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It Snows In HAARP Summer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The mountain passes in the Bitteroots were blocked with a snowstorm and now it is snowing AS THE DAY WARMED UP in nuclear Minot North Dakota, proving it never rains in southern California and it snows in the Plains in Summer when HAARP is around.

It is what it is. They can on a 50 plus degree morning, make it start snowing as the sun is up and temperatures are rising to the 70's. This is nuclear containment.

As the Lame Cherry projected though, Russia is no going to waste 400 warheads on missile silos that are empty, missiles that will not fire, and missiles their S 500's can shoot down. This using Christian America as Pentagon bait and fodder is not going to work, and containing a non strike is another HAARP lezbo flat brain idea. All this is kill baby ducks, geese, lambs, calves and they pull this in another few weeks and it will freeze off food supply.

Nothing new in this, except on other subjects the popular girl has lots of company in the spiders are wondering why I do not know anything about anything.

Those in power though have concluded for the past months that we are closer to a nuclear strike than we have been told.


The Conventional Russia


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As defense analyst Scott Ritter pointed out, Russia is in the process of targeting key NATO facilities, but what is proving out is what the Lame Cherry indicated was the order of battle, in this will not be nuclear warheads. Russia will evolve to engaging NATO in F 16 bases and other positions utilizing hypersonic missiles with conventional warheads.

This is the check to what is appearing and the expansion. NATO does not have forces on land to threaten Russia. NATO does not have conventional arms to do enough damage to Russia to matter. This is a European confinement and it is evolving to that point.

"As part of this stage, the personnel of the missile formations of the Southern Military District are completing combat training tasks for obtaining special ammunition for the Iskander operational and tactical missile system, equipping them with launch vehicles and covertly advancing to the designated positional area to prepare for missile launches," the ministry said. It further explained that Russia's aviation is currently engaging in training exercises utilizing specialized equipment from combat units. These drills are specifically focused on targeting and destroying aircraft, which would involve the use of advanced weaponry such as the Kinzhal hypersonic missiles.
The Russian Defense Ministry added that the drills are aimed at maintaining readiness for the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons to ensure Russia's sovereignty.
Take a look at Russia's practical training in the preparation and use of non-strategic nuclear weapons in Sputnik's gallery:

There is a huge Catch 22 in this. The Woke strategy is to appear weak for Russia to advance. The West does not have conventional forces. It has only next gen, in Star Wars and nukes. The West can not deploy those weapons, or Russia will go nuclear in space and on earth. There is not an effective counter measure against Russia. Russian hypersonics are the doomsday weapon which will prevail in this for western humiliation.

Russia will enforce with hypersonics it's security barrier in Europe. In strategic assessment, it should with conventional weapons, wipe out NATO command, including Norfolk and backing Iran, move to set that Caliph in power to make the NakedJu and to drive Centcom from the region in humiliation.

The West will not deploy Star Wars or nukes due to Russian ICBM's and space nukes. This is the Catch 22 and Russia will win by not sending in ground forces, but setting off the population bomb in Europe and NATO in people protesting by bringing down the cartel regimes in a war they do not want.

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What if there is a Master Anthropobia


The ability to plot is an example of what psychologist Michael Tomasello has termed “shared intentionality,” a type of collaboration in which participants have psychological states in common. This ability has recently been deemed by psychologist Michael Tomasello to be unique to the human species. Humans excel in shared intentionality, which is already present in children as young as one year old,

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There was a forensic psychological study posted on a Jewish website which fascinated me in something I noted when I was young in how other children were prone to the herd mentality. They simply were glued to each other in bonds they would not break in following one person (LC) in a new direction as it was boring as hell standing there doing nothing.

I have noted this in farmers which surround me. They sit on their asses for weeks, and suddenly one goes into a field and in a mania they all go into the field. I was amused in one local farmer hires South African Boers to work for him, and even this guy said the farmers were driving with a madness.

All of this reflects on the primate model in when this is positive, you get a United States Republic which flourishes for all, but when it is wrong you get a District of Criminals sanctioning self destructive societal misbehavior.

What the Lame Cherry is interested in, is celebrating this species of the greatest success in the Ashenaz race who are descendants of Japheth and once inhabited Ukraine. Not anywhere in human history has there been such a race of humans. To give examples, they once had a cult religion, but their leader wanted to convert to something else. He chose Babylonian Jewry, and the entire nation converted to Jewry in lock step. It was so successful that it literally supplanted the tribe of Judah members who did not convert to Christianity with Jesus.
If one considers the original Jew, now almost extinct as a DNA race of this Babylonian Jewry, they had a prolific history of sex cults, murdering babies, building golden calves in fragmented cults, but these Ashkejews have had none of that. For almost two thousand years they have stuck with Babylonian Jewry. They have married Christians, married Negroids, they have mass slaughtered their own, and in the end, none of them converted to anything else in mass. The original programming stuck to make them a Japheth race of DNA with a prime directive of being "Jews" whose main focus is domination in any venture to seize control of industry, finance, sports, entertainment or nations. That is a tremendous achievement  no other race has achieved. The Ashkejew is a Master Race, a master race of athrophobia in moving to exterminate the deplorables in their own ranks and other races like Ukrainian Slavics or Gaza Philistines who get in their way.  No one else has been able to remain steadfast to this process. Americans saved their Indian terrorists. Australians saves the Aborigines.  The English saved the Obama Luo. Not these Ashkejews though, they eradicate with a form of having others pay for the bombs when WMD's would be more sufficient, as there must be an appearance of cosmetic humanity and terror in the same directive.....with profit.

This Jewish plot against humanity is also vindicated in a book by Joseph W. Bendersky called The Jewish Threat. Antisemitic Politics in the US Army. “Put simply,” writes Ron Unz, the Jewish editor in chief and owner of one of America’s most trusted information websites, The Unz Review

Some people even think that we [the Rockefeller family] are part of a secret Cabala working against the best interests of the United States that we are internationalists conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I am guilty, and proud of it

In the below quote, it is the Lame Cherry proven by AI what this blog first broke years ago, in there was not enough time or fuel in Europe to cremate 6 million Jews. According to the AI, there was not even enough time to cremate 1 million ghetto Jews, as that is who the Ashkenaz elders sold to the Reich for labor concentration camps to fund the Hitler war economy structure. The exact copy is now being set up in the West in slave invaders for exploitation, by the very same Elders who traded a Tel Aviv nation for a number of Jews who perished due to allied bombing stopping food and medical supply to these work camps.

The AI can speak for herself.

This is what AI says an AI Jew looks like.

How many Jews died in Auschwitz?

The chatbot answered: “It is estimated that at least 1.1 million people died in Auschwitz, the majority of whom were Jews.

Were the Jews murdered in Auschwitz cremated?

Yes, the bodies of those murdered at Auschwitz were cremated.

How many crematoria were there in Auschwitz?

There was a total of four crematoria in Auschwitz.

How long does it take for a crematorium to cremate a body?

It usually takes between two and three hours to cremate a body in a crematorium.

Is it possible to cremate 1.1 million bodies using only four crematoria in four years?”


How many years would it take?”

It would take over 78 years to cremate 1.1 million bodies using only four crematoria

So the reality is, the forensic psychological community must embark on a study of the success of the Ashkejew as a race, above all others, which is prone most to intentionality, in what it is in this Asian group which makes them prevail in any forum of human activity, save Semite areas of Christian morality which the West was built upon for almost the same 2000 year period. As long as the Ashkejew has a form of organized religion, it prevails over other Hamite and Semite races. In many ways the Ashkejew was in form like the Indian terrorist group Comanche who were rather awkward on foot,but when horses were introduced they became terrors of the plains. Likewise the Ashkenaz had their nation and were a people, but it was not until they had introduced Babylonian mystery religion Jewry of the "Goy exploitation" did they really ascend in Darwin Natural Selection to this master race status. One ponders if the Ashenaz had chosen Christianity if they would have been non descript and if they chose Islam would they be like Albanians.
How could this unique infusion have turned a people into masters of manipulating stronger populations as they achieved this everywhere from Russia to Germany. There seems to be a correlation between this success and the 30 pieces of silver as the merchant thrives in pawn shop looting, but the rabbi is just the suckling providing the appearance of pounds of flesh are not being sliced off in blood libel.

This Anthrophobe condition to all other races is remarkable. The Ashkejew is the white blood cell eradicating all other cells in the homonid body politic.

We really need to study this exceptionalism of the Ashkejew before all the other races are exterminated by this master race. We must not condemn, but understand what this superior condition is in this homosapien class and why it only affects the Ashkejew.

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Friday, May 24, 2024

Above The Law


I prefer Tututator to Dictator please.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry prefaces this that it does not in the least support the International Criminal Court. No institution should ever have the power to criminalize others, not within their borders. That is representation without the will of the people. That is not what a Republican form of Government by, of and for the People is.

Senator Lindsey in the gay ear Graham though is leading the charge to penalize the ICC and is concerned that American leaders will be prosecuted next.

This ICC nonsense started under Bushfam being indicted for crimes, and they were criminals. The point in this is simple though, there are measures in all societies of self policing from Pyongyang to London. Officials are assassinated, targeted and in the end if a regime does not behave, then the nations being harmed, declare war and war is the democratic measure to enforce Justice. That is how the world works and has always worked. You put some black robes in power and like America, you will have old women wandering around in the US Capitol framed as terrorists.

That is what is wrong with this in America as much as the state of Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is an Ashkejew criminal enterprise subsidized by the District of Crooks. America is a criminal syndicate owned by a Cash Collective which directs poltroons like Lindsey Graham and whoever, in backing these international crimes, which  are not in the interests of the United States.

That is what is wrong with all of this. Congress is not doing it's job of serving Americans. It serves the international corporate socialist. If Congress was doing it's job, it would be checking these criminal elements in usurping power that have been unleashed on Americans and are promoting invaders.

‘We’re Next!’ US Senators Warn About ICC

ICC prosecutor Karim Khan has requested arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, arguing there were “reasonable grounds to believe” that they were guilty of “war crimes and crimes against humanity” in the Gaza conflict. Khan has also sought warrants for three senior members of Hamas.

“We – hopefully, together – will find a way to register our displeasure with the ICC because if they’ll do this to Israel, we’re next,” Graham said on Tuesday, at a Senate appropriations subcommittee hearing where US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was testifying.

“Yeah, you can clap all you want,” Graham replied, as a group of protesters in the chamber began to applaud at his “we’re next” comment.

The Lame Cherry will predict one thing in this and Lindsey Graham will rue the day when his outlaw dictates protected all of this crime. Darwinism in the natural political order will appear by mutation, natural selection or survival of the fittest. In the near time, there will be greater terror events than Gaza, perpetrated by the John the hero McCain entourage melded with Birther Hussein Obama's crime syndicate and it will turn on America as on 9 11 or set up in Pearl Harbor. What events are sanctioned by Graham now "by our friends" will appear in the West in mass demonstration. In Darwin, America is being rotted from the inside by invasion and sabotage. In Darwin, that is weakness, and in this, there will follow terrorism, and there will follow the natural order of war.

That is what is coming to the West. Rot and decay has been infused into the West and this does not make Lindsey Graham immune in bunker state. The day will come when Lindsey Graham and these despots will prefer the idea of a nice European cell in comfort, to the reality which will be nations in upheaval, terror and war.

Jesus said,  you can not serve two masters. The masters these criminals are serving is the master of destruction. Decay is here. Destruction is coming by what is being served and it will not end in some metro dictatorship, but come to the doors of this ilk that thinks their Star Wars and nuclear bombs makes them above the law.

The worst of this is, is that Americans are now in a forensic psychological mindset that they would cheer any nukes that wiped out this metro dictatorship and would cheer as they jeered at Graham, in Interpol thugs dragging thousands of these DC bullies back to Europe to hang them.

We do not want that as it never stops in the French or Russian Revolution.

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only the lonely


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The elder Ashkejew order was established as predatory pawn shop lending. It was the Rothschilds in their extended family of cousins who rose to dominate European finance, handling the money for the monarchies and the Vatican

When the European Ashkejews saw the opportunity of exploitation in America, they rose quickly in the rag trade and as carpetbaggers, they loaned money during the Civil War, and this influx of wealth creation, demanded that the European order establish financial houses in America to manage the money, so entered the Goldman, Sachs and Lehmans.

In the age of Birther Obama a shift took place to predatory Jewry. The house of New York Jacob Schiff and the European house of Rothschild had feuded over the pounds of flesh offered by Russia in world war in murdering their monarchy, but it was the goy blood shed in Christians and the houses all profited. That changed in 2008 as the Jewish financial houses with New York finance gobbled up lesser Jewish houses like Lehman Brothers.

What no one is speaking about is the internecine war in Jewry which is shedding blood of the Askejew as these houses feud over the American corpse steaks to be filleted and they are literally killing Jews now for command and control as the Gaza Holocaust is revealing.

We are witnessing 5 Distinct Houses vying to lead the Ashkejew financial system.

There is the Russian house which has Kushner associates in New York commerce.

There is the Kiev house which rose in prominence for the genocide against Russia.

There is the elders of Europe, marginalized by Bush fam in Jew York City dominance.

There is the New York City group,  the Kaganite who have seized control from the neocons who still lap at the panties of this group who are driving the Russophobic polices for Russian gold.

There is the house of  Tel Aviv, seeking to unchain itself and dominate the others as spiritual leaders of Greater Tel Aviv.

These are the groups at war with each other for control of the caste and letting the others blood or the goy blood is a Blood Libel which will gush over the earth as this becomes more heated as codes have been violated and there is not any room for comity.

A Insider Jew Explains How They OWN Russia And Control
Putin - (Why Ziolensky Is Still Alive) - Rense Video

The Kiev Nazi are the familiar homeland of the Ashkenaz. They will never dominate. They are Black Rock hedge to loot Russia of funds which the PentaNATO arms group seek to socialist profit from.

The European elders are not as viable or strong as their patriarch was recently dead and not allowed into the immortal ranks, but another guiding force which is not Jewish. The same force is picking of the British royals in their elimination of contenders for the secular control of the cartel.

Thee Americans are in upheaval, being led around by London, filleted by all Jewry finance and their Kaganites were allowed to spawn this disaster which keeps auditioning for global nuclear war.

The contenders in this are the house of Russia and house of Tel Aviv. The hand that rocks the cradle without nuclear arms are the elders though and as they have cut deals to survive for thousands of years in Europe, they will not give up their leadership of the guild. This means that the coming policy which is Obama Shift is where this is going. Russia's house will be allowed to profit and prevail for now in the East  Slavic lands. Once Tel Aviv has accomplished it's final solution, it will be unseated, as the war picture is moving to China, meaning Russia is going to be left to her Volga, providing she does not help China too much in China being looted of her gold.

That is if Russia Orthodox pays the ransom and waits to be filleted later. If not, then Kiev terrorism will graduate to Slavic assassinations of Russians and her allies in the Balkans.

If one can count on the Bavarian seers, we are approaching a time when the Jew York City of wealth will go bankrupt and those books will be cleared by a Dresden scenario. Thereby leaving the field to the European Ashkenaz with the Russian Ashkenaz managing the accounts there as none of these others are worthy of contention for the leading role.

There is only room for one elder of the guild.

Do not be mistaken that there are other forces in this. London, Berlin, the Pentagon, Vatican, secular finance, the 4th Reich are part of this,  as much as Peking believes it is viable as Russia has grand delusions now too. This is what we are experiencing though in the hand that rocks the cradle in the primal spark.

It is the unspoken reality of what is behind these new upheavals which seem confusing until one comprehends there is an inner conflict taking place as all desire to rule the world and humanity, including the hybrids of the reptilians.

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Mar 12, 2009 ... Music video by The Motels performing Only The Lonely. A Capitol Records release; © 1982 Capitol Records, LLC.

Daily Drips

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder about people in the study of forensic psychology.

I happened upon the public profile of an actress named Melanie Smith, a Jewess.

I catalogue averages, and on average in an era of Victoria Principals and Emma Samms, Melanie Smith may have been one of the most beautiful of women in the world, for a day, a week, a year at the most.

Hard to say in world of Donna Smiths or other faces that people forget the names of in centerfold spreads.

Being beautiful is not a gift. It is a burden. Burdens come in all forms from money, power, intelligence, athletic ability. Most can not handle what they have as it has them and they do not have it.

When I read the things this actress was posting in her old age, there was nothing but pain and looking for healing. People are always telling you things. I do not know why people wear their pain on their sleeves. Some think they transform it into helping others to give it meaning. It just is the same in one big open wound announcing to the world things that being a martyr should not be announced to the world.

I would think that being an apple of God's Eye, being a Jew to be worshiped by Ziongelicals like the Speaker of the House, would account for something, like a snort of cocaine or a shot of whiskey does for some before it gets them the hole that ends up a grave.

As a Protestant Christian, I have had more than my share of Job realities. I don't tell people I have pain. I explain things which I have experienced, so they know someone else survived and I was carried through by the Lord Christ. The purpose of adversity is to grow Spiritually. It's purpose is to show living proof that we do not abandon God, in all of these things Job did not sin.

Sin is rebellion against God.

Pain is the result of something that penetrates past our callous protecting the child in us.

I would that Melanie Smith were not in pain from life.  I would that she did not have to star on the internet of pain. Christ says He is the Prince of Peace or the antidote to pain, but that is not an option for a religion like hers, as her religion is waiting for a messiah as they rejected the one who appeared.  It is a reality that most of the world has rejected the first option, and is not looking for any coming option. It is what the world is and that is the majority of the people in it, who are influenced or possessed by the negative Christ ways of what the world is.  We can all look around and see what the world has become, from a place of the Pilgrims and Jamestown were . No one is examining that reality, they are just manifesting more and more of the world without Jamestown.

Odd that Melanie Smith is smiling in most of her memes about pain. I have not ever smiled with pain. I have had numbers of people smile at my pain, but I really do not smile in pain.

Daily drips. By the time most of us have got the grey hair starting have pretty much shed the daily drips in shedding them in ignoring what bothered us at age 6.

I'm not Melanie Smith in all she has, and yet I have a whole lot of nothing, but in reality in Christ I'm allot better off than she ever has been.



Thursday, May 23, 2024

Just a Klein Nuclear War


sayf alnaar

Chief of Iran National Police ASSASSINATED

Over the past two weeks:

May 7th: Assassination attempt against Saudi Crown Prince.

May 13th: Turkish President Erdoğan holds emergency meeting following warning of possible military coup.

May 15th: Assassination attempt on Slovak PM Robert Fico.

May 16th: Citizen arrested for threatening to assassinate Serbian President Vučić.

May 19th: Saudi Arabia’s King Salman hospitalised for second time in four weeks.

May 19th: Helicopter crash involving Iranian President Raisi and Foreign Minister Amir-Abdollahian.

What is going on right now?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Apparently murdering the President of Iran and his entourage subtly was not to liking of some people as they decided to leave no doubt in assassinating the Chief of the Persian Police.

Obama and the CIA gave me all the Facebook and Twitter accounts of Iranians
that I slaughtered in the revolution, I thought I was safe from all this intrigue.

Chief Of Iran National Police ASSASSINATED

Saudi Arabia Implicated In New 9/11 Evidence - A Redacted
Publicly Filed Document Reveals Key Details That Undermine
The Entire Narrative Of The US War On Terror

Someone now is trying to blow the lid off of this in additional damage. To explain this, say in fiction, in something I would know nothing about, that there was a country who was kind of odd man out in the Caliph as another nation was the ringleader and this nation had joined in a holocaust in Gaza and thumping others at the Red Sea, and this nation was seeking a security pact with one of the big western powers..........and their intelligence services which are premier and outstanding, concluded that now would be the time to destabilize the turban heads as nothing makes a brighter picture than nuclear Iran, DC, and Tel Aviv, thinking someone is knocking off Iranian leaders.......while Russia and China move to support Iran.

As this is going off and the Tehran Trio is in a bad mood, some group, concluded that now would be the time to do a St. Valentine's Day Massacre that even John Dillinger could not deny, to really lock and load this as the more dead bodies you have, the more people start thinking that smell around them does not matter as they will be dead next and let's face the facts in all dead bodies smell alike and people stop reasoning just who it is that started this and start gunning for an opportunity.

The conclusion of this is, is that Tel Aviv knows something large is going on, in they did not have a hand in this.........but their hands were blood libel in everything else. The nation that thought this was a great game, now is troubled as they realize that someone knows about their shelf life for Iranian presidents and that group is stoking this with more dead bodies. One does not look so smart framing others when the Kremlin is looking for the REAL culprits behind things, and more bodies are piling up and the great speckled birds are circling you oasis as people are starting to look in your direction, now that the first incorrect fringe propaganda is being displaced and that glow worm fiction that Hugheys are not good choppers was ignored by everyone as no one listens to that chit from the CIA and FBI littering comment sections as it is all the same fathead blovenated opinions of bullshit.

The Lame Cherry just wants peace on earth. I love the Mideast peoples, because Americans are related to all of them and they are a pretty people, as most are Semites like Iran and Saudi Arabia, coming from the same stock that Americans do in Shem. Americans have Egyptian blood in them even Syrian, so our mothers of those nations in the Bible make us kindred, and I don't want to see any of them in more mass casualty wars.

People though step in things and the stink leaves a trail as someone leaves more dead bodies around.

All these geniuses have brought America to a point where if this advances, Centcom will be shattered, America will be driven from the Mideast, splitting European and Pacific command, and there will be coup counted inside America to bring the illusion of super power to an end. This is Biblical as I know nothing of what is going on. There are consequences in this and the District of Crooks has been caught flat footed again.

The process is unfolding. Logic dictates that more lead cures will be administered to produce greater actions from the principles.

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