Sunday, June 26, 2022

I''m Back


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Ah the Prophetess is back. Enough of this analytical projections  at least in this post which herald the accomplishments of the lords and the priests in their adoration of adoring things.

You are about to learn something in your wee weeness of weenesses as no one is arrogant when they consistently produce information in plain sight but you are too unaware to comprehend. You are a rat in the maze. I apparently am not  a rat in the maze.

Here read and you will still remain in darkness of ignorance, but meet you on the other side.

The Pentagon Announces It Will Refuse
To Follow Any State Laws Restricting
Abortion Access

Justice Thomas Says There Are More
Rulings That Should Be Reconsidered

Yes we are all happy now as you now have abortion liberty and gun freedom. The Black Robes are ruling for you..........

Say smarty pants, when was the last time the Black Robes found for you in the Constitution?

Thee elections Biden had stolen from you? Nope

The stinky penis up anuses equal with your straightness? Nopers

Hmmm Obamacare rationed death? Nopest.

Wow gun control, Roe vs Wade, all that shit since the 1960's   going against you and now this liberal corrupt Supreme Court is suddenly making findings for you.

Put a question mark at the end of that sentence as you have no idea that you should be asking questions.

Now why would the Black Robes which has betrayed you all of your lives, suddenly be your saviors?

Did the Lame Cherry not tell you that the GOP was going to be handed the 2022 AD in the year of our Lord midterms almost 2 years ago, and now everyone is so bright they are reporting this.....their reports though are to CONDITION or brainwash you. Gee after all those elections were stolen again in the primaries. 

Now for your education as you will never get this, even after all God has me teaching you to think.

Remember when the Lame Cherry informed you about PUNTING. You are about to learn something  the lords and priests know, something which reveals a vulnerability at this juncture of time.

Remember why CIA Director William Colby was assassinated?  Mr. Colby was focused on what he did not understand in the disrupting of the continuity of the system, which controls the population easily by a central source. What has been engaged in since is the overt emotional rape of societies in the absolute breakdown of the trust in the system. Everything has been engaged in to alienate people from trusting government, authority, that which is the continuity of the system as the cartel has designed this shattering of the trust in the system. That is what Covid is about. It was all another brick in the wall.

Now you are being baited by the treacherous GOP taking control to save you? Save you from what? The massive debt? The invasion legalized in amnesty? Force vaxes? You are being told that you should trust in the next election when everyone knows the last elections were all corrupt. You do remember what Obama and the GOP did to the Tea Party candidates in wiping them all out by fraud?

Trust in the system though is the mantra as the GOP will save you, when it will betray you again. Trust in the system.......for what? What is your pacifier presented to you in the diversion of these left wing paid protesters over what the Black Robes are engaged in? Why you are to trust in the Supreme Court because those 7 liberals are now 7 conservatives saving you.......when they did nothing but betray you for their tenure.

Yes Amy would save Catholics but not Protestants. Kavanaugh would nto save babies in the womb last year, but now is saving them this time. Same Black Robes, new marching orders, and the order is to punt the ball in the chaos, because they want right wing you to believe in the system of elections and courts which were both shams just days ago.

Do you understand the vulnerability which has surfaced? For some reason, the absolute control of the cartel needs you to ascent to what is coming. You have to agree. You have to suck the Black Robe pacifier to the autumn elections where you will be told they are now answering to your will, when the same police state is in operation this entire time and will operate as it always does, and do you really think come 2023 AD in the year of our Lord, after food shortages, inflation, energy busts and vax plague, that the Congress is not going to in that mayhem not start the Patriot Act process again as this time you will agree to it all again as you will think you are in power. This is not Patriot Act, this is about control of your soul in being willing to agree to what is coming.

You are being led along to 2023 AD in the year of our Lord for reasons the cartel has projected, to get you into 2023 AD in the year of our Lord willingly. You are Faust and you do not comprehend in the trading of your soul.

With 700 Americans hunted down and arrested by the FBI, you are being pacified for a purpose as the cartel continues to churn ahead. Logic would say that the Great Deception is what you are being pacified for. Your guard was put up and assaulted and now it is being taken down for a purpose.

So you won on you did not as now there will be super state abortions for profit.

You won on carrying you did not as Mitch McConnell and Dictator Biden are going to declare you an insane risk and confiscate your guns.

Whatever the cartel gives, you always end up losing an more in debt.

Now that you are aware this sunny valley is the place of the shadow, due to the Lame Cherry making your weeness aware, perhaps you will stop celebrating being conned again and get out of the valley and leave this all behind.

Come out of Babylon.

Nuff Said



The Russians Are Learning


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Considering it was London Banking which brought about the mass murder of Czarist Russia in a Jewish feud of New York and European banking families in the Schiff and Rothschild, the Russians have had a rather slow learning curve, but appear under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin to have seized upon certainties in the projection of power, that as the Lame Cherry has shown, even for lack of effort, the Spanish, French and Germans  all attempted the London crossing that Rome and the Normans did with success, were vanquished in not destroying England first.

Member Of Russian Parliament Says
'London Will Be Bombed First'

For those not paying attention, England has been instigating this war in Ukraine with Russia to get Russia back under banking control. They tried to get Poland and Russia to be involved in a tripwire war for NATO, and now are under the auspices of Co Opted Washington DC, to form a London, Poland and other worthless fodder nations to begin World War IV.

The cartel intends the Slavics to be fodder in this war as in previous set ups of war. Russia though is looking at this as war, because that is what it is. In all wars, it was the power that controlled England which ruled the world. Those who succeeded ruled for centuries. Those who failed were ruled for centuries.

This is war. This is a chess board. This is all about position. Gain position and that party rules.  There are always key positions. Ukraine is a key position against Russia as is Bessarabia. For Russia, Ukraine is key position for defense as is Georgia. Think of those as invasion points.

Now project this for Russia in what is the key point to stop assembly against Russia and that invasion. As you already area aware in the above Russian statement, England is the key to protecting Russia. Remove England as an assembly point and Russia has a firewall, Russia holds the bridgehead, Russia unplugs the life line from the bankrupt Americans. England survives by oceans and air. Take the ports away and England ceases. England ceases and the threats cease against Russia.

The way Russia would "bomb": England, is part of the Russian learning curve. Adolf Hitler failed in bombing England, as bombing a city is not eliminating the ports. The modern elimination as implemented by the Americans is nuclear arms. 

Japan succumbed to nuclear arms not from the arms, but the threat of those arms eliminating the Japanese populace one city at a time. Japan had not any back up population. England does. England has American, Commonwealth and the United States.  Therefore the necessity is to eliminate the ports of England in a permanent outcome. Uranium is safe in a few weeks. Plutonium is a bit longer to become safe. Cobalt is five years. Logic would dictate that Russia would pollute England with cobalt, and therefore end the importation of fighting primates to stage an invasion from England to enter the invasion points into Russia.

The Russians appear to be learning Long Ball. The Russians are ruthless as Afghanistan and Chechnya proved. Russia failed in terrain in Afghanistan and succeeded in terrain in Chechnya.  Removal of England ends invasion point and ends resupply.

Russia understands the cartel is taking out the United States, for a central European rule as London plays both ends to eliminate Europe, Russia and China in crippling the United States so all competitors are neutralized. Russia is playing the clock in calculating it can survive if China and America fight, before Europe can arm, and that will leave London banking which Russia will destroy without extreme prejudice.
Russia in taking time in Ukraine reveals it can play the odds. It is dangerous  even if it understands the fail safe option is eliminating England if the gambit does not work.

What you should comprehend now is what the Lame Cherry wrote months ago on Long Ball, is now a working reality. If Ukraine does not work for Russia's benefit, the next steps for Russia are closing the close invasion points in Slavic lands with nuclear options and with eliminating England first with nuclear options.

Do you feel powerful now in knowing the future events before they happen like a popular girl who lives in the future or are you still afraid of pretending you are more superior than the Lame Cherry who knows all by God's Grace.

Nuff Said


The Last in Line


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is time to disrobe our dictators and despots just a bit for a naked peek at their psyche in the Great Reset of Klaus Rothschild Schwab, his fetching wife, and of course their homosexual mind gimp of Yuval (pronounced Jew Balls) Noah Harari, in their cyborlution of humanity, all based in the metal critters of the vax and the vast preparation of Elon Musk in the 5G + which will uplink the synforms to immortal bliss.

Mar 24, 2022 ... This is the top advisor of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. Harari is working on a global scale to bring about the planned destruction ...

Ronnie John Dio and his 1983 breakout album, is an interesting prophecy in the tracts which Dio laid down. Last in Line is archaic creepy in what Dio was projecting for the future  of mankind. He was right as this is Schwabinland's wet dream.

Met you on the other side for some naked forensic psychology.

I'm not going to get into your personal fetishes, as we all have them. The Lame Cherry as the progenitor of Forensic Psychology will give you a bit of the reality of your arousal. In most cases, like Prince Harry, he got his first boner thrill over some Negroid, whether it was jacking off to National Geographic or something like Flash Dance, he followed Obama's adopted Mama, .......can't think of that Dunham hose bags name right now, but she saw some black cock giving it to white tramps and she got wet at the movies and Uncle homo perv put the wood to the teenage child Stanley Ann and the rest is history.

So when you have cyborg futurists just cum dripping queer over turning people into synforms, you can do the history in Klaus Schwab was probably using the fast switch on the vacuum hose to jack off with and Jew Balls probably was jacking to Sean Young in Bladerunner telling it's parents that it was studying science and liberal Harrison Ford popped up on the screen and Jew Balls spewed his cum, and thought it was queer and kept at it got hard over cyborgs as gods so no one would judge him for shorting out the keyboard with cum.

See Sean Young is gorgeous. Always have liked her. Was a shame she was not cast as Catwoman, and other roles as she made fantastic movies.

Anyway that is the shit in this, Hoover is to blame for where Schwabinland is raping the world and Sean Young was the source of Jew Balls sticky keyboard and if it had cum with a long screen shot of her, instead of quick editing, then Jew Balls would be getting it's fluids drained by some nasty Mosaad hose bag discarded by the old pervs that run that show.

Somewhere in this lays the facts of this God complex, faggots and borgs, as one just does not make the false tree of life, for being immortal, but for the sex.

Nuff Said


Saturday, June 25, 2022

Seamen Semen Seimens

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have a great deal of respect for journalist Yiochi Shimatsu. He has done some very in depth and complete investigative journalism through the years to enlighten on subjects to the 3rd dimension when only the 1st flat world understanding is available.

This quote on the first mass shooting in America to foster in the new wave of gun control as the Supreme Court finally began handing back rights removed by the courts and legislature from the Constitution, reveals that the target was a man who had invented a clean energy fuel system in being hydrogen.

Meet you on the other side.

By Yoichi Shimatsu

Exclusive To


Summary of Investigative Reporting in Buffalo: The investigative journalism visit to Buffalo, NY, by the author and a local colleague who served as guide, was aimed at discovering the actual motive behind the Tops supermarket shooting in mid-May. The on-site visit was prompted by an online clip from several years earlier of the store's security guard claiming to be the inventor of the first provable method of running a motor vehicle on water as a fuel. That revelation stirred by curiosity while ringing alarm bells, raising the possibility that the Buffalo shooting incident was done for the powerful energy industry (at a time of record gasoline prices), compelling us to drive north to Buffalo.

The rationale is obvious, the energy industry has repeatedly suppressed the potential for the use of water as a fuel. More than 200 attempts at running a car on water have been met with ridicule, debunking and mysterious deaths of inventors. Despite overwhelming risks of failure and media scorn, a retired Buffalo police officer named Aaron Salter (pronounced "Soul-tr") succeeded through persistence and serendipity to run his 2004 Ford F-150 truck on water vapor with sufficient expansive force to pump the pistons for up to 20 minutes. (the video is posted online). So the question arises of whether the inventor was just one of 10 random gunshot victims in an "anti-black" shooting or was Salter the intended target of an assassination plot with unrelated shoppers added to the kill list to conceal the profit motive of the energy industry and its political lackeys.

If Salter was indeed targeted for elimination by Big Energy, the murder has worldwide implications for alternative energy sources that are not corporate-controlled, and indeed for the future national interest and economic growth on a global scale. If this crime theory proves to be the case, then the Salter assassination was not the work of one youthful offender, a mere hireling, but a high-level conspiracy implicating the leading circles of government, intelligence agencies, the energy corporations and relevant financial institutions, a wide swath of politicians, high bureaucrats and corporate executives to protect their Petro-dollar system (cash-for-oil relationship)

I do not intend to expose Mr. Shimatsu is wrong, but he is incorrect in his analysis. This was not Big Oil which was behind this. If readers will recall this blog first exposed the Bidencon link to E cars and H cars in eliminating crude oil use to create a hydrogen cell monopoly in the West with expensive electronic cars.

That is the key in this which the Lame Cherry has shown and I'm grateful to Mr. Shimatsu for his information, because when linked with what this blog has posted in that Seimens of Germany is behind the hydrogen cell monopoly and is why Germany is leading the ending the use of Russian crude oil and natural gas, it explains that it is this International Socialist Conglomerates who removed a competitor in New York in this mass murder and not Big Oil.

What Mr. Shimatsu has provided is proof of the reality which  the Lame Cherry published months ago in what is taking place in energy enslavement of all of us. From the reaction of Chevron to Dictator Biden's attack on Big Oil, it appears that Big Oil which has a seat at the table, has been lied to and perhaps is realizing they are expendable as they are powerful competitors who must be removed, as they are being cut out of E and H profits and Big Oil has a trillion dollar share which is going to be divided up by the emerging globalists electric and hydrogen production.

What took place was for gun control, but now we see the multi use by the cartel again of a situation. In order to eliminate a competitor on hydrogen fuel, they shot up a mall in a mass murder and hid the body in the midst. It reveals a psychology of the cartel linking gun confiscation, in the use of mental disease to energy monopoly. This is a revelation in what is going on in the board rooms and how their thought processes are geared in priorities.

This hydrogen car that the murdered person had, was effective and would have fracture the control of the cartel in H vehicles. They are creating a trillion dollar monopoly and did not want to create another J D Rockefeller as a powerful competitor. This is how complete this is going to be once this E and H mandate is unleashed on the world.

Now you know.

This is once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Nuff Said



Land of the Brier Patch Sun


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry has written to the disbelief of most that the stars in the Brier Patch are in the wrong place. To further this, as I type this on June 24th is something that even TL has noted and is puzzling over.

In summer, the Brier Patch usually has twilight to around 10 o'clock. It makes it difficult to light off 4th of July fireworks until around 11 pm as it is simply too light out. TL and I go for walks and it is quite light and displays always start early. After 11 pm it is dark and there is not any lights of the sun on the horizon. The only lights are lights of the small towns.

That was the case until this year. In the Brier Patch now, we have a blue glowing sunset in the northwest and north sky after 11:30 pm. As the Brier Patch has not moved to the Canadian Territories, which have this condition and Alaska being Land of the Midnight Sun, where it is light at midnight, something has changed drastically in where the earth is in relationship to the sun.

The Lame Cherry has theorized this previously that the solar system has tipped. What is taking place in our late night sunsets though is a reality of there has been a shift in the earth's relationship to the sun. I'm not stating this is a polar shift as is the hype. I am relating a reality in we have light on our northwest horizon to the north, it is blue, an hour and a half later than it ever was before in the Brier Patch.

The meaning of this is another reality that is this holds, then the northern hemisphere will be warmer and the southern cooler. due to lack of sunlight. If it is a matter that the seasons are lengthening, it will take longer to warm up out of winter and and will be warmer longer as the calendar will not matter. It may be a point that in the extremes, Canada and Australia may have 10 months of winter and then 10 months of summer. As this would shift, some years people in Winnipeg might have shorts on at Christmas and in some years Minneapolis might have snow on the 4th of July.

It could be worked around in food production in having double crops or perhaps triple as warmer climates have, but the Lame Cherry is noting in the Brier Patch, the sun is still lighting the horizon at midnight.

Nuff Said


Paul's Apple Plucker


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Paul shared this invention back in May and it scheduled here and I appreciate genius like this as this is something I probably better put together, even if this is apple growing country, but I seem to have lots of apple trees planted.

Picked up an old cider press a few years ago and refurbished it. I press a lot of cider from my two large apple trees... think I did around 32 bushels last year.  If I have an off season, I have a friend who has an orchard that he doesn't harvest anymore and I get whatever I want from that.   I made an apple crusher (basically a motor powered wooden cylinder with stainless wood screws sticking out about 3/8"  in two V patterns wrapping around the cylinder).  It works incredibly well.  I put a 5gal pail of apples through it in under a minute.  I only press about 3/4 of a pail of mash at a time.  Seems to work better that way.    Just need to add an idler pulley under spring tension to keep tension on the belt.  A friend got the plans off the internet somewhere (it was entirely made of wood) and I made a few improvements.. steel shaft, bearings, etc.   Runs around 7-8 hundred rpm.
I get a LOT of mash left over.  It used to go into the compost, but now I'm thinking it might be a good supplemental food for the chickens

Nothing I have would ever look this nice. My first thought though for others was this:

This is a silage cutter. Probably every area still has some of these in some farmer's trees. the red part out front is what the corn was fed into the cutters, which is the back thing which has knives on it, and it blows the silage out the chute into a trailer.  Yes is pretty high octane for just apples, but something like this would haul ass. It also is great for cutting fingers off people as my neighbor is missing one of his.

I could go to JYG and get the pulley and shaft off of some implement, but if I can find a small silage cutter, I could alter it to have a hopper to dump apples into, and then a direct blower to feed the pulp into something like a metal barrel, like I used for  wood stove.

This is really a great idea. I always marvel at places that have wild nut trees, wild apples, wild peaches as nothing grows here even with care. Need water for that.

Another project I'm going to have to work on after some other of my wood projects are completed.

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Friday, June 24, 2022

Why is Dead Mars Acting Alive


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If Mars is a dead planet, then why is it having earthquakes, rather larger earthquakes.

NASA's Rover Records Magnitude 5 Quake on Mars, Strongest Ever in History of Planet's Study

I'm certain some pointy head will say, "Mars is shrinking, in losing water in all that freeze drying cold, and that is why it is quaking. Lot's of reasons I suppose, but something that is dead is alive and moving when it should not.

May 13, 2019 ... The moon is still tectonically active, like Earth, generating moonquakes as our planet creates earthquakes, a new study based on Apollo ...

See Mars is shrinking like a raisin just like the moon. Ok if something is shrinking it does not quake but know like crazing on pottery. Odd who pottery does not explode in pottery quakes. Maybe that is not the reason at all in Mars is not shrinking.

I'm not here to answer the questions this time. Mars is a rather disturbing new world really. The one thing I love about Mars is, they have whirlwinds, and the spinning sands, cause friction like static electricity and they spark electrical charges. Think about all the fires that would start on earth is earth has electronic whirlwinds, and not just clouds with lightning.

I do not believe science knows a damn thing. They always have explanations they swear to, until something else comes along, and then their previous bullshit is wiped and the new answer is what is worshiped and glorified.

I have not seen any raisin wrinkles on the moon either. My frozen foods in my freezer, freezer burn or dry often enough. I never get any chickens tossing around in my freezer.

I should look for a pretty Martian girl picture, but lost our wifi high speed and it all is in slow motion, so no Valiant Thor or hot associates. I was thinking about going to Mars, but with Elon Musk going there, I just do not want to be around a guy who has sex with Amber Heard. Is bad enough to have him here, am not going to travel to Mars and find the same thing there.

Nuff Said.