Saturday, April 10, 2010

Not Polonium 210 This Time

I do not believe for one instant that the crash of TU-154 in Poland which assassinated the Polish government was an accident. There are no coincidences in life and with Putin pointing nuclear missiles at Poland this appears to be another Bolshevik coup in not using Polonium 210 this time.

Vladamir Putin and President Medeved, Obama's boober buddies were just to quick on the draw and the phones lines in condolences in this Polish disaster.
Added to this was the fact that the Polish political, general staff, security and parliament were all on board this jet commemorating the slaughter of the entire Polish Officer Corp by Soviet butchery, all points to a Putin message, that if Obama is not going to hand Poland over like Ukraine, another method will be found to install pro Soviet actors in Poland.

The disaster in this or the pointed message is that his jet was the best the Soviet's ever produced. The TU-154 was the bush plane of Eurasia. You could not crash this plane if you tried.
The only way this plane ever went down was if it was shot out of the sky, ran out of fuel or someone started it on fire from the inside.


There have been 64 serious flight incidents with Tu-154s, including 36 hull-losses with human fatalities. Six of those incidents resulted from terrorists or military action including an accidental missile shootdown by Ukraine, several from poor runway conditions in winter (including one which struck snow plows on the runway), cargo overloading by airlines in the lapse of post-Soviet federal safety standards (several cases), and mid-air collisions due to faulty air traffic control or mis-communication. Other incidents have resulted from mechanical problems (two cases prior to 2001), running out of fuel on unscheduled extended route, pilot error, and cargo fires.

The TU-154 has a massive landing gear for landing in gravel or Arctic snows. It is beyond stable and as stated, it has never suffered a crash due to design flaw.
This jet was just serviced and upgraded in December of 2009. It was in perfect flying order and yet it crashed.
For the media who are attempting to point at "fog" for this Presidential plane crashing, these jets are built to fly in the dark or the fog. The pilot does not need to see in VFR, but flies IFR (Instrument Rating). This plane is every bit the equal if not surpassing the Boeing three engine jets. It is that good and durable.

To make the point, this is a quote on the TU-154's avionics which are the best in the world now coming from European and American upgrades.

The plane's avionics suite, for the first time in the Soviet Union, is built to American airworthiness standards. It includes an NVU-B3 Dopler navigation system, a triple autopilot, which provides an automatic ILS approach according to IACO category II weather minima, an autothrottle, a Doppler drift and speed measure system (DISS), "Kurs-MP" radio navigation suite and others. Modern upgrades normally include a TCAS, GPS and other modern systems, mostly American or EU-made.

This jet has an autothrottle, advanced navigation, weather correction navigation, so it does not make any difference if a wing dips, it should by autopilot recover. The only way this jet could crash was a malfunction which never happens in it's avionics.
The wing was reported to have dipped, and then it was followed by two massive explosions in impact.

In noting that, jet fuel is kerosene and does not "explode". It erupts into a fireball. It is why Tim McVeigh's witches brew had other agents in it than fuel oil, as jet fuel is not a volatile explosive.
Added to this, jets are deliberately not overloaded with fuel to not have huge fireballs in the event a plane does crash. It is simple protocols which for some reason one can not fathom the Polish state would ever violate simple avionics endangering their leader.

This looks like a message from Russia without love. It would suit the Putin FSB KGB to choose a plane which could not crash, choose an event exposing Soviet butchery, all to send a reminder with the velvet fist of Putin in an extended hand of condolence, that Russia is friendly, like a bear biting off your hand with a smile.

I am not involved in this investigation, but on the surface this entire disaster looks like an assassination coup. Ukraine went down to Russia by "elections". Netanyahu got stuffed into a meat wagon, the Dali Lama got put out with the trash, Hutatree is a precursor aimed at all Americans, Karzai in Afghanistan is being shown the door with the Pope under attack to stress him into the grave, so in a growing list of former American friends and allies being under attack, it is just too convenient that the Polish leadership just became toasted reminding the world of Russian butchery after flipping Putin the bird in implementing missile defense.

If it growls like a bear, walks like a bear, sh*ts in the forest like a bear, it is a bear, no matter if the puppy press is saying accident that big track on this looks like a carnivore event.

An example of the punishment a TU-154 can survive.

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