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The Cherry on Top

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I hope I am not going to piss off two people I care about in this in our personal lives, but the decent people always are wondering what kind of hell the brier patch is unleashing on us and in receiving a letter from the Viking which I share, for his goodness and  to show to others that none of us are alone in being exhausted in thinking we can do no more, that somehow by God's Grace, will power is about all we can muster to get up and move.

Dearest Sisters, You make me cry with gratitude for your priceless friendship. The prospect of being perpetually weary for quite a while to come while we (Mommy, her "trust-her-with-my-life") friend Neam, Sis Di and Uncle Bob and me) take care of Gramma, in her home she loves and will be the only place she will want to live and not give up, is going to be a load. Just got back from Fri. thru tonight, and will be back tomorrow night, so I may be out of the communication business for periods of time beyond what I will enjoy, just so you know. But she's Gramma, and always took care, so what can you do? Besides her antics can be a tremendous source of amusement around which everyone can gather. So before this times out, which it will, I bid you Blessings from Jesus, His Daily Care for all of us, and once again, much gratitude for your building people up. Love, in His Name, The Viking

Gramma in this is a woman who was perfectly sound, until the doctors did a colonoscopy which set her back. The Viking's family is now trying to get her adjusted back home after facility care. It is big effort and it brings my heart to tears that the Viking who is exhausted most weeks takes time to provide a bit of normal world to mine, as several other people do who have sickness, caring for others and enough problems that they do not need an adult me carried around on their hip.
These are the Christians though that bring this blog to you and I owe them for the donations as I could not do it without them as the internet would have been shut off long ago.

For my adventure, TL has not been well with a chronic condition for some time. Our nights together are usually me rubbing TL's back for a few hours each night as the struggle goes on. Two days ago the condition really got bad and it did not get any better after a few hours. Usually I hear from TL, "We don't have insurance", or, "It is too expensive and we can't afford it", but this time TL's throat was so raw from coughing TL could not talk, so I made the appointment for 2:30 that afternoon to see a doctor.
I had to get some things done in town and TL pleaded to let TL go along, which I consented as I would rather have TL along in knowing what was going on than me worrying about things. I figured at least in town with me if things got worse the emergency room was there.
I got things done and TL fell asleep on the way home, so I drove around for a bit more to get TL to rest. By that time it was time for the doctor and away we went to fill out forms, which now are basically, "We won't treat you without insurance", so sign your name in blood LC cause we are coming to kill you if you don't pay."

Yes I have a most friendly medical community here.

It took awhile but the Doc appeared and I was relieved that TL's heart rate was normal, temperature was normal and the TL blood pressure is what most people would kill for in being perfect. It did not take long to diagnose as we had been through this in the metro when as a chemist TL's lungs were burned by chemicals by some idiot bastard at work. TL developed a sensitivity to certain chemicals and one of them is uric acid which animals give off in plumes. Short work is the Doc said to get rid of the animals and TL said that is a last resort.
So we got the expensive meds and TL is not speaking in whispers any more from hamburger throat and we are taking it one day at a time. Doc said that if things do not clear up it will be permanent on the meds.

I am not complaining in this next part as the bionic Viking hauls his ass out to do things just like Richard and Stephanie, Maggie, Paul or hosts of other people do when at times a grave sounds like not such a bad opportunity, but it is as TL said today, "I don't know how you keep things straight in your mind with all you have going on", as I usually just run on mental autopilot, unless it is something like being distracted by TL who said, "Ah LC, there is a car coming you just pulled out in front of".
Most days I ache from the hips down like a I ran 20 miles with a 90 pound pack as I burn in my joints and muscles. I got that baby calf things going on here in feeding hay by fork and mucking around in shit in heavy boots so actually that 90 pound pack would be a welcome change. Bronchial tubes burn from allergies, and I think it is treat to not be eating Advil at two at a pop for a sinus condition of pounding headache and fever with chills. I sort of felt bad as Richard and Stephanie said I didn't sound like me when I answered them one time and that is because feeling like shit tends to take the smart ass out of me.
I play roulette most days too in candida. I need the sugar to get me going, but the corn sugars are the ones which are doing all sorts of perverse things to me like bleeding and swelling. Is sort of remarkable how in will power one can take lethal doses of things for so long to get by for what you lie to yourself will be a better day. Is of course better than just quitting like all the rest of the assjacks in the world.
My main focus is to not makes mistakes in real life, as I can not get hurt as no one will be able to take care of the animals.

It is really a simple mathematical equation in TL matters and I do not. If there is no TL, there is no reason for me to continue. God can always find another popular girl to do this, or He can turn a rock into one as He is God after all.

I accept my victories as they come. I planted 25 strawberry plants and 19 of them were not killed by chickens or shit on by cats. I like baby calf being free as the wind as I let her out in the morning and she is obstinate with an air of royalty.  I even like the Puntz in trying to recover from a mite that she lost her hair and the treatment had her shitting in very clever spots like on the bed, but what the hell else is she going to do as she doesn't feel well like most people, so I am not going to chew her ass for that. And Darby the horse is a bit better as I told her she could not just eat fresh grass as it made her joints sore and she was shivering in pain the other day.......and Hannah the cow licks me and Audrey the cow does not try and kill me as I milk these two interesting heifers daily in not listening to the pain.

I tell myself that I get to rest when I am not here in this world. Whether that is an opiate of Karl Marx, I do know it is better than robbing banks or plotting to sell this soul for 30 pieces of silver.
I do know that all the sinners in this world if they had to bust it like I am forced to do, they would not be sinning as they would be too sore to sin and too tired to think about iniquity.

I am watching TL read the Black Stallion as TL wiggles TL's toes. That is entertainment as I type this contemplation in there are not any answers to the human condition. All there is, is a shared experience in the children of God in doing shit things, getting shit on, and clearing out the shit and telling yourself that this turd looks like the Mona Lisa.  

TL just warned me that I need to get some sleep and stop pretending I am the Viking. All one can do in this life is the right thing, the good thing, as that is the only thing you have control over in an irresponsible world as you trust in the Lord. It is hard when someone is coughing so hard they puke and all you can do is rub their back.

I have to listen to the TL who must be obeyed and try and get some sleep.

I hope I did not piss the Viking or TL off or the people who are good to me that don't like being mentioned.

Most days for me I am grateful if it is just a bad day and  not several catastrophes.

Drunken' Sailor - Irish Rovers - Lyrics , - YouTube

What will we do with a drunken sailor? What will we do with a drunken sailor? What will we do with a drunken sailor? Early in the morning! Way hay and up she...


The Haman Proclamation

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When the Lame Cherry published first it's exclusives on Donald Trump for the Nobel Prize and Donald Trump dismantling the Obama legacy, it was a typical plagiarism by the media, but the volume of repeats in media, indicates someone really liked those talking points at Trumpland and decided to run with them. Yes the Popular Girl puts the pop in popular, even if none of the rich are shelling out that big donation for a place of our own which is more important now than ever.

My reason for noting the past week's success is now to address a story which came and went in Iran firing 20 rockets at the Jewish position in the Syrian Golan Heights.

Israel retaliates after Iran 'fires 20 rockets' at army in ...

May 09, 2018 · Missile fire is seen from Damascus, after Israel responded to a rocket attack on the Golan Heights with strikes inside Syria. Photograph: Omar Sanadiki/Reuters Arch-enemies Iran and Israel edged closer to all-out war on Thursday after Israel's military said its positions in the Golan Heights were ...

For those not versed in military matters, this made zero sense as a retaliation against the Jews humiliating Iranian forces in Syria in killing more of them.

Several but not all of the Iranian rockets were intercepted by Israeli defences, an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman, Lt Col Jonathan Conricus, told reporters.

The only instance Iran proved savvy in this was when they used a drone to lure the Jews into range and shot down a US made fighter jet, proving the vulnerability of the Jewish forces.

So was this a "test" of the IDF systems? If this was the case, the test firing of 20 rockets proved that the American made missile defense can be overwhelmed and defeated with sheer numbers of rockets. This is an important point as the Iranian allied alliance has tens of thousands of missiles which would produce a screen effect against Patriot systems while some very heavy and specific target systems could inflict the necessary damage.

If this was not a test, then it proves that the Jews have influence in the Qod Forces in some of them have been promised leadership positions if they can goad the turban heads into a defeatist confrontation with Tel Aviv and DC.

It is in this that the Lame Cherry examines what Iran would have to accomplish as Iran could not go head to head with the Jews and win. Iran though does have important assets. She has distance which the Jews can not traverse and invade. The IDF would wear out her air force in combat with Iran in short order.
Iran has size. Iran can absorb a horrendous amount of firepower, even American firepower would run out of targets, but as the Jews have not the ability for an extended distance war, they need the Americans, but the Americans have the distance but would reach  target depletion, even with nuclear weapons.

The vulnerabilities of the Jewish state are the polar opposite of Iran. Judea is small, therefore is susceptible to
massive weapon attacks, meaning nuclear attack would pollute the Jewish state easily, but that the Jewish state harbors some very wicked biological, nuclear and chemical weapon depots. Striking them would have the Jews depleting their own land.

Into this is the reality of the vermin problem for the Jews. They have vermin Muslim in South Lebanon in Hezbollah, vermin Muslims in the West Bank and vermin Muslim in Gaza. Granted the Jews have an electronic and wetware security spy apparatus which rivals London, but like Iranian rockets overwhelming Jewtriot missile defense, send enough rats through the walls of Jewish Ghettos and this is the real problem for the Israeli state and more profoundly this is the gambit which Iran should muster in an attack to save herself.

Just How Many Palestinians Are There? - Jewlicious THE Jewish ...

About 1.5 million less than what you thought. Most population figures are based on a highly flawed 1997 projection. The number cited is 3.8 million, but turns out that the actual number, based on actual Palestinian figures, is more like 2.4 million.

The sheer number advantage is with the Shia against Jewry, much as the Chicoms overwhelmed the Americans in Korea in the 1950's pushing them back to the DMZ.

Hezbollah has 45,000 experienced fighters. The Qods Forces which were said to be behind this rocket attack have an indefinite number from two to fifty thousand. The Republican Guard has 120,000 fighters.

While the IDF in trained population is greater by millions in sheer numbers, the active force is 176,000 and the reserve if 450,000, meaning an all out wave, backed by the 175,000 Syrian Army with 100,000  trained fighters could overwhelm the IDF and present a reality of  technology neutralization and initiate massive rifle to rifle combat, with the caveat that the thousands of missiles in the Iranian alliance's hands would then prove devastating to fixed Jewish positions as the Jews would be fighting for their homes and pinned down.

Combat Aircraft

F-15 Eagle United States multirole[66] F-15 A/B/C/D 16 / 6 / 17 / 19[67] Baz-2000 refit[68]
F-15E Strike Eagle United States strike fighter F-15I 25[69]
F-16 Fighting Falcon United States multirole F-16C/D/I 78 / 49 / 97[67] F-16C/D were upgraded to "Barak 2020"[70]


Bell 206 United States utility / trainer
AH-64 Apache United States attack AH-64A/D 26 / 22[69]
Sikorsky UH-60 United States utility UH-60A/L 48[69]
Sikorsky SH-60 United States ASW SH-60F
8 on order[76]
Sikorsky CH-53 United States heavy lift S-65C-3 23[69] CH-53 were upgraded to Yas'ur-2025[77]
Eurocopter AS565 France SAR
5[69] operated for the Israeli Navy

In examination of the above, it is possible with 100 MANPADS and 400 missiles to down the entire IDF air force, which with a flood of scampering boots inside the Jewish ghetto walls, would spell an absolute disaster for Tel Aviv and DC. One is faced with the Haman Proclamation become a reality for the Ashkenaz.

This would be the logical strategy for the Iranian alliance as it would have an 75% chance of success, providing it was a surprise, had proper infiltration and it would be absolutely necessary to down the IDF air wing in the first 6 hours and create Jewish defense enclaves all through the state of Israel in the first 24 hours, and shrink the containment zones before the Americans could begin responding by day 3 in force.

The size of the Jewish state is miles and the population centers would be the containment centers. As in the 72 war though the Syrians had it won, but their tanks stopped, in thinking the Jew defenses should have been deployed which they were not.

With the correct Russian made SAMS and MANPADS, for tank cover, it would be possible to create dozens of border breakouts and then two main spears for Tel Aviv and Haifa, and if the Jewish nuclear bunkers are breached, it is nuclear holocaust surrender.

This would be a logical progression point in an all out victory or an all out failure, as what awaits these parties is French bullets to Khadaffi's brain as Libya proved in appeasing a reordering. The problem for these Saddamites though is they appear to have agents on the take inside as Saddam Hussein never fought his war with effect no more than Khadaffi did. Assad has proven more resilient and in that assessment is the survival of this alliance, as Syria is deemed a stepping stone to be crushed by WMD's in  the foray  as Iran becomes the main target in this Jewish War.



The History of the Salad Terror Bomb in America

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It honestly behooves me to educate you children and brats in the menace of lettuce on the population, as you suckers all think eating that damn cow fodder is a good thing, because the propaganda tells you that. The Lame Cherry is about to educate you, so that just like diamonds are common as coal and you bit on that one to buy them, there was  an entire marketing strategy for those damned leaves.

I was speaking to a most interesting woman in the thrift store who I adore. She is a bright gal, and as we were talking cook books, she said, "Oh I picked one up awhile ago from the 1950's and you know what they were introducing as a novelty, it was salads".

Yes this was a California cook book and the rest of America had no idea what the hell that shit was, as no one with beef steak and piles of hash browns would eat a damn salad. Americans ate manly things like sweet corn and pole beans for vegetables, topped off with a nice 4 inch thick apple pie with ice cream and cheese. No one ate the shit cows ate as it was beneath them.

See you have to know the history in this in salads. See California stole Colorado's water rights and pumped the Colorado River over the Nevada mountains as they needed water. They needed water, because FDR locked up all those Japanese who owned produce farms in the San Joaquin Valley in World War II, and white folks got the land.
So they had the land and the water, but no one was going to eat shitty greens, but asstards in California. Then it hit them, to start telling people lettuce was healthy and good for you, because they paid celebrities to eat that shit and smile, and sold it to the rest of America in cookbooks which started this plague.

I was laughing as she said her daughter lives in Arizona and is always making pretty salads. So she said, "Have you made a cookie salad?", the daughter blinked and was completely blank  on this food group. See in heartland America, people have the sense to not eat those salads yet, and they come up with all kinds of Lutheran ways to get around those things. One such remedy is to crush up Keebler fudge stripe cookies, throw in a load of whipped cream, add pecan nuts and  toss in a few mandarin oranges. Any other place that would be desert, but Lutherans believe such vittles are salads as they say they are salads.
Lutherans are wonderful in their bastardization of things. They can even make Jello into any number of a dozen food groups, including mother's milk.

See salads for Lutherans involve sugar. Like strawberry jello, walnuts, jellied cranberries and some celery to make a slight appearance and that is a salad too. Nom de Deus if you got anything like cabbage, out comes the Mayo and a cup of sugar and that is salad, and lettuce is always covered in sugar too as no one in their right mind would eat it with salad dressing as there is no purpose in that.

So now you know that salads are bad for you, but California millionaire farmers, using stolen Colorado water, schemed to convince the lemmings and bleaters to eat that shit, as that is all they were growing there and they needed some two legged livestock to buy their fodder.

It all makes sense when the Lame Cherry explains things like spinach is what Mexicans fertilize with their own excrement in Mexico and ship to rich people in the metro, if they are not using the leaves to wipe their asses, but that washes off in the big processors filled with germ killing bacteria.

Anyway, that is the history of the salad terror bomb in America. Californians who stole land from Japper Americans and stole water from real Americans in Colorado grew lettuce and told idiots that it was healthy to eat that shit fit for cows and the rest is now 5 dollar bags of cow fodder and you thinking that you are eating healthy because you bought the propaganda.

Put it this way if you knew you were going to die in this was your last meal, would you want to be eating that goddamn leafy shit or something with cookies and whipped cream?

Nuff Said


Time for an Eagle Season to 1950 levels

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As a child I always thought that Benjamin Franklin was a bit weak in wanting the wild turkey as the symbol of America and others laughed at him, but in observing bald eagles this past months, Benjamin Franklin was absolutely correct in there is nothing noble about this bird, which is nothing but a carrion eater after it steals from other murderous birds, and it frankly is stupid as can be.

In watching eagles, I am reminded every time of Jesus saying where the carcass is, there the eagles will be, because they honestly are nothing but a glorified buzzard.
I have no idea what the hell they were gathering around this morning as I was doing chores, but about 250 yards away were 6 of them, in 4 juvenile and 2 adults. The one adult took off, made a swing and swooped in on some prey that was dead there. I suspect it was some dead duck or goose that one of those goddamned Cooper's hawks killed, but I have been watching them now feeding on gut piles and on dead baby calves.

They crows hate them and were pestering one in our trees, which flew away when it saw me. Another one came pumping along for a nice shot, but this is the stupid part with their great eyesight in he was on me before he flared and fled for his life. Apparently some other good citizen who can afford to be fined, which I can not, took a pot shot at this juvenile last year.

I was looking around and discovered that North Dakota has like 240 nesting pairs of these damned things. That is like a 1000 birds more a year in North Dakota. Those things should not be protected any more as I see more of those vultures than I do pheasants.

They really are a rather unkempt and ugly bird, grubby is the look of them as they must not preen at all. Golden Eagles always look nice, but they are damned murderous in killing lambs, calves, fawns and whatever. The best use of a Golden Eagle is the Indians shooting them for head dresses.

I used to be amazed at seeing eagles. Now I just have contempt. I mean one sitting in your trees looking big as a pterodactyl is  impressive, but we got as many eagles as Mexican vermin now and all they do is block out the view.

Personally I think there should be a season on the damned things to thin them out or for Donald the President to get off his Mar Largo and get Scott Pruit over at EPA to start handing our Durafan and Cyanide to rural people so they can start baiting for this shit and kill all them damned coyotes, wolves, owls, cougars and eagles. African have all that stuff to knock of lions and shit, so why should people who actually amount to something have to put up with this shit, when in Teddy Roosevelt's day they just blasted the hell out of this vermin so that good wildlife that people could hunt and enjoy would flourish.

It says it all when a crow and a raven hate your ass, and they hate eagles and those murderous horned owls. They are the maggot and the cancer of bird world and of course all protected with like 10,000 dollar fines and a host of asstards who want White People eliminated from America and turn it all over to two legged vermin that fly and shit out taco and couscous.

I was discussing this with TL and I just could not figure out a bird to replace the eagle. I like the wild turkey as it is a stately bird, but then a pterodactyl is more my choice as they are extinct and I won't have them blocking my view of the sun.

I think we got stuck with that damned buzzard because east coast flesh had no experience really, except Ben Franklin in what vermin they are. People always think eagles are noble, when they are nothing of the sort. We did allot better when strychnine had thinned them out and everyone believed the propaganda. Once though you get around these fish eaters, you just start seeing how goddamn welfare road kill they are. I mean a buzzard has the decency not to descend on an area like the plague in you just get a couple of them. Eagles it is like giving free widescreens to swarthies at Walmart. No such thing with eagles or rats in their just being one of them.

Hell I would even buy a license just to shoot at them. No I don't have to kill them, but there should be a license to scare the hell out of them, so idiots who still think eagles are wonderful could have them shitting on their property after eating stinking carrion.

As I close this illuminated thought, I think maybe America should adopt the raven. Ravens are allot like Americans in being big, shifty, cagey, looking for a better deal and usually smart enough to not get their ass shot as they maneuver around the police state eagles and owls protected for the vermin they are.

And no I am not talking about no light weight crow. I am talking about a big beaked, tear your blackbird head off raven. The kind Noah kicked off the boat with no place to land and he survived. That is a good symbol as the eagles apparently were all hiding with the chickens, probably sucking eggs in the poultry pen.

Nuff Said