Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Brzezinski Doctrine

To understand Zbigniew Brzezinski in his choosing Barack Obama, you have to understand something which has been a warning expressed by me for the past several years which is now starting to be picked up as people see it forming, there is a Eurasian World War coming.

This war is to phrase a line from a John Wayne movie, "You understand this. You're going to die. Your fault. My fault. Doesn't matter, cause I'm going to blow your head clean off".
That sounds gruesome and what is developing is. China can not feed itself, has over purchased on expensive oil and is about to jump into inflated coal. It has an army and people in riot form building daily. One day it is going to have to march out that army or that army is going to cut the Chicom's head clean off in revolution.
Russia is has been preparing for this war in spending billions on nuclear shelters and armaments. It knows China is coming to either take their oil and land or it can goad them into invading Alaska to take the American's oil and land while it turns to fight the central Europeans who in their financiers are going to economically enslave Russia once her oil runs out in 20 years.
The Muslim Islamocommunists can read their Bolshevik and Maoist benefactors only have a short time, which means their time in Iran and Syria is short. They either have to establish this hybrid Kant/Fascist/Communist/Islamic Caliph or they will be forced to be eating sand when the oil is removed.

Vladamir Putin has played a masters game in this in booting out the Rothschilds from Russian oil and banking. He has been with intelligence aiding a proxy Islamocommunist war against the United States. The Bolshevik Manifesto which Putin signed off on in the 1990's was to drive America from Eurasia in order to kill her at their leisure while she hid behind her ocean walls.
9 11 was just that operation. Forget the towers being pulled as they were brought down to save lives as it was deemed necessary as the al Qaeda plan called for 250,000 dead.
9 11 started in Kosovo when President Clinton imported Muhajadeen allies for that fight against Russia to siphon oil and strategic position from the Russians. Clinton failed on the oil pipeline and Bush 43 built it later without a murmur much to the profit of many.
In that though an Egyptian was involved in Kosovo, a Muslim Brotherhood Banna Nazi, named Zawahiri. He had ideas of Caliph and journeyed to another Brzezinski instigation and Putin used war to cement his dictatorial power in Chechnya.

In Chechnya, Zawahiri was caught by the Russian FSB (KGB) and shown the Robert Mugabe light of communism. A deal was worked out where he would join with bin Laden, convince bin Laden that his grudge against the Saudis for laughing at him was an American war to be made, and in one Putin sweep, Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brezinski's Muhajadeen they created to gut the Soviet Union, which Ronald Reagan used to lethal effect, which George Bush kept contained and allied, which Bill Clinton used in Kosovo, were turned and formed into a communist movement gutting America.

bin Laden as was profiled by me is of the mystic Islamic poet, a Saladin, but he was led by Zawahiri into a communist trap where he found out he was not that intelligent as he begged his Islamofascist fighters to die in Tora Bora so he could escape.

bin Laden is a changed man now and hollowed out. He is assessed to being kept alive only so when Zawahiri uses nuclear weapons or Iran uses some of it's Soviet purchased nuclear weapons on America which will trace back to Russia leaving them in the clear, that bin Laden will be blamed and the communists will once again be histories innocents.

This is the base of the Brzezinski Doctrine in being a cataclysmic failure. In his own psychopathy of reason, he will take sound policy as the arc of containment against Russia and China for the coming world war and turn it into oblivion in an almost Krishna final battle.
His history as well as Jimmy Carter's reveals this. They took American allies in the Shah of Iran and Samoza in Nicaragua, rid the United States of them on "human rights" charges while enemies pointing nuclear arms at America were smiled at, and, allowed to be installed communists.
Khomeini was a Baathist. Baathists were a French created political system which was communist. Right now the Persian Isalmocommunists are hybridizing their philosophy into a German Immanuel Kant philosophy that, Persians have an OBLIGATION to the Caliph. This obligation is their DUTY. By performing their duty, they give it morality.

Want to know how al Qaeda was blowing up Iraqi Suni and Shia? How Putin and Ahmadinejad were trying in 2007 to get Syria to strike the Israeli government on false intelligence? It was this DUTY which made murder, even nuclear and biological mass murder moral, because the Persians and Russia would survive and the enemies would be vanquished dead.

A year ago it was revealed that there was a definite plan which is still on the move for there to be a nuclear pollution of the Middle East in a small exchange. In 1992, the KGB in a deliberate long term effort against the west sold 7 nuclear warhead to Iran. They sold one to Saddam Hussein which they air lifted out before Gulf War II, but that SS warhead of the Satan class was too large for Saddam to do anything with on his Scuds.
In response, Bill Clinton allowed the Saudi Arabians to finance Pakistan to build nuclear bombs. It was no surprise to the Clinton Administration when the Pakistani's detonated the bomb all in order to checkmate Iran.
Iran now has around 30 warheads, is in control of al Qaeda's Zawahiri branch and Russia is leveraging for a small scale nuclear blasting of the oil fields of the Middle East which will leave them sole blackmailer to the entire world in oil and gas supply.

The result is American Democrats would be screaming for US troop withdrawal which would occur and Russia would in a few years own Europe and Putin would have his United Europe from Dublin to Moscow ruled by him.
All without a shot fired.

It is the shots fired which have been the first skrimishes of this Eurasian World War. Putin assassinating a British subject with Polonium 210 made this a nuclear war already.
President Bush 43 liberated Iraq and Afghanistan for many reasons. The US dollar, oil, security from nuclear terrorism, to keep the battle in Asia and to form the arc which in order of battle from the Bush Administration was successful on 3 fronts:

Saddam Hussein was left in power by President Clinton when a CIA coup was about to topple him. In exchange huge oil skimming funds were bribed to the western leftists from America, United Nations, France and Germany. This was the infamous Marc Rich's job in laundering that money and why he was pardoned.
Germany sold chemical weapons. France refined 1.77 tons of weapons grade uranium which America recovered for Saddam and what Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame as moles were trying to hide so it did not come back on the Clintons so incarceration would occur. These realities would have brought world wide Watergate hearings and implosions of western governments.
George Bush 43 covered this all up for the "war on terror". He also covered up in thinking Russia an ally dealing with Chenchya the Russians assisting Saddam in moving 4 loads of biological weapons to Syria, 2 shiploads of chemical weapons dumped by the Russian GRU into the Indian Ocean for Saddam and the return of the "lost" Satan warhead to Russian inventories as this was flown out by the GRU right before invasion.
Removing Saddam preserved the dollar and stopped the Saddam terror attacks.

In liberation, Donald Rumsfeld was given the task of making certain the war would be won decisively to send a message to Russia and China, but to let the peace foment so all the surrounding nations with Muslim anarchists could export all these terrorists and have America kill them in Iraq. Iraq was a kill zone which destroyed thousands of terrorists, so one would not be flying one plane into something important in the west.
That though becoming a political issue forced Rumsfeld out. Robert Gates in and now the kill zone is Afghanistan and why the Democratic candidates are all talking about vaporizing the Pashtun.

In the third humane front, President Bush instead of allowing the war which would have been fought and wanted by all the regimes in the area was a war where those 30 million angry Islamic males would have been killed off. With the success, Bush 43 bought them time to just grow up and old where naps would be more appealing than to listen to chanting imams.

This now comes full circle to the charming Zbigniew Brzezinski again in blowing up allies in Pakistan and making the arc a fire arc of war.

Whether one agrees with the Bush Doctrine or not, the doctrine of Iraq was designed to keep the coming world war fought in the unpopulated Asian steppes, instead of what is the Brzezinski Doctrine.

Behold Tibet. Behold Joe Biden now pushing through nuclear materials to India. Behold the massive arming of Hamas. Behold Kosovo.
In speaking with a Serb recently about this Eurasian world war, he too noticed intently the arc of fire brewing in these massively populated areas. This IS the Brzezinski which has been signed off on by trigger puller Robert Gates of the DOD and assisted by Sec. of State Condi Rice.

One has to contemplate the difference of fighting wars in the wilderness where American firepower will be of utmost use on exposed moving hordes of troops numbering in the millions and flash point wars of China Pakistan and India slaughtering each other, Persians against every other Middle East state slaughtering each other and Russians pouring into the Balkans and the guts of Europe in Bohemia and the Rhine slaughtering each other.
The difference is in soldiers dying in the millions in a war no one can stop in Bush Doctrine or civilians dying by the billions in a war no one can stop in the Brzezinkski Doctrine.

Ponder why Mrs. Clinton and Barack Obama are both talking about vaporizing the Pashtun in Pakistan? It is Brzezinski fighting a crippling war for the coming Eurasian World War. If one uses massive plutonium bombs in the Pashtun, the fallout goes into China causing a major generational death and an immediate crippling of China.
Sound familiar in a way to 9 11 and the nuclear bombs the FBI found in the United States which did not go off? It should, because this was the communist plan all along and Brzezinski has just turned it back on them.

Mrs. Clinton was so thrilled about it all she was advocating vaporizing all of Iran.

This is the workings of Mr. Brzezinski who so failed like his benefactor Jimmy Carter that neither of them will go away in the senile old age and they keep trying to "give it one more shot to prove they can do it".
Mr. Brzezinski though has bred an entire clan of children and embedded them as a mini government complete with propaganda wing on MSNBC in his daughter.

One must understand the psychopathy of Zbigniew Brzezinski somewhere in his Polish roots, because this is the man and reason he attached himself to Barack Hussein Obama as they are both the same self destructive personalities who use friends and fodder and draw the battle line in the worst possible locations.

Mr. Brzezinski has warped the arc of containment to the arc of confrontation. Where George Bush has kicked sand in the bullies face and run out in the desert saying come and get me and is waiting for Russia to come along with China, Zbigniew has kicked sand in the bullies face, now wants to give the bully weapons and is telling him to bring Russia and China along with them.

Mr. Brzezinski thinks one can bribe Syria and Iran to be not be enemies, but all one gets is rich enemies who will betray you.

Mr. Brezinski has this elitist thought of being immortal like one messiah Obama. He then moves forward on this board of pawns looking to alienate enemies (Remember the rough treatment Sen. Obama gave Mrs. Clinton after winning.) Mr. Brzezinski will give the same treatment to allies and enemies.

I have advocated for over a year to open expand Iraqi oil production to create in them a Japan of the Middle East to secure that region and build other disciplined societies along with opening American oil fields all to break the price of oil which would defang Russia, make China docile in dependent upon Iraqi oil and take the money terrorists have away.
Mr. Brezinski though in his plan will now open up Asian and Arctic fields (Russia will deem the Arctic oil their property.) crash oil prices, leave the Middle East to murder each other for a hot border for Russia and create a cauldron where the above mentioned Eurasian world war deluges in death into the most populace areas of the world.

Lev Navrozov recently posted a sentence from a Marxist maxim, �The entire world in which we are nothing we shall smash to smithereens, and in our new world, which we will build, we will be everything.�

This is globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski. He views all as nothing in the richness of America, in an incredible personal family who as stated are like a mini government operating here with influence. Yet, in a suicidal plunge he believes he is almost Krishna in the Indian epic, a phoenix, who when the world burns down to ashes, he with his beings will arise and build the order they desire and then these "nothings" (Barack Obama was abandoned by his mother and he has been trying to make up for it his entire life and Zbigniew Brzezinski was a catastrophe in his policy and in retirement is desperate to make up for it.) will then build to their next world and be everything.

It is obvious that when a world war is coming, one does not make hot spots of allies and then wave your arms and say, "Hey bomb over here".

Russia, China, the Caliph and central Europe (Greece, Germany and Italy) can be contained, but if one implodes the world economy in oil with a weak dollar for profit it will manifest in the worst possible ways.
All of these children have never in history played well together. They are brutal and make absolute war and rape the lands they go through literally.
Russia knowing America is plunging oil to castrate them will be furious and all the more so when those Europeans start taunting them by moving military forward into their policy areas.
China knowing America has throttled them now, will be building India into a nuclear power and south Asia into what China was will be furious.
The Islamocommunists seeing their dream of Caliph evaporated by America will be furious.

One only has to be reminded how Imperial Japan which had much of the mindset above reacted when placed in the same endgame situation. They attacked America.

The doctrine of the United States should be that America is the last place these nations desire to attack. In correct doctrine, China should be looking at Siberia, Russia looking at the central Europeans, the Europeans looking at the Middle East and the Caliph worried about them all.

That is what is incorrect about the Brezinski Doctrine. America should be an energy supplier to our allies, have financial superpower allies in western Europe and Asia with Japan and England as our fronts.
And unlike the Brzezinski African Doctrine of bribing communists in the hope they will not like Chinese communists, America with British mandate of the Commonwealth should just go in and end Robert Mugabe. Return Rhodesia to the white and black Rhodesians and then use that base to spread from Egypt to South Africa a prosperous Africa exporting with America to the Eurasians so no one bombs nor is furious at anyone west of the Rhine or east of the Yellow River.

Benjamin Franklin used to promote policy for the good of all in pieces like this. That is the intent for the good of the United States and the free peoples. America can not work out the problems of Eurasia as they want to be king and they want a war to save their regimes.
America can though in it's genuine moral position not get sucked into the fourth world war. No, the writer is not being clever in this, but history shows the 7 Years War was the first World War. In America it was known as the French and Indian War. It spread across the globe from India, to Europe to America and all lesser colonial points.
Everyone one of these wars America gets sucked into. Woodrow Wilson was the first socialist idiot and Franklin Roosevelt was the last communist idiot who thought if America jumps in they could rule the world.

If Mr. Brzezinski will simply reevaluate his policy for whoever he is attached to and if Robert Gates will simply reevaluate the policy for who he is attached to, America can then allow the Eurasians to have their war and not have nuclear terrorism or missiles in retaliation rained upon us.
If America stays out of the war in Europe, China will not be invading Alaska to pin America down.

The Europeans can manufacture their own chemical poisons to drop on Russian invasion forces to stop them. As Gen. Sherman is paraphrased here from the Civil War, "The wanted this war give them all the war they want".

But keep America out of this. Set the stage so the armies are fighting in the wilderness and civilians are not being slaughtered.

Keep America the friend to all, have our trading port superpower allies in England and Japan providing trade of non war materials the Eurasian ships can pick up. Then the Eurasians can do their war as long as they like and knowing that a untouched western Europe and America will be there to help rebuild them after they get things settled.

Mr. Franklin believed in the good idea and it is one I believe in too. No credit has to be given and nobody has to say they were wrong. The facts have to be laid out simply. War is coming. The US and strategic partners want no part of it and are too powerful like Switzerland was for Hitler to attack and the Eurasians will need all their firepower to deal with each other.
They can settle their own issues and America will be here as a friend when this is over to help rebuild and advance those peoples so it is not in their interest to attack the United States.

Call it the Lame Cherry Doctrine or just call it sound policy. It needs to be though grafted into the Brzezinski Doctrine as Eurasia can start and fight it's own wars all without the United States.