Monday, August 31, 2009

A small army with Bombs

I just at this point am livid over the absolute deliberate incompetence of Bearick Obama and this crew of skanks from Robert Gates to that McChrystal general in Afnamistan.
I had hoped that McChrystal actually was a bright trigger puller, but all he has sorted out is getting Americans murdered without implementing one strategy which was successful in Iraq.

In effect, there is a deliberate effort by this NeoProg group to as this blog stated to loose Afghanistan and cripple US morale in the armed forces and at home.

The Marines are finding out that the Afghanistan terrorists use IED's nonstop. Apparently that is a big surprise to them when it is to no one else. What IED's signify is proof what this blog has analyzed in there are no large numbers of terrorists in Afnamistan. All there is is a small group of pyrotechnic fetish communist Muslims who like blowing up things.
This is renegade warfare and not even in the realm of Indian warfare any longer, it is so small and so simple that even brass could figure this out if they were not in the Obama business of loosing this war.

Would you like to know the answer to this Afnamistan situation, besides telling Bearick Obama and these patrician generals that if they do not get this thing won without murdering more US troops that they will face court martial and hanging for treason?
The answer lays solemn in the last real renegade warfare Americans faced on American soil, and that was the nasty business of the Apache led by Geronimo and his band of medicine hats.

The General who solved this problem was a military genius in Gen. Nelson Appleton Miles. He was of a most inventive mind in military warfare.
Gen. Miles in dealing with the vast distances of the same type of country which Afghanistan along with the border areas the military chased the Apache into in Mexico, constructed a telegraph system using, reflective mirrors. Gen. Miles didn't chase Geronimo until he knew where he was, and in signals, cut the country up and drove the Indian band into the worst of Mexican country and then nabbed them.

Warfare is always about divide and conquer and Afghanistan has finite mountain passes in which to first cut off the major supply problem.
Next one cordons of the provinces with checkpoints. Next as I noted in Iraq, one RFID tags all supplies, all people and those not having their tags, are deemed terrorists and shot.

It is amazing in areas where all people have to come in and be tagged with Identification prints that when the food ration supply is monitored, one soon finds out who is feeding their family or feeding the Taliban.

As London seems quite content to have more cameras watching the English than there are English, one wires the entire nation with infrared cameras, backed by sniper outposts on 12 hour rotation.
Gaps are filled in with cheap artillery which has every click bore sighted.

As cell phones are being utilized as the BBC discovered, one shuts down the cell phones to cut the enemy communication and therefore their ability to place IED's and detonate them.

The Israeli policy is enacted of, if you have terrorists in your building, you had better leave the building and report it, or said building will disappear.
It is amazing how simply putting Pushtan people in a new summer camp, where they do not have access to weapons, quiets the entire community down and once again under surveillance cameras and microphones, one starts seeing which rats are going to bite you and which ones are cowering in the corners away from the killer rats.
If one desires to win this, a low protein diet as vegetarians consume in 6 weeks will have Afghanistan people believing Obama is the mahdi if the DOD prefers. That is who the cults brainwash those robe wearers one sees in airports to hand out beads with a smile and come loping along home without a rope around their necks.

None of this is that difficult, and none of it is inhumane as what McChrystal is blundering around in this Obama war with. Yet this deliberate loosing of Afnamistan continues on where the policy structure laid out by this blog could have had over one hundred thousand Americans home, no costly more dead under Obama than Bush in Afnamistan, and a delightful little picnic this would have been for Soldiers who enjoy executing vermin.
There are few things more lovely in life than the intimate strategy, tactics and execution of your group in professional manner killing bad people who think they are intelligent just as they are about to murder Americans in mass.

It might be even fun in the wild, wild east to put a bounty on Obama's "bad terrorists" and see which areas bite and those that do not will mean where the turban heads are sympathized by the populace.
Then it becomes sport in setting up firebases which will draw fire in live fire zones as the natives get more brave in hunting up the gopher Americans. That takes a bit more nerve to draw fire for weeks at a time, but it is amazing how when one knows the best areas Obama's mooselums are going to attack from, and the areas are salted with plutonium bits which are poison to that rat a tat tat of a Geiger counter marks them as terrorists when they come in for the free food.........or to a dentist for those bleeding gums.
I suppose RFID chips in the paddy handed out might track things too, to even the places where a terrorist poops in a hole.
Always is a nice detail to know where you enemy dumps their load.

So with just ten thousand active troops, another 5000 support gals to watch cameras and pinpoint infrared spots, one could clean up this Obama Afnamistan rat problem in 8 months, just like exterminators accomplish in your vegan food factories.

But then no one in Axelrod Inc. has one desire to win Afghanistan or they would have already been on the way to win this decisively again...........just like George W. Bush did in 2001 with a few special forces troops riding horses of all things.

So let us just quit with the reports, the lies, the deception and tell Americans their children are going to die for ballots and for a bigger war effort as junior Obama blames Bush 43 for Birdies brand of treason.

Blood on his hands Obama. He has now murdered more Americans than Geronimo ever did. Afghanistan could be such a fun war if murdering Americans was not the purpose of it from Citizen Kenuckia

Oh well, back to the Pentagon for light refreshments and satellite feeds from Russian eyes that plan Taliban operations.

agtG 226

The Obamateers, Bob Gates

The Godmother of the American People

It was the spring of the year and winter had lifted her icy blanket from the land, but the shroud of death still lay upon France. For 96 years she lay at death's door in starting at Crecy where the English long bow had laid waste to the French heavy armour only backed by their crossbowmen.
Then at Poitiers, the French would fall again in slaughter that seemed to be omen and followed by the death blow at Angincort where once again the English long bow would make France a slaughter pit for their best.

Death, rout, slaughter, retreat were the bitter poison upon which the French nursed for in anguish and travail as roving bands robbed, raped and murdered their way through the divided country of English to the north and the nothingness of the south in the last royal of France who was 3 months from fleeing what was France, as the French people would cease then to become forever English.

It was upon this morgue that a child from Domremy would come into France with the Voices from God directing her. The government, the lights of Paris and even her own people would mock her for months, but she would keep on with miracles and faith to come to that May in raising an army in the grave of France for one last gasp, which promised to be the resurrection of a nation not yet dead.

She would lead to a place named Orleans and raise a siege for which the English had sought to inflict the final coup de grace upon the Reubenites of Israel.
Wounded, she would take to her saddle again in raising a new army to march, and march she would in leading that army to the moats where she would herself lead the charge, be knocked from a ladder scaling a wall, be lifted by her giant arms bearer and rally the French to victory.

The English would in fury rouse to smash this witch as they saw her and came for her in their noble military which was the terror of Europe and that meant the world.
The girl would decline the English challenge when they met and simply explain to her Generals that, "Today was not the day, but tomorrow would be.........tomorrow would be the day that they would strike the English with a blow that would for a 1000 years shatter their place in France".

During a mysted night, the French sentries would report the English were on the move. Their hot heads cooled by the wet had the English falling back to the river and then to the safety of Paris.
The girl General though would have none of it and ordered her troops to march. She would fly to gather in a siege force she had left and conquer that fortress and within hours catch her main army on the heals of the English.

She would feel her way, to the English outposts and continue on as the angle army plunged into the vast brushy plain on the way to Paris where they could lay in wait and ambush the French if they dared to follow.
Dare to follow she did though with her hesitant generals, in sending ahead to feel her most profane of Generals, called Satan LaHire and his Hellions, the French Cavalry was dogged on the heals of the retreating force.

Onward the French felt their way and LaHire in due time started a hind which burst through the lines and in short time a muffled cheer was heard as the English tired of their captive moulded bread and rancid salt beef exclaimed at the fortune of fresh meet.
LaHire paused and sent back his compliments to his General that the British were discovered ahead and they had no idea the French had closed.

Joan of Arc coolly closed with her forces and by this time the English has discovered the French. Their 3 battles lines were forming, the rear guard was set, the middle artillery had swung round and the main battle group was closing fast upon the French when the girl ordered LaHire to charge.
Charge he did with his screaming mass of death. France lay at that door for 96 years when Joan of Arc rose in May of that year. She capped the English giant of his knees at Orleans, hounded him to the plains of France and in this little village called Patay she would take on this monster and break it's back.

LaHire plunged into the English lines hard and fast. Joan D'Arc's generals begged her with anticipation to be set loose into the battle, but calmly the girl held her hand and waited, and waited...........and waited.
Finally, at the moment she had known would come the English broke ranks and the battle lines fell back to their cursing general and then Joan D'Arc with head laid to her horses neck as she always did, clothed in her shimmering silver armour commanded the French legions to "FOLLOW ME", and to the wind she rode.

For 3 hours the French did their business like never before in slaughtering thousands of England's finest and bravest. The rout was complete and certain as the girl said it would be. The English were broken and France was alive again never to be extinguished to the Lord' coming.

Never in history has a 17 year old of any sex commanded the armies of their nation and never before in the history of the world had in 7 weeks had a child taken a dead nation and breathed her to life saving a nation from an eternal footnote of a people that was.

There though her scribe would find her on the field of Patay, she had seen a dying English Soldier who had no money to ransom himself and she rode to him with the stacks of dead surrounding them, called for a priest and there in tears and careful hand was comforting the dying man to his eternal rest.

Imagine in May a nation dead and by July a nation reborn, all from this miracle in a feminine form of 17 years old in healer, resurrector and the giver of life to an entire people.

Her only request was that her people would never have to pay taxes again and they did not until the French Revolution. She never asked for anything more, and the French mobs in turn burned not only her, but her armour, her swords and her clothes.
The survivors would then give to her statues, a place of worship and grande accolades which she never desired nor lusted for.

Patay was the conception of the American Republic for in it France was made alive and America would be born in 1776.
Lafayette would bring to America the Spirit of Joan D' Arc, how many nations in this world have been born because of this woman..........and how her American children would in 1944 set her beloved France again free from oppression and they would call out, "Lafayette we are here".

The tender mercies eternal of Jeanette D'Arc, the girl General of France and the godmother of the American people.

agtG 300

Lockerbie blood for Barack Hussein Obama

there once was a boy named bearick
whose name rhymed with a crude oil derrick
as he pumped his oil shaft
he maliciously laughed
i've traded American Lockerbie blood
for khadaffi's terrorist oil pumping carrot

Just as you can always tell a booger picker by the fingers they have up their nose, a chronic masturbator by their hands in their pockets as they feel themselves as they walk along, a pattern emerges in booger picker, jack off Barack Obama in he rewards terrorists who he has been dealing with by having someone else hand out the payback while he looks concerned over the events he engineered.

It is a given by Syria getting the Boeing jet deal, neo Syrian Phisitines getting a land deal, Persian Islamocommunits getting a dead Jew deal and Libya's Khadaffi getting an oil deal for American blood that the world can deduct where Barack Obama's presidential campaign got their counterfeit 300 million dollars from in the Middle East.
Khadaffi was on the front burner the entire 2008 election telling the world Obama was a Muslim and throwing his entire support behind him.

Now the world finds out that British Petroleum with Rockefeller oil was pushing an oil drilling deal with Libya all in 2008 when the puppy press was telling the world that Obama would be the next President.
This is literally a blood for oil deal in Africa larger than any DeBeers diamond exchange and Bearick Huxxxein Profane Obama is at the heart and center of this and in the most disgusting manner came out afterwards with that stern glowing face of conquest like he always does and issued his limp protest after he already shot his wad into the desert sands.

This is something Americans should be beyond outraged over as this is Americans literally blown out of the skies over Scotland by Libyan state run terrorism. These Americans were travelling at 500 miles per hour, which means the breath was sucked out of them in freezing cold temperatures like frost bite, the speed ripped their limbs off, heads off and gutted them of their was a modern day drawn and hanging of hundreds of innocent Americans over Scotland before their remains became maggot and bird food falling to Scottish soil.......and in all of that, the Profane Obama, pissed on these Americans in putting for a British deal in trading their murders now for Libyan oil profits.

It doesn't make any difference if Khadaffi is reformed, as his son is not. It doesn't make any difference because that illegal money bought Obama the White House out of the Middle East and with oil Khadaffi freed a terrorist and then rubbed American's noses in it by throwing a national party for the return of a state sponsored assassin.

That is why all of this matters as Mooselum Obama who Khadaffi defines as a Muslim has just told terrorists the reward for murdering Americans will be Rockefeller oil contracts.

This blog mentioned previously that the blowing up of French Flight 447 was indeed linked exactly to the Obama benefactor narco terrorist routes and he is as guilty of that downing as the Persian Islamocommunists who did it.

So what lies next America in the Obama web of lies? There is a pattern here of Obama using terrorists to promote his policies in Pakistan and Afnamistan as Americans are murdered. How long is it going to be before an "obama crisis" emerges in which the Persians blow up American cities with nuclear warheads and Obama looks stern again, wipes out some competitors of his terrorist friends and the cartel of Obama benefactors gains billions more in revenue.

Americans are not going to have to wait long on this as remember George Soros is drilling oil in Brazil for the central Europeans, Soros being Obama's first financial backer Obama met with, and now the Rockefellers with BP are drilling oil and gas in Libya.
I have pointed out that they do not waste money on new wells unless their is going to be a shutting off of supply from the old oil fields which are not going to deplete for 20 years at least.

So ask yourself, just how nuclear are the Obama wars going to become for the Saudi regime as they are being replaced within the next year.

they voted for bearick hussein obama
a kenyan bastard with an american mama
at first he seemed profane
then he was deemed insane
selling American blood for nuclear drama

agtG 316

Bearick Pumpin' His Oil Derrick

Things are always not as they seem in life. For example, Darwin science would have one believe that the reason the earth is alive and other planets are dead is because the earth is just right in distance from the sun alone, and does not have evil greenhouse gases.............problem is Jupiter and Saturn are full of greenhouse gases and are cold, but Mercury which has not gases is boiling.

According to Darwin science Mercury should be cold without gases, and Jupiter should boil, yet it is the distance from the sun which makes Venus hot and Mars cold, not the greenhouse gases.

Yet neither has advanced life, which means there is more than sun involved or gases. Darwin science likes to ignore things that do not add up to their flat world thought..........much like it is the Earth's molten core which is the heating blanket which keeps the world at a base temperature which allows sun and ocean to regulate the temperature of life in balance.

Ask yourself though if magma cools within days upon reaching the surface and becomes rock, just why is it that earth for thousands of years is still molten at it's core when Mars went cold?

Couldn't be something about Sheol now could it? Will leave that as Darwin science might point to compression and rotation as the cause of the hot core of Earth, but yet Mars is busy rotating and compressing too and yet she is cool.

Things are not always as they seem for when we see the Lockerbie bomber set from after murdering hundreds of Americans, we now find out the British and Scots set the bugger free in exchange for an oil contract which by mahdi miracle just happened to be signed in May 2008 as Obama's people were telling South Americans he would be in the White House and as we all recall flying around the world as President in 2008.

Yes it was British Petroleum or BP which was behind the big Libyan oil contracts which the socialists in England sold out honor for, for crude.
Interestingly, there is a molten core in this which somehow the press has negated deliberately in making this a British coup.
For those with memory, they will remember that not too long ago a certain Rockefeller oil company merged with British Petroleum...........gee the same BP which is getting oil contracts in Libya on the murder of Americans, with that little Ashkenazi Rockefeller clique answering to the central European Rothschilds pushing this terrorist oil deal.

Now for a review which is exclusive to this blog and a finding exclusive to this blog, who was it who backed Bearick Obama for the bird cage?

Rothschilds from central Europe.
Their minions in America of the Rockefellers pushed him in their monopoly press and there Obama sets in the White House.

Now ask yourself where was Bearick Obama in this upholding Constitutional rights and protecting the United States Constitution when in the trading of terrorists for Libyan oil?

Oh you probably remember that one statement from Obama in "expressing regret" over the release of the terrorist.


This is Rockefeller oil which owns Bearick Obama and his European cronies. Bearick Obama KNEW of this deal from day one as it only went forward and was signed when he was being installed in 2008. One word from and American President and this would NEVER have happened. This terrorist for oil took place, because Bearick Obama signed off on this deal and all he did was cover his butt with his statement in once again trying to deflect his policy and blame it on the Brits alone.
The Libyans though rubbed every one's nose in it by making it a national celebration when the terrorist came flying home for oil contracts.

Recall also in Rome it was, that Gordon Brown was cuddling up to Khaddafi for this exchange. One can recall that Obama was having little black girls rub their asses on him in photos and Obama was looking at the asses of 16 year old girls in his Obama the Profane, erectile stance.

Obama was chasing ass and Gordon Brown was making an ass out of Americans.

This is condoned policy though with Obama, because Gordonian Knot Brown has witnessed Obama sending love letters to Moscow and Iran, has been rewarding Syrian terrorists, gave Bill Clinton to Kim Jong Il after he declared war on America and in return Kim just got caught sending terrorist munitions to the Persian Islamocommunists.
Obama has rewarded Cuba, Venezuela and Brazil..............and he is hammering free Honduras to get his drug mule friend back into power.

In seeing that gravy, why wouldn't the Scots and Brits think that a few hundred dead murdered Americans wouldn't matter...........hell's bells Obama is going to slaughter that many in Afnamistan in a few months.

So the Obama cauldron boils and bubbles as his palm prints are all over the release of terrorist Megrahi of Libya, because his benefactors of Rockefeller oil who run him, Hillary Clinton, George Mitchell, Susan E. Rice, Richard Holbrooke, Eric Holder, Joe Biden etc... ran this oil for terrorist deal as Obama jacked it off into a Roman holiday conception.

Understand this point in what Bearick Obama did in Lockerbie IS EXACTLY what he did with making the 9 11 Memorial a communist recruitment day. The two biggest mass murders of Americans by Islamoterrorists and Bearick Obama pisses on both memories in throwing a rose at one and Bearick gets his oil Derrick a pumpin' over the other.

Do you readers now understand what was being built upon here in making an issue of Obama's real name being Bearick in rhyming with oil Derrick????? God knew this was going on and about to be revealed. All glory belongs to God in exposing another Obama crime against American innocents and to Obama belongs all the shame again.

Bearick the Derrick sold out murdered Americans, their families, national honor for terrorist oil.

While it is not Biblical but belongs to the Omens which Obama's benefactors are in oracle to, Mr. British Brown and Mr. Obama Red, had better take heed, because there is reference in the oracles to the Libyans arising in power like Egypt in the coming days and pushing at the Europeans.
Reference is made that the Libyans kidnap a British Royal of the immediate family.

I hope the Jews, Egyptians, Jordanians, Saudi's and Turks notice the terror Bearick Obama has installed as policy in rewarding murder and passing off murdered Americans as cheap feed. They will be on that fodder list as decency has changed in the Abrahamic family with this Obama in the White House.

For this alone, Bearick Obama should be indicted by the House for high crimes and treason against the American People and convicted in the United States Senate and banished forever from the United States to exile in Europe.

Triple X Obama, a galactic disgrace on the cloth of humanity.

138 million Americans and counting in those who vehemently oppose Bearick the Derrick pumping his shaft for oil sunk in the blood of dead Americans.

agtG 214, 242

American body bits for Obama drill bits

John Metzler: Where was Bearick with his Derrick