Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Mortal Man

History is filled with names Americans recognize from the Empire from which they were born and bloodletting delivered from that British Womb.
Sir Francis Drake, the Duke of Wellington at it's birth, zenith and finally Winston Churchill in it's eclipse.

For all the famous, there were the infamous scattered upon the pages not of history, but upon clerk's payrolls and the small markers of graves scattered around the globe.
Chauncey Hugh Stigand or Stigand Bey as he was known to those who served under him, Col. John Henry Patterson in his epic fight with not man but beast, to even the dad of Rudyard Kipling, working like all Civil Service agents did in working their lives through boredom, insanity, brain frying heat, insects, insurrections and just plain administrative nothingness, all for a pittance of a pension for serving a crown of Ladies and Gentlemen, whom they would never mix, but only boy to..........that is the day to day melting into a lifetime of the most adept little ants to ever run a heritage that modern British have absolutely no inkling of.

A document surfaced of such legacy in the claimed Kenyan Colonial birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama. On it is listed the names of the long forgotten warriors of pen, tax and paper which in Queen Victoria's best intents, intended to transform people of the paddy and people of the bush, into humans, from those wretches that Oprah or Dinesh D'Souza likes to think they were never a part of..........peoples whose balance in life was to shiver, because they would not build a fire..........a bush because they would not build a shelter..........and lion or tiger excrement as they became a meal for the kings of beasts, because it was all fate by the local demon gods which decided who lived and who became a flatulent passing of what once was thought of as human.

E.F. Lavender and M. H. Miller are the lofty names of people of mediocrity who managed the unmanageable in keeping an empires records for our still beloved Queen Elizabeth II while by shear weight of the monotony of time broke Luo and Pashtun rebels into slumbering mortality as the eternal empire bored the restless spirit into the tamed subject.

Added to this was the name of a risen from the lion poop, bush and darkness of night without fire, in Joshua Simon Oduya, the future of Africa as all hoped in 1961, but soon to be overtaken by worldwide Marxism and fascism with brought forth the cancer on Africa of Madella, Mugabe, Qaddafi, Amin and a host of other despots who did to their Africa as Barack Obama is accomplishing in the rapine of America.

The ignorant have wondered of these people, but the adept has noted that in 50 years passing even a youthful 30 year old servant of Empire would now be 80, and in most probability the people of the Kenyan birth certificate fame of the infamous Andy Warhol 15 minutes of notoriety, long ago passed this veil of tears like all good British servants did in a damp little grey room, with a warm quilt, a stoic family or friend and a good English Bible placed on a night table as filtered dusty light danced upon the scene, praying to God that a good soul was coming who has served His royal well.

There never really has been a group of such loyal and mundane people to ever walk this planet in complete ignobility, doing so much and utterly never being noticed nor noted.
These were the people who bought goats, fed them wheat, in famine, because the Indians wanted rice and were starving with bags of wheat stacked around them........the goats instead were milked by the English and the milk fed to the starving babies. These were the people who were surrounded by the upper class and when insurrection broke out would be good little Soldiers in never having fired a round, but given a good 303 and told to give it to them bloody damn wogs.
Such was the course and coarse of the British Civil Servant who frequently communicated in the universal language from Burma to Kenya, with the epic phrase spoken loudly and clearly, "Look her you bloody damn wog, get up and get moving.........."

Not surprisingly, the world did move and the natives did to in the most part to their advancement.

It is these nameless compatriots of Barack Obama who have now placed their names on a record affirming like millions of others in the Common Wealth, the greatest and most sought after title of all, British subject to the Queen..........a title Birdie Obama disdains as much as the British disdane his Afnamistan policy which is burying more servants of the Queen while subject Obama is gayly playing his chords in doing to America what King George and Lord Cornwallis only dreamed of.

So in that, this blog salutes those discarded products of Empire in the prayer that they finally will actually with a bit of ink, paper, and typewriter ribbon, bring down an American government while at the same time bringing down one of their own as much as The Man who would be King was soon enough rejected by a tribe in a long away foreign land.

As Obama in hope will be rightfully given his complete British citizenship, it is hoped that some law abiding British Magistrate will soon enough haul him before a British court for various fraud, theft and general sedition against a native people in America in overthrowing their government.

Such things were just not allowed in the Empire as a right proper bastard just was a Gentleman who did not bandy about sullying the Queen's name.

What is black and white and Kenyan all over? Barack Hussein Obama.............(see I had to conclude and type that as the Google spiders just do not translate words on jpegs.)


PS: For those who did not serve Empire and were not there, Bey as in Stigand Bey, was the title Military Governor. He perished walking point against the Dinka of Africa.

Died with a jolly well good smile on his face the report related as it was told his wife.