Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Pedophile Machine

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Tentacles of the Machine

This is going to probably be difficult for you to link up, but it is important, and it is why I have taken you on this path of e voting fraud, as Omaha Nebraska / Council Bluffs Iowa is at the heart of one of the most nefarious offshoots of what was once termed the Octopus, which eventually eliminated former CIA Director William Colby.

It all centers around the network of Offut Air Force Base in Omaha, the NORAD doomsday shelter, and how this seemingly nowhere Nebraska location, became a big money funnel which involved CIA MKULTRA operations based upon Operation Paper Clip immigrants from Nazi Germany after World War II, creating from children through severe shock and trauma, multi personality agents, using rape, fear and drugs, with a group of satanic practioners of abuse, to both seduce the elite into their cult for blackmail control and to condition these children or future intelligence assets in this controlled programme.

How this all links up is the money of the Nazi machine in America and by this I mean what Dwight Eisenhower, that butcher of Germans warned Americans of in the Military Industrial Complex.

See MKULTRA had many divisions of mind control. The one in Omaha was the child created phase. The CIA would put their agents into Offut Air Force Base, and abuse children being created by these satanic cult groups. Son of Sam was an offshoot of this in New York and Charlie Manson was part of this in California, when this thing went off the farm and gained the public's attention.

What I mean by the Nazi machine in America, was the ability to siphon money from the US Government in contracts, to specific billionaire Bill Ayers old man, who then had Bill on control of the leftist Weather Underground, until they went too radical, and he murdered all the members by blowing them up in a house, as they were about to blow up some military people at a ball.

If you want the roots of the Rent a Mob that is stalking Donald Trump, those wackos are the same types that Bill Ayers did preliminary work on back in the 60's when he had Niggers raping little Jewish girls who were lured in, being infatuated with Ayers. It was all a giant lab rat experiment and the protests against Donald Trump are this offshoot, as much as Robert Mercer with Ted Cruz, using Tavistock Institute protocols to create his Cruz boogers.

The money chain is what funded all of this, and it is all GOPliters. Does not matter if it is Bush, Clinton, Obama, Romney......all the same coin with the two headed serpent on each side. That is how Nebraska plays in this to show you how this all weaves into one vote fraud pattern, in the network of child rapists, is the same one where the funding is coming in from government contracts, the same Boys Town where the Jesuits handed over children to this induction protocol experiments, and woven into this blackmailing the elite, is the way to secure forever the control of any society, and that is to have the corporate heads who fund this entire pedophile operations, with full police state protection, to own the voting machines.

Franklin Credit Union was that same HW Bush dope for contras scandal that Bill and Hillary Clinton were involved with and the same HW Bush with son Neil Bush robbed US investors in the Savings and loan scandal.

(3) Peter Kiewit Sons, Inc. played a very significant role in the Franklin Credit Union pedophilia scandal that occurred in Nebraska in the 1980's. (See ). The legal documents involved in the trusts involved in the Kiewit companies sound like the same pattern used in the syndicate documents described in Part Two-B. This scandal was covered by John DeCamp's book, the Franklin Cover Up, which is available from,4,02,harvardtoenronpt...

Another comment in the thread:

A clique of freemasons -- the chief executives of Union Pacific
Railroad, Con Agra, Peter Kiewit and Sons, Mutual of Omaha and
the Omaha *World Herald* -- served as Franklin's Advisory Board
and conduited funds from their own firms and from the Boys Town
orphanage into Franklin's accounts.

All of this is the legendary Octopus, which murders those who get too close to the leviathan that lurks within. This is the fang and claw of all the pretty people you attach yourselves to and vouch for as being pure as the driven snow, but what chooses these people you watch in media and vote for, is a committee you never will see, and they have in degrees of separation a most murderous group of sometimes MKULTRA agents, sometimes ex Delta Force, and numerous other things that you trained, but once entering the shadowlands it will eat anyone who decides to shine a light on it.

It does not matter if it is Karl Rove. It does not matter if it is Hillary Clinton. This living creature is an entire self sustaining entity which is the nightmare you woke up to shaking in the night, but this is real daymare.

I am showing you how this all ties together, top to bottom. Each tentacle has it's own operating system compartmentalized to confuse you in the numerous pieces moving at the same time from different venues. The human mind can not deal with multi dimensional problems, and simply shuts down if it is not one common thought.
The common thought here is the Pedophile Machine fed the paper money to produce the fraud ballots, all protected by the police state.

**Note from the Tiger Lily: Mike McCarthy, the man who owns ES&S voting via McCarthy Group LLC now runs the pedophile Peter Kiewit Foundation Inc. He kicked out Peter Kiewit's son as the head of the foundation. NOW do you get why this so-called "unsubstantiated" voter fraud against Donald Trump is so important? I'll say it again: the primaries as much as possible are not being left up to the voters to decide to continue the cover-up of all of this, as you have seen time and time again as even the elected Trump delegates after the vote-fraud margin non-stolen primaries are replaced for insider CIA asset Fellatio Cruz. But go right ahead, discount it because no one has a confession signed in blood from these thieving pervs. Just be the color-blind dog who is capable of seeing neither the rainbow nor its 50 shades of grey because their head has been shoved too far up their ass using the ramrod of "substantiated facts coming from the intelligence-funded media".