Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Jewish Wolf


What if you were to be told that the holocaust would never have had to have happened in the 1.5 million poor Jews who expired under Nazi rule, would have been alive to found a Jewish State in 1930?

This was indeed the vision for Revisionist Zionist Leader, Ze'ev Jabotinksy, as he literally had visited Poland and formulated a 10 year plan with the Polish, Romanian and Hungarian governments approval for Jews to immigrate to Israel under British mandate and found a homeland for Jews.

The entire thrust of the German Nazi plank of Hitler's war on Bolsehvik Jews would have been muted, and not carried out in forced labor concentration camps, but instead on the warfields of Russia, with no innocents dying in mass, if only the Jabotinsky plan for immigration had been in place.
It was thwarted though by resident Jews and the British government.

Jabotinsky was a character like one does not see in Ashkenaz propaganda of the Jewish victim, as he was a warrior who fought in World War I under the British, and then returned home to Russia  to organize Jewish security against attacks in Russia.
He would later in Israel gain leadership in a covert war of liberation in attacking Arab and British rule by force in founding the State of Israel.

Jabotinsky would be arrested and sentenced  to 15 years in prison for owning firearms and his leadership in the founding of Israel.

One can ponder the reality of history, and then one can see the tragedy of the what if this one man from Russia had been able to put into effect the Jewish immigration for the founding of the Israeli state or Zionism in a Jewish Homeland.
Millions of Jews would have been out of central Europe and safe in Israel by 1939. It is a fact that the Jewish leadership appreciated Adolf Hitler in saving Germany and his war on communists, but drew the line at his anti Semite policies, and Jabotinsky lectured Jews to not be in bed with supporting Hitler.

It is a reality though that so many lives would have been so different if this plan had been enacted and not thwarted by the Ashkenaz elite in Europe and England. It is now a glaring reality, and is hidden in the dust of history few know of, as the Revisionist Zionism movement is buried and never is heard from in what it literally was attempting to accomplish.

There is no doubt that the cartel started importing Muslims into the Israeli unoccupied lands to balance the Jabotinsky immigration of Jews into their homeland. This has set off the struggle which is murdering Christians, Muslims and Jews today, as all are pulled into a vortex of conflict which would have been settled if the Muslims had not been armed by Europe and turned into militants by Zbigniew Brzezinski.

The Jewish Wolf was right and his struggle was sound, and it should be a story known by all, as it was not a victimized Jew in fantasy, but Jews organizing and in self defense being a people on their feet and taking care of themselves with both rifle and hoe.

Ask yourself why the greatest leaders of the modern Jewish history have been censored in their vision in all it would have meant in saving lives across the spectrum, as they saw what was being instigated in Europe and those today who see what is being instigated around the world are being censored as this blog's message in the Neo Roman Empire being founded on the blood of Jews, the flesh of Muslims and the debt of Americans.

Why is it the voices of reason and prophetic insight are the ones being shut out, while those of mass murder in Barry Chin, are the ones which are the murderous cacophony the media only tells the Ashkenaz elite cartel story of?


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