Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mormon von Romney

Mormon Romney had the seagulls come and eat all them Ohio locusts in a true Joe Smith miracle in the great salt lick of the Ohio hinterlands.

Imagine a local candidate like Rick Santorum, winning the cities over Romney for a 3 point margin, but Karl Rove on FOX bragging that Romney would pick up votes in the late precincts and win it.
Odd how late votes are always rural, as they have the paper ballots and have to drive them to places to get voted, and those people in mass vote Conservative and are loyal to regional people who are Christian. Yet in the choice of Catholic Santorum Conservative and Romney Mormon Liberal, these redneck hicks of Ohio fused with Amish, West Virginians, Tennesseans and Indianans all chose by a big margin...........the Obama candidate in Romney.

Yes Ohio is old union in the old industries and those idiot ties run deep, but Romney is hardly pro union in gutting companies. That means a salt and pepper Obama who destroys unions while stoking up Wall Street cannibal capitalists is hardly going to be the choice of the rural pot smoking, Jesus invoking, gun firing, SUV driving and deer eating voters.
More Catholics than Mormons in the land of losers.

So the reality is Karl Rove is plotmaster in he does know to the person how many people vote in each district as that was his job in charting these things for Bush 43. The reality is though, Romney either paid for votes or Romney stuffed the ballot boxes like Tim Johnson did for the Indian vote to steal his Senate seat in South Dakota as Al Franken did in Minnesota.
You steal close elections by paper ballots in rural areas. You steal big elections by flipping votes in machines as Barack Obama and Harry Reid did.

There must be a national investigation into this Ohio fraud, as Romney has been pulling illegal acts since 2008 when he was destroying Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee. There is absolutely no reason or way that rural Ohioans voted for a Mormon who does Obama policy. If it was 30 years ago in the rust belt of coal, steel and auto, chances are Romney might have split in the Catholic vote as Protestants hate Catholics, but then they hate goofy Mormons too.

It is the reality that old pale white dudes compared to tanned young dudes do not get votes. Santorum should have won the late vote and did not, but he did win the early big city votes when Romney should have won that on money the Mormon was spending.
If you do not comprehend that, then you missed it all, as when Santorum won by 3 points in urban areas, he would have won by 10 points in rural areas.

Meaning that Romney had to win in less populated areas by a 100 percent margin, and that does not take place in making up voting numbers unless you are Landslide Lyndon Johnson or Dickhead Tom Daschle.

If you want it put precisely, Mitt Romney rigged and stole Ohio with Karl Rove. Rove knew the victory and the numbers to the voter and predicted it exactly. The only way one does that is to do the voting for the people who are drunk or dead.

The GOP is a criminal group in the establishment as they would not allow Gingrich into Virginia. In comparison when in a head to head match in North Dakota, a Conservative state, it was Santorum who kicked Ron Paul's butt and Romney who has been wooing the Norwegians there for 6 years would not vote for him.

That is your reality. Santorum outguns Paul people in caucus states run legitimate. In states Romney appears in the South, Gingrich destroys Romney there.
Romney is 25% Mormon vote and that is it. He is east and establishment and has no appeal in western, rural or southern states. He leverages dork liberal states and stole Ohio from Rick Santorum.

Where is the investigation and the putting of the Ohio delegates in the box where they are not awarded until an investigation takes place.

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