Saturday, December 12, 2009

Warning of the Obama Jihad

It is difficult sometimes in determining what to do in warning Americans, because in this terrorists know their mode of operations and Homeland Security knows the mode of terrorist operations, and yet there is the danger of everyone in the know, still allowing platforms to be developed in New York City, Eric Holder, terror trials, and, the now Thomson Correctional in Illinois being a platform for terrorists to slaughter Americans in mass.

It is in that knowledge that American in the mass must be alerted, so that they can generate the political will to force people in Congress to protect America, instead of allowing Barack Hussein Obama and his clique to implement policy which will cause terrorists to literally be moved to attack the United States as the targets are too vulnerable and valuable to pass up.

I need to address something at the start of this as FOX news was perplexed as the Wall Street Journal in why all of these American Jihadists are cropping up in 2009 when none were overtly acting out before.
The explanation is simple, George W. Bush had these Muslim terrorists scared. Barack Obama has extended his hand in understanding and negotiation to them, so they are no longer frightened. They voted for Mr. Obama and now feel betrayed in his advancing the wars on Islamic terrorists, so they without fear are now starting to act out.

Nidal Hasan was not a first, nor lone terror event at Fort Hood. The media has deliberately suppressed that the Islamic terrorists hired the Mexican Mafia to start the California wildfires. America has seen the first embers in this inferno and Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder have only provided the gasoline to edge the terrorists to attack America in the two largest population centers in New York and Chicago by placing terrorists there.

I refrain from laying out terror scenarios as the information is not necessary in they appear in movies galore from Hollywood. In this instance though in what Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder have initiated, I will simply in using known terror events previously carried out, lay out what these Democratic NeoProgs have created in a platform for terrorists to act out on.
It is hoped that Republicans and Democrats who see this in their communities, will join others in forcing the Obama group to stop what they are doing before it is too late.

I will utilize the Chicago area of the Thomson Correctional Facility, but note that the same operation would imprint upon New York and actually have deadlier consequences due to the high concentrations of populations and lack of fluid escape routes for civilians.

Putting forth the terrorist operations in Afghanistan to free terrorists held in prison as a known fact, Thomson is a simple double chain wire facility with gates to concrete walls.
Operationally, the same German ships which carried Iranian munitions to Palestinian terrorists or the Chinese containers pouring into America, to diplomatic flights from Iran or Syria, could produce the light weapons, RPG's and C 4 for a break out operation.

Simply put, 12 sleeper terrorists with 3 semi tractors ram through the fence. The RPG's take out the towers and blow out the main gates, whereby secondary enhanced SUV's with auto firearms galore enter and load up the 100 plus terrorists.
In the small community where Thomson is, the terrorists who do this daily in Afghanistan would find this like taking candy from children.

It would not matter for Illinois State Police or local police as RPG's and enhanced SUV's neutralize the small arms of America's thin blue line.

The terrorists after 9 11 were noted for gauging police response, EMT and SWAT. Therefore at Thomson the terrorists would have gauged what secondary response whether it would be Special Forces, military or SWAT who would initiate and where they would originate from.

Helicopters fall out of the sky with SAM's in SUV's and as stated armed with RPG's neutralize anything a HUMMER can produce as Mogadishu in Blackhawk Down proved in terrorist operations.

al Qaeda has grown from even it's complex 9 11 operations of multiple directions, multiple hits, multiple intelligence intimidation as phoning the White House with security information and as stated understanding the need for secondary effect.

Into this Thomson now falls the Exelon nuclear plant which has been bragging how millions have been spent on "security".
How much "security" did Sadam Hussein have when the Israeli Air Force blew up his nuclear plant? He had the 3rd largest military in the world.

Exelon is the wound in this that these Islamocommunists would be attracted to as their confusion cover and lingering trillion dollar Chernobyl event to slaughter Americans in the Midwest for a generation.
Once again, the Jews proved at Entebbe, Uganda in their classic rescue raid of their hostages from Obama's Palestinian terrorist friends that a small cannon on a jeep, defeats hardened towers guarding airports.

As stated a Chicom ship dropping off Iranian, North Korean, Russian artillery, into a semi tractor trailer in the Carolinas or California would under the cover of Suzi wets her pants dolls, would roll up to a plant, unleash an EMP device to fry the plants circuitry which is once again found online and is simple to construct, and one of these communist howitzers would be unleashed with a dozen rounds, pounding a hole through the concrete of the plant and soon enough pounding thee nuclear material inside.
In 120 seconds, at one shell every 10 seconds, or in 2 minutes time, 12 heavy artillery shells would create an instant Chernobyl.

The known terrorist reasoning is terror, long term wound and in the short term, it would create the cover for the now 10 SUV's fanning out into the Midwest to initiate Beslan and Mumbai events which have made the news.
I will confer the known math of 1 mall, 1 school, 1 sports events center with 1000 people, means 10,000 hostages who will be dying slowing.
The terrorists in the hard concrete buildings will be reasonably safe from plutonium flowing from Exelon into the skies, which will in effect shut down rescue response as no one wants to wade into save even children if you are going to be dead in 30 minutes from Exelon fumes.

In the proceeding weeks, C4 would be in place with the cell phone detonators on the fiber optic and cell phone communications to further disrupt the law enforcement containment and public "eyes and ears".

So in basically two minutes, 12 terrorists with weapons, can amplify to 120 terrorists, who are using American infrastructure against itself.
The two minutes when amplified by 90 minutes as Thomson is centrally located, will create the security services dead to 10,000 civilians once Mumbai targets are entered.
As the Exelon station spews it's poison, one has now cover for terror operations, mass hysteria in refugees fleeing the areas, and the 50 year cancer tumor event of Chernobyl.

This is but one known scenario by Homeland Security and the terrorists, and yet no one in Homeland is stopping Barack Obama or Eric Holder from mixing this lethal brew of generational death.
One does not put terrorists next to nuclear plants, and high population target centers, for the simple reason al Qaeda, Iran, Russia and China all see that beacon and note it is too valuable of a target to pass up.

The public must pressure Congress to stop this insanity before these terror events are carried out. There is no security for this that will stop it. This is why President Bush had this all in Cuba, so that the stage would not be set in America to initiate an attack.

It can be debated if Mr. Obama is deliberately doing this for Alex Jones types martial law scenarios where he can use terrorists as the federal government used Sioux Indians to murder the Custer group, in order to go in and seize lands. The outcome though from this Obama policy is exactly as noted and it must be examined why the Obama group is creating high value targets for terror attacks inside the United States.

Both New York and Chicago are thee absolute last places anyone caring about US security would ever put terrorists into. America should not ever have these terrorists inside America, and, especially never near nuclear facilities.
Gitmo was the perfect place, but I did note that one of the Alaskan Islands would be suitable in that frigid location, whereby military tribunals could clean up this entire situation and end it with executions, as there is nothing in Alaska for a terrorist to gain any publicity for attacking.

None of the above information is new or secure. It can be found anywhere in an online search engine, and is why that route was chosen to expose the absolute dangers involved in what Barack Hussein Obama is initiating.

The terror network is too sponsored, too connected, and too trained now in being rebuilt under Barack Obama's dithering. Sheik bin Laden in early 2009 warned of "events" and that warning must be heeded when America under Mr. Obama is unleashing homegrown terrorists.

I have not gone into secondary diversions nor how in Sadam Hussein protocols such munitions can be developed on US soil as Obama has created a toxic situation, but note that what has been written here is but the tip of an iceberg of mayhem which would not require that intelligent of terrorists nor organized group to enact.

The point in this is, that is the reason this terror platform has no reason for being enacted. If Obama wants to try terrorists in New York, but them into a ship out in the Atlantic and try them on the high seas, away from population centers and New York nuclear power plants.
The same is true for these Gitmo terrorists in just because Obama was paid off to close Gitmo in campaign contributions from the Muslim Mafia, is no reason to dump terrorists next to Illinois nuclear plants.
Do not think for a moment that a "diplomatic enclave" could not be created as Sovereign US territory in Afghanistan or some territorial island in the Pacific, far and away from publicity, where justice could be accomplished and the people of Chicago and Cleveland would not be dying for the next 50 years.

Recall that the Chernobyl nuclear plume reached Sweden and this is how Gorbachev was outed in lying to the world that nothing was going on. The western Europeans Geiger counters were spiking and they knew a meltdown had occurred.

So in there being no security in Exelon nor Thomson which meets terror standards, the only sound solution is to not put terrorists into America at any location. It is pure irresponsible to do this, and, it should not be falling to the blogosphere to point out published known scenarios from Entebbe, Beslan, Georgia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Mumbai, London and Madrid which fit an accumulated attack scenario in American New York and Chicago.

Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder have either deliberately or due to complete ineptness set the stage for mass terror events inside the United States on these platforms they are constructing.

I will close with this additional warning for those who think this will not affect them. Wind direction shifts and Exelon could in the weeks it would take to try and bury, would produce a storm front cloud which would reach from Winnipeg, Manitoba; Omaha, Nebraska; south to Florida and to the entire east coast of the United States.
Granted all people will not be dead, but for the next 50 years there is going to be the ticking cancer bomb of plutonium poisoning in their fat tissues and compounded in the vegetables and protein products they consume as that poisoning builds up each year.

I have no idea why the GOP is being scoffed at in warning of the danger of this Obama policy, because in each Citizen's self interest, they should be able to understand that terrorists once they see a target they keep coming back at it until it is gone as were the Twin Towers.

In an Iowa cornfield, they built a field of dreams, and if they built it, it was said they will come. Mr. Obama has built a prison nightmare, and in doing so, the terrorists held will attract more terrorists to carry out a generational mass slaughter America will never recover from.

America must stop this by Congressional pressure immediately, before 10 Beslans occur, covered up with a frosting of a Chernobyl over the most populous areas of the eastern United States.

Ask yourself Americans the questions no one has been in, "Where in America are you going to put 30 million refugees?"
You saw what a disaster New Orleans was in taxing resources. One can not just evacuate the Midwest and dump them as groups of a million people into other states as the grocery, housing, water and other infrastructure is not there to care for these people. It would become a rolling catastrophe.

America has enough to deal with, without creating terrorist bulls eyes. Do not create the problem and then the attack will not occur.

This Obama policy must be stopped, because there is a greater than 50% chance that the outlined and not spoken of worse scenarios will take place when Obama brings his terrorists to town and starts the jihad on American soil.

American must wake up from their Obama stupor and put limitations on the out of control actions he has been involved in and this disaster must be thwarted as there is no living through the alternative.

May God bless and keep His children in His Name. Amen

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