Sunday, December 27, 2009

Michelle Obama Scowls at Christmas Children

Folks will remember the 2009 France photo of Michelle Obama glaring in a looks could kill capture of the real Muchelle focused in the direction of two white women, one of whom just happened to be Carla Brunei Sarkozy, wife of President Sarkozy.

Muchelle though in Hawaii has gone beyond the "much elle" or French for too much woman in visiting Anderson Hall on the Marine Corps base, this wonderful scowling photo was captured of the Obama wife, glaring, scowling and looking like she wants to bite the head off a little boy with a crayon.
Now note in this Bearick is trying to look interested in the crayon, or is perhaps hoping when he gets to his 4000 dollar a night beach mansion, that he will too have a box of Crayolas to color in his new coloring books, and Obama has that fake political expression of pleased to be there, and hoping to be somewhere else soon.

Then study Michelle Obama's face in glaring at this child. Her face muscles around her mouth are drooping in sharp contrast to Bearick's grin. In order for this to occur, one has to be minutes into a scowl of disdain in being there.
Alzheimer's patients will have that same sagging structure from common facial muscle relaxing. The dementia patients of course have this happening from lack of stimulation. Michelle Obama has it from lack of wanting to be anywhere near this Marine child and the Marines.

Note though that Muchelle did arrive hoping to be the cuddle queen of the Marine Base. I can not fathom what normal woman shows up trying to taunt Marines into arousal, other than a historic Bob Hope Christmas tour for the troops featuring a Playboy Centerfold.

Michelle Obama has a see through dress on. Click on the photo and one can see it is a sheer, semi see through sun dress, which is inappropriate in white as she is not a virgin and inappropriate for any First Lady as she is there for leadership not erections, or attempted erections as it is impossible to believe any lesbians in don't scratch and don't tell, would be lusting after Muchelle.

There is something beyond nymphomaniac or attention whore in Muchelle Obama in her constantly from Rome wearing her yellow fire hydrant dress and tall shoes to outshine Obama, from her cleavage shot sexing up her garden with children around her, her blood camouflage party dress for a dead Soldier and now this virginal sun dress which is not appropriate at a Marine Base as this is not a Bob Hope show with jiggle queen and one does not show this kind of disrespect to United States Soldiers.

One would never see the Queen, Princess Diana or Carla Sarkozy in costume like this. That suffices in judging how in poor taste Muchelle Obama is.

Added to this odd flavor is Barack Hussein Obama apparently in a good mood in being the center of attention again, has not chosen to follow this blog in wearing lapel gold stars as Commander in Chief, but has resorted to a sort of Mao pajama costume from the Peking red book years.

So surrounded by American Heroes on Christmas, these Marines and their family find themselves viewing Chairman Maobama and his Peking tart.

Hoop earrings and a dress deliberately cut to give the impression she is wearing a thong underneath.

Real United States class from the Obamas on Christmas.............oh that is right it is happy holidays, unless you are a little boy with a crayon having Michelle Obama scowling at you.

No photos yet on how many happy holiday puppies the wife kicked, just the Obamaneezer Scrooge face.