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Kurz Fires Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I had hoped that the counsel of this blog would have saved Donald Trump and the United States from undo hardships and retributions, but after watching the meeting between Chancellor Sebastian Kurz of Austria, representative of the European Super State and President Donald Trump of the United States, the body language stated it all as primate Trump in his "jungle gorilla pose" compared to the formal etiquette of Sebastian Kurz reveals  the following.

Trump does not take Sebastian Kruz serious as a leader as Trump contends he is the prime ape and will not share the bananas.

Trump reached across and patted Kurz on the arm, in holding him back was the message, meaning Donald Trump is insecure over Sebastian Kurz's rapid advances.

Sebastian Kurz is not intimidated by Donald Trump and with his hands in the same genital pose as Trump, but protests the incorrect primate assumption of  Donald Trump that gorillas could fly to the moon too like humans if they really wanted to.

In 2016, this orphan girl, once the popular girl stated that she knew how to trigger Donald Trump. I have never revealed how to do it, but in posting what I did concerning the Kurz and Trump Summit, I inadvertently accomplished it psychologically.
It appears in the White House press conference between Kurz and Trump, and it involves Donald Trump holding back Sebastian Kurz with pats  to the arm and insults to the Chancellor in Trump repeatedly calling the Chancellor a young guy. For those who paid attention, this blog needled Donald Trump as the old guy, the geezer in this meeting whose time has past and Kurz is the future of Europe and the world. I know Donald Trump read a transcript of that posting by the way the President reacted. I was honestly attempting to rescue Donald Trump and in my frustrations with his betrayals of Christians, needled him on being past his time. Trump instead of heeding the advice, instead had to go gorilla pose and attempt to dominate Sebastian Kurz. Trump went New York Values in "Whadda guy" in he kept talking over and attempting to get the last word with Sebastian Kurz.
Be warned, the Germans are a very polite people and will take a great deal of abuse in public, but none of this was lost on Sebastian Kurz and by all that is German, the German in Sebastian Kurz is going to make Donald Trump pay and the United States pay for that insult.

In essence,

-Trump's body language closed and defeated slump of shoulders, Kurz's body language taking possession but still protesting Trump's bad treatment.

I believe that Trump in this exchange with the Chancellor,  inadvertently stated that the Chancellor was young and made mistakes. That translates to the United States is spying on Sebastian Kurz and the Austrian government in being privy to private admissions. When Donald Trump is triggered he makes mistakes  and as Sebastian Kurz stated later, "Trumps outbursts are nothing one can prepare for". Sebastian Kurz has inside intelligence on the inner working of Donald Trump.

In the emerging roles, Sebastian Kurz does not need to be reactionary as time is on his side. Europe has the African consumers. Europe has a secure society. Europe is at peace with Russian and China, with expanding influence and trade with the Ring of Fire in the Pacific. America is in debt, at cold war with China and Russia, has no production and no trade, with an old man as President. Sebastian Kurz will see his vision come to fruition, past American meddling in Europe and Trump insults.
In short, each day Europe grows stronger and more vibrant with Sebastian Kurz and each day the United States grows weaker with Trumpamnesty, Trumpflation and Trumprage on Twitter.

The President of the United States is still under the conclusion that the United States is supreme and that it is just little Austria, and the USA can leverage London, Berlin and Paris against Vienna. Donald Trump is incorrect as that order has passed and the German Order is rising in a new confederation based on the old lines of the Habsburgs governance of Europe.  What seems a small seed in Europe is about to grow into a Sargasso Sea of enveloping  plants overtaking the world.

Sebastian Kurz on Twitter stated after this meeting that there are vast differences in policies between Europe and the United States. He is not yielding to the Americans though and is progressing on to his objectives. The issue which the Chancellor was focused was trade, free and fair trade, which translates that Europe  has chosen to pick up the gauntlet which Donald Trump threw down, and Europe is going into a trade war with the United States and will bury the Americans as it is now a Kurz Eurasian World and not a world where American bombs dictate American mandates to Eurasians.

Kanzler Kurz ist heute bei US-Präsident Trump zu Gast. Kurz sagt, die drohenden Zölle seien das wichtigste Thema bei dem Gespräch, "weil jede Form der Einschränkung des fairen Freihandels zu einer Gefährdung von Jobs in Ö führt."

Chancellor Kurz is visiting US President Trump today. In short, the threat of tariffs is the most important topic in the conversation, "because any form of restriction of fair free trade leads to a threat to jobs in Austria."

The conclusion of the Kurz Summit was Donald Trump, who refers to him as a Chancellor, not as Sebastian, and the Chancellor refers to Donald Trump as President.  There is no relationship with these two superpower leaders. Sebastian Kurz has this with Vladimir Putin and the Pacific Rim leaders. In that reality the job the President of the United States needed to accomplish which this blog warned of in making Sebastian Kurz a partner,  Donald Trump has failed immensely in appeasing the Furher of the European Super State.

Donald Trump in his Balkanization of Europe is attempting to crush Germany. Sebastian Kurz is well aware of the Trump gambit as targeting Germany, targets Austria and all other European nations.  This is why the Chancellor before meeting with Donald Trump was in Japan and in Korea, leading those Asian car manufacturers in a united front to neutralize the threatened Trump tariffs of 25% on their automobiles.

Sebastian Kurz was ready for Donald Trump and the Chancellor's word were concerning Trump Speak was that it was a very controversial conversation. Donald Trump attempted to bully the greatest leader in the world and as Sebastian Kurz sat in Germanic protest his poise sent the message, "I am here old man and I am staying as leader of the world".

There is one epitaph to this Kurz Summit, which was the greatest and most necessary meeting of the United States since the Treaty of Paris, and that is Sebastian Kurz said in all of this to Donald Trump, two words, "You're Fired!"
The Trump outsiders failed as Donald Trump is stuck in the 1950's bad suit movies. Sebastian Kurz moves on to leverage the weak links of Ivanka and Jared in a private meal at their home concerning Tel Aviv rule in Washington DC, and then moves on to inform American finance and the IMF that a new financial system is about to envelope the world, and it is Vienna's gold not New York debt which will move the world.

And Donald Trump has no one to blame but himself.


Well if Hillary can't sell Russian Uranium, let Trump sell Muslims Nuclear Bombs

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Just when you thought Jared Kushner could not stoop to anything lower than selling his wife and child to Chicoms for the 666 building or selling the President out to Robert Mueller to save his pasty Jew ass, democrats in the House have discovered one of thee most ludicrous and dangerous plans yet arrived at, in Donald Trump has a Marshall Plan for the Mideast, and it is to fill it with nuclear reactors, starting with Saudi Arabia.

The report implicates the President’s adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner, former national security adviser Mike Flynn, and Trump fundraiser Thomas Barrack in a project backed by “strong private commercial interests” to develop “dozens of nuclear power plants” through a private US company called IP3 International under the so-called “Trump Middle East Marshall Plan.”

Apparently this is why Donald Trump was in Saudi Arabia from day one with the Kushner's taking bribes as the real story of Greater Judea was to have the  Sunni Saudi's blow up the Shia Iranians with their own nuclear weapons.

White House staff members are reportedly fast-tracking “the transfer of highly sensitive US nuclear technology” to Saudi Arabia without the necessary congressional review, possibly running afoul of the Atomic Energy Act and potentially allowing the Saudis to build a nuclear bomb, according to an interim staff report by Committee on Oversight and Reform chair Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland), which cites “multiple whistleblowers” as the source of the information. The Committee has opened an investigation into the allegations.

As a side note in this, the Saudi's have had nuclear weapons, ever since Dr. Khan provided the Pakistani's with nukes, because the Saudi's funded the program. See that is how Saudi Arabia got around the atomic regulations on nuclear weapons, in they built them in Pakistan.
This was to counter Saddam Hussein being sold one heavy nuke by the KGB and the Iranians having purchased a dozen of various response to Lyndon Johnson selling the Jews nuclear material, after the Jews had JFK assassinated as he would not sell the Jews nukes.
Long story short version.

But now we have some real Obama crimes in this as whistleblowers not happy Hillary Clinton got cut out of the Obama flexible uranium sales to Russia, are exposing what Donald Trump was up to.

The whistleblowers provided specific dates and information from the relevant
correspondence, as well as the names and identities of White House officials engaged in these activities.
For example, the whistleblowers provided new information about 

IP3 International, a private company that has assembled a consortium of U.S. companies to build nuclear plants in Saudi Arabia.  According to media reports, IP3’s only project to date is the Saudi nuclear plan. 
 A key proponent of this nuclear effort was General Michael Flynn, who described himself in filings as an “advisor” to a subsidiary of IP3, Iron Bridge Group Inc., from June 2016 

to December 2016—at the same time he was serving as Donald Trump’s national security advisor during the presidential campaign and the presidential transition.  According to the whistleblowers, General Flynn continued to advocate for the adoption of the IP3 plan not only during the transition, but even after he joined the White House as President Trump’s National Security Advisor. 

The key element in this is the New York Valued, Thomas Barrack jr., who was involved in all of this up to his bald head from August 2016 when the Kushners jetted off to the Balkans.  Remember all of this, and while Elijah Cummings is a deep state prick, there are things in this which can not be exposed which the democrats just scratched the scab off of, as it links to everything which has become this Trump Vortex.

Donald Trump's longtime personal friend, Thomas Barrack jr.

Another key proponent of this effort was Thomas Barrack, President Trump’s personal friend of several decades and the Chairman of his Inaugural Committee. 
According to the New York Times:

During the Trump campaign, Mr. Barrack was a top fundraiser and trusted gatekeeper who opened communications with the Emiratis and Saudis, recommended that the candidate bring on Paul Manafort as campaign manager—and then tried to arrange a secret meeting between Mr. Manafort and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.

According to this news report, 24% of the $7 billion in investments raised by Mr.
Barrack’s company since Donald Trump won the nomination “has come from the Persian Gulf—all from either the U.A.E. or Saudi Arabia.”

 During this period, Mr. Barrack reportedly “pondered the notion, for example, of buying a piece of Westinghouse, the bankrupt U.S. manufacturer of nuclear reactors.”

This is enough of a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter for you to digest, but you are finding the names in the back channels of all of this which the Trump Vortex is all about. This all connects and in the  coming season if the big donors appear for this blog, the information will appear as Vulcan always lives long and prospers their kind.

IP3 leaders General Keith Alexander, General Jack Keane, Mr. Bud McFarlane, and
Rear Admiral Michael Hewitt, as well as the chief executives of six companies—
Exelon Corporation, Toshiba America Energy Systems, Bechtel Corporation, Centrus
Energy Corporation, GE Energy Infrastructure, and Siemens USA—
signed a letter to Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.  The letter presented “the Iron Bridge Program as a 21st Century Marshall Plan for the Middle East” and stated that it was “designed to create long term government to government and commercial to commercial partnerships between the United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

You are not going to get the real story in the above, but those who know the story just wet themselves, because Elijah Cummings just opened up to the public what the protector of America has been up to in his investigation.

We shall see if I go crappie fishing or if I keep typing on the prophetic keyboard.

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The Trump Phaser Penis

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is very difficult to not be satirical over Donald Trump in his new Space Force, going boldly beyond where no Trump has gone before. The reason it is ..........ok let me explain.

The reason the SR 71 spy jet was cancelled was because the United States already had a super jet beyond Blackbird. This is why Jimmy Carter cancelled the B 1,  because America had Stealthy B 2's.


Didn't we already buy this series?

See it is this redundancy which has DARPA creating future weapons, which America possesses in these loud sonic boom space planes out of Area 51, these large triangular gravity craft out of Ohio, which makes the "cover" of NASA spending billions on this worthless huge rocket to shoot payloads into space, because America is already in space.
For those thinking I am off the track in too space fiction, the Air Force has already had for years the X 37 in extensive tests and no they do not just have one for testing, but a fleet of these things which are drone weapons.


I suppose you never saw the specially built launch vehicle either before in  photo?

What Donald Trump is engaged in is more deception. The Pentagon and NASA are both being funded by  Donald Trump in ever increasing record amounts, and it the idea is to hide the programs to not produce a space race, Donald John just told the world the Chicoms and Russians were both in a space race, so what good is it to double bill Americans for obsolete platforms when the real programs are already in space and operational.

If we find any life out there, remember we will run out of Mexicans soon for labor.

Trump has signed the futuristic-sounding Space Policy Directive-4, which orders the Pentagon to draft legislation establishing the Space Force within the Air Force. The administration still has to submit a legislative proposal to Congress, which would approve the funds and authority required to officially establish the new military branch.
America must be fully equipped to defend our vital interests,” Trump said at a White House press conference. “Our adversaries are training forces and developing technology to undermine our security in space, and they’re working very hard at that.”


Live long and prosper Donald John.
May the Log Cabin be with you.

And what do we refer to the President of Space Force now? Trektacula? das Weltallmeister, Sulu of the Cosmic Hole as sodomy seems to be on this President's mind as US foreign policy all stinks of feces penis now in directing who America attacks.

But what are the Russians involved in, in these diabolical plots?

Yes a Space Yacht for tourists. As in all things Russian, not once in all the years of Russian hegemony since the United States ceased producing rockets to launch humans to the International Space Station has Russia denied any nation access to it's rocket program.
This yacht will be operational in 5 years in a commercial moneymaking adventure for the Russians who have a very good track record in keeping cargo and passengers safe.

Is it prudent for the United States to have a projection of power in outerspace? Most definitely, but I have had it with being double billed for cover programs and having a leader in the White House who espouses none of the Reagan rhetoric of keeping Americans safe and how wonderful it would be to eliminate all nuclear weapons.
With Donald John Trump all you get is, "They are a threat, so we are going to spend trillions and dominate them for Goldman Sachs."


Yes, the President of Space Force launched that into orbit
and yes, it looks familiar my friends. 


It looks like a phaser penis.


So Jason  you do not like my Phaser Penis in your space. I exile you to life on Mars.



Wednesday, February 20, 2019

How dumb Niggers.....sorry Liberal are.

I call this bong mountain Barry...


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you remember the Chris Matthews Syndrome which was covered here in Forensic Psychology, in how there were these stupid little white boys who no one liked, and they hung out in the janitor's quarters with some low IQ black man, who would tell them pearls of wisdom which sound great to a 10 year old, but when you are 25, you wonder how "Glue and snot are not the same thing so don't eat them" sounded like such great advice in the janitor's office.

That is the Syndrome of people who make all these movies of the "sage black man" having all the answers for stupid white people is such a Hollywood allure. You will figure it out as you read on as the image of Birther Hussein Obama is teaming up with low IQ black professional athletes to teach them the sage wisdom of Obama.

Here is the opening image Obama quote:

All of us have to recognise that being a man is first and foremost being a good human,” the former President said.
“That means being responsible, working hard, being kind, respectful, compassionate. 
“If you’re confident about your strength, you don’t need to show me by putting somebody else down. Show me by lifting somebody else up.”
Curry responded: “I’ve just been mentored right there.”

OK so Birther Obama has this figured out in being a man is being good. So if you are bad in Obama speak, it means you are not a man.........what you are then Obama does not explain, but he does go into detail in telling people of low IQ that a bully is weak because they bully people.
Frankly I learned all that watching white boy Leave it to Beaver or any other 50's white boy television, but apparently blacks  missed all of that watching Soul Train or thumping to Snoop Dog about ho's.

Obama did great work as a multi millionaire NBA star in Stephen Curry informed all that he had been mentored by Obama's genius, which is the same thing Bill Cosby was telling blacks while he was drugging and raping women.
Obama has probably stopped having homosexuals like Christopher Stevens raped or white girls like Lara Logan raped by Muslims, but we still do not know in a decade if image Obama is going to be indicted like Cosby or OJ Simpson for past crimes.

In wrapping this up, Birther Hussein left the audience with this brilliance. Men do not like to talk and women do not shut up.

He said how in his own household, he tends to get together with his “boys” to watch or play a game of basketball, but they might not say much to each other. 
However, he noted that Michelle “will get with her girlfriends, they’ll show up at noon, they’ll be talking, I’ll leave, come back three hours later, they are still talking.

OK so for how many millions this Obama program is costing, people who watched white people as children, have this all figured out in behaving is good and misbehaving is bad, and that boys and girls are different, got this all for free in re runs.

I mean I am incredulous over this stupidity in Obama having to say this stuff and what kind of tards show up and need to be told this kind of stuff that 5 year olds would know.

It is literally how dumb liberals are and their children.  I would be ashamed to be this foolish in saying this stuff in public as I would know the people I grew up with would know this  stuff and humiliated that I had to be told this stuff, because everyone else would say what a dumb ass I was for not having this figured out.

The thing is after listening to the shtick of Donald Trump lying through his ass and his clappers eating it up as gospel I realize that conservatives, especially rich conservatives in Oval Offices and heating up pews have their heads up their asses.

It is how dumb Clapper are.....sorry Conservatives are.

Barack Obama joined by Stephen Curry to tell minority boys 'you matter'
Former President Barack Obama and Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry told minority boys on Tuesday that they matter …

Yes as the democratic Governors of New York and Virginia just made it legal to kill Nigger babies after they were born. In Chicago they kill Nigger kids on the streets selling Obama dope and are not stopping it, so that is a  good thing Obama is telling minority boys, who Obama and Trump are replacing with Mexicans and Muslims that they matter.

 I can't get a generous donation and these people shit money telling fools the biggest pile of horse shit ever.

Hey, you rich people matter. You are different if you are a boy or a girl and if you behave you won't get your ass kicked.

There, now donate for all the wisdom you just had dispensed.........oh and for Trump clappers, Obama's queer dick smelling like feces is just wonderful, until God sends your abominable ass to hell.

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The Killer Storm Brought To You By HAARP

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am providing you a time lapse of the Weather Mod killer storm for mid February, which probably matters now as it is aimed at Chicago populations.

I desire to show you something in these HAARP storms in the four radar grabs you are observing a 12 hour  sequence and you will notice absolutely nothing changes.  What caught my eye was the continued strange manifestations of weather pockets occurring over the Dakotas.

In the sequence, there is a wall over the line of southern South Dakota and Minnesota, which is blocking for most of the day, and then around 6 o'clock a strange little bow scurries into South Dakota in a moisture band.

None of this makes sense, but you are looking at the nuances. In all of these photos though, remember that 24 hours before this entire radar structure was blank. There was nothing in the United States and then by HAARP miracle again, this massive storm just appeared.




What you  are seeing is a storm which resets every few hours. Sandy who I have mentioned here lives in Kennessee or Tentucky and as you can see those poor people are living in a Rasputitsa America as it is mess there constantly. All of this is most difficult for all life forms.

I will predict something on past Weather Mod. This storm will belt the Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa all day today, and sometime around evening, it will kick it in the ass and be over New England in a few hours.

Until this becomes an issue, where the cartel selling energy to consumers becomes uncomfortable this is not going to stop as they value economic rape and not American lives. Projections are that this is going to continue for 6 more weeks. Spring is not coming to America and early next week another 20 below shot is being jetted into the Fargo basin, to set this shit all up again in the same pattern.

And as the moon slowly moves to the west to set, the HAARP wall line emerges over the South Dakota Minnesota line again.

15 hours of HAARP Freeze Frame Storm

Nuff Said


Andrew McCabe threatens the US Department of Justice

Tell them Andy the devil made you do it.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the Andrew McCabe book tour which began on 60 Minutes, there has since his appearance, been other appearances which have involved criminal admissions. In his NBC confession, he blurted out closed door testimony to the Gang of Eight in Congress which is all confidential and a crime to make public. For all of McCabe's ranting of being in law enforcement over 20 years, and knowing what Inspector General Reports should look like, this career official is one who has forgotten the most important legal term in, ius maneo tacitus, the right to remain silent.

With Andrew McCabe rightly fired, after being part of a cabal of reprehensible white men who took advantage of the distressed damsel, Lisa Page, who has been forthcoming in her testimony, like most Americans, this blog would  be content to have this over zealous  public official to live in luxury on the income of his wealthy physician wife and no longer deal with the distasteful part he played in American history. Andrew McCabe though is instead selling his story in a new public blitz attacking not only the President, but the democrat Inspector General, and now the entire US Justice Department.

It is the last part which seems unreasonable and quite ignorant, but if one examines the forensic psychology of Andrew McCabe, everything he has done had a psyche where he thinks he is above the law and has friends in the most high places.

It all began in the dismissal of Andrew McCabe where the CIA Washington Post which smeared the innocent Judge Roy Moore of Alabama, where this blog noted what McCabe and his wife in propaganda were tampering with future jurors. That is a crime and while Roger Stone has a gag order placed on him as Paul Manafort has placed on him, Andrew McCabe is free to rant by the same Clinton Obama judiciary tampering with future jurors while attacking the President of the United States and the Justice Department.

It is that Andrew McCabe who continues to act as if someone is putting him up to this, which is what should be setting off the red flags of the Justice Department he is threatening with a lawsuit. See I note patterns and when Mr. and Mrs. McCabe are assisted in jury tampering by the Washington Post which is CIA connected and the chief ranter of this is former CIA Director John Brennan who is yet to be indicted for running an illegal CIA operation with the FBI as a front in Peter Strzok to "get Trump", coincidences appear in a patter which is quite revealing.

Ex-CIA Boss John Brennan Tears Into Donald Trump Over Andrew ...

Ex-CIA Boss John Brennan Tears Into Donald Trump Over Andrew McCabe Firing ... Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI - A great day for Democracy ...

It is yet to be revealed who the benefactors are of these two connected Barack Hussein Obama associates, but their symbiotic relationship, indicates by their outbursts and threats, that they are operating under the conclusion  and affirmation that have protection yet to engage in what they are engaged in.

In following this to a logical conclusion for Andrew McCabe, it would be reasoned that someone of power has promised Andrew McCabe a complete pardon and full payout, with restoration of power as a martyr in upcoming propaganda. Andrew McCabe is acting like his benefactors have promised him, no matter what he says in breaking federal law or going after the Justice Department, he will not answer for his actions, as the Justice Department as under Director James Comey at FBI and former Attorney General's Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder will sweep away the evidence as was engaged in with Hillary Rodham Clinton.

That points to the benefactors of Andrew McCabe and John Brennan have information that President Donald Trump will be defeated in 2020, and the upcoming Marxist democrat who has already been chosen from the mob of 40, will shut the Justice Department down, reward McCabe financially and pardon him of all crimes.

That is the message from Andrew McCabe as the CIA media is Mockingbird promoting a narrative of this conclusion.

 I don't have a monkey on my back just an Andy.

I believe this is a mistake on Andrew McCabe's part, because the system is an enclosed body, meaning it will defend itself from all outside the system and will destroy all those it is unleashed at. The lawsuit of Andrew McCabe will face the infinite deep pockets of the US Justice Department in unlimited resources. The Department of Justice in order to defend itself now has before it the reality of making certain that Andrew McCabe is indicted and convicted, on the most numerous and felonious of charges. The US Department of Justice of William Barr, now has  a threat to it, as Andrew McCabe is stating in court documents that the Justice Department is overflowing with criminals intent on framing Andrew McCabe.

As one can witness in the  performance of Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein to Christopher Wray, that once in the Justice System, they begin the promotion of protecting those inside the system, but once those people are outside the system and silent they remain inactive, but once Justice is attacked they become active, and Andrew McCabe is activating Justice and smearing the department.

Andrew McCabe can be promised all sorts of things, but the facts are that he is now an antagonist against the Justice Department. He is committing crimes in interviews and it is in the interest of Justice to indict and convict him. Balanced against more benefactor cronyism which points to the Obama's and Clinton's conducting more tarmac quid pro quo if Andy is a good little soldier, is a long shot unbalanced scales.
To the point in this, it is now a tale of two criminals in Andrew McCabe is blaming Rod Rosenstein, along with Lisa Page on the outside, while Justice on the inside is protecting the soon to retire Rod Rosenstein. It is a tale of two criminals, and Justice has chosen their inside man in Rosenstein to defend, and it is those on the outside who are on the outs.

It is difficult for two people in Rosenstein and McCabe to both be telling two different stories and one of them is not lying. It concludes that for Andrew McCabe to be thinking he can joust all the windmills, with CIA promotion, that he thinks he has the backing of the Deep State. That though requires a set of events which is a reality that he is not Hillary Clinton in eluding justice, because the one thing Hillary Clinton was never ignorant enough to be goaded into was to file a lawsuit against the Justice Department.

In the end, Andrew McCabe has a monkey on his back and he is becoming a monkey on the back of the US Justice Department which will not appreciate being called crooks in the federal courts. In those situations, it is the US Justice Department which like Robert Mueller begins defining people as crooks for their prestige, and let us not forget that a democrat Inspector General has in hundreds of pages of investigation concluded that Andrew McCabe was a crook and the Director of the FBI fired Andrew McCabe for being a crook.

When it comes down to it, who do you think the FBI Agents will be loyal to, Director Wray or the guy calling them crooks for firing him?

Will the man with the monkey on his back please surrender.


Justice For Lara Logan Not More Pimping Of Her

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With another liberal journalist coming forward to expose the threat the press is to a free society now in it's liberal scorched earth diatribes in Lara Logan, once again the coverage is missing the point in what and who Lara Logan is, as a product of this pimping and whoring for international globalism.

For those who have forgotten who Lara Logan is, as she was covered extensively here, I will remind you in the following paragraphs of what produced the Lara Logan who is now fighting back and exposing the leftist media, which means the death of her career like Sharyl Attkisson and Bernard Goldberg.

CBS’s Lara Logan Goes NUCLEAR on
‘Horsesh**’ ‘Propagandist’ Press

Newsbusters, by Scott Whitlock

Original Article

CBS journalist Lara Logan on Friday unleashed a blistering, uncensored attack on the extreme liberal bias polluting America´s news outlets. Logan derided the “horses**t” “propagandist” press that had no interest in fairness. Appearing on Mike Drop, the podcast of former Navy SEAL Mike Ritland, the foreign affairs correspondent and occasional 60 Minutes reporter berated slanted coverage in a way rarely seen by those in the mainstream press.   

Lara Logan, a British subject began her career in the killing fields of Afghanistan. She was an intrepid and reckless reporter, exposing herself in being embedded with American combat soldiers on patrol. Her work earned her special CIA MI attention in being rewarded with a position at the CIA's 60 Minutes platform in the United States.
It was there though that she incurred the wrath of a certain manifestation from Kenya, named Birther Hussein Obama. While it has never been clear just why "Lara Logan did not play well with Obama rapine policy against Muslims", it all came to a head in Cairo Egypt in the first secular Muslim government toppled by Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton in placing President Hosni Mubarak in a cage for a show trial.

As George Noury of Coast to Coast AM, by coincidence had someone on the ground in Egypt, extolling the wonder of an Egyptian coup, something more sinister was at work as during the Bush years, it was a policy of the Muslims to keep their hands off of Lara Logan literally in she was protected, as Ambassador Christopher Stevens was until Benghazi.
On a fateful night, Lara Logan entered the Obama mob of Cairo expecting again to report on the events of this Obama revolution, when suddenly a mob of Muslim rapists appeared and brutally assaulted this woman, exactly as the Obama terrorists turned on Christopher Stevens by command.

Lara Logan was going to be made a rape example by Birther Hussein and Hamrod Clinton for her "sins" against the Obama in not being a talking parrot like Chris Matthews or the other Obama trolls all through the media, who would emerge later in the Pissgate saga.

Logan was effectively silenced by the mass rape of the Obama mob. She has been ostracized by the Obama press in being placed into oblivion, but in that reality of 8 years since the Obama rape in Egypt, she has had time in her wounds being dealt with to observe the absolute menace this propaganda machine is, in she has realized by her experience that there is absolutely no objectivity in the press and they are now a threat to societies.

“This interview is professional suicide for me,” Logan told Ritland at the end of the revealing podcast.
Logan said she agreed with Ritland for suggesting most outlets are “absurdly left-leaning.”
“The media everywhere is mostly liberal, not just in the U.S. But in this country, 85% of journalists are registered Democrats – that’s just a fact. No one is registering Democrat when they’re really a Republican. So, the facts are on the side that you just stated: most journalists are Left, or liberal, or Democrat, or whatever word you wanna give it,” started in Logan.
“How do you know you’re being lied to? How do you know you’re being manipulated? How do you know there’s something not right with the coverage?” she asked. “When they simplify it all and there’s no gray. There’s no gray. It’s all one way. Well, life isn’t like that. If it doesn’t match real life, it’s probably not — there’s something wrong.”
Logan continued: “So, for example, all the coverage on Trump all the time is negative. … That’s distortion of the way things go in real life, because although the media has historically always been left-leaning, we’ve abandoned our pretense, or at least the effort, to be objective today."

For Lara Logan to be forced to speak out after being silenced, silenced by the brutality of an Obama mass rape by Islam, is a positive thing for her closure, but she simply can not be the victim any longer, nor condone what is being done to society in editorial rape.

There has never been an investigation into who ordered the mob to attack Lara Logan, but like all things Obama this stinks like LaVoy Finicum in coming from Hillary Clinton, Val-erie Jarret, Michelle Obama and whatever cronies put the word out from James Comey to John Brennan. Those mobs were CIA paid and controlled. Obama gave the Egypt bearded one speech before all of this happened and the rent a mob was paid for and deployed, and someone in the United States who had an axe to grind against Lara Logan, used a big operation to settle a score.
That means they literally tracked Logan from CBS, were tracking her assignments, and before she set foot in Egypt, word was sent where she would be led to, and for the mob to beat her up and rape her to make an example of her and to shut her up.

Lara Logan was saved by Egyptians, women who eventually rescued her, who  recognized that this was not Egypt, but a foreign element. This entire story begs for a real investigation as there is a trail in this, as certain as George Noury was covering this as Valhalla the moment it broke out, in a real CIA Deep State operation. The leads are there and those running this in Obamastate and those who were deployed in Egypt are known.

It would take President Donald Trump one phone call to Egyptian President Sisi, with CIA Director Gina Haspel in Cairo for a visit to have this all brought to indictments, as what was done to Lara Logan was not spontaneous, but planned and it came out of 1600 Obama Avenue.

This blog is not going to be a part of using Lara Logan as other right wing fringe media are pimping her as she has been through enough. The demand is for Justice for Lara Logan, because before there was Pissgate, there was Benghazi and before all of this someone out of Obama Avenue called for an innocent woman who got out of line to be mass raped in Egypt.


Justice for Lara Logan, Mr. Trump as you can not seem to find it for Lt. Col. Terry Lakin or yourself.

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