Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kristi Noem: Thee American Future

I promised to reveal to you America's future and this is the opportunity to accomplish this.

Her name is Kristi Noem, and she is in the process of unseating the biggest aborticide, criminal, fraud Blue Dog to ever walk the planet in Stephie Herseth Sandlin of South Dakota.

I have waited for some time to observe the national media as they rightly give space to the women about to get rid of that Harry Reid or that spacetaker Barbara Boxer, but in Kristi Noem, America has the Sarah Palin of South Dakota in being a most accomplished Lady as wife, mother, business owner, and elected legislator who quickly rose to the ranks of leadership in the South Dakota House.
This blog has catalogued the absolute Democratic cesspool South Dakota politics is in election theft by Tim Johnson and the criminality of Stephanie Herseth Sandlin in using her elected office to be a conduit for the abortion industry as a "consultant" (admitted by the industry) to overturn the Right to Live Law passed by the South Dakota legislature.

Herseth Sandlin couldn't crow loud enough about all the bribes she and Johnson brought home to South Dakota in Obamacare, but when polls showed she was going to destroyed in the 2010 elections, she backed off and voted against it, like all those fraud Blue Dogs did.
The Michigan fraud baby butcher at least had the decency to get out of the race. Stephie just came to South Dakota to be booed by Democrats.

Literally if you combine Blagojevich, Barney Frank banking fraud and Sestak, you have the criminal Stephie Herseth Sandlin is. If you add her Washington, DC stint on her back with old geezer lawyers to get her start in Congress, you have the Obamite which is worse than Harry Reid, as at least Reid whores for the fraud NRA.

This is the task Kristi Noem who is pure American has begun a journey on. This is the Lady which these 50 American states need as thee voice in the House to change that House back into the People's House.
While the glamour goes to Sean Hannity and Mark Levin in the fine GOP Senators running, there must be just as much attention paid to Kristi Noem as she is about to retire the biggest fraud since Tom Daschle in the Congress.

That is the need John Thune had in removing Daschle in needing the rest of America to rally to their own best necessity. Kristi Noem needs that support and can do this, but it is going to take all Americans to elect these Conservative Ladies and Gentlemen to Congress to undo Obama.
Americans accomplished this with that luke warm Massachusetts Scott Brown who in arrogance forgot the debt. Kristi Noem is a ranch gal, and she is not going to betray anyone nor ever forget her allies are thee American people.

You can add her name to Michelle Bachmann, Governor Brewer, Sarah Palin as pure leadership you can count on.

Sharron Angle who is the Lady who is going to defeat Harry Reid, mentioned the reality that if 1 million Americans, and consider 65 million voted for John McCain would just send her 25 dollars she would beat Harry Reid's war chest from special interests.
I realize that all Americans can not afford to give, but think of it if Americans would give 200 dollars by adopting 8 Conservative Candidates across America, and this was meeting the 1 million strong donors, what the change in Congress would be.
Think of having 8 Ronald Reagan's or Sen. DeMint in Congress stopping Obama, investigating Obama and setting the stage for Sarah Palin.

There are all sorts of things every real American can do, if money is not there to donate. You can volunteer to help your local candidate or write letters to the editor championing the solutions Americans like Kristi Noem provides.
Asking your favorite radio host to interview Kristi provides her exposure and access to potential donors.

Never forget the sacrifice someone like Kristi Noem has undertaken. She is not just sitting there with opinions like some Chicago thug, but she actually went out circulating petitions to get on the ballot, raised funds to run those commercials on unfriendly television and is going to be working day and night for a November victory.
Americans can make the difference in the coming election, and not have to vote for frauds like Arlen Specter or bribe crooks like Joe Sestak. Adopt a candidate and help them.

Do not forget the American Ladies running in this who are not getting the attention as America, you have the opportunity to get rid of Tom Dachle in a skirt with inflatable breasts.

I do not just want this fine Lady in Kristi Noem serving America, I want for every butchered infant in the upper Midwest for this criminal Stephie Herseth Sandlin to face the justice in this world she like all the Obamite crooks deserve in Rahm Emanuel, Tim Johnson, Jim Messina, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, Joe Sestak and the biggest crook of all in B. Hussein Obama.

Work for this Citizens, and make this a real revolution where in addition to a Conservative Congress undoing Obama's rapine of America, that they will investigate these criminals out of office and into prison.

This is thee biggest election in United States history, larger than the first Congress, larger than the Civil War, as there is not going to be an America if this group of thugocracy continues to get away with their crimes.
There is nothing left to plunder America over from this bunch. Their only recourse left is to enslave Mexicans and find away to criminalize and execute Americans like Joe Stalin carried out so the worm does not turn and bring them to justice for these crimes against America.

If you have the money donate, if you can throw a fund raiser do it in conjunction with your local GOP, if you can write then write a letter, if you can make phone calls under the direction of the GOP then do it, find a way to back these Americans for America's sake our backs are against the wall and this is our Alamo and the Mexicans are at the wall, with Generalissimo Obama leading the mob to get rid of the Bowies, Crocketts and Travis' who dared to stand for America.

God move the Good in America to accomplish His will in Jesus Name. Amen


Conservative Kristi Noem for Congress