Friday, August 7, 2009

Stanley Ann Obama births a Canadian

In a continuing series of world exclusives to which I'm grateful to God for in Inspiration, I break this story here as is my mode of communicating with the world body.

One of the major mysteries which has puzzled me in the scheme of Barack Obama and his family is just where all the money came from that these people had.
Moving around the country, moving to Hawaii, Stanley Ann flying around with a baby Obama, Washington University, Hawaii University, exclusive schools for junior Obama, returns to college, Columbia, Harvard, trips to Pakistan, smoking reefers in expensive clothing in photos posted on the internet all leave the question in where these funds all came from.

When one examines the public psychology of Barack Obama, one soon sees a person who is a multi millionaire and is yet so cheap he won't pay for a date with his own wife, but waits to have the American taxpayer foot the bill.
None of this is isolated in any of the Obama's to Grandma Madelyn Dunham. These people were to tight they squeaked and wanted the nickel out of that back too.

I was accused of being a birther by one of the Obamaniacs in "that Canadian thing" awhile back, because of a logical deduction that no caring mother would endanger her child by taking them to Africa. Psychologically, Stanley Ann if she went to Africa appears to have been trying to abort Barry as aborticide was then yet illegal in America. Stress, vaccinations and disease will work just as effectively as any abortionist's tools.
Logic though dictates that Canada is where Stanley Ann Dunham traveled to birth junior Obama though and in an exclusive here I will further explain why in God's Grace.

One has to understand the Canadian socialist health system to understand the one thing the Dunham Obama's all were geared to and that is money or someone else footing your bills.

In 1946 Saskatchewan's colorful premier, Tommy Douglass, rammed through in that province the genesis of communist care in Canada. By 1949, Alberta and British Columbia had followed his lead and joined the community organized Marxist service of universal coverage.

In 1957, the Canadian federal government had written a 6 page bill which passed into law the Hospital Insurance and Diagnostic Services Act.
Ottawa stipulated that once a majority of the provinces had adopted universal health insurance, that the Canadian federal government would then pay for half the bills the provinces incurred.
Four years later in 1961, the provinces had all been herded into the system and universal health care was available.
Douglass by July 1962 had moved it to all essential coverage would be paid for.

1961 though is the date which needs to be focused on. One must remember that Barack sr. was a foreign national of Great Britain citizenship in the Commonwealth. He had been supplanted into America as part of the globalist indoctrination program of bringing 3rd worlds to America to re educate them on foundation or government expense, so as to create little puppets of the Rockefellers spread around the world.
Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski had an immense program going in Egypt and the Middle East doing such things, which turned out quantities of high tech terrorists murdering Americans and Jews.

It would be logical in knowing the Dunham and Obama mode of having others pay for your mistakes or desires, that the wife of a British African, who being British herself, would for a cost saving measure, actually travel to Canada in an open border, claim Commonwealth rights as a non resident and stick the provincial and federal government with the cost of birthing baby Obama.
As there was funding for Stanley Ann to fly around to attend classes in Washington, have an apartment and hire a babysitter, then there certainly were finances from somewhere for a residency settlement in the summer of 1961 to live in British Columbia for the cost savings of health care.
As stated before, there certainly was in the early days the benefit of having a British national if one's father was a British national as it is a factual statement, that Stanley Ann was resigned to being a second wife and returning to live in Kenya her entire life.

This pattern also fits in the free health care if the mother was fertile Madelyn Obama as no one has as of yet noted where this woman was in 1961 either.

Canada is once again the logical place for junior Obama to have been birthed. The factual part is now that there are both provincial and federal records in Canada which would record all of this nationalized health care in medical bills and payments flowing into British Columbia from Ottawa.

No one has bothered to actually look at the Canadian laws, the history of them or to note the paperwork is there to prove that junior Obama was born in Canada.

While this blog has concluded long ago that in the British Nationality Act of 1948 that Barack Hussein Obama is British to his end as was his mother as neither renounced in public that mandate, so it does not matter where the Birdie was born, it does though add an interesting exclusive story here to explain a reason why Stanley Ann was so quickly in Washington visiting friends and attending school. She would in this line, already have been in North America just across the border.
This also fits the exclusive deduction posted here in 2008 which spread across the internet that the reason two hospitals cropped up at Obama's birth is that we now know that Hawaiian law allowed registration of a live birth without the baby or parents. The grandparents could have registered junior Obama at one hospital and Stanley Ann later at another hospital to deal with what apparently was a falling out with Barack sr.

The logic would dictate that once baby Obama was born British, these schemer Dunhams made a rush in thinking Barack sr. would get custody of the baby and take him back to Kenya, that in registering Obama as an American, they then had legal precedent to keep the child on American soil.

It is highly possible that the first time Barack Obama set foot on Hawaiian soil was when divorce proceedings were being initiated in 1964. The perjury of Stanley Ann having resided in Hawaii for 2 years when she was known to be in Washington, would also add to the explanation that she needed that date for birth registration to keep custody of Birdie.
By later actions, Stanley Ann never seemed really to want this child. Her main scornful concern was for Barack sr. to not have Barry.
In following coldness, she dumped Barry on Lolo Soetoro who adopted the child as Catholic school documents prove in Barry Soetoro registered. Then in cruelty when Mr. Soetoro desired more than one child in their daughter, Stanley once again ripped Barry away and dumped him back into Hawaii so Lolo could not get his hands on him.
Once again the bogus Hawaiian live birth would keep control over Barry Obama.

One must remember completely that Barack Obama has stated he once saw his birth certificate in his Mother's things. In remembering that, Barack Obama has never stated it was a Hawaiian long form birth certificate. It might very well been one that stated, Made in Canada.
Barack Obama is still a creative 10 year old in manufacturing stories to fit his delusions. "Forgetting" to mention a foreign birth certificate is standard for his psychopathy as Obama wins out and facts are swept aside as he is driven by validation of the White House.
Dying mothers from cancer alone do not equate emotionally. Only Obama fills the equasion for hisself.

Until the documents can be found in this tangled web which those covering this up should be ashamed of, the only remedy is logical deduction. The story of logical deduction in every point trumps the tales Obama has spun.
His Dreams of Daddy have been proven to be absolute fiction and fabrication. I see no point in the Hawaiian birth certificate when the only thing that would really be that important in that corrupt state would be for the parents to be both listed as British nationals. The records sealed in Kenya and those still there in Canada are equal to solving this mystery as the only thing which makes any logical sense is Barack Obama was not born in America.

That being the case, then where was he born?

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