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As was first reported here, B. Hussein Obama fled Florida from attending campaign events due to the reality credible threat sources emerged in the exact details as was revealed here when he was on his "Minnesota Junket" a year ago.
When Mr. Obama then spent an entire night on Air Force one it had to do with the facts that he has had on his ledger "Obama scuff events" in a graduated scale since autumn 2008 when BATF arrested those two dope heads and had them confessing Obama was a Martian, all to intimidate and suppress the white vote.

The Minnesota events of last year were designed to take this ledger event from Mr. Obama, and the exclusive of the diversion of Marine One was to reinforce the message from these sources that Mr. Obama would not be allowed to conduct there operations as a matter of 2012 election theft.

When Mr. Obama was attempting the Benghazi hostage situation to seal his victory before Debate Night 1, followed up with fraud jobs reporting numbers which involved on major population state did not even report job claims, which is what gave the great job numbers of  8.7%, there was on the Obama ledger, the fag file as exclusively broken here, the reality of game  changer scuff event when the intimidation of white Christian voters failed in the Benghazi murders.

We now know as with other revelations first proven here, that there were videos of Benghazi, that Mr. Obama watched it live in the middle of the night. He did nothing to rescue the Americans there. This terror attack lasted almost 8 hours and in response, Mr. Obama jetted off to a Nevada campaign rally, and was telling jokes.

In knowing that nothing has stopped Mr. Obama from vacationing in Condom  Bombers, Ford Hood Masssacres, states flooded out, do not be led into the falacy that Mr. Obama cut off a Florida and Wisconsin election rally, and sent in Bill Clinton and Joe Biden, to fill in.

Bill Clinton loves this that Obama has been penned in by the credible threats in being a hostage of the Rose Garden, as Bill Clinton was aware of the Marine One diversion, and do not forget that Bill Clinton was behind that Bart Sestak election fraud which tagged to Mr. Obama via Rahm Emanuel in the Pennsylvania elections as was exclusively reported here.

In that proof of understanding in patterns, the following is what was initiated.

Certain elements who have been upset over the events of the mass murder of Team Six have been making waves for the past months. The events of Benghazi in Obama's failed hostage taking and anal rape of Chris Stevens which caused the murder of American assets in Libya, is what set this situation in motion for the Florida flight.
The hurricane was perfect cover for this, as this blog wills to make clear, the group behind this credible threat, have no intention of a Grassy Knoll event. Their purpose is to disrupt Obama's election theft at this key juncture by their own operational blackmail in enjoying the situation of making him be Jimmy Carter of the Rose Garden prison of 1980.
These days are crucial for Obama election theft, and this group has literally shaved off several days now which are the precise time that voters cement their vote.

There are 3 packages involved in this which makes this all click.

The first package points to the real Sheik bin Laden corpse murder which Andrew Breitbart was assassinated over.

Package two deals with the mass murder of Team Six with seeing is believing digital in who fed the Ca'an terrorists the operational information which blew their helo out of the sky.

Package three contains the Benghazi revelations of ANALGATE in this was a Barack Obama initiated campaign event for a hostage rescue.

These packages are designed to be released on scene of an Barry Chin scuff event with full internet release for the world to see. Putting a KATE as a signature would gain the public's attention in missing Barry Chin, while the real political assassination was the information packages at the scene bleeding out over days.

Mr. Obama left US assets for hours, begging for help, and did nothing as he tried to cover up his crimes of this hostage campaign event. The group behind this, fully want Mr. Obama to twist slowly for days in watching the events unfold as things are taken from him, while he is in his Gitmo Rose Garden........some have said in jest this is Operation Gitmo Obama.

The deft of this was the "press conference" on Tuesday, October 29, when Bill Plant, the old sod from CBS decided to be given one hanger pitch to Obama, so Obama could explain the reason he fled Florida and was hiding in the White House was because he cared about people getting food and help.
Once again, this is the person who has had no time for any Americans in any disasters and has gone out of his way to make things worse in traffic jams in blizzards, just so Barry could get a piece of cherry pie.

Barack Hussein Obama has had an October Surprise reverse engineered upon him. It is stealth and perfectly subtle and nothing like Lawrence Walsh indicting Bush41 cabinet members to install Bill Clinton, nor B. Hussein's super depression meltdown in 2008 for his foreign agent installation.

Do not miss the satire, amusement and cat playing with the mouse in this though, in this credible threat surfaced on October 29th, the anniversary of the planned Stock Market crash by the same financiers who installed Barack Obama. It was 83 years later, but the Wall Street Insiders who had a diversionary hand in this, did their own "special date' as Sheik bin Laden and B. Hussein Obama chose September 11th for their operations.
That date alone points to this being not a reactionary model, but this was projected out several weeks ago to send a direct message to Barack Obama.

Bill Clinton rubbing this in with glee in having to hold up "that bright boy's behind" with white man Joe Biden, is not lost in any of this, as Mr. Obama was forced to be Jimmy Carter at this critical juncture. Obama can not make up this time as voters decisions are made.
Bill Clinton reminds them of what a real black President was in success and Joe Biden reminds them of all the thug Obama could never measure up to, without looking like a bully.

This is one of thee best intelligence operations ever devised on American soil. It is better than the Obama "enemies of the state" gambits in his attempt to destroy John Edwards by Axelrod leaks in torturing cancer stricken Elizabeth Edwards and using that baby in the mix, as Obama released Holder and Justice to wipe out Edwards from a 2012 challenge.

This was a whisper, a promise of a KATE signature, which if Mr. Obama did not fly back to his Rose Garden prison, he would have a trail led back to a book depository with a video library of three packages explaining directly the crimes involved in Sheik bin Laden's corpse murder attached to Andrew Breitbart, the mass murder of  SEAL Team Six and the Benghazi hostage fiasco which became ANALGATE.

That is the way real intelligence operations are run. Just a whisper and the puppet dances marionette all on their own, accomplishing self suicide as was the intent of the operation.
This group is tracking Mr. Obama in operations in swing states. It is why he waved off Wisconsin, as "they" are ready with their flash drive packages to be found.

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