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How to make a little Trumpageddon

“I would like to state it once again, ahead of the forthcoming meeting, that the Russian state has never interfered and is not going to interfere in the internal affairs, not to mention the election process, of the US,”
“The goal of this meeting, as we see it, is to finally start changing the negative situation in relations between the US and Russia for the better, some concrete steps aimed at … bringing mutual trust to some acceptable level.”
 Yury Ushakov

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin has nothing to do with US and Russian relations, but instead have had everything to do with leveraging Russia into a position where Russia will agree to an American strategic position, which Russia would not normally give ascent to.

While all of you have been focused on Robert Mueller indictments of Russia and Mr. Trump retaliating on conspirators against him in Theresa May and Angela Merkel, in helping to topple their regimes, as the Helsinki meeting between Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin came into focus, there was a much different reality appearing in what I have warned all of you of in America will not fight China in North Korea, nor duel with Russia in Ukraine. Instead America will move to enact a leverage in the Iranian situation, and it begins with the settlement of control of the oil situation in Syria, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi  Arabia and the key piece of Iran.

What you do not see is that most of the oil in the Mideast goes not to America or Europe, but goes to East Asia and China is gaining more of the glut each year. A war in the Mideast can spike oil prices, but a war in the Mideast will effective immobilize China in a matter of weeks.

"Therefore, a big economic war has erupted between China and America," Kolotov opined. "Beijing understands that [its competitors] will throw a wrench into its works, thus it has taken preventive measures to protect its interests. It is looking for allies and is ready to pay them. To accomplish this task, various proposals and projects are being put forward for establishing cooperation and strategic relations."

The Russian academic pointed out that the most of the oil produced in the Middle East goes to East Asia, Therefore, China needs stability in this region and will work on it, he explained.

See what Zerohedge fails to comprehend in the old Gulf of Hormuz strategy of Iran shutting down oil flow, is that Iran doing this strategy will literally kill China. What you are missing is Donald Trump and the Americans in production have been increasing flow to Japan and Europe, therefore the only nation which will be crippled will be China in an Iranian action.

China is not affected by oil price in Brentwood setting market values as China is state owned and has been purchasing oil at contracts of 100 dollars for years. The key to China is not price, but cutting off supply  or hindering supply.
As one can comprehend by the statistical chart below, China has main suppliers in the Mideast and Africa in a precarious supply line, but it also has a huge supply problem in a number of other very small sources to meet it's oil consumption needs. China instead of needing to protect a few sources has  over a dozen sources of necessary production and that many more from small production which make up the whole.
Seven of the major Chinese suppliers, are American controlled.


Iran could effectively shut down the Strait of Hormuz, the narrow channel connecting the Persian Gulf to global markets. It is the only sea route from the Persian Gulf to the open ocean.
Tankers moving oil from Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates all have to pass through the strait. That translates into roughly 35% of the world’s oil traded by sea.

As new data on this has not been posted, the censoring of hiding this strategic information has begun in the Obama era. Literally China has been maneuvered into  the worst possible situation a Bush fam built this oil consuming cancer and now that cancer has the most precarious of life lines.


Japan: 3534 thousand barrels per day in 2011
China: 2774
India: 2224
USA: 1919
Singapore: 1234

Other Asia-Pacific: 4582  (South Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia...)
Europe: 2543
Africa: 524

In total, 75% of Middle East oil exports go to Asia.

Dictator Xi may have the power, but cut off oil supply and Chinese elite and society will implode and make Tienanmen Square ten time zone revolution in China, with the military not able to move their tanks.

This is the game in this in the China Road. China is building a road to nowhere as Europe has looked at China and decided they would rather swindle Americans than be eaten by PLA  raping soldiers. China is moving to buy leverage in the Mideast, but America is already there and as none of you have noticed, America is expanding her military structure.

Beijing has put its words into actions by offering over $23 billion in loans and aid to Arab states, according to The South China Morning Post. Additionally, China has promised Syria, Jordan and Yemen $90.5 million in humanitarian aid.

The United States already has thee most massive military complexes in the world in Saudi  Arabia and Iraq. The expansion of these facilities to protect the American controlled Syrian oil fields, is part of this leaving no stone unguarded with Moscow in Damascus and Peking lurking around.

The Erbil-based BasNews reported on Friday that the US is planning to inaugurate its third military base in Iraq, near the town of al-Qa’im in western Anbar Province bordering Syria.
The report quoted a source from Anbar Province as saying that the new American facility will join the already operating US airbases in Iraq, namely Ain al-Assad in Anbar and Habbaniya, both in Anbar.
The source also noted that the new base will oversee several Anbar cities, the western desert of Iraq and the strategic international road connecting Baghdad to Damascus.

The expansion is moving into Kuwait in an expanded air transportation hub on the Iranian border. The only reason the military needs more cargo space is moving of massive amounts of supply to key choke points which the US will have absolute control over in providing too many targets for Russia and China to hit with conventional weapons.

Separately on Friday, Kuwait's al-Rai newspaper reported that the US will soon open a major military air hub near the country's international airport.
Citing a statement from the US command in Kuwait, the Kuwaiti daily said the facility is intended to serve as a strategic military logistics supply point and the largest aerial port of debarkation in the Middle East.
The facility, the statement said, is further meant to fill the gap until the opening of West Al-Mubarak Airbase in Kuwait in 2023.
“Once finished, the total functional space at ‘Cargo City’ will feature an area of nearly 33,000 square meters,” said Captain Sean Murphy, a civil engineering flight officer in charge of the $32 million project.

In this Kushner Inc. has been busy as the Tel Aviv duo in the West Wing, which saw Benjamin Netanyahu as the ambassador to Moscow for Washington's policies. Netanyahu persuaded Russia to not sell advanced missile systems to Syria, and in return for allowing President Assad to stay in power, and American control over Syrian oil fields, Moscow will do use it's leverage to get Iran out of Syria and Lebanon.
That means the Shia are in retreat and Moscow is conducting the policy.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signaled on Thursday that his government will accept President Bashar Al-Assad staying in power in neighboring Syria, as his government consolidates a string of military victories.
Netanyahu's statement came after Israeli sources said Assad's ally Russia had agreed to help bat away Iranian forces from the Israel-Syria border in exchange for Israel adopting a policy of non-intervention in the Syrian civil war.
“We haven't had a problem with the Assad regime, for 40 years not a single bullet was fired on the Golan Heights,” Netanyahu was quoted by Haaretz newspaper as telling reporters who accompanied him on a visit to Moscow to meet President Vladimir Putin.
“I have set a clear policy that we do not intervene and we have not intervened," the premier added.

Of course trusting Tel Aviv is like trusting Washington as once the Americans obtain Iran, which is what the Trump Putin Summit is primarily about, along with obtaining  Russian assets for Wall Street, then with Iran cut off, then Damascus will suddenly appear on the stage to be annexed by Tel  Aviv again.

This though is a little Trumpageddon. You  fight Chinese hordes not in North Korea, but you cut them off by having control over Mideast oil, and by providing Russia with greater power in oil imports for China, one gives Moscow the leash on the left hand of the Peking dragon which Moscow desires while America holds the leash of the Peking girl in the right hand.

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter as only this blog by God's Grace provides you the insights which no one else can as Mockingbird funding will not allow them to inform you as to what the game is. It is why you rich people have the responsibility to donate and stop expecting the poor to put in their mites.

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The Obama Males Uncivilized the Obama Females in Russiagate

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you remember when the Hutatree Christian patriots were set up by the BATFE at the beginning of the Obama regime in how there was a loud mouth federal mole spewing all the anti government rhetoric and the Hutatree people got blamed for it in the indictments, until a Federal Judge threw the case out as a frame job?

If one examines the texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, one soon discovers that it was Peter Strzok who was the racist, bigot, treacherous hater, and that Lisa Page never ventured into that kind of rhetoric in using profanity, but was held in a kind of Stockholm or Strzok Syndrome as she had been manipulated by this operative of John Brennan's deep state CIA.

Look at the texts and they prove that the forthcoming Lisa Page was never a part of this hate speech, but was only in her American Right voicing her opinion that she wanted Hillary Clinton to win.

This first text of Peter Strzok's is interesting from August 2016 in the hate speech against Trump supporters, as it was in this period that the FBI sent Homeland Security on the wild goose chase to interview me.


"PS – Just went to a southern Virginia Walmart. I could SMELL the Trump support…

Page (Trump’s) not ever going to become president, right? Right?!

Strzok: No. No he’s not. We’ll stop it.

PS – I am riled up. Trump is a f*cking idiot, is unable to provide a coherent answer.
LP – I don't know. But we'll get it back. …


I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in [Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s] office—that there’s no way [Trump] gets elected—but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40…

Fuck the cheating motherfucking Russians. Bastards. I hate them.
I think they're probably the worst. Fucking conniving cheating savages. At statecraft, athletics, you name it. I'm glad I'm on Team USA.

In all of this, we see a pattern where Lisa Page is the reasonable one. She has every right to mock the Republicans in Charles in Charge as that is her right as an American. She also was being ramped up by Strzok non stop in the fake information she was being fed. Page though never once stoops to racism, bigotry, hate speech or trying to overthrow the government. In fact, it appears she was the voice of reason in the last text in a briefing where she laid out the electoral college election of Hillary Clinton which was the LEGAL approach to this, while Strzok was involved in election meddling to defeat Trump.

“I didn’t agree with her characterization of every text message and every piece of evidence,” Gaetz said as he left the House hearing. “But we did not see the smug attitude from Lisa Page that we saw from Peter Strzok.”

 What you have in Lisa Page is the thing all of us have been through in someone we are with in a group, does something or says something, which gives us pause or we make excuses for, but as time goes on, we get more uncomfortable with the person and move on. Lisa Page moved on from Peter Strzok's menace and told him not to contact her again.

In none of this do I say I agree with Lisa Page's actions or politics. What I am stating is though, there is a vast difference in these high stakes power politics where people get swept up in emotions, and have things presented by powerful males like John Brennan, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Eric Holder, Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok that everything is legal as the Robert Mueller witch hunt intentions are good for their side.
If you look at the list of women though from Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Evelyn Farkas, Samantha Power and Lisa Page, these were all well educated and accomplished women, and yet every one of them was placed into a position by the Obama males, and pushed forward by Michelle Obama and Val-erie Jarrett to violate laws and put their careers in jeopardy, as they were manipulated by those in power above them.

These were a group of women who needed validation, and were being manipulated that the Obama validation of their job was at stake, and therefore their identity, if they did not break laws in order to protect the Obama Male Order.

These were liberal women who were misused and talked themselves into a wife beater syndrome in their identity was more important than their dignity.

Read Strzok's texts and you soon discover like the Lipstick on a Pig and the Brennan rants against Donald Trump, that the rot comes from the top, and it is the males who are making the women uncivilized again.

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The Mensab Osa Johnson

 Osa Johnson and her husband, Martin, with the Pygmies of the Congo

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Oh no, my name is,  Osa Helen Johnson , and I am a woman in 1917 AD in the year of our Lord, from flyover Kansas, so my life is over as there are no opportunities, so I might as well drug myself with feel good tonic out of Sears Roebuck and listen to all the other women who say there are no parts in film, no jobs for women and no opportunities for women, even into the Ivanka Trump 21st century..............


I came across Osa Johnson in a very old book which will be featured here as a testament to women of vision and an example for all young girls that you can be whatever you want to be, as there is not any glass ceiling in the world to hold any of you, boys or girls back. If they tell you, that they will not publish your writings as in Lame Cherry, then go on and build the best blog ever, which runs circles around the anal asstards who told you that your style was not understandable and could not be done. You go out and start your own life and leave the others in their gilded menagerie of flat world thinking, as life is to be lived for God and you go live the life you are moved to live by Him.

Osa Johnson was singing in the theater in Kansas, yes she had a job she had carved out for herself, when she met her husband Martin who showing films of his adventures in south Asia. A romance blossomed and they were soon married and onto other great adventures.

Osa with her golf caddy in deep dark Africa

She with her husband would become film pioneers in the wilds of the outdoor world, predating by a generation ABC's American Sportsman and two generations in cable networks Duck Dynasty.

Osa Johnson | American explorer, filmmaker and author ...

Osa Johnson: Osa Johnson, American explorer, filmmaker, and writer who, with her husband, made a highly popular series of films featuring mostly African and South Sea tribal groups and wildlife.

Yes a female explorer, going in most place where men had never gone before. Think about that as thee American woman Osa Johnson was not the first woman after many men had accomplished something, but she was the first human to reach into some of thee most dangerous places on earth from head hunters to man eating animals.

Osa bringing home the guinea fowl for the table.

This is the face of feminism, in God, a wife, an independent woman. She never sat on her beauty,  but was a woman who used her brains and empowered herself, often time with a gun, as life was to be lived, and live it she did.

Osa experienced it all, in driving across Africa without roads, where 100 miles a day was an average in 1920 vehicles without any service stations or AAA to come bail you out. It was a hard life at times, but it was her life and she excelled at it.

Here are some Boy Scouts she came across in Africa, that a lion had eaten their camera. This was before they became the Fag Scouts, and when they were real males growing up to be real men, around real women like Osa Johnson.

The lion ate our camera

Osa was the finest of shots. As her husband, Martin, often said, "I hold the camera and Osa holds the gun". Osa protected them, their bearers and at times small impala fawns that cheetahs attempted to eat. Osa shot the cat down, and then nursed the little fawn which was badly mauled back to health.

Osa Johnson the woman with the gun in the photo protecting man and beast

There are and always have been examples of remarkable women for young girls to emulate and model themselves after. Women of real accomplishment who never forgot what it was to be a lady and never were stopped by anything that they set their minds to.

Osa Johnson, her films, her writings, her life is the perfect example for young girls to learn how to be a woman.

Oh and Boy Scouts in 1928 won competitions to go to Africa with Osa Johnson and shoot lions, that also had eaten on their camera.

 Osa Johnson and Jerramani, her African guide (right) pose with the results of a day's hunt - two dead lions. With them are Robert Dick Douglas, Doug Oliver and David Martin who won a national Boy Scout competition to go on safari in East Africa with the Johnsons in 1928

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The Great FBI Mystery of Foreigners Receiving Clinton Emails

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have already informed all of you who pay attention to this blog, that the reason that Peter Strzok was not the least bit interested in a foreign power was on Hillary Clinton's email list and receiving classified information is part of an operation which was run out of the Clinton server by counter intelligence.

This server was not about hiding things from oversight, but hiding who was being provided direct access to American intelligence in the Obama Clinton sphere.

The FBI’s Lack of Curiosity About a Foreign Power Getting 30,000 Hillary Clinton Emails is Astounding

I have told you that there were emails being planted to provide false leads to some nations into US intentions and there were direct information dumps in quid pro quo.

Peter Strzok Ignored Evidence That Hillary’s Emails Were Sent to a Foreign Entity

There was a widespread stand down order on this issue, as this was a Obama regime operation which was criminal, but in that grey area of intelligence sharing outside the bounds of normal channels, as those who would have known of this operation would have blown the whistle on it.

“It was going to an unauthorized source that was a foreign entity unrelated to Russia,” he added.
According to Gohmert, McCullough sent his ICIG investigator Frank Rucker to present the findings to Strzok who remembered meeting with him but nothing else. Conveniently, Strzok couldn’t remember what they talked about.
When Rucker spoke with Strzok, he nodded but was remarkably uninterested in what Rucker had to say, Gohmert said.
The DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz received a call about it four times and never returned the calls. He’s the other DoJ official described as having an impeccable reputation, but he can’t seem to find bias when it slaps him in the face.
Part of this Hillary Clinton operation with Obama was a direct "cleansing" of the CIA in a coup. Hillary Clinton was literally supplying the names of CIA agents to foreign powers so they would be neutralized and fed the wrong information, which would funnel into the American threat assessments.

John Schindler confirmed the Fox News report. He wrote at The Observor: Discussions with Intelligence Community officials have revealed that Ms. Clinton’s “unclassified” emails included Holy Grail items of American espionage. This included the true names of Central Intelligence Agency intelligence officers serving overseas under cover. Worse, some of those exposed are serving under non-official cover.

If you want to produce an Iranian document showing that Iran has no nuclear designs for a John Kerry deal, you feed known CIA agents on the ground information to produce the intelligence which backs your agenda.

I have told you from the start of this, that the Clinton email server was a portal, was a transmission hub, was a hacking platform and it was being  used for specific Obama Marxist policies to circumvent normal US intelligence as John Brennan ran his coup inside the CIA to overthrow the American government completely.
That is why the DIA and Mike Flynn were  backing Donald Trump. They knew this illegal scam was being perpetrated.
Do you really think Wikileaks and Edward Snowden just happened? Those were real intelligence operations in various coup platforms to manipulate factions in US intelligence to less powerful positions.

That is called another Lame Cherry exclusive in  matter anti matter. It was not that no one was interested, it was that everyone on the inside knew to keep their hands off and mouths shut.

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Ivanka Trump Offers You Her Nipples

I grew these tits so others could nurse your children......


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

That liberal daughter of President Trump is at it again, and this time with RHINO GOPliters whose focus is Paid Family Leave. Yes you can leave your job for 12 weeks and be paid for it, if you are caring for a family member.

It always sounds like a great Ivanka idea, but the problem is in Ivanka's slave labor world of offshore employees in China and Africa, that it is the white collar employees who get the benefits, while the poor people get nothing.

Let me put it to you this way, most of you have money and have cable television. What would you think tomorrow if the screen went blank and said it was off 3 months, but you still had to pay for the service, plus you were being billed by another company to fill in for the missing 3 months of service. Would that sound like a good deal for you in your paying 15 months for television for 12 months?

That is what paid leave is, as someone has to pay for it, and if Donald Trump calls it federal then it is coming out of taxes of debt spending which you service the debt on. There are no freebies in this and each of you have probably already experienced with fury the people at work who are always "taking time off from work" to take their kid somewhere, and the boss never fills in, but you are stuck doing the work of two people to make up for the benefits someone else is receiving.

Hourly workers, who make up more than half of the US workforce and are disproportionately African-American and Latino, rarely see such benefits: Only 5 percent are estimated to have access to paid family leave.

That is Ivanka Trump world. Mrs. Kushner will never scrub the skid marks out of a toilet in her office, but will let the Mexican take off from work for 12 weeks, while she makes some White girl go in and scrub the shit, while still expecting the White girl to do all the other jobs she is already stuck doing when Ivanka is parading around with her 3 cherubs.

What is Paid Family Leave (PFL)? - TurboTax Support

Paid Family Leave (PFL) income is money you receive from your employer, an insurer, or the government while you are away from work for an

As stated, federal paid is federal income tax. State is state income tax and you are the one being billed. Nothing ever changes in this, in this will be another massive tax you will be stuck paying for your Beamer supervisors as you get to do the work of the Mexicans that get to go home and produce more babies.

Trump's budget to include paid family leave - CNNPolitics

Trump's budget will push for the creation of a federal paid family leave program that will provide families after the birth or adoption of a child with six weeks of paid leave

Trump for some reason thinks that people who earn 500,000 dollars a year are poor. I suppose he hears that from Ivanka in not being able to afford 12 pairs of 5000 dollar shoes.

Trump promised during the campaign that he would call for six weeks' maternity leave by extending unemployment insurance benefits to working mothers whose employers do not offer paid maternity leave.
He also suggested making child care expenses tax deductible for families earning less than $500,000 and called for establishing tax-free accounts to be used for child care and child enrichment activities.

It gets worse, because that dolt Marco Rubio is pushing for his parting of the waters in foisting this onto Social Security, where people will draw on their benefits they need to starve on when they retire for paid family leave.
This is equally stupid to Ivanka's plotting and actually more draconian, as it has poor people robbing themselves so they can die of starvation or not having meds when they are old.

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and other Republicans that would provide up to 12 weeks of parental coverage worth around $1,175 a month, less than most state policies. It would be funded not by payroll taxes but by drawing from future Social Security, effectively delaying retirement for parents who dip into their savings.

If there was a way for people who want this, to pay for it, then by all means put it into the system, but no one in Trump's inflated economy can afford to pay for any of this after Obama. The fact is Donald Trump allowed oil barons to jack up fuel prices and that has destroyed the Trump recovery. A business simply can not have numbers of it's work force not at work, and forcing other workers to fill in for the absentees. That makes Ivanka Trump Kushner a liar and if business is plug and play, then she can get her ass out of the West Wing, and bring in a wet back to do her job, because in Ivanka world, all people are just parts and anyone can do the work.

If executed responsibly, paid family leave is targeted government action with the right incentives – designed to increase the independence, health and dignity of our citizens.

- Ivanka Trump Kushner.

The above is a damned lie as big as any Peter Strzok has been telling.  This is not about RESPONSIBLE EXECUTION, this is about business needing workers there to compete with Chinese slave labor so American products sell at market competition, and not bankrupt more American companies.

This is more Nazi Conglomerate economics from the fascist Ivanka Kushner, as this has not one damn thing to do with toddlers and mums. This has to do with that Rubio cash flowing into corporate coffers as that money will be spent to be amassed by them, and not take care of the bambino. All this does is make someone at work, work harder to give them more health problems as the business slows down and a chain reaction of greater inflation rocks the economy with another hit.

Like all things Trump, in his Gary Cohn tax cuts for the rich, this paid leave is for the rich as poor people can not afford to take paid leave, and if they do, their jobs will be enhanced to scrubbing out toilets and other shit jobs so they quit. This ever goes to the grubbers, it will mean that women will not be hired who are in that child care group as they are a bankrupter of businesses.

This country is not reeling bad enough, so Ivanka Kushner has to give it another shot of poison economics to destroy people's lives further.

A little bit of socialism is like a little bit of being run over by a freight train.

- Lame Cherry

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Put Your Christian Where Your Syria Is

We thank President Putin for saving and expanding the Christian communities of Syria


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


 We're murdering twice as many Christians as Nero did, HURRAH!!!

Life could not be any better for Christians anywhere in the world, but Syria, thanks to President Bashar Assad, the savior of Christianity in Syria.  Yes this is the same President Assad that Jewess Ivanka Trump had her father bombing on fake chemical weapon's data. While the Kushner's, John McCain, Lyndsey Graham and liberals were applauding the bombing of Syria, President Vladimir Putin and President Bashar Assad were saving Christian lives in the oldest settlements in the Mideast.

A NEW Syria is emerging from the rubble of war. In Homs, which Syrians once dubbed the “capital of the revolution” against President Bashar al-Assad, the Muslim quarter and commercial district still lie in ruins, but the Christian quarter is reviving. Churches have been lavishly restored; a large crucifix hangs over the main street. “Groom of Heaven”, proclaims a billboard featuring a photo of a Christian soldier killed in the seven-year conflict. In their sermons, Orthodox patriarchs praise Mr Assad for saving one of the world’s oldest Christian communities.

Syria has always been most protective and nurturing to the Christian communities in Syria as the Assad family were secular leaders and of benefit to all Syrians no matter their religion, but that all changed when the Saudi Sunni radicals began demanding bigger mosques and suddenly became conduits for Barack Hussein Obama to unleash a blood rampage all across the once peaceful Syrian nation.

What is of most noteworthy in this, as Americans have been seizing oil wells in Syria, which Obama had turned over to Kurds in what was termed ISIS to launder money to this Obama mafia, is that the real Syrians, not the Obama McCain terrorists, banded together in Christians, Shia and Alawites to liberate themselves from the draconian majority Sunni rule.
So when one hears of the Syrian "refugees" those are the Sunni radicals who rose up to destroy other religions, and were then driven out as the minorities in Syria, banded together and fought for their rights behind Bashar Assad.

Homs, like all of the cities recaptured by the government, now belongs mostly to Syria’s victorious minorities: Christians, Shias and Alawites (an esoteric offshoot of Shia Islam from which Mr Assad hails). These groups banded together against the rebels, who are nearly all Sunni, and chased them out of the cities. Sunni civilians, once a large majority, followed. More than half of the country’s population of 22m has been displaced—6.5m inside Syria and over 6m abroad. Most are Sunnis.

It should begin to make a bit more sense why suddenly in Syria, the war dead mattered and the displaced, because they were all connected to Saudi billions in the Sunni radicals who have been causing terrorism in every nation they have been funded into, including the United States.
The fact is the Christians in Syria want these terrorists punished and not protected by the United States.

The old city of Damascus, Syria’s capital, is an architectural testament to Sunni Islam. But the Iranian-backed Shia militias that fight for Mr Assad have expanded the city’s Shia quarter into Sunni and Jewish areas. Portraits of Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hizbullah, a Lebanese Shia militia, hang from Sunni mosques. Advertisements for Shia pilgrimages line the walls. In the capital’s new cafés revellers barely notice the jets overhead, bombing rebel-held suburbs. “I love those sounds,” says a Christian woman who works for the UN. Like other regime loyalists, she wants to see the “terrorists” punished.

The good times are back in Syria, for Christians and other minorities are reaping the rewards of their patriotism. Instead of having their heads chopped off, their women kidnapped, sold and  raped to Sunni cock and being enslaved to the dark ages, the new Syria of President Assad is rewarding his Civilian Militia with the properties of Sunni terrorists.
It is all quite fair, as President Assad offered re registration of property on loyalty to Syria. Those terrorists who refused to register their property now have had it dispersed legally to those Syrians who fought for their nation, and this means Christians benefiting from Law 10.
Christians are now operating former Sunni businesses successfully and living in Sunni housing making it their homes. It is a Syria where Christianity is being enriched and prospered like nowhere else on the planet.

Mr Assad, though, seems focused less on recovery than rewarding loyalists with property left behind by Sunnis. He has distributed thousands of empty homes to Shia militiamen. “Terrorists should forfeit their assets,” says a Christian businesswoman, who was given a plush café that belonged to the family of a Sunni defector. A new decree, called Law 10, legitimises the government’s seizure of such assets. Title-holders will forfeit their property if they fail to re-register it, a tough task for the millions who have fled the country.

Americans ask yourself, what have you as a Christian received from Donald Trump for voting for him? Have you gotten a house for free? Have you taken over ownership of one terrorist home or business to run for your profit? Have the people of Canada benefited under Justin Trudeau, the people of France under Macron, the people of England under May, the people of Germany under Merkel, received one thing as Christians, or is it the Muslims and Jesuits pouring in who get the government checks, the jobs, the housing deals from the banks? Of course it is the latter, and once again as Donald Trump does nothing in Christians persecuted in China or anywhere else in the world, but rails against Vladimir Putin and Bashar Assad, that it is these two Christian protectors who have been the greatest protectors and advancement for Christians since Martin Luther in Germany and George Washington in the United States.

In case you missed it in this quote, now you know why Tel Aviv and Ivanka' Saudi adoring daddy have been so focused on Syria:

Shia militias that fight for Mr Assad have expanded the city’s Shia quarter into Sunni and Jewish areas.

Yes it was the terror Muslims and the merchant Jews who were losing their monopoly control over Christians, Shia and Alawites. That is what Americans are doing now in Syria illegally as they protect oil wells and Tel Aviv interests, because the feudal bankers and their merchants lost their slave class of Christians, because Bashar Assad made homeowners and business owners out of Christians all throughout Syria, just like President Andrew Jackson did in the Homestead Acts.

When is someone besides the Lame Cherry going to start asking that President Trump reward his Christians who voted for him and put him into the White House, just as President Assad of Syria has been generously rewarding his Christian Patriots.


Thank you for saving us Mr. President while Donald Trump was bombing us
for his Jewess daughter for Tel Aviv's attempt to annex Syria


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Proximity NDE

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have since high school been fascinated in Near Death Experiences, even as the satanic frauds have been sowing fiction into the field. There is something in this which Raymond Moody who has studied this while appearing on Coast to Coast AM several weeks ago, mentioned something intriguing. He stated that from time to time people who are in the room with the dead or related to the dead, actually experience events like the hologram life passing before their eyes or the strange anomalies of a wife rushing in to tell the doctor that her husband was not dead, and moments later his heart started beating again.

Raymond Moody

Raymond Moody is the foremost expert on the phenomenon of near-death experience, as well as a compelling lecturer on the subjects of evocation of the deceased, cult activities, out-of-body experiences, the paranormal and the...

Dr. Sharon Prentice

Soon after completing her graduate studies in psychology, Dr. Sharon Prentice found the world of secular psychology lacking--her patients needed "something more." So, she set out to investigate and explore alternative methods in the...

There are enough examples of witnesses to note that a light does arise from people when they die, in the chest area. What is of interest to me personally is the Newtonian physics involved as everything is energy, even when it is matter in a spiritual form. It all displaces or is a resonant frequency.

All of us have experienced the aura of a person coming into a room, before they arrive. I move this to the analogy in examining this, that in the reality of energy, something happens within the range of the soul or Spirit leaving a body which affects others, like they are listening to a radio or television broadcast.
As for most people this is not normal, it points to there has to be an energy surge which is enhancing people who have no prior ability.

A life review is not something a person in death generates, but is something from Christ apparently in dealing with past ills to rid the soul or Spirit of them. Yes life can flash before people's eyes, but there seems the indication in all of this that a person leaving their body produces an energy charge. There seems to be a link to the energy of God in this also which enhances the sphere, so that others in their soul or Spirit are able to pick up on these events.
As this is not a constant and an exception, Raymond Moody and Sharon Prentise have not expanded this to the possibility is there an atmospheric charge which is part of this, as ghosts are more visible in the electrical storms. There is a reason, and it might be the power of the soul of the person is stronger than most. Think of it in Ghost terms as Patrick Swayze had to work at moving a coin as his soul was not that strong yet. There is a reason for this, and it is fascinating to me just what is the underlying factor in this, because it does not seem isolated, but more than one person in this sphere is affected.

It is just a shame in this, that I am too pressed for time and drained of energy to explore this and to discover the dynamics of it.

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