Steve Bannon does not suffer fools, nor do I, but as Maggie has taught me these past years, being diplomatic is part of the process, so that one can neutralize  your enemies.

I have already posted on this advice from 2016 before the President took office, but it is time to re address this, to restart the Trump Presidency. This is the perfect opportunity, because CNBC and the McMasterites think they have won. Newt Gingrich now has shown what he is in telling Mr. Trump to save himself and become a globalist. I instead offer this advice to Marse Donald.

It repeats in the fact that Mr. Trump has been starving his base while feeding his adversaries his flesh. I explain in this by, the President is the biggest bull moose in the room. As there is no bigger fake criminal conspiracy than the one against Donald Trump, Mr. Trump has to return to the advice this blog gave in 2016 and feed his base the red meat by eliminating the weapons arrayed against him.
Simply put, Donald Trump makes bigger criminals out of image Obama and Hamrod Clinton. Instead of one Donald Trump on the left's trophy wall, the right has a dozen of the biggest names in leftism juggling their own criminal investigations. Donald Trump makes up for his presence with numbers of scandals exposed on the left.

Mr. Trump needs to forget about Jeff Sessions unless he desires to have AG hand him his orange prison jump suit. Mr. Trump is Commander in Chief, and therefore has full authority to appoint military investigators, led by a  Governor General, whose staff of fervently rabid Trump supporters from the DIA, start showing up with MP's, military warrants, depositions and other legal measures to fast track the investigations and prosecutions of these former government officials who are indeed in time of  war, under military  authority as they worked for the executive, and those funding operations which are driving this coup against the President.
You have 95 million Americans out of work, most have their own guns, start commissioning the as SIU, Special Investigative Unit, and mark the difference.

Politically this becomes the Trump military being assailed by the leftist anarchists, and will weld them into a wall around the President, and when push comes to shove, I  would bet on the Marines any day.

Imagine a pretty Governor General doing interviews with Breitbart, Hannity, Limbaugh, FOX in daily briefing about Clinton and Obama crimes. Imagine pretty women  in dress blues, appearing on CNN, filling in for reporters who were leaked to, and are now sitting in Gitmo until they talked.  Imagine Military Police in the next 6 months becoming the absolute in the push  back, and all of these conspirators who are sabotaging and delaying the Trump agenda, getting used to the idea that when they threaten the President in political Missouri,  that the MP's appear and haul them away never to be heard from again.

Of course the coup would have a push back, but you push back harder. President Erdogan of Turkey established his authority by winnowing out the plotters, and that is part of the process, a process where your pretty smiling dress blue girls are telling the population that the coup against the American People is being rooted out, and the Silent Majority will be protected and no police state will frame them or confiscate their lives again.

Mr. Trump has a rotten political house. He simply as successful leaders from George Washington, Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Putin, creates a solid foundation and begins building a new house, and once that is established in one year's time, then the rottenness of the corrupt house begins to be gutted and a deluge of Trump zealots return the Government to the People.

Nothing like pictures of Obama coup plotters, sitting sullen in cells, with dark Leni  Reifesthaler lighting to sell the point, to let the air out of Soros rioters, and feed the Trump base their read meat, instead of McMaster giving security  passes to Susan Rice.
Score some touchdowns Mr. President in your military stadium, and watch the crimson tide roll in Sweet Home Alabama.
You keep listening to Christopher Ruddy, Mr. President, and being Bush43, and Don jr will be in prison and Melania with Barron will have to flee to exile to Europe.

Red meat, Mr. President, red meat. Build your military tribunal, and then let them rant about it as they would against Teddy Roosevelt. You need to put the stick about, and get a Governor General protecting you, your family and your voters, who when push comes to shove, he goes nuclear, to put the fear of Trump into your enemies.

The time to make nice is after your enemies are cowering in their cells like rats. Not handing out positions to the wives of your adversaries and trusting they will protect you.

The Trump Presidency is not over, no more than Shiloh made the Civil War over. You sit in the rain all night, and you get on your hind legs and lick em' tomorrow, and the next, until the last thing anyone wants is to be in a Donald Trump tweet.
You write your own legacy by dictating it. The Trump Presidency is in a new phase, and while the enemies are basking in the blood of Bannon, it is time to strike them to make their Louvre quake.

History teaches one lesson, that you get on your hind legs, or they lead your children away on all four.

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Trump: Make America Junta Again

Sorry America, got no time to protect you. Just got time to take nudie photos
and buy Adolf Hitler guns.


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This little gem is the perfect note for a Friday in more of this McMaster, Kelly, Mattis Junta up the American poonta of what is going on behind Donald Trump's back.

Got a question for you, in do you think Donald Trump would be buying Americans guns for the US military or would he be buying German guns?
Come on Jeopardy clock is ticking........

Well read this little intro what the US military, those fine Marines are pulling on Americans.

The U.S. Marine Corps wants to order 50,000 additional Heckler & Koch M27 Infantry Automatic Rifles, or IARs. The Marines adopted the M27 to replace light machine guns starting in 2010. The IAR can also be fielded as a designated marksman’s rifle as necessary.

While this notice is focused on Heckler & Koch, the contract is available to any source that believes they can deliver suitable support rifles that meet or exceed the current M27’s functionality.
“Any responsible source who believes it is capable of meeting the requirement may submit a capability statement, proposal, or quotation, [shall] be considered by the agency,” reads the notice.
This is still good news for Heckler & Koch since the company has newer, improved versions of the rifle the M27 is based on. The current M27 has a proprietary lower receiver that limits magazine interchangeability with M4 and M16 rifles. The updated design has a standard lower.
Companies don’t have a lot of time to respond. Responses must be submitted by August 28, 2017.

You did get the last part right? It is Friday August 18th, minus 4 days for two weekends, and Monday the 28th means nothing, nor does today, and it would take a week for any gun company to even figure out to put in a bid, so American companies have 6 days to build their own prototype to submit to the Marines. Nothing hard in that as Jesus created everything in 6 days, so what is a gun that is intricate as a dragon fly to design eh?

So the Pentagon is deliberately cutting American companies out of this bid........but then since the Pentagon stopped buying American firearms,  American firearm legends like Winchester are Belgian owned and the parts are manufactured in Muslim Turkey, making America great again.

With the tearing down of Civil War Monuments and setting Lincoln on fire, we might as well sing. Let's sing the Marine Corp song as it needs a bit of an update.

From the halls of Montezuma
We buy our German guns
No time at all for America
As we got Hitler's weapons on air, on land and sea
First to fight with might for Hekler and Koch
And to profit all Germany
You will find Soros bank accounts are guarded
By the United States Marines.

I always feel better after a song. Nothing like Americans armed with German guns, especially the Marines. It is wonderful that the Trump Junta is making Germany Greater Again. Who knows with all them Marine Corp contracts, Angela Merkel will have her Muslim rape cock army goosestepping across Poland and France again. Never mind though as the Marines probably will be really good in using sticks and stones to fight with, as the Germans will cut off the contract in war.

That Ivanka, Jered and Mike Pence are gifts that just keeps on giving in this Trump Junta. I bet with the next contract we will have Peking building all our nuclear missiles, and that will keep America really safe.


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When Does Trump Inaction become Obama Actions

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

President Donald Trump has been telling all of us that he is in favor of the repeal of Obamacare. It is a point though that the first time I was pissed on by Mr. President and told it was raining, that the facts started compelling an examination of Mr. President.

We were promised by Mr. Trump that Reince Priebus and Mike Pence were pure Congress and would pass a bill, and that is why Congressman Tom Price was heading Health and Human Services, and yet in the first written behind Paul Ryan closed doors cash hand out to the rich, Donald Trump did not blame the failure of the bill on the traitors, but Mr. Trump chose to blame the Freedom Caucus.

The Freedom Caucus having learned not to trust Donald Trump, signed onto the next bill and passed it, getting out of the way.

Now we have in the third Trump trimester a most bizarre situation of the Senate deliberately destroying Obamacare repeal at the hands of the most interesting magic cancer John McCain voting against repeal, and in this it is noticed that Donald Trump said not one word of condemnation singling out Senator McCain.

It is in this backdrop of seven wasted months that now we learn something of a revelation from Mr. President in Mr. President could have cut off all of the illegal subsidies to the millionaires of Congress from Day One.

Jul 29
If a new HealthCare Bill is not approved quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will end very soon!

Very soon?

So someone like me who has been existing on the edge without healthcare, and depending on waivers which are a nightmare, in not knowing if repeal was taking place, in knowing I could not trust the government on not returning for taxes if I did not get waiver in a few years, like they came after the Bundy's in Nevada, that this all could have been forced to a remedy in January, if Donald Trump had just suspended the criminal subsidy to Congress.

With a single new tweet, President Trump set official Washington abuzz Saturday afternoon: “If a new Health Care Bill is not approved quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for members of Congress will end very soon!”

Here is a really novel idea Mr. President could have engaged in to really get this done if he was serious, as it appears that Obamacare was an illegal bribe to Congress. It is in felony numbers in this bribe for years of almost one hundred thousand dollars per Congressman Obama paid the millionaires for healthcare.

The president is referring, of course, to the illegal employer subsidies - valued at roughly $6,000 for an individual policy, and $12,000 for a family policy - paid to the approximately 12,000 members and staff who purchase their health care insurance on the District of Columbia small business exchange.

If Mr. President was interested in repealing Obama's dictatorship, the President would have started with ending the criminal subsidy to Congress, and then began indicting them on 20 year sentences to Leavenworth, just to prove the point the paid politicians will save themselves and then save America when all else fails.

But, more importantly, the president should repeal that illegal special exemption, simply on rule of law grounds, to remove Congress‘ distinction as a class above the regular citizenry.

And he should remove that exemption now, effective as soon as possible, so that even if Congress were somehow to find a way to move a repeal bill to his desk that contained a two- or three-year phase-out of Obamacare, members of Congress and their staffs would have to give up their illegal special exemption now and ride out the next two or three years as they should have been all along.

So Mr. President just moves the goal posts further down the field, instead of scoring the touch down in the first possession.

Is Mike Pence removed? No.

Reince Priebus was removed as a scapegoat for something Mr. President could have accomplished months ago.

...........and everything Obama remains, first and last, and in greater pleasure to every Obama voter, starting with the Kushner's as Obama's 3rd term expands every draconian Obama policy from global trade to police confiscation of American assets, now the policies of Mr. President, and all the trolls calling me a communist, expecting the Lame Cherry to be a Judas and lead everyone back into the abyss.

Seems I have been waiting for this promise of "very soon", since election eve when the Trump's locked the doors on the Christians to keep them out of their headquarters.

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White Sharecropper in Carolina working

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is lost in the American Civil War, the censored part of it's beginning, especially in the South. There was not a protest about leaving the Union, but instead the entire breath of the South  was filled with a resolve, that they had finally thrown off the tyranny and intrigue of the Northern Financiers who sought to destroy the South's political power.

While the upper classes  and military were glum, the country was filled with the jubilation of Liberty. Bands were playing songs. The people of Texas were joyous to be free. It was the Bonny Blue Flag of Southern Rights, the Rights of the Citizen to not be infringed upon, to not be enslaved by Washington City as Washington City was engaged in the same illegal activity of enslaving the White American, while making an issue of the legal right of slaves as property.
The North used the issue of slavery to inflict on the South, in attempt to destroy Southern political power in Congress. There are still those zealots who attempt to use slavery as the high moral issue, but slavery was just a weapon, made more reprehensible in the North was using it to genocide the Southern race.

  From the gloomy forebodings of old friends, it
seemed at El Paso that we had entered into a different
world. All was enthusiasm and excitement, and songs of
Dixie and the South" were borne upon the balmy air.
But the Texas girl did not ascend to a state of incan-
descent charm until the sound of the first notes of The
Bonny Blue Flag" reached her ear. Then her feet rose
in gleeful springs, her limbs danced, her hands patted,
her eyes glowed, her lips moved, though she did not care
to speak, or listen to any one. She seemed lifted in the
air, thrilled and afloat, holding to the Single Star" in
joyful hope of Southern rights

It was a chorus of refrain all through the South. Crowds gathered when they learned that James Longstreet was coming home to his sovereign state to stand for American Rights. It was a constant celebration of Jeff Davis, Dixie and the Constitution.

At New Orleans, my companions found safe-conduct to
their Northern lines, and I journeyed on to Richmond.
Relatives along the route, who heard of my approach, met
me at the stations, though none suggested a stop over-
night, or for the next train, but after affectionate saluta-
tions waved me on to join " Jeff Davis, for Dixie and for
Southern rights.''

 If one bothers to comprehend and research the the real history, the fact is the Whites and Blacks of the South cheered the Confederacy throwing off the dictatorship in Washington City. That bears repeating in SLAVES in the fields waved the White Soldiers on to victory to defend the South from federal repression and invasion.
The slave understood that this was not about slavery, but about the slave becoming a slave of the master in the North in Abraham Lincoln.

At every station old men, women, and children assem-
bled, clapping hands and waving handkerchiefs to cheer
the passengers on to Richmond. On crossing the Vir-
ginia line, the feeling seemed to culminate. The windows
and doors of every farm-house and hamlet were occupied,
and from them came hearty salutations that cheered us
on to Richmond. The spirit electrified the air, and the
laborers of the fields, white and black, stopped their
ploughs to lift their hats and wave us on to speedy travel.
At stations where meals were served, the proprietors, in
response to offers to settle, said, " Meals for those going
on to join Jeff Davis are paid."

Each of you have been brainwashed by the financiers who committed genocide on the Southern White Christians and used the Black as a terror weapon to repress the South and destroy her. None of you ever heard one mention of slaves supporting their owners against the massah in Washington City in the Ken Burns propaganda.

Each of you cheer your enslavers on the right and left, as you pretend you are free. So why is it so difficult to face the Truth that the South was resisting repression for State's Rights and that the slaves owned by those Whites, just like a dog barking at someone trying to be their new master, just like you bark, wanted no part of emancipation or Mr. Lincoln as they were Southerners.


 Black Slaves attired and not working

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Latest Speech Reversals Indicate McMaster Fomenting Civil War In Venezuela

Herbert Raymond Nuclear McBlaster

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Someone hacked  the Rense network so it has been interesting in trying to catalogue the reversals of David John Oates. There have been fewer reversals and the information is not as forthcoming.

The one on Donald Trump points to some event is being set up for American intrusion into Venezuela. Apparently McMaster destoying the Venezuelan Patriots, has now cleared out the competitors, and when the overthrow comes, it will the globalists in control of those trillions of barrels of Venezuelan crude oil.
Venezuela has  high sulfur crude which is poor, but with America it is more oil than Eurasia by 10 fold.
The President has a troubling reversal of allowing a new fate, meaning there are globalists in his sphere, and he is allowing what they are propagating. It is troubling because in the forward it is about other nations draining America. Fate is a final word which most would link to doom.

Rex Tillerson confirms that the McMaster warmongers are in the process of engulfing Venezuela in more violence.

Mad Dog Mattis, calls the US military Nazi and that a private and military association will be at war.

Seth Rich appears to be on the mind of John Podesta. Most interesting.

and lastly, we find that Jodi Foster the lesbian actress, was apparently molested by Hollywood elite in why she does not like man  dick. 

Donald Trump

Military option for Venezuela -  a shore (sure) fire is the limit

Washington taxed our industry - Grow NORAD

Washington allowed other countries to drain America - I'll allow with a new fate

Rex Tillerson

US ability to defend itself - Choke on money

Issue a strong statement to North Korea - Don't give it up

Talks with North Korea - Europe ahead

Talks with the right expectation - An evil fox look over

Talks what they will be about - I'm able

Together the US and Qatar will track down terrorist - Fierce now look on it

Damaged Russian American relations - I believe it

Venezuela return to Constitution - Soon it will be violent

Moral issues at State Department - And they get better

Mission of State Department - Break his home forever

Mad Dog Mattis

US military belongs to you - Gun Nazi War

North Korean threat to world community - He seen the power

Find ways of public and private forces - Our force in the fire

It's game on North Korea - I be given a new ship

Our readiness - Sending error

John McCain

Cost of a confrontation is horrendous in North Korea - Send a Russian

Our intelligence take it seriously - There was no other way

Hillary Clinton

President sends troops into battle - Some evil spy

John Podesta

Dictated to  some sources a statement which was misleading - Their kid dead  (Seth Rich)

Jodi Foster (pedophiles in Hollywood)

Marked by my childhood - They are scum


The Outrage of being Outraged over Fat Disgusting Communists who are not Heather Heyer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is moved by pity after all the attempts to make Heather Heyer, the White Woman killed in Charlottesville into a martyr, a profit and a cause, that no one cares, not even after the leftist media was give a gold mine in this tweet today.

Heather Heyer was a fat, disgusting Communist,” stated the tweet on an account belonging to Jason Kessler. “Communists have killed 94 million. Looks like it was payback time.”
The tweet linked to a story on neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer that also insulted Heyer in crude terms and appeared to take glee in her death.

I do not know what makes a person a cause celeb. It seems either you have it or you do not. Apparently Heather Heyer does not have what it takes to move leftists to donate huge amounts of money, and to like paint signs with her image on it, and to chant her name.
People on the left just seem to not get fired up over fat disgusting communists, with a capital C, no matter the issue, because no one follows Rosie O'Donnell around, and in reality who can name any of those things on The View.
That is not to say that fat disgusting communists are alone in this, because remember skinny disgusting Madonna was offering blow jobs to anyone who would vote for Hillary in 2016 and there were no takers. People on the left just seem to have the same reaction that normal people do to things disgusting.

For a reality check in this, I would not say Heather Heyer was fat. She seemed rather big boned and adverse to shampoo, but then so is Ellen DeGenneris and many lesbian types, and as I do not know if the disgusting part is about communist or fat women in that ranters tweet, that can not be spoken to, but in looks she was not what I would term disgusting in my sphere of one, nor would I call her disgusting for being a Bernie voter. I would just be sad she was duped like so many by Bernie being part of the Clinton scheme to disenfranchise those voters.

What we can speak to is the facts that the leftists who organized this ambush of James Fields jr. did an excellent job in setting up a kill zone for James Fields. I mean the evidence is certain that a terrorist struck his car to flush him, attacked him after he turned a corner, and then they had not only dumpsters in the street to stop Fields, but had all of these people as human road blocks. In that, Heather Heyer appears to not have had any clue that her leaders had led her, after the police directed this group to stand in the street blocks from the protest, to be a human dumpster.
Now that can be judged, as these paid terrorists rioters chose Heather Heyer well, because she was big enough to stop a Dodge Charger. Granted this as not the Dukes of Hazard General Lee, but all the same she had the bone structure to stop a car, along with two dumpsters.
It is not Heather Heyer's fault that her Afroid terrorists who charged James Fields jr. were not up to the task as they were swinging clubs at him. I suppose that they were told that some retarded White boy was the target and he would just sit there like a pinata to be beat to death. They had plenty of speed in charging the Charger, but simply could not finish the operation.
Heather Heyer did her part in being placed in the street to stop the quarry flushed into her, but her Afroid terrorists while fast enough, were not able to follow through.

Heather Heyer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know -

Heather Heyer was killed when a driver rammed into a Charlottesville protest. She stood against racism and hate and was a Bernie supporter.

Oopppsss sorry about the above statement in Heather was not profitable as they got 150,000 dollars for her. Granted that is way better than my donors have ever done, so leftists out do my deadbeats, but all the same that is not like 750,000 that GAB AI raised.
So it seems leftists are a bit tight on coming up with the cash.

Sorry again, as it is hard to keep up, as now the Heather lottery is up to 200,000 dollars, but she still is not the movement maker the left is trying to make her into the Remember the Alamo slogan.

A GoFundMe campaign created to support Ms. Heyer’s family had surpassed $200,000 as of Sunday evening.
“I’ve never had a close friend like this be murdered,” Ms. Blair said. “We thought, ‘What would Heather do?’ Heather would go harder. So that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to preach love. We’re going to preach equality, and Heather’s death won’t be in vain.”

I think the leftists aired in this, in Heather Heyer had a Mexican dog named Violet. They needed to feature the dog whimpering and put it up on Gaytube, just like PETA or whoever that is that runs them sad dog commercials with puppies on log chains to raise like 26 cents a day for donations. Heather would be a real money maker then.


 Donate to Violet the orphan as Mum got run over in
being a human road block in Virginia

So the left needs to change tactics in making Violet the focus, not this love preaching as Jesus does that and He ended up dead too, and no one on the left wants to hear that, as they are all about that outrage and rage, like Heather was posting about.

It would also end the attacks on Heather Heyer, as no one could say Violet was a fat disgusting communist, because the Chihuahua does not get fat and you could not tell if one was fat as they are so little.

See no one cares if a regime provocateur is calling some dead gal fat, disgusting communist to stir things up before a Boston protest, as nothing happens in Boston, because their governor is not running as Hillary Clinton's 2016 Vice Presidential nominee like Terry MacCauliff.
15,000 communists marched in Boston, and drove off the government paid protestors, as the 15,000 were paid by George Soros to march. That kind of cash outlay is probably why Heather is not doing the million dollar Go Fund Me, but in the end, it sort of works out, because after Obama taxes at 35% on that donation, it comes to 70,000 dollars, which George Soros has Congress making spending bills to funnel that money to George Soros, so George came out pretty good in the tax deductions for the NGO, and the money off of Heather taxes.

Sorry this is supposed to be about Heather being a fat disgusting communist, but the reality of all of this just sort of creeps in, of what is really being engaged in, as none of this happens by accident, and is all by design, like putting Heather out into the street by her leaders to be a speed bump.

But then Bernie got problems of his own for not bending at the waist for Hillary Clinton low enough. His sneers at the DNC and other statements brought out those investigators who could not find any crimes in Hamrod, but Bernie's wife is quite the money embezzler the reports indicate.

So in the end of this it returns to was Heather Heyer a fat disgusting communist? If you asked Bill Clinton who is married to a fat disgusting communist lesbian and image Obama who has the same load hauling around, those boys seemed to like the cush for the push, as there is quite a fetish in weak males who really like a bossy, plumper.....hell Blacks got the market cornered on that one, and if you look at Russia, that place in the Soviet era had nothing but 300 pound communist chics and sex never slowed down there either.

So the answer is no, because Heather Heyer in forensic psychology is like most of the people protesting in they were hurt as children, and are trying to make up for that, but seizing onto some issue to rally around, in order to make up for that hurt to never happen again. It is how movements are created and those who are trying to do good are exploited, as they never dream that their leaders would put them out into the street to get run over to further the cause, as the mob is always expendable.

Bernie had a use. Heather had a use. Nevada ranchers had a use. Christians had a use in 2016, and they are all dropping like flies. The leftist who had no outrage over LaVoy Finicum and gloried in his murder, are now the ones saying Heather Heyer should be the poster girl. Nothing changes, and it is always a new staged march next week for the police state to take more photos, and for George Soros with the conglomerates to weigh how many people will be expendable to get a real civil war going again in America.


11:55 a.m.: This article was updated with a tweet from Kessler’s account stating he had been drinking and taking drugs and news that the account had been deleted.
Aug. 19, 5 a.m.: This article was updated with Kessler tweeting that he’d been hacked.
This article was first published at 11:10 p.m. Aug. 18.
 So it was John McCain's Ukrainian hackers, like the hackers who helped Hillary Clinton who called Heather Heyer a fat, disgusting communist. Gee I wonder in whose interest it would be to have America in a Trump Civil War, but McCain and Clinton.

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