Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Thee End of Catholics - Iesuita ut opus


Frank, eh, what a guy, stop by and we'll share a few Ukrainian boys
that Hunter brought home as a bonus.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following is why you NEVER as an American want a Constitutional Convention to ever start, because once it does, it can rip the entire Constitution to shreds and nullify it.

Catholics this week are about to start the ambulare de martyre, ,the Walk of the Martyrs, because while all of us have been distracted with the pulling down of our nations by the cartel, the Jesuits have been active in pedophile Pater Pope Francis, of eliminating the Catholic religion. The Pater at the start of this met with the sodomite padre, who revealed alarmingly what is the START of this Synod or making an evolved universal religion.

The instrumentum laboris for the Synod meeting highlights topics such as women’s diaconal “ordination,” married priests, and a need to “welcome” the “remarried divorcees, people in polygamous marriages, LGBTQ+ people.” It also promotes Amoris Laetitia’s argument that the divorced and “remarried” can be admitted to Holy Communion as a settled point of “magisterial and theological teaching.”

The above sounds reformatis, or reformed like when the Lutherans went after the corruption in the Vatican, but read closely what the sodomite padre is telling everyone.

It will serve as the basis for the discussions among the Synod participants, something which Martin also highlighted: “the working document will be a starting point, or background, for our discussions.”

Did you get what I highlighted in THIS IS THE STARTING POINT, for the discussions which are going to be or more the mandates from the Pedo Pope with his Cardinals of debauchery in rewriting what the Catholic religion is.

They are starting with ordaining female priests, this means sexual deviant trans as priests too, the will move on to allowing multiple spouses, all sex deviants and wrap it all up in Holy Communion. Yes the Blood of Christ sealing sin by this Jesuit order.

Again. this is the background, meaning this has all been decided and agreed to. The real agenda is what is going to be proposed and implemented by Pater Pope Francis. Remember that the Pater said that we do not need Jesus in complete blasphemy and you can not have a Christian Redemption when Christ has been booted out the door.

This apostasy of the false prophet, and this indeed appears to be who Francis is, in the false prophet of the Revelation of Jesus the Christ, and all he needs now in the anti Christ to team up with.  Then the anti Christ can make war on Catholics and kill them all as martyrs who are apostate to this new religion.

I'm fascinated by this and hope for the worst as these Goddamned Jesuits have been overthrowing Christian Protestant sects all through America for years.  The Lame Cherry assesses thought that the Catholic religion is finished by what the Pater is doing. There will be schism. This is heresy. The Catholics will have to split into this Francis order of Jesuits and the olde order of the White Pope. There very well may be by next year at this time, two Popes in the Catholic order, the apostate and the blasphemous.

The demons were warning Catholics at Fatima in those visions of what is now taking place. They have revealed enough to state that all kinds of chaos and disorder is going to break out in the world after this Pater Synod.

You have your heads up on this. This week the Catholic religion ends with this Synod as they are condoning and ordaining sin.

Notwithstanding his longstanding record of promoting LGBT ideology in dissent from Catholic teaching, Martin was made a member of the Dicastery for Communications by Francis.

His record also includes promoting images drawn from a series of blasphemous works by homosexual artist Douglas Blanchard used to illustrate a book titled The Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision. Martin has additionally promoted same-sex unions and called for openly homosexual individuals to kiss during the sign of peace at the Novus Ordo Mass.

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Thee Obamasucker

You smell like cock on your breath and that is something I 
just can not unsmell.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As a Protestant Christian, I find all of this adultery, fornication and sexual deviancy in high places to be disgusting.

EXCLUSIVE! - Here Is The Actual Hidden Cam Video
Interview With The Two ‘Party Girls' Who Claim
Zelensky Was Kissing Other Males And Giving
Oral Sex To At Least One Other Man - In English

Two Kiev Hookers Claim They Were At A Big Coke
Orgy With Zelensky In 2021 And Say He Was Giving
Oral Sex To Another Man - India TV News - Video

We now have confirmed why there is this constant orgy of visitations to Kiev from thee American Congress and Hollywood. Birds of a feather suck together and the peckers they have are being sucked.

We know that Barack Hussein Obama was a British subject, who engaged in cocksucking and coke snorting, a real Zellinskyy protege.

We know Joe Biden is a pedophile like his whoring son Hunter.

We know that Donald Trump is a man whore.

We know that Manny Macron is hanging around the fringe of all this carnality and his wife is a tramp.

We know that Pope Francis is a pedophile.

We know that the entourage around the Pope from Barack Obama to Benjamin Netanyahu are too much enjoying themselves and not repulsed by a sexual deviant.

I do not believe there is a moral person, anywhere, who is in power. Look at that tramp Lauren Boebert, making out like a whore, vaping, threatening people and with a fat boy saloon keeper in public. This entire world is unGodly and led by Pieces of Satan.

What is puzzling to me are these Obama and Zellinskyy types. They are repulsive primates to begin with. Obama goes for Big Mike in the sex transition psychosis. Zellinskyy somehow gets to marry him an attractive woman........but is she really a norm or is she like that hot hydrant Jill Biden? They are all suspect in ...........I mean a normal man would be riding Mrs. Zellinskyy every night, drained of body fluids. Quadroon Obama has not taste so Big Mike is not an issue of fidelity, but Zellinskyy is just like Obama in going out and sucking cock.  No normal person goes out in public and sucks the cocks of men they just meet. Hell whores and manwhores get paid to do it to make a living.These pervs are just out in this diseased infested world sucking contamination and bringing it home to their families.

I can in forensic psychology pinpoint thee demon possessed perverts psycopahties, but what does it matter, as they are the antithesis of what is human. Is it no wonder that Zellinskky is out mass murdering 500,000 Slavics when he is out sucking coke cock? When you have no morals, you have no problems like Biden arming Kiev to holocaust or Obama stealing elections. The rights of the individual and the sanctity of nations, the respect of the sacrifices of moral ancestors is nothing to these reprobates.

The Bible has a verse in the Pslams, "Put not your trust in princes nor in the sons of men". We have law enforcement hunting down Americans, torturing them to suicide and protecting these hedonists. What is missing in the police state is humanity. A normal person witnesses this stuff and just quits the job as it is so repulsive. These people just keep ascending in promotions as they are a part of this disgusting overthrow of morality. They are so tyrant in promoting sin, that their condemnation is of those who point out that being immoral destroys all of our futures.

I grew up looking up to politicians and law enforcement. I have removed myself and come out of Babylon as I have no affinity with perversion. I discipline myself so I have a clear conscience.  I do not worry about Christ's Judgement so have no fear of coming to God. Having tried immoral and self serving things to the degree that it taught me there is a better way, a Way which lightens the Spirit, I know by experience that I do not want to add to the regrets and find that I'm validated by self worth in knowing that I am not hostage to whims, lusts or being selfish. I have no concerns of anyone finding out what I do in private, because I'm not hiding anything.


Their Angle is a Centerold


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I don't know exactly why I look up past celebrity names, yes I do, as most times I feel sorry for them in how they have fallen short in life in selling out. I started this journey with Angela Melini, who is Indo Chinese Babylonian.....yes that will be over the heads of most, but most do not deal with exile, slavery and refugee patterns, who is now a rabid leftist, who ridicules others who are not on the left, without taking credit for the vast successes of her political wing, which is successful in framing over 2000 Americans and turning them into political prisoners on January 6th and the great Slavic holocaust of Dictator Biden in Ukraine using Kiev Nazi, seated in the military industrial complex.

But I digress, as on the Musk links page, which is DIA, there were other people I would be interested in, which I was not. .I spotted the name Kerry Kendall. I never saw the woman before, but I remember a centerfold talking about her one time. The centerfold had a squeaky voice.......oh it was Lisa Matthews.

Anyway, centerfolds when they become centerOLDs, just look creepy, like Joan Rivers in a convection oven wind tunnel. Just would be more pleasant if people accepted they are dying every day slowly and pretty left the building and Jesus Judgment is coming, after rotting the grave.

Meet you on the other side.

I was most interested in the screed which Ms. Kendall wrote and posted and thousands of ignorant people retweeted and liked. It is posted above, but the basis of it is a black and white world, where KK is privileged for being White and she did not know it. She says she got all these goodies, because she is told that she did........

She does not mention that White people were robbed in the greatest degree of any race for wars against poverty and wars against other nations.

She does not mention that White people were the foundation of slavery in America, in the Scots and Irish. She does not mention that White people had the great advantage of being conscripted under penalty of their freedom to die in wars, or to be maimed and die in wars, by submitting.

She does not mention in her black and white world the tans, yellows and reds that populate the same world of White priviledge, where the tans are now the preferred workforce displacing the low income White, the Browns are the preferred labor force in technology, displacing Whites, that the Yellows are the preferred educational admission, displacing Whites and that the Reds have established the greatest Marxist syndicate of graft and crime on the reservations, as Whites are the menace to the world.

In observing the progression of the Edward Lansdale protocols in this cartel run propaganda operation against Americans, I'm interested how the substance of those "humans who care most" exhibit a weakness of validation, in they willingly desire to be punching bags and to punch others who do not submit to the abuse.

Angela Melini does not like a Jim Jordan in Congress or Lauren Bobert. I know there is a Black guy in Congress as rabid as those two, but he gets a pass. Kerry Kendall is busy typing about White Barbie dolls as White Supremacy.  The reason that Barbie dolls were White, is because the people with money were White, having worked for that money and they were the majority marketing group. This Lansdale program has Blacks now plastered on every ad. I was forced into a situation that my parents 58 year old freezer expired in replacing it. At the store, the main ad was of a Black man laying on a bed, selling mattresses. I see allot of ads featuring Blacks in now exploiting them, but I also see Blacks put into marketing profiles where Blacks do not constitute the majority of marketing share. By all means have a racist like Michael Jordan feature Blacks selling to poor welfare Black children, sneakers they can not afford, as they are the majority buyers, but having a scowling Black woman on Paypal where Blacks are not anywhere near the majority of clients is as profit share retarded as Budweiser selling to White right wing males a sex deviant as their spokesgender.

Some people like OJ Simpson and Bill Cosby could cross racial lines and sell products from rental cars to Pudding Pops, until they engaged in activities which were murder and rape.

It is this that Kerry Kendall never bothers to address in her manifesto of confession. OK so ignore marketing, but examine and explain why in her affluent position that she is not out in her Los Angeles community, picking up people on the street and signing loans at the banks for them to get homes. Do not pimps, drug dealers and homies, deserve a home too? Should not Kerry Kendall risk all she has worked for, so that these people who will end up in jail, dead or just not pay back a loan, have a home?

That is the crux of all of this. Banks did not loan to people who were at a risk to that bank. That bank like the woke banks that went bankrupt, have people who deposit money in that bank, they do not donate that money. A bank that gives money away is like George W. Bush giving money away to Mexican invaders to enslave them, and it created the 2008 crash which was designed to install a foreigner named Barack Hussein Obama. Obama was not natural born and he stated he was not as his citizenship to England expired at age 18. KK should look up the first American Black President, and she would find he preceded Obama by a generation in being the President of Liberia.

I digress, but this all links together. If Kerry Kendall is not co signing loans, then why is it a bank that should co sign loans for people who can not pay them back? Why should Jews like Lehman Brothers be destroyed in a 2008 crash, which ruined numbers of investors, who had worked all their lives an expected their portfolios were secure from speculation in derivatives? Why should America be looted, because the government decided to overrule banks and had them giving money away to enslave people, who then lost those homes, and hedgefund homosexual billionaires obtained the majority of those properties, which kept prices inflated, which kept more people from owning a first home, and enslaved them to ghetto apartment dwellings all across America, and including White America, as this is the agenda as the dupes biting on racism and hate, are not seeing the entire agenda of the elite few who bankrolled all of this propaganda with Treasury debt are using racism as cover for their operation.

Kerry Kendall would have been appropriate if she had entitled her manifesto, I have been Programmed, as she learned nothing. For me, it is a hot night, I'm recovering from a HAARP headache, the drought is rolling along, the non donors prevail as they think they can figure a way through this, and I have had another day of struggle. So I have no part in this game that these centerolds are portraying. As a Protestant Christian, I believe Christ will return and allot of tribulation will happen that is taking place now, and I have left behind educating people or interceding for them, as people make their choices and the sooner this all comes to the place the cartel intends in the complete holocaust of nations so they can rule the ashes, the better it is for me, as Christ is on the other side of this, and His dictatorship I welcome and it can not happen soon enough, as I just cringe by this deluge of ignorance of pontification.

What I'm certain of is that old deviant Hugh Hefner who preyed on young girls, usually absent of father figures in their lives, to exploit them at Playboy, created the illusion of the girl next door, the angel is a centerfold, a pretty face that people could relate to. Playboy never promoted the kind of rants that Twitter has appearing now to destroy market base. Centerfolds showed up at the Vietnam War, not like Jane Fonda posing in North Vietnam as you do not antagonize the people who buy your product.

People can be as woke as they delude themselves to be, but when it comes down to it, the majority will rule and that majority is one which is not going to be inclusive of a Vietnamese Italian, as Asians are thee most racist people on the planet, and that inclusive is not going to have equality for White women in demanding that Kerry Kendall gets loans or into colleges in Affirmative Action, as once Whites are in the minority, the system will be used against them as that is what Barack Obama set up as agency protocols. A White can have the assets to pay back a loan, but the loan will not go to them. Clarence Thomas must be framed and impeached by AOC and retweeted by Ms. Mellani, because he is not Black enough as a quadroon.

I pray this all comes on even stronger and with more force, that the cartel wipes this system out for the order they designed. It is not designed for a utopia, but a mass genocide, and that is what the Bible predicted. The sooner all of this happens. The sooner God says Justice will be established. It does not matter what the woke believe or how much they ridicule a poor orphan girl, because the forensic science of this insanity will only bring about the one shattered end.

I support 100% all the things the wokesters are doing as what they are doing will bring about the desired results of the feudal few and I just sit back and watch it all, while they do the work, and the results will manifest as the paradigm aligns.

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Danish is Best with Frosting


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wanted to thank PS for understanding where I was coming from after the disaster we ran into, in counseling someone God put in our path who had a bad marriage. Most people can be such thin skinned pricks who think they can take a cheap shot at me, because their feelings were miffed.

A number of years ago there was the beekeeper who I mentioned here. I had asked him for advice on bees.........he could not even do that. Instead that goofy bastard got it into his head, like others have that TL was them, and we were in some kind of affair. Dude was married. His wife thought he was nuts I think and I knew he was nuts. I found an email in an account I never used from a nurse. Apparently he had convinced this woman, that we were together so she made contact for him.  It was out of the Twilight Zone of stalkers, much like Squawtifa who was convinced that I was the guy married to Sharon Tate.

You get shit like this coming at you, and you start to think the entire world out their is deranged. Beekeeper is now dead, as I ran across his obit. It was all fiction. If it would not have taken so much time to edit, I would have published one of his letters to me.........usually one a day, which was a rant about "buttf*ckers" and other profanity of his menagerie he was imprisoned in. There was some other gal who you would know, that he was sending her the same profane letters every day. He quit her and glommed onto me.

PS has questions.

Dear LC, so just m8s with danish girl now, leaving that alone, she had questionable taste in artwork anyway. I have so many more question really but then I just fit this into a comment box on paypal maybe I should send an email sometime. 

Nice thing is, I answer questions the best I can Inspired by God. It makes good posts on the blog as people are snoopy in liking to read other's mail, and they do learn in the answers better than in just writing.

I don't know if I ever had a real Danish. I love kruellers, but you can not get them anywhere anymore worth a damn as all is product now and not people getting up at 3 AM to make dough, raise it, fry it and glaze it. I always wanted TL to taste one of them in their real form as I would walk miles just to taste one again.

I'm kind of wore out. About died from heat overload the other day. Supposed to be 40 in a few days. That sucks as I'm a shorts and shirt kind of girl. I feel like I'm flying when I get to wear jeans and walking shoes in the spring. Spent 7 bucks a few weeks ago on a used pair of hiking boots. Really love them as they are insulated and light as a feather. I just hate winter. Someone needs to put me on a deed of their remote warm climate property to inherit, but where am I going to find someone not related to 5000 asshole relatives who will be harping at the funeral about me getting a safe place. I mean can I really hope they are all vaxed and will be dead in October and not a bother later?

Sure I hope for such stuff. Still waiting for the results.

I'm really busy though so people need to understand that. Things are running up to the season I hate. It is kind of shitty rain as I type this and I have just been trying to get some shit done that I can control. Got my dead brothers junk camper out of the way this week. Thank God that rotten damn thing didn't fall on me when I jacked it up. I did not want to be the meat between a camper and a pallet pile.

Got our spent freezer moved from the house today as a lawn ornament. TL helped in moving kittens back as they have zero fear of a tractor with a loader. I probably have the only pets in the universe that lay there and know I will drive around them.

Oh wow, I just looked up Danish Pastry. Good Lord, for Israelite lost 10, they have the same condition of burning things like the Goddamn Swedes. I got some iron or something and all the damned pictures of the treats were black. I mean what the hell is that. I don't do custard, I hate raisins and no way am I eating burned up shit. PS can do much better than that. Those lowland people are just not worth it. Like the Swedes, sit there and whine and lament shit like they think they are Jesus.  It is hard to believe that these species are the same primate group.

I once saw a story on television, where a gal who was a centerfold, was tracked down by a guy who just was going to marry her. She lived on some horse ranch with her mum, and he shows up saying he wants to take care of horses as he is a groomsman. They hire him, and the mother and daughter, immediately know the dude knows nothing about horses. They don't panic as they know he is there because of her, an she ends up marrying him.

I don't know God's plans as I always thought that the person suited to me would be someone who was not that strong willed as I'm not going to bully people. Well God picked out TL who is as strong willed, tough and focused as me. Apparently strong people should have strong people in my case anyway. 
TL worried years ago that we would run out of things to talk about. We talk non stop about everything. I dislike it if TL is not with me. We are rarely apart. I think most people could not stand each other to be around their spouse that much, but we get along whether picking beans for seed or moving a freezer.

I guess I have rambled on enough. 

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Monday, October 2, 2023

Gear Shift


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A few days ago, former FBI employee Hal Turner was telling folks not to worry about the nationwide alert that is going to be on our phones, but now the warning is taking a new turn of a greater extermination of the people called Americans.

It is scheduled to take place on October 3 and will see Vladimir Putin’s regime present the West as a nuclear aggressor.

The one-day nuclear attack exercise, which has only ever been done region by region, will include preparation for the destruction of up to 70% of Russian housing stock and life support facilities.

It will assume, for the exercise, that martial law has been introduced in Russia and that is has gone through full mobilization.

It seems no small coincidence this is announced to take place just one day BEFORE the US Emergency Alert System (EAS) test, scheduled for October 4.

Thanks to a large publicity campaign, almost all Americans are now aware that this EAS Test will hit all cell phones, TV's, and Radios on October 4. 

WHAT IF . . .

What if Russia holds its "exercise" and puts a whole slew of its people in shelters and then, waits for the US EAS Test to actually launch a first strike? 

Americans, hearing the EAS system tones on October 4, might just think to themselves, "Oh, that's the national test, I don't have to do anything" but in reality, Russian missiles may actually be inbound!

Such a scenario would cause massive additional American casualties in a populace that was primed to ignore the EAS test that day.

Don't matter what shit hits or does not hit the fan, as it will hit it, sooner or later. Nothing changes in this. You get yourself exterminated by the District of Crime the way President Grant and the Indian Ring exterminated General Custer and the 7th and let the Indians get the blame, is the same with DC getting Russians blamed for the extermination of 550,000 Christians by the Kiev Nazi Zellinskyy, same for Frank Roosevelt getting Americans exterminated and blaming the Japs and Krauts. Exterminating American Protestants has been lucrative from the Civil War onward.

I'm wondering about God in what is coming. See in the Thrift these past months, due to an expression of vermin eating, shitting and pissing on my supplies and snacks, God has been catching them vermin for us, but God has been putting in my way a pile of coolers for storing things out of rodent's way.

From every day forward, you pay attention and stay yourself out of the rodent's way.

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High & Allgire


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I type this, I have a really bad HAARP headache and am stick to my stomach from the pain, but I can lay around being sick or work and be sick, so here goes.

I had to travel a bit to watch Clif High and Richard Allgire's post about their combined viewing of The Event which is supposed to take place in 90 days. I really do not know where to begin as this is all the danger zone and I'm in jeopardy. I do know that Clif High is incorrect in his theory on time lines. He is correct as I have stated that there are not alternative times or universe, but there is a time line out there like a river bed that projects beyond even big events.

What Mr. Allgire and Mr. High suffer from is flat brain genius. They have the same scope of limitations by their prejudices of experience and we are moving beyond that vista soon enough.

Mr. Allgire displayed several of the Remote Viewer's work on this subject, and it was nothing about atomic bombs as Jeff Rense was talking about. There is a puzzling beginning as they are talking about direct energy weapons in Denver per se. High spoke of other locations and his thinking they would not take down the internet. Yes "they" would as that is as old as Nazi Germans taking over the radio stations to produce one defined narrative to shape the public's perceptions. No one will ask why their cell phone nipple is operating to receiver emergency information and videos while their internet is down and phone calls are not available. That is a projection.

I will guess I will jump in and start this in the RVer's were seeing some device and it produced an event. It is in the upper right hand corner. I have it circled in red below where I will meet you.

When I saw this, I immediately knew what I was looking at. When Maria Orsic in Germany of the Vrile began channeling information aimed at her in the 1920's, and she took the papers to German engineers, they came up with the above device.  What she was being shown was an anti gravitational device, meant to power a flying disk to the afterlife or new dimension. It is basically a counter rotating electro magnetic device. What the RVers are seeing though in practice is not a motor. This is a weapon as it releases energy. This is an implosive device.
This brings my thought to other Germans, the Bavarian seer who witnessed in vision, two black objects falling from the sky, "detonating" over Jew York City and the buildings imploding in that particular report which is available online. That was a gravity device.
This is not Orsic's white print though. It has been amplified. Probably by an advanced electronic field, a coil of energy which could cause devastation as is drawn.

Meet you on the other side.

It is difficult to follow the events in this presentation as it appears they are melding them. The event which is spoken of first in directed energy weapons, also mentioned an ejecta. The idea that Mr. High presented was this was part of the attack in a plane was spreading a snow or chaff like HAARP, which Mr. High stated in part was to track UFO's by their neutrino emissions.
In looking at this from a military defensive objective, direct energy is energy. Rense was featuring things in Maui which did not incinerate next to melted things. So it is energy like radar. What do aircraft due when tracked by a missile? They eject metal chaff to hide their signature. If there is a weapon someplace and it is energy, it could be deflected by this ejecta or lessened in effect.

People are seeing information on different events and they are confusing them with all the same reality of their prejudice.

Meet you on the other side.

It was of interest to me that the things they were talking about in events were the things I was flash reading from different continents in a series of events.

My instant assessment of this is, that the cartel are going to unleash a Great Deception attack in a Star Child event, and this will be cover for their unity of all order, finances and control, as perhaps the world celebrates Ronald Reagan's musing of the world coming together when attacked.

Mr. High in his algorythmns which have started working after the cartel ruined them in the COVID diversion, and Mr. Allgire is getting the green light on this information coming out when he is warned not to on other things. Their narrative is that "We stop the bad guys" and the world changes. It appears to me another ruse where you are told a lie, let to believe that you are now safe, peace, peace, peace and then the punchline comes when everyone figures out they have been had.
See what I said about popular girl jeopardy and danger.

Mr. High is interesting in he stated his number ranges were like 3.5 to 5.5, with 9 11 being the high range. This stuff though is running at 81, so it is meant to be noticed big time and cause this sensation, as much as the RVers who are all wowed with this information as they try to get people to sign up for their site information, instead of trusting on people donating as here.

Dick Allgire has been pedaling the star child deception for a number of years. The same cartel like the Pentagon employs remote vision and the demon machine. They are like all well aware of the spikes in how to generate them. This is amplified to the extreme and I will repeat that this is why my data was different as I read from  a different card. What is coming are generated events by humans. There are no aliens. There are demons, hybrids, stooges and Christians. What I was getting data on was something else which does not matter, as I had this as a main event, the primer was not spent yet, so this time line is not being available correctly to me. I would see my information as a precursor to stoke this and then this bizarre scenario of what these two readers are talking about follows.

The demon machine has proven it can pollute the information, as Obama at Sandy Hook, blew up the entire river of information so it did not settle out for a very long time. Events would appear and disappear in the undertow of the chaos.

That is what I would assess is going on. The cartel spike this to notice it. It is a blocking vision to a purpose not disclosed.

This all looks to me as coming out of Nimrod and the mystery religion as the source of it all. That anti grav is what has my attention as Maria Orsec was channeled to bring this technology to the physical world and metratron was the initiator of this.

Whatever this is, I'm alerting you to not be the idiot you naturally are, to stop, sit down and not start jabbering about what you think. Examine this from the Bible as the FACT and Jesus as the Truth. I honestly do not know if I will be around if they take the internet down to explain things to you, so most of you are going to be really in non donor isolation.

I though am looking forward to it all as I find this liberating and why I was born to this time.

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Vax Rage Connected to Hunting Down January 6th Americans


Holy sh*t a former J6 prosecutor stabbed someone in a road rage incident and then tried to stab another couple trying to help. As I've said repeatedly, something very wrong with these people.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is not going to make any political hay out of this, as we have a serious problem in America, Ukraine and Russia with rage. The mindset of the Kremlin changed after their Sputnik vax. The same is true for Kiev in their holocaust of Slavs. Now in the United States there is perhaps a medical reason why the FBI and DOJ have been hunting down Americans like animals from January 6th, while their vaxed leadership in Attorney General Merrick Garland provide incoherent answers.

The story below took place in Florida in a multiple car crash, where a US Attorney involved in hunting down and prosecuting Americans involved with Jan6, appeared from his car, with a knife drawn, and started stabbing a man who passed out. When Good Samaritan couples tried to stop him, the US Attorney chased them down and tried to stab them too.

This is not normal behavior. In the article it laments at how much road rage is out there. Yes and it has spiked after that spike protein was injected into millions of people and it has affected how their brains function in dealing with anger.

According to reports, Scruggs purportedly emerged from his vehicle while carrying a pocketknife and proceeded to inflict stab wounds upon the victim. According to reports, when the couple made an effort to interfere, Scruggs purportedly pursued them and made an attempt to inflict harm by means of stabbing.

Iglinski expressed her sorrow at Scrugg’s response, “It’s just so sad that someone would react in that way. There’s so much road rage nowadays.”

The Lame Cherry calls for a national medical review of all people involved with the hunting down of Americans in the DOJ and FBI. Perhaps they are like the Kiev Nazi engaged in holocaust against Slavs or Russians shattering Ukraine, in these people can not help it. They have an enraged zombie syndrome and have changed as much as Mad Cow change cattle with prion infections in their brains.

Patrick Scruggs does not need to be made a political expedient. This man needs a competent medical examination to ascertain if his brain has been prion infected and he simply can not help himself, like people with syphilis infections have brain disorders which changes their habits and what they do they can not help.

It is very sad that Donald Trump is the proud godfather of his and Anthony Fauci is the promoter of this injury which has taken so many lives and injured so many million people.

We do not need calls for knife control, no more than condemnations for the hunting down of Americans. What we need is competent brain examinations of all these people who are armed, and ascertain by their actions if they are a danger to themselves and society. We do not need more people in jail. We need medical care for them as numbers of them have absolutely changed.

Nuff Said