Monday, May 31, 2010

The Summer of Obama MAYhem

I believe the Barack Hussein Obama deliberately utilized the entire Gulf oil spill for the purposes of his energy policy, which constitutes nothing more than keeping Americans addicted to foreign oil which keeps Americans impoverished and the United States subjected to foreign powers.
These Europeans are the ones Obama first went to in Berlin on his 2008 rock tour and George Soros was the one Obama went to first to gain their blessing to run for the White House.

These are the powerful Rothschild folks who have protected Obama in his crimes, covered up his non native past and the ones who have created the entire British Petroleum Rockefeller rig explosion.

These are all Gulf GOP states which Obama is ruining. These are all GOP industries in boat captains to the vacation industries.

Obama has done nothing in building sand barriers, found booms or bothered to plug the original gas oil hydrant.

For the record, I fully believe that B. Hussein Obama expected this oil slick to have been on shore when the first press descended upon the Gulf, all for the purpose of ruining American oil exploration.
If one examines this, Obama was meeting with Bono's wife when this murderous explosion occurred. Next came immediate response in Congress which was staged in shutting down oil drilling.
This has been an entire orchestrated operation from the Obama regime. The one creature in this who has been thwarting Obama in being his adversary has been Mother Nature.

Mother Nature for over the month of May fought Mr. Obama in his managed good crisis. British Petroleum and the Obama inspectors were dithering this entire time. BP did hire thousands of people to try and deal with this, but if one notes in this BP which is joined at the hip with Obama they have been from day one operating as they know they have Obama complete cover.
It does not matter about "boot on the throat" of BP, because no one at BP is going to be charge by Eric Holder and it will be the American taxpayer who is on the bill for this in lawsuits as the lawsuits are insurance and this is Americans paying those inflated insurance premiums.
If this goes into Rockefeller JP Morgan Chase in backing this, then that is Tim Geithner and Obama bailing this all out at the financial root again.

The Gulf Obama Slick has been nothing but a shell game in which Americans have been on the stick getting stuck with the costs of this in excise methods of funny money books. Obama has been waiting around for these oil globs to wash ashore for the big story which Obama was spinning against "big oil" when this had little to do with Big American Oil, but had to do with Obama in bed with international Muslim Mafia and BP Rockefeller oil.

Obama has done the damage he and his benefactors fully intended for American energy independence in drill baby drill. Everything Obama has engineered in this goes back to the 2010 and 2012 elections, smearing Sarah Palin, smearing American oil companies, smearing the Tea Party and doing to America exactly what is being done in Iraq, in all that oil is being turned over to Obama slick mafia cronies again when they were liberated.

Obama planned for and plotted for this oil spill. There is no way that handing out awards to this oil platform, inspectors watching porn and the reality all of the safety valves did not work.
That is sabotage of systems and the only person who was going to benefit from this was Mr. Obama as are his Middle East Mafia cronies and their oil derrick pumpers from Europe, who keep American debt flowing to Muslim nations who dump that money into European cartel banks.

This is what is behind all of this and this is one of Mr. Obama's largest crimes in a crime against the environment.

There is a way to handle this situation and it does not require impeachment, so all of these Obama crisis end.
Rep. Sestak from Pennsylvania was offered by Barack Hussein Obama and his staff the position of Sec. of Navy if he would get out of the Senate race with Arlen Specter.

This is a felony and Mr. Obama simply needs to be told by Steny Hoyer, Chris Dodd and assorted New York Times, Charlie Rose and network types that he must go or he will be immediately arrested from either Pennsylvania or one of the Southern States over this oil sabotage, which will mean his and numerous of his staff's immediate removal by the Judiciary.

This kind of environmental terrorism must be held accountable to Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama in the White House had immediate authority to use all resources to stop it. He did nothing, but instead inflamed it as he strangled the American economy in 2009 to further his political objectives.

The patterns are there. This needs more than Diane Sawyer having labor contractions on the Gulf Coast. The American patricians approached Mr. Nixon and he withdrew. America can not afford more Clinton type situations as he was protected.
Liberals must show Mr. Obama the door along with his ilk in office. This will end this and the situation will then be rectified by people who will answer in fear to Americans.