Monday, May 31, 2010


This blog certainly hopes that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the foreign President of these United States has learned on the Gaza Flotilla incident to stop implementing Colin Powell kinder and gentler love thy terrorist operations as it is a disaster.

First one has a bunch of Obamites on Turkish Muslim ships got together some Greenpeace flotilla to terrorize the Israeli state by invading Israeli waters with "aid for Gaza".

The Jews got on board with paintball guns, which sounds pure Obama in stupidity as George Mitchell and his gang must have loaded the brush on this, and then these IDF Heroes were attacked with knives and metal bars.
The net result was they shot these liberal invaders.

To remind Jews, they are a nation, not an Obama talking point.

As a nation, they simply inform some mob floating about that if they cross the line in the water, that they will be treated as invaders and dealt with.

This blog could care less if the traitorous Turks are going to do this, that or the other thing. If the Turks want to be used as Islamic shills, that is their problem.

The blog cares about the Philistines in Gaza and the Jews in the Israeli state.

To remedy this, the Jews should have floated out a gunboat, warned the flotilla to turn back, and when this liberal mob did not obey, the Jews without any warning shots, as that is what communication is for in warning aid terrorists off, they simply sink the flotilla and return to port.

If the Turks want to save this mob, then Turkey can do it as they created the problem, or this mob can swim back to Ankara where they belong.

Nations can not have their borders violated, whether it be America in Obama's Mexican slaves or Japan in having Chicom ships in their waters. Violent force is what secures borders, and if Turkey doesn't like it, then let it make war on the Jews and see how that turns out.
The same is true in China with Japan, let them mix it up with the Japanese and see how that turns out, and let Mexico mix it up with America and see how that turns out.

This kinder and gentler stuff only gets people killed who are idiots first and then the innocent people end up dead later as things escalate.

The Jews should have sunk those ships and then their bankers should have confiscated those billions in Mrs. Arafat's account, the Hamas accounts and whatever of these Islamocommunists have looted in aid from Philistines and then turned that money over the the neo Syrian Philistine families and told them to exit the West Bank, east Jerusalem or when trouble comes they will be dead rich people, instead of rich live people.

One walks softly and carries a big stick, the Jews walked softly enough, but paintball guns are not big sticks. Use a nice cannon, send a nice message, and keep the nice commandos safe. This keeps the nice Philistines safe in Gaza and will make them wealthy.

Jews have to start taking care of their wards as the Islamocommunists have utterly failed.

What kind of worthless trash uses an "aid ship" as propaganda? Communists of course and this refuse sucking on the Philistine nipple needs to be dumped in a violent way.

The Jews need to take a swashbuckler page from John Paul Jones and Francis Drake. The BS Obama otherwise is going to stink up your waters.

Speaking of Obama, even he is now testicleless in "he is studying the problem and awaiting all information".
Apparently Jews have scared halo head and Obama is now tired of Hamas outing his talking to those terrorists and wet humping his leg in public.

Sinking those ships would send the message to Turkey to stop being a Islamic terrorist enabler, sends the same message to Syria and the same message to the Persian communists.

So start conducting yourself as Prime Minister Begin and Moshe Dyan would.

This Obama and Powell whissing in the wind is not what peoples with nations conduct themselves as.


Whissing in the Wind