Saturday, April 10, 2010

The ACORNicans

I would like to introduce you to the winner of the conservative Presidential poll in her name in Amber from Louisiana. She likes crappy movies like Shawshank Redemption, likes crappy actors like Johnny Depp, likes crappy karaoke songs, but is a student, Hooters girl and is going to be a massage therapist if her husband can stand the jealousy or does not get tired of getting off on guys getting off on his wife rubbing on them for "therapy" for the next 50 years or until Amber's body gets fat and saggy.

This is official in the unanimous polling carried out by this blog, while conducting the Lame Peachy Conservative Conference.

As readers can tell, this is satire and it is not aimed at the lovely Amber, but at the various bogus CONservative groups who are about as genuine now as the GOP votes for John McCain all came from Democrats from DailyKos.

I have watched gaydom invade the CPAC conference which turned out to be Glenn Beck being an Obama anachist and Ann Coulter referring to the Conservatives as Gitmo terrorists, with that mob of insane Ron Paul voters infiltrating CPAC to vote for a 1930's isolationist and 1890's gold standard gramps whose policies would implode and explode America faster than Obama is doing.

After watching what the Ron Paul fringe did at the Southern Republican Conference, I am taking the position that Ron Paul and his 600 travelling bimbos be banned from the GOP. Kick him out, defrock him, give him to Arlen Specter to carry along in his pocket like Obama with his monkey demon, and let the GOP, Conservatives, Libertarians, Constitutionalists and Reagan Democrats be free of these frauds.

What did the Paulites do this time?

Why they got a bunch of Obamatards from college to attend the SRC by giving them discounted tickets. 600 of these non functioning brains on domestic and foreign policy apparently descended there to cheer for dinosaur Ron Paul sound like Obama.
The worst of it was Evangelicals for Mitt which is about as bizarre as Jesus for Judas, as Romney represents a Masonic sect in Mormons who deny Jesus.....I guess that is a slap at Judas as he never denied Christ, he just sold him out for 30 pieces of silver.
These "evangelicals" offered up 200 paid for tickets to stack the deck for Romney.

So as the votes were counted in 1806 total, we found that Romney "won" in 439, Paul came in "second" with 438 votes.
In this we find Romney without ACORN tactics couldn't even beat Sarah Palin or Newt Gingrich who came in "third" in a statistical tie.

We also found that for 600 discount tickets, that Ron Paul is cheap in his fraud, and that apparently his voters are so stupid that 168 either couldn't figure out how to mark a ballot or voted for someone else on the ballot as Paul didn't even get close to 600 fraud votes.

This is embarrassing it is no wonder that Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, Gov. Halley Barbour of the Deep South and Gov. Bobby Jindahl of be more like Obama Louisiana asked to be removed from the ballot as it was all fraud.

This blog alone has called for vote reform in primary balloting across America in that only registered Republicans can be allowed to vote for Republicans in primaries so we do not have the same John McCain repeat of 2008.
Yet nothing is done. Instead the same Obama Acorn fraud is rubbing off with these Romney and Paul ballot stuffers.

This is not what America is when special gay interest funding with Ron Paul loons invade CPAC making a mockery over Conservative political voices.
This is not what the Southern Republicans are about when Romney and Paul can buy votes like Obama did with ACORN.

It is beyond getting disgusting. This is a putrid mess of New Orleans delta puss washed up on shore from a decaying tuna in the hot summer sun, five days old.

I will be blunt. Ron Paul is a retroactive Obama fool of failed policies proven disasters in history and Mitt Romney is a George Herbert Walker Bush east coast patrician.
I liked the Republican isolationists of the 1930's, but they were out warred by FDR causing the disaster America is in now.
I like Bush 41, but his slay the Conservatives of the 1980's got us Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, and I do not want a repeat of 1930's Hitler nor a repeat of Obama in 2012 with America at stake.

Mitt Romney if he had any character would have denounced the ticket buyers and Ron Paul is void of character like Dennis Kucinich and should be booted out of everything on the right, including banned from right turns on Red Lights as he would probably screw that up too.

CPAC and SRC allowed this to get out of control and the results are a disgrace to Americans whose interest is winning a fair ballot. What has gone on is pure Obamanism and if these folks in Romney's and Paul's camp can not behave like Americans and not Obama voters, then they need to be banned.

I am beyond displeased in this fraud as this is not what Americans are looking for to get them out of this Obama mess.

I have had it with that fraud John Cornyn in Texas handing out millions to liberals in the GOP and not backing Conservatives. I have had it with Newt Gingrich trying to seize the Tea Party movement. I have had it with Obama voters like Noel Sheppard be held as something to be listened to.

This must be sorted out or the GOP with these frauds are going to elect Obama in 2012 again in not undoing Obama policy no more than they undid Clinton policy for 8 years, and it will be Paulites and Obamites crossing over in GOP primaries selecting some John McCain socialist again to be defeated by Obama.

I took the stand early in bringing in all parties to vote for the GOP like Ronald Reagan did in Rosie Greer backed Reagan as much as the unions, but the GOP and Conservative groups can not allow this fraud to mirror the fraud of Obama stealing elections.

Get it flushed out and banned or this will eat the United States process in no one will any longer believe in American elections due to Democratic fraud on the left and gays buying votes with Ron Paul kooks on the right to rig elections with Mitt Romney sweeping to defeat.

We now return you to President Amber, gain de son vote d'un.