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Anna Chin Soebarkah


The real name of Barack Hussein Obama's mother is Anna Chin Soebarkah and this is her exclusive story. She might be listed under a different "American nationality" on her entry to Hawaii in the 1950's, but forged documents run in the B. Hussein Obama Osseiran clan.

Anna was born in the Philippines approximately 1927 under America control from the Spanish American War. At the age of 18, she had survived the Japanese occupation to 1945.
By 1956, she had become involved with as a Comfort Woman, a wealthy connected Indonesian family and become impregnated with a child who would be born named, Holiyah.

 The child would be nationalized back into Indonesian culture and the mother being "put out", was forced to fend for herself in being abandoned and took up the position of "fancy woman" status, which led her to Hawaii on a US citizenship claim to Lederer's Bar, home of the eastern communist front into America, and serviced by Frank Marshall Davis and his friend, Stanley Armour Dunham.

Anna is a product of many of the Filipino culture in being a trader's island she exhibits both native Filipino, Chinese and Japanese ethnic traits. She was a very beautiful woman and while her photo shows the years were hard to her in whoring, she was the dirty secret of European, Asian and American occupation in the mistreatment of Filipino women, in treating them like whores or whoring them, knocking them up and abandoning them.

Anna Soebarkah was of the Soetoro clan, meaning that is in Jakarta who fathered her daughter named Lia or Holiyah, whom she abandoned for Lederer's whore hotel of communists. It was on this front the communists of 1960 were fixating on in three Asian areas of Vietnam, Hawaii and Indonesia.
Hawaii was the vantage western point in the Pacific. Vietnam would control Indochina and Indonesia would control the island states to the mainland of 1 billion people.
With China and India having 2 billion in their communist hordes, the control of Indonesia and Indochina would create hegeononmy and isolate America on Okinawa and South Korea.

The main thrust at the time was the control of Africa for the low caste figures of the Dunhams. This is why they were involved in that gay black sex cult with Frank Marshall Davis. Africa of the 1950's was the revolutionary underground and the Dunhams hoped in that little bastard Barry to foster their own dynasty there.
This is why when Anna was impregnated finally by a African dock worker from east Africa, as Barack sr. was not getting the job done, that a deal was worked out in Obama sr. who was heir apparent in Kenya to communist rule with Tom Mboya, that a white girl would adopt this Chinoid  child, pass herself off as mother, and gain access to Obama sr. of all US financing which he was lusting after.

The stage was then set. This Barry Obama was not born in August of 1961, but as Obama blundered out in he was born earlier in the summer of 1961 to the Filipina Asian prostitute named Anna.
She was paid a small sum for the child and her efforts to disappear in being sent back to the Philippines.

The benefactor of Lia, was for a time her mother, until she was like Andrew Breitbart, deceased from natural causes, about the time that the African adventure of the Dunhams ran out, and Lolo Soetoro was fingered as an inroad into communist south Asia.

This is where the bone fides of Barry Soetoro come into play, as Lia was adopted by Stan Ann to give heritage and training to her younger brother who ran like a duck. Of course, it was an insane gambit in the communist Dunhams thinking a black adopted kid, hiding he was a Soetoro by being an Indonesian Soetoro from a whore, who was Filipino, would ever stick in a ethnic centric Muslim land.

It did not take long before that plan by the Dunham's was axed by the cartel and Barry and Lia were dumped into Hawaii, and as no one wanted a bastardette Lia around, she was after transitioning illegal Barry back into the US, dumped back into Indonesia to be married off to some old guy and seal the Obama sordid tales, until she started talking to the press and had to be silenced in murder.

All of this has been in plain sight. It is why the Barack sr. and Anna photo was kept with the communists of Hawaii, as they were seeking proof for the breeding agenda they were involved in at Sugarland. It is quite comic really in a British Luo Kenyan pumping dust is fingered for a bastard from a Filipina Chinese Japanese woman of Indonesia market, and somehow this completely unAmerican child ends up in the White House as everyone knows how damned ridiculous this is and no one has bothered to ever say the elephant is in the room.

This is why this blog has been filtering this for almost 4 years going, to expose and make your minds ponder this. Obama's Dreams are a fiction and his reality is, even in fiction, he is not American. He was embarrassed by what he knows is in those hidden papers in how he was whored around, and he knows very certain he is no more American than a Peking girl.

Barack Obama is a Chinoid, a product of slave trade merchants in Shia Africa and the merchants of mayhem of China and Japan in the Philippines, preyed upon a Christian named woman, Anna, who got pregnant by and Indonesian trader, and ended up in Hawaii trying to survive.

Anna might have been registered as "American", but was not. It was a case of one of those imported whores the State Department signed off on to please the communists and everyone just shrugged their shoulders.

Popular surnames among Chinese-Filipinos: Chan, Cheng, Chua, Co, Cue, Dee, Go, Ku, Lee, Tan, Tiu, Ting, Ty, Sy, Yap, Yee, and others that are three-word combinations that end in -co like Cojuangco, Dychingco and Tanjuatco

Examples of native Tagalog surnames: Dimaguiba (impenetrable), Guinto (gold),  Macaraeg, Matapang (brave), Masipag (industrious)

Barack Hussein Osseiran's real name is in the above of his birth mother's lineage. You now know what the elite know, what most intelligence agencies know and what this blog has been pointing you too for years.

This is why this blog was Inspired to reveal the deep military occupation of the Philippines and why Obama has been visiting that nation in their Presidential inauguration. The Philippines are Obama's native land.

For the Tiger Lily who Inspires........

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