Saturday, January 3, 2009

Strange New War

Once upon a time war meant, starvation, disease, theft, fleeing, murder as your own people turned on themselves, then came rape, death, murder, destruction in actual front line fighting and occupation brought more rape, murder, theft, enslavement to which the withdrawing military left a nation of bastards to raise by frigid women and cuckold males.
Certain military under Chinese doctrine would leave the locals alone in understanding the civilians made more docile subjects if not bashed around too much. This code would later come about in Christian peoples like the Crusaders who are maligned for the blue eyed people who showed up in the Middle East much like Gen. Custer is maligned for the son of Manahseetah of the Cheyenne. Blue eyed people on Egyptian drawings have always been in the Middle East as Laban, Jacob's father in law's name means "white", and, Gen. Custer also had a blue eyed brother along with a host of other blue eyed people in America who could have fathered Manahseetah's son.

This civilized Christian warfare has spread back to the Israeli military which is not a sound thing in essence by not bashing the civilians about a bit in the Philistines. Fear is the factor in war. One has to understand as Alexander ruled to the Caesars that one first made the civilians obey by fear they would all be bashed afterward if they did not behave in peace.
That peace was dictated by fear one would suffer greatly.
That fear made life easier for invading and occupational armies as they did not have to worry about guerrilla warfare bogging them down.
In this, the IDF has been doing an incorrect thing. They are phoning up terrorists and telling them to flee. The same nonsense was the British announcement the IDF invasion was going to come at a specific night, because the Jews had allowed out hosts of foreigners before they started the ground offensive.

The reason one does not telegraph the situation is if one is a Jewish parent, the last thing one wants is an enemy to be told the date the military was moving as it gives Hamas all sorts of options to snipe and set booby traps to murder your children.
If you are a Philistine, it gives Hamas time to retreat into your home and use your kippers as cover to blast away at soldiers meaning your home becomes a bomb crater when the IDF strikes.

War must have a brutality to it as the civilian Philistine people will then learn that having Hamas lead you, gets you hungry, miserable and dead while awaiting God's prophecy recorded in the Bible that the daughter of the Philistines will be the sister to Judah and Israel after Jesus return in the land they now occupy.

What a reasonable Hamas operation would now initiate is to set up bogus missile launch platforms out of Gaza housing areas which will then be hit by the IDF.
In this YouTube age though Hamas herds in a bunch of children smiling for the camera so an IDF tonner detonates in them for all the world to see. Do that twice and the Marxist Jews invading Gaza loose and will be forced to withdraw.
Other measures would be IED's already planted as surprise gifts in key camp locations which the IDF utilized before in other raids and the ever popular sniper rifle, along with kidnapping a few dozen IDF soldiers.

This is why one does not telegraph invasion plans as it gives the age old philosophies of using one's strength against oneself and your weakness as your strength.

The Jews can employ the Nebuchadnezzar strategy in telling the Philistines to come out come out and then place them under Fatah camps with housing, food, water and whatever, to simply then declare all who do not leave terrorists and have at it in a swift operation.

In the end the operation will hinge upon whether Hamas can kidnap enough Jewish soldiers along with murdering enough of them to sting the Marxists to loose the election in the same problem Hezbollah gave Olmert's forces on the Philistine side and on the IDF side will be success if they gain a victory for anyone other than Benjamin Netanyahu.

When one is phoning up terrorists telling them to flee, this is not an operation about keeping Jews safe nor when one allows in Hamas foreigners to leave is it an operation where you are worried about being killed.
Perhaps that is why Hezbollah, Syria, Russia and the Persians aren't too worried about what is occurring in Gaza as it is about elections.

Once again an exclusive of this blog inspired by God.

Wars used to be about war when they were savage and not about elections as they currently are taking on a Marxist form of civilization.

War is hell, not dial up your terrorist and tell him to flee.

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