Monday, October 4, 2010

Jew Hater: Stephanie Herseth Sandlin

With the firing of Cuban American Rick Sanchez at CNN, over his statements that there is a pecking order in liberal establishment circles and folks like Jon Leibowitz or Jon Stewart are at the top in being Jews and Cubans are the floor moppers, there requires an in depth explanation of this as there is an Ashkenaz Aristocracy in America which just fired Rick Sanchez for speaking out.

This requires being made public as it is this same Ashkenaz secular group which tried to do that electronic lynching of Clarence Thomas and puts Michael Savage on terror watch lists in England.

You have to comprehend this in there is a pecking order as in feudal Europe and the same order which Jesus the Christ ran into in Jerusalem over 2000 years ago which assassinated him.

This order at the top actually lays down orders and I have seen an actual letter written and signed by Democrat Stephanie Herseth Sandlin to a Jewish person in which she stated she would not help them because this person was Jewish and not part of a minority, according to some federal standards.
Yes that was news to me that Sandlin has some marching orders which dictate that Jews are not a minority any longer.
That is exactly what Rick Sanchez said at CNN and was fired over, and yet this female Democrat, whose husband was the enforcer for Nancy Pelosi and who is working with the person taking orders from Karl Rove, is not being impeached from Congress.

Now why is that in Rick Sanchez a Cuban is fired and Stephie Sandlin a white, connected Democrat of Karl Rove, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama extraction, is allowed to be a Jew Hater and implementing anti semitic policy?
It is the same reason that Benjamin Netanyahu was stuffed into a meat wagon by B. Hussein Obama. The same reason Karl Rove ruined George Allen and the same reason Stephanie Herseth Sandlin can brush off Jews with life threatening ailments, because there are "good" Jews and "bad" Jews.
Just as B. Hussein Obama has engulfed America into Islamic tribal warfare with his "good" Muslims and "bad" Muslims.

In this Jew hater group, Michael Savage and Mark Levin are "bad" Jews. Mark Levin is especially a bad Jew as he speaks of God and is a Russian immigrant.

History reveals that Hitler's national socialists were funded by the American Ashkenaz, which are led by the Rockefeller clique. This is not that complicated as it is like the British Royals in the Queen gets to piss on everyone, but Duke Andrew gets to piss on everyone but daddy, mummy, Chuck and his boys.
It is the same with the Rockefellers in they are top dogs in America, but the Rothschilds in Europe who are the old Ashkenaz Mayer family rule the pound and pound everyone, including Bill Clinton for crossing them.
This is what was behind Hillary Clinton being humiliated in having to give up the presidency to Obama in Bill Clinton sold Asian uranium which the Rothschild cartel stated like all the world, was their property.
This is how George Soros goes into Romania being an Ashkenaz and tells Romanians that the gold is his, and they can not mine it even in their own country.

So in America, it is Rockefeller, and then one has the Loeb, Khun who work for the Rockefellers and then the Lehman Brothers etc.... They literally rule America, and when Rick Sanchez goes public in anti semitism aimed at the leftist Ashkenaz he gets cut as quick as in Hitler's pecking order.

If you are a Jew in Stephanie Herseth Sandlin's flyover country, you are on par with Sephardic (bloodline Judahites) in she can piss on them without any problem in mimicking word for word exactly what Rick Sanchez was spouting off about.

The filthy secret in this is, that it was the Ashkenaz cartel elite who were literally auctioning off to the Nazi's in Germany the ghetto work force of European Sephardic and poor Ashkenaz Jews.
These Rothschilds drank champagne with the Nazi elite, as Hitler was a bastard son of the Rothschilds installed into power.
This gets very touchy on this subject as real Jews have been so herded by the Ashkenaz elite who hide in Jewry that Jews stop listening and start branding the reality as a threat when the reality it was the Ashkenaz elite who sold Jews to work to death camps, inflated the dead Jew numbers in the holocaust so they could steal the coming Jewish state of Israel and have made the holocaust a literal for profit industry.

It is all by design just as installing usurper Obama was by these Berlin benefactors to loot America of trillions.

Just look up sometime the literal history of the Ashkenaz. You will find they are not Jewish in being of the Shemite or Semite line of Abraham. They are Asian in origin. They are the sons of Gomer who was of Japheth in Noah's son after the flood.
They are related to the Russians and listed among them in Moscovites.

This empire and it was an Ashkenaz Empire of the Hittite and Assyrian era was very powerful. It though was looking for a religion and converted as a people to be Jews. Since that time in mingling with the Babylonian mystery religion in Talmudic and Kabballah, with the false prophet Sabbatai Zvi who stated that people had to sin more so the Messiah would return, have been in the process of being at war with God fearing Jews and the heads of the lost 10 tribes, which are the English and Americans.
Does it start ringing bells now why this Rothschild clique started the meltdown in Iceland which is Benjamin. Moved it into France who is Reuben, and then into Britain which are Danite Irish, the Scotts and the Anglo Saxon Josephites and then took aim at America which is Manasseh Joseph Israelites.
This same Ashkenaz elite was using the code words of Anglo American finance to blame all this on Americans and English when it was their ulitimate 9 11 economic attack on these peoples.

This has been a literal nation rape of an anti semitic order with the Ashkenaz claiming they are semetic in order to carry out this rapine.
And who gets the blame? Is it the European and American Ashkenaz royalty? Why not in the least, instead it is Benjamin Netanyahu and the settler Jews who are eating Muslim missiles and some little Jew in South Dakota getting left for road kill by Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.

That is the vicious and viral game occurring. If Mark Levin and Michael Savage would sign on to be stooges of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds bashing Sarah Palin, both would be sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom, and have featured shows on that fraud FOX News, which is now more liberal than Dan Rather.
FOX is hiding behind Sean Hannity's Conservatism and the rest of that ilk is left with hand picked Jon Stewart parrots.

Michael Savage noted on his program that his publisher is owned by Rupert Murdoch, but he can not get one interview on FOX. That is how this game is played in the Jews who love America are behind the Warsaw wall and the Jews who hate America are writing jokes for Obama or stealing elections in Minnesota as Al Franken did from Jewish Norm Coleman and getting away with it, because Karl Rove signed off on destroying Conservative Jews in Allen and Coleman.

This is not all Jews or most Jews. This is about a powerful elite who eat Rick Sanchez and try to bite the head off of Mark Levin and throw Michael Savage into prison. This Ashkenaz elite are secular except for that same mystery illuminated religion they practice in secret. They hate God fearing Jews, desire Judahites exterminated, arm Muslims to murder Jews, want all the Holy Land for their own world capital and literally split the Conservative Likud Jewish party into Kadima to install Marxist traitors like Ehud Barak into power.

Goodness people, what in the hell do you think Glenn Beck is about with Ann Coulter in spouting off the same thing about splitting the GOP into two groups. That is all to keep Obama Marxism in power and that is what got Obama installed into the White House in the first place with Karl Rove and Steve Schmidt working for Obama to ruin McCain and carry on this Tea Party smear.

The Rothschilds hired George Soros as their European American to install Obama into the White House. The Rockefellers were punished in their bastard son Bill Rockefeller Clinton. If you did not notice, Chelsea Clinton married a connected secular Jew to carry on the family order, even if she looks like Webb Hubble is her sperm donor.
This is all a feudal system in the patricians and the peasants. One gets away with high crimes and one does not.

Rick Sanchez at CNN does not get away with outing Jon Stewart, but Stephanie Herseth Sandlin stating the same thing in writing to an outsider Jew like Mark Levin has the protection of the Rockefellers and their hireling in Karl Rove.

Hating Jews has always been sport of this elite mob. Rome was appointing by Herod the Jewish religious leaders and the same appointments are coming now from the Rothschilds to appoint the Jewish leaders over the faithful for the slaughter now just like Christ.

It certainly was news to me when Stephanie Herseth Sandlin wrote that Jews are not a minority in America and literally even with illnesses can be discriminated against. I have seen this letter and it as recent as Rick Sanchez stating the same thing.

Rick Sanchez should have done like Stephie Sandlin and pissed on Mark Levin.........he probably would be replacing Katie Couric now as a network anchor.

None of this will make Drudge who is Jewish nor have Mrs. Sandlin removed from Congress on semitic hatred.

Wonder why............

I just told you children.


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