Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An American Hero

I recall long ago footage of Dan Rather, contemplating as he did, before breaking into pride in telling Americans, that the peaceful transition of power in the United States Presidency is something rare in this world.
That people just do not accept loss on one side nor do those in power willingly give it up.

Dan Rather though did not examine the full detail of this American tradition, because Mr. Rather was part of a coup which brought down President Richard Nixon, in which Mr. Nixon willingly gave up power twice in his life, once when the Kennedy family stole the 1960 elections and again in resigning over Watergate, all to save America, for in this is the greatest part of America in not the transition of power, but the Constitution taking power from those who have power as it is intended.

I do not utilize the term HERO lightly. I in most cases view a Hero to be someone who must risk their life in the service of others literally. I do though bestow that title on Mario Apuzzo, an attorney who has been fighting for America in thee most legal of ways against thee most illegal Barack Hussein Obama.

The entire Birther group has been maligned and made sport of by all those from Ann Coulter to Keith Olbermann. They have suffered loss after loss by corrupt judges protecting the usuper B. Hussein Obama.
In that though, Mr. Apuzzo in his case, Kerchner vs. Obama, has been defeated in New Jersey, but has now come before the Supreme Court of these United States asking them to hear the case as it was first broken here on natural born citizen.

I will not go into details as all are aware of teh 1948 British Nationality Act, which Mr. Obama was born under, in his father was Kenyan British and his mother being a minor, was upon marriage made a British subject, so in that Mr. Obama is British no matter if he were born on the moon or Hawaii.

Those are the facts as Mr. Obama is not America, but is an adopted Kenyan national into Indonesia, and illegally papered by the American State Department.

What Mr. Apuzzo can do is argue this case in New Jersey, or if John Roberts wills with a majority, the Supreme Court can hear this case on Obama being undocumented.
I noted here after a certain State of the Scrotum speech by Mr. Obama when he had Charles Schumer spitting on the Justices in Congress, that Mr. Obama in berating these High Court Judges, that he had made an immense 3rd world mistake.

Literally, the Supreme Court can remove Mr. Obama by the end of the week and in discovery actually force all what Mr. Obama has spent 2 million dollars hiding, to be made public.

I pray that this is the case in the Court actually doing it's Constitutional job for the first time in protecting America that they will find the facts in this case.
The dropping poll numbers of Obama now provide them cover, and with Nancy Pelosi speaking on Obama's files she has, there is now afforded the American government the chance to be thee American Government in wiping this corrupt regime from power.

From power............

Think of that in one brave American, standing alone where so many others have been threatened, fined and hounded, that this one American standing on Constitutional Law can force from thee most powerful seat in the world, a fraud in B. Hussein Obama.

No tanks, no terrorism, no million man marching rioters, no gatherings at FOX or CBS and no whispered Bush or Clinton intrigues for power, just one lone man, one lone American Hero has legally in persistence laid the groundwork for thee most important story in modern world history in removing an illegal from office, of a nation that illegal sought to destroy, by this one Hero using the very document which founded America.

Mario Apuzzo, if those who are mandated to uphold the Constitutional Laws of these United States do so, is a legend before our very eyes.
His greatness surpasses Lincoln and Reagan, and he stands with the Founders like the Minute Men in securing America from tyranny against all odds.
He literally can bring down a criminal tyrant, armed with nuclear arms, myriads of federal press, a corrupt Jake Tapper press, a fawning court protecting crime and a Democratic Congress and patrician Bush establishment which protected this usurper in Obama, and do it all with the power of the Laws of these United States.

Can there be anything more beautiful or American than that. One rugged individual against the mob. There is only one American who is of that standard and it is our beloved John Adams, the second President of these United States, and forever the greatest Federalist protector of this Republic.

Mario Apuzzo is just an American, but what a breed these real American are.

I hope the Supreme Court is of 5 of those breed of Americans yet in protecting that Shining City on a Hill.