Sunday, October 14, 2012

Phase IV: Scuff Obama

Shot Fired Through Window at Obama Campaign Office in Denver...
Will The Election Results Cause Riots?

My chilren, I have warned you about the Obama ledger, in the heath of problems it has in it's back breakin nature, and there is indeed the "scuff" event which has been on those pages for four years now.

I made mention of the BATF overhauling those two Midwestern dope heads who claimed Obama was from Mars or some other garbage the federal police got them to admit to spike the race card in 2008 to intimidate and guilt white voters, there are a number of like events from Wisconsin Wilding to tender events to be exploited as shooting up campaign headquarters.

This event has now appeared in Obama's Denver which is the Little Moscow of the Rockies in gated communities and more liberals than San Francisco.

What are the odds that someone would be armed in downtown Denver in the afternoon, with all the digital cameras, and somehow the Lopez Latino Police Chief can not find any footage of the shooter coming or going............and once again it must be that thin air of Mile High that fudged Obama's brain, because here we have the high school shooting from doped up kids which started a nationally staged rampage of 6 months across North America for gun control, then that Joker whose old man knew of the money laundering by the regime in 2008 which set up the Super Depression of Obama........and amazingly in that lovely Foster Freiss Aspen Institute hippy Colorado, here we have another "event" that someone goes in, blasts a window out of an Obama reports of course of bullet type, casings found, and for some odd reason in all those cameras, not one photo of the shooter.

Yeah, I'll bet back to you on that............

You know very well what this quacking duck looks like in a false flag run to show the Mormon colors of the nearby Utah zealots having come down out of them mountains to take care of them darkies making war on their Mitt.

This is conditioning for a next phase as this blog has warned of in the Obama fag file has a scenario of a white skinhead with Mormon  tats to be ushered in by the state police to scuff Obama up in some "incident".
This is as much as Mrs. Romney's plane sending smoke signals. This is the reality my children of what a regime does when it is desperate in falling behind Mitt Romney who is surging past election theft by Obama.

Drunken Secret Service Agents passed out on sidewalks after those whoremongers in South America?

My my, looks like B. Hussein does not have real security the story would seem, and one of those Romney wackos would just happen to get close to ......what spray the limo and happen to hit some innocent children or something, as he waits to be shot by Secret Service in tying things up, as he hums  "I'm a Mormon Shoot Free and Die".

Yes you now are recoiling in not liking violence, have the thought it is one of the right who did this, and not some Obama manfriend mad about being jilted after a gay voodoo affair at Mile High, and what in logic would progress in this, but something which would feature beloved leader.

Look this  blog and no American wants anything to happen to B. Hussein. It is dirty politics by the regime and it is just bad for America.
Trayvon Hoodie Martin was toxic enough in Eric Holder gunning that up, just as notorious as Gun Runner on Mexicans.

You know very well that multiple shots fired in a city at daylight would have numerous people looking and seeing things, so if that was not the case and Latino Lopez can not find the shooter, and after a day no information is coming out then, something is being hidden.

Walks like a duck and it is time to make this known so Mr. Obama's campaign can just debate this on stage and get defeated again, as this Biden bully stuff with bullets is not America.

agtG 233

PS: If a scuffing event is initiated the regime would schedule it a few days before a debate for full effect of guilt and intimidation of Romney.