Sunday, January 16, 2022

The Wokester Rationed Mandate Death

Oh that is either your leg or a tumor. We will cut it off
just to be sure as I have Muslim prayers and don't want to be late for that.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I'm always interested in the short sighted brain of the wokesters.

I was reading a new poll that almost 50% of voters support Dictator Biden's mandates to force firings or vaxing of Americans.

I will meet you on the other side.

While many voters have become skeptical toward the federal government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a majority of Democrats embrace restrictive policies, including punitive measures against those who haven’t gotten the COVID-19 vaccine.

A new Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 48% of voters favor President Joe Biden’s plan to impose a COVID-19 vaccine mandate on the employees of large companies and government agencies. That includes 33% who Strongly Favor the mandate. Forty-eight percent (48%) are opposed to Biden’s vaccine mandate, including 40% who Strongly Oppose the mandate. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Voters are similarly divided over the federal government’s top COVID-19 expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Forty-five percent (45%) view Fauci favorably, including 28% who have a Very Favorable impression of him. Forty-eight percent (48%) have an unfavorable impression of Fauci, including 34% who have a Very Unfavorable view of him

Ok, so Bungholer Biden just won in the Bungholer Supreme Court with Bunghole Roberts and Kavanaugh in forcing nurses and doctors to get vaxed. OK let us all cheer in wokeism. Now let us ask some questions.

These doctors and nurses are real. There are millions of them. They work in hospitals and clinics and in all these metro communities.

OK, so you are a wokester, and you have an emergency, there is already a 6 hour wait, there is already a blood shortage if you need blood and none of that has to do with ReVaxNiks. That has to do with wokesters not donating blood and wokesters following Anthony Fauci's terrorism on vax hysteria which scared everyone to be afraid of something that only killed the people who were going to die, and trust in a vax that has killed over 2 million and harmed more due to side effects.

So you are a wokester, want emergency help, want an operation to enhance your ego, or just want to see your doctor. You just supported a Dictator who threw millions of people out of work that you need. You want to punish these people, and those people are not ever going to be there to treat you. So how does this protect you or how do you win, when your policies are the ones causing you harm?

Oil companies? People will what are you going to do, walk as there is no gas at the pumps?

How about food, there are already staged food shortages, you keep fucking around knocking people out of work, and voila, you have no food.

So your  policies have stopped your medical care. Your policies have stopped your food. Your policies have made gasoline prices go up, as Biden shut off the pipelines and oil drilling.

This is your woke world, not the fault of someone who would not take a vax they did not need, and what is the problem anyway, as Anthony Fauci told you that vax in your arm protected you from Covid, so you are safe, of course that is lie as that vax protects no one and instead produces variants which are Omicron easier to spread, less lethal, but you created an even bigger disaster.

So the wokesters need to get their heads out of their asses and face reality. If they want a world of Stalin mandates by death, then fully understand that the American falling apart is their responsibility, not a ReVaxNik. They voted for this fraud, they accepted vote fraud, they got rid of Trump for Biden and all of this is their fault and their denial of Rights to people is not going to fix things, it will only make the existence they are cumbered by only worse.

You built this shit hole Mr. and Ms, Wokester. This is your rationed death and forcing death on more people is not going to fix anything. You want healthcare? You understand that people left the medical facilities and that Dictator Biden has been replacing them with 3rd world, fast lane imports, who got the medical deferral, not because they are nurses, but because they are lying they are nurses. So they do not know medical procedures you need, and you now have vaxed foreigners who do not wash their hands, do not know how to give medications and do not speak English. Enjoy as this is your policy.

So you continue to trust in Fauci and you keep pressing for more denying people their Rights, because it is your death sentence, not the people who are prepared for the world you are making a concentrated death camp.

You have just assisted in collapsing the best medical system in the world. You began  this with Obamacare and finished it off with the Biden Mandates.

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Gas Lit USA


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For a memory alpha moment............

When Colonel Khadaffi was put upon to trust the Bush family,  he instituted reforms. He was further put upon by the George Soros NGO for Birther Hussein Obama to released all of the Libyan political prisoners. Political prisoners in Libya were not like American Jan6ers, who were misdemeanor harmless. In Libya, they were Islamic terrorists trained to mass murder.

Khadaffi released them though as good will gesture and a trust of the 1%. The net result was the slaughter of the Libyan government and turning the nation over to 1% control by terrorism

There is a reason why felons have been released from prisons, why bail reform has been used to automatic release felons, in the United States metro rat holes. The Lame Cherry will explain on the other side.

Career Criminal Keeps Getting Released
Thanks To Bail 'Reform' In NYC

Birther Hussein Obama tried very hard to turn the American Afroid into the type of anarchists who would turn America into Libya. The same was attempted with Muslims, but only a few went binge Muhammed and no one cared. The same was attempted even with the well armed Jan6ers who were not up to being Libyans either.

What was left was the already street honed criminals. The murderers, robbers, rapists, pedophiles who could in this carte blanche by police state, with Vax Tyranny break apart the societal system which would then degrade this to Libya or any other shit hole the 1% have designed in order to gain absolute control, by making criminals out of the Citizen.

All of these policies are by design. They have been used against other nations and are now employed against Americans.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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the affect effect


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I desired to show you the things that I see and have been witnessing for months in my life.

As you can see there is no symmetry in patterns and yet patterns keep emerging, no matter where I go, what I do, doubles appear. Mirror images of continuity. 

I no longer believe this is a widespread event, meaning this is not of you, yet it is of the whole. In all of the disorder, God keeps producing a certainty. The numbers generate order. The matrix shifts and these numbers are part of the balance of the whole.

This is larger than me, but this is the words for the explanation that would make sense now.

That which is beyond time, space, matter, gravity.


Saturday, January 15, 2022

But I'm a California Asshole, What do I care if it snows in New York


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I once attended a trapping seminar and the presenters were driving a rental with California tags. They told us bewildered that they were constantly being flipped the bird and the highway patrols stopped them, because they were from California and they were "talking too much in the car".

This is a lesson for the rest of the people who do not give a fuck about people in flyover country or think just because you are not freezing your ass off, that it is not going to affect you.

If you have noticed, HAARP tried from October to January to dump heavy snow on the Sierra Nevadas. The net result was Jeff Rense in Washington reported he was still dry and that moron Frosty Wooldridge had Colorado burn up. The weather mods gave up, as this blog told you all they can do is enhance weather, not change global patterns.

The above photo was Friday to give you a time lapse. The gif below is Saturday. As you can see, HAARP did something very different this time in this cyclone to contain radioactive fallout. Instead of driving it into Wisconsin and into Chicago for a New York 12 hour flight. They drove this son of a bitch, further south on the jet stream, following what the weather service was predicting for Izzy. I had thought the past patterns would hold, but this was new. The 1% want to freeze the asses off the Southerners this time too. That means ice storms in the Carolinas as predicted as this moves into the New England states, who did not pray to have this stopped when I warned them, and now here it comes.

Last night, we were supposed to be 3 below. I got up to a bad start of a day in barrel stove smoking when it should not have, but the temperature was 17 below zero. The predictions are off. That means that HAARP fucked up in they now have too cold, which is really going to be interesting for Chicago as this moves into the Oho, as they have atmospheric engineered this to produce more cold for the Great Plains, Midwest and the East.

15 degrees is really fucked up. You predict 25 below and that means 40 below. Suddenly Chicago and other areas are freezing their asses off. Just as the above illustrates it is going to be miserable in Dixie.

I'm snowed in and have to limit my Wifi thanks to all the non donors, so I can not monitor the wind patterns to figure this out for the next few weeks. I do know that HAARP overloaded this now, as I got to watch bizarre weather anomalies this morning of thermal inversions over some of my neighor's places.  Apparently I could tell which houses were bleeding off heat, as fog hung over their trees, so much I thought a fire had broken out somewhere and it was smoke drift.

3 hours later, the sun was up, and the air was warming and the entire landscape had this thermal inversion as this created cold was being rejected by the normal warmth of the sun and the land. Snow even at times, in not melting is warmer than the 20 below air temperature sucked out of the upper atmosphere.

Why this matters to a shit hole like California and the rich shit heads there, is because the more energy burned in other areas is used as excise to drive up their fuel costs for cars to electric. California is being reduced to Niggerstate status like Colorado. The Walmart family owns the water going into the state. Shortages are  abounding in drought and by creation and it is going to be dry all over the southwest for some time as I doubt any major monsoons are out there to be enhanced. The preference for HAARP now is to deplete energy supplies by this Ontario based cold sink which moved out of Alberta. They are using this to drive all the other weather patterns for the next few weeks.

That means when it snows in New York, ti is going to cause problems for the West Coast for all of this year. They meant to migrate the semi wealthy out of the Western states to make room promised to the Chinamen who can eat the Mexicans.

HAARP is going to reinforce this cold the coming week. Then by the 23rd they are going to produce another snow event for the east which begins in the Plains. I have to see the patterns which produce before I know, as this cold last night does mean they overloaded the system by drawing air out of the stratosphere. 
How far south this is going to reach, may be Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina. What is cold now is going to get cold in this reinforcing shot. When HAARP hits like this, the algorithms go nuts in trying to make a patern. What I'm seeing as the AI's try to make sense of this, is the AI is projecting something in the 20's. What I think may happen is the westerlies will begin taking over again in their dry and heat as I do not thing the energy is there to sustain a really cold spell or to create these fake vortexes.

As this blog stated, Gerald Celente is predicting climate change will replace the vax in March. It is hard to convince people of global warming and carbon footprints after HAAPR has been freezing their asses off for the month before.

For all the manipulation of these weather bombs from September to January, that much vacuum is going to cause a surge in the normal southwest patterns which begin around March, early or late depending on the heat structure.

I'm just guessing as I have not inquired, but I think there is going to be a fast southern jet stream shift this year, meaning no excessive rains for the dry plains, meaning the heat and rain will be in Canada quickly by June.

Yes HAARP can blow things up and does often, but I think that will be the trend do to all this weather mod overplay for the past 4 months.

All are going to be affected as America (250 million Ameicans and 250 million foreigners for a pop of 500 million and growing foreigners) is only producing resources for 350 million people to consume.)

Time to confiscate you rich bastards money with HAARP

With that, Nuff Said

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Omicron Originated From The Vax

I don't believe in having fun, having sex or smiling. It is better to
be miserable,  not aroused and morose,  as you have never seen a happy cadaver.
That is why I live in Nova Scota.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A most interesting story appeared out of Canada and apparently the New Scotlanders had no idea how monumental it was, as this latest non lethal "variant" of the Coronavirs Wuhan, appeared in an outbreak in Nova Scotia before scientists even knew it existed, and two weeks before it was named by Jews the premeaate or something virus, which then became Omicron, which was noted in South Africa two weeks later in November 2021 AD in the year of our Lord.

Last week, Professor Graham Gagnon, director of the Dalhousie University Centre for Water Resource Studies in Nova Scotia, told CBC that they found Omicron in wastewater samples from early November. 

“It was surprising to us to see a viral signal in early November. Only in retrospect were we able to see that it was a variant and not the original,” he said. The cases were confirmed to be Omicron on December 13 and were linked to a Covid-19 outbreak at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish.

The Omicron variant was formally identified in South Africa in late November. 

The Dalhousie researchers have been testing wastewater for signs of the deadly virus since December 2020 at four main wastewater treatment plants in Halifax and five student residences on the Dalhousie campus. 

The Lame Cherry will explain something based on your family and siblings.

My siblings growing up looked like the mother jumped the fence. I had a sister who was a brunette, a sister who was a blonde and a sister with red hair. The mother had black hair and the old man had blondish reddish brown.

If my parents were the original Coronavirus in the L and S strains, then my sisters would be the "variants".

I have numbers of cousins scattered to hell and gone across America. Do you know how many of those DNA related families had brunette, blonde and red haired siblings all in the same family? None. Going back to Omicron, in nature if variants were repeated as a rule, as South Africa and Nova Scotia were proven facts in the same variant, then my siblings should have been repeated several times over on the Omicron pattern of appearing in two locations in the world at the same time. As this is not how nature is, that means that Omicron could not have appeared naturally, any more than Ebola could only appear in Africa, when on the Omicron model, Ebola should have appeared on different continents at the same time.

That means that Omicron must have like the original design, been a thinking virus, in other words, it must have been human design behind it. If this was a plague, then Omicron should have appeared in a thousand places, as different sources from South Africa spread it from containers to food to people. As this was not the case, it is a projection that Omicron is likely to have originated from the same vax pool. Meaning the mRNA strands of the prion in the vax, shed and produced a like variant, meaning the vax was the father of this Omicron and seeded into people, and the vax then as was warned, produced a more easily spread virus, but one which was harmless.
It would be like my old man having donated sperm to all of my aunts, and likely brunette, blonde and red hair siblings began appearing from the same injected source or ejaculation source.

This is a spread line which fits in how this "Omicron" spread so quickly in populations. It was not being sneezed on people to infect them, but the people were infected by a needle dispensing the vax. HIV spread in like manner from hepatitis vaccinations in sodomite groups.

As this blog alone reasoned, the croup in children this year, and the experts telling parents to have their children cuddle with the vaxed, is what was creating this croup, as the children were picking up either the Qaudvax in the flu or were being shed upon by the vaxed adults, to terrify parents to inject their babies with the Fauci PedoVax.

This dual Omicron can not have naturally happened. Therefore the only biological way this event could have taken place was from human design an action.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Were Bonnie and Clyde terrorists? No they were gangsters.

Was John Brown and his confederates terrorists? Now they were abolitionists.

What are gangsters and abolitionists? The same thing as anyone who employs violence against society and that is defined by the law as outlaw, or criminal.

There growing reports of more leftist violence in this world. What was once the Gary Hart Patriot Act is expanding by those who desire political hegemony to label groups not just terrorists, but domestic terrorists.

Do you know what "terrorists" were called in President Thomas Jefferson's day? They were called pirates. Not international pirates and not domestic pirates, just pirates.

Two such criminals were arrested stalking right wing political events, but I have no idea of Attorney General Merrick Garland has with Director Christopher Wray, these criminals as domestic terrorists, but I refuse to term them as terrorists, just because they are of the political left, as the same weapon will be expanded against the political right in the nonsense which has been simmering to criminalize Americans for their politics.

January 6th is the most defining example of the non sense of domestic terrorists. Not one of the growing 700 plus people have been charged with insurrection or terrorism. The majority of this group were misdemeanor charges while the others who have been sentenced for violence, were introduced to this by government assets who were violent against police or property and the police who were violent in shooting, gassing and beating Americans to inflame them.

We have no idea in these ANTIFA if they are paid government assets or just what by definition they all are from abolitionists to gangsters to pirates, they are anarchists by nature. We know that BLM was funded by the Obama nation rapist of Soros and that ANTIFA was funded by the Obama nation rapist in Buffett. These were police state sponsored and protected criminals. Instead of white collar criminals, these were asphalt criminals.

The arrest of Smith, as with Baker, raises questions about whether media coverage of the January 6th anniversary, is (perhaps inadvertently) encouraging Antifa militants to action. Antifa’s ideology is predicated on the need to violently confront so-called “fascist” or “right-wing” political opponents. Media coverage that suggests that lawfully conducted first amendment demonstrations are linked to “right-wing extremists,” and which may overemphasize the size and scope of such extremism in the United States, is a motivating force.

Everyone reading this is ANTIFA in not supporting fascism.  Just so we are all on the right page as words mean things, this is the definition of fascism.

A political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government.

The above means layers of dictators telling you what to do.

There is not one Jan6er who has ever been in favor of the kind of system which is what America is ruled by, in layers or non elected authoritarians. There children of Ronald Reagan are Republicans, not the party, but what Republicanism is, the representative governing of a people with majority governance and minority rights being respected

It is obvious by those spreading propaganda that Jan6ers are not what they are and being attacked by the very forces which are involved in this political intimidation, of a rule by interfered with elections and the denial of legal recourse.

Every Conservative or person of the Right is against fascism. The most notable fascists in history out of Germany and Italy were both socialists, that means leftists. ANTIFA and BLM are as leftist as Nazis or Marxists and all employ violence in political intimidation. to gain rule.

That does not make any of these leftists domestic terrorists any more than Jan6ers were domestic terrorists. It makes them part of a thugocracy which overflows with those outside the law, as criminals.

Perhaps in these police state funded and protected criminals a differentiation should exist, to explain them from normal put upon poor and repressed, like a Bonnie and Clyde, compared to these well funded and well fed and well protected kryminals of the 1%.

It is necessary to examine the information and not be forced into narratives which has one emotional or debating the point of propaganda which is wrong. Otherwise those behind creating that propaganda have already won.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti mater.

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Friday, January 14, 2022

You didn't pray now Enjoy your Lazy Ass Problem


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry warned all of you weeks ago that HAARP was using earth slosh to create a cold basin Alberta Canada and would move it east, which it now has. The President Nominee, told you to start praying as this was going to be hammering every one in what was coming.

Well, it came and now you can enjoy your not having created a big enough prayer link to cost you a pile of money and problems.

This is Izzy. She has been the perfect nasty from HAARP as you can see she has both rain and snow. This does not normally occur in storms, but this girl will have ice too as I have watched with interest Izzy making an ice storm in Noem Dakota as it piled snow in the James River Valley just to the north to send a message to Putin and Xi that their nuclear first strikes would just hot zone this area for death and not all of America.

Not so fast as Iz is now making life hell in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois. She is going to pick up speed now and plunge eastward into the Ohio, and then ice up the Carolinas before sending a schock through the Northeast. The Arctic cold is going to follow this to this region into the end of January. The 1% is going to bleed you of your money in heating costs.

Izzy was a lie in the weather service called it a Clipper. This is no front line storm of cold air. This is a blob of moisture coming out of Canada where there is not an ocean. I already proved Izzy was getting moisture piped into her from the Pacific out of Southern California to set up what you see there on the gif. She will now rampage to the east and make life hell there and kill lots of people.

I have a secret in this stuff that I only shared with a few about this weather and it involves God in what is taking place. Not going to publish it here as too many dead beats an the information would not make any difference to those I do communicate with.

The point is I do know what is going on, and you do not.

Thinking about what to write here, but it seems the girl is starting to rotate, which means she is going cyclone and is probably why she is going to hammer those mask wearing states. If this was a real Clipper she would be in Texas tonight with snow and freezing in the south over the next days on her front line. As she is just a fat vax phat blob, she is riding the jet stream as she plumps along making comfortable people uncomfortable.

I'm going to be watching what HAARP does in the next two weeks.I already know next week, but as Gerald Celente says that the paradigm will shift from vaxness to climate change, it is going to be hard to convince east state metro mask wearers that climate change is the ordeal when they are getting their asses frozen off into February. That is the Catch 22 in this. Do they rape people's finances for heating costs and bare shelves, or do they stop fucking with the weather in the west as everything goes east and makes an impression on the bleaters there.

The 1 % seems to have too many balls in the air in Fauci PedoVax, Schwab corporate commies. Big Oil burning the HAARP storm oil, the banks juggling with Wall Street the stock market, war with Putin and Xi and oh yes firing all the medical people over Bunghole Roberts and Bungholio Kavanaugh's vote on vax mandates. Am sure there is other stuff, but the quality control in this operation is really going down as one faction is zapping another cant have climate change, sell oil and spike energy all in the same paradigm.

Enjoy your lazy ass problem. You were warned like lots of things like rich people need to donate here, but you know better and now HAARP nature is coming for you.

PS: Do you realize we are half done with this shitty January? Praise God for that. I hate January!!!

Nuff Said.