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Perhaps Al Franken Gave Signs

We Need More Men In Power Just Like Me

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Perhaps there were some warning signs we all missed when it comes to Al Franken, you know subtle things.


Maybe it was Al Franken always being the one with hooter pics.

Or Al Franken appearing on CNN and saying he only did friendly assaults on women.

Or announcing his election was a vote for RAPE: Rectums Are Pedophile Experiences

 Or the pie chart of the Secret files of Al Franken

Maybe it was women constantly asking him if he was a rapist.


 ........and asking him about accusations.......


........or making excuses for him.


.....or women always being told what a great time they had and not remembering.


Maybe it was Al giving rape instructions on air.

 or pointing at women's breasts.


 Yes all the grinning fellow travelers, one and all.


Perhaps there were signs.


Donald Trump jr. for American Wildlife Advocate Chair

Editor's Note: So you understand the above photo. Donald Trump jr. is holding the tail of a bull elephant. A license in this costs 20 to 50 thousand dollars. The money is shared by locals along with all of the meat.
These licenses are not stand alone, but require long safari's which employ hundreds of Africans.
The tail is cut off in African tradition, and the bristle hairs at the end are woven by Africans into a bracelet which is worn.
Nothing of the elephant is wasted and this elephant funded it's herd's protection, habitat to reproduce and it ensured elephants in this African nation will be living wild for a hundred years to come, as long as communists do not overthrow that nation.

What have you done for wildlife lately but look at it without paying just like looking at this blog and taking a free ride in not donating.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really loathe the pompous English, as they create dictators like Robert Mugabe engaged in White Genocide and Wildlife Genocide for London finance, and then erupt in judgment that Donald Trump jr. and Robert Mugabe of Rhodesia both believe in trophy elephant hunting, so this makes Donald Trump jr, into Robert Mugabe.

PIERS MORGAN: What does Trump have in common with the detestable dictator Mugabe? They BOTH believe in elephant trophy hunting. Shame on you, Mr President

I am going to ask you something in do you know why there is wildlife in America? No it is not because of National Parks as in Teddy Roosevelt, as America was about to lose the buffalo, elk, deer as the passenger pigeon was made extinct by market hunting.

The reason the United States has wildlife is because CONSERVATIONISTS like John Boroughs and not preservationists, began advocating for bag limits, hunting seasons not in breeding seasons, and a wildlife act of 1937 AD in the year of our Lord, called Pittman Robertson Act.

As most of you have never heard of this act, this act called for hunters to self tax themselves and to buy licenses, whose money would be used to purchase habitat and to husband wildlife. The reason there is wildlife in America, is because the people killing it started  taxing and regulating themselves to make certain the species would not disappear.
In fact John Boroughs in Yellowstone demanded that all of the wolves, bears, lions and coyotes be shot off for the benefit of the species which were non threatening to humans or wildlife.

Several years ago there was an attempt to tax non hunters for wildlife and they raised holy hell in the bird watchers and bunny huggers as they thought all this should be free. There is nothing free in wildlife and the sad fact is the leftists have done more damage to American wildlife the past generation than market hunters ever have in seeding in dangerous predators and driving hunters from the field.

That is why Piers Morgan smearing Donald Trump jr. is bogus. The English are responsible for the destruction of wildlife in Africa. They let the colonies self govern too soon, had the cartel steal all the African resources, the Blacks were not able to promote themselves as in Uganda as most Negroids are shiftless, so the end result in existing in subsistence, the Negroid poachers shot elephant for ivory for China black market as blood diamonds poured into Europe.
Into this was the  White Genocide in Africa by these same cartel communists put into power. The Marxists appeared in Africa and told Mugabe you can democracy and be voted out of office or you can have communism and stay in office forever. All the Negroids chose to make themselves king and destroyed wildlife in Africa.

Trophy hunting actually benefits wildlife as it pays for rangers to protect wildlife and rid the country of poachers. In fact nations like Botswana had a most progressive wildlife policy in sharing the wealth with local communities along with meat, so that the wildlife was a benefit to them. Do you know where the most elephants and wildlife are today? Botswana,  because they have a sound hunter funded wildlife program.

The American turned African Professional Hunter, Peter Hathaway Capstick wrote of this a generation ago in Death in the Long Grass and Death in the Silent Places in how wildlife benefited from being hunted, and hunting fees saved wildlife.
Capstick was an active part in this in he was a warden in Kenya and charged with cropping elephants for the black population to have land. He wondered afterwards if the problem was they cropped the elephants when they should have been shooting people.

This is one of the horrid legacies of George W. Bush and Bono, who saved Africans from natural remedies in malaria. Africa now is 1 billion worthless eaters who produce nothing, because the cartels own the UN food supply rationing food to them, and they won all of the resources. China is attempting to make Africa a colony as Islam is still murdering it's way across the continent.
This is making the world hell on wildlife and it is this pompous Piers Morgan policy out of 10 Downing which created  this festering sore, and now in 30 year those 6 baby eater families will have 6 billion Africans and the wildlife will cease and it is not Don jr's fault, but Piers Morgan as his Robert Mugabe who should have been gone, but was saved my nation rapist Barack Obama and so the horror of Africa continues.

America is on the verge of being Africa, as is Canada, France and Indochina. It is all due to leftist mismanagement and rapine. Africa must be forced to share the wealth policies, for the wildlife and the 1 child policy contraception, with a stabilizing protectorate of land reform so Africa feeds itself and learns some initiative.

The Lame Cherry calls upon President Donald Trump to appoint Donald Trump jr, to a Wildlife Advocacy Chairmanship, for a complete review of all treaties and policies globally, for America to be extracted from regulations and treaties destroying American habitat and to set trade limits on nations which do no manage resources on the principles of Theodore Roosevelt and other great American Conservationist Hunters.

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Nazi America signs Treaties in Nazi Europe

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Patrick J. Buchanan repeats often that a nation without border enforcement in not a nation at all, but there is something even more defining as America had no defined boundaries in 1776 in Revolution as a nation, in the fact that the only thing America had was the Declaration of Independence, and only became a nation with the Constitution.

The Constitution limits the powers and actions of the Federal Government, and grants to the Federal System some absolutes which can not be violated by the States. That is why this series of stories has just befuddled  me as President Donald Trump has not enforced the laws he swore to uphold and protect for the People.

This deals with numerous Democrats for their states signing treaties with the European Union and other world powers.

Virginia has today become the latest US state to commit to action on climate change, becoming a member of the Under2 Coalition of leading sub-national governments at a side event hosted during the 23rd UN Climate Change Conference (COP23) in Bonn. Led by states and regions internationally, the Coalition, for which The Climate Group acts as Secretariat, brings together signatories and endorsers of the Under2 MOU from across 39 countries to fight climate change and support the Paris Climate Agreement’s goal of keeping global warming below 2°C. The Coalition now represents over 1.2 billion people and 39% of the global economy ($US29.4 trillion).
At a ceremony attended by Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia, COP 23 Special Advisor for States Regions California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. and other member governments, Virginia became the 11th US state to join the Coalition, alongside California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York State, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington.

The reason this matters is the above is High Treason against the United States as laid out in Article 1 Section 10, the Executive or Presidential Clause that only the President can enter into treaties with foreign powers and those treaties must always be ratified by the United States Senate.

Article I, Section 10, Clause 1: State Treaties

This is an essay about the State Treaties in the Constitution. ... No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, ... if not all, power over foreign affairs.

President Trump has a Constitutional mandate to enforce the Laws of the United States, and in allowing these treasonous states to engage in this treachery to the Constitution, he should be impeached as this is the destruction of the United States.

Everyone of these Governors should be arrested by Federal Marshals, after a Federal Warrant is issued for them, and their Legislative branch if they have confirmed these treaties, and when found guilty before a military tribunal, be immediately hanged for treason by the Federal Government.

This is setting precedent which the Justice Department should have already asked for an immediate stay, review and nullification by the Supreme Court for the very reason, that what would stop Jerry Brown of California to sign a treaty with China, in PLA troops to protect California from Donald Trump?

What would stop Virginia from signing a treaty with Saudi Arabia, where in exchange for billions, Virginia expanded it's Muslim counties to become Kosovo Sharia extensions of Saudi Arabia?

What would stop Minnesota from a treaty with the European Union in being a Bi State member of the United States and Europe, and negate US laws for European laws, as that is exactly what Minnesota did by signing with these other states, climate change accords.

Nothing is going to be done about this, as bankrupt liberal States in America, will continue to bring ruin to their states as Christian States face the undo burden of this massive debt conglomerate Nazi state which America is ruled by.
America has no borders under Donald Trump. America  has more legalized foreigners under Donald Trump than Barack Hussein Obama, and now under Donald  Trump, America has no Constitution as Donald Trump will not enforce it against states in High Treason against these now fragmented disUnited States.

These states as in California and other liberal enclaves are in open violation of United States Federal Constitutional Law. They are an open threat to the well being to the other majority of States by their alien invasion, massive looting of their States and the absolute lawlessness of their systems, that then flush their deplorables into Reagan Blue States to bring them to ruin.

President Donald Trump must move in action as President Abraham Lincoln did in Maryland and Tennessee in removing the political traitors and putting into place a Government Loyal to the United States, as what is taking place is far worse in the 21st century than the 19th century, as States in that era moved justly to withdraw from tyranny, but in this century Jerry Brown and Terry MacCauliff are creating the tyranny inside the United States.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Stephen Colbert's Favorite Guests Rape People

Stephen Colbert and his friendly rapist, Al Franken

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 Tell us Al how to stalk and molest women with your Franken cock?


Ask your wife Stephen and when you are a father in 9 months, don't ask

Bill do you have any pointers about cock rape?

Stephen they all enjoy it. I could show your wife how great it is.

Kevin do you have any pointers for first time pedophile cock?

Do you have any children I could show you with them Stephen?

Stephen you should know from your rape friends that cocks are for sucking, not guns.



Al Franken's Intern Raped A Girl In Minnesota


I can see down your blouse from here teary eyed girl
and my shoe cam is upskirting for later

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This literally escapes all reason in just what kind of degenerate Al Franken is, and what he attracts around him.

All should now be aware of the criminal events of Al Franken, hounding the innocent LeeAnn Tweeden on USO Tour, where he stooped to writing a skit for her to act out, where the were not suppose to kiss, but he grabbed her and shoved his tongue into her mouth, and he did slobber as she called him FISH LIPS afterward.
We know the accounts of other women who Franken stalked and only after three days of this, and the threat of filing police charges did this lunatic stop.
It was not only posing for pictures while assaulting the innocent LeeAnn Tweeden, it is the reality that one of Al Franken's interns raped a Minnesota girl, and Al Franken put his grubby hands on this girl in looking to write legislation concerning the rape his employee engaged in.

Molester Franken with hands on a Rape Victim

Courageously the girl who Al Franken's intern raped has stated that she no longer wants her name on this rape education legislation after what she has learned of Franken molesting women. Courageously this woman will not let the Franken justify the means.

The 22-year-old Honold first approached the senator’s office, in part, because her attacker Daniel Drill-Mellum was once an intern for Franken.
He’s now serving a six-year prison sentence for raping her after a University of Minnesota tailgate party. A nurse, who is specially trained in interviewing traumatized victims, helped detectives build their case.
“I truly believe that my rapist would not be in prison if I had not encountered the sexual assault nurse at the hospital,” Honold said.

In watching this, Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer jumped over Al Fanken in calling for a hearing. Watch this as they only jumped because of their skeletons. Al Franken will not have the decency to resign from the Senate. This is a pervert who assaults women and a crook who stole an election from Norm Coleman with help from Bush and Obama.
Al Franken like Mitch McConnell kept the company of that pervert David Letterman and McConnell calls a convicted pedophile in Dennis Hastert a friend.
If the Senate perverts boot Al Franken out the door, it will mean they are saving themselves. If they keep Franken around like Barney  Frank was succored, then the pedophile syndicate is secure enough and not feeling the Andrew Breitbart heat.

Think about his in Al Franken molested an innocent woman while sleeping and using the US military as cover, while cheating on his wife and country. Al Franken then hired a rapist, who raped one of his young constituents,  and then Franken used that rape to get his grubby hands on this young woman again.

What kind of creature resides in Al Franken, who not only assaults women, but puts his hands around while grinning in girls who were raped by someone Al Franken  thought was a great choice to represent the People of Minnesota.

Second Woman Says Franken Aggressive, Harassing Calls...

MSNBC: He Was 'Not Actually Groping' Her...

Rape Victim Wants Name Off Assault Aid Legislation...

FLASHBACK: 'I just don't like homosexuals. I was glad when that homosexual got killed'...

Joked About DRUGGING, RAPING Lesley Stahl?


Secrecy surrounds settlements in Congress...

...........and there is NBC, Al's station who can not smear Republicans fast enough when innocent, is busy making excuses yet for the rapist Al Franken.


Al Franken Sexually Assaults America's Sweetheart

A California radio host and former model, Leeann Tweeden, claimed Thursday that Democratic Sen. Al Franken groped her while she slept on a military transport plane (pictured) and forcibly kissed her backstage during a 2006 USO goodwill tour.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter

The Lame Cherry is very distressed at the news that Senator Al Franken of Minnesota, who used vote fraud with George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama to steal the seat from Jewish Republican Norm Coleman, a Conservative in 2008, has stooped to something worse than groping the Virgin Mary.

The American treasure assaulted was LeeAnn Tweeden, America's Sweetheart, who was at the time tirelessly working for the People of America, in placing herself in danger, visiting the lands of Islamic terror to bring smiles to United States Soldiers in war zones.
This brave woman, who is remarkable in the melding of her ethnic background, pulled herself up and on her own became a success in the entertainment industry all in hard work.


 America's Sweetheart LeeAnn Tweeden

To think that Al Franken took advantage of a sleeping American Heroine and abused her is just beyond reprehensible, it is criminal. It is that much worse in Ms. Tweeden was placing herself in jeopardy for the American Military.

Franken is even more disgusting, as he was married, so he abuses not only American Heroines, but cheats on his wife, in violating all the boundaries which women depend upon for their safety.

Franken met his wife, Franni Bryson, in his first year at Harvard. In 2005, they moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Together they have two children.

It is time for Defense Secretary Mad Dong Mattis to instruct NCIS to conduct a criminal investigation into Al Franken, the JAG indict Franken, and a Military Tribunal sentence Al Franken to 50 years in Leavenworth Federal Military Prison. This goes the Pentagon as Attorney General Jeff Sessions can only provide cover for criminals and has engaged in election fraud in giving standing to the lying women who have been smearing Judge Roy Moore.
Jeff Sessions has done nothing on Kevin Spacey in pedophilia or George Takei in gay rape, so he will not protect an American Woman in LeeAnn Tweeden.

Al Franken has absolutely no character as anyone with character would have stepped down. Minnesota politics has no moral courage, as Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale would have demanded Al Franken resign, but in this atmosphere of Governor Mark Dayton's genocide on White Minnesota, who would appear but some Somali terrorist replacing the criminal Franken.
Mitch McConnell has called for hearings. The same Mitch McConnell who called child rapist Dennis Hastert his friend and praised him. McConnell should be facing his own inquiry as America's Women and Children must be protected.

Put Al Franken out of the Senate and into Federal Military Prison!!!

Much thanks to LeeAnn Tweeden in her bravery in serving America and standing alone in bravely coming out against the protected Minnesota sex fiend by Governor Mark Dayton in the powerful Al Franken. LeeAnn Tweeden is a tribute to all that is virtuous and strong in America from Betsy Ross to Libby Custer to Nancy Reagan.

God bless LeeAnn Tweeden, America's Sweetheart



Roy Moore's Signature

Here is some more of my artistic creations in a picture I drew of myself
in 1977 as of course it shows how much talent I have.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the assessment of Judge Roy Moore's writing something is outstanding in just as Roy Moore was in two places at once according to his female accusers, he also is man who signs not only in two different hands, but in two different genders.

The first example of Roy Moore as a woman is from the Olde Hickory House document.

 Even a layman can compare the lower case "e" does not match. Roy Moore did not write this and from an expert analysis this is a female writer.

This Olde Hickory document.

The best analysis in many cases is you the reader. Look at the autograph in a reality of how you would sign things.

To a
sweeter more
beautiful girl I
could not say
"Merry Christmas"
Christmas 1977
Roy Moore DA
12 - 22 - 77

If you were signing something, do you always sign things double in DATES?

Now if you were forging a document, do you think you might be focused on thee exact date in order to frame someone?
Maybe an exact date which Roy Moore signs this and year, to frame him completely in what he was doing in front of Baby Jesus.

There are many discrepancies in these forgeries, including the DA after Roy Moore's signature. It is not important in this that an assistant stamped Moore's signature and signed the DA after it, but what is important in this is the DA is the signature that his accuser did have access to, a 1999 legal document where Bev Nelson appeared before Roy Moore and he signed her divorce documents.

This is the comparison of the legal document and the signature in the year book.

As Moore was not a DA in 1977, the person forging the year book, in a non researched frame, mistook the DA of the Judge's assistance in 1999 for District Attorney, and added this to the year book, thinking it would add weight to the frame up.

Roy Moore's printed name does not match the printing and his male printing of his name does not match the female forgery of the year book.

In examination of the Gloria Allred presentation, the cursive Christmas wishes is feminine and not masculine. You are looking at the original forger personality appearing and then the forgery of Roy Moore's name practiced later and then transferred LARGER in his forged signature.
A third visit appeared when it was thought better to include the actual day and location.

Bev Nelson's  step son stands with Roy Moore and states his step mother's story is all a lie.

Stepson of Roy Moore accuser: She's lying -
14 hours ago - (GATEWAY PUNDIT) — Darrel Nelson, the stepson of Judge Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson says the allegations are all lies.

This enhanced magical signature documentation first appeared with Obama's birth abstract and selective service registration. There is a history of this and the assessment of the Bev Nelson year book, is the reason the experts are finding discrepancies because when Mitch McConnell's trolls started baiting with 100 dollar bills, someone saw a pay day, and started looking through their old year book, and an idea was born  to sign the year book as they had a document with Roy Moore's signature on it in forging it.
The overkill probably took place when someone mentioned to Nelson that it would really be better if the exact day was included along with the location.

This then comes to the coup de grace in Bev Nelson lost her case before Judge Roy Moore. 18 years is a long time for a woman's scorn and when McConnell's trolls appeared that this scheme began, a matter of vengeance in Luther Strange and delivered by Gloria Allred.

The year books of this era had gloss pages and frankly the Alabama State Police should seize this year book as it is evidence. See gloss pages would have the person's palm print and fingerprints on it. The conclusion is that Roy Moore never touched this book and his fingerprints are not any place on it, but those perpetrating this forgery fingerprints are on that page and book.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, as Roy Moore is innocent in this, an it is time to ask why Jeff Sessions is protecting the criminals involved in this framing of Judge Moore, and more to the point why was Jeff Sessions colluding in election tampering in stating he believed these lying women?

Jeff Sessions has a pattern in he can not impugn enough innocent Americans like Bundy's or Roy Moore, but Sessions can not find a crime in the deep state.

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