Monday, May 29, 2017

The needed Advice to Hillary Clinton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Look, I can not afford health care, so I want some regulation which prohibits Hillary Clinton from exasperating her condition while perpetually campaigning for President as all of us end up paying for it when she keeps getting pneumonia and trying to hack up a lung.

This woman is too old to be out in the cold rain or she is going to go into a coma, or when she passes out in a parade, will fall into a pile of horse shit and suffocate. She obviously is in need of a caretaker and with Huma now free to find rich powerful lesbians who win elections like Elizabeth Warren to attach herself to, we can not rely on this lovely Muslim any more to protect Hillary Clinton from herself.

Finally, at least Bill Clinton has found an occupation, as it appears he appeared as a gas station attendant like those old Standard Gas uniforms. Of course he probably has drilled a hole in the women's crapper to spy on them, but he looks nice in his gas station attendant uniform, as he finally has a job he is good at not getting dirty at.

Fill 'er up Bill

This is some honest advice to Hillary Clinton. America hates you Mrs. Clinton worse than Donald Trump ever will be hated. They have Hillary Fatigue. I know Chelsea is low hanging fruit and let you down so you had to rush in so some other younger democrat does not rush in and take your spotlight, but you look desperate as you are in popping up all over reminding everyone what a loser you are, and reminding Americans they are thankful for Donald Trump as he is not you.

Here is what you do Hamrod. Go get that obnoxious child of yours in Chelsea, and go meet  with Ivanka Trump in the West Wing. Suggest to her the need for feeding Syrian children or some other bullshit, and after you con her to get her daddy to sign off on this, you Hamrod get off your ass and hire 100 people to do the job of hauling in UN things to Syria, and you can pose in a Paris back alley like you are in Syria, take all the credit as you have placed your only asset in Bill Clinton on the circuit to not criticize Donald Trump, but to offer helpful solutions and raise funds for democrats for 2018. It might kill the old boy, but that might help you in sympathy if people do not say you killed Bill by making him campaign for you again.

Soft sell you dumb old bit and stop stuffing your old cunt face in America's cringing face.

Actually present yourself doing something Mrs. Clinton in helping the people you always are saying you care about. That is your only chance in shutting your mouth as you clean up Trump blowing things up, as image Obama is sucking the life out of the democratic party for 2018 and 2020 for the legacy.
Remember Obama meets Princes and gives speeches in Berlin and you are at the girl's college coughing and getting your parade rained on.

Hamrod YOU HAVE TO DEFEAT OBAMA as he is your main problem to 2020, not Donald Trump.

How about a donation there Hillary for that advice as it is better than fag Mook or your pedophile advice.



Congratulations to the Baby Girl

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I must be dinosaur ancient now in I had not idea they had driver's education simulators for people learning to drive. What a great loss it is to not have other people laughing at you in a driver's education car with the teacher who looked like their occupation was National Guard potato peeler when they were not teaching art class to retards during the summer.

My first driving experience was when I was 8. My dad's Cousin, Red, yes red hair, allowed me to drive his old Chevy pick up and I was stunned and astounded as they rode along. Red was always kind to me and I think it was the first time I saw my dad in a different way of someone I could get along with.

Things did not progress better as what I  was driving was an  International Scout with so much play in the steering wheel that Mom's knuckles were white as she hung on. My knuckles were white as my brother ordered me to drive home from Indian country at the speed limit, as the car had worn out front shocks and floated like a butterfly on every bump.

I think if I started on a simulator I still would be on it. It was like in my driving test, I sat on the intersection waiting for like 5 minutes, to where the examiner said, "It was not a bad thing, but it might have caused an accident".

I passed my test though and it cowgirl driving ever since.........well until I met TL.

When I met TL I drove to the metro, like your metro and almost had a heart attack literally, as I was numb when I parked and felt like  phaser stunned from Star Trek. You will get it figured out as you are used to it with your Dad, but I was talking to someone after my experience who was in the Twin Cities and was country and they said something like, 'My God the people there drive like maniacs!!!  We just prayed and drove".
Of course Minneapolis is not like Chicago or LA, but it is something you have to pay attention to and always drive for the other person, which means always try to keep an open space between you and traffic in case you or the other person makes a mistake.

God keep you safe Baby Girl, and I hope you one day have the fun of driving back roads in some pick up or chasing cattle in a like vehicle for some wheel spinning work as there is an art form and a skill to drive in the country, as much as the city.
Oh the lecture too, do not ever underestimate loose  gravel on country roads and going too fast. That stuff is as bad  as snow.

I am very proud of you and welcome to the driving world. I remember when you were young, and now you are making me dinosaur, but that is a good thing as popular girls should be replaced by the pretty girls who are pretty inside and out.

With that, I have to put some kind of Minnesota Lutheran type casserole in the oven that is hamburger, noodle and red all over, but we are not having Lutheran jello as  it is not a funeral food group tonight.......instead it is rhubarb cake, another Minnesota staple like breathing and fishing.

PS: I would have fished crappies too. I think those carp rivers in Iowa would kill anything that looked trout. Believe that water is hot when it comes  out of the ground and cooks the fish.

That above was my dream car which I still look on Ebay for and just frown. It was a Carrol Shelby (race car driver) Mustang Cobra. I wanted a 429 interceptor in it, if it would fit and a 4 barrels Holley carburetor, 4 on the floor stick shift.
There is nothing more lovely than to be in car with a carburetor, slamming the pedal to the floor and feel that lull, before the second set of jets open in the carb, and the engine makes that growling sound that only a Holley can make it sound.

My brother was in a town west of you with is 66 Mustang and the interstate was 1 lane, and he noticed an old green Roadrunner (Plymouth hot car) was approaching the line of traffic on the passing lane, and he wondered what the driver would do. He said, next thing he knew the car belched some smoke and it was  gone like a rocket and made it past the single lane traffic and that was the last he saw of it.

Of course you have to drive careful or your Dad and  Mum will skin me alive. Get a good heavy car though, none of that light fast skidder stuff, as the heavy cars will hold better and keep you safer. When you get dinosaur you might get a La Sabre like me. Zelda  never let me down. She has no pick up, but Lord God that car will pass anything and everything in sight. She looks like a highway patrol car so I scare the heck out of the other drivers, except the highway patrol who caught me in Iowa several  years ago from behind.

Always one day for the Shelby, got to have dreams.

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Another Jared Kushner Blackmail Note Come Due

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This pertains to the Lame Cherry exclusive of 2016 which explained why Joe Biden was in the Balkans and why Jared and Ivanka Kushner were prancing their asses around on liberal yachts in August as the Trump campaign was in meltdown.
This pertains to a deal which it appears Julian Assange worked out to keep Wikileaks information flow continuing and suddenly at the opportune moment before the election, you will remember that Assange let everyone down with his late night announcement which never came.........
Yes it was a deal was worked out with Hillary Clinton as Assange appears to work deals for information to naturally provide his best purposes in life.

With that understanding Julian Assange appeared again in the media, cleverly rising to the defense of Jared Kushner in this crucial statement:

"Kushner correct to create channels with everyone,"

The everyone in this is the clue. It appears that Kushner worked a deal out with Assange in 2016 and now Kushner has not come through with the dropping of charges against Mr. Assange as was promised. So now when the lovely Jared is under investigation for Russian contacts, Mr. Assange is pointing to the world a reality that Kushner has worked out a deal for an Assange pardon for helping the Trump Trans.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Sunday said he thinks President Trump's adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner was "correct" if he attempted to set up backchannel communication with Russian leadership.
"Kushner correct to create channels with everyone," Assange tweeted Sunday, following reports that Kushner sought to set up a line of communication between the Trump transition team and Moscow.
"CIA has no authority over leadership and is financially motivated to increase conflict."

This is the dirty secret of 2016, not in Russian hacking, because there was not Russian hacking. What there was is Seth Rich exposing the Clinton criminal theft of the democratic primary with the collusion of Bernie Sander, and the counter to this, the Obama regimes meddling in the Anonymous assets to smear Donald Trump, and the later Joe Biden ventures to secure those leaks in the Balkans.

It appears as the America CIA wants Assange dead or in prison, that Assange wants the deal he worked out with Clinton and Kushner behind Trump's back for his freedom, as Jared Kushner has not bee coming through, so Mr. Assange had to remind everyone in public just who Jared Kushner was in contact with in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London with Mr. Assange in sanctuary.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Vacation on Hillary Clinton Donor's Yacht off Croatia: Photos

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It is time for President Trump to Crush France

America will make your Louvre shake for Your Paris Balls


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This little French faggot who stole the election from Marine LePen took it upon himself to destroy the special relationship with France cultivated by the French for over 200 years, and it is time for the Americans to crush France in this laid français Macron.

On a sun-kissed terrace overlooking the sea, the image of Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau staring into each other’s eyes had social media swooning over the budding bromance between the two young leaders at the Group of Seven in Sicily.
But just 24 hours earlier in Brussels, Macron had crushed Donald Trump’s hand until his knuckles turned white and walked past the U.S. president to embrace German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the blue NATO welcome carpet.

The fact is during the Obama years, that petulant birther, awarded Europeans twice with 2 trillion dollars in bailouts. It is time that America demand those resources returned and if not, start confiscating all French assets in the United States.
As the reality of history, the crash of 2008 which assisted in Obama stealing the United States Presidency began in America, after two deliberate attempts by French criminal financing to implode the American markets, by causing meltdowns in their markets. France owes the United States several hundred trillion dollars and it is time the United States collect that money, at the point of nuclear missiles.

The United States has produced this European welfare state of 30 hour work weeks, perpetual vacations, due to America bankrupting themselves and dying for the European social state. America is NATO and it is time for the United States to reach an understanding with the Russians on European security and pull itself out of NATO as America funds 70% of NATO and has the only Soldiers who are of fighting quality.

This Laid Français Macron is a disgusting pustule and it is time for America to rid itself of France. Let Macron deal with Vladimir Putin as he hides under Frau Merkel's jockstrap and when the Russians annex France, let the French names who plead for resistance help, be turned over to the Russians, and rid that festering state of it's place off the planet, as the era of Joan of Arc is past.

It is time for America to collect the French debt owed, to rid itself of France, and to liberate the French colonial properties around the globe from this Darwin candidate people. Let war come to Europe, glorious scorched earth war, where America is neutral, and let Moscow complete the unfinished business of Adolf Hitler upon Europe for the insult of the ugly french Macron.

Let President Trump decree the end of French foreign occupation around the globe and America annexes these territories,  as America begins collecting the hundred trillion dollars the French owe the Americans.

List of French overseas territories

Inhabited departments and collectivities

The 11 French overseas territories are :
Flag[note 1] Name Capital Population Land area
Population density
(inh. per km2)
Status Location Notes
Drapeau de la Guyane.svg French Guiana Cayenne 250,109 (Jan. 2013)[8] 83,534[9] 3 Overseas department / region South America
French Polynesia French Polynesia Papeete 268,270 (Aug. 2012)[10] 3,521[11] 76 Overseas collectivity South Pacific Ocean
Flag of Guadeloupe (local).svg Guadeloupe Basse-Terre 405,739 (Jan. 2013)[8] 1,628[9] 249 Overseas department / region Antilles
Snake Flag of Martinique.svg Martinique Fort-de-France 386,486 (Jan. 2013)[8] 1,128[9] 343 Overseas department / region Antilles
Flag of Mayotte (local).svg Mayotte Mamoudzou 226,915 (Jan. 2015)[12] 374[11] 569 Overseas department / region Africa
(Mozambique Channel)
Voted on March 29, 2009 in favour of attaining overseas department / region status. That status became effective on March 31, 2011.
Also claimed by Comoros
New Caledonia New Caledonia Nouméa 268,767 (Aug. 2014)[13] 18,575.5[14] 14 Sui generis collectivity South Pacific Ocean Referendum for independence to occur 2018.
France Réunion Saint-Denis 840,974 (Jan. 2013)[8] 2,504[9] 336 Overseas department / region Africa
(Indian Ocean)

Flag of Saint Barthelemy (local).svg Saint Barthélemy Gustavia 9,035 (Jan. 2011)[15] 25[16] 361 Overseas collectivity Antilles Detached from Guadeloupe on February 22, 2007.
Flag of France.svg Saint Martin Marigot 36,286 (Jan. 2011)[15] 53[17] 685 Overseas collectivity Antilles Detached from Guadeloupe on February 22, 2007.
Flag of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.svg Saint Pierre and Miquelon Saint-Pierre 6,080 (Jan. 2011)[15] 242[11] 25 Overseas collectivity Southeast of Canada
Flag of Wallis and Futuna.svg Wallis and Futuna Mata-Utu 12,197 (Jul. 2013)[18] 142[11] 86 Overseas collectivity South Pacific Ocean

  1. Article 2 of the French Constitution states that the French flag is the only legal flag of France. Only French Polynesia, a collectivity, and New Caledonia, a special collectivity are allowed official flags. This right was granted to French Polynesia by a September, 6th, 1984, law and to New Caledonia by the Nouméa Accord. The Administrator of French Antarctica is also granted his own flag through a February, 23rd, 2007 ordinance. Historical flags are sometimes used but have no basis in law. Many territories use unofficial flags to represent the territories. The unofficial flags are shown in this table.

Uninhabited overseas territories

(Lands generally uninhabited, except by researchers in scientific stations)
Flag Name District Scattered islands Capital Land area (km2) Status Location Notes
France Clipperton - - - 2[19] French state private property West of Mexico
French Southern and Antarctic Lands French Southern and Antarctic Lands Crozet Islands - Alfred Faure 340[20] TAAF district South Indian Ocean
Kerguelen Islands - Port-aux-Français 7,215[20] TAAF district South Indian Ocean
Saint-Paul Island and
Amsterdam Island
- Martin-de-Viviès 66[20] TAAF district Indian Ocean
Adélie Land - Dumont d'Urville Station 432,000[20] TAAF district Antarctica Under terms of Antarctic Treaty System
Scattered Islands in the Indian Ocean Banc du Geyser - 0 TAAF district Africa
(Mozambique Channel)
Claimed by Madagascar and Comoros
Bassas da India - 1[20] Africa
(Mozambique Channel)
Claimed by Madagascar
Europa - 30[20] Africa
(Mozambique Channel)
Claimed by Madagascar
Glorioso Islands - 7[20] Indian Ocean Claimed by Comoros and Madagascar
Juan de Nova - 5[20] Africa
(Mozambique Channel)
Claimed by Madagascar
Tromelin Island - 1[20] Indian Ocean Claimed by Mauritius

Dare the French to react, and the United States will obliterate France by striking their nuclear weapons and nuclear energy. Let that be the end of the French insult as Americans have not forgotten it was the French intrigue with the English in 1861 which the French attempted an invasion of the United States via Mexico during the American Civil War.
This blog has not forgotten that is was those scoundrel French who refined Saddam Hussein's yellow cake for nuclear weapons, as the French would sell their children as whores to Muslims when there is money involved.

Ugly Macron started this fight, then President Donald Trump finishes France off as it was a mistake in Joan of Arc giving her life for this worthless tribe. The Anglo Saxon should have obliterated them in 1550 or in 1945. Now let the 21st century be the end of France. Let the Americans do this merciful instead of leaving the French to be ass raped by Muslims to death. Let France be cleansed, and in a generation let the Americans and Russians return the American Francois to France to make the nation a people again.

.......and let President Trump know that the faggot Justin Trudeau has caused enough problems for America in the Kushner marriage, and it is time for the United States to liberate their lands in Western Canada and set those Americans at liberty again.

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L'Amérique va faire trembler votre Louvre pour vos boules parisiennes

Comme une autre exclusive de Lame Cherry en matière anti matter.

Ce petit fagot français qui a volé les élections de Marine LePen s'est obligé de détruire la relation spéciale avec la France cultivée par les Français depuis plus de 200 ans, et il est temps pour les Américains d'écraser la France dans ce Macron français.

Sur une terrasse aux baisers de soleil surplombant la mer, l'image d'Emmanuel Macron et de Justin Trudeau qui regardait les yeux les uns des autres faisait flotter les médias sociaux au cours des débuts entre les deux jeunes leaders du groupe des Sept en Sicile.

Mais 24 heures plus tôt à Bruxelles, Macron avait écrasé la main de Donald Trump jusqu'à ce que ses nœuds deviennent blancs et passent devant le président américain pour embrasser la chancelière allemande Angela Merkel sur le tapis d'accueil bleu de l'OTAN.

Au cours des années Obama, ce brigadier pétrant, a récompensé les Européens deux fois avec 2 billions de dollars de sauvetage. Il est temps que l'Amérique demande que ces ressources soient retournées et, sinon, commencez à confisquer tous les biens français aux États-Unis.
En tant que réalité de l'histoire, le crash de 2008 qui a aidé à Obama à voler la présidence des États-Unis a commencé en Amérique, après deux tentatives délibérées du financement criminel français pour imploser les marchés américains, en provoquant des effondrements sur leurs marchés. La France doit aux États-Unis plusieurs cent trillions de dollars et il est temps que les États-Unis recueillent cet argent, au point des missiles nucléaires.

Les États-Unis ont produit cet état-major européen de 30 heures de travail des semaines, des vacances perpétuelles, en raison de l'écrasement de l'Amérique et de la mort pour l'état social européen. L'Amérique est l'OTAN et il est temps que les États-Unis atteignent une compréhension avec les Russes de la sécurité européenne et se retirent de l'OTAN, car l'Amérique finance 70% de l'OTAN et a les seuls soldats qui combattent la qualité.

This Laid English Macron est une perversité dégoûtante et il est temps pour l'Amérique de se débarrasser de la France. Laissez Macron s'occuper de Vladimir Poutine alors qu'il se cache sous le jockstrap de Frau Merkel et lorsque les Russes annexent la France, laissez les noms français qui plaident pour l'aide à la résistance, soient transférés aux Russes, et débarrassez-vous de cet état de santé hors de la planète, L'époque de Jeanne d'Arc est passée.

Il est temps pour l'Amérique de collecter la dette française due, de se débarrasser de la France et de libérer les propriétés coloniales françaises dans le monde entier auprès de ces candidats candidats à Darwin. Que la guerre vienne en Europe, glorieuse guerre terrestre brûlée, où l'Amérique est neutre, et que Moscou complète l'affaire inachevée d'Adolf Hitler sur l'Europe pour l'insulte du faché français Macron.

Laissez le président Trump décréter la fin de l'occupation étrangère française dans le monde entier et l'Amérique annexe ces territoires, alors que l'Amérique commence à collecter les cent trillions de dollars que les Français doivent aux Américains.

Oser les Français réagir, et les États-Unis effacera la France en frappant leurs armes nucléaires et leur énergie nucléaire. Que ce soit la fin de l'insulte française, les Américains ne l'ont pas oublié, c'est l'intrigue française avec les Anglais en 1861 que les Français ont tenté une invasion des États-Unis par le Mexique pendant la guerre civile américaine.
Ce blog n'a pas oublié que ce sont les Français qui ont raffiné le gâteau jaune de Saddam Hussein pour les armes nucléaires, car les Français vendraient leurs enfants comme prostituées aux musulmans quand il y a de l'argent.

Ugm Macron a commencé ce combat, alors le président Donald Trump termine la France alors que c'était une erreur à Jeanne d'Arc de donner sa vie à cette tribu sans valeur. L'Anglo Saxon aurait dû les effacer en 1550 ou en 1945. Maintenant, le 21ème siècle soit la fin de la France. Laissez les Américains faire cela miséricordieux au lieu de laisser les Français être violés par les musulmans à mort. Laissez la France être nettoyée et, dans une génération, laissez les Américains et les Russes ramener les Francois américains en France pour faire de la nation un peuple à nouveau.

... et permettez au président Trump de savoir que le fagot Justin Trudeau a causé suffisamment de problèmes pour l'Amérique dans le mariage de Kushner, et il est temps que les États-Unis libèrent leurs terres dans l'Ouest canadien et mettent ces Américains en liberté à nouveau .

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When Step Mummy Gets In the Way

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the ascension of the Marion worshipper, Melania Trump on the most successful Trump Tour of the Mideast and Europa, it should be noted that Ivanka Trump's grasp for power and prestige was upstaged. In understanding the forensic psychology of Mrs. Kushner in blowing up at Kellyanne Conway for defending her on Ivanka slave labor attire, this will couch in the bottle blondes heart and fester there.

So therefore it is logical to conclude as Ivanka is wed to the FBI's chief suspect in Jared Kushner in Russian collaboration as their headlines, even after Ivanka prostituted her little girl on handing out donuts to perverts on their street and the Secret Service, exposing the child to danger of Ivanka Image, it would be logical to conclude in this leaking and backstabbing West Wing Cabal at the White House, that when a set up takes place to embarrass the First Lady in public or a series of stories appear from the endless anonymous sources from the White House, that the originator will be the other woman, Ivanka Trump starting the whispering campaign to supplant the saintly step mum, so Ivanka can gloriously return to eye sex men like Justin Trudeau or appear as the Pater Pope's spiritual wife, the Popette.

The Kushners can not allow Mrs. Trump to supplant Ivanka. While Melania has value to deflect from the scandals brought on by Trump Brand, making Melania a bigger scandal to hide the Kushner Jew scandals would have benefit for the Kushners and competing White House coup plotters.

They should not have prostituted Melania for political gain to expose her to this, nor jumped the Catholic heresy as she is naive by not taking Protestants into account.

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