Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Big Vagina

This is all getting too easy.

It is coming to the point that even sloppy work is all one has to invest to deal with Axelrod Inc. One always does one's best for God, but why on earth send out the Marines when the National Guard will suffice with Bearick Obama.

I mean, here we have Molotov Mouth Van Jones. Seated in Obama power, he has the Obama office, Obama seal and Obama, I WON, and in just a piece by Aaron Klein, with a few jabs from Glenn Beck and Miki Malkin, he turns tail and run, AFTER APOLOGIZING.
Geez Louise, it is like dealing what a Miss Manners sheep.

What is there to inspire now in Bearick Obama has his manboobs on display, he has traded in his penis for a big vagina and now has an hour glass Barbie Doll figure with child bearing hips. He can't make it as a man, so now he is trying to be his mother in living vicariously through her corpse.
That is what happens when you abandon your dying mother by the side of the road, the psychopathy returns to haunt you and you become a woman.

In searching always to try and assist, Triple X Obama in his Age of Profane, I pondered just what it is Bearick the Derrick can do to save hisself as this is no longer entertaining in a PT boat running hard at night strafing the enemy with Patriots like drkate, jeanniejo, this is a 4 deck cruise line with everyone piling on the good ship BarniePop, licking away at Obama showing how brave they are.
It reminds me of a French soldier named the Paladin. He at the first sign of battle ran for a tree to climb and as things were over, he would climb down and kill a few dead enemy soldiers.

There just is no sport in this. Sure I suspect Obama will swagger his way into another propaganda piece and declare victory, but when the puppy press goes into hiding on Van Jones as they have abandoned you.........this isn't warfare anymore that real Patriots are inclined to find interesting.
Oh for the days when Homeland Harassment was listing you as a terrorist for being like George Washington, Jesus the Christ and George Patton. Truth be known, after this practice session on Obama, real Americans need the anti christ to show up so we can dive into the fire struck brier patch again and feel at home with the odds all against us again.

Until that creature arises, I will have to it seems assist Mr. Obama in trying to have him make this interesting to hone one's blade again, because he is making things absolutely dull. He spars with Rush Limbaugh and runs away, Glenn Beck kicks the stuffing out of Birdie and there just is no show left in this sissy who has traded in his manhood for a vagina.

OK, for the next Molotov Mouth Obama has in his czarina list of grily men, I suggest this is how Van Jones should have handled his situation in working for a 3rd world despot like Obama.
(Was it not wonderful that Fuoad Ajami noted Obama was turning America 3rd world just as this blog warned. We greatly are thrilled over Mr. Ajami for his bravery as he was like Charles Krauthammer in of the few who took the battle early and with earnest.)

So where were we.......oh yes Van Jones. Van Jones is a handsome man, all buff and smiling beefcake. Liberals are all scared of black men for some reason like they are all scared of the night.
I suggest Van Jones should have called a press conference at the White he should have showed up at the Robert Gibbs daily Ovama (yes I mean Ovama as in egg layer in the womb) luv fest and shoved Gibbs out of the way.
He should have taken the podium then and drew a line on it.......then said, "All you white pussy are trying to castrate a black man, so I'm gonna lay it on the line.) He would then in Profane Obama, whip out his not that big appendage, lay it on the line and then say, "Any of you got any questions can deal with this man meat first.)

Of course with all the leg tingling going on, no one would challenge Van Jones. He would be giggled over by Charlie Rose for being manly as Charlie does his pink head impersonation of an aging penis on PBS. Everyone would be so impressed and want a cuddle with Jones that he probably would get voted the Nancy Pelosi Tampon Award for Public Servicing Reporters.

That is how these wimpy leftists have to operate. They no longer have a pair between any of them like in the days of They are all whiners now apologizing for anything and are being peed on throughout the world by real manly communists like Kim and Ahmadinejad.

To save Mr. Bearick Obama whose name is fast becoming Bearick Huvvvein Obama for all the vagina imaging he is projecting, I suggest Birdie reach into his old bag of tricks of political rape and making fun of Special Olympics children.
What Mr. Obama needs to do is put on his little soldier star hat, sort of mom jeans stride out of the White House with the press in tow, and go find Charles Krauthammer and get in his face. I would hope he would do this on some FOX national broadcast.
Then when Mr. Krauthammer does what he does in making Obama look like a fool, Bearick should attack him, knock him out of his wheelchair and pee on Mr. Krauthammer, perhaps from a distance as I still would bet Krauthammer would kick the stuffing out of Obama if he got a hand on him.

This would go over big in Obama's Libya. People would forget that Obama sold a terrorist free for Libyan oil, and Mooselums would cheer about Obama peeing on a Jew. (Hey he told Jews to wait around and be incinerated by nuclear bombs, so pissing on Krauthammer is right up Obama's zipper code.)
All the leg tinglers would just be orgasmic over Obama beating up a right wing reporter. They would muse that perhaps Obama would be feeding Rush Limbaugh a cigar (double meaning there) and he might even butter Fouad Ajami's bald head and grease a cherry pie pan.

This is what Obama has to do in his peer group. Ahamdinejad is imprisoning, beating up, torturing, raping and murdering people in Iran. Obama looking like a girl and bringing torture into the White House is ...........well, it just doesn't cut it. Sure Obama has blood on his hands in wiping people out in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but doing it with a bra on just doesn't play well in communist circles.

All of this has reached crisis proportions and I'm frankly concerned not for boredom of Patriots, but I'm concerned for the Obama children for the reason that pedophile joker David Letterman is lurking about.
The reason is as more of these liberals gain their manhood in taking a cruise on the Barney Frank cruise and escort ship, David Letterman is sure to pop up and start telling pedophile jokes about Queenie and Sloven to which is liberal audience will start laughing as they think impregnating little girls is funny. (Remember Obama has Queenie out dressed as as ghetto ho in Rome with that half dressed adult male.)
America just does not need those kind of attacks on the Obama girls.

Worse yet, what about that lovely Muchelle with her own Presidential doll for sale? Do we want Letterman telling jokes about her as a flight attendant in being whore? I mean no one would believe anyone would have sex with her and would instead jump off a plane without a parachute to get away from that bulge she has in her panties.
Letterman not being funny might just get him cancelled......well that already is the case, but if he starts picking on Mooves Birdie and Muchelle, he might get cancelled. That I don't mind, but the last thing I want is this pedophile joker endorsing the GOP. Tis better Obama gets some teflon testicle implants beats up Jews and the handicapped in one package in Charles Krauthammer, and Americans can sort this out with a GOP controlled Congress impeachment hearings in 2011.

If Mr. Obama wants to hire some Conservative Lady bloggers, I strongly suggest it, as they certainly could build up his defenses and then lay siege again and bring Obama to rubble again. Something though has to done as fishy scented Linda Douglas spying on people, Hillary Clinton in a cage and Janet Napolitano being the snot doctor really look like British generals in not knowing what they are doing.

The one sign to look for in this that things are toast for Obama when it happens is look for a quote from Bill Clinton somewhere along the lines, "I told that boy he was smart, but shazam he just wouldn't listen and he let us all down."
Sharpen your claws and fangs Hillary as Joe Biden is acting like he is President and Obama on perpetual vacation has gone to step 3 in his sex change operational status in his 4 doctors just installed the vagina..............and it appears to be a big one.

Cancel you brainwashing speech to the kiddies Barack or it is what all will be talking about as you scowl at Congress............and don't wear a pink tie, go back to that ghetto green with a nice Chinese communist flag on it.

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