Sunday, August 30, 2009

All in one adjective

It is amazing how one little word can change the entire meaning of a sentence like..........

Michelle Obama blanks head on plane.

If that was in Playboy or a XXX porn site, one would consider a Monica moment, in Michelle Obama gives head on plane, but then if it was in the puppy press lapping at Obama's musky sweat, it might be that since Bearick Berdie Obama enjoys whacking his head on Marine One (boy talk about a double meaning there huh folks), some might consider that Amazon Muchelle banged her head (boy double meaning there again) Muchelle Obama, hit her head (well there we go again with more double meanings in Muchelle hit "that") Muchelle Obama struck her head on the door of Air Force One.

I wonder what it is with the Obama's as they keep hitting their heads on the doors of aircraft. One would think that a hole that big one could not be striking their head on it.........Muchelle getting her hips bruised going in and out of the a door sounds more probable than her head.

One might expect teeth marks on a door Muchelle is around as horses do indeed gnaw on things when having nothing else like cherry pie to munch on, but it makes one wonder how aircraft the Obama's literally live in, never allow the tires to cool off and have already put more miles on that George W. Bush did in fleeing for his life after 9 11, in their vacation time, how one could be banging their heads on the doors of these planes and helicopters.

I mean in this, is the White House going to need all new woodwork in the doorways and is it going to need new plasterboard in the bedrooms from these people whacking their noggins?

I will sympathize with the Obama's on this, as my neighbor left a trailer with a foot long steel bar about head high in my yard when it broke and I actually hit my head on it twice in the first half hour in checking the situation over as I was assessing the hurt like heck and I said something colorful, but after two times I learned that objects appear closer than they appear and I learned.
The Obama's now have been at this White House thing and still don't understand that doors are what you walk through in leading with your feet and place your head in last.

Perhaps someone needs to send Muchelle and Bearick to Bobama's obedience trainer and have then run through a course or two of door etiquette. They could have flies for Bearick to munch on and cherry pie for Muchelle as treats to help Pavlov dog train them.
There really is not a great deal of grey matter in the combined Obama cavities to spare and the last thing the world needs is bankrupt Obama to get punch drunk...........we do remember Steve Kroft bringing that very thing up when Obama was cackling like a girl during an interview.

As a suggestion, I suggest it, because I am suggesting it, I suggest an emergency bill by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid which will require helmets for Bearick, Muchelle, Queenie and Sloven at al times. Granted Queenie will need an extra roomy helmut for the big head she is getting, but a little room to grow will not be that bad........the Obama's can stuff it with money as the dollar is tanking under them and not worth any more than toilet paper.
In this, this blog once again serves the safety of the Obama tribe in being the first to call for 24 hour helmets to be worn by the first family whenever they are around doors.

I would suggest a nice ghetto green foursome for the White House family, perhaps with blinking LED lights that can spell out messages to help mind numb their voting masses into doldrums to backing some new Obama plan to end the life of his voters.
He has put Jews under Iranian nukes for voting for him. Put money up to abort black babies. Called in the war to crop off a bunch of gays, is going to torture people out of the White House in his friendly terrorists and is about to ration health care to kill off a bunch of more poor Obama voters.

The flashing message can be something like, "Fear no Obama. Just drink the green kool aid".

Obama could even have a little fan on his to blow his second hand smoke onto more Kennedy's so they get brain cancer and die too.
Say.......did you see Bearick at the Teddy Kennedy funeral go over and pat the casket?

Now was that a permission pat of, "I'll be hitting on your wife later dad, so here is a head's up".

There is that head again popping up into the Obama conversation. Just goes to show that with the Obama's a little head goes a long way and gets the Obama's into a whole lot of trouble.

.......or is that hole lot of trouble?