Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Obama Sweet Spot

The mass murder of Americans in Libya, because that is what it is when a group of Americans are murdered has exposed in the Obama regime thee worst double cross of modern history of Americans.

What is relevant in this is the Obama Patterns. I have always taught you my children to watch the patterns as they in forensic psychology reveal the exact psyche of the individual one is dealing with. Years ago this blog showed the definite psychological patterns which Barack Hussein Obama Osseiran had with Ted Bundy and the like sociopaths in this world.

When this blog ALONE stood with the Polish Patriots when their entire Government was assassinated in Russian soil, exposing the lies of the official story and demanding for a full investigation as the Obama regime went silent in for the first time in history not sending in the FBI and FAA to investigate this airliner crash, those who care to search the archives will note this blog was FIRST in this exclusive and RIGHT as usual by God's Grace in not long after the Polish People went on World Tribune demanding answers and stating exactly what this blog alerted the world to, in the Russian Bolsheviks murdered the Polish Nationals with Obama's covering it up, ON A POLISH CEMETERY SITE.

What Putin and Medvedev did and Obama covered up, was akin to downing the Benjamin Netanyahu Government's plane at Auschwitz.

The headlines again are proving exactly what this blog exclusively went first with, that now the FBI has been detained by Holder and Obama in America in not investigating this mass murder, and allowing the entire crime scenes to be wiped clean so no one will ever find the evidence there in the Obama 2012 campaign setting this up.

Hillary Clinton: 'No Info' Amb. Chris Stevens Was on al Qaeda 'Hit ... › Investigative Unit

6 days ago – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said today there is "no information" the American ambassador killed in a brazen attack on a U.S. diplomatic ...

Yes Hillary Clinton's lips are moving and if she not apologizing to Muslims for American Christians, which the Libyans  now are on record stating that Muslim movie had nothing to do with this as the Obama regime tried to smear Christians with in this mass murder, she is now lying again in covering up the connections in this to Obama using al Qaeda for this kidnapping which was bought out in a new contract to murder Americans and blackmail the US Government with this insider information through the Obama regime.

Do not be fooled by Dame Hamrod Clinton in NO INFORMATION does not mean NO EVIDENCE or is confirmation the EVIDENCE HAS BEEN DESTROYED.

In an exclusive of this blog, I will hint at something here plainly so it does not make the brats heads hurt in trying to figure this out. Chris Stevens WAS and IS connected in the Puffy Lips Insider gay sex rings from Chicago to Washington, DC.
It goes directly into the White House and top media outlets. al Qaeda was provided this information through the Islamocommunists in Tehran through Russian intelligence. This ANALGATE is in fact a set up global espionage case in which Moscow, Tehran, Peking and Damascus were going to blackmail Obama with if he steals the 2012 elections OVER nuclear disarmament, Middle East control, East Asia control and the forced division of the Jewish State in turning it over to the Philistines.

That has never been revealed before, but what this Chris Stevens cover up is entirely about now, is the Obama 2012 campaign trying to make a hostage situation into a hostage rescue, for re installing B. Hussein, and it is now become an international espionage event, in America is going to be more than flexible to her enemies in Asia as it is more than Libyans blackmailing Obama, it is the Eurasian lords of destruction.


15 days after Benghazi attack, FBI still investigating from afar...

WSJ: The more we learn, the more Benghazi looks like a gross security failure...

The Wall Street Journal can look at gross security failure, but it is beyond Les Aspen not sending in armour to Somalia creating Blackhawk Down. This is boiling over in thee biggest criminal election event in American history, next to the Obama Birther issue, in this thugocracy of Obama has now been caught in creating a wag the dog multiple felony event, and everyone in government and media knows it, and no one has yet to confirm the exclusives of this blog.

The most distressing of situations in this is Director Robert Mueller who has literally been absent for 4 years in this Obama and Rove fiasco, from Rahm Emanuel in Blagojevichgate, Holder in election intimidation, Hutatree, Gabby Giffords, the Al Franken and Harry Reid election theft, and the list of felonies just piles up in Hutatree to the threatening of Sarah Palin to keep out of the 2012 elections.

It was once stated that the Mexicans must have had blackmail information on George W. Bush in how he left American Border Agents languish in prison, and now it makes one wonder just what is the situation in the FBI Directors office, as the Birther crimes uncovered and the blackmailing of Justice John Roberts all are glaring with evidence and patterns of people being changed, and yet there is no protection of America from the FBI leadership who are sworn to investigate all......including the many terroristic threats and attacks illegally perpetrated against this blog from inside the White House.

Lame Cherry exclusive and predictions proven right again, and my children if this is not progressed out as a national voice, there are October Surprises coming from the Obama PLAYBOOK as he has to make up for lost time with the Libyan klusterfuck.

The American State Police are not going to protect America, no more than the press, Congress, Courts nor the mass body politic. I will perform what I can as Foster Friess holds onto his cash in Romney donations and nothing here pretending like all these Coltorites that all of this is situation normal and the Obama regime which has been unleashing terror bombs in Syria, dragging Khadaffi to his death in mass murder in Libya, putting Mubarak in a cage in Egypt, telling Jews to deal with a nuclear holocaust and the mass murder of the Chris Stevens group......that this is not going to Joker's Wild here in America when the situation Fort Hood arises.

"They had difficulty, and we understand there was some bureaucratic infighting between the FBI and Justice Department on the one hand, and the State Department on the other, and so it took them longer than they would have liked to get into country. They've now gotten there. But they still are unable to get permission to go to Benghazi."

Fran Townsend CNN

I hope you got this in ERIC HOLDER was stopping Director Mueller at FBI from getting into Libya and Hillary Clinton was doing another flanking action to stop the FBI, so all of the evidence and witnesses would be destroyed, so the regime line would be the line which would be in the history books, just like in Poland.

This is a mass cover up and it has only been this blog uncovering any evidence. The very situation in it's nature moves that Obama stage an already scheduled event to divert attention and enable the cover up of what took place in Libya to cement.
Logistics points to some type of American event, perhaps involving Obama to gain sympathy and play the race card, and connecting it to the Romney group. This is not over children and it  has just gotten more dangerous.

Unless pressure is built to make the regime very nervous, the Phase 2 of this which has already been unleashed is going to make all forget about the blood in Libya.
I repeat Phase 2 has already went operational.

A wink and a nod, the leader of al Qaeda terrorists, B. Hussein Obama, 1600 Penn Avenue.

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