Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sarah Palin: Batting over 750

The news from the primary elections are great for Americans, because in them Sarah Palin, in backing 4 Tea Party candidates, literally had the blessed touch in victory in 3 out of 4 races.

That is an amazing touching when one compares B. Hussein Obama's kiss of death in being zero for 4 in everyone he touches.

The puppy press are already lying about the race results in trends were down nationally. Yes the trends were down FOR DEMOCRATS. In some races, like in North Dakota where Obamite Earl Pomeroy was running, he lost tens of thousands of votes from 2008.
The opposite was true for the GOP in they gained tens of thousands of votes.

The trend is there children, the tar ball of Obama has suffocated the liberal flames in America and the inferno is on the right.

What is most spectacular about all of this is Conservative Ladies are leading this charge from state houses to national elections. Women are running in California and Nevada with huge support and new women on the rise are about to unseat established liberals in South Dakota.

Blanch Lincoln is the celebration for Democrats in the South, but she is thee disaster in the making. She is an Obamite, voted in by Obamites, while the rest of America including Democrats in Pennsylvania are running so hard to the right away from Obama that they make Sean Hannity appear to be Jerry Ford.

This is now the time to take it to the limits in this. I will note that in the Dakotas where the two Governors are running in one for national office and one is having his Lt. run, those states with Conservative economics and American policies were overwhelming cemented in the incumbents who were proven to be honest with the voters.
So do not alone think this is an upstart Tea Party event alone, but this is the established Reagan Conservatives across America being embraced by American voters, while the fringe left is being booted to the Obama abyss.

Here am I, refraining in making this also a "womans" election, as I do not mark candidates by female or male, but what is in the heart. I realize I champion Governor Palin a great deal, but I judge all of these candidates like the Great Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher in being Conservatives to the core first and last. They are going to bring out the best in Christian western values and not turn America or the west over to idiotic Sharia laws or dabble into bowing to worship what is in the China bowl of millet.
I have mentioned previously that there is something Spirtual in this in God's Plan of Adam in the beginning leading and in these End Times, out of respect for women, God is progressing His daughters to their role for their long service to mankind.

I view these Ladies then as heavenly bodies where Christ says there is no male or female, there is just one Thought reflecting the Father's perfect will for the best for all responsible Citizens.

Just remember one year ago in Jeb Bush saying Reagan was roadkill and Bobby Jindal saying we had to be like Obama and work with him.
Well Arlen Specter is roadkill and Americans are about to work over the Marxist man for the American Dream again for that Shining City on the Hill.

God bless Sarah Palin, as she was the soul beacon in this when all the other big shots abandoned the ship and were putting on tan face paint acting Obama.
All of this is God's doing and it is marvelous, but this blog salutes and recognizes those who God worked through in standing for America when the rest abandoned her. You are the Citizens who read here, who were harassed by Obamites, you had your emails hacked, you had Escheleon probing your internet and cell phones, you are on Napolitano's watch lists for being Americans.
You stood at this Alamo and did not allow it to be America's last stand. While America was in retreat, you were the sappers in the wire taking it to those changing America.

What has happened is built upon the joists of God's workmanship in you. You stood, you endured, you did not break. Your statistics are Sarah Palin's statistics and never forget your importance in all your communities and on the national stage. You have made a difference and God has amplified each of you for this time.

Now is the season to push hard and enjoy the work. The harvest comes in the autumn, and let us pray it is a cornucopia of real Americans in Congress who will answer to Americans first and not patricians as we were betrayed previously.

Obama is using foul language, but our Praises are pure in God bless the Good in these United States of America!