Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Silent American Affirmation To Russian Murders

While driving yesterday, I turned on the car radio to see if the Russian/Syrian liberation of Idlib, Syria, from the Washington-supported terrorists had begun

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

On Monday evening a mass murder took place in Syria which reminded me of the downing of KAL OO7 by the Soviets in a South Korean passenger airliner.
In that event, President Ronald Reagan did not have any idea from his intelligence community, that they were the cause of this, in the Soviets were certain they had a spy plane, which they did, but the spy plane was riding piggyback off the Korean airliner.

In this instance a Russian Ilyushin Il-20 surveillance plane was coming into Syria, when it was fired upon by Syrian forces using Russian SAM 200 batteries.

Russian surveillance plane got shot down by Syria—and Russia ...

On Monday night, a Russian Air Force Ilyushin IL-20 "Coot-A" electronic intelligence and radar reconnaissance aircraft monitoring the Idlib province of Syria was mistakenly shot down by Syrian air ...

The Russians blamed the Syrians and actually believed the Jews in this at first, but as time unfolded, the Russians began piecing together the reality that the Ilyushin Il-20 had flown into a major operation by France, England and the Jews, and something in that trio was spoofing the Russian plane.

Gordon Duff, who is a Clinton guy, but who was right on Syria in there was not any ISIS, as it was Kurds stealing oil for Obama and McCain money laundering in being sold to Turkey, points to the reality that F 16's were in the air, and that means the Jews were flying in Syria. Into this, that faggot Macron had his jets lurking around in the air too on this operation.
The Jews and Frogs were involved in a major operation, and the British knew it, as they turned on their transponders to not get shot down.

The Russians turned all of this onto the Jews for intentionally creating a dangerous situation, which produced a mass murder of Russians.

“Something was obviously going on Monday night. Not only Russian and (allegedly) Israeli and French aircraft and missiles were in the air. Civilian radar also tracked British Royal Air Force aircraft, which, unusually, had switched on their transponders and gone into holding patterns – most likely to avoid being somehow involved in the exchange of fire over Latakia. The Ilyushin Il-20 was not so fortunate.
The Russian statements were unusually detailed and quick to apportion blame – to the Syrians for actually shooting down their plane. And to Israel for “intentionally creating a dangerous situation” that allowed it to happen, and for warning them about the impending attack only “one minute” in advance.

Veteran's Today explains that the Syrians and Russians, both have transponders operating on their craft, so as to not be targeted by SAM systems of their own making. The IFF on the Ilyushin Il-20, was operating, and a SAM downed this craft. That concludes only one reality in the two air forces, France and the IDF, absorbed the Ilyushin Il-20 signal, and sent it back out as a foe, in order to protect their craft from being locked on.

The Syrian and Russian air forces and air-defense batteries work together, in joint operation rooms and air-traffic control centers. The Syrians use Russian-made aircraft and missiles. The Ilyushin would have been equipped with IFF (identification, friend or foe) transponders and both militaries will have procedures to prevent “friendly fire” incidents. A Syrian anti-aircraft missile, made in Russia, should not have shot down a friendly Russian aircraft.

To explain this a bit, in the 1980's the American B 1 bomber had a radar system installed which literally absorbed radar from an enemy, and would then rebroadcast it out, not as one target, but several targets on the enemy's radar, leaving the B 1 secure from missile locks.

Idlib has been the last remaining front for the overthrow of Syria, and Russian with Syria have begun the process of removing the terrorists there. Uncle Gordy though in his sources, is reporting that the entire area is covered with Jewish propagandists looking for something and the Donald Trump White Helmets as contractors from British MI6. Remember in this, that the Russians were setting off the alarm bells a few weeks ago in another fake chemical weapon attack was about to be staged in Syria and blamed on President Assad, as was the case in the infamous Ivanka Tomahawk of babies in Syria.

Our sources in Idlib, who traveled in as delivery drivers from Hatay, Turkey, have been tripping over Israeli “journalists” and “videographers” working hand in hand with the White Helmets and contractors for Britain’s MI 6.

If the sources are correct, VT is reporting that children have been kidnapped again in Syria, and are about to be made corpses again in another chemical weapon attack to bring Donald Trump back to tomahawk status to deal with the President's Mueller problems.

"The Israeli pilots used the Russian plane as cover and set it up to be targeted by the Syrian air defense forces," a Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson said. "As a consequence, the Il-20, which has a radar cross-section much larger than the F-16, was shot down by an S-200 system missile." The Russians also claimed Israel only warned them a minute before the attack.

The Jews shed a little innocent light on part of what was taking place in they had attacked Syrian facilities, which were stated by Jewish spies in munitions to be transferred to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

A spokesperson for the Israeli Defense Force acknowledged that Israeli aircraft struck a Syrian Armed Forces facility "from which systems to manufacture accurate and lethal weapons were about to be transferred on behalf of Iran to Hezbollah in Lebanon. These weapons were meant to attack Israel and posed an intolerable threat against it." But the strike was long over at the time the Russian aircraft was shot down, and the IL-20 was not within the area of the IDF strike at the time of the bombing.

Claim what they may, the reality is the Jews were firing missiles in the Mediterranean into Syria, and in this, the Jews were using the Russian aircraft as cover. As France has remained silent as when Sarkozy had a French CIA operative shoot Colonel Khadaffi in the head, to hide what France was engaged in, in Libya, in trying to steal Libyan oil which was under Italian control, the focal point in this was France and it was no doubt their radar which spoofed the Russian airplane, and as Syria was former French property, it is a conclusion that France had handed over to the Jews the munitions to test fire them at Syria to ascertain their lethality.

Russia Registered Launches From French Frigate

In addition, Russian radar registered missile launches from the French frigate Auvergne, which was in the area.
Reacting to this information, French military Colonel Patrik Steiger said that Paris denied “any involvement in the incident.”

In review of this, so we know the realities here, Donald Trump has told Russia as has Benjamin Netanyahu told Syria, that they have accepted President Assad as President of Syria, in exchange for stolen Syrian oil flowing to Israel.
We now have the MI6 White Helmets with the Jewish IDF propaganda wing staging fake chemical weapon attacks again to give the United States reason to become involved in more than protecting oil wells.
In addition, there is the charming French connection where that faggot Macron is the conduit of the United States operations in this, in having joined with the Jewish state in a massive attack on Syria. The net result was the mass murder of Russians.

If one reviews the statements of the IDF, one hears the echoes of Donald Trump's Pentagon in the Ivanka tomahawk attack of Syria. The Jews stated all their jets had left the airspace, but there is not a mention of the massive salvo of French missiles. There was an airborne lock in observing the French salvo, and the Jews and French aircraft were there, spoofing the Russian surveillance plane. The Syrians were not "late" in responding, but were responding to being attacked. Their SAM batteries were picking up aircraft not their own or Russian, and the Syrians radar concluded the French naval salvo was coming from these jets and not surface craft. The air cover was to protect the French frigate and it was deliberately a cover designed to allow the targeting of the Russian aircraft.

The Jews knew exactly the Syrian tracking, the Syrian launches, and waited until a minute out from detonation to warn the Russians. That warning was deliberately late for the entire reason the Jews and French  were protecting their aircraft which were scrambling away, leaving the Russians as the decoy to be destroyed.
Of course, this was meant to cause friction between Syria and Russia, but as the Russians gleaned the exact operation which took place, they put the blame on the Jews where it belonged, as this is no different than you throwing rocks at a pit bull, it jumping the fence, your running away, and leaving some little kid get mauled.

The Jews though promoted a lie, in order to cover up their part in this, and the Russians are not buying it, as Russia has read them the riot act.

1. Extensive and inaccurate Syrian anti-aircraft (Surface to Air missile) fire caused the Russian plane to be hit and downed.
— Israel Defense Forces (@IDFSpokesperson) 18 сентября 2018 г.

From the above evidence, this is what war crimes and the definition of terrorism is. The reality is an unarmed Russian surveillance plane over the Mediterranean was used as a decoy and cover, for an earlier Jewish F 16 attack on Syria, which was followed by a massive French naval salvo, to which the Syrian radar responded to as they had painted real targets, but those targets scrambled away, leaving the unarmed Russians to be murdered.
Fully understand in this, that the United States has eyes all over this, and knows what was taking place, as much as the British were there and turned on their transponders so they would not be shot down. The British and Americans both knew unarmed Russians were being made decoys, know that a mass murder took place, and they have remained silent.

Over 500,000 Syrians have been murdered in this Obama McCain war for oil and Greater Judah. It is a reality now what this blog stated in it was all a lie from the United States that President Assad was accepted as leader of Syria so peace and stability would return to Syria, and that the same globalists will not stop until Damascus is nuclear rubble and the Philistines will be debris.

This is not John Wayne Christian America which would stand silent over these criminal acts and support them, this is a leviathan of evil. This is the story which should be in the headlines, not these perverse diversions of Bush boy Kavanaugh or Robert Mueller coups, as Q spikes the zombie state.

This not about championing Muslim butchers in the Mideast, this about a reckoning by God for getting involved in this murder incorporated, because when these candlesticks ignite, it will be WMD warfare and it will come to America in another massive war.

Is this the kind of thing you voted for in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, to stand silently by as allies use innocent Russians to be murdered, to continue the same swampland, but this time the language is French and Hebrew?

World War is ticking, and that clock can not be struck as often as this, before it will start and come home to the United States again.

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Paul McCartney Plays the Finger Flute

I have never gotten a medal for wanking before Barry...

Finger Fluting?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Speaking for British fags globally, we do not condone mass masturbation,
as it is unclean, ruins the upholstery and the Queen is not amused.

I like Sir Paul. I want to be his wank chum.

The Beatles breakup was due to Open University
in the public simply expanded their minds instead of
soiling their knickers.


He used to come over and tinkle on my periwinkles....
They grew like mad!!! 


We invited him over to Canada once.....
The brew all tasted salty after he came.


I put curry in the smeg's lotion. Turned his balls into solar eruptions!!!

 McCartney used to come over to the set and we'd do a set
and then Benny would find Paul's hill


Real British boys ejaculate in pig's mouths like I did
and not on each other.


Speaking for the British military, we lost the empire
when the Beatle boys got all sticky.


Would you perform the finger flute now Sir Paul.

This was not our finest hour...

Ringo had so many lady fingers on me that I 
could not have wanked myself if I wanted to.
I had like an appointment book with a year long waiting list.


Paul said he liked my ebony in his ivory.....
I don't want to talk about's what killed me.......


Paul used to make me jack off him, the band, the horse. I think
it was all that cheap hand lube from India which gave me cancer and killed me. 


It's why the Beatles broke up really, Yoko, got some spunk on her
and John said it was Paul's and Paul said it was John's.


 I remember when British men did respectable things with their cocks
like killing Germans.

All Hail, Sir Paul, King of the Obama Masturbators


Just the Airwaves Baby

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Like I was in the thrift store and this kid was squatting on the floor and I thought what the hell is wrong with that wild eyed son of a bitch.

Saw him later in Hardees, and heard him talk. Made perfect sense in what was wrong, he was French.

RAMONES - We Want The Airwaves - YouTube

Checkout the Ramones most underrated songs: 9 to 5 and 5 to 9 Ain't gonna take it It's our time We want the world and we want it know

One thing for sure in life is if you ever see a skinny Mexican, you know you are seeing things.


Tuesday, September 18, 2018


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was watching on FOX Monday evening a series of never seen tapes of the Manson Family. It was one of the most perfect extensions of the CIA's MKULTRA programme on the Prophet satanic cult group. Manson was a live fire conditioning exercise which touched the underground of pedo porn in Sharon Tate to the dope trade in the Labiancas who the family murdered.
Manson admitted that the family had carried out 35 hits. They never would have been captured if Manson had not burned up an earth mover which interestingly brought a massive police raid to apprehend most of the family in the desert.

Manson was interested in Helter Skelter, or his code for a Nigger Revolution in the blacks going homicide against whites and in the end, Charlie would be  the one in control. All of this mirrors in the last 1960's the exact same mirage which the forces behind Barack Hussein Obama unleashed in racism on America. What grew out of the 1970's in the rent a fag mob, of anti nuke, anti fur, pro aborticide to the Nancy Pelosi Bush Deranged Syndrome, that became Obama's cult of Soros funded terrorists.

Each step has been an upgrade, as Blacks simply could not riot effectively, as the #NeverTrump group has emerged as an interstate Manson Family under perfect brainwashing.

The latest effect in this was Tom Arnold in the infamous Nigger word by Trump on the Apprentice. I have not paid a great deal of attention of this, as I am shutting down politically, but Tom Arnold has been provided a platform where his rather off balanced actions, engaged in attacking the producer of the Apprentice to get those Nigger tapes.
The problem is that Mark Burnett has no control over those tapes, as they are the property of MGM.

Arnold though according to TMZ rushed Burnett and his wife Roma Downey, where he attacked Burnett, ripped off his cross, where Burnett put Arnold in a choke hold, and sometime in this Downey received a severe rupture of blood vessels on her hand which she posted.

Got this bruise tonight when Tom Arnold tried to ambush my husband Mark and me at a charity event. Is your TV show worth it Tom?Please stop

The facts in this are quite straightforward with two eyewitnesses who agreed it was Tom Arnold who set this up, for his television segment in this was all planned.

Another eyewitness just walked us through what he saw ... he says Mark and Roma were walking up the stairs and stopped at the top to talk to someone. Within seconds, the eyewitness said, "Tom came charging up the steps and it was on." The eyewitness says it was clear Tom was there to confront Mark and, in a flash, Mark had his hands on Tom's throat, and Tom was tearing at Mark's shirt and ripping off his crucifix.  
The eyewitness says it was all over in 15 seconds because "Survivor" host Jeff Probst separated them. The eyewitness also says Bryan Fogel was there filming the whole thing and it looked planned because the altercation was quick and without warning.

An eyewitness tells TMZ he saw the altercation this way ... Burnett and his wife, Roma Downey, had just arrived at the party and walked up the staircase to get inside. We're told just as they got to the top stair, Arnold came charging at them and pushed Burnett. The eyewitness says Burnett pushed Arnold back and then Arnold ripped Burnett's crucifix off his neck, breaking it. Arnold said it was a gold chain but in fact, it was a crucifix. 

What followed though on Twitter from the Downey post was an instant projection of the Tom Arnold and Patton Oswalt fabrication that Burnett had attacked Arnold. Arnold had progressed the event to Burnett was trying to murder him, Arnold was filing a police report and Downey was being sued for defamation.
Arnold did not file any police reports.

This projection of the Arnold fabrication took place almost immediately after the Downey post of the injury on her hand.

Tom says it was Mark attacking him..
  • An independent witness seems to corroborate Tom’s version.
  • This is unfolding in real time so... I’m not picking sides, just reporting what I have seen so far.
  • Seems (Yes, that one) was there and posted a photo with after the incident. Burnett and Downy left immediately after. Victims don’t tend to flee, they tend to call the cops, which Arnold seems to have immediately done.

    Downey appears to have an entire group of stalkers who follow her on Twitter and they unleashed with calling her a liar, that she fabricated the bruise and the continued demand of Burnett to release tapes which has no control over.
    For the  record, Roma Downey by the irregular shape of a contusion, Bruising does require time to discolor in most instances. The shape of Downey's injury though points to a ruptured vein. As it does not take hours for a blood blister to appear, contusions of this type will appear almost instantly.


    3h3 hours ago
    is a and Jesus is so disappointed

    11h11 hours ago
    Replying to
    Roma, you claim to be a Christian. If so, then you should be horrified by Pres. Trump and his immigration policies and his attitudes towards women & minorities. Please convince your husband to release The Apprentice tapes. Our country is in big trouble.

    6h6 hours ago
    Replying to
    When you first get a bruise, it's kind of reddish as the blood appears under the skin. Within 1 or 2 days, the hemoglobin (an iron-containing substance that carries oxygen) in the blood changes and your bruise turns bluish-purple or even blackish.  Stop lying.


    20h20 hours ago
    Replying to
    Darling, you and your scumbag husband have covered for Trump and refused to release his racist tapes while he was on The Apprentice. And now you’re going to claim Tom attacked you after he already reported your husband has attacked him. GFY.

    The Lame Cherry has zero intention of defending Roma Downey as she suffers from the same malady of loving murderous wolves and detesting wildlife conservative, which the Trump White House is deluded with too.
    What is of interest in this are the forensic psychological evolution programmes in how a population has been conditioned from MKULTRA and Monarch with direct manipulation and narcotic effect for these Manchurians in mass. What was once a brutal psychological rape of isolated inmates, evolved to the cult group think with sex, narcotics and propaganda, to this perfect storm of electronic conditioning and triggering. All of which is based in the fear of helpless vulnerability that a regular din is in operation, of paid cyber stalkers to literal cyber terrorists.

    For those who think the hatred of Protestants is something that only manifests out of the Vatican, Mecca and Tel Aviv, Downey's board featured  a number of interesting hate memes. What is fascinating in this is Messiah Obama and Jesus are joined in their hatred of Evangelicals and Donald Trump, as Obama and Jesus are co equals in this Resistance.

    For those who need it bluntly put to them that their being Christians has made them a target of this modern Manson Family, read the following meme, and understand that these conditioned people who support Tom Arnold attacking people in public, have not forgotten Evangelicals won the 2016 AD in the year of our Lord election for Donald Trump, and this group has evolved from Hillary Clinton's Deplorables, to Christians in the United States are the dregs to be removed from society and they are a disease to use radioactivity against to eliminate.

    As someone who is not of the Roma Downey "God loves me more because I have money" which everyone from the Clinton's to the Trump's suffer from, the problem for Protestants is these urban evangelicals who damn the rural Americans in choosing animals over humans in their own cult practice to whatever ignorant cause they have joined the left in, to prove how big tent they are.

    The western nations suffer from a created psychotic under base designed to intimidate the silent majority. There are numbers of posts attacking Roma Downey though over her bruise. The fixation is a mania. The hatred for her for having voted for Donald Trump, who in these vulnerable stalker's lives has deprived them of the security of the psychosis of protection of the Priestess Hillary who would continue to progress the delusion that they are not going to hell, and in that perfection they have the authority to exterminate Christians, which triggers these insane rants.

    1. Replying to
      Maybe you will be Touched by an Angel. 😏 You Evangelicals are the worst. is trying to save our democracy. What have you done today?

    The reality is we have witnessed these unbalanced people ripping hats off of children and  sending white powder to the Trump family. This group of fist clenchers is engaged in terrorism on their own and they are literally a psychological activation before Manson type events manifest.

    This is all by design. It is something that people must begin to be aware of and not dismiss or ignore. Roma Downey is a woman, married to a man who produced the Apprentice, and there is a rumored tape which WILL NOT REMOVE DONALD TRUMP FROM PRESIDENT, and yet this lynch gang is out for Twitter Rape to assault this woman into submission.
    It does not matter if it is the nuttery of John the hero McCain's political assassination of the President, a mirror of the Paul Wellstone funeral, these people have been animalized and in rabid attack slash at anything. There is a real danger in this, because this group is being manipulated by the deep state as a diversion, and already being unbalanced any trained professional from the intelligence community could trigger a percentage of them to violence.
    For those who require reminding we have watched Lisa Page and Evelyn Farkas destroy themselves after being manipulated by this John Brennan operation. Those were educated and reasonable professionals and they were pushed over the edge.

    So the reasonable understand this, the din of this diversion of Russiagate in focusing on Russians in election manipulation is deliberate, to hide the national manipulation based on the Lansdale Model in brainwashing populations.

    There were thousands of out of control teenagers in California in the 1960's and of those Charlie Manson gained control of around 100 with a core group of almost a dozen minds, mostly women who engaged in the most heinous butchery, one of who went after President Ford in 1976 AD in the year of our Lord, joining other unbalanced women, in an assassination which would have made deep state Nelson Rockefeller as the unelected President.

    That same hate has been groomed and released in mass in the United States in 2018 AD in  the year of our Lord. This is something which should be taken serious, and yet the police state has allowed it, and platforms in Facebook and Twitter are promoting it and protecting this hate, as the mass posts aimed at Roma Downey prove.

    This is beyond unhealthy for anyone and it is dangerous to a nation.

    Nuff Said