Friday, September 21, 2012

Dick Helmet

If Robert Morton's World Trib is correct, and I suppose I have to check this as his numbers published reveal that Barack Hussein Obama Osserian in 2012 increased revenues to Muslim oil states to levels approaching three quarters of a trillion dollars from "barely" half a trillion dollars......

Do the math, in 538 billion in 2011 to 572 billion in 2012, is a plus column of 34 billion more flowing into these Obama radical Islam states that for sport blast US embassies and Obama blames Christians for it, and apologizes to the terrorists.

What is interesting in this, is the key phrase from the National Commercial Bank.

increased oil output by 400,000 barrels per day in August, have used the record revenues to maintain the cost of living amid the threat of unrest
So you comprehend this, these Muslim nations when under Khadaffi, gave away huge amounts of money for social programs in reducing the cost of living. Egypt for example has a bread ration. The Philistines are nothing but a welfare state in which folks are paid to riot for their daily couscous.
These nations are now having to bribe their terror Islamic citizens to keep them from chopping off all their heads.
Fascinating is that not, what not eh?

Your money is being used in high Obama oil prices, to pay some retch turban head, in his satellite dish for telly and a few more pounds of lamb, all so he will not rise up and cut off the heads of Obama's buddies now heading these Islamic terror states.
In oil welfare, you have given the Dick Helmet to the very people who are funding terrorism in America base in these mosques Michael Bloomberg is allowing construction places like Ground Zero.

Just to refresh your memories, as Dinesh D'Souza has taken money from your pockets in that Obama movie, while HE WAS BLAMING YOU FOR THE TERROR ATTACKS ON 9 11 in 2001 when they happened, let us revisit in this Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham and that fine Mark Levin, attacking United States farmers for ethanol production when it was George Soros driving up grain prices TO GET AT THAT BILLION DOLLARS George W. Bush printed up to save the world from global depression after 9 11, coming off of the Clinton recession of 2000 from his retroactive tax hikes.

Levin lied to all of you like Limbaugh, about ethanol, and now that 34 billion dollars more is in terror hands, instead of farmers hands who would be buying the things you produce so you could get a raise and afford life in this Obama Super Depression.
34 billion dollars would have allowed that nation rapist Warren Buffett to buy up another railroad and the land to steal more oil out of North Dakota.....hell he could have bought Utah with that kind of Obama swindle.

So now my children, you see again in the full circle. How the "conservative" voices who harp at you, are frauds in they protect their benefactors and Obama cheats you blind, as he pays Muslims more money to fund terrorism to murder you.

It has been a really good year for Obama's Muslims in the Osseiran merchants. Obama gave away Egypt and Libya, has Yemen on the ropes and Syria is in the process.
There was the weaponized West Nile attack in America from Saddam's WMD stores let loose after Obama started bombing Muslims to turn over to Islamocommunists, and Obama let them get away with it......
Obama's new Obamafada jihad against everyone.

....and now Obama has stuffed almost a three quarters of a trillion dollars into the hands of terror states, to bribe their terrorists not to murder them, but to murder you.

Another amazing Obama miracle!!!!

Bet you would love to have dick helmet too from Obama.


Gulf states anticipate record oil revenues for 2012

Special to
ABU DHABI — Gulf Arab states are preparing for a record year in oil
The oil-rich Gulf Cooperation Council states include Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.
The National Commercial Bank said the six GCC states would reap $572 billion in oil revenues in 2012, an increase from $538 billion last year.
In a report, the bank said GCC members have benefited from a rebound in the price of oil as well as the disruption of energy production in Libya.
But the bank envisioned increasing difficulties in the cost of
exploration and production. The report cited projects to develop remote and small energy fields with higher sulfur content than in more established fields.
GCC states, reported to have increased oil output by 400,000 barrels per day in August, have used the record revenues to maintain the cost of living amid the threat of unrest. The report said GCC states succeeded in increasing profits despite the rising costs of oil production.