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Democrat Don: Now Trump is Banning Guns

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I conclude that there is not any difference between the sheep on the left and the bleat on the right, they are the same mutton who will follow whatever gets up on two legs and lies to the fleeced that they are not being led to the slaughter.

- Lame Cherry

Proof of  this is........


    169,423 votes
  • GOOD
    83,977 votes
  • BAD
    10,324 votes
    11,658 votes
The only telling part in this, is no one voted as the chops on the right are burned out and do not give a damn to prop up Democrat Don as why the hell should they vote for Jeb Bush in Hillary's crusty old panties.

The focus of this post on Democrat Don, is Donald Trump just banned an entire division of firearms, just like Obama did and just like Clinton did. So there is no difference between Trump Brand, Obama division and Clinton label, as banned guns are banned guns.

What is behind this is "more Russian sanctions", this time by Donald Trump in now denying women the right to own and carry affordable firearms. Yes Donald Trump just banned Americans the right of owning firearms produced by a Russian manufacturer that even Obama, Bush and Clinton had left untouched.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury is adding Molot-Oruzhie, OOO to the list of banned Russian and Ukrainian separatist companies. Molot makes the popular Vepr family of sporting rifles and shotguns, somewhat based on the AK design.

Well, L'Chaim!!!!

Yes it was none other than that swinder Steve Mnuchin who was behind this, as what could be better than disarming Americans, while John McCain is pressing for Donald Trump to arm those Nazi's of Ukraine to start nuclear world war with Russia.

“These designations will maintain pressure on Russia to work toward a diplomatic solution,” added Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin. “This administration is committed to a diplomatic process that guarantees Ukrainian sovereignty, and there should be no sanctions relief until Russia meets its obligations.”
This will have a significant effect on the American shooting community. Vepr products are popular with just about every segment of gun owners. They are in common use for competition shooting, hunting and self-defense.
Vepr shotguns, in particular, are frequently used for tactical shooting sports. There is a large aftermarket industry that caters to these guns and it will take a serious hit in the near and long term due to these new sanctions.

In return in the last round of sanctions, the people who got screwed over most were European farmers. Yes, let's put sanctions on Russia over Nazi's in Ukraine, and who gets hurt, but the people who actually are trying to earn a living.

Russia has already imposed an embargo on imports of a broad range of European farm produce.

I decided to check who it was that was not included in these Trump gun ban sanctions, and by miracle the first Obama sanctions left out Ivanka and Jared Kushner's liberal consorts in the oil, technology and Hillary Clinton's nuke me if they are LaVoy Finicum uranium trade.
SERIOUSLY, let's have more radioactivity in the world, but what Democrat Don focuses on is getting rid of more guns?

But the gas industry, space technology and nuclear energy are excluded from sanctions

Granted the EU is the one, especially Germany who is getting hosed down by Trump sanctions on Russia, but all the same you will notice one glaring thing in this, if you understand the reality of Globalist Donald Trump.

The EU does much more business with Russia than the US does.

What did Trump just ban? Guns.

He banned them from Americans.

Who makes American guns? It is not Americans primarily, as the majority of American brands are Belgium owned, Turkish created in the massive Fabrique Nationale of Europe, just like it's counterpart the massive German concern of Heckler and Koch, which arms regimes worldwide.

This is about MARKET SHARE, and the same attack upon American gun owners in expensive ammunition and firearms under Obama, now has Donald Trump cutting off further Russian affordable firearms to America, in order to hinder the Kalashnikov concern of Russia which is in competition with these goddamn global arms traders fleecing Americans with their too high priced guns.

That is what is behind Democrat Don's new policy. He lets the globalists continue to do business with Russia just like the Rockefellers did during the Cold War, while farmers and gun owers get destroyed again......oh and what are European farmers doing? Why telling Monsanto to go to hell in their genetic frankenfoods, so who gets targeted in this, but those same farmers the globalists are trying to ruin.

There bleaters on the right are senseless. They are absolutely vacuous of what Donald Trump does is just an amplified version of Barack Hussein Obama. The NRA is now selling insurance instead of protecting American gun owners, and here is another batch of firearms banned from United State Citizen ownership, not because they are dangerous, but because according to President Trump it is an art of the deal to infringe on American gun owner rights.

From this point on, Donald Trump is going to be defined by what he is, in his new title of Democrat Don, because an American would never deal away the rights of Americans in owning guns to prop up Nazis in Ukraine.

Donald Trump just banned entire classes of personal firearms.

This is not astrophysics,” chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon said. “You solidify your base and you grow your base by getting things done. That’s what people want to see.”

No Mr. Bannon it is not astrophysics to comprehend that solidifying your base means not banning guns and not supporting Nazi in Ukraine, but apparently Democrat Don, needs to.......well at least dust off his toes and do some counting on them as Mr. President is having problems with the basics of 1 + 1 = 2.

An Mr. Bannon, whatever happened to the Trump directive of any department puts on one regulation and 2 have to come off? Can you tell us which two divisions of firearms that Treasury has removed from gun bans please or is Mr. President now violating this own orders?

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A Son of a Traitor

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Lost to most of you is a history of a Family of American Traitors.

Most of you are aware that Senator John McCain was a traitor in the Vietnam War, in being released from his collaborator quarters in Hanoi being able to walk, and then suddenly appearing on crutches when he appeared before Richard Nixon.

But this is not the first McCain who collaborated with the enemy to the harm of America.

John McCain's father was Rear Admiral John McCain Sr. and in the closing days of World War II, he literally wanted to protect the nation which bombed Pearl Harbor and was torturing and murdering Americans, including POW's.

The issue was Kure Naval Shipyard, where the last of the Japanese Imperial Navy was housed. Considering the Kamikaze nature of the Japanese in this era, imagine if a main line Japanese ship had slipped out of Kure and drove into a convoy of American transports with tens of thousands of US Soldiers on board, and detonated her magazines?
This is what Admiral McCain was protecting in stating that the Japanese were no longer a threat. Yes the  most powerful battleships in the world, were no longer a threat according to the elder McCain.

In July 1945 the IJN's remaining large warships were concentrated near the major naval base of Kure. The ships were effectively immobilized due to fuel shortages and were being used only as stationary anti-aircraft batteries. Admiral John S. McCain, Sr., the commander of the Fast Carrier Task Force, strongly opposed attacking Kure as he and his staff believed that the ships only posed a minor threat

For the "no threat" of John McCain sr. this also includes this photo of miniature Japanese submarines laying at Kure Island which would have been sent out on suicide missions in US ships.


Fortunately for America, there was not a traitor in command of US 3rd Fleet in Admiral Halsey, who promptly launched his strike force and smashed the remaining Japanese fleet at Kure, leaving only two main line ships to dispatch.

Japanese battleship Haruna under attack on 28 July

That is the real history and the complete facts of the matter. Admiral McCain should have faced court martial, and saved the world from his treacherous son who has done nothing but aid communists and terrorists for the 50 years of his anti American career.

This is the Family of Traitors, the McCains.


John McCain, a Life in Presidents

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Friday, June 23, 2017


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What more could anyone want really, in the extermination of the Caucasian from all things, because after all, who really wants to be reminded of the race which advanced humanity from the stone age to the cyber age. Star Trek in it's new fagsexual manifestation is really only cleansing the world from the horrid reminder in how God chose the White Race to bring Spirituality to the world and by that increased Wisdom and Understanding, so we should just chisel off the Caucasian features on Mt Rushmore and make heavy eyebrows and big nostrils with protruding lips the signature of the advancement of humanity.

There’s been a rather ugly strain of criticism of Star Trek: Discovery online and it goes like this: The upcoming CBS All Access show’s cast is too diverse for some of the franchise’s longtime fans. The term “white genocide” has been bandied about.


EW asked Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green — the first black woman to lead a Trek cast — about the complaints.
What puzzles me about all of this is I seem to recall a black woman leading the original Star Trek cast, and yet in the new version, even she is has been wiped from the record.

a black woman (Lt. Uhura played by Nichelle Nichols)

Granted the current replacment for Uhura is horrid, like he fag Spock, but somewhere in this I just do not get with the tearing down of Confederate Soldier monuments in America, how it is come to a point that Black pioneer actresses like Nichelle Nichols are being run off to the shanty town when they were lead cast members of the Original Star Trek.

So while Star Trek has more colors than white, and it has the scent of feces penis perversion, it is not really just White Genocide. It is instead Trekiside, in the Black women from 1967 are not Black but White, and all of them are all in this color bubble being genocided for their accomplishents, and there is that faggot George Takei cheerleading again in this reprehensible crimes against humanity.

Original series star George Takei has even gotten involved to defend the new show.
As long as a cast is racist and smells of excrement it is something to support according to that weird Takei.

I have no idea if Trekicide will last past a few episodes in it's darkness or if it is another Lou Grant and Cagney and Lacey money pit of non profit to promote the American Genocide. It really does not matter to me, because I will not watch this garbage propaganda, because that is what it is.

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Why is only one American calling James Comey a Crook?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The saga of Dennis Montegomery is one which stuns the mind with the reality that as an Intelligence Contractor he was privy to information which revealed the criminal syndicate which is the deep state, in he had proof that the intelligence community put Obama into office in 2008 in stealing the federal election by tampering with the votes in Florida.
I will repeat that bit of information, because in 2008 around 10 million GOP votes flipped and disappeared from John McCain and Sarah Palin to Birther Hussein. In all we are learning from Vault 7 and what Dennis Montegomery is pointing to, it was the literal deep state intelligence community which engineered both of Brack Hussein Obama's election thefts, proving exactly what the Lame Cherry has stated for the past 9 years that Obama was an intelligence asset of the globalists and that he never was elected President.

When Dennis Montegomery walked out of the intelligence network he took with him 47 hard drives worth of damning information as to what the deep state had been engaged in, including unmasking tens of thousands of Americans illegally, and worst of all in this, the FBI was handing over your personal data to perverts who had no business to be having access to your information.

The new lawsuit alleges misbehavior by Comey and others when Montgomery “was induced by Defendants Comey and the FBI and made to turn over 47 hard drives of evidence of the aforementioned illegal, unconstitutional activity, which hard drives alone are valued in excess of $50,000.

Patriot Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch is representing Mr. Montgomery and has been from the start of this. It was Mr. Klayman who negotiated the return of the 47 hard drives, with partial immunity for Mr. Montgomery, in which all the evidence was handed over to James Comey and the FBI, with the personal disclosure that James Comey was overseeing this information and directing the investigation.

In another Comey cover up for the deep state though, the investigation was suppressed and the information buried, and for all we know has been destroyed, and that is what is behind the new law suit to protect his data by Mr. Klayman and Mr. Montgomery.

I looked around the internet for just how many contractors are employed by the US government and it is staggering. There is an entire Nazi state funded conglomerate which rules America from the shadows in people in the private sector like kook Reality Winner with access to all of your personal information.
My reason for examining this is the wonder that with all of this criminal activity, why is only Dennis Montgomery out there showing the red flag that something is so heinously wrong with America as every branch of the agencies and departments is out of control.

800,000 people have access to your personal data. There are 4 million people who have access to your personal information and can access how you are being spied on. That means 1 out of 75 people in America are spying on you and have access to your information at the touch of a keyboard.

Evanina was once the CIA’s top counterintelligence officer. He described the recent leaks as an inevitable result of a spy culture in which, he pointed out, contractors employ 800,000 of the 4 million U.S. citizens holding security clearances.

The largest Nazi conglomerate in this is Booz Allen, who it just so happens Edward Snowden walked out with heaps of information. Think of it, in a satellite company has access to all the US intelligence secrets. The Russians or Chicoms do not need to hack into American elections, because according to Montgomery the IC is rigging elections for years for Obama and their assests, and they probably have hired 1 out of 5 foreigners in visa workers who are spies from around the world, and you are paying them 6 figure salaries.

The most high-profile contractor leak was from Edward Snowden, who worked for Booz Allen at the National Security Agency.

The five market leaders are Booz Allen Hamilton, CSRA, SAIC, CACI International and Leidos. All of them are based in Virginia and are deeply involved in developing cyber and hacking tools. Other players in the cyber realm include Accenture, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman.
And the relentless pace of mergers and acquisitions in the spies-for-hire business has left five corporations in control of about 80 percent of the 45,000 contractors employed in U.S. intelligence.

It is not just this labyrinth, but the Defense Intelligence Agency has it's own network and contractors adding to this Obama signed order of sharing all the Donald Trump information, but it makes a bit more sense why Mike Flynn was targeted as he was aware of all of this criminal activity in the IC and was beating the system to assist Donald Trump's victory.

How many people work for the DIA and what is its budget?
More than 16,500 men and women work for the worldwide DIA workforce. 
Our budget consists of justified requirements and is analyzed by DOD and Congressional budget committees.  Exact numbers and specific budget information do not get released to the public due to security reasons.

What is most sickening in this is the revelation that the Intelligence Community contractors are nothing compared to the massive networks like the Environmental Protection Agency. It is a reality of what does the EPA need spies for and an entire network to crack down on Americans whose corporations are directed to find evidence to fine and imprison Americans.

In all, 16 civilian and military agencies make up the "intelligence community."
Sanders said the number of intelligence contractors is lower than the number of contractors employed by NASA, the Environmental Protection Agency and other large federal agencies.

In a world of all of these contractors, why is it that Dennis Montgomery only loved America enough to become a whistleblower to try and save America? That is stunning and proof of how far America is gone in this indoctrinated hierarchy spying on everyone illegally like a lab experiment, and at the center of this is James Comey, as he covered up this investigation, as did Andrew McCabe now running the FBI. All of this information is known by thousands of people, and not one is saying a word, as they apparently agree that protecting the system is more vital than the United States of America.

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The Lame Cherry Sun Tea Recipe

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the heat of summer upon us, I like drinking cold sun tea. The problem though is most tea I have tasted at like Subway, reminds one of what ran off of Luther's Boots.

This is the way I make sun tea and I am aware of all of the doomsday warnings against using hot tap water as of course lead is in it to whatever else the miserable primates have dreamed up to make life mirror their hateful existences.

Sun tea of course requires sun. I also like for this the robust American brand tea of Lipton. You do not want the weak English teas as it will be lost in the end product.

I begin with two Lipton tea bags, a gallon jar, prefer glass, and I start filling that jar with the hot water tap until full.

I then put in the bags, and place it on a hot metal surface where the sun can have it's energy collected. As I make sun tea late into the season, that means in the back of my pick up as the best solar oven I have. Four hours should have what looks like tea, and you do not have to wait from cold water to get that weak tea often brings starting out with a cold base.
Sitting on concrete is white background so it lacks thermal exchange except on very hot days, and wood is a non starter as that absorbs or released little heat.

Inside is simple. I transfer it to glass half gallon jars, with 4 TABLESPOONS of sugar. I want something I will enjoy like a soda, so the sugar goes in. If I find throw away fruit, lemon will go in, but otherwise this is a perfect tea, without that "off the leather boots" flavor you get in most fast food places or the weak as water you get from the brand name teas.

I love drinking soda, but unless it has sugar in it, it gets to be a problem for me........bothers me with sugar too, so tea is a good change.

I serve this in a metal glass, as metal holds ice tea better than a glass. Glasses need frosting and always heat up too fast. A metal glass is best.

Where I obtained my metal glasses was from canned salmon. I am careful so I do not slice my lip, but that is where my army green metal glasses all come from. I hate salmon patties, but the glasses I do like and tea always serves best that way.

That is the good glass of sun tea recipe in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


Department of Motherland Security

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Like all of you, I have never liked that creep Homeland thing that George W. Bush came up with. It sounds like something out of George Orwell and 1984. Having stewed on this rape of sensibilities for too long, the Lame Cherry hereby refuses to call that agency Homeland any more than these Red States which are Reagan Blue States, and only became red when that leftist prick Tim Russert decided to become color code police and change the Republican Blue to red.

From this point on, the Lame Cherry will only refer to Homeland as Motherland Security, as it was  God, Mom, Apple Pie and Hotdogs, not God and Homeland.

Motherland is much more fitting as Germany has the Fatherland, and America has been the Mother country as Russia has always been the Mother country. People readily rise up to defend Mom by instinct, while Homeland sounds like some shit for brains brainwashing from the Tavistock and Stanford which it is.

I know this is not a long post or a post that seems to matter, but it matters completely, as I am not going to be intimidated by Homeland any longer like your Home is going to send you to Gitmo. You would behave when your Mum told you too, so you will naturally behave for Motherland too, who is only there to protect you and kill everything that is not American.

So that is the nipple word, Motherland, the Department of the Mother Country, the United States of America. Motherland Security.

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