Sunday, January 29, 2023

There is not going to be a nuclear war


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

TL and I were discussing on the way home in zero degree weather how most people who took the vax, had never had a moment of being life and death and having to trust God to save them or trust that God would take them to Heaven. The reason for bringing this up is I have had a forensic education in observing all of you. Over 99% of my children are scared and clinging to this world, the way the vaxed are. Take a look at this flame thrower headline.

The Nuclear War That We Have Been Relentlessly Warned About Is Now Right On Our Doorstep

That is Mike Snyder, ZeroHedge boy toy, who has an economic collapse blog that this stuff appears on. Snyder throws Christian stuff around allot. In mentioning that Christ factor, as a Christian, I really do not get the fear from you children and brats.

I will repeat as a Christian, I do not get what you are afraid of.

Have any of you ever read the Bible? Perhaps you should or start paying attention to what you have read.

You heard of the anti Christ right? Well he leads a revised Roman Empire in Europe. Did you get the Europe part where he makes that BUY AND SELL MANDATE? God just told you that Europe does not get blown off the map as an anti Christ is coming. anti Christ is involved in commerce so people still have lots of money and things to buy and sell.

So get your head out of your ass. That is not a nuclear war or exchange at this time.

anti Christ also invades the Holy Land and once there is troubled by news of the King of the North. Who is north of Jerusalem? That would be Vladimir Putin. Hmmmm, so whatever is unfolding, the United States does not nuke Russia or Russia would not be troubling the anti Christ. That means that Russia has not nuked America, because America would have nuked Russia back.

You know if you scared shitless kids would stop and think things through in Inspiration, you will find that the Bible tells you lots of things, besides to stop being afraid.

If you  desire to find out about America and the Western Peoples they are listed under House of Israel, Jacob's Trouble and sometimes Ephraim. Yes America is not going to get off for her sins, no more than Samaria did, but frankly, the shit that is most people now, I will be glad God thins the herd. Unfortunately that is not tomorrow.

Now the Lame Cherry is informing all of you of this, not so you go back to your porn and self serving ways, but so that you stop being scared and start living that life God put you into for His purposes.

I will apologize in this not understanding you, because I have never feared death. Actually have had a fascination with death since a child. I have always stated that dying is easy, it is the living that is the hard part. People do not die that easy in most instances, because they will not let go. This though is not about death, this is about toils and troubles of what is ahead, that you are going to live through.

I will inform you that money is not going to save you. In fact, most of the things you have are going to make you a target, and most of the things you have are not Toyota Terrorist sound. By that I mean, terrorists always drive Toyotas if you have noticed. These are stupid people of the Hamite group and they never fix anything So for Toyotas to be running around Africa and Asia, that is a pretty good rig. Most of you are like these shit for brains I see around here, wearing shorts and sandals in winter, like your car never breaks down. You trust in the wrong things and very few of you have any real world experience in building a wood fire or how to butcher anything to make it a meal. That you should be afraid of, because it is real. Nuclear bombs going off in your neighborhood have a probability of less than zero percent, according to the Bible.

So you can either trust God's Word or get your ovaries tied in knots. As a Christian you were born of a people that was God's Remnant in Samaria. You were not the maggot shit group that God got rid of. Granted you have auditioned for being fly dung, but you can fix that by obeying God's Law and Caring for others.

I cover sensational news to not scare you, but to get your heads out of your asses, so you get ready. Frankly, I remember Jesus said about the virgin and the He came back when He was not supposed to. Oh I believe there will be an Armageddon. There is not a rapture as I have told you that. But Jesus can show up and move things along, anytime the Father says, "Go". I do not want you surprised in your porn and self indulgence, even if I'm not responsible for your sins anymore, as I told you to behave.

There is not any nuclear war on any of our doorsteps. There is by Tel Aviv jacking around Iran, nuclear terrorism that the United States may pay for in that on America's doorstep as the seers were shown. Jesus said there would be wars and rumors of wars..........but that was the start of things, not the end.

So calm down and Cherry on as the Lame Cherry is writing.

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HAARP Broke the North Pole


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is sort of a head's up as the rumors out of the Weather Mods are that the "polar vortex" is going to collapse around February 8th. No wonder as Crazy Eddie Haskell has been raping that swirl up north, in favor of Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine, and much to the demise of Americans again.

The cold bomb which HAARP unleashed on America, was overtaxing an already abused weather system, and it simply could not accept any more and it broke.

The new buzz phrase is a "Stratospheric Warming" will then take place. The translation is, Crazy Eddie broke it, because the cartel could not control him, and now a natural rapid warming will surge into the North.

For the record, nature is a balancing act. Dump too much  rain into California and thee American interior and other parts of the world dry out. Get it too wet in one place and it will get too dry again. Make it colder than hell and it will get hotter than hell. HAARP can and does abuse this natural system, but HAARP has broken things and we have never experienced what is now being a shredded atmosphere.

There is a history of something like this in the world, as God made the world to be watered from a mist coming out of the ground. Then things changed in Noah's flood, and rainbows appeared along with rains. 

The rumor had something about England being colder. I would suspect that America should be allot warmer in the north. It is the season of warming as the days are getting longer, the sun has heat to it, and there is a vast difference between warm turning to cold moisture, than cold turning to warm moisture in a drought cycle.

We should be looking at a heat up, a month warmer than each month should be.

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Coming to You from Nothing


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

People never seem to take it seriously when I tell them on this blog that it is a matter of survival in the Brier Patch while you sit in your luxuries and comforts not donating. I asked TL to take the photo above today on the way home as I was driving the loaner which I hope is back to the mechanic before another weather bomb of HAARP is unleashed as the cartel likes being made fools of apparently by the Weather Mods.

This is what the road looks like, yes this is a road. It is a few inches of ice with snow frozen into it. It rides rough as a cob and if you go over 30 mph the vehicle starts trying to hit the ditch. Yes there are ditches on each side. They just happen to be level with the roads and the surrounding landscape.

I have been driving in this shit since before Christmas. They stopped opening the roads so now it is just this shit to drive on. It looks like a big nothing, because that is the Brier. We have mountains of snow at the end of the driveway and just a path in and out. Shit like this is why we had to walk 8 miles in the cold to tend livestock.

Yes the utility poles are bent, because the windstorms bend them.

Usually with HAARP we have this death shroud grey clouds all day. This was the sun coming out in the afternoon after some HAARP snow something in the morning as it was raw cold in that moisture.

I certainly am not getting any rewards in this life and the picture is proof of that.


It Has Begun By The Proxy Jew


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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As no one is taking credit for the illegal bombing of Iran, the reality is that Tel Aviv, was "loaned" next generation drones to bomb several cities in Iran as of January 29.

More than half a dozen explosions have rocked different cities inside Iran as of 7:17 PM eastern US time on Saturday, 28 January 2023.  The explosions have all been hitting military industrial facilities.  Micro Aerial Vehicles (drones) and hitting numerous targets throughout Iran.

In addition, reports are now coming in claiming the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is engaging in air attacks inside Syria, against allegedly Iranian targets.   

You can watch Tehran air defense in response here.

This is a NATO act of war against Iran, in order to end the supply of Iranian munition for the Ukrainian War via Russia.

Here is what you can take away from this. The drones can penetrate, but also can be destroyed by man made obstacles. The reason the drones were utilized is a new reality, in the missile defense which  Russia has produced, was indeed shooting down Tel Aviv fighters a few years ago. The American F 16's and F 35's appear vulnerable. In other words fighter bombers can be shot down by the defense that Iran possesses.

This then moves to another American platform in the long range bombers in which the United States will be goaded into attacking Iran, because the Proxy Jew has completed their payment in hitting Iranian production assisting Russia.

I inquired previously and March was the period which the matrix trended toward. We shall see.

The Co Opters of DC have opened a second front against Russia. The Bohemian seers predict that America will be humiliated in what follows.

Remember history, when Iran is hit, Iran retaliates with murderous force, after it bides it's time. A crippling attack on the United States would suit the cartel and the world.

Iran is nuclear capable, has been for years. Grubber Zellinskyy lit the fuse in Ukraine, and now Tel Aviv has thrown the bomb.

I will try to inquire on this, but that takes donation and time. Neither of which I have.

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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Are the Globalists Really in Charge?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After the Lame Cherry alerted the cartel here, concerning their mismanagement in the form or Weather Moderator, Crazy Eddie Haskell. and provided a grading system to assist the cartel in what needed to be done to increase their financial structure and control of the world, I awaited to view what the committee would undertake as they were being made absolute fools of.

What followed was Crazy Eddie must have shown them his reforms, but in fact, his .........well it is like a weird kid beating a cat, gets caught, scolded, promises to reform and the reform is he beats the cat in the same place, but this time uses a rubber hose instead of a stick as he thinks that will con the adults.


Weather Mods "Still Needing Improvement"

I know it is a vendetta, but for a Weather Mod to risk their life
betraying the cartel is really stupid.

Look below the latest Weather Mod manifestation. Remember in this, the Lame Cherry explained all of this that there are more people in Chicago than in the northern great plains, so when you want money for fuel don't freeze out 3 people when 5 million are available.

To explain the map below, the yellow numerals are temperatures. It was like in the 30's in the interior of America before this latest HAARP set up which cost a fortune again, and while temperatures will be in the teens below zero for the worst of this, this is the daytime highs.

Billings if 4 one lives in Montana.

Fargo is Seven one lives there.

Minneapolis is 6 degrees......ok marginal in some Somalian murderers live there.

If you look at this, you can see Denver is 28, Kansas City is 52 degrees, again those are Minneapolis like enclaves in no one lives around them.

As we head to Chicago it is 25 degrees. Cleveland is 34, Pittsburgh is 49 and New York City is 51 degrees. The heat won't even turn on where millions of people are which the cartel is looking to defraud of money and portfolios to make them dependent on the cartel and accept being erased and replaced.

This is the same ineptness which handed Vladimir Putin all of Ukraine by keeping it warm there, keeping Europe warm so it will not accept the anti Christ and .......this is just ineptitude, to be shown the problem and offer Lame Cherry solutions and nothing changes.

There comes a time that the geniuses of the cartel have to give up the title of genius if they are allowing themselves to be mocked by Eddie this way. The time has arrived that this kind of mismanagement questions the status of the globalists overthrowing the world and taking it over.

When they can not even exhibit they have an operation which can police itself from the inside, and rectify glaring mistakes of attributing unbridled authority to Crazy Eddie Haskell, it exposes the complete lack of command and control this group has. Yes the committee is disciplined in the lords and the priests. Yes they put up with weird little children of the Rothschilds in Klaus Schwab. Yes they can hammer those who get out of line like ......say Paul Manafort, but that appears to be their limitations in they are being divested of the command and control, when their commands do not bring about the control of an Eddie Haskell in weather modification.

Here, this is a glaring reality. Churchill, Ontario Canada is supposed to be like......500 degrees below zero. That is where polar bears eat people and dogs all winter. Look at what Eddie did.

Hudson Bay by the North Pole is the same temperature as Chicago IL. I mean, what the hell, Maxwell is this in those poor polar bears are getting heat exhaustion!

Churchill, Ontario, CA
Saturday 4 PM
68% Humidity

Eddie has been so fixated on German Hutterites that he has put polar bears in danger of dying from heat.

Look at the rest of Canada where we were told that Crazy Eddie had brought this cold to the United Statues from.........

Calgary, Alberta, CA

Saturday 2 PM
66% Humidity

Winnipeg City, Manitoba, CA

Partly Cloudy
63% Humidity

I can tell you that the Arctic let me show you from Fargo in the forecast.

That IS NOT ARCTIC AIR when it is hotter in Canada which is where that Arctic Air has to move through to get to America. This is that Goddamn Stratophere or Ionosphere flip of pulling cold air from the sky. You have been lied to and if not for this blog showing the evidence all meteorological propaganda would stand as fact.

That is the only way you get Fargo colder than Canada.

Now I took the time to show the cartel committee how to fix all of this in placing a Big HIGH over Hudson Bay and then creating a Low Pressure in Oklahoma and scooting it east into Ohio, so it would do what Crazy does every time with his Minneapolis "Lo's" in sucking cold air out of Canada. The cartel does that, and they get lots of people turning on their thermostats for heat, and they make billions of dollars.

Here have a look, as it is obvious the cartel does not have anyone of worth looking out after their interests, who would care to move up the food chain in exposing all of this.

Everything that they are showing on projections is bullshit. In lacking unlimited data I took the Windy site for gospel in this was coming out of the Arctic by their wind models. Not any way is this coming out of the Arctic when it is warmer in Canada than the United States.

I had wondered about the reports from people saying, "It seems nice outside, but the wind feels like an air conditioner is running". Now the Lame Cherry is certain as to why, yes that wind is being pumped from the upper atmosphere. The mods pulled this same ruse in October in making the sky Arctic black for the cold air, and is how they set this all up for the attacks on these peoples from Montana east into Minnesota and about as far south as Nebraska. Makes no sense as nothing is out there, no people and no one wants that shit hole country.

The Lame Cherry has to re evaluate it's projection on the lords and the priests as they appear to reside in a glass bubble and those serving them have overthrown them too for their own agenda. This is mind boggling to me as I typed this discovery when it was made in looking at the temperatures. The models a week ago had Canada in the 20's below zero. That did not happen. It appears to me the Weather Mods dumped a cold sink in Teddy Roosevelt ranch country and that is what is causing this.

Now you know the facts, but  I doubt the cartel is going to donate any more than the non donors do on this page to keep their heads out of their asses.

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Fingering Chief Justice John Roberts Bung Hole


This has the scent of bunghole about it.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Democratic Senator, Sheldon Whitehouse appearing on Lawrence O'Donnell's program, made a statement which is damning and revealing in who was the individual who leaked the Justice Alito finding on overturning aborticide.

Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse added more fuel to the speculative fire Sunday following an internal investigation by the Supreme Court that fell short of identifying last year’s leaker. “The whole thing makes no sense,” the Democrat concluded.

The Lame Cherry will do the deciphering and translation in this. Two rabid Democrats know exactly who the leaker was. It was not any liberal at all. They have all vouched for themselves and their staffs. That leaves the "conservatives" on the court.

Now who is thee most treacherous of these frauds? That would be Obama voter Chief Justice John Bungholer Roberts, who legalized sodomy and wrote rationed death into American law.

The Lame Cherry does not care what Roberts butt warped reasons were for leaking. What is the game in this is, Democrats have been looking for a way to overturn this "conservative" court. The way this would be done is to expose John Roberts in a criminal act, whereby he will be arrested by Dictator Biden's FBI. Once arrested he will be removed. The Senate is controlled by vote fraud by democrats. Dictator Biden will then appoint another wacko leftist to the court and in that, the court will be liberal without any hiding behind the curtain. With that a new Chief Justice will be appointed by Dictator Biden, and that means it will either be a black radical, one of two lesbians, or maybe Chief Justice Kamala Harris of Michelle Obama as Biden wants to keep the White House job  that Mrs. Obama is positioning herself for.

Watch for this as democrats know it was Roberts and they are going to overturn the court by this.

This is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


Protecting a Police State instead of Serving Americans


I'm here to protect and serve. Now for your protection shut up
because the lady is going to serve up some vittles.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was reading an article in the National Interest which was calling Rep. Jim Jordan and Republicans of being liars in a partisan witch hunt to investigate the CIA and FBI for abuses of power and it  struck me how far the apple has fallen from the tree.

What I mean by that is, the National Interest was founded as the policy legacy influencing group by former President Richard Nixon. To recall historical fact, President Richard Nixon was set up and framed by a group called the Plumbers. These were employees of the CIA who just happened to be in Dallas Texas in November of 1963 during the assassination of President John Kennedy.

The CIA has been tainted by being involved in taking down two Presidents. The FBI covered up both of these criminal attacks on America.

In the interim, the Church Committee for the US Senate along with the Pike Committee in the House, uncovered that the CIA had been involved in all sorts of criminal activity against Americans from MKULTRA mind control and Mockingbird propaganda.

For a memory lesson, the FBI has been involved in Ruby Ridge where a mother had her head blown off while holding her baby, as they shot the family dog. There was Waco where the FBI burned up women and children. Then there was the Oklahoma City bombing, in which one of the bombers, Terry Nichols got the bomb making materials from the ATF.

All of us experienced the Malheur Refuge murder of the unarmed LaVoy Finnicum, which began with the FBI firing at pick up with women in it that Finnicum was driving. Then there was the January 6th murder of Ashli Babbitt at the US Capitol, which the FBI investigated and ruled justified.

There are almost 900 American political prisoners, being tortured in prison over Jan6 that the FBI hunted down. Some have been driven to suicide.

That has nothing to with Russiagate, the taking part with John Brennan of the CIA an illegal operation against Americans with Peter Strzok nor Director Christopher Wray ignoring Congress in investigating what the FBI had been engaged in and what the FBI knew.

Meet you on the other side.

Jim Jordan Wants Revenge on U.S. Intelligence Agencies

The majority compares the establishment of its new subcommittee to the work of the Church committee. What they are doing is no such thing.

A longer-term ill consequence of the show that is about to begin is the effect it may have on the FBI and other security agencies themselves. It might deter the bureau from vigorous enforcement of the law if officers fear that enforcement will collide with someone’s political narrative. Or it may push officers into bending their investigative efforts in whatever direction the political wind is blowing at the time. 

The Lame Cherry was there in 2008 AD in the year of our Lord, when an American was turned into Barack Hussein Obama, a birther, into Obama's first political prisoner, when Mr. Sinclair came forward and explained he was a sexual partner with Mr. Obama.
I remember Mr. Sinclair receiving death threats and reporting them to the FBI who ignored the threats.

The fiction that the FBI has not been serving political factions for years is something which is evidenced by the Obama years. They framed the people of Hutatree. They ran Fast and Furious gun running in which innocent people were murdered.

Now let us get to the facts in this. This blog has stated what we know in this is all about the cartel shattering the trust Americans have in our government. It is complete. We all know that there are going to be two sides in this stage theater and all of the above and more is going to come out. Excuses will be made again, people will get off, and the paid operators will get their 30 pieces of silver.

If you think that the GOPliters got a backbone after Darrell Issa promised us that he would get the evidence to convict Obama and let him slide. If you think the democrats are going to suddenly learn to not lie and defend America, that is not going to happen here either.

This is all a psyops operation and it will work as it is designed to.

Which brings us back to the irony that one of the biggest victims of all of this was President Richard Nixon. His legacy was overthrown not long after his death. Operatives took it over like they did the German Lutheran Church as much as the New York Times. 

The question in this, is not the life of one of the Americans driven to suicide or murdered, worth a Congressional investigation?  Frankly in this American police state, the majority who gets singled out in entrapment where they have to bankrupt themselves to try and remain free and have their reputations destroyed by the media, would be well served to have all of this Department of Justice aware that they were going to prison for their perpetual involvement in all of this.

If there were five, hell if there was ONE CIA or FBI agent who came forward in any of this, and said "THIS IS NOT RIGHT" and quit I would figure there were 500 righteous agents just too scared to talk. I see no evidence of any of that though. There is nothing but corruption, because they are all hired off the same psychological forms that have them all of the same "us vs them" mindset and Americans are the THEM and they have absolutely no way to resist or fight back, as they can not cost the courts, Congress oversees nothing, the media crucifies the public and they are so intimidated that they can not have a phone conversation without the NSA recording it for their conviction.

It might deter the bureau from vigorous enforcement

The list above has shown what vigorous enforcement has unleashed. Deterrence of the police state is what Americans on both sides have been voting for.

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