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Cherry's Women

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Remember a few days ago when I posted about a book I was looking for?

A Lame Cherry Question For You To Solve

I actually contacted the Library of Congress and they could not locate it either, but are a most helpful group of people, which was most refreshing in government service.

The thing is I was searching for my deceased teacher, and I could not find her either, when I happened upon myself in this exchange online, as people seem to overlook that the Lame Cherry knows all.

The main character was called Stone, or Commander Stone. I recall them being in outer space, probably in orbit around Earth. I think their might have been some kind of spider involved, like a space alien maybe. There was some mishap with the ship, and I seem to recall something about like a broken needle in someone's arm, which put them into deep sleep. I do not remember the title, but can only see the off color white book, in paperback, which was not too big.
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A good start but we could use some more details, take a look at this guide to see if you can edit in any more details. – Edlothiad Jan 15 at 9:38
I'm afraid that's all I can remember, I know it's thin, which is why I have the hope that maybe somebody will remember more or know it by chance. It was actually read to us in primary school in the early 70's. – Dryade Jan 15 at 16:58
This might be Robert A. Heinlein's 1952 juvenile SF novel The Rolling Stones. (It was written ten years before the rock band of the same name was formed.) The UK title was Space Family Stone. The novel has the main character named Stone - in fact all the main characters are named Stone, being from the same family. The story starts on the Moon but most of it is set in a space ship, travelling within our solar system rather than making an interstellar journey. The "spiders" you remember could be the little alien creatures called "Flat Cats" which are cute but breed too fast. The tribbles in the famous Star Trek episode The Trouble with Tribbles were inspired by Flat Cats.
I don't remember a part about a broken needle in someone's arm, but it is many years since I read the book.
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There was a dramatic segment in which Granny Hazel (Hazel Meade Stone, little girl Hazel from The Moon is a Harsh Mistress) and Buster (the baby of the family, around 1-2 years old) get lost in the asteroid belt because of a fault gyro in a "rocket scooter" and Hazel puts herself into a trance state to conserve oxygen for Buster. – Zeiss Ikon Jan 15 at 18:05

As I was discussing this with the Library of Congress fellow, I thought this book sounded like a Robert Heinlein novel, but could not be sure. I still am not sure, as I do not remember all these characters and the flat cats do not sound familiar, but the Rolling Stone and the subsequent Heinlein works will be at least something to keep in mind as I adore Heinlein. One of my many dreams is to one day get several million dollars in funding to film Starman Jones EXACTLY as Robert Heinlein wrote it. I still would like to change Sam's death, but I could adapt it to make the sadness seem like the best thing. I would love to cast Bruce Willis as Sam and cast all the Christians and Conservatives in Hollywood. Be a spectacular moneymaker like Passion of Mel  Gibson.

In any who, I did smile at my mimic, as I always hear from people the bullshit of Jeff Rense to Rush Limbaugh praising their listeners as the brightest bulbs on the planet, but if you read who posted my question, in their response to a question, their real persona broke through and they used the intelligent phrase of primary school. See normal Anglo Saxon English would say GRADE SCHOOL. A cowering soul would have just said school, someone who cut corners would say, "class". The intelligent person attempting to assist me utilized educated English
This is a fine reflection on the rest of you as ..........should phrase that in Norman English in, This is an appropriate reflection on the remainder of my it places you in an intelligence group by vocabulary and that is the Lame Cherry collective.

I will have to sort through these Heinlein works if I ever have the time and money. Is something I would do is collect all Heinlein's works and violate all my reading and just read fiction, instead of autobiographies. I don't think these are the books, but if they are not, I will lie to myself that it was the Rolling Stones.

I still remember some broken spaceship, someone looking in at some person with a needle in their arm as they float around in space. It was not some space monkey, but it is not like my teacher re read the book to us.

Probably should wrap this up before I bore all of you intelligent people.

Just thinking, I should write a short story about what I think the story was about and just let all this other stuff go  tits up, as I am sure by taking credit for it, someone would appear ranting at me for stealing their idea.

Now that is an idea...........

I wonder if I could find a way to include comforting breasts as one needs comfort with needles broken off in arms.

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Watch out what the Shapiro Asks for In Russiagate.......

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have a great deal of fondness for the Liberty Daily, as they provide the pro American propaganda as it should be gleaned for the Citizen in their links, compared to the Christian hating Matt Drudge website, who helped destroy the innocent Christian of Alabama in Judge Roy Moore, by stealing an election from him.
That is why it puzzles me in how such a fine site as Liberty Daily, keeps putting links up to Ben Shapiro and Jonah Goldberg, two of the nastiest #NeverTrumpers of 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

To explain modern paid journalism, it is Rupert Murdoch telling Chris Wallace and Shep Smith to be pro Republican, until the situation changes, and then Wallace and Smith are all pro Obama against John McCain and Sarah Palin, with Shep coming out of the closet as a militant fag against Donald Trump.

As someone who wrote the Trump time line by God's Grace, when everyone thought he did not have a chance, I paid attention to the paid trolls, as there were hosts of them and they are nasty ass putrid pricks, whether it was Erick Erickson, William Kristol, Glenn Beck, Jonah Goldberg and little Ben Shapiro.
The best entertainment I had in 2016 was reading the Alt Right trolling Shapiro. It was hilarious it was in perfect Margaret Thatcher debate.

Those days though from July to August the media literally shut down in Trump stories. In that period, that fag at Gateway Pundit, the Lame Cherry and the links Jeff Rense provided on his site were the only content for Donald Trump to keep his narrative alive. One of the nastiest against Donald Trump was Ben Shapiro in this conspiracy against Donald Trump, and I do not use that word conspiracy lightly, as there was a paid deep state operation, with intelligence connections, from Bush fam and the GOPliters, with the neocon Jews smearing Donald Trump daily.
 Right Wing News, which bit the dust was one of the worst sites in featuring Romney slams against Trump and  thee most pissy stories attacking Donald Trump, calling for him to quit and you do remember the "draft a new candidate in that 100 days operation" to deny Donald Trump the nomination.
Mark Levin to his credit, listened to Sean Homo Hannity and finally got on board, but these others were pure poison to election day, and they were most happy to elect Doug Jones in Alabama the baby butcher, just like electing Hillary Clinton would teach you Christians and Conservatives a lesson to never put up a Reaganesque candidate again.

By God's Grace Donald Trump was victorious with the cover of the DIA, whose Junta has now overthrown the presidency, but that is a slightly different issue, as it comes to Ben Shapiro now crowing about people being fired and going to jail over the coup from within the Justice Department, led by FBI Director James Comey, Loretta Lynch as AG and now Deputy AG, Rob Rosenstein.

'PEOPLE WILL GO TO JAIL': #ReleaseTheMemo Trends As Republicans Call For Releasing 'SHOCKING' Classified Memo Showing 'FISA Abuses' In Russian Collusion Investigation

Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty Images
On Thursday, Republican members of the House took to Twitter to call for the release of a classified intelligence memo they say could blow the lid off the Russian collusion investigation.

The above story really startles me, as it is the smirking skunk in the hen house sucking eggs, calling the other cats skunks in Ben Shapiro, because if you listened to Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida and Sara Carter of her own network, they were not just speaking about the criminal traitors at Justice Department on Sean Homo Hannity's radio program. What both of them were speaking about was the collusion between the leakers at Justice and specific reporters who were driving these smears against Donald Trump.

You really need to absorb that point, because attempting to destroy Donald Trump, needed a megaphone of the media who were cooperating in this coup in order to drive the public into a furor as cover to lynch Donald Trump, which in other words according to Gaetz and Carter, those in the media are guilty of crimes to be prosecuted as those conspirators at Justice.

This is the astounding part of this story as Peggy Noonan got away with stabbing Republicans in the back at Wall Street Journal in endorsing Obama in 2008 in that election theft, and now Ben Shapiro for his 30 pieces of silver and his deep state protection, thinks he has that same cover, but the reality is Ben Shapiro is a #NeverTrumper. He was paid to post thee most heinous smears against Donald Trump, to go on Twitter to smear the Alt  Right as racists and anti semites, as an extension of what James Comey and Rob Rosenstein were engaged in for Hillary Clinton and the deep state. There is absolutely no doubt about any of this in the outlets from National Review to Huffington Post are all deep state Mockingbird operations to manipulate the public's attention, and in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, Ben Shapiro was one of thee most public and heinous conspirators against America. He was every bit the equal of William Kristol and Jonah Goldberg in the "right wing press".
Donald Trump received ZERO positive press except from the sources I named. In radio, Donald Trump had Mark Levin savaging him, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Homo Hannity were taking kickbacks from Ted Cruz so there was not a positive media spin for Mr. Trump, as either there was silence or savagery.

This coup against Donald Trump is not just Justice Department criminals. They were the operational logistics of it. There was the press involved in this and Ben Shapiro is even more guilty than a Chris Matthews, because Shapiro was taking the lucre to sabotage Donald Trump among his own base. When a person is hired to file hit pieces, whether it is Russians paying it or whether it is fag billionaires set up in a Karl Rove hedge fund money laundering scheme or whether it is the CIA it is CRIMINAL ELECTION TAMPERING in High Treason.
The old excuse of the Nazi's being smeared in they were just following orders was rejected long ago. While I have the utmost compassion on an Evelyn Farcas who was lied to and caught up in the Pissgate rumors in the sewer press of Kurt Eichenwald, who is another conspirator in this who must be visited by the FBI in the coming investigation, Ms. Farcas was deluded for Obama, while Ben Sharpiro knew exactly what poison he was sowing against America in a Donald Trump defeat by assisting Hillary Clinton in an election theft.

This goes even beyond the Justice Department and Mockingbird media, to the Trump Trans going after Trump Loyalists and Christians, namely Chris Christie and his associates first, leaking against Trump cabinet members in the innocent Mike Flynn and onto the not ready for prime time Reince Priebus, who were both replaced with Obama voter Herbert McMaster and John Kelly who have a Junta coup operating in the White House trying to stop the implementation of the 2016 election in starting nuclear wars and establishing amnesty in foreign  rape cock to genocide Americans.

This only begins with Justice prosecutions of these conspirators. It will require a Robes Pierre to see this through to the deep recesses and when the push back comes to triple down and haul out the Soros financiers who think they are above the law. The best thing Donald Trump could do is apprehend Soros, dump him in Hungary and let those people prosecute and execute that nation rapist. In seeing this through, it means the FBI taking Ben Shapiro and his entire band of poison propagandists on the charges of High Treason, to the next step in arresting Herbert McMaster and every deep state troll who has been establishing Obama's 3rd term instead of Donald Trump's first term.

That is why I am astounded that Ben Shapiro is posting on subjects of high crimes and arrests, when if one follows the money trail, it leads to the employers of Ben Shapiro and Ben Shapiro was following goosestep orders to implement the deep state coup against Donald Trump and the American electoral system. That is treason, and there is absolutely no excuse as there was not any excuse at Nuremberg.

As Matt Gaetz noted, there is a cancer in the American government. That cancer though metastasized into the high crimes of the media in the Right Wing in America where the real treachery spread like a plague to the body politic. The firings and arrests of those at Justice are just a beginning. There are democrats like Adam Schiff and republicons like John McCain who are complicit in this high treason in politics, there are judges who are making ludicrous findings against the President, there are those in the press fostering 25th Amendment treachery, and those in the press who were part of the original #NeverTrump operation who are guilty and are now embedded trying to hide like the Nazi who put on Jew prison clothes at the work camps to escape.
Until the day that you see Ben Shapiro arraigned, until the day that you see George Soros taken into custody for terrorism, until the day you see Herbert McMaster and John Kelly led out in cuffs by the FBI for charges of high treason, nothing will have been accomplished in this, as the conspirators are still in place for a time to subvert America again.

This blog advocated for a series of Judge Advocate Generals to prosecute all of the above conspirators in a People's Court across America. It is time for Donald Trump with the cover of this memo exposing the corruption in the Justice Department to appoint men like Sheriff Joe Apriao and Judge  Roy Moore to lead these courts, as they are men who will execute Justice for the American People, as this is the last opportunity for America, as Trumpnesty is coming and Americans will not longer exist in 20 years after this.

You are entering the Willis Space

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Korea: Operation Nuclear Tiger

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My Uncle was telling me a story over Christmas in his time in Korea as a Soldier. He was relating how they had been sent up into the mountains to cut wood, and how an officer had decided to stop the jeep on the mountain trail which was icy, and my Uncle's truck started slipping toward the edge and he told the kitchen staff in back to jump as they were going over the cliff.
He said he stood on the running board, but at the last moment the six wheel caught and stopped.

His later adventure was sleeping in his truck and the next morning, they found a tiger had gone through the camp by the tracks. He said, that was the closest he ever came to a tiger adventure in Korea.

The Korean Peninsula has been made into a deliberate problem by leftist globalists. There are a number of "What If's" in this from if Harry Truman had not handed China over to the communists, then there never would have been a Korean War.
If Harry Truman had not been a communist coddler and allowed General MacArthur to nuke the Chicoms in the Korean War, we  would not have the nuclear problem the world has now.
If George HW Bush had not built China into a terror superpower, America would not have the North Korean problem now.
.....and if Donald Trump did not have Vietnam frackers joined with his crooked son in law Jared Kushner making shekel policy for China, America would not now be preparing for nuclear war with North Korea, led by the brilliant Kim Jong Un.

Military Quietly Prepares for a Last Resort: War With North Korea

 Military officials said General Milley has cited the ill-fated Battle of the Kasserine Pass during World War II, when unprepared American troops were outfoxed and then pummeled by the forces of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel of Germany. General Milley has also recently mentioned Task Force Smith, the poorly equipped, understrength unit that was mauled by North Korean troops in 1950 during the Korean War.

The United States military is always  fighting the last war and is always attempting to bring Star Trek weapons onto the battlefield which are not ready, and cause more deaths to Americans than the enemy.
It is the delusion of the frackers of Vietnam who are running the war state now in the Trump Junta which Donald Trump bows to for Jew Street money, that America is preparing to fight in North Korea a conventional war with a nuclear signature, a conventional war with bristling machine guns, quad fours and robotic artillery in North Korea, which will make a wall of shrapnel for pretty American toys and soldiers being toyed with.

The purpose of the Lame Cherry in this analysis is not to join the frackers fighting lost Vietnam nor to join Pentagon war planning, but instead to enjoin  the real leader in this in Kim Jong Un, because it is what he will do, it is what North Korea has done in preparation of war, and it is how Pyongyang would fight a war initiated against it by America, which the Pentagon is posting preparations for in the CIA press New York Times, as diversion and as fact in how the United States is engaging this war scenario in North Korea.

We know that nothing will be engaged by America in this, because the Olympics will in South Korea. North Korea may goad America in this, but there is not any way that Donald Trump is going to strike anything in the lead up to the Olympics to endanger the world's athletes. That is simply bad public relations.

In this, it comes down to what would Kim Jong Un do, not to survive for he will survive, but what will he do to win the war, as Kim Jong Un has nuclear weapons to not become Khadaffi, but Kim Jong Un has one purpose and that is to be President of United Korea.


How Swiss Boarding School Shaped Kim Jong Un

Kim’s chief goal, she said, is to gain international acceptance as a nuclear weapons power and avoid the fate of Muammar Kaddafi  or Saddam Hussein (who gave up their nuclear programs, or lost them, only to be overthrown).
“He’s pretty much had to learn on the job,” she said, “and so far he’s more than shown an instinct for the position.”

There is one assessment which matters in this, and that is the Lame Cherry. So in that, in examining what North Korea would do, it is what Lame Cherry would accomplish to win a war, as it would be the same scenario.

America has one major problem as do all nations, and that is they have no idea what mushroom clouds and radiation detectors will do to Soldiers who are in the field or being ordered into the field. To put it plainly, it is impossible to fight a war with Soldiers checking radiation detectors every few seconds, and a Soldier being told they are going to drop into North Korea, might say, 'Just put me in Leavenworth as I would rather be a living prisoner in America than a radioactive corpse in Korea, who will never be brought home to be buried".

In reading the Pentagon, there is zero preparation concerning Mushroom Cloud Shock Therapy.

This psychology would be understood by the Eurasians, so it would be a viable resource for Kim Jong Un to exploit. As Herbert McMaster's Mother of all Bombs revealed in mushroom clouds, large mines planted and detonated in the proximity of Americans in battle conditions will have the Americans all thinking that a nuclear attack has been engaged to which they will stop fighting.
Psychologically North Korea would comprehend this, and in Kim's Fake Mushroom Clouds would bring a nuclear  response from America by design, and thereby destroy the American propaganda of being on the right side, as America would be known to nuke brown skinned peoples in their Trump racism.

The Vietnam experience proved one reality to Asians, as did Korea, and that is if Americans are bloodied in wars of propaganda objectives, the Americans will fold. That reality would  produce in North Korea a necessity of bloodying America in the most serious way. In stating this in war planning, it would not be the objective of North Korea to attack outside of it's borders with nuclear weapons. By this, it is the North Korea victimhood which was perpetrated by the Vietcom which would be the objective in psychological warfare. Fake mushroom clouds would be followed by real mushroom clouds, but only over North Korea. If thee Americans could not be goaded into it, then it would follow North Korean military doctrine to actually use nuclear weapons in defense of the homeland.

The use of nuclear weapons in North Korea in scorched earth areas of American airborne attack would serve several purposes.

1. America would have nuclear casualties on North Korean soil after invading the North.
2. Can America retaliate with nuclear weapons when North Korea is using nuclear weapons on their own soil in defense of their nation.
3. Nuclear pollution would foment unrest in the American military elite commands, and in service commands, as no one would want to be deployed to a nuclear zone. It would create military breakdown.
4. If America responds with nuclear fire, it loses the international propaganda war as in Vietnam with weapons of mass destruction.
5. Nuclear pollution would produce a radioactive wall which would keep Russia and China from invading North Korea to take possession, thereby protecting the regime of Pyongyang.
6. Mushroom clouds drift. Nuclear plumes could be activated at any time on border hills and mountains to drift south on American bases, Japan or Indochina, causing a political nightmare for the United States.

This would be Operation Nuclear Tiger, Jagjeon Haeg Holang-i.

It would be thee astute deployment, use and operation of nuclear weapons in the defense of  a nation, while tying a can to the tail of the Americans. The global left media would overturn the Pentagon propaganda of reasons why America engaged in what it did, as a theory of North Korea nuking American cities, would be replaced by Koreans, Japanese and Indochinese hair falling out, bleeding out of their asses, and quantities of food dumped due to radioactive contamination as this spread throughout all ports in the world as everything and every person would have to be checked for radioactive contamination.
In forensic psychology, the world could not get at Kim Jong Un, but it could get at the Americans to vent their rage at their lives being disrupted by more American Imperialism.

It would behoove North Korea to contaminate itself in defense of their homeland. Their elite all have bunkers to survive and will, as does the military. There is no real industry in North Korea, and the only nation which would be shattered by this is South Korea, including their Samsung and LG exports to America, and that ends South Korea as a nation of production for American consumers.

These factors are known and accepted in Moscow and China. They would back North Korea at the United Nations, and removing South Korea as a competitor front and Japan in further eroded turmoil, would benefit these Asian powers and is why they are backing North Korea in this gambit as every move made benefits the Russians and Chinese and worsens Washington's position in Asia.

The Pentagon saber rattling as in Norway in "one hell of a war" is not preparing the US Soldier to nuclear field conditions in  that shock assault to the psyche, and as a diversion only emboldens Russia, China and North Korea, as they would prefer nothing better than American elite Soldiers slaughtered by the thousands in attacking North Korea, a wasted event which would have North Korea in production of more nuclear weapons in a year, and would move Russia and China to greater assistance to propagate Pyongyang's nuclear line in the sand.

The purpose of this paper is to expose the reality of a North Korean gambit to utilize nuclear weapons on their own soil and in their own defense, which has not been explored in the least in any public policy comment, instead what is focused on is a massive American foot print, which in the art of warfare could be exploited to a complete American defeat militarily and politically, by the same Vietnam frackers fighting another Asian war on the last war's defeat.

In the above war game, North Korea would win, and America would be shattered diplomatically, militarily and in national will. A nuclear war can be fought at 20,000 feet, but a nuclear war can not be fought at ground zero when Soldiers refuse to enter the fight.

President Donald Trump's infatuation with his DIA protectors has led him to a point of subservience which Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were astute enough to not be blinded by the brass. North Korea is the absolute failure of the Department of State and Department of Defense and for Donald Trump's first attempt North Korea has been his political failure in the worst policy.

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Bill de Blasio the Lesbian Killer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder why the homosexual community has let Mayor Bill de Blasio and First Mayorette, Chirlane McCray, with a Scottish ancestry, have been given a pass, when Bill de Blasio is the greatest threat to homosexuality as Bill de Blasio is not just a lady killer, he is a lesbo killer, as the magic of his sweet touch an the tom tom of this erection sending Morse Code to a lesbians nethers turns her from wanting women, to only wanting a man.

With Bill de Blasio on the loose, lesbianism would become an extinct species.

McCray met Bill de Blasio in 1991, when they both worked at New York City Hall for Mayor David Dinkins. At the time, de Blasio was an aide to a deputy mayor and McCray was a speechwriter. McCray and de Blasio were married in 1994 in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Asked about her sexuality, McCray has stated that she hates "labels". In 2012, when asked about her 1979 essay, she commented: "In the 1970s, I identified as a lesbian and wrote about it. In 1991, I met the love of my life, married him.

 I want my fill of Bill!!!

Just think of it if Bill de Blasio had gotten a taste of that sweet Rosie O'Donnell? Rosie would be huffing and puffing for only maleness and voting for Donald Trump.


I had the Bern but I crave the Bill.....

What about that hot stuff of Ellen Degeneris, if Bill had put the wood to her? Ellen would have em lining up around the block as what man would not want to tap something that fine.


No wonder we were cancelled as de Blasiot made the lezbo's straight!!!

And what about Two Broke Girls? All their fag comedy would be gone and they would have been cancelled  just like they are now. I guess that is not a good example, but with Bill de Blasio shagging up all that fineness, there would have only been leave it to beaver jokes.


I pledge to give every lesbian the Bill she wants.......

The thing is Bill is not handsome, nor is his wife lesbian handsome, but look at what a fine daughter he produced. I mean that is one fine uptown there, that just like the Obama girls will be making some white boy happy with all of that brown sugar.


Why does Bill father children who look like me...

And that boy, he looks like Micky Dolenz from the Monkees and who does not like the Monkees in I'm a Believer's face sake in maybe Micky played them lesbian drums and helped Bill out.

Anyway, why is Bill de Blasio not coming under fire for depriving homosexuals from the ranks. Bill de Blasio is a Homoslayer, the worst kind of homoette in he is not phobic, but he turns lesbians into straight women, overturning every stereotype that queers are born that way and that sex is not a choice.
That is a grave threat to all queerdom and how much more so in queer concentration New York where Bill is probably turning a lesbian straight every day. Hell their won't be any homosexuals left in New York if Bill de Blasio stays around for another term.

Who knew that democrats had a lesbokiller in their ranks and Bernie Sanders signed off on it.

THE MONKEES - I'M A BELIEVER - 1966 Original (HQ ... - YouTube

THE MONKEES - I'M A BELIEVER -1966 LIVE Original (HQ-856X480) Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, Michael Nesmith, David Jones (RIP) I thought love was only true in ...

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Friday, January 19, 2018

McMaster's Private Little Nuclear War

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As you probably missed this, this past weekend as you were busy with peaceful pursuits, Herbert McMaster summoned the Japanese and South Koreans to San Francisco California, as he had the Russians and Chinese cut out of security talks concerning North Korea in "Canadian Talks".

Axios broke this story and here is their webpage on this story, as you can see it is blank. Axios is known for leaking deep state propaganda directly out of the Trump White House in exclusives which never seem to be investigated. In this, Herbert McMaster was outed in a top secret meeting, and it was immediately wiped, but not before other media sources picked up the leak.

The following is from the Examiner and reposts what was in the original leaked version.

H.R. McMaster attends meetings in San Francisco on North Korea: Report

National security adviser H.R. McMaster reportedly spent the weekend in San Francisco attending secret meetings about North Korea.
McMaster met with officials from South Korea, as well as Shotaro Yachi, director of the Japanese national security council, Axios reported Tuesday. The national security adviser was on the West Coast on Saturday and Sunday.
McMaster’s meetings in San Francisco come as South Korea has recently engaged in continued high-level talks with North Korea, which mark the first time such dialogue has occurred between the two Koreas in more than two years. The discussion between the two countries has focused on the North’s participation in the Winter Olympics, which kick off next month in Pyeongchang, South Korea.
Though the meetings have centered around the Olympics — North Korea will send a delegation to the games — North Korea’s continued nuclear and missile tests loom over the talks.

This little blurb from the Newstimes sheds a bit more light on the Herbert McMaster darkness.

H.R. McMaster, the US Army general and academic who leads President Donald Trump's National Security Council, has reportedly attended secret meetings with his South Korean and Japanese counterparts on North Korea.
McMaster, a noted hawk who is reportedly pushing for Trump to give North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a "bloody nose" by conducting a limited strike on the country, took meetings Saturday and Sunday in San Francisco where he stressed a need for the three countries to present a unified front against Pyongyang, according to the news website Axios.
In the meetings, Axios reports, McMaster dismissed North Korea's recent thawing of tensions and talks to Pyongyang as "diversions," noting that Kim still intended to develop nuclear weapons.
Axios' report sheds light on one of the more inaccessible parts of Trump's presidency, in which top staffers guide his hand on North Korea issues.

This is how all of this translates in the Lame Cherry in reading between the lines.

Japan and South Korea do not want to be eating nuclear warheads from North Korea, so are open to North Korean overtures to walk back the reality of millions dying in South Korea and Japan, due to McMaster's brinkmanship.
McMaster summoned South Korea and Japan to threaten them to stay the course as diplomacy would not be tolerated.

In other reports, Mad Dong Mattis  is practicing US Special Forces for attacks on North Korea, which would be a bloodbath for the US military, and in those Vietnam fracker attack policy there is this additional tidbit as a headline in the same story.

The US has backed off military drills that anger North Korea but stepped up pressure and military deployments in other ways.

One has to have been paying attention to the latest developments, of China submarines on Japanese islands to Chinese ships smuggling cargo into North Korea. The hints in this have been the United States is moving to a new policy of embargoing North Korea.
This would fit the stepping back of US military maneuvers, but it indicates what Herbert McMaster is escalating this to.

The translation is, Herbert McMaster just isolated China and Russia. The meeting in fag Trudeau's Canada was designed to form an International Naval Front of nations without navies in this McMaster farce.

"When we found out about this meeting, we asked: 'Why do you need all those countries together? Greece, Belgium, Colombia, Luxembourg. What do they have to do with the Korean peninsula today?'"

Trudeau Not Sorry Russia, China Weren't Invited To Vancouver ...

Meanwhile in Canada. ... China Weren't Invited To Vancouver Meeting ... OTTAWA — Justin Trudeau is defending the decision not to invite China and Russia to ...

 Seriously, President Donald Trump is taking on NUCLEAR POWERS in McMaster and Tillerson war play with Luxemborg, Columbia, Belgium and Greece? The combined could not get a ship to North Korea unless they put it on a Chinese container ship.

 This is how this would play out with a  fracker like McMaster as this group of DIA detests the Naval Intelligence and has been seeking to blow up US ships in the Sea of Japan as bait or a Gulf of Tonkin.

McMaster gets Mad Dong Mattis to park a US carrier in the Sea of Japan, and sends out Japanese cruisers and whatever tug boats South Korea can keep afloat. They will be the sucker play to intercept Chinese ships, and it provides McMaster the buffer of aggression as South Korea and Japan eat the bullets.

This develops much better as Japan or South Korea are supposed to in this take some fire from North Korea, so the McMaster military can then "return fire".
Returning fire will of course be lost in Donald Trump being assured that this embargo is peaceful and Donald Trump asking McMaster how a naval operation ended up with Herbert McMaster bombing the rice out of Kim Jong Un's ass in bunkbusters in Pyongyang.

For Herbert McMaster to even voice a bloody nose for North Korea which has thermonuclear warheads is John McCain and George Soros homicidal maniac for Americans, South Koreans and Japanese. North Korea being hit, North Korea can unleash missiles and artillery to bloody the body of the US military on their bases and inflict enough damage on South Korean electrical and Samsung manufacturing to have the South Koreans screaming for America to get the hell out of their nation.

As you can understand from even a non military understanding that America has absolutely no allied support in this McMaster nuclear war escalation as no one wants to die for his fourth star.
It is in the US interest for China and Russia to be smuggling oil into North Korea so the people do not starve and cause a real propaganda catastrophe for America as it gets cold in Korea in winter. It is not in the United States interest these  Tillerson meetings with the powerful Luxemborg Navy and fag Trudeau begging for war with North Korea nor for McMaster to be setting up a Gulf of Tonkin to escalate this.

If Donald Trump is still an American President, it is paramount when he has the cover to fire Rob Rosenstein and  the other crooks at Justice for treason, that he deploys Dr. Strangepud to some place without communications where he can no longer do any more harm.

It is vital to note in this that Herbert McMaster is escalating to a military confrontation with North Korea which has absolutely no sound military nor political purpose.
Donald Trump out of necessity must replace Herbert McMaster as head of NSA with a CIVILIAN as this leftist Junta is not engaged in American policy.

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Zerbrochene Glasdecke

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What is America as it views itself or as the world sees her?

The best and accepted definition were the words of John Winthrop almost 400 years ago, which two American Presidents have quoted in their presidential speeches and others have hinted at.

I have been guided by the standard John Winthrop set before his shipmates on the flagship Arbella three hundred and thirty-one years ago, as they, too, faced the task of building a new government on a perilous frontier. "We must always consider", he said, "that we shall be as a city upon a hill—the eyes of all people are upon us". 

John F. Kennedy
January 1961 AD in the year of our Lord

I have quoted John Winthrop's words more than once on the campaign trail this year—for I believe that Americans in 1980 are every bit as committed to that vision of a shining "city on a hill," as were those long ago settlers ...

Ronald W. Reagan
November 1980 AD in the year of our Lord

John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan were two American Presidents, of a different generation, different political parties and yet their American vision defined that Shining City on a Hill of a Christian America of liberty and justice for all Citizens of lawful and moral conduct.

The purpose of quoting the above was a most troubling bastardization of America which erupted in the Obama Birther years and came to fountain head on election eve, 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, where leftists gathered at with Samantha Power to celebrate the defeat and destruction of Donald Trump and the American values he represented, for the ideology which they claimed was the representation of America.

This is quote from Obama's United Nations Ambassador on election eve in what America meant to her and those leftists with her.

"I thought what an amazing night for them. I mean, that’s what America represents to the world, when a glass ceiling is shattered in our country, it creates a whole new sense of possibility for people everywhere," she said.

Power, who served as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations from 2013 to 2017, said she made the invitation to her fellow ambassadors fully expecting the "glass ceiling" to be shattered by Clinton. She was picked by most political experts to easily defeat Donald Trump.

Do you fully comprehend thee above in Samantha Power's thought process is that the United States is not a Shining City on a Hill, of Christian Virtue to inspire people to life, liberty and the pursuit of peaceful moral pursuits, but Samantha Power's America was one of shattered glass ceilings.
For Samantha Power and this would be the Obama's, the Clintons, the Albrights, America only has meaning when American Christian values are shattered, and one more sin from aborticide to pedophilia is included.

That is the meaning of Barack Hussein Obama who shattered natural born Constitutional mandates for the Office of President, shattered the Black glass ceiling, shattered the protection from Rationed Death and shattered the sodomite protections of America from deviancy, and why Barack Hussein Obama was bowing and apologizing across the globe as he was ashamed of America, and as Michelle Robinson Obama chimed in, she was not proud of America until it was being corrupted and shattered.

For Samantha Power, the shattering of the glass ceiling of the Presidency was what the 2016 election was about. It was not about the best leader, the best choice for America. It was about a woman being installed into the White House, as that is all that mattered, as was installing a foreign born Afroid Muslim into the White House in Barack Obama.

The Shining City on the Hill in the American vision attacked by the Samantha Power / Hillary Clinton Zerbrochene Glasdecke. This explains everything from Nasty Ashley Judd to the smears against innocent Judge Roy Moore, as these deep state leftists, who created the Trump coup in Russiagate, look upon destroying America as the sign that America is the vision they hope for. Literally until America is destroyed of it's Christian American heritage at all costs, America is not the ideal of their judgment. They do not appreciate the city built, they desire the city in rubble.

These are the same leftists who savaged Sarah Palin in political rape. Electing Mrs. Palin as the first woman as Vice President was nothing to do with women, as Sarah Palin was not woman enough, just as Clarence Thomas was not black enough.

There honestly is not any end where these leftists will stop in indoctrination. The most troubling scene Samantha Power recorded was her hauling around her 4 year old daughter, a child who would not remember what Fruit Loops she ate the day before, but Power is hauling this poor girl around into the wee hours of the morning to make this child a part of something she will never remember. Power thinks that her catatonic child is in shock over Clinton's loss, but unless Power was terrifying this child, the real condition of the little girl was she was probably exhausted from the abuse her mother was exposing her too for hours.
What child wants to be at an adult party for hours on end, with creepy leftists, all whining about the end of the world and genital talk.

Power said she's haunted by the film catching her then-four-year-old daughter lying like a statue in her mother's arms as the election is called for Trump.
"I think that scene moves viewers the most because it triggers, I think, a kind of post-traumatic stress about their own election night experience, which mirrored mine," Power said.

There is a fact in this, that the Tory left in America is a direct threat to the American People as they are still carrying out the American Genocide of Christian America, against Whites and Blacks, is as treacherous as the Tory of 1776 AD in the year of our Lord.
The condemnation of Samantha Power in her Obama Birtherism, is that unless they are shattering John Kennedy's and Ronald Reagan's America, they do not psychologically feel satisfied in destroying what God established in the United States Republic. We can see the effects yet in John Kelly destroying Roy Moore to Gary Cohn taxing Americans to rationed poverty, and it continues on as these shattered souls of the left shatter America so she will never recover, in this pure wickedness, evil and treason.

Who in their right mind discounts the election of women as leaders across this globe from Golda Mier to Margaret Thatcher, and ignores the greatness of monarchs in Cleopatra, Catherine the Great and Queen Elizabeth, while hauling their tortured child around at a party with leftist sadists? The answer is no one in their right mind, as the world has had female leadership for centuries and America would add nothing to it and America proved what a disaster it was under Obama to elect people according to skin color.

Shattered America is what these leftists are driven by and will continue until there is absolutely nothing left of the united in the United States. Everyone understands this, but it has never before so perfectly been expressed by zerbrochene glasdecke, the frau Samantha Power of the shattered glass ceiling.

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Open Season America

What is armed and dangerous?
Who have you licensed the police to legally murder?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you read of the police shooting an armed person, would you conclude they were a bad person or a good person?

Your prejudice is what drives stories online and the Daily Caller posted a group of statistics from the Washington Post which found that police shoot armed people most often. One could ask the question in what are police shooting people without guns like LaVoy Finicum and later planting a weapon on them to justify the murder, because the fake news who has a stake in the police state protecting them while criminalizing and murdering you, has you biased into thinking people with guns should be shot by police.

Ask yourself this, in what if the person was a bit off in the head like most of you have relatives who are not all there, but harmless, is that ok that the police shot your goofy cousin?

Nearly 25 percent of those killed were also said to be suffering from some sort of mental instability at the time of their deaths, according to the report, but nearly 90 percent of them were armed with weapons varying from firearms to a pitch fork.

The internet has examples of the police shooting unarmed people, sometimes on their knees crying, and sometimes trying to comply with orders which are confusing. Is it ok for the police to shoot at those people?

I want you to read that line above about someone with a pitchfork, as in degrees of separation, I actually know the people that this event happened to from a person of that community and I would like to add some details to this story so you can make up your mind if this was something you would want happening in America.

The man shot was the son of a mail carrier. They were good people, served in the military and lived on a farm. They rented their land out to another farmer who appeared with a group to hunt on the land. The man who the police shot, appeared and told them to leave and threatened them, because he did not want them on the land.
Instead of leaving, they phoned the police, who soon enough appeared. The farmer's son appeared again, and this time in defending his property and his land, charged the group with a pitchfork, at which point the deputy put a load of 12 gauge buckshot into this man's chest and killed him.
Now was a pheasant worth the life of another human to hunt that bird? Was a man who had some psychological problems, but never harmed anyone or anything in his life, deserve to be shot by a shoot to kill trained police force in America?

Are you comfortable with the above events or are they beginning to make you uncomfortable, when that officer could have shot this man in the leg and disabled him as he was not a threat to anyone.

What if I add that the people who told me this story, stated they visited the farm later as the family was selling the dead son's pickup truck. The truck was a blue Dodge Ram, and had a great deal of grease on the seats and the console as this was a working farmer's truck and he worked his entire life.
Would it make any difference in the son's father was given Christmas gifts every Christmas because he was such a good mail carrier?

What if I added that the people who told me this said they were out for a walk, as this deputy rented a home a mile from them in this rural area without any crime, and this deputy upon seeing a 75 year old woman and her son out for a walk on the road, drove deliberately at them from a great distance, and then drove by glaring at them like he wanted to shoot them too.
This deputy is now in another state, armed and glaring at people too, after having employed deadly force where none was necessary.

Does it matter when a statistic takes on a life, like yours in having a working vehicle, not wanting people on his property, having rights and then not having any rights, because an officer shot him, because it was legal.

What happens as now when Americans are being criminalized and the trespassers are foreigners being protected, that it might be you who is the next statistic, as before reading this, you jumped to the conclusion that people being shot by the police, deserve it.

Here is something not recorded in the Post or the Caller, in did you know that there is nothing illegal about having a firearm, knife or pitchfork in America and that does not mean the police can just shoot you or anyone? Do you realize how far America has gone from the Minute Man, John Wayne Cowboys and boys having a Red Ryder BB gun, in guns and being armed were accepted, and now your thought process is, not questioning why the police are shooting people, as you think people deserve it.

America is  a nation where the police shot 3000 Americans the past several years.  That averages 600 Americans per state. Do you really think all of those people deserved to be shot, or do you ever consider like Andy  Taylor or Mayberry, that most of these people if the cops would stop pushing them in invading their space, would back down and no one would ever be dead.

This blog has made it a point in calling for the disarming of every government official, except your county Sheriff, the FBI, Border Patrol and US Marshals. The rest of them should not have guns and should be put on foot. Every state police should be abolished, as all they do are highway men robbing people in tickets.

You build a police state, and sooner than later, those officials will invent ways to criminalize you, to justify their jobs.

- Lame Cherry.

Where I live there is not any crime. The last murder here was that cop shooting a farm boy.

What is coming next in America will be drones, spying on all of us, making criminals out of all of us. So those little things you do, that you are getting away with are going to be recorded and you are going to be a criminal, and be made an example of as how long do you think it will be, before someone  tests your lawn and you applied too much bug or weed spray and are going to be fined or perhaps SWAT will appear.

In America it is legal for the police to murder Citizens, legal to rob Citizens and legal to spy on Citizens.  All of the dead in those statistics were not bad people, just as not were all good people. All were Americans though and that is the fact in this data that Armed Citizens deter more crime than the police ever do, and more importantly Americans do it without lethal force in most instances.

Every one of these dead has a real story. None of them deserved to be shot in the street. Executions are for Juries and hangmen, not police.  The old protect and serve is gone from police. It is now rob and shoot.

Do you really like cringing when you see police, and being afraid? Do you know that you are paying the police to shoot and rob you, and if it is not you, it is your neighbors? Is that what you intend when you pay taxes, to be afraid of the police state showing up and putting you into prison which the government extorted money from you by force in taxes, to protect the system, to throw you or anyone who they judge a pitchfork carrier into prison or the grave.

It is open season on America, and it is time that America unemploys 3/4's of their police force, as that is what the Sheriff is for and people can as they have for generations since 1776 policed themselves.

Would America meltdown if these 3000 dead were still alive? We will never know, but we do know America is degrading to worse lawlessness with the 3000 armed officers still active who shot that many Americans because it was legal.

This system is not working, as it was not created to execute these kinds of numbers of Americans. The tragedy is there are few people bringing this to the public's attention that people are so conditioned now that the mere mention of a gun, and people think Americans should be shot.

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