Thursday, June 3, 2010

Obama's Man's Country

There has been a story circulating around the internet by Wayne Madsen which if true confirms a great deal of the profiling conducted here in the Barack Hussein Obama Chicago sodomite group he was involved in, as it is stated that B. Hussein Obama and Rahm Emanuel both belong to a gay sex shop called Man's Country.

The fascination I have with this story is not that it confirms research, profiling or provides even more exoneration to Lawrence Sinclair, but that it fills a crucial void in this story of Obama the gayster, as he bounced around the globe from Indonesian adoptee to Pakistani partridge hunter.

No one has asked the question in this yet, if the reason Obama was introduced to the secret handshake crowd which lifted him from gay Columbia University to the Gay Clubs of Chicago, was not about Marxism, black liberation, Muslim mafia money, but instead was about the connected gay community opening doors for one of their own.

It always was puzzling in the limo driver who procured Barack Obama for Lawrence Sinclair, as it noted a high price clientel who had access to limos, but Obama was hardly a millionaire book writer then.
It would be reasonable that the common denominator in this was the rich gay sugar daddies prowling Chicago were looking for hostesses like Barry Soetoro when in town.
The limo would be a common link which would tie in Man's Country, the Chicago gay scene, and even the gay promotions coming out of Jeremiah Wright's religion.

This is the common mathematics of this which intrigues me, as it infuses every aspect of Obama into the Bill Ayers perversions to the hints which Rush Limbaugh has made often enough about Rahm Emanuel's orientation.

I have always said Rush Limbaugh knows more than he ever tells the world, as it is a gossip community he is a part of with Matt Drudge. They do not divulge the stings on Larry Craig in who was behind them no more than noting the exclusive of the Charlie Gibson gay interview of Obama.

What is interesting in Man's Country are the factoids on their site in Obama if he was a member, had to use his real name, and one would suspect his interesting Social Security number, as only real identities are accepted there.
Those records, his visits to the exact times, would all be something still retained in the files, as this is not just gay clubs, but a matter like the porn industry in records are mandated to be kept in the event exposure to diseases of the homosexual group turn up, and the CDC would have to start tracking down a carrier.
All that becomes a legal matter as a matter of public health.

One could suggest this would be a venue for a Hannah Giles sting, but the problem is Emanuel only likes young boys it is stated, enjoys a sugar daddy parenting at times, but Obama prefers the black ball mate for ESPN, and then in kink goes after the Larry Craig type.
So Hannah Giles in this group would be as safe as a virgin wearing a Gordonian Knot chastity belt.

Rush Limbaugh being told to play with himself, instead of Obama at golf, was Obama's way as this blog noted a gay come on, which now it seems Obama was asking Rush to spank the one eyed monkey and send the pictures to Obama's blackberry for Barry's enjoyment.
Perhaps like Bill Clinton, Rush would be Monica, and not using a cigar, Obama would order Rush to speak into the "golden EI Barack microphone".

That is why these stories matter, and it is why Rush Limbaugh being set up in his little blue stings by Democrats, should not be sitting on stories nor having others note in memoirs the crude comments Obama is asking Rush Limbaugh to do.

Perhaps it is time that World Net Daily have their seasoned reporter asking questions if Mr. Obama and Mr. Emanuel ever were members of Man's Country, instead of asking other questions on Harvard war traitors which makes Robert Gibbs flee from the podium.

Understand, that all of this is in Rahm Emanuel's FBI files, as he was interviewed and he had to bring forth all the blackmailing and embarrassing information from his past, and that would include an Obama cuddle.
That brings to the point in security clearance and Congressional oversight, if Larry Craig is booted from Congress for doing this, then how is it that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid voted to confirm Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff?

How is it that Eric Holder nominated Patrick Fitzgerald in the Emanuel criminal connections when all this gayity was known by Fitzgerald, including all the other colorful outings of Obama, which Rod Blagojevich is hinted to have spoken of on the tapes the government made.
Was Fitzgerald not just a payback for not prosecuting Obama and Emanuel as head of US Attorneys, or did Fitzgerald know too much information about the sexual hoohaas of Obama and Emanuel, so he was rewarded with a closer to Obama job.

For those who speak of Joe Sestak and Speaker Romanoff, there is the glaring example of Tim Johnson selling his Senate vote to Obama, so Johnson's son would be nominated for US Attorney in South Dakota.
This is now compounded and come full circle in Rod Blagojevich and the matter of Patrick Fitzgerald's advancement, as if Obama rewarded Fitzgerald for non prosecution that is a bribe and a subversion of justice, and if evidence is noted that is being suppressed in Mr. Fitzgerald knows of Obama's and Emanuel's sexual sodomy, a Grand Jury must then ask as Patrick Fitzgerald obtained a job, was his silence bought on that matter by Obama?

There are now a great number of felonies beyond Joe Sestak, as this in Obama patterns has gone beyond simple bribes.

The questions now need to be asked as there is enough evidence in the Blagojevich tapes being suppressed to form Grand Juries and Congressional hearings all starting with Joe Sestak and ending with Man's Country in Chicago.

Whatever happened to Presidents and cabinet members like Teddy Roosevelt liked hunting, like Dwight Eisenhower liked raising Angus beef, like Ronald Reagan liked riding horses or like George W. Bush liked chainsawing brush?

Sodomy, bribery, hush jobs, felonies, ex Presidents, all are such flaming signs of the age of profane Obama.