Monday, October 8, 2012

Junk Food Romney

I'm telling you children that Mitt Romney's biggest problem is not Barack Obama, nor even this blog, but Mitt Romney's problem in having the election stolen from him is Jeb Bush.

Here, let me quote someone who was involved in successful Presidential elections and over 40 years of political experience in an exclusive here:

Mitt Romney's advisers are not looking to a 2012 paycheck, but are looking toward their 2016 paycheck

Michael Reagan
Son of President Ronald Wilson Reagan

She's laughing at the joke and I'm too slow.........

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That is the reality in all of this what this blog has alerted all to in Mitt Romney's enemies are on the inside, and they are the same treacherous lot who led John McCain off into the oblivion and sabotage Sarah Palin.

This is a decade old Rovian and Bush machinations all designed to pave the way for Jeb Bush to be in the Oval Office in  2016. You need to be reminded of the post exclusively of this blog revealing that Jeb Bush is writing a book for a 2016 run, and that is quite amazing in Romney has Karl Rove working around him, and a host of other Rovians who were working for John McCain.

Amazing if one is thinking these advisers are there to help Romney win, but they are there to sabotage Romney just like they did McCain.
I keep telling you children that these patricians in the Bush clan WANT OBAMA's policies as they make a fortune off of government seizure of tax moneys and then paid out to programs they are making things for.

The same with Mexicans in slave labor, they make money for these corporations in cheap labor, and with no health insurance they are dumped onto counties, the same with retirement they will never collect.

Mitt Romney smugly had his Wall Street handlers tell Sarah Palin she has this 2012 nomination, and then with Gabby Giffords shot, and her scared, they came in to give her protection, only to dump her just before the show started as was planned out.
Romney does not have any idea though, that the people he sold his soul to in the Rovians, that their own people are doing the same shell game to him that he did to Palin.

Romney needs the Rovian machine led by the Prescott Bush people, and he is being led around by this group of handlers being told he has this won, and what to expect on Libya and other Obama blunders, but the problem is it is all by design in Romney was told "this would be close" and that is what the protocols are all geared for to keep Obama policy in place.
That is what Romney promised this group in he would keep Obama policies in place for the Rovian support and he signed on for supporting Jews for their bundling.

If Mitt Romney does not steal this back from Barack Obama, it is not because of Obama. It is because Romney's Rovians have decapitated the GOP of Conservatives, moved Romney from talking to the GOP base on their issues, and is leading Romney to be milk toast in talking to that "independent" group who Romney is told they want him to be the nice guy going to Bill Clinton orgies with B. Hussein.

It is all about doing to Mitt Romney what was done to John McCain.

Michael Reagan exposed the facts in this, in his disgust over Mitt Romney not taking on Obama and firing up the GOP base. Mitt Romney's advisers do not want a fired up Tea Party resurrected overturning democrats in a Congressional sweep and landslide wiping out Barry Chin in the elections, as that would mean the GOP would have to undo Obamacrypt and it would mean that Mitt Romney would be in office in 2016 running as President.

I told you children that Jeb Bush will be voting for B. Hussein in November 2012, and I can tell you that Mitt Romney's advisers will be voting for Obama too, just like they did in 2008, as that is the reason Romney is acting like he has this won....same as Palin was acting.......same as McCain was acting, and these same people all led them to defeat so Jeb Bush would be top dog for 2016 in his Mexican illegals are voting Americans too for 2016.

Yeah she's laughing at the joke and I'm too slow..........

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