Saturday, February 27, 2021

The Sport Tough Creds of Barry Hussein Obama


1: marshall mariamoto, brian lurn, greg orme, jason oshima, brad lee

2: lane ciacci assistant coach, mark bendix, barry obama, erich smith, tom topllinski, kam mahi, darin maurer.

3:.norbert mendez, coach, jamie lee, mark heflin, joe hansen, speedy bailey.

missing boy eldredge, francis sequeira

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You know when a historical Barack Hussein Obama outs you as a racist, that is a pretty serious charge, a charge backed up, that Barry Obama was so trough that he assaulted the racist who called him an Uncle Tom and broke the kids nose.

Never mind for a moment in the above photo, that Barry Obama looks like he is 25 years old compared to 16 year old boys, let us just weigh the facts that image Obama is now claiming that someone on his team was a racist and he assaulted this boy. The story was told to that drunk Bruce Springsteen who really agreed that Barry should be beating up little boys.

Honestly, like all things Obama, like his fake birth abstract, his fake signing up for selective service and his fake American Blackism as he was registered as a foreign student for free education you paid for in college, I don't believe a word of this story, any more than I believe anything Barack Obama ever had Bill Ayers write in Dreams of My Obama. 

No one else believe this story either.

Barry Obama was known as a gym rat. All he did was carry around a basketball, smoke choom to get stoned and drank whiskey in his urine soaked undies with the perv Uncle Frank Davis Marshall who probably raped Stanley Ann Dunham as a teenage girl.

Not one memory of those who knew Obama, indicates he ever had the manhood to start a fight.  He was the token Negro and he used it.

The fact is Barack Obama said he assaulted a racist and broke the kid's nose. That is a large event even in the period of 1977 to 1979 in high school, and a kid with a broken nose would be a record for the school, the hospital and no doubt the authorities. See when you break someone's nose, it bleeds like a broken nose. The person gets two black eyes as it is trauma and there is not any hiding something like this.
Coaches tend to notice bloody floors and kids with black eyes, and yet none of the coaches recalled tough Barry and not one of the classmates or team mates ever mentioned this incident, which if you remember you high school days, you pretty well knew the stories of who got their asses kicked by who, and yet only image Obama now remembers his sport tough creds in beating a kid with one punch, as of course the kid did not fight back in this story, as Barry Obama just got to pop other kids and they took it without trying to kick his nuts into his throat.

This is a pretty big historical story, and should not the kid that Obama broke bones in come forward and like other Obama moments, have a beer with Barry and we all can have a healing moment, as this is a story which is easy to confirm, as there were less than 20 kids in this orbit.

In reality, the only kid who appears Black is the one in the photo above in #25, and seriously that kid would have beat the shit out of Barry Obama and not been Obama's punching bag. So Barry Obama, no one believes you, except the drunk rock n roller, so you are being called a liar again, so come forward with the kid's name you said you assaulted and let's clear this up as the only thing you hit was a joint your entire life.

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Will the real Donald Trump please Stand Up


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

R. Emmit Tyrell was posting suggestions for Donald Trump, and this very gifted mind happened to ponder something which has escaped him. I have highlighted it, as it is important, and it is the realty that Donald John Trump has been monitored by intelligence agencies for a very long time and been groomed by several of them, the chief of which was his last employer in the Defense Intelligence Agency, who bed him line and played him like a fish........played all of us like fish.

I, for one, believe it will be a waste of Trump's time to be fighting off charges at the state level. As things stand right now, Trump is probably the most harassed private citizen in American history. He was harassed by the intelligence community on his way into office. Why, I still have not figured out. He was harassed by the intelligence community and the House of Representatives throughout most of his presidency. Finally, until his acquittal Saturday, he was being harassed by the House of Representatives, or at least the Democrats in the House of Representatives, and now he is going to defend himself at the state level. 

What on earth was it, that caused the CIA Bush fam and CIA Clintons to unleash on Donald Trump, after all Hillary had it in the bag and was going to win. They rolled out operative Stefan Halper to frame a number of Trump associates as the FBI as the operational wing for CIA Director John Brennan's operation against the Trump campaign, had gone rogue in election meddling with Brennan ranting that Donald Trump was a Russian agent.

Look again at the photo I have posted a few times. There is Donald Trump on the yacht of Robert Maxwell, on the far right, of British MI6 and Mosaad, who was assassinated on that yacht for trying to leverage money out of Mosaad. 
Next to Donald Trump is Senator John Tower of Texas, the highest of powers in the Senate, who was set up too, and assassinated on a plane crash in Alaska.

Then there is Mosaad katsa, the now dead Mike Wallace of CBS New York, Mockingbird, whose son Chris was installed by Oz Rupert Murdoch, another Jew from MI6, who knew Donald Trump had the Coronavirus before the President took the test, in an assassination attempt.

In connection to all of this is Robert Maxwell's daughter, Jizzy, who was the pimp who acquired young girls for pedophile blackmailer for Mosaad, in Jeffrey Epstein, murdered in a New York prison to silence his role in international control and blackmail in the honeypot scheme.

Word now circulates that it was Epstein who introduced Melania to Donald Trump and that the women of Mar A Lago were there for Epstein and Donald Trump.

Epstein Reportedly Bragged He Introduced
Trump To Melania

Then There Was The Trump And Epstein
Exclusive Party With Women At Mar-A-Lago

Then there is the reality that Jizzy Maxwell, a rather sodden women in need of Jew cock, offered to tell a 60 Minutes producer all sorts of things about recordings of Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. The problem with the ragged  ratty looking CBS producer of 60 Minutes, is yes he is a Shylock, but what woman would want to be bedded by him, and why would Jizzy offer up the dirt on Trump and Clinton, knowing this was high stakes global control in blackmail, and her father had been assassinated for jerking Mosaad around,  so what chance did she have for blowing a Mosaad operation and jackpot for revealing the information for a fuck from a Jew who looked like he would need to pay for sex.

Then there is the charge by this producer that Steve Bannon tried to 25th Amendment Donald Trump and become President. Bannon denies it all, but this Jew has a most figurative imagination in selling books. The right is condemned on conspiracy theories, but the left publishes chit that does not add up under scrutiny and is quoted as fact.

Ghislaine Maxwell Said Epstein DID Have
Tapes Of Trump And The Clintons - Why
Trump Bailed Out On The Republic

I'm certain that there are tapes of Donald Trump boffing women and being Donald Trump, as that is who he was. No kiddie porn, just Trump liking pretty things. Perhaps Pizzagate was a reminder not to just John Podesta, but to Donald Trump about things which are recorded, and to mind his DIA handlers or those surprises would appear, like Paul Ryan of Romneycrats appeared with the Pussygrab recording meant to sink Donald Trump.

Jizzy would not comply with the 60 Minutes set up and while she supported Hillary, she also is the one who Donald Trump kept saying nice things about.

See there is a great deal to see if you go to memory alpha and begin examining the record, and pondering why the intelligence community was so focused on Donald Trump, in who was backing him really, and who it was that pulled off the stop of Hillary Clinton stealing the 2016 AD in the year of our Lord election.

It is evident now that everything about Donald Trump was a diversion, to criminalize Nationalism in America which culminated on January 6th. The coups stopped MAGA dead in it's tracks, and Trump worked a deal to save himself and his family, and all his problems appear to be disappearing as he fillets the Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney GOPliters. He is filling the void and the space as America moves to the Webster Tarpley split DNC in communists and nazis running America.

This is Crazy Train and down the rabbit hole. It is the enigma who Donald Trump was and is, which none of us really know. Donald Trump warned Joe Biden about the 25th Amendment. He knew it was coming and he had been informed of this. Donald Trump is a great deal more informed than his detractors like Scaramucci and Bolton were fooled by. Donald Trump got what he wanted out of 2020 as he agreed to it. He should be building the 3rd Temple, but I doubt he will comprehend what a checkmate this would be.

For now the proof is Donald Trump has been let off, as he has fulfilled what was required of him, and he is able to continue on fulfilling what the 1% will allow in their agenda. That is what was to be watched in the lawsuits disappearing and the charges. It is a good thing that Ivanka is not going to be in Congress, as it would only limit her. Remember that it was Rupert Murdoch of MI6's Chicom wife, Wendi Deng who promoted the marriage of slum lord Jared with Russian money ties, as she bedded Vladimir Putin. The Trumps have been on the radar of the global IC for sometime.

The real Donald Trump will never stand up. All we will ever receive are the shadows of movement to discern things. Who Obama was we will never know. Time moves on and we are left by design to ask, "What the hell was that all about?"

This is once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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Monty Python's - INTO AFRICA

First I would like to say, yes I look like Matt Damon, and no it does not get me laid allot. Actually it hinders my genital experience with both men and women, and dogs, dogs really hate Matt Damon.


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.



 Second I would like to clarify that I am not Prince Harry's friend. He has no friends. All he had was his brother who put up with him, until he wed that zoo exhibit. I mean, really, who marries a zoo exhibit when for 3 quid you can get let in at 2 AM and the guard will take pictures.

Prince Harry's Friend Tom Bradby Opens up About Harry's 'Heartbreak' and Royal Family Tensions


I first met Harry at the market. He was holding a Nature magazine, featuring topless swamp apes and touching bananas a great deal.  It was always hard to find an unbruised banana after Harry was shopping.




Harry asked me over to do a documentary, but in England you get arrested for that kind of stuff, even at the Palace. I never knew you could fit that many bananas up a woman.  I met Meghan that night.


I told Harry I was not into making porn and he insisted he was studying to be a Gorillaologist and that I should go along with Meghan and him to Africa, and document the journey and call it  INTO AFRICA.



The first night in the bush, Harry suggested we get some night shots, and I soon found he had the Africans capture a young female gorilla, and Harry suggested I begin filming as his idea was IN TWO AFRICANS. He insisted it was ok as it was only a slight name change to the working title.





Allot of people confuse my name with Tom Brady, the American football legend. That does get me laid allot, well after you get a woman snockered she will think a lamp post is a football player.




In any event, Harry got his bald spot that night, and almost had his balls ripped off. The gorilla female had to be put down, as that wog Meghan was insatiable. I only escaped, because I threw Bigambo our porter to Meghan and ran for my life.


So no, Prince Harry and I are not friends. We just spent a night in Africa together,
and used to feel bananas at the market, but we are both wanted by the government of Botswana for unusual acts with two primates. Apparently the authorities couldn't tell Meghan and the gorilla apart.

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For the Love of AOC and Paul Gosar


As AOC I now am leading the GOP...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry completely supports the work of Republican Paul Gosar in offering 10,000 dollar stimulus checks to Americans in righting the pork barrel of Pelosi democrats. As this blog advocated for 50,000 dollar checks, which Americans are deserving, I hope that the wonderful and virginal Alexandria Ocasio Cortez supports this addition, as Joe Biden  cruelly reduced the 2000 dollar stimulus to 1400 dollars...........and then said he would not support the 15 dollar minimum wage and would not forgive 50,000 dollar student loan debt.

How cruel Bidencon is and how much betrayal AOC must feel. Let us all feel for AOC and rejoice that she now with the Squad has the opportunity to vote for the 10,000 dollar stimulus checks. The Lame Cherry could not be more supportive of a Republican finally getting this right, right on the caring and thoughtful policies of AOC.

Yes direct payments to the People, just like President Richard Nixon advocated and completed as President. It is a wonderful day that AOC has a woke Republican like Representative Gosar to assist her policies.

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Many Thanks


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I might be poorer than you, but you do good work and deserve this.

I wanted to thank the brave people who have donated with this putsch, purge and hunt going on against Americans. I posted Ruth's comment above because it rips my Spirit that poor people donate while rich people sit on their asses as keyboard commandos and always have money to show off in doing the easy things like raising hell.

I have not inquired, but I believe I have the Inspiration as to what this vax is really about. I will probably have it posted sometime next week, when I juggle things around and see what slots I can open. Bob wondered about how I knew who read what, and the answer is Google tallies all posts, even if you can click on link and the days posts all come up. Yes it is Google Ads related which I do not take a penny from, so it is that shell game, but I do know what gets posted where and what people read.

Like most of you, I have the tale of two sets of two cousins. One set is sisters and they are taking the vax. The others are out west, and neither one are lining up in the chute. Both replied this morning with information, one was laughing that Frau Merkel was not taking the vax.

I'm by prayer trying to heal up as short version is I have allergic reactions which weaken my connective tissues, and in breaking firewood I hurt something and it is not easy to heal up as animals have to be fed and taken care of daily and the beast in the cellar has to be fed wood which is heavy.

Good news for me, the seed grain which is supposed to come, I have a neighbor who said he can unload it when he gets back his pallet forks from his nephew. I really need God to get me out of the hand labor stuff as my body needs to recover.

Our day is to do some errands and then hopefully work on the coming post on the vax as there as there are several. Then to build a fire to make the house balmy and another tomorrow so it will hold heat, and that should get us through the week as it is warming up.

For Ruth, when I was growing up we had people with your last name. They lived across from the school I think. Lovely handsome children and nice. The girl I remember was simply beautiful.  The boy looked like Billy Zane, he was the thespian in Tombstone. Anyway I was moved to write because of some of Ruth's distant or not so distant kindred.

I have to finish this up as I hear TL packing things up and we have a passenger in our other cat rides along on trips and complains a great deal. Sort of likes the other place we take care of, as she sleeps on the table while I compose blog posts. I'm so looking forward to seeing dirt again and not snow as the ground has not been open here since January, when I was planning a big welding push to get projects ready for spring.

Ok time to go pop some more generic advil and get home again.

And God does good work, I'm just the conduit and He deserves things, I'm just grateful that He and most people put up with me.

God blessings upon the Good.

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Friday, February 26, 2021

The Coat of Many Colours


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 I'm always curious about things, but never have time for things as trying to pry donations from people is exhausting. So when the thought occurred to me a few weeks back, and I mentioned it to TL, TL thought it was a great idea too, as we discussed why remote viewers never view things that are important like how much of a babe Bathsheba was or what color of hair did Eve have.

Maybe I will get onto these subjects as I like pretty, but for now I was wondering about that coat of many colors that Jacob made or wove, as it was woven for Joseph which seemed to set off the big jealousy in the family that almost got him murdered and did get him sold down to Egypt as a slave.

The matrix and inquiry says that the coat had 5 colors.


 Red, Green, Brown, Yellow, Blue, Black

The pattern was plaid.


That is all I had time to ask. Hey what do you want form me on this schedule I maintain as the best blogger child of God on the planet? Sure it just occurred to me I should have asked the material, and all sorts of other questions like how long it was, the heft, buttons if they had them or a pullover, string draw or some new thing then that no one knows about now as it was such a secret that everyone took it with them to their graves.


Yeah  should have asked the foundation color, but it probably was red, as everyone pops with red and is the natural choice. Green sure would not have gotten him thrown into a pit and blood smeared all over it. Loden green, now there is a color that elicits, I'm cold so just let me go home and snuggle up by the fire. Not as bas as LL Bean colors, but all the same......enough of this as I have other things if I had time I would be doing.

I wonder if Bathsheba looked like the babe above, Wonder lots of things if her name was Showersheba if she would have got into trouble or Spongesheba is she would have gotten into worse trouble......probably was that sponge moving over her bod that got David worked up. He was a red head you know, and probably wore plaid well as the women all were hot for him.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.














As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

So we got this cat, brother and sister, the two most purring, adorable cats on the planet. Absolutely zero sense in running toward vehicles and other stupid things.

So the male, he has been following me around non stop since he could about walk. Not kidding, I didnt't think a little kitty could walk that far, but he follows me around to the barn, doing chores, gets a drink of water from the pail, noses around, I take off and he follows me back to the house.

So we are putting in the cattle the other day, and there he is again. So annoyed I picked him up, as I have been doing that in carrying him back, and got his head hanging down so he is upside down. I figure, "Ok cat, not abusing you, but you are going to get annoyed too".

So he struggles for a bit, but I keep holding him and petting him, and then just 20 seconds into this, he stops, just hangs there, as I walk along, and the cat loves being hung upside down and petted. He is purring as usual and being even more the lovable cat he is. There is absolutely nothing you can do to this cat which he does not purr over and just love. He looks up at you with this little eyes, puts his little feet on you, and just wants to be held and now he wants to be petted upside down, hanging there like a rag doll, just watching the world go by with his purring cat delight.

I probably should be more like this cat as nothing bothers him. He gets pounded by other cats in play and he just takes it. I just can't believe he loves hanging upside down and being petted. I have been defeated and vanquished by a cat.

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