Friday, May 8, 2009

Sec. of Defense James Forrestal was Murdered

I detest squat assassins who murder American Patriots in a culinary fest of a meal half cooked, half baked and served as feces to the public to digest as fact by their puppy press cohorts who smear wonderful people long after their deaths to keep the murders covered up.

This blog did ground breaking work in exposing the murder of General George Armstrong Custer and his brother Tom Custer, along with their command, in the genesis of the Murder Incorporated of America linked with the European axis.
The same ilk which slaughtered the 7th Cavalry is the same ilk which murdered General Patton, John Kennedy, J. Edgar Hoover and attempted the act on Ronald Reagan.

The subject of this article is Sec. of Defense James Forrestal in being one of the murdered Americans that this crime syndicate has too long gotten away with smearing like Joseph McCarthy after they murdered them.

James Forrestal was an American Patriot. His great crime was not being against the Ashkenazi Europeans in not wanting a state of Israel, but in being excited in after being forced out of serving America by Harry S. Truman, that he was going to purchase a newspaper and write a book exposing the entire corruption and betrayal of the Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman administrations, in just how the Soviet Union seemed to advance and gobble up the entire world.

Plainly put, the same cartel which just installed Barack Obama into the White House raping and pillaging America is the same cartel which murdered James Forrestal.

In reviewing the evidence which World Net Daily long ago in publishing the facts on Forrestal's "suicide", is not the fact his brother knew Forrestal was murdered nor that a spiritual adviser was told by a military officer that Forrestal didn't commit suicide, but the revelations exclusive here which I'm honestly shocked and puzzled by, reveal James Forrestal was murdered without a doubt.

Readers might remember that a certain American cooperating with federal investigators recently committed suicide twice by first hanging himself and then shooting himself. Mr. Forrestal is just as interesting in being held in illegal confinement for "being depressed" where he subsequently according to the puppy press, tied his bath robe rope around his neck, strangling himself and then jumped out a window.
It is amazing how many of these people who commit suicide are overkilled before they do it.
Somehow pills and slashing one's wrists is transformed to strangling one's self first and then somehow jumping out a window while passed out.

There are glaring problems in the record of James Forrestal as here was a man excited about planning his future, who then at 1:50 am in the morning, in a hospital, under observation, somehow decided in the middle of the night to murder himself.
Evidence that he was copying a Vince Foster note poem has been exposed as not in Forrestal's handwriting "as seen by someone who saw him writing it before he did the deed".

The problem with that statement by a witness is patients are put in bed and lights out in hospitals.

Photographic evidence and the nurse who first entered the room after the body was discovered show broken glass on the bed and on the carpet. The room was sanitized in the bed was already stripped down. This act alone is odd in it either showed Forrestal was in bed and then got up to commit suicide or it shows the reality that Forrestal was attacked in bed, a struggle occurred where glass was broken and the murderer strangled the Defense Secretary with his bath robe tie.

What everyone missed is the elementary in it was almost 2 am when the death occurred. That is the wrong time for suicide attempts, especially in closely watched hospitals where apparently numbers of people were observing Mr. Forrestal.

The first proof is that Mr. Forrestal was murdered is the window which his body departed out of.

If one notices, the window is indeed open, but there is a bit of a problem in it is only open barely enough for someone to crawl through, or if someone who was powerful, but short, was inhibited by the radiator from getting the window open was hurriedly stuffing out the body of a man they had just murdered.
Some might say a nurse closed the window part way, but psychologically if anyone touched that window, they would have shut it completely and not part way to shut out the horrid thing which happened.

The profile of people who jump out of windows is they open the window wide, as they are expressing freedom in finally be free and do not want to be encumbered by any obstacles in their way stopping them.
That window would be open to at least the height of James Forrestal if he had opened it to commit suicide. It is instead open to the height of someone who had just expended energy strangling someone and was in a hurry not to be discovered.

Proof of this which no one seems to have noticed is James Forrestal's body was discovered below this window on another ledge.
This is the elementary part of suicide analysis in people "launch" from windows in they jump. Forrestal's body should have been on a trajectory outside the medical facility proper, but instead was literally on a ledge on the building.
Mr. Forrestal's body by evidence was dumped by someone shoving it out a small opening in as quick as manner as possible as it was revealed the body was found within 5 minutes of Mr. Forrestal apparently was noticed missing.

These are universe exclusives here and it is the strangest of circumstances that no one has published nor noticed these simple facts which are forensic proof that Mr. James Forrestal was murdered by the elite.

I will end this with a quote from another murdered America Patriot quoting James Forrestal in Joseph McCarthy:

“Before meeting Jim Forrestal, I thought we were losing to international Communism because of incompetence and stupidity on the part of our planners. I mentioned that to Forrestal. I shall forever remember his answer.

He said, ‘McCarthy, consistency has never been a mark of stupidity. If they were merely stupid, they would occasionally make a mistake in our favor.’

end quote from The Fight for America

The same planners who have been murdering Americans like Abraham Lincoln and James Forrestal have installed Barack Obama and his traitorous ilk. Obama is not inept. He is deliberate in what he is carrying out against the United States and the American people.

There is no Truth now, but only in God.

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