Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just what has Obama been up to?

I grabbed this from Truth on Target blog which seems sort of collecting dust now, but what they had formerly published was the proof that Obama had violated federal law as a Senator in tampering with the government in overthrowing it in he did with the Palestinians, Joe Sestak, Romanoff, Tim Johnson and now Arlen Specter.

Here am I thought not about to delve into old crimes and new Obama crimes, but something caught my eye in these Obama emails to cousin Odinga which is really odd.

Obama's email posted above:

On Fri, 12/22/06,


Subject: Let's share a dream!
Date: Friday, December 22, 2006, 6:27 AM

Hello brother,

I will kindly wish that all our correspondence handled by Mr. Mark Lippert. I have already instructed him. This will be for my own security both for now and in the future.


Second Email:

-On Fri, 12/22/06, Obama, Barack (Obama)

From: Obama, Barack (Obama)
Subject: Mark Lippert
To: "Raila Odinga"
Date: Friday, December 22, 2008, 636 AM

Thanks for contacting me about Mr. Lippert through email. Contact him through

As in all things Obama, things never make any sense. This is the guy who was praised for his prose in Dreams of my Obama, and just study his first sentence which sounds like some 3rd world graduate of the 3rd grade as a second language.

"I kindly wish that all our correspondence handled by Mark Lippert."

That sentence in normal English should be, "I would kindly prefer that all of our correspondence be handled through the office of Mark Lippert."

Obama though is speaking literally like someone who is beating out the message on jungle drums. He can not even communicate in basic English.

How does someone like that meld with the Obama praised and the Obama who wrote books, unless as Jack Cashill noted Bill Ayers wrote Dreams and Mort Zuckerman was writing Obama's speeches.

It becomes even more bizarre as on the same day, the same early morning hours when no one apparently is in the Senate before 8 AM, that Obama is emailing and demanding the correspondence come through his office in emails and not phone calls, but at 6 AM, Obama is telling cousin Odinga, the butcher of Kenya, to handle all things through Mark Lippert, who is an intelligence agent, who worked for Obama and then went back to the Navy in 2009.

Name one person who runs intelligence answering only to Obama in 2009, and drops it all for the glory, and runs back to the anonymity of the Navy? This is Mark Lippert, and he was handling the details in Obama's illegal meddling in overthrowing a foreign government.

At this point it becomes strange to the trained eye, as Obama apparently had at least two emails running at the Senate, as one notes the first email is addressed in lower case, and the second email is in capitalized with OBAMA in brackets.

Details like that make it interesting in just how many accounts do folks like Barney Frank have? Is it a case when their emails are subpoenaed that they keep the sodomite ones and the treasonous ones under a different account, and the ones which they turn over to investigators is the "official" account?

It is past time that Mr. Obama be held accountable and be made to answer the basic questions in how a Senator who accomplished nothing, somehow needed "security" and an intelligence agent running his emails to cousin Odinga?

Was there Senate Intelligence Oversight in what Obama was carrying out? Just how much did the CIA and the State Department know what Obama was initiating that needed security layers and at least three email accounts dealing with the overthrow of the Kenyan Government so Marxist cousin Raila Odinga who only had Yahoo mail could keep Obama informed of what was taking place in riots, beatings and murder.

B. Hussein Obama can not even type in English a basic sentence. Why is that? What sense does any of this Obama maze ever make.

Just what has Obama been up to?