Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Arianna Obama Liaison

Do you really think Huffington Post is worth hundreds of millions of dollars?

Do you really think Arianna Huffington is a genius?

Do you really think when AOL forked over a fortune for Huffington Post and signed on AH to be number two, that this was a deal of commerce with an eye on journalism?

Huffington Post is a nazi manifestation, in being a national socialist propaganda orb as dubious as Pravda or the things Hitler came out with in documentaries of rats running through the streets as Jews.
This is the site which was fixated on New Orleans telling the world it would never survive, grousing about coal miners dying when it was Arianna using natural gas in power plants for her electric which caused those miners deaths and yes, the site which advocated handing out Penthouse to sexual perverts.

As an exclusive here, I'm going to explain a few things to you by Inspiration.

Huffington hired Andrew Brietbart to create HP, in hiring him away from Matt Drudge. This was a leftist design, which you know came directly from George Soros funding, which means it came right out of Berlin, in Obama's benefactors who caused the economic attack on America in 2008 which installed Obama, and is still raping this nation.

HP was supposed to trump Drudge, and it failed miserably. It was a rubel of a Molotov Mob throwing cocktails for the Letterman crowd.

Huffington had to drum up millions not that many years ago just to maintain the site. In that, the site was nothing but a sham of Drudge related links followed by the liberal trolls who lurked there.
It failed as political tool as it was meant to be.

The interesting part in this is, Huffington Post was taken over by AOL, which was a disaster for Time Warner who took over this entire worthless liberal mob from CNN, to lose a fortune for investors.
In other words, if you want to know why your local stations and the New York Times are all cash strapped, it is because the Rockefeller Rothschild funnelling of American intelligence dollars has shifted from the print and television media, after most of it was sold off to corporate bidders in GE, Disney and Murdoch, and placed those funds into the black holes of Huffington Post and other George Soros propaganda pieces of international socialism.
This is why Air America went tits up, and the only reason Huffington Post has not vanished, is because it is getting massive welfare payments while working it's little liberal writers for slave wages.

This is the venue of "journalism" as it always has been in Huffington Post and AOL are just funnels for the world intelligentsia to shove their indoctrination down the Innocent's throats as Obama holds his jack boot there.

Now you know what is the rest of the story as Paul Harvey would say..........and you can probably figure out why those sites online are making it, as they have a revenue source too from the powers that be.

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