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It is time for Donald Trump to Concede


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

President Donald Trump called upon the legally elected Senator of Alabama, in Judge Roy Moore to concede today, to election theft, NSA monitoring of the Alabama elections and to high crimes against America, by handing his victory over to Doug Jones.

President Trump on Friday called on losing Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama to concede the election.
“I would certainly say he should” concede, Mr. Trump told reporters at the White House. “He tried.”

The Lame Cherry on Trump logic which has been anti Christian from the first rant by Ivanka Trump smearing the innocent Judge Roy Moore, that Judge Roy Moore should concede that Donald Trump should CONCEDE FIRST to Robert Mueller's investigation of Mr. Trump.

Donald Trump has tried, but he has failed and Mr. Mueller keeps investigating, so Mr. Trump should just plead guilty to everything Mr. Mueller is investigating, along with Jared and Ivanka Kushner, and in conceding to Robert Mueller, we can all have Mike Pence as President who does not have the taint of Pussy Grab, numbers of sexual harassment lawsuits and posing with his little Ivanka like she was a prostitute.

So that is the way it is Mr. President, the Lame Cherry will agree to Roy Moore conceding to election theft, the day you Mr. President concede witch hunts and fake news. It all seems fair Mr. President and you leading by example and following your own advice would be fair, after all Hillary Clinton did beat you by 3 million votes, so you concede Mr. President, turn yourself into the FBI, admit to being a sexual deviant, spend the rest of your life in prison, as that is what you are asking innocent Roy Moore to open himself up to.

Concede President Trump to Hillary Clinton,  as that is what you are asking Roy Moore to do to the Al Franken of Alabama, in Doug Jones.

If you will not concede Mr. President, how about a little Truth from you in you want Roy Moore gone so you do not get your office primaried as Republicans turn you out of office and elected Judge Roy Moore.

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Frontline of Election Fraud: Judge Roy Moore

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the consensus now that Doug Jones engaged in massive vote fraud to steal the Senate seat from Judge Roy Moore, what requires examination in this, is just how could an election be flipped, as if one examines the Moore Jones race, it mirrors exactly the Obama Romney race of 2012 AD in the year of our Lord.
In Obama Romney, Romney had a commanding lead, and yet as in 2008 against McCain, 10 million votes disappeared from Republican ranks and appeared by e vote fraud in Obama columns.

Alabama Senate election: citizen reports seeing busloads of Democrat voters brought in to voting stations

Today is the pivotal Senate election in Alabama, pitting Judge Roy Moore (R) against Doug Jones (D).
A resident of Alabama says on Reddit he’s seen busloads of Democrat voters brought into voting stations:
I drove to several polling stations, and in 3 out of 4 it was exactly the same. Columns of buses with democratic voters. Is this even legal?

In the days leading up to the election theft against Roy Moore, every poll "among likely voters" had Roy Moore ahead around 8%. That is a fixed number which must be noticed, because that is the number if you were going to rig an election, as the operational platform to work from. Meaning when Roy Moore has 52% of the vote and Jones has 44% of the vote, the numbers of votes which you have to work with in write ins and literal vote switching is in that 8%.
In Alabama 1.3 million votes were cast and 8% of that total is 104,000 votes which would be needed to tie up an election, as Doug Jones had this stolen for him with a 1.5 percent "win", that is absolutely minuscule in the votes necessary to steal an election, when one has crooked GOPliters colluding with deep state dems to stop Christian Roy Moore, the literal crooks rigging the system are the same crooks policing the system.

In final-hour order, court rules that Alabama can destroy ...

Alabama is allowed to destroy digital voting records created at the polls during today's U.S. Senate election after all. At 1:36 p.m. Monday, a Montgomery ...

It is the point in why the bama Supreme Court moved to destroy the digital voting records and leaving only a paper trail. If you were going to steal an election, all that would need to be done is to record the electronic totals for the Jones theft, and ignore the real total showing Roy Moore was the winner. The paper trail was either not manufactured or it was disposed of, and what was left was the replacement paper ballots which record exactly what the sum totals were agreed to a week before the election.

In assessing Doug Jones, the Lame Cherry doubts this idiot is intelligent enough to be involved in this. Jones is so vacuous, that he was not told anything of the operation and he believes he won, as he was too stupid to be trusted with what happened as he probably would have blurted it out.

Voter Fraud! Dnc Offers Free Bus Rides for Black Voters in ...

Via Reddit thread. African-Americans in Georgia: The Democratic Party needs you to make a short trip to Alabama on December 12 and vote against the right ...

It is why Fact Check jumped on this so quickly in this cover up, as it is necessary to repeat the Trump narrative of Doug Jones won, when the evidence has proven already that Doug Jones had this election stolen for him.

Fake Report of Voter Fraud in Alabama -

Q: Did voters in Alabama's special Senate election get "caught voting multiple times with fake IDs"? A: No. The Alabama Secretary of State's office ...

There were as in all of these democratic vote fraud cases a number of different phases in it. One was registering rapists and pedophiles to vote for Doug Jones.

Democratic activists also engaged in other shenanigans. Soros-funded organizations had registered thousands of convicted felons to vote in yesterday’s special election.
To begin, candidate Doug Jones spearheaded a project by a Soros-financed legal activist group demanding full voting rights be given to felons released from prison, including those convicted of murder, rape and other violent crimes.
Indeed, in recent weeks, assisted by Soros-financed groups, Pastor Kenneth Glasgow — a half-brother of Rev. Al Sharpton, and an “ex-con and recovering crackhead turned street preacher” — led a statewide effort that successfully registered thousands of felons across Alabama. Glasgow told that in the last month alone “we registered at least five- to ten-thousand people all over the state”. Speaking on his radio program, Glasgow said that “swarming the polls” with newly registered convicts could swing the vote, pointing as a template to the Virginia governor’s race, where in April 2017 Gov. Terry McAuliffe used his executive power to restore the voting rights of over 200,000 felons.

One has to understand that there did not have to be bodies in the polling booths. All that is required is a name on a line. Americans are far too trusting in thinking that a few people at each polling station can stuff ballot boxes, change votes, vote 50,000 times.
Most of you have never been involved in actual voting or in counting votes. I was put into this position by default several years ago, and there were 2 Republicans and 2 Democrats, with myself as Presiding officer.

When the paper ballots were counted, they went into a locked transportation ballot box. The night I was in charge, there were as many ballots used as unused, which I returned.
Once the counting was done. I phoned the County Office and reported the results, with not any oversight. Imagine if Republicans who hated Judge Moore agreed with democrats who were stealing it for Doug Jones, phoned in results which were pre arranged in Jones won the district instead of Moore.
The unused ballots would be returned, the real paper ballots removed, and the fake ballots created a week before would be in the lock box, and that would be turned over to the county and certified as the real votes.

One person could have stolen any district as I reported the results, I was alone in transporting the ballots in the lock box. This is what you must understand in with e voting it is even easier to steal an election as a few people could vote all day for people on voting lists who never appear at the polls. Something you are never told is there is kept track of who votes and who does not. When the people in charge know that 70% of the people never show up, and in that statistic 95% of that group will not be voting, those votes can be voted by the powers in charge against Roy Moore.
Think of this is those terms and how the "black vote dump box" of lock step voting for Obama or Jones, and one literally knows exactly how to throw an election.

Via Reddit thread.
African-Americans in Georgia: The Democratic Party needs you to make a short trip to Alabama on December 12 and vote against the right-wing Republican Senate candidate and child molester Roy Moore If you need transportation, we have buses available. Call 202 863-8000
Voter fraud! The Democrat Party is giving free bus rides for black voters from Mississippi, Georgia and Tennessee to go to Alabama and vote against GOP candidate Roy Moore on December 12. The phone number listed in the title to the thread in r/Georgia is the phone number for the D.C. office of the DNC ( Democratic National Committee 430 South Capitol St. SE Washington, DC 20003. Main phone number: 202863-8000. ).

African-Americans in Georgia: The Democratic Party needs you to make a short trip to Alabama on December 12 and vote against the right-wing Republican Senate candidate and child molester Roy Moore If you need transportation, we have buses available. Call 202 863-8000 from Georgia

The Lame Cherry will give you an example from the past in how this works. In South Dakota, the McGovern Daschle democratic machine was corrupt as Alabama. The "black vote" in South Dakota was Indians. When John Thune first ran against crook Tim Johnson, Thune had Johnson beat, just as Roy Moore had Jones beat, but when the votes started being counted on the Indians Reservations, there was the same 100% vote for Johnson as the ballot boxes were stuffed. Thune won the election and Johnson's democrats stole it. That is exactly what took place in Alabama and one can watch the interesting vote surges of Doug Jones to close out the theft.

If you recall that night, Moore held a slim lead in the e vote quick tallies. Moore then began pulling away as the rural districts came in, to moving to 5%. Yet it is interesting in the electronic voting high population black areas, those votes were not being tabulated officially as they should have been, but hung up at 50% of the vote turned in. Once Roy Moore's strongholds had reported, then suddenly the votes started appearing again from the electronic vote sites, and as if by magic Doug Jones was getting the exact numbers of votes in 60,000 vote surges which Jones needed to steal this.

Once one understands that reality which no one else has pointed out, it all becomes obvious in how this election was stolen on the move. There was not any way of knowing for certain the turn out, but when it was massive, votes had to be trimmed for Moore or it would have been a repeat of Hillary Clinton. Once those votes were trimmed from Moore, the fake votes started pouring in for Doug Jones, and you will notice how Donald Trump immediately declared Jones the winner and blaming Moore, as did the rest of the fagsexual Ann Coulterites with Matt Drudge in their anti Christian hatred. Cover was being given to this election theft to divert attention to the realities which were appearing immediately. This blog stated on election theft eve this was a fraud, and now others are appearing with the evidence that this Alabama vote for Doug Jones was a complete fraud.

With that, once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the second video from James O'Keefe's Project Veritas Action series on the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign, Democratic party operatives explain in detail how to successfully commit voter fraud on a massive scale. In the video, Democratic politico Scott Foval, who was fired after the release of Part 1 of this series, admits that the Democrats have been rigging elections for fifty years.

Judge Roy Moore is the line in the sand. He must not concede ever. He must rail against Doug Jones as the Al Franken of Alabama. There are evidences appearing every day in democrats admitting their frauds in being bused and voting. The black can not keep their mouths shut. The facts are coming out and this arises first in the Court of Public Judgment and once the Alabama majority realizes this election was stolen from them, then the judicial court phase begins as this goes right up to Mitch McConnell and the GOPliter Governor of Alabama.

Judge Roy Moore Not Backing Down Until Secretary of State Certifies: Election ‘Tainted by Over $50 Million’: ‘Abortion, Sodomy, and Materialism Have Taken the Place of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’

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The Neutral Net

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not know if the internet columnists are full of asstards or shills, but am convinced it is a combination of both as no one is explaining what Net Neutrality is,  and why a conglomerate like ATT was so against it and why a conglomerate like Google was so for it.

The Lame Cherry will explain this in two link sites, the Patriotic American Christian Conservative site Liberty Daily and the deep state anti Christian sodomite site, Matt Drudge Drudge Report.

Liberty is a site which loads readily, has an immense volume of link content, does not steer you to read deep state Mockingbird propagandists and is not spamming you with ads.

Drudge Report is a site which consumes your bandwidth, with a low volume of content, and steers people to CIA sites like New York Times and Washington Post, as it spams you.

In this Liberty is like ATT, which is a company that has effectively been looking out for it's consumers, because happy consumers keep coming back. Drudge Report is a company like Google what is always pulling something in censoring content and telling you that being a Christian is a pariah thing, so consumers get upset.

ATT historically in America, as was Ma Bell, back in the day a most unique consumer friendly environment. Originally they gave you a phone, put in the phone lines, gave you world access, and you paid for nothing except your monthly phone bill which was cheap and you paid absolutely nothing more if you did not dial "long distance" which cost nothing, but was a gimmic to increase revenues the FCC agreed to.
The increased revenues meant all repairs were free  and all upgrades were free as the telephone companies wanted you happy and paying your cheap phone bill every month.

ATT has been engaged in this same practice for consumers, and is even with the Obama regional monopoly, gaining consumers. I reside in a non ATT area for landlines, but I can get a cell phone here in access, as anyone can from Tracfone to Verizon. This is a Verizon zone, but here is the rub in this, in Verizon lies to customers telling them they can match ATT rates, but then you read the fine print that there is a hook up charge each month and you are being charged like 80 bucks a month, compared to ATT which charges 55 a month, around 60 after all the regime taxes and access charges which the regime swindles people out of each month.

ATT has expanded this in it is bringing in satellite television, as well as computer and phone. I hate television, but many consumers love it, and I love that part, because ATT uses the television profits to keep it's phone service at a much more affordable level, so consumers win big time.
See that is the reality of this, in ATT is being consumer friendly as it is being responsible to their customers.

Some of you reading this, knew of the problems I was having with an HTC phone that almost started on fire. HTC from Taiwan is a crooked company and gave me the run around. This  blog does not get produced if I do not have net access, and my phone was warped back sitting there for months in I did not know what to do, as I was not spending 400 to 1100 dollars on a new smart phone.
God is good to me, because I got a flier  in email one day, and it stated that I could get a Samsung for around 100 dollars, shipping included. I really liked that as previously I was looking at a cheap end phone of 174 dollars and I was hemming and hawing about that price as I rarely use the phone and just require a hot spot.

So I purchased the phone after some research. I spoke to an ATT representative who literally on order, installed the SIM card for me, shipped it out, and all I had to do was call on the HTC, have them activate the Samsung and I was up and running in a few minutes. That is what customer service looks like.
So this blog alone on net service costs 720 dollars a year for wifi. If I was doing Verizon, that would be 960 dollars, and when TL was in the metro, she was being gouged by Verizon for like 120 a month, and when TL purchased additional bandwidth the helpful folks at Verizon ate it up with the phone off, probably reporting to the NSA.

This real economics lesson of 20 dollars is a great deal of money, in a real life example, is what leads to ATT helping consumers as that company traditionally has.

Big telecom companies hate the stricter regulation that comes with the net neutrality rules and have fought them fiercely in court. They say the regulations can undermine investment in broadband and introduced uncertainty about what were acceptable business practices. There were concerns about potential price regulation, even though the FCC had said it won't set prices for consumer internet service.

The above is the point to understand in all of this in ATT doing what it is doing, can reinvest in infrastructure in rural areas which have limited service helping consumers. The Obama conglomerates like Facebook, Google etc... eat bandwidth like cancer, and they wanted their monopolies protected by the regime and forcing their huge footprint having the same access as a smaller site. The problem is the smaller sites can never break through in this monopoly, because of the spyware that the Silicon giants are monitoring everyone with, including voice aps that monitor your conversations and soon ads for Hamms Beer appears on your pages after you discuss beer with your spouse.

 Monopolies as ATT do not harm the public as they understand the line of trust busting and fines. Corporates protected though by the regime spy on you, and do their worst to direct traffic to only sources which they will profit off of, and not ATT.
See ATT markets a service, but someone like NETFLIX is reselling that access at a higher rate and ATT does not get rewarded for that which his wrong.

ATT gives away movie access and charges NETFLIX for access, but not the per movie access. It is as Rush Limbaugh stated and it is correct and I agree that a fat man with a billion dollars named Limbaugh who want 8 billion gigs of speed, should get it if they pay for it. That does not mean my 4 g's gets slower, but it means my rates get cheaper, because ATT will charge Limbaugh for super speed, and when Limbaugh wants to pay 10,000 a month for that, that means Limbaugh is subsidizing 200 poor people for the internet.

That is what free market looks like. If you want a bigger soda at the store you pay more. Yet the Obama internet has had everyone paying the same price for a small Coke or a large Pepsi.  If someone wants faster internet than what is the normal gig, then let them pay for it, as in the long run just as Kansas City gets better steaks than Chatanooga due to numbers of steaks sold, it does not mean Chatanooga steaks are bad, they are just not premium like KC.
Net Neutrality makes everyone suffer equally with bad steaks or you get the small pop while Mark Zuckerberg gets the big gulp. Silicon Valley wants to keep it's monopoly in gouging you. ATT wants to make lucrative markets pay more, so they can be more efficient and gain more market share from Verizon. In the end the consumer wins.

The reason you are not being informed of  the above as the Lame Cherry has, is shills are not telling you that not all monopolies are bad as the consumers win when they are properly managed and bad conglomerates which the regime protects and are subsidized by the NSA are the problem in ruining the internet.

Who would not want to see a dozen new Facebooks and  Twitters appear, more Youtube, more Netflix, to stop spying on you, and to provide a better service cheaper or less terroristic?

A Neutral Net is like a communist America, you get screwed over while others eat caviar. Just remember that the protesters against Net Neutrality is the same rent a riot paid for by Soros making your life a gulag. That probably should explain a great deal in which side an American should be on.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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The Socorro New Mexico UFO Event

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is a fascinating tale of American legend from April 24, 1964, when a policeman named Lonnie Zamora, in pursuit of a speeding car, heard in his squad car a very loud roar and observed a UFO, with a blue flame, go behind a hill and touch down.

Officer Zamora broke off pursuit, and in a struggle drove his car up a hill, and over it, where he observed a 'car' as he was not expecting a UFO, and into this, the Officer noted two smallish people in white clothes. The one seemed surprised and in a confused panic of moving to the UFO, parking, running away, losing his glasses, hearing two thumps as he ducked over a hill, and the roar again with the flame, there appeared the story of Officer Zamora, that even the Air Force brass in DC called to have the story verified, as they were interested in the account, meaning this was not one of their machines and not one of the demon machines flying about.

On the landing zone, brush was burned, the grass dried, imprints of 4 landing prints from the ship, and a later evidence of sand into glass from heat, produced the Socorro UFO event.

It is into this that some evidence later emerged that a person connected with the Manhattan project and his students in New Mexico, may have produced this hoax.

As well as having been NM Tech's President, Dr. Stirling Colgate was a world-famous astrophysicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Considered a science visionary, he specialized in plasma and atmospheric physics. His discoveries in these fields are acknowledged as monumental. His associates included such luminaries as Oppenheimer and Pauling. Colgate still maintains an office at Los Alamos at age 84! This author emailed Colgate to see what his thoughts are today on the Socorro UFO and to see if he would shed additional light on the event. In my email to Colgate I attached the Pauling letter from 1968 with Colgate's handwritten notes on the Socorro UFO.
Colgate took several days to reply to me. In his email, Colgate answered very cryptically and sparingly:
- To the question, "Do you still know this to be a hoax? His reply was simple: "Yes."

- When asked, "Today, decades later, can you expand on what you wrote to Pauling about the event?" He wrote: "I will ask a friend, but he and other students did not want their cover blown."
- He offered that the hoax, "was a no-brainer."
- When asked "Specifically how did they do it?" He just answered, "Will ask."
- When queried, "Have you ever publicly commented on this?" he replied "Of course not."

What the Lame Cherry examines in this is a plausible explanation for this, in could I in 1964 actually have created the Socorro UFO?

We have reports of an egg shaped object.  Four landing legs, flame of orange and blue which the Air Force upon testing soil residue stated did not contain hydrocarbons and two figures dressed in white.

If one examines Officer Zamora's account, he states the craft was not too high, lit, and when it took off, it was lifted by thrust from the flame  and barely cleared the ground for some time.

Goodyear has been operating blimps since 1925 in using helium. This UFO acted a great deal like a balloon, and balloons do use for hot air use, a flame.
Goodyear uses internal pocket balloons to expand and contract, to perform the zero gravity or a neutral weight which is supposed to float. Now picture an egg shaped helium capsule, with a solid carriage with doors, as that Officer heard two thumps, a frame to put landing pods down, and an asbestos liner as a heat shield, and we have a product which if one carefully weighed out the entire cargo, including fuel and two of the smallest students. this would be what Officer Zamora described.

As it did not have fins to navigate, the direction would be provided by steering the burner, and to land this thing, a valve would open to release just enough helium to drop on target.

This then would produce the problem of Officer Zamora's craft, in it having problem gaining altitude, as it let it's helium out and was no longer zero buoyant, and needed thrust to get aloft.
This could have been a hot air balloon with a double burner, but considering the heat involved, it would have baked the college children inside. Therefore  the conclusion is helium and a balloon burner for thrust.

As not any hydrocarbons as in crude oil types, perhaps we had as a fuel alcohol, in a big bunson burner, pressurized like a drag racer.

is there a flammable fluid that leaves no residue? | Yahoo ...

Best Answer: any fuel that carries some oxgen with burn clean, such as most Alcohol. But depents on what you are burning it with, and what your detection ...

Everything would be aluminum in the frame as it would be light and have a higher melting point. The orange flame would be  due to the burner not warm enough to produce a clean burn of a blue flame, which would occur later in the burn.

There are reports of this craft moving from 300 to 700 mph in mathematical deductions based on theory. A burner and fright could produce great speeds  in those trying to prove a UFO.

Stirling Colgate had access to the most advanced technology America had, coupled with the mind of atomic physics. What is most puzzling about all of this is that this invention was not cobbled together by institutions of higher learning.
I might have made a neutral gravity ship of helium, and then used air pressure from a turbine fan to propel and steer the ship, as that would have been  a  more agile ship, but they needed that big blue flame and roar to attract attention for this spoofing adventure.

All in all, it was quite a good teaching lesson, and I will conclude that those involved in this, are still in our most prestigious institutions. The children did not cook themselves or get shot by the cops.
Perhaps one day the last survivor in a tontine, where they can all laugh from the grave. That though should be a few years as 20 year old geniuses in 1964 would be just coming to the end of their life cycle in being just over 70 years old.

I will assume with the drones cluttering up the world, that some children will create a like helium device, with same thrusters and put on a dazzling show in a perfect location, with girlies and cell phones to record it all as the next wow event on Gaytube.

That of course would mean that children now had some Batman fun in Adam West, instead of sex abuser like Batman Ben Affleck.

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Drain the Drudge of the A Hole Swamp

The Perfect Swamp Buster

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a question that ever Christian, Veteran, Patriot, Conservative and American must answer and that is, "Do you want your voting nullified and your being led around by a minority of perverts in  the homosexual deep state, as Matt Drudge engaged in, in the smearing of the innocent Judge Roy Moore?

Matt Drudge on Ala. Senate election: 'Luther Strange would ...

The Drudge Report's Matt Drudge blasted Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore after his loss Tuesday, saying Sen. Luther Strange (R-Ala.) would have won the race.

The above statement by Matt Drudge is so utterly ludicrous in how would Luther Strange who could not defeat Roy Moore in the primary, going to mobilize enough votes in a general election against Doug Jones? The answer is Luther Strange would have been destroyed in a landslide.
More to the point, one has to ask the question of why is Matt Drudge covering up the election fraud in Alabama which stole the election from Christian Judge Roy Moore, unless the reality is Matt Drudge was involved in his smears of Roy Moore, in conditioning the public to accept a criminal vote fraud in Alabama.

Each of you has to ask yourself if you want to be led around by the sodomite agenda of Matt Drudge which is anti Christian? Matt Drudge was more than willing to prostitute Christians to gain his millions in conning them that the believed in morality, but Drudge's true nature appeared in the Roy Moore  smears. Matt Drudge is nothing but another deep state mind conditioning projection of the intelligence ranks, exactly as Peggy Noonan knifed everyone in the back in 2008 in going hard for Obama.

You do remember who introduced Matt Drudge to all of you right? It was deep state Rush Hudson Limbaugh who took this unknown site and propelled a worthless link site into the upper tiers, and most interesting just like Rupert Murdoch sucked in the Right Wing, and then turned on them just as Drudge has in his anti Christian smears.


Is it not amazing that Sean Homo Hannity admitted that he has nothing in common with most of the employees at FOX? That translates to Shep Smith and most of FOX is nothing more than CNN. It is all a sucker bet for the people on the right, and just as FOX fake news is being exposed by Hannity's blundering admissions, Matt Drudge in his hatred of morality in joining in every dirty smear to steal the election from Judge Roy Moore, a Christian who has called sodomy the abomination which God defined it as.
There is an endless gay parade in the right always espousing for sodomy. One moment it is Mike Cernovich, the next it is Ann Coulter, and in every case one discovers it was all lip service to Judge Roy Moore as they unload on him in this election theft just as Matt Drudge does.


Matt Drudge Gifts $700K Home to 'Longtime Housemate ... - gay men

Matt Drudge, the notorious right wing blogger and recluse, has gifted a $700,000 house next door to his own $1.45 million Miami residence to his "longtime housemate ...


American Family Association: Matt Drudge Is Dreadful To Roy ...

American Family Association: Matt Drudge Is Dreadful To Roy Moore Because ... The reason Drudge is so dreadful toward Moore is because Matt Drudge is a homosexual."

Once again when America was in the balance a Benedict Arnold appears. In 1776, it was the Tories and in 2017 AD in the year of our Lord, it is led by front fag Matt Drudge, who shills for the deep state which has been promoting homosexuality, as the next sodom step  to pedophilia, which is what is behind all of this sexual assault stories, to overload the masses in destroying innocent moral Christians and allowing the Al Frankens to lurk around, and the next Drudge headline will be about the poor victim of Kevin Spacey and how all of you are Pedophobes, so pizzagate will become the reality of legalized child molestation.

Christian billions are fine in support of the state of Israel, but no Christians are allowed in Israel to migrate. Christians millions are fine for filling Matt Drudge's pockets in 30 pieces of silver, but no Christian is allowed to be elected to the United States Senate.

Everyone of you must answer the question in is  this what you put everything on the line for in Trump 2016, so that Matt Drudge could destroy Christians and cover you with the scent of feces penis.

This Bush fag Paul Singer billionaires have already overthrown the Republican party with strap on Katie Walsh running the RNC. They have destroyed Judge Roy Moore and they are coming after each of you. They will not allow Christians a voice when Christians are the majority.

This is what every day of your life is about, and it is centered on your children. Because you can trace all of these sodomites from Milo to Sulu being raped as children, and now they are removing your Christian voice with extreme criminal prejudice.

Is this the despotry which you want? It is not what the Lame Cherry stands for nor will accept. The Lame Cherry stands for morality as defined by thee God with Jesus as Lord. Sodomy is not a political affiliation. Sodomy is a sin and in Alabama sodomy was involved in criminal election theft against Christian Roy Moore.

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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Alone on a Holiday

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was thinking today and as I type this realize that it will reach people who will welcome this message, because it is about being alone on the holidays. I was thinking about this as I was out checking fence.

In rural areas, I need to keep my livestock in, and on this place of Mom's they have always used electric fences to make up for the gaps in the fencing. From deer to wind  to only the devil would know, an electric fence shorts out, so on my Sunday I noticed the fence was not working properly and went around the pastures to see what was going on. The pastures being a few acres each as it is rotational grazing.

To a point I like checking fence, because I am alone. TL does not deal with cold weather which I do not like for TL, so I hoof it around alone and checking fence is like Christmas or a PBS mystery as you never know where you are going to find the shorts in the fence. Today for some reason a woven wire had fallen on the fence, and for another reason the electric wire was wrapped around a barb wire.
In my brier patch we call it wind, and we get wind. In other areas they call them cyclones as that is the kind of winds we get for days sometimes that just roar in the trees.

As I was finishing up, I was aware that I was alone in Spirit and I like that as I talk to God when I am alone and with the din of this blog, I rarely have the opportunity to just be alone with God anymore. Being alone is different than being lonely. I have had a great deal of lonely and really had no remedy as I am not that gregarious and I really do not like being around people. A trip on errands once a week is about all the around people I desire. I probably spend in a several hour venture 40 minutes some days just bullshitting people about nothing.

My Beloved Uncle was alone, but he had a different kind of alone that most people here have, in they live alone, but go out for coffee a few time a day to fill in the gaps. My Auntie is alone, but she has her phone and her sons check on her. Mom can live alone as she has goats to keep her company. Some people are really good at being alone in having a dog, cat or fish or bird, and that is enough for them to fill in.
Others like in metro areas are the loneliest of all, as they sit in bars around people or sporting events to not be alone with themselves and then go home to their isolation, because they do not want contact with people, but just feed in million plus cities on the psychic scream there.

I like being alone though and TL is good company in being alone. The alone I like though are open spaces or waters. I remember John Wayne in True Grit complaining about 'Not one tree from Texas to the Canadian border' and not liking it. I have been in the mountains, have been in the forests, have been in swamps and I hate that stuff as you can't see, can't be free, all you can do is travel in winding routes that take forever to get anywhere. If I had my preference, I like leopard country or savanna. It has some trees in dry waterages, but is mostly just nothing. I like nothing and lots of nothing in my sky. I don't need to fill things up in my vista to pretend something is there. It just being there is enough for me and me being alone is how I like doing it. Before TL I talked to myself, made up stories, prayed, sang, was myself in being raised in isolation I learned to like it a great deal and it stuck.

I am pleased most people like shopping malls to not be alone, but for me I like being outside with the wind blowing slightly, and just seeing what plants or animals I can come across. Today in checking fence, Libby and Darby came over to check me out. Darby walked over and  Libby whinnied. The cows looked at me like what was I, one came over to try and bluff me in wanting to do damage, but it is all part of moving through life alone and just feeling alive.

Some people come here to not be alone on the blog. I come here too to talk with you  in being alone. It is nice to come to a place and have someone nod at you and acknowledge you as that is all it takes. The Viking always calls us "sisters", Maggie listens to me being odd, Richard and Stephanie are God's miracle, Capt. Kirk pokes me in the email and others stop in when they can or just figure to stay out of the way, when they are not in the way, but they are all welcome as it is part of the alone and not being lonely.

The Puntz is thee most independent cat on the planet. Acts like lonely is what she wants rather than me. That is until she starts calling at night and I call back to her, or she bites me as today when I pick her up in her protest of my attention, or she walks through and I pull her tail, as she is like me in she likes being alone. Her current location is a pile of plastic containers in Mom's bedroom with my pants on top, where she glares out through the doorway at everyone, but have me gone on a second errand and that cat knows it and is protesting as she wants me around.

Like all of you I have heard the wisdom of there is not anyone who is ever alone in this world. That there are around a half dozen people you never think of who think the world of you. There is love there and most are too shy to ever express it. My neighbor used to say that every pot has it's lid. In that case it was a tall husband with a squat wife, but I know that every pot and lid have a half dozen pots and lids out there who care about them, pray for them and pay attention to them.

I was thinking about Oprah Winfrey in a program she did on people being together. There was this vivacious woman on stage, who was attractive because she was so outgoing. There was a number of the wooden model types complaining about not getting a date, but this woman had them all the time. When she was questioned about it, she said some were balding, some were fat, some had crooked teeth, some were short, to which the models cringed at they could never date men like that. So they didn't and were sitting home lonely or alone with their other catty females, getting desperate so some list guy would use them for sex or marry them and then cheat on them, and then they would wonder what went wrong, when the problem is they were not dating solid men, but were interested in only the image.

That reminds me a show on Sally Jesse years ago, about this 40 year old woman who booted her chubby bald husband out of the house and took him for everything. She was bitching up a storm though now as she had lost everything as houses need repairs and she spent all the settlement on trinkets. He was now 50 years old and the fat old guy had a 23 year old hot secretary he was dating as the girl knew a good deal when she came across one.

I keep telling my brother he needs a solid woman, but he does not get the point and is caught up in the artificial thing and TL is the rare exception of someone who is attractive with both oars in the water. The thing is with TL I honestly thought TL was a grubber when TL wrote to me. I like Johnny Quest and TL was talking to me about that cartoon. TL in reading this blog thought I was goof.  Others though mentioned me and TL gave it another try and it was the Jane Austin thing and my other peculiar things I notice that convinced TL that I was someone who lived in reality.

When we get our house, I plan to invite some of the alone people I know over for eats. I don't get invited places as I would probably not go, so I am going to invite people over and like Jesus fill the house up with people along the road. The only thing in being lonely is not making the mistakes that I did as there are loads of predators out there just scoping lonely people out. It is harder now in people move around so much, unlike the brier patch my first question in meeting someone is who they are and I register the by family and kindred, to see if they are worth the time to trust.
That is the odd part about TL and myself, we get along great, and were raised different and were in different circles. It just worked because God put us together and it is a great deal of work every day as relationships are 90% giving and not keeping score, just like an orchid.

I have mentioned in how I deal with things in not having things, and being alone so the loneliness does not set in. I set little goals around food, like baking a fruit cake for breakfast with those pretty candied fruit, and have some tea, and that way I can look forward to something I can control as fruitcakes are not fickle like people.
I do not like getting presents, but I like watching TL open presents and TL is always good about appreciating things I just know are the best presents in the world. I am excited about one particular toy I got TL, but can not post about it here or it will be discovered. When I was lonely I would get myself things that I wanted. Never expensive as I could not afford it, but lots of ditz things like Harbor Freight had 2 dollar little hammers one year and other things that were extras so I would have a pile of things to pretend I did not know what was in them.

As I wrote, I like being alone on a holiday, and have a 1% interaction. It might be the blog in talking to you or your reading something here, but I just do not hide in crowds from myself and I do not need crowds of people to validate myself nor 500 names texting me bullshit on my phone. I've had enough of that part time thing, paper ring stuff.
Now I am not the kind who dresses up 4 year old nephews like one of my cousins does to fill her day, but I do dress up roast beasts in old roasting pans. I prefer the crappier, junkier and crappier the better. The kind no one else would want. I bring them home, mother them and voila I got a new treasure which just was on the Island of Misfit Pots looking for someone like me.

Charlie Brown had his little needle shedding tree. There are all kinds of throw away things out there just looking to come home for a little or nothing.

I just would that Christians would remember they are never alone. There is always the Father, Jesus and the Holy Ghost. There are Holy Angels, and the past few years I have seen more or sensed more Saints and pets than I figured on being around me which left this world or I should say come for a visit. I just would I would have been shown that before as showing me I never have been alone, but have had a community of Saints around always checking on me as they check on you.

With that God bless each of you with Christmas, as Scrooge said in Charles Dickens, it is keeping the Spirit of Christmas in the heart, it is not about merry, it is about a baby without a home, born in a barn with no one around, and that baby loves you for you, because you are you, and when you stay with Jesus and trust that He knows what is best, you will have things which you notice are already filling your life, and maybe it is Jesus likes being with you alone, as you are special and He is protecting you from the ever growing world of shallow souls who do nothing but take and not give.

Christmas Blessings in God's Love.




Pasty White Trump House

Guess who won't pose with Black People?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is just wonderful that corpse white Junta Kelly has so offended everyone in the Trump White House, that the one beacon of hope in the outreach to Black America in Omarosa is being forced out.

That leaves nothing but whiteness in the Trump House, except of Elaine Cho who has Mitch McConnell's viagra white sperm whiting her up. Perhaps Donald Trump's new white Alabama election thief Doug Jones, the new Al Franken of bamaland who Blacks voted for in 92%, although they never showed up at the polls, and of course Doug Jones will never let a coon live by him in his neighborhood, will be at Trump House, now that all them darkies are gone.

Donald Trump has done absolutely NOTHING in Black outreach. The last time Blacks were in the White House was when Omarosa shamed Reince Priebus into letting them in. That was the last time that Mike Pence ran away and did not pose in a photo with Trump either. Them Black folks are spooky.

There has not been any Black economic action and Ben Carson has vanished like the Nigger in the night, as you can not even see his teeth and eyes in the dark.

This is beyond irresponsible in Donald Trump. Blacks trusted him and gave him the chance to prove himself, and all this pasty White House did was promote Jews and skin heads.

I am going to reveal something when I had dreams of being asked to serve in the White House. I had planned for my recreation time to reach out to all sorts of people on the left from Tavis Smiley, Cornell West, Jesse Jackson, to learn from them.  I am not speaking of the Black experience, but of having them know I was interested in their causes and they would always have a voice in the Trump Administration, so their views would be heard.
I had planned on reaching out to all of the children of past Presidents and keeping in contact to understand what their parent's presidential vision was and how the Trump Administration could honor that vision. It was horrid what the Obama's did to Carolyn Kennedy in dissing her. In all of this, I doubt that I would have much in common with these people on the left, but to end the political divisions I would meet with all of them and the President would have gotten an idea what they were thinking in their concerns.

Omarosa was a gold mine for Donald Trump, because she was his advocate with Blacks who was a very strong and independent woman. Her leaving is a growing black hole in the Trump House which will only create an even worse race and political division which Donald Trump can not afford.

Who is he going to turn to, bleached out fish on the beach Mike Pence when it comes to Blacks? How about the Jews of Wall Street as they profit from all the opiates sold in Black neighborhoods? It won't be Ben Carson as he has been so marginalized he is has disappeared.

Omarosa is doing what is intelligent as being marginalized by Junta Kelly as Donald Trump destroyed a pro African American Judge Roy Moore for a black baby butchering Doug Jones, is no place this woman belongs as she has been nothing but a token from day one and the farce of this should end. Ivanka needs to appoint another bald headed Jew, so everything will be happy in Ivankaland as we just can not have things white enough in the Trump House.

 Not just white enough, but free of the real menace like Roy Moore, in the Trump House can not have those Christians around.

BOYLE HEIGHTS — Omarosa Manigault was widely known as a combative reality TV star before becoming a highly visible African-American supporter of Donald Trump during his presidential campaign. But in Boyle Heights, Manigault is also known as a preacher, serving as assistant pastor at the Weller Street Missionary Baptist Church. On Sunday, protesters gathered outside the small church as Manigualt, best known by her first name, delivered her last sermon as she heads to take a job in the Trump White House

See people see race first, but never look on the heart, because that is what is behind the smears against the innocent Judge Roy Moore which through vote fraud his Senate seat was stolen and now Omarosa, as these are Christians Americans, and they are being forced out, and Mr. President is not doing one thing to protect them, the very group which put him into 1600 Penn Avenue.

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