Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Till Obama do us Part

I take it as a new found badge of sanity in being banned from Huffington Post considering, that Arianna Huffington chose as her chief Barack Obama correspondent in Florida, Carol Anne Burger, waited in a garage, then slowly and savagely murdered her queerly beloved wife, Jessica Kalish, but stabbing her 200 times with a screwdriver.

Police reports read in this as something of a comedy in it is so horrid. In spraying luminol around the house, they soon located huge amounts of blood in the garage.
Apparently, Burger liked strolling around in blood as her sneaker prints showed up all over the place with luminol blood tracks. She cleaned up in the bathroom and washed her clothes before taking a drive in her care trying to dispose of evidence.

In taking the normal mind into this, can you imagine lurking in a garage, smashing out a window of a person's car to get at them, then just sticking a screwdriver 220 times into a person you "love"? Then walking around in blood of the person.
This is not television clean as blood does indeed smell, so that scent is all over the place.

It gets on the murderer, is sticky and wet.

Police found that Burger tried stuffing the body of Kalish into the trunk, but I suspect Burger just couldn't lift the dead slippery weight, which probably had urine and feces leaking out of it for more wonderful scents, so Burger decided to just stuff Kalish in the backseat.

Burger in order to cover it up CSI style, took the car keys and wallet of Kalish and threw them away on Gateway Boulevard.

Police though were not fooled by the couple of hundred stab wounds like OJ meant the murderer knew the person and was furious.

The lesbian couple was married in Massachuesettes a few years ago. Apparently, divorce was not written into the liberal Teddy Kennedy nuptuals and it was a literal "till death do us part" ceremony.
Not even selling the house and splitting the profits was enough for a Huffington Post writer nor could the messiah waft of pleasure keep this wife from murdering her wife.

Arianna Huffington certainly knows how to pick them.

It should be noted that Donald Young was another homosexual voter and intimate of Barack Obama whose case is still unsolved by Chicago Police.
I guess unlike the gal who in Pittsburgh who had her face carved on in a tale that is still not being fully told, that the Florida Police didn't have to hook up Ms. Burger to a lie detector immediately to know who the criminal was.
Burger shot herself after reporting "her old flame" missing.

One would have thought that she at least was deserving of the title of "wife" in being reported missing, but then I'm not an Obama supporter nor Huffington writer.

I would suggest though that Pittsburgh and Chicago rustle up a few Florida Police as they seem to get things figured out and solved in cases involving Obama.

The wife:

Jessica Kalish Jessica Kalish, 56, a successful software executive, was found dead in her BMW.

The murderer:

Carol Anne Burger Carol Anne Burger, 57, a Huffington Post writer and Obama supporter.


PS: No news if Huffington has hired Charlie Manson to do election coverage writing in California.