Monday, February 22, 2010

Obama Jarrett: The Communist Factor

Sometimes when one has two stories, separately they are most interesting, but together like fire and dynamite they become explosive. Such is the case of the strange bed fellows of fellow travelers Val-erie Jarrett and Barack Hussein Obama in their known associates file.

One wonders in a small world of Obama of Kenya, Obama of Indonesia and Obama of Hawaii, how Jarrett too was Jarrett of Nigeria, Jarrett of Iran and Jarrett of Chicago in the travelling tan clans.
It soon becomes a bond in pedophile mentor of Obama, Frank Marshall Davis was best friends with Vernon Jarrett who was the father in law of Valerie Jarrett.
There seemed to be not a communist group, communist they both did not know and a progressive vote drive to elect communists that Davis and Jarrett did not mingle with.

The hog butchers of the world united was the Jarrett Davis thrust in Chicago, and in the Obama regime, it is now the communist unions united with illegal Mexican labor to form a perpetual Obama voting block.

I had noted that Penny Pritzker was Obama's 2008 bag woman who was laundering all the "donations" coming into Obama as that is what the Pritzker group tied to Warren Buffett were experts at, what I had missed though in this was the bag woman for Obama's senatorial bid when he replaced Carol Mosely Braun, the current Tim Johnson of the Senate.

The reason this is vital is Obama's Senate run was funded by Nahdmi Auchi who was Saddam's bag man, Saddam being a communist and Auchi later was the purchaser of Obama's Georgian mansion.
In the Obama Senate run, Fintrade Services, loaned Barack Obama the money to finance hisself. The directors of Fintrade had one, Ibtisam Auchi, on the board, who is none other than Nahdmi's wife. This I had known and written about, but no one has ever linked who Obama's bag woman was back then in laundering in this Muslim communist mafia money into America, and the person as none other than Val-erie Jarrett herself.


"The [London] Times has, however, discovered state documents in Illinois recording that Fintrade Services, a Panamanian company, lent money to Mr. Obama's fundraiser in May 2005. Fintrade's directors include Ibtisam Auchi, the name of Mr Auchi's wife. Mr Auchi's spokespeople declined to respond to a question about whether he was linked to this business.

This is all the strangest animal in what created Obama from Ford Foundation globalists, Chinese money trade into Hawaii, into New York finance which bankrupted Hawaii in the first Obama finance implosion and then these Isalmocommunists and Islamofascists.
Obama takes in Saudi funding from a royal via a black Mooselum radical to gain Harvard and then slip around to take money from the Saudi's arch enemy, the bag man for Saddam Hussein in the Isalmocommunists.

I find this hybrid extremely interesting as the black liberation radicals Obama joined with in Chicago who are Bill Ayers running a control of Jesse Jackson agents, who got their start in South America via communist Marxist implants.
When Vernon Jarrett went room temperature, the communists of Illinois praised him more than Stalin. That was the kind of connection which Val-erie Jarrett's family had with international communism.
Frank Marshall Davis wasn't an anomaly, he was the tip of the iceberg in all of the links directly into Ayers Weathermen who were going to exterminate millions of Americans who would not submit when the Marxist revolution came, coming out of Cuban training and run directly out of the Kremlin's KGB.
Vernon Jarrett was a fellow traveler who schooled his daughter in 3rd world exposure in thee most odd places of Iran, to which her legal and psychological degrees, soon enough had her in the Chicago political machine, making notes of Van Jones half a nation away, and somehow just like Mama Obama, without any finance training, Jarrett ended up running finance for Obama.

That is a most interesting development as Obama actually picked a finance crook in Penny Pritzker to launder money in 2008, but in his Senate run, Obama chose instead a lawyer with a psychology degree to launder his money from the Muslim mafia.

As I have always stated, Barack Hussein Obama just didn't happen by accident. Little dope headed tan boys do not get into Harvard nor Columbia, get to head Harvard Law and then get million dollar book deals in being absolute idiots who can not even write intelligently.

Obama was one of many stage acts, Van Jones was another who happened to be outed as a mole in control of the kooks. Obama just happened to hit the jackpot in a political payback against the Clintons.

Val-erie Jarrett just a few years ago was importing Panamanian money from the Auchi's into Obama's campaign which is highly suspect and needs definite investigation and answers to, as this Muslim mafia has Obama freeing terrorists, making oil contracts with Libya, giving ambassadors to Syria, nations to Philistines, evacuating Iraq for Saddam Baathist overthrow again and the Persians manufacturing nuclear bombs like they were Toyotas.

All of these terror events add up from Obama's money past. That past is now the White House chief counsel to Obama in Val-erie Jarrett.

When of course is Jake Tapper or Bob Woodward going to ask the questions? They never will as they are employed by the same Muslim mafia oil money train bribing all the elite in America to stay silent.

Val-erie Jarrett was Obama's bag woman and now America has been left holding the bag, and the United States are full of imported terrorists about to collect on the Obama debt.

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