Wednesday, October 20, 2021

This Is Nothing To Celebrate


The military vaccinates everyone with Lead

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They will be arresting you next.

This is  the same Pentagon, hunting down White and Black Protestants. The same military that arrived with guns pointing at Americans after January 6th. The same DIA which fueled January 6th. The same DIA and NSA which manufactured Michael Flynn.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has initiated the first-ever border security operations in which thousands of National Guard troops — newly imbued with civilian arrest authority and given 40 hours of traditional police training in the use of deadly force — 

On last check you are CIVILIAN too.

Wow 40 hours to train killer soldiers how to kill civilians just like Ashli Babbitt.


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The Vax Hit


IT's a matter of Black and White Colin,
you just were not White enough like my Bil..

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The fact is General Colin Powell's family signaled a vax hit was put out on the old Obama supporter who knew too much and was in the way.

The admission  was odd in stating first that he was fully vaxed as it hurt the 1% cause. The admission that a vax hit was put out on Powell and the other leader of the party in Bill Clinton. Clinton being a White man and a Rockefeller was saved, whereas Powell being more Black than image Obama was given Remdesvir for the toe tag exist.

Liberals must be ware, the Stalin house cleaning inside the American Left has begun, and it is only a beginning.

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No prominent leftists died from the COVID for two years and now that has all changed. The cloth of the land is being cut.


The Vax Creatures Khanjob


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After Erica Khan, mocked and laughed at, the Polish PHD who is a geologist over his findings which matched the revelations of Dr. Carrie Madj, and labelled the creature found as a "contaminant", and this blog asked if this is a contaminant, then why are there no photos anywhere in human history of something that is metal, with legs, a head, and moves, as this is not an organic or known manufactured form. the reality is that this creature is named after Erica Khan in appropriately the Khanjob.

The Lame Cherry is going to make some further points here, in science, there is science and then there is science. Chemistry for example is organic and inorganic. You have to have intelligence to get a degree in chemistry. Numerous chemists go into geology. For all the hype about doctors, they do not match up to physicists, engineers and geologists.  Doctors take the easy root of biology which is easy. They do not have to take high level math or chemistry, and a microbiologist is not even a doctor.

People who are in a science which is science light should not be mocking those who have applied themselves.

In this, the Polish Zaluski PHD, is qualified to analyze what this creature is, as those in the medical field have no idea what this thing is, because it is not biological, as we know biology.

The Lame Cherry did a bit of inquiry into this Kahnjob, and as TL noted, the carbon feet of it, are designed to plug into biological connections, as this is at the basis the creation of the energy of life in molecular chains.
What the matrix was indicating is that this thing is indeed deposited in an egg, a capsule might be more appropriate, as like a stellar probe, it then unpacks itself. Whether it is 3 legs or 5, it is spider like with a central organizational structure. I do not want to call it a brain, as in essence a virus would have a brain or a cell with mRNA, as this is more in Richard's field of programming. What I feel in this in trying to put this into layman's terms, is, this thing is more like a sperm and an egg in carrying DNA sequence. It is not making thinking moves, so it should not be defined as a creature, but it is alive in the sense that just as DARPA is hiding code in DNA in cells, this thing has code in it's inner sequence, which has it fulfills it's purpose.

The projections in this are this does replicate, it collects aluminum to manufacture or reproduce, out of the sequence of the head. The bromine is a buffer, and the carbon feet are to link up to the biology. Just as the Morgellons makes the skeleton of the transhuman, this is the nervous system. This is a sort of antennae which links the disappearing biology to the extruded synthetics.

Jeff Rense had on a UFO guy last week, and that person was singing the praises of the benevolent greys. The greys are warning to not take the shot. Yes the same demonic created greys that have been raping humans for hybrids of a generation are now benevolent. The first time I saw this Kahnjob, I thought of it being extruded, as it has the same look as the greys. It should as it is the same technology source.

This thing plugs into an evolving synthetic central nervous system in making biology, synthetic. I'm fascinated in being able to make this almost biological metal, but then silicon has been almost biological brain for some years.

I may keep inquiring on this, but have things to do. I'm more interested in this moving along in the injected to see how these synforms perform. Aluminum conducts electricity, but it gets hot. Must be hell to have an immortal body in meltdown from a lightning strike. Walking lightning rods.

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The Blue Lines


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have decided to attempt to save some lives by outlining what would be 3 primary areas of survivability in the United States.

To explain this map, the LUE LINES DENOTE zones which would offer to non Darwin's a better chance of survival. This is not to say that all the other areas are dead zones. Northern Minnesota, areas of Wisconsin and upper Michigan are areas which have prospects. Several hundred miles north of the Canadian line offers like opportunity. The purpose of this though is show the greatest area of opportunity due to remoteness, lack of metro areas, lack of military bases which draw nuclear fire and have uniform wearers woke to rape and robbery, in if you decrease those antagonists, you increase your living odds.

The red spots are nuclear sites. That is why the Dakotas are not premium as those radioactive clouds will produce hot rain or snow which will fall out somewhere. HAARP has changed the wind patterns so it is just as possible for east winds to blew things west instead of the normal westerly pollutions. North winds would make south of these areas hell. It is the risk of odds.

The fact is though in nuclear fall out, as long as it is not plutonium or cobalt, but uranium, even with rudimentary shelter, 2 weeks and you will be basically safe. If it is a super hot zone, then that would require a month, but that is the reality of getting away from things.

Understand a key in this, if you have globalists in your city or area, they are not going to get the bad treatment from this 1% as they are the 1%. They are human shields and no one has ever made a point of this. It is a given that Kennibunkport Maine in the Bush haven or wherever that image Obama is dropping turds will not get the bad treatment as you can just hear Jeb Bush saying, "Oh no don't bomb Maine as I like having smoked cod on toast on Saturday morning".

The 1% has fond memories of some shit hole and that area will remain pristine.

Most of these areas are accessible even with a disaster. You have seen the evacuations from hurricanes. So maybe look about 300 miles from your home, for some 3000 peopled town, which has a few nice motels, and think in your bug out vehicle along with 10 gallons of gasoline, that you will be filling out if gas is available 150 miles from your motel, and you fill up again in keeping your tank full. It is much better to sleep in a motel in a bed with the power off than vehicle or in camper. Save your resources as long as possible, because even small towns have disaster preparedness which will put the power back on, and once you get your ass into a motel room, it is hard to get it jacked back out .

I realize this goes flat in the face of the bug eaters prepping, but why should you not be comfortable, instead of sleeping out in the desolate places on the side of a hill.

I have told this story before, but let it be a lesson. I parked one night in an out of the way place. Something was busting garbage cans all night which was a porcupine. Where was my rifle? Safely locked away in the cab of the pickup. Keep your defense weapons where you are as they do you little good in keeping you safe, locked safely away.

Again, as this requires stating, I have done far more for you, than you have done for me. As you make me a cheap whore for repeatedly saving your lives.

One more thing, canvas, canvas, canvas. Leave your pretty nylon at home as it will not last.

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Monday, October 18, 2021

The Astute Crypto


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wanted to share this pertinent information from Jeffry, because even though I'm not into crypto, I also am one of those people who has castigated the gold and silver traders for the problems associated with the hauling around bags of silver and trying to "trade" a piece of gold, as when people who have things see you have that, they will want the whole ounce, and leave your brains on the pavement when you argue.

Jeffry makes sense, and yes if I had, had some money at the start of crypto, I would have invested, but my world is one of I need to put things toward an old junk tractor to cut wood as in the middle of nowhere there is not anyone to call to save you. You have to figure things yourself.

This is the quote:

  I know that you speak of crypto currencies as something that will be used against us, but I have been investing in them since last year and seen some decent returns on them.  I only invest in coins that have a use case and are ISO 20022 compliant, which all central banks will be using very soon.  The largest investment coin that I have will be used by all banks to move money around the globe, so they will be buying me out. 

You should notice that your crypto must be compliant, meaning so the IRS can track it, as it is all their money, and money funds the competition, in why they do not want you to have any.

 I do place stock in investors like Dick Allgire, who are trending that next year there will be a switch to crypto or a nationalizing of it in the main banks, as it has created trillions in electronic wealth, and now that the 1% has created this, make no mistake this was the elite who created this scheme for their purpose, they will move to as Jeffry states, bring that wealth into the main banking system.

In projecting this, it will most likely be like Donald Trump and Steve Munchkin, where they will tax it a percentage as the carrot, and threaten to seize it all if you do not bring it in. That will make it kosher.

I'm thankful for this working out for Jeffry and his family.  It would appear there will be another crypto blip, before next year and the main events.

The logic is they will have to adjust the stock markets to drive funds out. Gold can not absorb all of that money, so crypto is the likely solution. Just remember that the Chinese economy is falling apart as it is fake. That money will have to be laundered too. Allot of it disappeared in national investments in China, economic warfare is being waged on the peoples of the West, and their resources are being depleted to gain control.

Just make certain in everything you do, that you have prepared, food, water and warmth, and you have an idea of Plan A B C D and E, so you have a general direction. Jeffry is fortunate like Paul in he is in a Great Basin, between the Nevadas and the Rockies. There is a great deal of space to hide, and those Nevadas are a massive buffer for coastal vermin who will not move to a desert when they can eat each other in California.

I'm including one of my favorite English bands so you can see from 1998 how the CIA propaganda they are railing against is who they are damning in Bible and Guns Americans, who were not the problem nor our Minutemen Missiles, but it was always the British intrigue with the Vatican, those kosher left and right leggers joined with the old order who were plotting their own solution in Europe.

Wild Wild West, yes, but now the Protestant Protectors are being hunted and vax enslaved, and now all of these pompous left wing trash are being mined for their DNA as vax slaves.

OK this is the most astute crypto advice I have seen.  Just remember the game is rigged against the 99% every time.

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The Escape Club - Shake For The Sheik (1988). 24,488 views24K views. Aug 25, 2015. 306. 3. Share. Save. 306 / 3. ClassicVideos80s.


The Creature Vax, the CyBot

 As another Lame Cherry exclusive in in matter anti matter.

The vaxes have inside of them a pretty three legged creature with a head, which is noted to have pretty colours.

Head 25 microns, Legs 2 millimetres. Legs look like a paw and 100% carbon.

These creatures which move in the vax and on slides, were found by Russians to contain:

Aluminum, Bromine, Carbon

Below you find Carbon Tetrabromide and Aluminum Bromide.

Yes three legs, one head, and they like joining to each other to build structures.

My reason for posting this, is I recalled when Art Bell was examining UFO hulls, yes the same greys who tortured humans and raped them, and are now termed benevolent, had there crashed hulls examined, they found them to be a composite layer of various materials like bromine. They seemed to be unable to withstand any stress and yet they did, and they caused the UFO's to swim in currents of electricity moving across their hulls.

The same demons in the metatron principality are providing the old order knowledge and there is a pattern here in the creatures in the vax, reflect an electric current transferring structure. The same thing in the hulls of UFO's is appearing in human vaxes as a building structure to turn humans into immortal machines.

This technology is not human generated, as people do not mix aluminum, bromine and carbon, without it being rather fiery.  Humans are iron based with sodium as in salt. Those elements are being negated in the vaxed, as well as oxygen, for a blood clot energy producer of sugar amino acid transfer. The iron and calcium are causing problems in the vaxed. This new structure is the one and yet there are not any aluminum bromine life forms, because this is mechanics, not human.

Enough of this playtime.

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think thank thunk


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter/

I just finished filling out a survey for a vendor which promised a 500 dollar credit. I was honest in helping them in what they need to do,  like I harp at debit card companies to make it easy to deposit money from Paypal into debit cards, as that would assist me.

Otherwise, I stop reading those psychological profiles and just click on the dots as I do not want my profile filling up an even bigger FBI profile on me as they already know what a docile sheep I already am. If they had a question about race, I would enter BLEATER, as we are all sheep of the pen in this wonderful 1% world.

I would love to win one of these drawings, but I never do. Always is some rich prick who wins. I do not know why rich people are always putting into drawings that poor people do, but they have an empty which never does fill up.

Then again what would I do with winning 500 dollars as what is 500 dollars now, just torture in do I spend more money to get something which is worth it that I can not afford or do I just buy some crap and have more crap? Not winning saves me that frown.

This is what I call filler as filler is what is necessary in an international platform as number crunching is something people can not deal with volumes of day in and day out. Need to take a break and talk about nonsense and hide in some humor, some bullshit and some profound thought so the people will read it. Thing is telling secrets of Bullwinkle and Rocket J does no harm as people are too lazy and too not able to deal with sifting through information and assembling it for a blog so the competition is on the sidelines.

Mine is a world of setting sun
Of days gone by and life lived one
Gone are the times I once knew well
Coming are the days upon which I dwell

On the the shores of tomorrow
My journey does follow
Away, today, to say away
Does the sands of time ring hollow
Forevermore and more evermore
The past has gone before
Come, today, to say come today
Opens that future door

The setting sun shrouds the world
In discovery of future furled 
Knowing well in that time
The days prose rhythm and rhyme

Have not done that in awhile, have not done most things in a while. Peopled use to recite things or be artistic, but that heart is gone, as entertainment is a meme forgotten before it is read.

So much is the world of filler

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